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Terrorism – politics
Islamic State send murderers to us so easily - they must be laughing
Peter Hill
Daily Express, 22 August 2017.

As with many similar attacks, it is emerging that some of those involved in the Barcelona atrocity were "on the radar" but perhaps not making enough noise to warrant arrest. Our extremely liberal regimes mean that terrorists have to make a very big noise before police feel able to intervene.

But we do not help ourselves. Quite the opposite. Men with North African connections have been involved in most of the massacres, precisely the migrants for whom European nations including Britain have set up a free ferry service to facilitate their journey here. We are making it so easy for Islamic State to send murderers into our midst. They must be laughing at us.

Politicians will say these monsters will never win, that we have faced and overcome much worse threats, but these are excuses for not tackling the enemy head-on because to do so would be to point the finger at specific ethnic groups. Our leaders appear to fear accusations of racism far more than they value the lives of their citizens.
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Multiculturalism – foreign languages
Hundreds of languages are spoken in the UK, but this isn't always reflected in the classroom
Elizabeth Bailey and Emma Marsden
The Conversation, 21 August 2017.
[The authors are a PhD student and a senior lecturer, University of York]

More than 300 different languages are now spoken in British schools. And in England, over 20% of primary school children use English as an additional language.

This equates to over 900,000 children for whom English is not their first language. These children might have been born in another country, their parents might speak another language to them at home, or they might just know a few words of another language because their grandparents immigrated to England a long time ago. ...

In the 2011 British Census, for example, 4.2m people reported having a main language other than English.
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Immigration abroad – terrorism, Spain
Why Barcelona, a tourist paradise, is a 'Salafist city'
Marc Daou
France24, 21 August 2017.

Barcelona, a world-renowned tourist destination, has also been an attraction for jihadists on a trail linking European countries such as France and Belgium to Moroccan criminal networks. ...

"It is not surprising to see Spain and Catalonia targeted by terrorism, because this has been a relatively well-known terrain for years, for Islamist networks and jihadist activists," said Jean-Louis Bruguière, France's former top anti-terrorism judge.

"It was to be expected, Barcelona is a city that has long sheltered a form of radicalisation, which for a time embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, Tabligh [a movement advocating a rigorous and literal interpretation of Islam] and then the Salafists," explained Pierre Conesa, a former senior French Defence Ministry official and author of several books on political Islam.

"There is a kind of radical immersion in Catalonia. If London had long been the home of Londonistan [a term coined by French intelligence services for the 1990s Islamist networks in the British capital] Barcelona is a Salafist city, where a nucleus [of Salafist radicalisation] has been formed over time in the image of Molenbeek in Belgium, or Trappes in France," explained Conesa, referring to the infamous district in the Belgian capital that was home to several suspects in the Paris and Brussels attacks and the restive Parisian suburb of Trappes. ...

In recent years, Spanish security services have arrested dozens of individuals suspected of jihadist links, particularly in the Barcelona area. Between 2012 and October 2016, 186 people were arrested in connection to Islamist terrorism, including 63 in Catalonia and 50 in the province of Barcelona, according to the Spanish Interior Ministry.

Several dozen individuals have also been arrested since early 2017.
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Immigration abroad – anti-white racism, USA
Christopher Columbus monument in Baltimore smashed to combat 'white supremacy'
Douglas Ernst
Washington Times, 21 August 2017.

A monument to Christopher Columbus that was over 200 years old was smashed with a sledgehammer Monday morning to combat a "culture of white supremacy."

A YouTube channel titled "Popular Resistance" posted footage of men in hoodies destroying a monument to Columbus and his famous voyage in 1492. The individuals carried signs that read "Racism: Tear it down," and "The future is racial and economic justice."
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Benefits and costs
We are importing huge numbers of welfare claimants
Leo McKinstry
Daily Express, 21 August 2017.

According to the fashionable Left-wing propaganda, mass immigration is a vast engine of prosperity.

The cheerleaders for open borders continually tell us that without a colossal influx of new arrivals every year our economy would collapse.

In this narrative of migrant success, newcomers are lavished with praise for their skills, diligence and self sacrifice while Britons are denigrated for supposed idleness and ignorance.

Typical of this mentality was the repugnant sneer from the liberal commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, where she lambasted working-class Britons for being "too lazy" and "too expensive".

Continuing her attack, she declared that "tax-paying immigrants past and present keep indolent British scroungers on their couches drinking beer and watching TV".

In the same vein, Henrietta Moore of the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College, London, condescendingly wrote that "Britain needs immigrants to do the jobs we don't want to" – words that have become conventional wisdom among metropolitan elitists.

But such claims have always been a myth designed to prop up the globalist ideology.

The truth is that non-European immigrants are much more likely to be workless and welfare dependent than Britons.

Now this reality has been confirmed by a new analysis from the Office for National Statistics, which reveals that more than one in five unemployed is an immigrant. ...

"They come here to work" is one of the favourite mantras of the free movement brigade yet that is patently untrue.

The Government's latest official immigration report, published in May, shows that of the 588,000 migrants who arrived here last year, just 47 per cent of them – less than half – came to work. Incredibly, just 180,000, barely 30 per cent, had a definite job offer.

It is the economics of the madhouse for Britain to be importing unemployment on such a scale.

The last thing this country needs is a growing army of foreign welfare claimants who have never paid any taxes here but are all too eager to exploit our benefits system. ...

The generosity of the system is also one of the prime reasons why so many young African, Middle Eastern and Asian men gather on the northern coast of France, determined to reach our shores. ...

Then there are the tremendous costs from worsening social dislocation caused by the import of alien cultures. Whether it be intelligence to counter jihadism, police work to tackle sex gangs, or educational initiatives to promote de-radicalisation, all this takes time and money which would not have to be spent if Britain were a more cohesive society.

Just as damaging has been the fall in living standards caused by competition from cheap imported labour. ...

The idea that we cannot survive without dependency on foreigners is an indicator of institutionalised self-loathing.

It has to stop if we are to regain control of our national destiny.
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Immigration – case for open borders
The economic and moral case for global open borders
George Eaton
New Statesman, 21 August 2017.

Even Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has followed the rightward drift. Its general election manifesto promised to end free movement, and Corbyn recently complained of the "wholesale importation of underpaid workers from central Europe".

Among economists, however, a diametrically opposed conversation prevails. They argue that rather than limiting free movement, leaders should expand it: from Europe to the world. Michael Clemens, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, likens the present system to leaving "trillion-dollar bills on the sidewalk".

Economists estimate that allowing migrants to move to any country they choose would increase global GDP by between 67 and 147 per cent. A doubling of GDP (a $78trn increase) would correspond to 23 years of growth at 3 per cent. By contrast, the International Monetary Fund estimates that permitting the entirely free movement of capital would add a mere $65bn.

The moral case for open borders is similarly persuasive. As the Dutch historian Rutger Bregman writes in his recent book Utopia for Realists: "Borders are the single biggest cause of discrimination in all of world history. Inequality gaps between people living in the same country are nothing in comparison to those between separated global citizenries." An unskilled Mexican worker who migrates to the US would raise their pay by around 150 per cent; an unskilled Nigerian by more than 1,000 per cent. ...

But research shows that host countries gain, rather than lose, from immigration. Migrants are usually younger and healthier than their domestic counterparts and contribute far more in tax revenue than they claim in benefits. ...

In a world of open borders, the right to move need not be an unqualified one (the pollster Gallup found that 630 million people – 13 per cent of the global population – would migrate permanently). Under the EU's free movement system, migrants must prove after three months that they are working (employed or self-employed), a registered student, or have "sufficient resources" (savings or a pension) to support themselves and not be "a burden on the benefits system" – conditions that the UK, ironically, has never applied. ...

At present, in a supposed era of opportunity, only 3 per cent of the global population live outside the country of their birth. As politicians contrive to ensure even fewer are able to do so, the case for free movement must be made anew.
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Terrorism – finance
Isis uses companies in Wales to finance terrorist attacks against the West
Dipesh Gadher
The Sunday Times, 20 August 2017.

Isis used a network of companies operating out of an office in Cardiff to ship military-grade equipment to Spain and to finance terror plots against the West, FBI documents seen by The Sunday Times disclose.

The surveillance technology dispatched to Spain – where 14 people were killed last week in the latest Isis-inspired atrocities – is understood to be linked to the development by the terrorist group of weaponised drones. The FBI says it was capable of identifying "target locations".

An affiliated firm was used to transfer thousands of pounds in cash to an American extremist in Maryland who later told how he dreamt of carrying out a gun massacre in a church.
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Terrorism – politics, Labour Party
We've lost our way in the fight against terrorism and are failing to distinguish friends from foes
Stephen Pollard
Sunday Telegraph, 20 August 2017.

Now we have to add Barcelona to the list. This year alone, Europe has seen Islamist terror attacks in London, Manchester, Stockholm and Paris. I doubt anyone will be surprised if, over the final four months of 2017, more cities join the sad ranks of those afflicted by such outrages.

After every incident, we hear the same ritualised condemnations of the barbarians responsible, the mantra that they will never win and praise for the authorities who do such a good job protecting us most of the time. All of which is true and all of which gets us precisely nowhere in any serious analysis of what is happening and why.

Most obviously, there is a cancer in parts of the Islamic world – which must include swathes of Britain. It is a cancer that takes young men and women and turns them into jihadists prepared to kill and sacrifice themselves while doing so. ...

More interesting is the reaction such a statement always brings: the accusation of Islamophobia. This is interesting not because it has any merit, but because those who make it tell us a lot about how we have got here, and why we are incapable of having a serious discussion about the real world or how to confront the ideological threats facing the West.

More often than not, those who cry Islamophobia are not Muslim themselves but the fellow travellers of Islamists. ...

Mr Corbyn exemplifies the so-called red-green alliance, the perverse phenomenon by which supposedly progressive Leftists ally with and support Islamist groups who would like to live in a caliphate in which women who dare to read a book are blinded. The Stop the War Coalition, which praises Britain's enemies, shows the cosy unity of purpose between the white far-Left and the Islamist far-Right. /.../ Until he bacame Labour leader, Mr Corbyn would take time from the schedule to address the annual Al-Quds Day march at which there is, every year, open support for Hizbollah, whose military wing is a proscribed organisation in the UK. ...

The fundamental issue is that the Left has so lost its anchoring that Hizbollah, Al-Qaradawi and such like are seen as more sympathetic ideological allies than Tony Blair. How are we to confront the evils of Islamist extremism if one side of the political spectrum cannot distinguish the West's friends from its enemies?
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Terrorism – cost
Special forces will protect UK's bank holiday revellers: Elite troops will patrol in armoured vehicles to protect Britons from ISIS attacks
Mark Nicol
Mail on Sunday, 20 August 2017.

Heavily-armed Special Forces soldiers driving specially adapted and armoured civilian vehicles will patrol Britain's streets in a bid to thwart an Islamic State atrocity over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Security sources disclosed last night that elite troops will mingle with revellers and tourists at sites considered most at risk of a terrorist attack. But the male and female personnel will remain incognito unless called upon to intercept any jihadis.
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Immigration – culture, assimilation
Cultural Assimilation Ought To Be an Imperative, Not Elective, In Immigration
Saurabh Malkar
Modern Diplomacy, 20 August 2017.

The other issue is that of a subliminal sort; one that can't be easily measured or monitored and the effects of which take a long time to manifest. A country is a sum total of its cultural values and principles that it holds dear. Other attributes like quality of life, standard of living, wealth, opportunities, political stability, and economic growth all flow from culture.

Immigration affects not only the economy, but also the culture. The degree of and type of effect depends upon the extent of assimilation, which in turn boils down to the native culture of the immigrants. ...

It is very plain that people sharing common cultural threads like social mores, dietary practices, religion, folklore, and heritage will find it easy to socialize with one another and enter the melting pot. Asian, African, and Middle Eastern immigrants on the whole, have radically different cultures, histories and heritage, dietary practices, and religious affiliations – all of which raises deep concerns about assimilation. ...

The past few decades have seen the mushrooming of ethnic enclaves across European and North American nations, where immigrants, older and recent arrivals, huddle together to create societies that resemble the ones they left behind. The UK is a great example of 'enclavi-fication,' where Muslims immigrants, predominantly, from Pakistan and Bangladesh have turned, what used to be quaint English towns, into mini-South Asia.

These self-styled Islamic settlements that dot the landscape of many western countries, are not only cosmetically abstracted from the host norms, but they also function differently from host societies. ...

Some immigrants and second-generation native-born individuals from these radically different cultures seem unfit to live in western societies, where values like free speech, religious tolerance, separation of church and state, and equality are the norm. ...

Immigration is a very decisive and game changing tool in the culture, politics, and economy of a country. A prudent immigration policy will make sure that the host country benefits economically from immigration, without undermining its cultural and social values and norms. A need to integrate and assimilate should not be a preferable outcome, but an imperative of the immigration process.
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Illegal immigration – arrests
Shocking moment two hundred illegal migrants are arrested in a crackdown on houses packed with foreign workers by dodgy landlords
John Stevens
Daily Mail, 19 August 2017.

Two hundred illegal migrants have been arrested in a crackdown on houses packed with foreign workers by dodgy landlords.

More than 250 properties were raided during the blitz on the often squalid accommodation used by migrants who do not have permission to be in Britain.

Many of those arrested were Indian nationals, but there were also workers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Albania.

They were offered support if they chose to leave the country voluntarily, or told they faced deportation if they refused.

Some 24 landlords caught in the six-month operation were fined up to £3,000 for every illegal worker found living in their houses. ...

In the series of swoops, codenamed Operation Magnify, officers raided 253 properties across the country between January and June. ...

Of the 200 people arrested, most had overstayed their visas but some had also entered the UK illegally.
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Immigration abroad – Bavaria, Germany
Bavaria refuses to bow down to EU rules as German state demands border checks remain
Vickiie Oliphant
Daily Express, 19 August 2017.

Bavaria has refused to listen to European Union demands to withdraw border controversial border checks.

The border controls on the German state's border with Austria were introduced in September 2015 at the height of the refugee crisis.

And the Bavarian government claims the reintroduction has been highly successful in stopping criminals and illegal immigration.

But the European Commission claims there is no longer a threat to the state, and is pushing Bavaria to cease controls from November. ...

