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Illegal immigration – border security
Don't waste time quizzing migrants, border staff are told: Staff are ordered to concentrate on extremists arriving from Europe
Martin Beckford
Mail on Sunday, 30 April 2017.

Border guards at Heathrow Airport have been secretly told not to waste their time interrogating potential illegal immigrants – because terrorists from Europe pose a greater threat.

A leaked memo, seen by The Mail on Sunday, reveals that extremists arriving from the Continent are the 'number one' priority.

It comes as huge numbers of foreign fighters, including Britons fleeing the crumbling Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, attempt to return to the EU via Turkey. ...

The Home Office insisted '100 per cent of scheduled passengers are checked when arriving in the UK' and visa holders are subject to 'extensive mandatory checks'.
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Crime – knife crime, gangs
Knife crime up 14% because gang warfare is becoming 'embedded in our culture'
Peter Walker
Sunday Telegraph, 30 April 2017.

Violent gangs are now "embedded" in our culture, experts have warned after six people were stabbed to death in the capital in seven days.

The comments come after figures released this week show knife crime increased by 14 per cent year on year in 2016 to levels not seen since 2011. ...

"Without any shadow of a doubt, gangs have always been present in the periphery as a phenomenon of our culture," said award-winning professor David Wilson.

"But I would say they are now very much embedded in the culture in our towns and cities." ...

Mr Wilson, a criminology professor at Birmingham City University, who is also a former prison governor and an author, added: "Without a doubt, we are seeing a lot more young people using knives in the context of gangs and organised crime." ...

Ken Marsh, the chairman of the Met Police Federation and a serving constable of more than 25 years, said: "The increase is also down to the impunity of people who feel they can walk around with a knife and not feel challenged.

It's the norm and that is wholly wrong." ...

The Met Police also earlier this month reported a 24 per cent increase in knife crime.
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Terrorism – Islam
Latest Westminster terror alert illustrates the scale of the deadly threat we face - and I fear there are 10,000 jihadists among us
Anthony Glees
Daily Mail, 28 April 2017.
[Anthony Glees is director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham]

One of the worst nightmares of our security agencies is indiscriminate attacks on the public by loners armed to the teeth and inspired by a warped ideology. And that dark prospect is increasingly becoming a grim reality.

Only last month, Khalid Masood used knives and a car to inflict carnage on Westminster. Now another suspected terrorist has apparently travelled to the same vicinity armed with deadly weapons. At this point, we do not know whether the man arrested is guilty of any offence. But the circumstances bear all the hallmarks of jihadism. ...

To take someone like this alive involved huge risks, but now he is in custody, it could yield a treasure trove of intelligence. The cost of an operation on this scale will have been significant, stretching to several million pounds and requiring between 20 and 25 officers working round the clock.

But consider the colossal bill we face if we are to properly deal with the vast Islamist menace in our midst.

About 1,000 young British Muslims have left the freedom of the UK to travel to the Middle East and become murderous foot soldiers of Islamic State.

Of that large group, 400 are believed to have returned. Only a tiny fraction – fewer than ten – have ever been brought to justice for their treachery. Yet the returning jihadists are just one element. According to Andrew Parker, director general of MI5, there are at least 3,000 committed Islamists in the UK. And those are just the ones we know about. The real number could be anything between 6,000 and 10,000.

In an ideal world, every single one would be put under surveillance. In reality, it would be impossible. The Government simply does not have the resources or the personnel. So what should be done? ...

There are steps that can be taken, however. One is to ramp up legal action against returning jihadists. Another is to increase resources. The 3,800 officers in the security service should be expanded to at least 10,000. And, unpalatable as it might seem, there should be extra cash to pay agents in the Muslim community.

In addition, GCHQ should be given new powers to intercept the electronic communications of suspects. It is outrageous that internet giants can deny MI5 access to terrorists' messages.

Above all, the Government needs to introduce a much tougher surveillance regime, including electronic tagging for extremists. Labour tried this with Control Orders, but they were scrapped by Theresa May in 2010, under pressure from her Lib Dem Coalition partners and the civil-liberties lobby.