According to the police, around 2,100 illegal migrants were found at three motorway border crossings alone between Austria and Bavaria between January and July.

And during that time police also caught 6,200 wanted individuals.
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Terrorism – Islam
Enough of blaming the West. The terror will continue until Muslims reject the need for a caliphate
Ed Husain
Daily Telegraph, 19 August 2017.

What did Spain do wrong? Why did Muslim radicals attack so many innocents? Those are the questions being asked across the West following Barcelona.

Many will resort to the self-flagellation of "change our foreign policy" or "we are to blame because of colonialism". I wish it were so simple. I know the mindset of militant Muslims seeking to kill disbelievers in the name of a caliphate, because I called for the creation of such a caliphate for five years of my life. I recognise the ideology, theology and strategy behind the violence. There is no appeasing the fanatics.

Consider the facts on Spain: on March 11 2004, al-Qaeda terrorists killed 192 and injured 2,000 on trains in Madrid. Spain had 1,300 troops in Iraq at the time (America had 135,000 and Britain 8,700). Three days after the bombing, José Maria Aznar lost the general election to a Left-wing party committed to ending Spain's involvement in Iraq. On April 18 2004, the new prime minister ordered the voluntary withdrawal of Spain's troops. Scarred by the Madrid bombing, fearful of reprisals after the terrorist attacks in France, in November 2015 the Spanish government refused to join a global coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil). So what did Spain do wrong?

We are asking the wrong questions. Spain's foreign policy shows that we cannot stop terrorism by changing our behaviour. In the mind of the Muslim extremists, Spain is not Spain, but al-Andalus, part of a Muslim empire that lasted in Spain for 700 years. Today's "Spain" is considered to be "occupied land" that must be liberated. /.../ Spain must return to their version of Islam, for in that literalist reading of religious scripture, the world is divided into two realms: Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, the Abode of Islam and the Abode of War. And once a land is controlled by Dar al-Islam it must forever belong to that sphere. ...

... But Spain is not the only target. India was also part of their interpretation of Dar al-Islam because it was under the Moghuls until 1857 and must therefore return to the domain of the caliphate. Israel must be destroyed as the caliph must reclaim Jerusalem. Turkey's Muslim reformer, Kemal Ataturk, ended the caliphate in 1924 and a secular Turkey must return to the fold. ...

The attack in Barcelona and the calls by Isil to attack beaches weren't random: they hate the freedom of women to dress in bikinis. They attacked the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in May because the despise men and women dancing freely to music. They attacked Charlie Hebdo because they refuse to allow for blasphemy. They target synagogues and kosher grocery stores across Europe because, like their neo-Nazi counterparts, they hate Jews. ...

... Enough of blaming the West. Isil has attacked 30 different countries, and the vast majority of its victims in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere are Muslims. Isil and other extremists thrive on the justification that it is religiously obligatory to create a caliphate. Jihadists commit mass murder in the pursuit of, or defence of, this belief in a caliphate.
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Terrorism – imported problem
Terror is a problem political leaders imported into Europe
Douglas Murray
The Australian, 19 August 2017.

Of course, any connection between the mass influx of people into Europe and the terrorism and other societal problems to which the continent is waking up every day is still frowned upon.

... Yet the link is obvious. For sure there are those who over-egg the point. The Stockholm attacker from April was a recent arrival in that country. As were the axe-wielding train attacker last northern summer in Wurzburg, Germany, and the suicide bomber in Ansbach, Germany, that same month.

But then the Paris attackers from November 2015 included people born and brought up in France and Belgium.

So while some of the terrorists may have just arrived, others were born in Europe.

This fact is not quite as soothing as the proponents of weak borders and mass immigration would like it to be. For if Europe is doing such a bad job of integrating people who are already here, then who but a madman would seek to propel immigration from Muslim countries to such a historic high? The question goes unanswered because in Europe's immigration debate it is still very rarely asked.

Of course, there is a noble aim in some of this avoidance, such as ensuring that Europeans – as the terror attacks grow – do not seek to blame any and all immigrants for the terror. That would be a mistake for a whole variety of tactical as well as factual reasons. Most of the people who arrive in Europe from the Middle East and Africa come to try to improve their lot in life, not to plough trucks into pedestrians. ...

... But the European publics are right to look at their leaders from recent decades and now the dead and maimed regularly on our streets and recognise that this is a problem our politicians imported: a problem they gave us that we did not ask for.
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Crime – child sexual abuse, race, Islamophobia
Of course race matters in the Rotherham sex abuse scandal. Until we admit that, we can't tackle the problem
Muna Adil
Daily Telegraph, 19 August 2017.
[Muna Adil is a researcher at Quilliam International]

Labour MP Sarah Champion has been forced to step down after speaking out about the growing epidemic of sexual grooming in this country. Champion was the MP for Rotherham, a constituency that, between 1995 and 2013, saw 1,400 children raped, abused, trafficked and tortured by gangs of South Asian men. Champion's crime was to simply state the facts as they are: "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls."

Critics, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and fellow colleague Naz Shah, claimed that Champion's article in The Sun included "statements that incite Islamophobia and stigmatise entire communities."

While the Left's desire to gloss over hard evidence and facts where minorities are involved is, by now, expected, what is incredibly disturbing is a new debate that seems to be emerging from the ranks. One particularly disturbing line of argument taken by Sean O'Grady in his Independent article titled "Let's not feel sorry for Sarah Champion – she knew exactly what she was doing", seems to openly dismiss the importance of empirical evidence and scientific, academic research. In his article, O'Grady makes several statements, including:

• "The real point though is this. Even if you agree that there is a problem with some Pakistani men, what are supposed to do with this insight?"

• "Saying that there is a problem with some men of Pakistani origin doesn't actually get us anywhere with these crimes, or force a single arrest or rescue a single girl."

• "We don't actually need a racially focused debate about this any more than we need one about shoplifting or corporate corruption, because it misses the point."

Not only is this line of argument ridiculous, it is factually incorrect. If a certain crime file indicates that one sub-section of society is over-represented in the offender profile, it is our academic inclination, human interest, and most importantly our moral duty to investigate the common denominator, whatever it may be.

And in fact, our research at Quilliam has shown the exact opposite of O'Grady's argument: race is a central factor in this crime profile, not only when it comes to the offenders but also as it relates to the victims who largely belong to the same demographic of young, white and female. ...

An upcoming Quilliam report will look to shed more light on the issue, but here a glimpse of what we have found so far: Asians or British Asians make up 6.9 per cent of the UK population, yet they're found responsible for almost half, 46 per cent of child sexual exploitation (CSE) crimes.

Yet a Home Affairs Select Committee report into localised grooming claimed that "the vast majority of convicted child-sex offenders in the UK are single white men." ...

Over 60 per cent of the British Pakistani population is from the Mirpur District of Kashmir, a largely rural area of Pakistan where regressive attitudes towards women, sex, and relationships still persist today. ...

The phenomenon of "gangs" further confirms that these offenders gravitate towards each other based on a shared ideology, separate from their collective criminal leanings.
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Immigration abroad – European Union
WATCH: EU Propaganda Video Says Europe 'Needs' Migrants Released on Day of Terror Attacks
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 19 August 2017.

The European Parliament has produced a slick propaganda video claiming Europe "need[s] people to come here... to maintain the level of our welfare systems".

The video, put out on Twitter, features liberal and socialist members of the European Parliament (MEPs), who concede migrants often come from a "totally different culture", but say it is the European people's "responsibility" to "foster an atmosphere of integration".

EuroparlTV released the short film on the 17th of August, just hours before terrorists of North African Muslim background murdered 14 people in Spain in an Islamist attack claimed by Islamic State. ...

"The refugees that arrived here in Germany have to adapt. They come from a totally different culture, and they don't know how things are here," says Maryam Salehi of Cologne, Germany. ...

Cecilia Wikström, a liberal MEP from Sweden, adds: "They are here to give their contribution to growth and prosperity for Europe, and that's why it's so essentially important that we open up every possibility for them to integrate into our societies."
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Politics – UKIP
Ukip politicians condemn leadership candidate's '£9,000 to leave UK' idea
Jessica Elgot
The Guardian, 19 August 2017.

John Rees-Evans, a controversial Ukip activist who is currently the fourth favourite for the party leadership, suggested a scheme to persuade dual-nationals to leave Britain would help him reach a goal of reducing net migration to minus 1 million a year and could also boost international trade ties.

Peter Whittle, Ukip deputy leader and leadership frontrunner, called the suggestion "utterly and entirely wrong", while party leadership rival Jane Collins MEP told the Mirror the policy was similar to the BNP's 2010 manifesto.

Addressing a meeting in Leigh, Greater Manchester, Rees-Evans suggested the foreign aid budget should be cut from more than £13bn a year to £1bn, with £12.3bn then spent on incentivising British citizens with dual citizenship to leave the country, citing British Indians and Tanzanians, whom he said could set up their own businesses. ...

However, he said citizens could be persuaded to leave with "£6,000 upfront and £3,000 once the programme is complete, for every man, woman and child, with benefits and healthcare".
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Racism – China
Beyond the pale: China's cheerful racists
Carola Binney
The Spectator, 19 August 2017.

Setting off to spend a year teaching English in Zhejiang province in south-eastern China, I expected plenty of surprises. But what struck me most was something they tend not to tell you about in the guidebooks: the racism.

... I apparently erred when, teaching the word for wife, I showed my students a picture of Michelle Obama. The image of the then First Lady was greeted with exaggerated sounds of repulsion: 'So ugly!' they said. 'So black!'

Such comments would have been treated harshly in a British classroom a quarter-century ago, let alone today. But my own protestations were met with confused faces – crestfallen that they'd disappointed their teacher, but clueless as to the nature of their mistake. And this stretches far beyond the classroom. To many Chinese, ideas about racial hierarchies are not outdated anathema but unquestioned belief. ...

The Chinese don't make a big deal about their racism: it's so commonplace it can seem almost cheerful. ...

The racism begins with the assumption that all westerners are white. ...

... When I showed my class my own school photograph, I expected them to remark on how terrible my hair looked. Instead, their first response was 'Why are there those black girls in England?'

... China has almost no citizens of non-Chinese descent: it is extremely difficult for expats to secure Chinese citizenship, so most are forced to leave as soon as their employment visas expire.
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Terrorism – Europe
'They have caused this' Nigel Farage blasts European leaders after fatal Barcelona attack
Vincent Wood
Daily Express, 18 August 2017.

Nigel Farage has hit out at leaders across Europe for their response to the Barcelona attack which killed 13 people and left more than 100 people wounded.

The Brexit mastermind accused politicians on the continent of being the "cause" of terror attacks which have rocked nation after nation. ...

Farage said: "What happens is they all stand up and they say 'We stand in solidarity with Barcelona, or Brussels, or Stockholm, or Paris, or London or wherever it may be, and this is really truly awful'.

"There is no understanding of why this is going on and not once, not once, do we ever hear a single leader in Europe offer any policy solution whatsoever.

"They are still in denial, and my only guess is that they are so embarrassed by the fact that they have caused this." ...

"But for the moment one of the problems is that many of the parties around Europe that stand up against Islamic extremism, themselves appear to the electorate at times to be a bit extreme themselves."
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Terrorism – hypocrisy
From Charlottesville to Barcelona
Brendan O'Neill
Spiked, 18 August 2017.

Rarely has the hypocrisy of the West's ostensible liberals and leftists been as violently exposed as it has been this week. Between Charlottesville and Barcelona, between their fury over the former and their embarrassment at the latter, we have gained a glimpse into today's extraordinary double standards over extremists who loathe liberty, democracy and swathes of mankind. If the extremists are white and fond of the swastika, they'll be roundly condemned, organised against, transformed into a focal point for the activities of a flagging left. But if they're Muslims, if it's a misogynistic, homophobic caliphate they want to build, if their targets are 'kuffars' rather than pinkos or black people, they will be frowned upon, of course, but never raged against. ...

Even before the barbarism in Barcelona, even before that Islamist terrorist mowed down scores of people, killing 13, the discussion about Charlottesville had become unhinged. What was in truth a nasty but small demonstration by white-power losers was transformed into the second coming of the Third Reich. Where most leftists and liberal commentators respond to Islamist barbarism with a sad emoji or a national flag on their Facebook page, they responded to Charlottesville with historic hyperbole. ...

But if the treatment of Charlottesville and its vile car attack as a return of Nazism looked questionable before Barcelona, it looks mad after it. /.../ A suspected hard-right fanatic killed one person at Charlottesville, in a foul assault on life and liberty; Islamists, if we add Barcelona, have killed more than 460 people in Europe in the past three years. Four-hundred-and-sixty. Let that sink in.

And yet after Barcelona, as is the case after every Islamist attack, there has been an awkward, shuffling silence in left and liberal circles. /.../ But politics? Anger? A demand that we recognise the gravity of the threat posed by Islamists and get together to do something about it? Calls for confrontation with Islamist movements, demands that we 'Punch an Islamist', in the same way American leftists have promoted 'Punch a Nazi'? No.

On the contrary, we are encouraged to be sad about Islamist attacks but never active in relation to them. ...

... This urge to moralise small neo-Nazi protests in the US while de-moralising, depoliticising and fundamentally defusing the problem of Islamist extremism, even though this extremism is a far more destabilising force, has to be explained. What drives this alarming double standard?

It's fear. Cultural fear. Fear of us, the masses, and what we will get up to if society green-lights an honest discussion about the Islamist problem. And fear for Muslims, whom too many on the left infantilise and treat as incapable of hearing robust discussion about problems in their communities. ...

... They have declared a ridiculous, self-flattering war on neo-Nazism precisely as a distraction from the real problems facing Western society today, to which they have no answers, and are uncomfortable even with the questions.
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Immigration abroad – Poland
Europe faces 'clash of civilizations', says Polish minister after Barcelona attack
Radio Poland, 18 August 2017.

Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told state broadcaster TVP Info that Poland is a safe country, adding: "In Poland we do not have Muslim communities which are enclaves... which are a natural support base for Islamic terrorists."

"Europe should wake up," he added.

Blaszczak said that resettling migrants encourages millions of people to come to Europe. "This ends tragically. We are dealing with a clash of civilizations. This must be said outright and it is a problem for the whole of Europe," he added.

Poland has refused to take part in an EU plan to resettle African and Middle Eastern migrants from camps in Italy and Greece, arguing that the programme did not solve the problem at its origin, and was a threat to security.

Blaszczak said on Thursday: "We will not succumb to this pressure [from the European Commission] , because this is about the security of Poland and Poles."
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Immigration – border security, Ireland
UK position paper on Irish border 'throws up even more questions'
Henry Mance and John Murray Brown
Financial Times, 17 August 2017.

The UK reiterated its commitment to an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic on Wednesday, as it softened its position on a range of Brexit-related issues. ...

The border is one of the toughest puzzles for Britain to solve in its negotiations with Brussels. UK prime minister Theresa May is trying to reconcile conflicting priorities – asserting Britain's sovereignty while not disturbing the fragile peace settlement in Northern Ireland.

Her government has made a commitment to controlling immigration after Brexit, but ruled out introducing any physical infrastructure, including passports checks and cameras, at the 310-mile Irish land border. ...

This would effectively allow people to cross into the UK illegally – something Open Britain, a think-tank campaigning for a "soft" Brexit, says "fundamentally undermin[es] the argument that leaving the EU would involve taking back control of immigration".

But the position paper says immigration could be regulated by "controlling access to the labour market and social security" and that the "no-checks" proposal should be seen in the context of "wider plans for the future immigration system in the autumn".
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Immigration abroad – Spain
Spanish coastguard rescues 600 migrants in 24 hours, amid surge in arrivals via Morocco
Hannah Strange
Daily Telegraph, 17 August 2017.

Some 600 migrants attempting to cross from Morocco to Spain have been rescued in just 24 hours, amid a surge in arrivals on what has become the fastest growing sea route to Europe.

The Spanish coastguard said that 593 people had been pulled from 15 rafts on Wednesday, 424 of them in the Gibraltar Strait and 169 near Alborán, an island outpost midway between Spain and Morocco.

A further two rafts - one of them containing six children - were picked up in the Gibraltar Strait in the early hours of Thursday morning. ...

Since the start of 2017, more than 8,000 migrants have used the so-called Western Mediterranean Route from Morocco into Spain, compared to 2,500 during the same period last year.
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Immigration abroad – Spain
Spain lacks capacity to handle migration surge, says UN refugee agency
Sam Jones and Jennifer Rankin
The Guardian, 17 August 2017.

Spain lacks the resources and capacity to protect the rising number of refugees and migrants reaching it by sea, the UN refugee agency has said.

The warning from UNHCR comes as the Spanish coastguard said it rescued 593 people in a day from 15 small paddle boats, including 35 children and a baby, after they attempted to cross the seven-mile Strait of Gibraltar. ...

About 9,300 migrants have arrived in Spain by sea so far this year, while a further 3,500 have made it to two Spanish enclaves in north Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, the EU's only land borders with Africa.

María Jesús Vega, a spokeswoman for UNHCR Spain, said police were badly under-resourced and there was a lack of interpreters and a shortage of accommodation for the new arrivals. ...

UNHCR figures show that most of those arriving in Spain by sea set out from Morocco, although some also embark from Algeria. The majority of the migrants are from Cameroon, Guinea and the Gambia.
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Population pressure – housing
Cambridgeshire residents blame immigrants for housing crisis, reveals survey
Olivia Bell
Cambridge News, 17 August 2017.

Residents of both Cambridge and the Fens nearby blame housing shortages on immigration, a new report reveals.

But it's a case of town versus country, as the city-dwellers were also found to have a far more positive attitude in general to immigration than their rural neighbours.

Housing shortages caused by immigration were raised as a key issue by research groups in two very different parts of Cambridgeshire – Cambridge and March – according to a report released today from the National Conversation on Immigration, the biggest-ever public consultation on the issue. ...

In March, poorly regulated private rental accommodation is a major issue, with the large number of rental properties under multiple occupancy, mainly to migrant workers, affecting the desirability of neighbourhoods.

"You've got one house or a flat, but with ten times the rubbish outside and six times the number of cars," said one stakeholder panel member in March.
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Politics – hypocrites
Douglas Murray attacks 'hypocrites' Lily Allen and Nicola Sturgeon over migrant crisis
Luke Dolan
TalkRadio, 17 August 2017.

Controversial author Douglas Murray has blasted "hypocrites" such as Lily Allen and Nicola Sturgeon in an extraordinary interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer.

With new figures from the United Nations suggesting the migrant crisis has reached a new pitch, Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, also says we need to get a grip on the situation and stop letting migrants into our continent until we know who they are. ...

Murray said that, while most ordinary people in Britain and elsewhere in Europe are sick of the situation, high-profile people in politics and the media are exploiting the situation for their own personal profile.

"This has provided a magnificent opportunity for pseuds and hypocrites and grandstanders to have their moment," he told Julia.

"The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said she would even take in some migrants. That was two years ago and she doesn't seem to have her family of migrants.

"Labour MPs - Yvette Cooper said she'd take in a family of migrants. Endless people... none of them have got them. Lily Allen has still not got her group of young men from sub-Saharan Africa living in their spare room.

"These people are grandstanding on a massive scale about a continent-wade catastrophe and they should feel enormous shame if they could.

"We have to look at the whole problem in its totality. The point is 'can we take in all of the world who wants to come to our continent. If you ask a grandstander like Lily Allen or Nicola Sturgeon or Yvette Cooper, they will not, when put on the spot, say 'keep anyone out.' They can't.

"In reality, if we followed the advice of these people, we'd destroy our entire society. [Unlike the majority of people] the people who have a voice in the media and our politicians who are insane."

Murray also said most of the current influx of migrants are actually sub-Sarahan African men, rather than refugees from war-torn areas like Syria, and "they haven't been rescued. they've been picked up by our own continent's vessels, by organised vessels paid for by taxpayers across our continent, and by NGO vessels.

"They are complicit with the traffickers, they are paying the traffickers, they are involved in an illegal business. they are paying to illegally enter our continent, to break outr own rules.

"We do actually have rules on how you claim asylum and it doesn't involve paying a criminal gang to enter Europe."

"we are lifting people from Africa and bringing them into Europe with no idea of who they are or whether they have any legitimate claim to be in Europe."
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Crime – Islam, Islamophobia
I was treading on eggshells as I described the very specific problem of 'some' Muslim men and their attitude to white Western women
Trevor Kavanagh
The Sun, 17 August 2017.

Some Sun readers may have missed the concocted explosion of Labour and Islamic hysteria over a column I wrote on Monday about Muslim sex gangs. ...

My offence was to write about the attitude of predatory Muslim men towards white women – what I called "the Muslim Problem".

I was instantly denounced for fomenting a Nazi-style "Final Solution" comparable only with the Jewish Holocaust. It was a ludicrous, offensive and perverse distortion of the truth.

A letter calling for my dismissal signed by 105 cross-party MPs was led by Labour's Naz Shah, the Bradford MP suspended last year for anti-Semitism. ...

So, as ever when writing about Islam this week, I was treading on eggshells as I described the very specific problem of "some" Muslim men and their attitude to white Western women.

The article followed the trial and imprisonment of 17 mainly British-born men from the Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities who groomed, raped and abused scores of vulnerable young, mainly white, girls over many years.

They were among many gangs operating in Britain but police and local authorities turned a deliberate blind eye. It was left to the courage and tenacity of Times reporter Andrew Norfolk to bring them to book.

I cited Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Champion who bravely broke ranks and identified the problem everyone else on the Left had shied away from. ...

Presumably got at by Corbynistas, she has subsequently sought to distance herself from her own article and has now resigned for her "poor choice of words".

On Monday, I paid tribute to Sarah's courage, saying: "Thanks to ex-Equalities chief Trevor Phillips and Labour MPs like Rotherham's Sarah Champion, it is acceptable to say Muslims are a specific rather than cultural problem." ...

The abuse of women by Muslims, says Trevor Phillips, is "on an industrial scale".

"What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising. It is not Islamophobic to point this out."

My mistake, apparently, was to describe this as "the Muslim Problem". ...

This fake outrage is more than simply a personal attack on me or upon the Sun newspaper. It is a pernicious attempt to stifle and smother free speech.

The letter from the MPs fails to pinpoint a single mistake or error of fact in my article. It even concedes there are no grounds at all for referring this to Ipso for adjudication. It infringes none of the Editors' Rules of Conduct.

The letter is nothing less than an attempt to gag not just me but anyone else who dares to venture an opinion which contradicts their narrow point of view.
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Politics – ethnic crime, Labour Party
Champion's ousting shows Labour has learned nothing from gang rape scandals
Paul T Horgan
Conservative Woman, 17 August 2017.

Why did Sarah Champion quit her shadow frontbench post? She says it was because of her 'poor choice of words' in an article she wrote for The Sun on the organised rape gangs in her constituency and elsewhere. What words did she use that were such a 'poor choice'?

'Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.'

"For too long we have ignored the race of these abusers and, worse, tried to cover it up. No more. These people are predators and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage."

"The irony of all of this is that, by not dealing with the ethnicity of the abusers as a fact, political correctness has actually made the situation about race."

"It was shocking. Mainly white pubescent girls were being sexually groomed and exploited by gangs of mainly British Pakistani men."
... This Labour MP and, at the time, shadow minister, was trying to hold the Government to account in a public forum for the noble purpose of protecting the daughters of her constituents from gang rape. ...

But is what she wrote such a poor choice of words? Not quite. It is actually a tame version of official reports:

Here is what the Jay Report said on the topic. The report was commissioned by the Labour-controlled council in Rotherham.
'In Rotherham, the majority of known perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage including the five men convicted in 2010."

'Agencies should acknowledge the suspected model of localised grooming of young white girls by men of Pakistani heritage, instead of being inhibited by the fear of affecting community relations.'

'By far the majority of perpetrators were described as 'Asian' by victims, yet throughout the entire period, councillors did not engage directly with the Pakistani-heritage community to discuss how best they could jointly address the issue. [...] Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so."
And here is what the Casey Report, commissioned by the Government, had to say:
Terrible things happened in Rotherham and on a significant scale. Children were sexually exploited by men who came largely from the Pakistani Heritage Community. Not enough was done to acknowledge this, to stop it happening, to protect children, to support victims and to apprehend perpetrators.'

'I found a Council in denial.
Sarah Champion said no more than what is already in the public domain in official reports that are uncontested by any MP or mainstream party in any public communication. For this she has quit her shadow post, or, more likely, has had to quit.

It seems Labour has not learned anything about these gang rape scandals and is still trying to shut down debate on the issue. After all that has gone on, Labour is still turning a blind eye to child sex exploitation on Labour's watch, in Labour's heartlands.
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Politics – ethnic crime
The 'community leaders' doing nothing to solve the grooming scandal
Douglas Murray
Spectator blog, 17 August 2017.

On Monday, after the prosecution of another group of rapists in Newcastle, the Sun published a column by Trevor Kavanagh. It followed a column on a similar theme by Labour MP Sarah Champion. Kavanagh's column dared to mention that the grooming gang in Newcastle (see also Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxfordshire etc) did not consist of 'Asian' men but specifically men of Muslim origin. He was right. Most newspapers don't like to mention this, ...

If this is undeniably perilous territory to write in, it is also ground-hog day. After the prosecutions in Newcastle last week, the BBC's Newsnight ran a lamentable discussion with four young Muslims chaired by Evan Davis; the panel decided within minutes that the case had nothing to do with religion.

Perhaps readers will forgive me if I sigh about all this. I just checked the first Newsnight discussion I did on this issue and somewhere on the internet found my younger self discussing whether we could talk about Muslim grooming gangs, the whole question of political correctness and the shutting down of debate. That was a decade ago.

Demonstrating that nothing is getting better in this regard, there has been the usual predictable, organised, backlash against Kavanagh and Champion for telling the truth. It has been led by the Muslim Council of Britain and Labour MP Naz Shah (who readers will remember faced her own anti-Semitism scandal last year). Yesterday, Champion was forced to quit her place in Labour's shadow cabinet. ...

It is all part of a much bigger pattern. /.../ You have to stand back to recognise the full consequence of such societal sickness. Imagine if Shah, Corbyn and their eggers-on among the Twittering classes were able to summon up even a quarter of the rage they reserved for Kavanagh and Champion, and saved it instead for the rapists who brand their initials on girls they regard as 'chattel'.

... In his piece, Trevor Kavanagh ended with a reference to Britain's 'Muslim problem'. Now that is not a phrase I would use myself, and I imagine that in retrospect Kavanagh wouldn't feel that happy about the shorthand. But so what? It's a free country and people are allowed to avail themselves of their opinions in a robust fashion. Or they used to be, before a self-appointed group of self-appointed leaders took it upon themselves to police the language for us. ...

And it's not just that they do so little to solve any problem. As their ongoing efforts to silence anyone speaking about grooming gangs proves, there is no problem – even child rape – that community leadership groups cannot in fact make worse.
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Employment – unemployment
One in five unemployed people in the UK are migrants, official figures reveal for the first time
Steven Swinford
Daily Telegraph, 16 August 2017.

One in five unemployed people in the UK are migrants, official figures have revealed for the first time.

The figures show that 317,000 migrants are unemployed, including 98,000 who were born in the EU and 219,000 born outside the EU.

The proportion of EU migrants who are unemployed is 4 per cent, while the proportion of migrants from outside the EU who are unemployed is 6.2 per cent. The overall unemployment rate of migrants is 5.3 per cent.

The number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK has risen by a third over the past year to a record 362,000 in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union. ...

The figures show that arrival of Romanian and Bulgarian workers pushed up the overall level of EU migrants from 2.33 million to 2.37 million.

However the number of migrants coming the 14 earlier members of the EU including France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, has fallen slightly from 995,000 between April and June of last year to 972,000.

The number from the eastern European nations which joined the EU in 2014, including Poland, has also fallen from 995,000 to 972,000.
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Immigration – Europe
Here's Why Europe Really Needs More Immigrants
Kenneth Rapoza
Forbes, 16 August 2017.

If Western Europe wants to keep its social benefits, the countries of the E.U. are going to need more workers. No place in the world has an older population that's not into baby making than Europe. No wonder policy planners are doing what they can to encourage immigration.