Mrs May, then home secretary, brought in Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures, which proved useless, as did their successor, the supposedly enhanced electronic TPIMs.

It is time to bring back Control Orders in even tougher form. If every suspect is aware their every move is potentially monitored, it makes it less likely they will be able to perpetrate atrocities.

The self-indulgent civil-liberties movement won't like it. But the public's right to live in peace should come before those who want to destroy our society.
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Politics – open-borders philosophy
Open borders capturing elites
David Alexander
Spectator [Australia], 28 April 2017.

Over recent months considerable global attention has focussed on the issue of immigration, but most of this discussion has centred on political developments. What is less well understood in the general community is the extent to which the 'open borders' philosophy has captured elite policy-making circles around the world, a phenomenon evident here as much as anywhere else.

The intellectual origins of the open borders movement are relatively recent, with real lift-off occurring in the 2000s through an odd combination of radical Left groups in Europe and economists in North America. In Europe, radical Left groups took the principle of freedom of movement within the European Union and extended it to the utopian aim of abandoning all borders across the globe and granting people the right to live wherever they wish. The British Communist Party, for example, now lists global open borders as a moral imperative and key political goal. Roughly parallel with the rise on the extreme Left, a number of economists, mostly working in the United States, started claiming borders to be inefficient barriers to people movement and modelling what they saw as the resulting economic costs from a global misallocation of resources. ...

With economists providing 'proof' that borders are inherently inefficient, high-minded policymakers of left and right now feel permitted to advocate for ever greater labour mobility. In a relatively short amount of time, a significant collection of mutually-supporting advocates has emerged: economists who assert efficiencies wherever mobility increases, diplomats who appreciate making offers of migration access, business people in developed countries who like lower-cost labour, and immigration advocates pressing for easier access to the First World.

Among international organisations such as the United Nations and the OECD, support for more open borders is strong and growing stronger. Many advocates recognise the political sensitivity in advocating such goals, so that when Hillary Clinton spoke of her 'dream' of hemispheric open borders it was to an 'off-the-record' meeting at a Wall Street bank rather than a public audience. ...

There are a number of problems with these developments, so let's start at the top. The economic theory that having borders is inefficient is – not to put too fine a point on it – preposterous. A world without borders would be Mad Max mayhem rather than Rousseauian picnic, and the anarchy unleashed by uncontrolled migrating masses would see global economic activity plummet. ...

The end product of the open border economic assumptions, mistaking volume for prosperity, is a permanent ratchet towards convergence with less developed countries. A slide towards the status of a middle-income country is quite possible even as economists tout the higher overall GDP.
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Asylum – European Union
Revealed: How EU is expanding scope of Britain's Brexit bill to include refugees in Turkey
Peter Foster
Daily Telegraph, 28 April 2017.

Europe is expanding yet further its demands for Britain's Brexit financial settlement to include "political" commitments, such as the UK's share of a £2.5bn fund to help refugees in Turkey, The Telegraph can disclose. ...

The EU source said it was impossible to calculate how much "political commitments" might entail, although the Facility for Refugees in Turkey is currently €3 billion, with contracts already signed for 46 projects worth over €1.5 billion, out of which €777 million has been spent.

In practice, Britain's share of the Turkish fund would be a relatively small sum of money, but the decision on the EU side to include it points to the increasingly expansive nature of the EU's demands and the risk that negotiations could stall, or even founder, on the question of money.
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Asylum – refugee children
UK to take 130 more lone refugee children in Dubs scheme climbdown
Alan Travis and Amelia Gentleman
The Guardian, 27 April 2017.

Britain is to take an extra 130 unaccompanied child refugees from within Europe under the Dubs scheme after ministers blamed "an administrative error" for not taking up all the offers of places pledged by local councils.

The admission by ministers that they could have taken more children under the scheme is particularly embarrassing as they strongly resisted calls, including from the archbishop of Canterbury, to increase the number in the face of evidence that local authorities had more places than the official limit of 350.