Even Eastern Europe is getting old, and surely older than the U.S., which has a median age of around 37. The U.K.'s median age is approaching a mid-life crisis, currently at 40.5. With fertility rates expected to hit zero in Europe in the next decade, the only way the European Union can keep fight elderly poverty and maintain its expensive entitlement programs is to increase immigration. Another option is to provide incentives to convince 20 and 30-something-year-olds to have more than one baby. ...

This puts Europe in a pickle. The idea of opening its borders to eastern Europe was a way to expand European capital and labor markets. They increased the labor pool, driving down wages in working class manufacturing towns to come on par with that of Poland and the Czech Republic. They also got an educated workforce who had a long history of European customs. The one thing they did not get from the old Warsaw Pact nations was youth.

Poland's median age is 40.3. Czech Republic is 41.7. New euro zone member Lithuania in the Baltics is even older: 43.4, according to the CIA World Factbook. ...

Today's migrants into Europe are coming from countries where Europeans spent most of the last two generations... destroying. /.../ The median age in Iraq is 19. In Libya, 24. The average European country is importing their future children.
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Politics – racism, Labour Party
Hard-Left 'Trying To Brand Labour Centrists As Racist Sympathisers'
Kate Forrester
The Huffington Post, 16 August 2017.

The hard-left is on a new mission to paint UK centrists as terrorist sympathisers in the wake of the Charlottesville violence, according to a senior Labour campaigner.

Blogging for HuffPost UK, Richard Angell, director of Progress - a group on the New Labour wing of the Labour Party - said "a concerted effort" is underway to discredit the centre ground of British politics.

He was responding to claims by writer Laurie Penny that those responsible for unrest in the USA, which left three people dead, are the same people who "centrists" say have legitimate concerns around immigration.

"Penny is wrong to argue that those of us she calls centrists, who know there are legitimate concerns about immigration and think if you sort them out it is the best way to help cohesion and reduce racism, are the what gives an open door to the populist- and racist-right," Angell said.

"Pressures on public services, wage pressures and the impacts of changing communities can all be managed, supported and put right through politics. If we play into some right-wing argument that we are too 'politically correct' to talk about immigration, it is that what leaves the space open for the far right." ...

Angell, who was caught up in the recent London Bridge terror attack, said by ignoring the impact of change in society, left-leaning movements risk shutting down debate. ...

"When there is a real right-wing to attack in politics these days, let us not use the label on our own side. Bunching together the centre-ground and 'the right' to discredit politics that is in touch with the public is precisely the sort of strategy that will have the real right-wingers rubbing their hands with glee - from their offices in government."
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Immigration abroad – public opinion, Germany
Study: 70 Per Cent of Germans Would Send Mediterranean Migrants Back
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 16 August 2017.

A new study has revealed that the vast majority of Germans do not see the migrants coming across the Mediterranean as legitimate refugees and want to see them deported back to North Africa.

The study, conducted by research institute Civey shows that 69.8 per cent of Germans do not regard the migrants rescued and transported by NGOs in the Mediterranean as legitimate refugees despite claims from the NGOs themselves. ...

Along political lines, a majority of members of all parties support the deportation of Mediterranean migrants except for the left-wing Green party with only 34.7 per cent approving of the idea and 48.8 per cent rejecting the idea.
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Politics – Labour Party
Corbyn's immigration tightrope
Chaminda Jayanetti, 15 August 2017.

Labour's chasm over free movement of people is so vast it is a wonder that either side can even see the other. Just take the following two quotes:

"For years, the elite ignored public disquiet over immigration. It was sidelined because of the net benefit to the economy from EU immigration. Well, the public told the elite where they could stick their 'net benefit'."

"A system of free movement is the best way to protect and advance the interests of all workers, by giving everyone the right to work legally, join a union and stand up to their boss without fear of deportation or destitution."

The first, from former shadow cabinet minister Caroline Flint, was part of a speech last month ...

The second is from an open letter /.../ signed by Labour MPs Clive Lewis, David Lammy and Geraint Davies.

Trying to find a position that unifies these two camps - each representing different worldview, different economic analyses, and different geographies - is now Corbyn's job, whether he wants it or not.

Labour's 'constructive amibiguity' - or rather, dishonestly facing both ways - during the general election temporarily neutered the Brexit issue, but Corbyn's recent incautiously worded attack on employers exploiting migrant workers has brought an end to the phony peace. ...

But the launch early this month of the Labour Campaign for Free Movement is hard to separate from the Labour leader's very different appearance on the Andrew Marr Show in July, where he attacked the exploitation of EU migrants to "destroy conditions" for British workers. High profile supporters reacted with alarm.

It's not that Corbyn's core supporters are enthusiastic Remainers - many regard the EU as a neoliberal project, and most despised its actions during the Eurozone crisis - but the issue they hold dearest is migrant rights. Not just EU migrants, but all migrants - it is common in these circles to regard national borders as a racist concept. Their preferred migration policy would be unfettered global free movement. But EU free movement is a decent place to start. ...

But in her speech last month, Caroline Flint said the "emotional drive for control" in the EU referendum "was almost totally immigration". How can the Labour leadership square off support for free movement with Flint and other like-minded Northern and Midlands Labour MPs and - critically - branches?
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Immigration abroad – Germany, Italy
Merkel acknowledges Europe's disastrous migrant policy: '2015 must not be repeated'
Rebecca Flood
Daily Express, 15 August 2017.

Angela Merkel has rejected the idea of linking European Union funds to receiving migrants - a policy championed by her rival Martin Schulz. ...

The measure was put forward by her challenger Mr Schulz, former president of the European Parliament, as he also eyes the top job. ...

But the idea was slapped down by Angela Merkel, who rejected EU nations being able to buy themselves out of their obligations.

She said: "That's not how it is.

"This is not the European solidarity that I am imagining." ...

Italy's foreign minister, Angelino Alfano, praised Mrs Merkel's 'open door' policy - widely thought to have been a catalyst for many making the perilous trip to Europe - but said the south European country was at breaking point.
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Crime – child abuse, racism
Rochdale child abuse cop says PC posturing protected sophisticated network of Asian abuse
James Fielding
Daily Express, 14 August 2017.

The former detective who helped expose the Rochdale child abuse scandal has accused the Government of doing "too little, too late" and of allowing Asian grooming gangs to "evolve" over the past 15 years.

Maggie Oliver said a sophisticated network of abusers from predominantly Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds had grown unchallenged because the authorities feared being labelled racist.

Her comments follow the conviction last week of an 18-strong gang in Newcastle upon Tyne who sexually abused girls as young as 13. ...

Home Secretary Amber Rudd waded into the row and said that "political and cultural sensitivities" should not deter work aimed at uncovering child abuse.

However, former detective constable Ms Oliver said the Home Office had been aware of the issue since 2004 during a probe into grooming gangs in Manchester.

The former Greater Manchester Police officer said the Home Office was in contact almost daily during Operation Span, the investigation into Rochdale six years later, and was fearful of the racial connotations.

She said: "Amber Rudd's words are too little too late. She is jumping on the bandwagon and playing to public outrage at what has been allowed to evolve over 15 years."
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Immigration abroad – terrorism, Germany
Court finds defrauding Islamic State is a crime in Germany
Reuters, 14 August 2017.

A German court has found a Syrian refugee guilty of attempting to defraud Islamic State, a court spokeswoman said on Monday, granting legal protection to a group viewed as terrorists by the European Union.

A judge in the district court in the southwestern city of Saarbruecken sentenced the 39-year old hairdresser from Damascus to two years in prison for trying to get Islamic State operatives to transfer him up to 180,000 euros (163,674 pounds).

The judge ruled that the man used the false pretence that he would carry out attacks in Germany for Islamic State using explosives. The money was never transferred to the man.

The court rejected the prosecution's argument that the man was guilty of the more serious crime of planning to carry out attacks on behalf of the militant organisation.

Both parties have appealed the ruling to the Federal Supreme Court, the court spokeswoman said. The Syrian refugee was named only as Hasan A. due to German privacy laws.
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Immigration abroad – Italy
Stemming economic migration
Times of Malta, 13 August 2017.

For the last three years, Italy has borne the brunt of the migration crisis as the central Mediterranean route into Europe has become the chief entry path into the EU. ...

Helpfully, Libya's Prime Minister, who is the head of the UN-backed unity government, has asked Italy to send its navy to help the Libyan coastguard pick up migrants within Libya's 12-mile territorial waters and take them back to shore. ...

Before Italy's recent agreement with Libya, the majority of migrants would sail from Libyan ports into international waters to be rescued by charity boats or the Italian coastguard. Critics have accused the rescue NGOs of operating a "taxi service" for migrants.

The people-traffickers' ploy had been to deliver migrants not to Italy, but just outside the boundary of Libya's territorial waters so they could be rescued by NGO charity boats beyond. Though there can be absolutely no doubt that the charities were – and are – motivated by noble intentions, they were in effect inadvertently aiding the traffickers. ...

As Bill Gates – definitely not a hard-liner on migration – has said: "Europe must make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent [of Europe] via the current transit routes." The top three countries of origin of those arriving in Italy in the first quarter of this year were Nigeria, Bangladesh and Guinea.
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Immigration abroad – Mediterranean, Italy
More NGOs follow MSF in suspending Mediterranean migrant rescues
Reuters, 13 August 2017.

Two more aid groups have suspended migrant rescues in the Mediterranean, joining Doctors Without Borders, because they felt threatened by the Libyan coastguard.

Save the Children and Germany's Sea Eye said on Sunday their crews could no longer work safely because of the hostile stance of the Libyan authorities. Doctors Without Borders - or Medecins sans Frontieres - cited the same concern when it said on Saturday it would halt Mediterranean operations. ...

Libyan coastguard boats have repeatedly clashed with NGO vessels on the edge of Libyan waters, sometimes opening fire. ...

"In general, we do not reject (NGO) presence, but we demand from them more cooperation with the state of Libya ... they should show more respect to the Libyan sovereignty," coastguard spokesman Ayoub Qassem told Reuters on Sunday.

Tension has also been growing for weeks between aid groups and the Italian government, which has suggested some NGOs are facilitating people smuggling, while Italy is trying to enhance the role of the Libyan coastguard in blocking migrant departures. ...

Immigration is dominating Italy's political agenda before elections early next year, with public opinion increasingly hostile to migrants. Almost 600,000 migrants have arrived in Italy over the past four years.
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Immigration abroad – European Union
Merkel to UN: 'European Union Can Take 40,000 More Migrants'
Victoria Friedman
Breitbart, 13 August 2017.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed UN plans to send more Middle Eastern and African migrants to the European Union, saying the bloc could "cope with" 40,000 more asylum seekers.

Echoing her "wir schaffen das" ["we can do this"] mantra from the beginning of the migrant crisis, where the German premier suspended the Dublin Convention and invited an unlimited number of migrants to northern Europe, she told UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi that Germany was "ready to take its share". ...

The UN high commissioner disclosed the plans in Berlin on Friday which would see the expansion of a two-year scheme for resettling 22,000 Syrian asylum seekers (currently in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan) nearly double to 40,000 relocated annually from 2018.

The plans would also expand the countries from which asylum seekers would be accepted.
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Immigration – public opinion
Even Remainers now back a 'hard' Brexit: Most Brits want to regain full control of our borders and to become free of meddling EU judges, survey reveals
Claire Ellicott and Kate Ferguson
Daily Mail, 12 August 2017.

Most Remain voters now back a Brexit that gives Britain a clean break from the EU and control back of our borders, a major study has found. ...

The survey of 3,293 people by the London School of Economics (LSE) and Oxford University found that when questioned in detail about their views, many favoured the elements of a so-called 'hard Brexit'. ...

The issue of EU citizens' rights after Brexit was found to be the most divisive in the poll, with Remain voters strongly supporting those already in the UK staying indefinitely - something Leavers strongly oppose.

On immigration, neither group supports continuing free movement, although Remain voters feel less strongly about the issue than Leavers.

The most popular scenarios for both voters give the UK full control over its borders, with Remainers supporting immigration but Leavers favouring few to no arrivals.
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Terrorism – France, Europe
Jihadists are trying to destroy French soldiers' nerves via string of attacks, expert says
Romina McGuinness
Daily Express, 12 August 2017.

A security expert said France-based jihadists had launched a war of attrition against the country's security forces in an attempt to fray soldiers' nerves and wear down the armed forces.

Thibault de Montbrial, the former head of France's Centre for Analysis, Planning and Strategy (CAPS), told the French daily Le Figaro, said: "All terrorist attacks that have taken place since January have been against soldiers or police officers.

"It's not a coincidence. Jihadists are simply trying to wear down security forces via a string of small-scale, random attacks that are almost impossible to prevent."

"Terror tactics have become more rudimentary and an attack could occur anywhere and at anytime, meaning that police and intelligence and security services are "always on the alert," Mr de Montbrial added. ...

The Islamist terrorist threat to the West, Mr de Montbrial continued, will endure for years to come.

"The terror threat is here to stay. French ISIS fighters will return home from Syria or Iraq, and one battle-hardened jihadist alone can radicalise dozens of people," he warned, adding that France was "teeming with radicalised Muslims" and should therefore brace itself for another Paris-style attack.
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Emigration – Indian students
Study abroad: Why Indians prefer to go overseas to pursue UG courses
Indian Express, 12 August 2017.

Studying abroad is a common dream among many Indian students such that the number of students applying for universities in other countries has been on the rise with every passing year. This hype can be observed with reports like the 2016 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange which has pointed out that international students at US colleges have surpasses one million in the academic year of 2015-16.

... Meanwhile the Indian Students Mobility report, 2016 noted that about 85 per cent of Indian students looking for colleges abroad tend to head towards USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. ...

The second reason why students want to go abroad is because they think that their future is outside India. They believe that by pursuing an undergraduate degree in a foreign country they can get a job there and eventually land the country's citizenship. Settling down in USA, UK, Australia and some other such countries is attractive to many.
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Crime – child abuse, racism
Racist rapists handed lower sentences because their victims were WHITE
Zoie O'Brien
Daily Express, 12 August 2017.

Asian rape gangs who target white teenagers are not handed longer jail sentences because of political correctness and fear among the judiciary, the Government's senior legal advisor has said.

Young, white girls have been brutally raped and sexually abused by extensive gangs of Asian men in towns and cities across Britain - yet when it comes to sentencing - the race aspect has been largely ignored, he claimed.

Now legal experts are calling for British judges to properly defend the girls who are targeted because of their skin colour. ...

Robert Buckland Solicitor General has said racism should always be considered in the type of organised sex attacks which have blighted Britain.

Mr Buckland said sex attacks based on race "cuts all ways" and that the race of those involved should be "front and centre" when it is clear a certain race has been actively targeted - whatever that race may be. ...

Mr Buckland blamed the PC brigade for putting political correctness and fear of being labelled racist over the rights for sex victims.

He said there was "institutional reticence" when it comes to Asian men abusing white girls.
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UK could face Islamist threat for decades, former MI5 chief warns
BBC, 11 August 2017.

The UK may continue to face the threat of Islamist terrorism for another "20 to 30 years", the former head of MI5 has said.

Lord Evans told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the issue was a "generational problem" and that the UK needed to "persevere" with efforts to defeat it. ...

Lord Evans stepped down as the director general of the security service MI5 in 2013 at a time when it seemed that the terrorism threat from al-Qaeda might be subsiding.

But now, with the rise of the so-called Islamic State militant group, he said the threat was unlikely to end soon. ...

"Since 2013 there have been 19 attempted attacks that have been disrupted and even since the attack at Westminster we are told there have been six disruptions, so this is a permanent state of preparedness."

He added: "We're at least 20 years into this. My guess is that we will still be dealing with the long tail in over 20 years' time. ...

Speaking on Radio 4's Today, the head of national counter-terrorism policing called the current Islamist threat a "cultish movement" compared to al-Qaeda and the IRA who were "a very tight network of wicked individuals".

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said: "You've got that range of people who have picked up that ideology and come up with their own plan based on the encouragement of the propaganda all the way through to the more organised directed attacks." ...

He added the change in tempo of the threat was "quite dramatic" considering in four years 13 terror plots were foiled compared to six in the last few months.
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Racism – crime, sexual abuse, sentencing
'Racist' Asian sex gangs: MPs demand tougher sentences for grooming young white girls
Martin Evans and Steven Swinford
Daily Telegraph, 11 August 2017.

Britain's courts should treat Asian Muslim grooming gangs behind the abuse of hundreds of white teenage girls as racially aggravated criminals, leading MPs and campaigners have demanded.

The demand was issued as senior politicians and prosecutors admitted that political correctness may have stopped the gangs being properly pursued and punished after another ring of Asian mainly Muslim sex offenders was convicted in Newcastle.

The Attorney General was facing calls to review the sentences of several members of the 18-strong Newcastle gang after it emerged the apparently racially-aggravated nature of their crimes was not reflected in their punishment.

The men, mostly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin were convicted of plying vulnerable and underage white girls with drink and drugs before sexually abusing and raping them. ...

Under sentencing guidelines, crimes that include race or religion are considered more serious and the court has a duty to take it into account when sentencing.

But nowhere in the judge's sentencing remarks has the race of the victims been raised as an aggravating factor. ...

Lord MacDonald, the former director of public prosecutions, said it was clear these were "profoundly racist crimes" and said the issue needed to be confronted head on. ...

In another twist it emerged that some of the victims of Asian grooming gangs have been arrested for using racist language against their abusers. Det Constable Maggie Oliver, who helped expose the Rochdale grooming scandal, told BBC's Radio 4's PM programme: "I can give you numerous examples of victims abused as children who have been charged with racially aggravated public order offences for shouting names that have a racial element to their abusers. Why is there no parity?"
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Racism – sexual crime, Islamophobia
On abuse it's time to call a spade a spade
Trevor Phillips
Daily Telegraph, 11 August 2017.

It's official. The BBC has finally given itself permission to acknowledge – in passing – that the spate of gang-related child abuse scandals scarring English towns and cities is being carried out predominantly by men of "Asian" origin. Even so, the most important aspect of the story was deemed to be the fact that Northumbria Police had paid an informer, himself a convicted abuser, to help crack the case. No doubt desperate to avoid being accused of stigmatising a community, the BBC did its best to turn this utterly routine practice into a matter of controversy.

But even its own journalists were embarrassed by the ploy. Mark Easton, the Corporation's redoubtable home affairs editor, broke the long taboo on the Ten O'Clock News, speaking passionately of the dozens of cases in which gangs of "predominantly Asian men [are] sexually exploiting predominantly young white women and girls". Labour, hitherto lamentably limp on the issue in deference to its dependence on minority voters, spoke up, too. Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, abandoned the weaselly standby that "abusers come from all communities" to call this crime what it is: an organised assault on white children by people from a specific minority group. ...

And the scale of their crimes is industrial. In Rotherham over 1,400 children were gang-raped, forced to watch sexual assault on other children, drugged and trafficked. /.../ Dame Louise Casey's unflinching report last year laid the horror bare; and spoke of the political corruption that allowed it to go unchecked. To Ms Champion's credit, she dismissed criticism from what she called "the floppy Left", saying that the authorities had consistently ignored these crimes because "people are more afraid to be called racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse". ...

But as the impressive Chief Constable of Northumbria, Steve Ashman, told the media, these crimes will never be prevented unless and until we can speak openly about what is taking place. Unfortunately, we still have some way to go. For example, while most of the perpetrators are indeed Asian they are not all Pakistani; and Mr Ashman said yesterday that his force had arrested Iraqis, Afghans, Turks and people from other nationalities. ...

What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising. ...

If we are going to call a spade a spade, then we should do so without embarrassment. But our elites have replaced their old fear of being called racist with a new bogey. It comes to something then the BBC prefers to risk being condemned for racism than expose itself to the charge of Islamophobia.
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Multiculturalism – culture, crime
Cultural terrorism is as dangerous as bombs and bullets
Leo McKinstry
Daily Express, 11 August 2017.

George Orwell wrote in 1941 that "the gentleness of English civilisation is its most marked characteristic". How poignant those words now sound today as our society is plagued by alien barbarism and cruel exploitation.

The apostles of political correctness talk of the joys of diversity but mass immigration has led to the wholesale import of primitive, misogynistic, often brutal values that are utterly inimical to those of traditional, well-ordered Britain.

The widespread incidence of abuse inflicted on vulnerable white girls by predatory Asian, overwhelmingly Muslim, sex gangs is a prime illustration of this social breakdown. ...

A 13-year-old described how she was drugged then driven to a flat, where she was repeatedly gang-raped under a Kurdish flag. There could be no greater symbol of the moral degradation that multiculturalism has inflicted on modern Britain.

In recent decades we have been forced to live in the shadow of violent Islamic extremism. But the rapacious Muslim sex gangs demonstrate that we should be equally concerned about cultural terrorism. Fear, intimidation and savagery come not just from the threat of bombs and knives. They also come from brutish practices that should have no place in Britain. ...

In an act of wilful folly our politicians decided to turn many of our urban neighbourhoods into outposts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with all their attendant sexual violence and intimidation. Nor is the cultural terrorism confined to the predatory gangs. It can also be found in the growing catalogue of acid attacks, the institutionalised acceptance of Sharia courts, the spread of misogynistic dress codes such as the burka and the prevalence of female genital mutilation, all developments that would have been completely unthinkable in Britain before the era of mass immigration.

Other disturbing features of this moral decline are reflected in human trafficking, organised welfare abuses, ballot box fraud, exploitative labour on poverty pay, overcrowded housing and the erosion of free speech in the face of Islamist grievance. ...

The authorities like the police, town halls and social services, who should have been upholding decent values, instead allowed cultural terrorism to flourish in our midst because of craven anxieties about accusations of Islamophobia and racism.

Too many officials, keen to uphold the flawed creed of multiculturalism, swallowed the fashionable propaganda that ethnic minorities are always the victims and white people always the oppressors. So they ended up colluding with pitiless racist, misogynistic criminals to deny justice to abused, under-age girls.

Despite the welcome verdicts this week in Newcastle it will take far more than one case to save our civilisation after years of this cowardly institutionalised paralysis.
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Illegal immigration – crime, Europe
The reality of Europe's migrant crisis
Douglas Murray
Spectator blog, 11 August 2017.

So here's an interesting thing. Footage so striking that even the BBC has run with it. This is the film of a migrant boat landing on a beach in the south of Spain. In recent years for a whole variety of reasons, Spain has avoided the worst of the migrant crisis. Perhaps that's why these images have broken through where the daily images from Italy this summer have not.

Anyway, it's hard to think of a more vivid encapsulation of the ongoing suicide of our continent than this one. ...

... These young men from a range of sub-Saharan African countries have come to Europe for a hundred different reasons and they will stay in Europe. Most will try to move northwards. And along the way the only employment most of them will find will be working with illegal gangs made up of people from their countries of origin.
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Immigration abroad – Spain
Spain could top Greece for 2017 migrant sea arrivals, as video emerges of beach being 'stormed'
Hannah Strange and Nick Squires
Daily Telegraph, 11 August 2017.

Spain could surpass Greece this year as a gateway for migrants entering Europe by sea, international monitors warned on Thursday, as the number of arrivals swells to treble that of 2016.

Amid a crackdown on migration through Libya, more than 8,000 people have turned to the so-called Western Mediterranean Route from Morocco into Spain this year, compared to 2,500 during the same period in 2016.

On Wednesday, sunbathers on a beach near Cadiz were shocked to see a black rubber dinghy loaded with migrants landing on the shore, its occupants quickly leaping from the vessel and running away.

Jose Maraver, head of the Maritime Rescue centre in nearby Tarifa, told the Telegraph that a second boat had landed on another beach in the area on Thursday while two vessels had to be rescued. This was now a regular occurrence along that stretch of coast, he said. ...

Penny Lawrence, deputy chief executive of Oxfam GB, said that safe routes to Europe must be provided. "Outsourcing the policing of our borders to Libya isn't the solution," she added.
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Illegal immigration – Netherlands
Dutch port cities increasingly struggle with Albanian stowaways: report
Janene Pieters
NL Times, 11 August 2017.

Dutch harbors with ferries to England are increasingly faced with Albanians trying to secretly cross to the United Kingdom, according to the Volkskrant. Over the past few months, hundreds of Albanian stowaways were caught in IJmuiden, Hoek van Holland, Europoort and Vlissingen. ...

... The stowaways from Albania are trying to reach England because they have a better there to be granted asylum or to find work as an undocumented migrant.
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Immigration abroad – Germany, deportation
Germany under 'great illusion' it can deport failed asylum seekers – senior official
RT, 11 August 2017.

A "great illusion" prevails in Germany over the deportation of failed asylum applicants, Bavarian premier Horst Seehofer argued, adding it is unrealistic to expel all migrants once they are in the country.

It is much more humane for European countries to protect common borders and decide on the spot whom to allow in than to accept migrants en masse and struggle to deport failed applicants, said Seehofer.

The politician, who also leads the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party to Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), told Focus magazine on Friday it was "almost impossible to send back migrants once they are in the country."

"I say this having a nine-year experience as [Bavaria's] prime minister," Seehofer told German magazine Focus. "A great illusion prevails in Germany when it comes to the issue of deportations," the politician said.
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Extremism – Islam
UK: Still Welcoming Jihadis
Douglas Murray
Gatestone Institute, 11 August 2017.

The British Prime Minister's June declaration, that when it came to terrorism in the UK, "enough is enough", already looks like little more than rhetoric. ...

At almost precisely this time last year, two clerics from Pakistan toured the UK. Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman and Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman are well-known clerics in their native country. Not the least of the reasons for their fame – or notoriety – is that they took a particularly strong line on the issue of Mumtaz Qadri. /.../ In January 2011, Qadri murdered the man he was employed to look after.

Qadri's action were hugely divisive both in Pakistan and in the global Pakistani diaspora. After a trial that same year, Qadri was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to death – a sentence that was carried out in February 2016.

That event brings us back to the two clerics, Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman and Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman. After Qadri's conviction, on at least one occasion Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman delivered a hysterical speech supporting the murder of Taseer, while his fellow cleric, Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman, looked on approvingly from the platform. The video of this occasion has now been removed from YouTube, where it had previously been hosted. ...

... Nevertheless, on their visit to the UK last summer, the two clerics were allowed to talk at mosques up and down the UK, including in Prime Minister Theresa May's own constituency. By way of explanation, as the imam of the Madina Mosque and Islamic Centre in Oldham, Zahoor Chishti, said of the two clerics, "They have got hundreds of thousands of followers in the UK." ...

On that occasion it was perhaps possible to claim that the UK government were ignorant about whom they were allowing into the UK. ...

What excuse is there in a country which has now seen and suffered the effects of Islamist terror so many times, a country that the Prime Minister has claimed has had "enough" of this terror, for precisely the same two clerics to return to the UK for another tour? /.../ another tour of the UK and Europe – this one lasting up until August 27.

Last year, members of the British government could have claimed to have been ignorant of the views of these two clerics. They could have pretended that they did not know that they were allowing into the UK two men principally known for encouraging the murder of apostates. They could have pretended to have been ignorant of the beliefs of two men who like to whip up crowds to praise murderers. They could have been unaware that such people were going to speak to thousands of UK Muslims. But they cannot be unaware this year. So what are the excuses for letting them in? Are there any?
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Crime – sexual abuse, Asian gangs, white girls
Some communities are not doing enough to tackle Asian grooming gangs, warns Chief Constable
Daily Telegraph, 10 August 2017.

There is not enough shame and stigma attached to child sexual exploitation in some communities, a senior police chief has said, as an Asian grooming gang was found guilty of drugging and abusing vulnerable girls in Newcastle upon Tyne.

As the final five members of an 18 strong gang were convicted of a string of appalling abuse against white girls, Chief Constable Steve Ashman, of Northumbria Police, described tackling such exploitation as the "challenge of our generation".

He said until such behaviour was considered socially unacceptable in all communities, the problem would never be completely eradicated.

Newcastle is the latest city in which the activities of an Asian grooming gang has been exposed, following on from Rochdale, Oxford, Rotherham and Derby.

During a series of trials, which can only now be fully reported, it emerged that the gang, which was made up of men from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Turkey, abused girls after luring them to parties where they were plied with drink and drugs, ...

The gang operated in the west end of Newcastle, ferrying the same group of at least 22 victims between addresses where they were barricaded in rooms with furniture and subjected to degrading ordeals.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how many of the gang members had "contempt" for white women, illustrated when one of the men launched a tirade against a female ticket inspector on the Tyne and Wear Metro system. ...