The announcement by the immigration minister, Robert Goodwill, means the number of unaccompanied child refugees in France, Italy and Greece who will be brought to Britain under the Dubs scheme will be increased from 350 to 480 children.
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Immigration – statistics
One, two, miss a few... Britain's net migration figure is surprisingly dodgy
The Economist, 27 April 2017.

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, British politicians' repeated promises on immigration might well be judged to be mad. In 2010 David Cameron vowed to reduce net migration (immigration minus emigration) to the tens of thousands. Theresa May, his home secretary and now successor as prime minister, has intimated that she will stick to this target in her Tory party's manifesto for the forthcoming election. So far the promise has proved impossible to keep. Last year net migration was 273,000, even higher than in 2010.

Debate over immigration and how best to control it has become no less feverish since Britain's vote to leave the European Union. Yet given how politicised the net migration figure has become, the data behind it are surprisingly unreliable.

The statistic is based on the International Passenger Survey. The IPS dates back to 1961, when the government established a travel and tourism survey to gather information about the movement of people. It was not designed to be the basis for measuring immigration but has since become so because Britain does not ask migrants to register after their arrival.

Between 6am and 10pm officials at ports and airports ask travellers questions about themselves, their destination and the purpose of their entry. Between 700,000 and 800,000 interviews are conducted a year (in 2015 foreigners made more than 36m trips to Britain). The data for the net migration figures are extrapolated from 4,000-5,000 interviews of people identified as long-term international migrants. The UK Statistics Authority admits that the margins of uncertainty are wide. ...

The IPS is particularly inaccurate when looking at subsets of migrants, such as students, since the sample size is even smaller. Alternatives to the current measure, such as household surveys, would be more reliable. Determining more accurately how many foreigners arrive in and leave Britain might be a good start to deciding immigration policy – and maybe even coming up with a more sensible one.
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Population – Scotland
Scottish population rises to new record
BBC, 27 April 2017.

Scotland's population continued to increase last year, rising to a record 5,404,700.

The National Records of Scotland (NRS) figures showed an increase of 31,700 (0.6%) people over the year to the end of June 2016.

It said the increase was due to migration, with 31,700 more people moving to Scotland than leaving.
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Immigration abroad – Islamophobia, Austria
Far-Left Austrian President: All Women Must Wear Headscarves to Fight Islamophobia
Ben Kew
Breitbart, 27 April 2017.

Austria's far-left president, Alexander Van der Bellen, has suggested that one day all women must wear headscarves to fight Islamophobia.

During a talk to students, Van der Bellen said that whilst be believes a woman should wear "whatever she wants", should Austria's "rampant Islamophobia continue, there will come a day when we must ask all women to wear a headscarf – all of them! – out of solidarity towards those who do it for religious reasons". ...

Whilst running on an election platform in 2007 for the Austrian Greens, Van der Bellen presided over a poster that declared: "Anyone who loves Austria must be shit."

However, the Austrian president has little influence over Austrian policy, with his role as president mainly symbolic and ceremonial.
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Multiculturalism – religion
Parents should be banned from stopping their children learning about Islam, says Church of England
Rachael Pells
Independent, 27 April 2017.

Parents should be banned from withdrawing their children from religious education classes because they are preventing pupils from learning about Islam, the Church of England has warned.

Derek Holloway, the Church's lead on religious education (RE), said some parents with fundamentalist religious beliefs and "extremist views" are "exploiting" laws which give them the right to exclude their children from the lessons.

As a result, children are being left with little understanding of wider world views and are denied the chance to learn how to live in a modern and diverse country, he warned.
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Politics – Labour Party
Labour leadership agrees truce on immigration policy
Rowena Mason and Jessica Elgot
The Guardian, 26 April 2017.

Labour's leadership has reached a truce over the party's immigration policy ahead of the election, with an agreement that free movement of labour across the EU will have to end at the point of Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn is understood to have signed up to the position along with other shadow cabinet members who have long been in favour of free movement, such as the shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott.

But while Corbyn has conceded the principle, there will still be a battle over the detail that will appear in the party's manifesto. ...

The principles that have been agreed so far by Labour include reasonable management of migration, fair rules and more equality between the systems that apply to EU and non-EU citizens. Another key plank of Labour's approach is that controlling immigration should not come at the expense of protecting the economy.

The issue of immigration has been extremely divisive for the party since the last general election, with Corbyn's defence of free movement at odds with calls from some Labour MPs to listen to voters' concerns about the numbers of arrivals.
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Heritage – museum
New museum shows migration is 'everyone's' story
Vincent Dowd
BBC, 26 April 2017.

From this week London gets a new Migration Museum. It's starting out in a temporary home but the hope is that within a couple of years it will move to a permanent base. The director is a former immigration judge, who says almost all of us have a migration story somewhere in our family background. ...

It can't quite claim to be London's first. In Spitalfields, East London, 19 Princelet Street contains a museum of diversity which gets more than 10,000 visitors a year. And there are also plans for a museum of migration in Liverpool.
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Crime – benefit fraud
Wealthy Pakistani couple who swindled £40,000 a year in benefits after they claimed political asylum in Britain are jailed six months apart so their children aren't taken into care
Martin Robinson
MailOnline, 26 April 2017.

Wealthy Pakistani asylum seekers with £250,000 in savings who claimed asylum in Britain before taking £40,000-a-year in benefits have been jailed six months apart to prevent their children going into care.

Syed Zaidi, 41, and his wife Rizwana Kamal, 40, claimed they were being persecuted at home so flew to Britain with their family begging the Home Office to give them food and shelter.

The couple, who have three children, were given free accommodation and other welfare payments worth £150,000 over four years at taxpayers expense despite having more than £250,000 saved in seven different bank accounts.

They then bought two cars and moved in a Victorian terraced house in Denton, near Manchester, but were prosecuted after a whistleblower called the Home Office.

Zaidi and Kamal won the right to stay in the UK in 2012 before claiming benefits until 2016.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester Judge Bernard Lever jailed the couple for ten months jail each. ...

It is thought the couple arrived in the UK on Kamal's student visa. They claimed asylum seekers benefit, child tax and working tax credits and child benefits for their three children - as well as free accommodation because of the asylum seeker status. ...

The court heard the pair had paid back £4,000. Kamal was ordered to pay 5,560 pounds in prosecution costs.
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Immigration abroad – free speech, France
French mayor fined for 'too many Muslim children' comment
BBC, 26 April 2017.

A far-right French mayor has been fined 2,000 euros for inciting hatred, after declaring that there were too many Muslim children in his local schools.

Robert Menard, mayor of the southern town of Beziers, is an ally of the anti-immigrant National Front party.

On 1 September 2016, France's first day back at school, he tweeted that he was witnessing the "great replacement".

The divisive term is used to describe the alleged eviction of France's white Christian population by migrants.

On 5 September Menard said on LCI television: "In a class in the city centre of my town, 91% of the children are Muslims. Obviously, this is a problem. There are limits to tolerance."

French law prohibits data based on people's religious beliefs or ethnicity.

Menard defended his comments, saying: "I just described the situation in my town. It is not a value judgement, it's a fact. It's what I can see."

In addition to the fine, a Paris court awarded €1,000 (£850; $1,100) in court costs to anti-racist groups that had brought the case. ...

Menard says he will appeal against the ruling.
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Citizenship – Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, EU
Citizenship rights granted under Belfast Agreement could return to haunt the EU as birth tourism
Chris Agee
Belfast Telegraph, 26 April 2017.

A key clause of the Belfast Agreement - of high importance to Irish nationalists and republicans - was the future granting of both Irish and British citizenship to anyone born in Northern Ireland.

The subsequent enabling legislation in Irish nationality law has several clauses, including that any child born "on the island of Ireland on or after 1 January 2005 ... is entitled to be an Irish citizen if at least one of his or her parents is ... a British citizen". Other parental criteria for birth-citizenship are of course Irish citizenship and permanent legal residence without time-limit within either the Republic or Northern Ireland.