Speaking after the final guilty verdicts were delivered, Mr Ashman said: "We have thrown the kitchen sink at this - a team of 50 officers have worked on this inquiry for almost three and a half years and continue to do so.

"There has been no political correctness here. These are criminals and there has been no hesitation in arresting them and targeting them using all the means at our disposal."

But he said while many of the communities across the city had been appalled by the offending and had helped the police, it was clear there was still a problem in getting some to take it seriously.

He said: "The sexual exploitation of vulnerable people is in my opinion the challenge of our generation. It is a huge task that we are faced with."

He went on: "Given the number of men that we have arrested, 461 in total, clearly somewhere along the line something has gone wrong if it has become acceptable to entice, through alcohol, drugs or just through bullying and violence, vulnerable people into sex.

"This behaviour can never be tolerated... It has to become socially unacceptable in every community to behave in this way."
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Crime – slavery, EU, UK
Migrant crisis triggers heightened risk of slavery in EU supply chains, say analysts
Karen McVeigh
The Guardian, 10 August 2017.

The migrant crisis has increased the risk of slavery and forced labour tainting supply chains in three-quarters of EU countries over the past year, researchers have found.

Romania, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria – all key entry points into Europe for migrants vulnerable to exploitation – were identified by risk analysts as particularly vulnerable to slavery and forced labour. ...

Countries outside Europe, such as North Korea and South Sudan, were judged to be at the greatest risk of modern slavery, but the researchers said the EU showed the largest increase in risk of any region over the past year. ...

It found that even the EU's largest economies were not immune. The UK, which introduced the Modern Slavery Act in 2016, has experienced a slight negative shift in its scores, moving from low risk to medium.
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Illegal immigration – politics, Conservative Party
'It isn't achievable!' Expert bashes Theresa May over pledge to clamp down on immigration
Ajay Nair
Daily Express, 10 August 2017.

A former Home Office speechwriter has hit out at Theresa May over her pledge to slash net migration in the UK to under 100,000 a year, insisting it "isn't achievable".

Alasdair Palmer said the Prime Minister was wrong to keep the Tory pledge and said Britain did not have the "immigration infrastructure" to clamp down on people entering the country.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live's Emma Barnett, he said ultimately it would be up to those from other countries to decide they did not want to live in the UK.

He said: "I think she probably was [wrong], realistically it isn't achievable unless there is some major change in terms of the desire of immigrants from poor countries to come to the northern Europe in order to better their lives, you can't blame them for that.

"But we simply don't have the immigration infrastructure, the capacity really, to prevent people from coming who want to come."

Mr Palmer slammed the Government, which he said "doesn't talk about" illegal immigration and how to reduce it.

He said: "There's also illegal immigration which may be what people are most worried about.

"According to polls, it is what people are most worried about but the Government doesn't talk about it at all.

"But the Home Office certainly knows about it, it produces its own estimate... they felt that it was running between 150,000 and 250,000 every year.

"The Government doesn't talk about it because the Government doesn't know what to do about it."
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Crime – Vietnamese, slavery, drugs
Revealed: How Vietnamese gangs are using UK nail bars to traffic women
Paul Gallagher
i News, 10 August 2017.

Avon and Somerset police would not reveal any details of the nationalities of those arrested, but Southmead is the same area where, in November 2013, police tracked down a 16 year old Vietnamese girl brutalised and trafficked into sex work. ...

That case was one of many that persuaded the then Home Secretary, Theresa May, to announce plans for a Modern Slavery Bill, which became law on 26 March 2015. ...

However, the Government's subsequent approach to modern slavery has left many people scratching their heads.

Last December, 97 women working in nail salons were arrested for immigration offences. The majority were Vietnamese nationals, but the number also included suspected immigration offenders from Mongolia, Ghana, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and India. ...

In its 2014 report, Trafficking for Forced Criminal Exploitation in Europe, researchers led by Anti-Slavery International showed that Vietnam is the single largest source country for child victims of trafficking, mainly for cannabis cultivation. Profits can be worth millions, and are often laundered through other businesses owned by the criminal organisation, such as nail bars, before being physically moved as cash back to Vietnam. ...

The true scale of MSHT within the UK is unknown. In 2014, the Home Office estimated that there were between 10–13,000 victims of human trafficking in the UK – a range the NCA says remains the most robust quantitative assessment available.
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Multiculturalism – Islamisation, France, Europe
Mosques taking over churches in France
Michael F. Haverluck
OneNewsNow, 10 August 2017.

The mosque invasion of churches in France has been going on for decades, but with the recent election of pro-Islam French President Emmanuel Macron and the attitude of entitlement of new Muslim immigrants, the tide is surging like never before. ...

In fact, Il Folgio Cultural Editor Giuliu Meotti stressed that mosques are going up in record numbers while Christian churches are being bulldozed to the ground on a regular basis. ...

While churches are being leveled, mosques are being built with virtually no restrictions – with many being subsidized by the French government. ...

"Germany and France have the largest Muslim populations among European Union member countries," Pew Research reported. "As of 2010, there were 4.8 million Muslims in Germany (5.8 percent of the country's population) and 4.7 million Muslims in France (7.5 percent). In Europe overall, however, Russia's population of 14 million Muslims (10 percent) is the largest on the continent."

It was also noted that the number of Muslims will swell to become 10.3 percent of France's population by 2030, with Great Britain's increasing to 8.2 percent at that time. ...

The leaps and bounds the Muslim population is making in France over native Europeans was emphasized by the statistic that every week, nearly two new mosques are erected.

"Nearly 2,400 mosques today, compared to 1,500 in 2003, is the most visible sign of the rapid growth of Islam in France – a consequence of a population of immigrant origin and the process of strong re-Islamization," the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles reported in a piece alerting the French about the Islamic "invasion."
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Crime – knife crime, stop and search
Met police chief says more stop and search may help reduce knife crime
Matthew Weaver
The Guardian, 9 August 2017.

The Metropolitan police commissioner has defended the use of stop and search in tackling rising knife crime and spoken of her determination to fight the perception that it is disproportionately used against black and Asian communities.

Speaking to BBC Asian Network, Cressida Dick said many frontline officers believed a decrease in stop and search was a contributory factor behind the recent rise in knife crime.

In answer to a caller from the West Midlands, where there has been a spate of fatal stabbings, Dick said: "We have probably had a 20% increase [in knife crime in London] in the last year and that is not acceptable to me, so I am encouraging my officers to do stop and search as one of many things that will help to bring this number down." ...

Figures show black people are still four times more likely than white people to be stopped. Race relations experts warned Dick that any increase in stop and search would further alienate communities.

But Dick insisted that police were using the tactic fairly, saying: "In London about one in three stop and searches result in something being found. That shows we not just doing random work."

Asked about concerns that people are being searched because of the colour of their skin, Dick said: "We need to fight that perception; we are absolutely not doing that. It has no place in modern policing. Our outcome rate, one in three positive, is the same whether you are black or white, or whoever you are.

"The perception might be that we stop lots of, for example, young black men and we don't find anything. We do. I'm sorry to say we find the same rate among people of colour and the people not of colour that we stop. That is not disproportionate, that shows fairness in terms of our activity."
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Illegal immigration – border security
Migrants make 30,000 illegal bids to get into the UK from Calais this year despite costly security measures around the port and Channel Tunnel
Mario Ledwith and Peter Allen
Daily Mail, 9 August 2017.

Migrants have made 30,000 attempts to reach Britain from Calais this year despite costly security measures.

The French interior ministry logged 17,867 efforts to break into the fortified zone around the port and Channel Tunnel.

Asylum seekers also tried 12,349 times to stow away on UK-bound lorries. ...

A direct comparison with figures from last year is not available. But previous estimates from the French authorities suggested there were between 25,000 and 28,000 attempts to breach border security around Calais from January to August 2016.

All the statistics relate to individual attempts to find a way into Britain and may represent multiple efforts by the same people. It remains unclear how many migrants have sneaked into Britain this year through Calais.
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Immigration abroad – Europe
New alarm as 115,000 more boat migrants reach Europe
Giles Sheldrick
Daily Express, 9 August 2017.

Europe is in the grip of a new migrant onslaught with more than 115,000 reaching the mainland by sea this year, figures show.

Some 95,215 new arrivals made it to Italy after crossing the Mediterranean from north Africa, with the remainder pouring in through Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

EU officials claimed the bloc had "redoubled its efforts" to stop the flood but last night German intelligence warned that tens of thousands more migrants could arrive via the Balkans. ...

The UN migration agency yesterday said 115,109 made it to Europe between January 1 and August 2.
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Border controls – landing cards
Landing cards are an essential tool for controlling our borders
Stephen Pollard
Daily Express, 9 August 2017.

Anyone who arrives in the UK is given a landing card if they're not from the EU. They have to fill out their name, date of birth and address in the UK, as well as how long they plan to stay. ...

So it's sensible and appropriate for the Government to be planning to move to a digital system that would be easily scannable and easily referenced by the authorities. But when it comes to governments and computer software nothing is ever straightforward. ...

This time round the problem isn't useless software: it's that we haven't even got to the stage of having any software up and running. Because although the Government is consulting on a new digital system nothing is ready. Yet it has already announced that it is planning to scrap landing cards and will do so more or less now. ...

The Home Office, which administers landing cards, says it will save just £3.6 million a year. ...

But as Tim Loughton, the former acting chairman of the Home Affairs select committee puts it:

"It defies logic at a time when so much effort is being put into improving border security to remove a longstanding tool like this without a proper replacement and for what is a relatively small saving." Yes we need a new and better system than landing cards but scrapping them until we have that system is simply mad.
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Immigration – conversations, public opinion
Seeking balance: Ipswich National Conversation on immigration
British Future, 9 August 2017.

Most people in Ipswich take a 'balanced' view on immigration, according to the first-ever detailed research on public attitudes in the town on this issue. Majorities in three research groups said that migrants made a contribution to the economy but voiced concerns about numbers and the pace of change in parts of Ipswich, as well as the draw of benefits and pressures on public services.

Ipswich is one of 24 towns and cities across the UK that has so far been part of the National Conversation on Immigration, the biggest-ever public consultation on the issue, which will visit a total of 60 locations by spring next year. People in the area are invited to have their say in an online survey at and national opinion polling will also form part of a final report to the Home Affairs Committee in 2018.

The findings of the National Conversation feed into the Immigration Inquiry run by the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, providing an opportunity for members of the public to have their say on immigration policy after Brexit in a way that will be heard by decision-makers. Two citizens' panels were held in Ipswich as part of the survey – one male, one female – as well as a stakeholders meeting including representatives from local businesses, universities and civil society organisations. ...

Made possible by funds raised by the public in memory of Jo Cox MP after her tragic murder last year, the National Conversation on Immigration is coordinated by British Future and anti-prejudice campaigners HOPE Not Hate and takes place in a different town each week, in every region and nation of the UK. As well as the citizens' panel, the organisers meet local organisations, councillors and business leaders in each location to hear their views.
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Bias – crime
Barnardo's under fire for using photo of a white girl in campaign against female genital mutilation
Paddy Dinham
MailOnline, 9 August 2017.

Children's charity Barnado's has come under fire for using a photo of a white girl to publicise a campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM).

An estimated 20,000 girls suffer in the UK a year at the hands of FGM, but a disproportionate amount of these are from African or Middle Eastern families.

The group tweeted: 'FGM is particularly prevalent during school holidays. Here are some signs a girl may be at risk' and linked to an article about the horrifying subject.'

However, the group was forced to backtrack into an apology after it chose to use a picture of a causasian girl to accompany it. ...

Five days after the original tweet, after some of the criticism had begun to attract attention, Barnardo's tweeted an apology, but also warned it is also an issue for white girls.
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Immigration – characteristics, statistics
House of Commons Library publishes briefing on the migrant population of the UK
Electronic Immigration Network, 8 August 2017.

The House of Commons Library last week published a usefully concise and factual look at the migrant population of the UK over the last decade. ...

In the 24-page briefing paper, the House of Commons Library examines the trends in the EU and non-EU migrant populations living in the UK since 2007, and it provides an overview of the characteristics of migrants living in the UK, including ethnicity, religion, age structure and employment. ...

The briefing paper distinguishes between the 'foreign born' and 'foreign national' population, though the House of Commons Library notes that both definitions have limitations as measures of the migrant population.

Some of the key points from the briefing are:

• The number of foreign born people living in the UK increased from around 6.3 million in Q1 2007 to 9.3 million in Q4 2016. The proportion of the population born abroad grew from 10.4% to 14.3%.

• The number of foreign nationals increased from 3.8 million (6.4%) to 6.0 million (9.3%). The difference between the two groups largely reflects the number of foreign born people who have obtained British citizenship over time.

• EU and non-EU migrants display different patterns of change over the period. The number of non-EU born people (5.7 million in 2016) has remained higher than the number of EU-born migrants (3.5 million in 2016).

• In contrast, the number of non-EU nationals increased from 2.3 million in 2007 to 2.5 million in 2016, compared with EU nationals who more than doubled over the period (from 1.5 million to 3.5 million). ...

• The migrant population is not distributed equally across the countries and regions of the UK. London is the region with the highest proportion of migrants: foreign born people comprised 38% of all residents, while foreign nationals made up 23%.

• A higher proportion of people born in non-EU countries live in London, relative to EU-born residents. ...

• A larger proportion of migrants are of working-age (16-64), compared with the UK population as whole. In Q4 2016, 81% of foreign born people were of working-age, compared with 63% of all people living in the UK.

• In Q4 2016 around 50% of the foreign born population was White, compared with 86% of the UK population as a whole. ...

• In Q4 2016 there were around 5.6 million foreign born people in employment (18% of the total). As a whole, foreign born people were less likely to be in work than UK-born people. Employment rates for migrants, however, vary considerably among country groupings. The employment rate for EU-born people aged 16-64 (80%) was higher than for UK-born people (75%). Among non-EU countries, migrants born in countries in Oceania had the highest employment rate (87%) and migrants born in the Middle East and Central Asia the lowest (46%).

• A smaller share of EU-born migrant were employed in high skilled occupation than non-EU migrants. 21% of EU migrants were employed in elementary occupations, compared with 8% of non-EU migrants.
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Border controls – landing cards
Plans to scrap landing cards for millions of non EU travellers 'threaten to undermine border security', Government is warned
Jack Doyle
Daily Mail, 8 August 2017.