Little remarked upon after the Belfast Agreement was the fact that Northern Ireland had become a de jure multinational territory with a written Irish-British constitutional treaty text lodged at the UN - in dramatic contrast to Great Britain, with its unwritten constitution and single birth-nationality. Northern Ireland is possibly the only such jurisdiction in the world where all births are now automatically bi-national.

The aforementioned "British-citizen clause" was clearly a quasi-symbolic gesture of national exclusiveness by the Dail directed toward the indigenous Northern Irish of unionist outlook. In 2005, this clause had no impact on the question of possessing an EU passport. But that has changed dramatically with Brexit.

Since last June, incredibly, this massive loophole has not even been remarked upon publicly by politicians or the media in either Ireland or Britain. Month after month, one might have expected that this major issue would be flagged up with the seriousness it merited, especially apropos the post-Brexit future - but nothing at all, after 10 months.

The general oversight no doubt flows from the fact that "British Brexit Birth Tourism to Northern Ireland" - as it might be called - is rooted in Irish law ("Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act," 2004), rather than anywhere in British law. According to the husband of a Belfast midwife known to this writer, it is already happening.

Thus, in theory, any of the approximately 750,000-800,000 babies born annually in the UK could for generations be entitled to an Irish/EU passport if the birth-venue is switched to Northern Ireland. That this is Irish law has been confirmed by Bernard Ryan, Professor of Migration Studies, Leicester University, as well as the Republic's Department of Justice.

In effect, any British citizen in Great Britain (as mother or couple) who now wants an EU passport for their new-born can travel to Northern Ireland for the birth. The result is a huge unintended and overlooked "Remainer" loophole flowing from the complete absence of consideration of Irish impacts during the mainstream referendum campaign in GB.

Such "British Brexit birth tourism" will be of extreme concern to the EU especially. It raises the clear long-term possibility that, even after Brexit, there is a permanent massive route to EU citizenship for new generations of British births, so long as they occur in Northern Ireland - whereas the reverse cat-flap would not operate. And this in addition to the many British citizens already entitled to Irish passports via the traditional and well-known route of blood ancestry (estimated at up to five million). ...

Where a citizenship right or loophole exists, it will be used - and used hugely. Especially now.
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Immigration – students, universities
International students – shifting sands?
Lord Green (Andrew Green)
Conservative Home, 26 April 2017.

There are claims that the Government is considering taking foreign students out of the immigration totals. This would certainly be the effect of the first of two amendments to the Higher Education and Research Bill will shortly return to the Commons.

There is no dispute about the value that international students bring to our economy, to our universities and to our "soft power" around the world. Indeed, this is the very basis of the Government's policy. There is absolutely no restriction on the number of students who can be admitted to study in Britain provided, of course, that they are genuine. Nor is there any restriction on the number who can stay on to work, provided that they find graduate level work paying £20,700 a year. ...

It is important to be clear that net migration should be largely unaffected by student migration. Students who arrive are cancelled out by previous students who leave. Those who stay on as workers or family members would, of course, add to net migration. At present these two categories amount to about 10,000 a year.

However, students who overstay also show up in the net migration figures. Over the past four years, student net migration has, according to the International Passenger Survey (IPS), averaged 70,000 a year, falling to around 45,000 in the most recent year, but this may be reduced further if reports are confirmed that the exit checks, introduced two years ago, show that larger numbers are, in fact, leaving.

This first amendment calls, in effect, for students to be taken out of the net migration statistics. So, what are the arguments that the government must consider for their continued inclusion? ...

... Net migration is the key element in our projected population growth. Indeed, at current rates, it will account for 75 per cent of our population increase of 12 million over the next 25 years. Students have to remain part of net migration for the simple, but important, reason that if they remain in the country – whether for work, marriage or because they overstay – they add to our population. ...

The second amendment is even worse. It would prevent the Government from any future tightening of the immigration controls now in place for under-graduates, post-graduates or academic staff.

It is perfectly clear that there has been very serious abuse in the education sector in recent years. Many colleges have been recruiting bogus students and, as a result, about 1,000 have been deprived by the government of their right to recruit overseas. India is often quoted as an example of the negative impact of immigration restrictions. However, the reality is that India was a major source of abuse when the Labour government introduced their Points Based System in 2008. Applications surged in North India, Bangladesh and South China following its introduction; later, in 2012, a National Audit Office report concluded that as many as 50,000 students might have arrived just in the first year of the Points Based System "to work rather than to study". ...

... Universities cannot be rendered immune from any future measures to deal with some new form of abuse that might emerge.
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Immigration abroad – public opinion, Sweden
Poll: Huge Shift in Sweden as Majority Now Want Fewer Asylum Seekers
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 26 April 2017.

The mood on migration in Sweden appears to have shifted dramatically this year, with a majority of people now saying they want the Nordic nation to take in fewer asylum seekers.

The most recent survey, conducted in autumn and winter, found that 52 per cent of respondents said Sweden should slow the migrant flow, with only 26 per cent opposed to the idea.

By contrast, Swedes asked the same question in 2015 were almost evenly split on the issue – 40 per cent said they felt the country should be receiving fewer asylum seekers, whilst 37 per cent wanted to see the influx continue. ...

Enthusiasm for mass migration remains strong on the far left of the political spectrum, however, with just 13 per cent of those who vote for the Green party and the Left party advocating the country take in fewer asylum seekers.
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Immigration abroad – crime, Germany
Number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany soared by more than 50% in 2016, as minister warns the number of crimes has 'increased disproportionately'
Chris Pleasance
MailOnline, 25 April 2017.

The number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany soared by more than 50 per cent in 2016, data from the Interior Ministry showed on Monday.

Police were hunting 174,000 suspects classed as immigrants in 2016, the data showed, 52.7 per cent more than in the previous year.

Crimes motivated by Islamism also increased by 13.7 per cent. ...

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere warned that crimes committed by refugees had 'increased disproportionately' last year.

Migrants accounted for 8.6 percent of all crime suspects in Germany in 2016, up from 5.7 percent the previous year. ...

Under the German system immigrants are classed as people who are applying for asylum, refugees, illegal immigrants and those whose deportation has been temporarily suspended.

The number of German suspects declined by 3.4 percent to 1,407,062.
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Crime – illegal immigration
Illegal immigrant who tried to rape teenager as she walked home alone on footpath at 2am is jailed after she filmed him during the assault
Joe Sheppard
MailOnline, 25 April 2017.

An illegal immigrant, who tried to rape a teenager as she walked home on a deserted footpath at 2am, has been jailed after she filmed him during the assault.

Bangladesh-born Ashraf Miah, 34, was so desperate to rip off his 18-year-old victim's clothes, he didn't realise she was filming him during the attack in Thanet, Kent.

The film was handed to police who managed to track his face.

They traced Miah, who has been living in Britain illegally for ten years, to London and arrested him. ...

Mr Alcock said Miah, who had been working in restaurants in Ramsgate, Kent, had come to the UK in 2006 and had been given permission to work for a year but became 'an overstayer'.
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Immigration abroad – Australia
Voters want skilled migrants to stay, but like citizenship hurdles – Guardian Essential poll
Katharine Murphy
The Guardian, 25 April 2017.

Australians are supportive of skilled workers applying for permanent residency, but a strong majority favour additional hurdles before people are granted citizenship, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll.

The latest poll shows 59% of the sample approved of allowing foreign workers to apply for permanent residency, but 78% supported the idea that foreigners should be placed on a probationary visa before being granted citizenship.

The extra hurdle before citizenship attracted strong majority support across all voting groups – Coalition, Labor and Greens. ...

The new Guardian Essential poll suggests there is a political appetite in Australia for protectionist measures, including restricting Australian businesses' use of foreign workers, and protecting local industries from cheap imports.
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Immigration abroad – African migrants, numbers, Europe
Fact Check: are a million African migrants already on their way to Europe?
The Conversation, 25 April 2017.