Plans to scrap landing cards for travellers arriving from non-EU countries threaten to undermine border security, a former immigration official warned last night.

David Wood, former director general of immigration at the Home Office, said the cards were a 'useful intelligence tool'.

He told the Times: 'It seems the most incredible haste to abandon the system of landing cards. We could access them to find out where someone was staying or where they had stayed if we were carrying out an investigation.'

About 16 million visitors and migrants fill in landing cards when they arrive at ports and airports across the UK.

But the cards are set to be scrapped later this year, to save millions of pounds a year and speed travellers through passport control.

At the weekend ministers said the system of cards - which was introduced in 1971 was outdated and would go from October to be replaced by a digital system.

However, a consultation document yesterday suggested the new digital system might not be up and running until the end of the year.
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Border controls – security
Ready on Day One to take back control of immigration
Charlie Elphicke
ConservativeHome, 8 August 2017.
[Charlie Elphicke is MP for Dover and Deal]

Post Brexit, free movement will end. This means we will need to extend our full border control systems from the current 12.5 million to a further 25.5 million visitors to the United Kingdom. Until now, travellers from the EU have been subject to the same border checks as UK citizens. Post Brexit, this will change. ...

So how can we be ready on day one to take back control of our borders? As things stand, we are behind the times in gaining valuable information and raising the money to pay for it. /.../ Charging visitors £10 a time would raise a lot of cash. For example, 25.5 million EU visitors a year paying £10 would provide about £255 million. Given the Borders budget is currently some £550 million, moving into line with what other nations are doing would fund a 50 per cent increase in the Borders budget.

Along with money, a visa waiver system provides a wealth of information. Information we could use to strengthen our wider security and intelligence effort. ...

Ending uncontrolled EU immigration will allow us to take back control of our jobs market too. /.../ We should not be afraid to challenge big business to invest more in people.
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Terrorism – extremism
Prevent critics 'have failed to understand its fantastic results'
Martin Bentham
Evening Standard, 8 August 2017.

One of Scotland Yard's most senior counter-terrorism officers says critics of the Government's anti-radicalisation strategy Prevent have failed to understand the "fantastic" results it has achieved in protecting the public.

Commander Dean Haydon said the programme – where those vulnerable to radicalisation are referred to the authorities – was about keeping people safe, not spying, as opponents allege.

Mr Haydon, head of the Met's counter-terrorism command, added that it had stopped some people from being radicalised and others from travelling abroad to join other extremists.

He also said the programme applied to all forms of extremism and a third of cases involved people suspected of far-Right activity or sympathies.

"Some of the criticisms come from sections of the community that just don't want Prevent to work in the first place," said Mr Haydon in an interview on the BBC's Asian Network.
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Immigration – students, numbers
How many international students leave after studying in the UK?
Joseph O'Leary
Full Fact, 8 August 2017.

"Most students return home after study."

Diane Abbott, 12 December 2016
We don't know how many students return home after studying here, so there's no clear evidence for this claim. In the words of the Office for National Statistics (ONS): "There are no official figures that show how many students do not emigrate and remain in the UK after their studies."

At the moment, the available evidence is contradictory. Most student immigrants come from outside the EU on a temporary visa, and a minority still have the right to remain after a few years. Diane Abbott's office pointed us to figures showing this via a Universities UK report, as well as a Times article showing that a small minority of students overstay their visas.

At the same time, figures showing how many former international students emigrate are much lower than the figures for students immigrating to the UK. If accurate, that indicates many more students are remaining in the UK than the visa figures would suggest. ...

Even though we can't be sure of all the figures, we do know that student immigration is adding to the UK population overall. Not all students who come to the UK return home. The challenge is measuring how many do so, and explaining what's happening to those who don't.

We don't have precise answers to either question. ...

In 2016, an estimated 588,000 people immigrated to the UK – that is, they intended to stay here for at least a year. Of those, 136,000 said the main reason they came was to study. At the same time, about 63,000 former student immigrants left the UK.

We can't just compare 136,000 to 63,000 here. They're actually from slightly different sets of data, but more significantly they're not the same people: those 63,000 people will have been immigrants from previous years.

But that gap has been fairly consistent over the past few years. In every year since 2012 around 100,000 more student immigrants have arrived than former student emigrants have left. And each year the emigration of former students has accounted for less than half of student immigration.
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Employment – NHS, nurses
Exclusive: NHS to recruit an army of British nurses after Brexit instead of paying expensive agency staff
Christopher Hope
Daily Telegraph, 7 August 2017.

The NHS will recruit an army of British nurses after Brexit instead of paying expensive agency staff under plans being considered by ministers.

Officials in the Department of Health are drawing up a new workforce plan to create thousands of posts for home-grown nurses amid concerns that fewer medical professionals will come to the UK after Brexit.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, wants to slash the £3 billion bill for agency staff on the NHS amid concerns that some hospitals are paying locum nurses £2,000 for a single shift.
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Immigration abroad – Calais, France
Refugees welcome' New Calais migrant camp built NINE MONTHS after Jungle demolished
Matt Drake
Daily Express, 7 August 2017.

A new Calais migrant camp is being built just 800 yards from the original site – with a new sign declaring 'refugees welcome'.

The migrants – believed to be mostly Ethiopians, Iraqis and Afghanis – have set up shelters while others are sleeping rough in nearby woodland.

France's highest court has ordered the government to fit sanitation and water points to improve the conditions for migrants.

Yet Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart has so refused to implement the orders, saying it puts locals "under the threat of the creation of another jungle". ...

Last Monday, Mr Collomb announced two new reception centres opening in the Calais region. He did not condemn Calais' mayor during the interview, saying: "You have to put yourself in the position of local people."
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Immigration abroad – France
Emmanuel Macron's plan to tackle migrant crisis crushed by his OWN government
Zoie O'Brien
Daily Express, 7 August 2017.

Emmanuel Macron's meddling in the Mediterranean migrant crisis has landed him in hot water all over again - this time with his own Government.

European Union leaders were left reeling when the French president unveiled designs to have France solve the mass migration issue between Libya and Italy.

Without consultation with Italy – the main destination for African migrants – Mr Macron announced he would open refugee camps in migrant hotspots in Africa to try and allocate genuine refugees before they make the deadly journey across the Mediterranean.

He wanted to set up clean and safe camps abroad to end the burden on the EU as thousands arrive every week. ...

French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said such plans are extremely far off.

He said: "That type of initiative cannot be currently considered in Libya, due to the country's situation." ...

Immigration laws are under review in France as Mr Collomb said those fleeing "war and persecution" are welcome in France, but it was time to shut down economic migration.
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Benefits cheat carried out six-year £100,000 scam to pay for daughters to go to posh private school
Dan Sales
The Sun, 7 August 2017.

A benefits cheat scammed £102,000 over six years to pay for her daughters to go to a private school.

Somali-born Shukri Yusuf, 45, posed as a struggling single mum to claim income support, housing benefit and council tax cash.

But investigators found she was married to bus driver Omar Tarab.

Yusuf arrived in Britain in 1999.

She carried out her con in Southall, West London, from June 2008 to April 2014 and used some of the cash to buy a car. ...

Judge Jonathan Perkins jailed her for six months, suspended for two years, and ordered her to complete 175 hours of community work.
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Terrorism – jihadis
Isis unit in Syria 'training British jihadis' to launch wave of attacks on UK targets
Fiona Keating
Independent, 7 August 2017.

A secretive Isis division has been teaching UK fighters to launch attacks on British soil, according to a fighter reportedly captured by Kurdish troops in Syria.

The militant described how the unit trained those involved in the Paris and Brussels attacks. ...

British fighters are said to take part in a rigorous training regime before flying home to carry out attacks. ...

Giving detailed information, the Isis fighter said that about 50 people went through the programme from countries including the UK, Belgium, France and Germany.

... All recruits had to be willing to give up their lives for the Isis cause, the militant said. ...

Gilles de Kerchove, the EU Counterterrorism Coordinator said that one-third of an estimated 5,000 European jihadis who were trained in Syria and Iraq have returned to their home countries, many undetected by authorities.
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Immigration abroad – Germany
Germany to resume sending migrants back to Greece
BBC, 7 August 2017.

Germany is set to send asylum seekers back to Greece, although reception centres there are overcrowded and there is a huge backlog in processing claims.

Germany had halted such returns under a 2011 ruling by its Constitutional Court. But it can send migrants back under the EU's Dublin Convention.

That convention says an asylum claim should be processed in the country where a migrant first entered the EU. ...

According to the report, the transfers to Greece will only affect migrants who arrived in Germany from mid-March 2017.
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Asylum – cost, numbers
Refugee housing contractor call
Rhiannon Bury
Sunday Telegraph, 6 August 2017.

The Government has begun the search for a private contractor to take on the next £600m phase of its beleaguered asylum seeker housing contract, after previous providers G4S, Serco and Clearsprings were hit by spiralling costs. ...

The contract has proven extremely problematic, particularly for G4S and Serco. The number of asylum seekers who needed to be housed jumped dramatically from 25,200 people when the contract began, to 39,389 at the end of 2016.
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Immigration abroad – France
Inside Paris' growing migrant problem and the people no-one wants to take in
Ellen Whinnett
Herald Sun, 6 August 2017.

Twenty minutes' drive from the chic cafes and boutiques that line the Champs Elysees is another Paris, one that reeks of urine and rubbish, where police with machine guns stand guard and hundreds of lethargic young men slump on cardboard beds under a rail bridge.

This intersection in the Porte de la Chapelle district is home to Paris' growing migrant population, drawn from the hundreds of thousands of mainly African and Afghan asylum-seekers trying to find a new home in Europe. ...

These are the people no-one wants. Not France, which routinely sends the police to break up their camps. Not Germany, which is suffering a political backlash after terror attacks were carried out by a handful of failed asylum seekers who came with a million migrants at the height of the Syrian war. ...

This is a familiar story – many migrants are aiming for the UK, where they have relatives, and the welfare system is more generous. ...

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a plan to turn 62 cheap hotels into migrant hostels, as he vowed to clear migrants off the streets by the end of the year, saying their situation was "desperate'' and the Government would help.

But like all governments in Europe, Macron will not go too far in improving circumstances for migrants for fear of creating a "pull factor''. Right now, it suits him just fine that Germany has received 598,515 bids for asylum in a single year, compared to France's 87,550.
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Immigration abroad – Haitians, Canada
Canada opens Montreal Olympic Stadium to house vast numbers of Haitians fleeing US on foot
David Sim
International Business Times, 5 August 2017.

Many Haitians living in the US are so afraid they're about to be deported that they are fleeing on foot across the border into Canada. In fact, so many Haitian asylum seekers have arrived Quebec that Montreal has opened up its cavernous Olympic Stadium to house and process them.

In the past week alone, about 400 to 500 Haitians – fearing deportation by US President Donald Trump – walked into the province of Quebec, said Marjorie Villefranche, director of the Maison d'Haiti, a community group in Montreal that is helping to settle the newcomers.

More than 50,000 victims of Haiti's 2010 earthquake have been living in the US under a programme that granted them "temporary protected status". Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security extended their status through January 2018, but officials said in May that individuals covered under that status should begin acquiring travel documents to return to Haiti. As many as 60,000 Haitians in the United States could be sent back to their homeland. ...

Montreal has a large Haitian community. Mayor Denis Coderre, an outspoken critic of Trump's immigration policies, greeted new arrivals at the Olympic Stadium and went onto Twitter to welcome Haitian arrivals and tell them they can count on the city.
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Border controls
Britain is HELPLESS to stop migrants sneaking in – and we need 3,000 more guards to secure our borders properly
Steve Hawkes
The Sun, 4 August 2017.

Britain is helpless to stop migrants sneaking into the UK – and needs 3,000 more Border Force guards for Brexit, it was claimed last night. ...

Lucy Moreton, general secretary of the Borders, Immigration and Customs Union, said London City Airport was the only entry point in the UK with no Border Force vacancies.

And she warned there were nowhere near enough staff to respond to DAILY reports of lorry drops – where immigrants are spotted jumping out of a truck or van on the roadside.

She said a big investment programme was necessary if Britain was to be ready for extra demands of Brexit in 18 months' time. ...

She said: "We don't have enough staff to respond to all the small vessels spotted. We don't have enough cutters to intercept small vessels at sea.

"We don't have enough people to response when there are lorry drops. More often than not we can't get there."
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Illegal immigration – border security
Calais migrants try to enter Britain 18,000 times this year
Vickiie Oliphant
Daily Express, 4 August 2017.

Calais migrants tried to cross the Channel and enter Britain almost 18,000 times this year alone despite the Jungle camp being cleared.

The former French president Francois Hollande demanded the shanty town be torn down in October last year - with around 8,000 migrants from countries including Eritrea, Sudan, Syria and Iraq being dispersed around France.

However within weeks of the demolition, many gradually returned to the site.

And now around 1,000 migrants are believed to be sleeping rough in the area a year on.

An estimated 600 people, mainly from sub-Saharan Africa and Afghanistan, have returned to Calais but a further 400, mostly from Iraqi Kurdistan, are sleeping in woods in Grande-Synthe - 25 miles to the east.

So far this year, the groups have made 17,867 attempts to get into the ferry port at Calais or into Eurotunnel's site, according to French police.
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Politics – Labour Party
New campaign urges Labour to back free movement
BBC, 4 August 2017.

Three Labour MPs have backed a campaign for the party to champion continued freedom of movement after Brexit.

Clive Lewis, David Lammy and Geraint Davies have supported the new Labour Campaign for Free Movement - as have two MEPs and some union leaders.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has said freedom of movement "ends when we leave the European Union" and should be replaced by "fair" managed migration.

However the campaign says ending free movement would be "counterproductive".

Its founding statement says it is committed to "defending and extending" free movement of people "in the context of the debate around Brexit". ...

Among others signing up to the pro-free movement Labour campaign are the general secretaries of the TSSA, UCU, and BFAWU trade unions; the MEPs Julie Ward and Lucy Anderson; the chairman of the left-wing think tank Compass; and various people from the national coordinating group of Momentum - formed after Mr Corbyn's successful 2015 leadership campaign.
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Extremism – Islamists
Study: Radical Islamists Actually Have Extensive Knowledge of Islam
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 4 August 2017.