Already, I'm informed by very well informed guys and girls who are working on the area, and in the area at the moment, that there's potentially up to a million migrants already, if not more in the pipeline coming up from Central Africa and the Horn of Africa.
Joseph Walker-Cousins, senior fellow at the Institute for Statecraft and former head of the British Embassy Office in Benghazi, speaking to the House of Lords EU External Affairs Sub-Committee on March 30, 2017.

Hard evidence on irregular migration in North Africa is a much sought after commodity; unfortunately, it is also highly unreliable. In its December 2016 assessment of the situation in Libya, the International Organisation for Migration estimated (IOM) that 425,000 internally displaced persons were resident in Libya and that "hundreds of thousands" were displaced into neighbouring countries.

Experienced researchers tend to be sceptical of official statistics on migrants for good reasons. North Africa is both a destination and a transit region for sub-Saharan migrants. It is also extremely difficult to count migrants because migration tends to be clandestine, with people moving through politically unstable regions.

Further problems with official reports and comments such as those by Joseph Walker-Cousins are that they tend to focus on Libya (and fail to look at the wider regional picture). Findings are based on indirect evidence – information from informants, detentions, returns, and arrivals in Europe – not primary research that employs sound methodologies, as fieldwork in Libya is not possible. ...

We simply do not know how many migrants are "in the pipeline". Nor have regional governments or the European Union agreed a viable strategy for dealing with the underlying processes driving this movement, as opposed to stopping migrants from reaching Europe. We do know two important facts. First, and as noted in the 2016 IOM study, not all sub-Saharan migrants intend to come to Europe. Second, without an accurate assessment of the situation and serious policy dialogue with transit countries, no resolution to this issue is possible.
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Immigration abroad – sex ratio, Indians, Canada
Study finds gender imbalance in children born to Indo-Canadian women
Karen Howlett
The Globe and Mail, 25 April 2017.

Fewer girls than boys are born to Indian women who immigrate to Canada, a skewed pattern driven by families whose mother tongue is Punjabi, according to a new study.

One of the most surprising findings of the study, to be published Monday in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada, is that the preference for boys does not diminish, regardless of how long women from India have lived in Canada.

"It's counterintuitive," said Marcelo Urquia, a research scientist at the University of Manitoba's Centre for Health Policy and lead author of the study. ...

But for many Indian immigrants who express a strong desire for sons, the study found, the practice of sex selection remains entrenched. /.../ The study builds on previous research led by Dr. Urquia that found a deficit in Canada of more than 4,400 girls over two decades.

The latest study shows that women born in India who already have two daughters gave birth to 192 baby boys in Ontario for every 100 girls. The sex ratios are so distorted, they cannot be explained by natural causes, Dr. Urquia said. ...

The study analyzed 46,834 birth records for Indian-born mothers who delivered up to three live births in Ontario hospitals between April, 1993, and March, 2014, and who immigrated to Canada between 1985 and 2012. ...

Among all the mothers having their third child, nearly twice as many males were born compared with females if the previous two children were girls. The ratio was even higher among women whose mother tongue was Punjabi: 240 boys to 100 girls.
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Chinese crime gangs using Britain as soft gateway for huge trade fraud
Sean O'Neill
The Times, 25 April 2017.

The Chinese black market organisations running this huge and complex fraud have settled on Britain as the least risky place for them to operate. From here they have immersed themselves in four main types of criminality: customs duty fraud, which has cost the EU budget €2 billion since 2013; widespread VAT evasion causing losses to member states of €3.7 billion; smuggling of counterfeit goods; and large-scale money laundering.

Olaf, Europe's anti-fraud office, has mapped the illicit trade routes, devised software to identify suspect cargos, identified suspect companies and individuals, and regularly briefed HM Revenue & Customs on the problem.

Yet, while the other 27 EU member states have dramatically cut suspect imports, the trade through Dover and Felixstowe is growing. Among customs investigators across the EU, there is anger that Britain is turning a blind eye to a significant crime. ...