An Islamic theologian at the University of Vienna has conducted a study of radical Islamists proving that many have an extensive knowledge of Islam despite mainstream claims that radical Islamists have little understanding of their own religion.

In his new 310-page study of 29 radical Islamists, Islamic theologian Ednan Aslan claims religion plays a far larger role in the actions of jihadists than economic factors and frustration with society, Die Welt reports. ...

The study, which was financed by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also warns of the effect of radical Islamist Salafist groups which it says provide support and logistics for jihadists. "Persons with a higher theological knowledge function as authorities and play a central role in the spread of ideology," according to the study. ...

"The radical groups and individuals see themselves as the only true Muslims," the report states. The Salafists see Western civilisation as the enemy of the Muslim world and regard it as a decaying society.

A similar German study recently came to a different conclusion saying that many Islamists did not know much about Islam and that their radicalisation had more to do with traumatic events in their life like deaths in the family or drug use. The study, done by the University of Bielefeld, examined the WhatsApp chats of known Salafists to come to their conclusions.
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Immigration abroad – Mediterranean, Italy
The charity boat 'taking deliveries' of migrants from people traffickers: Undercover officers capture criminals 'escorting' vessels to aid ships bound for Italy
Mario Ledwith
Daily Mail, 4 August 2017.

A charity boat operating in the Mediterranean allegedly colluded with people smugglers to accept multiple 'deliveries' of migrants, investigators have revealed.

Photographs captured by undercover officers show the criminals 'escorting' vessels packed with asylum seekers before being transferred to aid boats bound for Italy.

The images emerged after Italian authorities carried out their first seizure of a rescue boat on suspicion of aiding illegal immigration.

One photograph appears to show a smuggler waving off a boatload of migrants after travelling alongside them to within the reach of rescuers.

German charity Jugend Rettet is also accused of towing boats used to ferry migrants back towards Libya, where most migrants hoping to reach Europe depart, to be reused by smugglers.

The revelations emerged after investigators took the unprecedented move of impounding the aid organisation's vessel, Iuventa, at Lampedusa on Wednesday.

Details about the alleged collusion were contained in documents outlining the case prepared by prosecutors in Sicily following months of accusations about charities co-operating with smugglers. ...

Prosecutors are said to have gathered evidence from an undercover police officer working on another boat, along with evidence from workers on Save the Children's Vos Hestia vessel.
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Illegal immigration – crime gang
Spain police bust huge Iran-UK immigration ring
BBC, 3 August 2017.

Police in Spain say they have broken up a large immigration ring that smuggled Iranians as young as five into the UK.

The gang allegedly supplied fake Spanish passports to Iranian nationals so they could fly into the UK.

More than 100 people were arrested across Europe, including the suspected ringleader, who was apprehended at London's Heathrow airport.

The operation involved Spain's federal police, London's Metropolitan Police, and European crime agency Europol.

Europol said the group, operating from Malaga in the south of Spain, charged the migrants about €25,000 (£22,500) each for fake Spanish passports, travel documents, transfers and accommodation. ...

Dozens of Iranian nationals were also arrested at European airports, after being found carrying the forged passports.
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Immigration – Albanians
Hundreds of Albanians who pretended to be from Kosovo to win asylum in Britain may escape deportation following landmark legal test case
Chris Greenwood and Tom Kelly
Daily Mail, 3 August 2017.

Hundreds of Albanians who lied to win asylum in Britain could escape deportation.

In a landmark legal test case, a violent criminal and two other men are claiming that the Home Secretary was wrong to remove their citizenship.

If the Supreme Court allows their costly appeal, it will mean up to 300 Albanians who gained entry to Britain by pretending to be Kosovan cannot be kicked out.

Dinjan Hysaj, 40, obtained asylum in July 1998 by falsely claiming to be a child refugee from war-torn Kosovo.

In 2011 he was jailed for five years after he glassed a man in a pub in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Agron Bakijasi, 44, was exposed in 2007 when his partner returned to Albania in an attempt to apply for legal immigration status.

Luan Kaziu, 35, arrived in the UK in 1998 but his claims were exposed as a sham nine years later, when his wife applied to stay.

Details of the legal fight came as it was revealed that the Government allowed one Albanian, Ermal Alijaj, to stay after he lost an asylum bid using fake Kosovan ID but reapplied under his real name years later. ...

A Home Office investigation into their cases – and hundreds more similar bogus applications – was started in 2007.

But even since their lies were exposed, they have remained in the UK and fought an extended court battle, funded by legal aid, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In the meantime, the Home Office has suspended other hearings to strip citizenship from those who exploited the same ruse to claim asylum in the 1990s.

In the case of Alijaj, 37, officials decided that the nine years he spent illegally in the UK bolstered his case because of the roots he put down.
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Immigration – public opinion
Majority of British public support free movement of citizens anywhere in the EU, new survey suggests
Ashley Cowburn
Independent, 3 August 2017.

A majority of the British public support the free movement of citizens to live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU, according to a new survey mapping public opinion across Europe. ...

But the barometer of public opinion – commissioned by the EU Commission – appears to contradict the commonly held view that British people are not in favour of free movement.

The survey suggests that up to 70 per cent of those interviewed in the UK said they were for the statement: "The free movement of EU citizens who can live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU". Just 9 per cent replied "don't know" while 21 per cent disagreed. ...

While Italian participants viewed free movement the least favourably out of all the member states a majority, 69 per cent, were still for it.

The major survey by the EU Commission was conducted through face-to-face interviews in May 2017 and a total of 33,180 people participated across the member states. ...

Just 4 per cent cited immigration as an issue facing them personally.
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Terrorism – Europe, Germany
Report: Half of Terror Plots in Germany by 'Refugees', Nation Targeted After Migrant Crisis
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 3 August 2017.

More than half (54 per cent) of terror plots in Germany have involved asylum seekers and refugees since 2014 and the onset of the migrant crisis.

The report, by the Heritage Foundation think tank, found that attacks across Europe by foreign trained militants increased dramatically in 2016, following the height of the migrant influx, with Germany becoming a much more popular target.

"The increase in the threat to Germany is especially stark," the report's authors write. "There were no plots in Germany in 2014, and only two in 2015. In 2016, this increased eightfold.

"There is a straightforward reason for this: In 2015, Germany took in over 1 million refugees and 2016 saw a surge in plots involving refugees." ...

In total, 142 Islamism plots claimed 300 lives and more than 1,000 casualties, in 15 European nations, over the 29-month period studied by the think tank.

Across the continent, around 15 per cent of the plots (142) featured refugees and asylum seekers, implicated in either planning the attacks alone or as part of a larger cell.
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Immigration abroad – illegal immigration, cost, USA
Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $750 billion over lifetime: Report
Stephen Dinan
Washington Times, 3 August 2017.

Deporting the country's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants would cost nearly $125 billion, but allowing them to remain in the U.S. could cost taxpayers far more, according to a new report being released Thursday by a think tank that wants to see stricter immigration limits.

Steven A. Camarota, research director at the Center for Immigration Studies, crunched the numbers and found that the current population of illegal immigrants will drain nearly $750 billion from taxpayers over their lifetimes – amounting to six times the deportation costs.

"Sometimes people say look, we couldn't deport everybody because it's prohibitively expensive," Mr. Camarota said. "But if your only concern is fiscal cost, it's pretty clear that letting them stay is a hell of a lot more expensive." ...

The crux of Mr. Camarota's analysis is the nature of illegal immigrants, who are far more likely to be low-skilled, less-educated workers than the native-born population. Though they also don't have access to some services and benefits reserved for citizens and legal residents, they do get other benefits, such as education.

A report last year by the National Academy of Sciences helped put a dollar figure on the lifetime costs and benefits of immigrants, based on levels of education.
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'Three musketeers' gang might have met Anjem Choudary before Lee Rigby-style terror plot
Daily Telegraph, 2 August 2017.

Members of a terrorist cell who dubbed themselves the "Three Musketeers" are facing years behind bars for plotting a Lee Rigby-style attack after a partly secret trial plagued by accusations of police corruption.

Two members of the gang, from the West Midlands, sought out infamous Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant supporter Anjem Choudary before they prepared to strike police and military targets on British soil, it can now be reported. ...

Convicted terrorists Ali, 29, Khobaib Hussain, 25, and Mohibur Rahman, 33, denied preparing an attack and claimed the incriminating evidence was planted by undercover police officer Vincent, the boss of a fake firm called Hero Couriers. ...

Jurors agreed with him and, after deliberating for more than 22 hours, unanimously convicted the men of preparing terrorist acts, along with fourth defendant Tahir Aziz, 38.
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Immigration abroad – Italy
Italy seizes NGO rescue boat for allegedly aiding illegal migration
Wladimiro Pantaleone
Reuters, 2 August 2017.

Italian coastguards seized a migrant rescue boat operated by a German aid group in the Mediterranean suspected of aiding illegal immigration from Libya, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Video showed the Iuventa, which is run by Jugend Rettet, arriving at the island of Lampedusa surrounded by several coastguard vessels after it was stopped at sea before dawn. ...

It was the first time Italian police have seized a humanitarian boat. The move came amidst growing suspicion over the role non-governmental organisations are playing in picking up migrants off the Libya coast and bringing them to Italian ports.
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Immigration abroad – universities, racial discrimination, USA
The Department of Justice wants to end race-conscious university admissions
The Economist, 2 August 2017.

The mission of the Department of Justice (DoJ) is "to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans". /.../ On August 1st, another priority was uncovered by the New York Times via a DoJ staffing memo: a programme coming soon to its civil-rights division to police colleges and universities for "intentional race-based discrimination" in their admissions offices.

The worry is not about bias against blacks and Hispanics, a perennial concern of the DoJ. Quite the opposite: the "investigations and possible litigation" will scrutinise universities that promote campus diversity by giving an edge to racial minorities over whites. Opposition to affirmative action in education is nothing new. Eight states, including California and Michigan, ban racial preferences. Private lawsuits are pending against Harvard and the University of North Carolina. ...

The DoJ will be constrained, for now, by the Supreme Court's consistent, if narrow, endorsement of race-aware admissions policies.
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Immigration abroad – Italy
Aid groups snub Italian code of conduct on Mediterranean rescues
The Guardian / Reuters, 1 August 2017.

Five aid groups that operate migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean have refused to sign up to the Italian government's code of conduct, the Interior Ministry said, but three others backed the new rules.

Charity boats have become increasingly important in rescue operations, picking up more than a third of all migrants brought ashore so far this year against less than one percent in 2014, according to the Italian coastguard.

Italy, fearing that the groups were facilitating people smuggling from North Africa and encouraging migrants to make the perilous passage to Europe, proposed a code containing around a dozen points for the charities.
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Immigration abroad – Germany
Immigrant population hits new high in Germany
Reuters, 1 August 2017.

The number of people with an immigrant background in Germany rose 8.5 percent to a record 18.6 million in 2016, largely due to an increase in refugees, the Federal Statistics Office said on Tuesday.

Just over a fifth of the population - 22.5 percent - were first or second generation immigrants with at least one parent born without German citizenship, the office said. ...

Around 2.3 million people in Germany have family links to the Middle East, a rise of almost 51 percent since 2011, and around 740,000 people have African origins, an increase of 46 percent since 2011, the figures showed.

The vast majority of the immigrant population, though, had links to other European countries.
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Police drop probe into Cambridge University student over tweets claiming 'all white people are racist'
Hatty Collier
Evening Standard, 1 August 2017.

Police have dropped an investigation into the head of a Cambridge University equality group after a post on his Twitter claiming "all white people are racist."

Jason Osamede Okundaye, who runs the Black and Minority Ethnic society, shared messages on social media on Friday night after a protest over the death of Rashan Charles in Dalston turned violent.

Tweets sent from the 20-year-old student's Twitter account said "all white people are racist" and that they had "colonised Dalston."

At the weekend, Cambridgeshire Police said it was investigating complaints that the tweets incited hatred and violence.

But on Monday, the force told the Standard the probe had been dropped as there was "no realistic proposition of a conviction for any offence." ...

Senior Tory MP Bob Blackman said: "This is stirring up racial hatred unnecessarily - and completely without justification."
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Racism – Islam, Australia
With friends like these ... Left-wing extremist group DEFENDS halal boss' claims Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them - calling critics 'racist'
Stephen Johnson
Daily Mail Australia, 1 August 2017.

A violent, left-wing extremist group has defended a leading Islamic businessman's claim Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them, calling his critics 'bigots' and 'racists'.

Halal Certification Authority president Mohamed Elmouelhy told his Facebook followers Australia's white race would die out within 40 years.

He added that with Australian men a 'dying breed', local women needed Muslim men to 'fertilise them' and 'keep them surrounded by Muslim babies'.

Despite the outcry on social media last week, left-wing extremist group Antifa has described Mr Elmouelhy's critics as 'bigots', even though he had called for 'bigots' to commit suicide. ...

Mr Elmouelhy /.../ said Australia's white race 'will be extinct in another 40 years' if the country is 'left to bigots'.

The Muslim businessman called on these 'bigots' to kill themselves or plan to die, before a public outcry led to him making his Facebook page private as critics flooded his social media account.

'Because you are declining, better go choose a plot for yourself at your local cemetery,' he said.

'If you can't afford it, commit suicide. It is a cheaper alternative for bigots.' ...

The 2016 Census revealed that Muslims made up 2.6 per cent of the Australian population, up from 2.2 per cent in 2011.
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Some reports here do not mention immigration or immigrants, but their relevance is indicated elsewhere. For example, a report on the consequences of population pressure is relevant since the rise in the UK's population is largely due to mass immigration. A report on the level of knife crime might not at first seem relevant here, since there is usually no mention of immigration. However, other reports indicate that it is a significant factor. An item on education can be relevant because inadequate education in the UK is a reason given by some business managers for employing foreigners.

Where longer extracts of an article are divided into several parts, this is almost always done only for convenience of presentation here.

Where no webpage link is provided, the source is usually, with the exception mainly of older extracts, the printed publication. In these cases, many but not all of the full reports can be found on the publishers' websites. However, if searching for the full report, note that it is not unusual for the heading and the text to have been modified. For example, the heading "British television is hideously white, says equality chief", printed in The Daily Telegraph, is or was "Britain's most popular television programmes 'too white', says Trevor Phillips" on the newspaper's website.

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