Ernesto Bianchi, head of investigations at Olaf, said that the illicit importers had tried several countries before settling on Britain. ...

The suspects behind the scheme are of Chinese origin but investigators believe they must be supported by lawyers and accountants in Britain and other EU countries. Mr Bianchi said: "This fraud scheme requires very good legal advice on the systems in each of the member states where this network operates. Totally professional advice." ...

As imports into the rest of the EU fell away, in Britain they grew. The EU analysis, seen by The Times, says that Britain imported 593 million kg of textiles and footwear from China in 2013, 32 per cent of which was "below the lowest acceptable price" and therefore likely to be fraudulent. Last year the same imports from China to Britain had increased to 807 million kg and just over 50 per cent were "below the lowest acceptable price". Of these suspicious goods (407 million kg) 87 per cent were re-exported to other EU countries. ...

The criminals focus next on evading VAT. The tax is paid only in the named destination country but the syndicate uses "shadow companies" to avoid paying anything.
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Politics – populism, national identity
Why 'Anywheres' ignore 'Somewheres' at their peril
Gary Cox
Morning Star, 24 April 2017.
[Review of The Road to Somewhere: The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics by David Goodheart]

David Goodheart's The Road to Somewhere is an excellent and timely explanation of the populist revolt brewing for years but maturing with Brexit and Trump.

Outdated and over-applied leftright dualism makes almost any justification or defence of populism sound unspeakably right-wing, particularly to those who believe society always needs more socioeconomic liberalism and that paradise for all lies towards ever more progressive individualism.

To escape the emotive, polarising left-right bifurcation, Goodheart offers an alternative duality – the Anywheres/Somewheres distinction which, he writes, is "both a frame for understanding what is going on and a plea for a less headstrong Anywhere liberalism."

Anywheres, including liberal elites, have often benefited from higher education, globalisation and the opportunity to live and work in diverse places.

They have "portable achieved identities," unlike Somewheres, who tend not to have enjoyed such advantages and whose identity is rooted in traditional values, declining industries and the sense of place.

Few people tick every box on either side. Many are in-betweeners, mixing Anywhere and Somewhere traits. Which side a person identifies with depends on many socioeconomic factors. Most Somewheres are quite liberal in accepting, for example, gay rights and controlled immigration, while many Anywheres are politically intolerant.

Goodheart's distinction clarifies Labour's plight.

The majority of Labour activists are classic Anywheres – educated, travelled, southern and rooted in achievements, not birthplace.

They're preoccupied with identity politics, CND, open borders, refugees and virtue-signalling their political correctness rather than with the employment and housing conditions of the Somewheres they once championed and who once voted for them.

The author doesn't primarily attack liberal values but rather "Anywhere over-reach," whereby society is increasingly organised to the detriment of Somewheres by and for Anywheres who export factories and import workers while scorning the nation state and Somewhere patriotism.

Brexit was Somewheres saying "enough" to the corporate, bureaucratic, undemocratic, hyper-Anywhere-ism of European federalism.

The simplistic reaction of many Anywheres/Remainers to Brexit was to demonise all 17.5 million Leave voters as racists who are too old, poor or stupid for enfranchisement.

This reveals, says Goodheart, the startling sense of Anywhere political entitlement.

His calls for a better Anywhere/Somewhere power balance and Anywhere respect for the Somewhere world view and their largely "decent populism." Without this rapprochement the left cannot re-engage with its traditional base or regain power.

The contempt for all Somewhere values by the trendy left actually encourages the far right and especially the alt-right as a vulgar reaction to political correctness gone mad.

Goodheart's book is an outstanding synthesis of left and right views, essential political illumination for Somewheres and Anywheres everywhere.
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Immigration abroad – citizenship, Italy
The Muslim Politician Fighting for a New Italy
Silvia Marchetti
OZY, 24 April 2017.

Khalid Chaouki dreams of a nation of "New Italians" – immigrants' children, born or raised in Italy, becoming doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, engineers, politicians and leaders. And he wants those New Italians on the fast track to citizenship.

Chaouki, 34, is a Moroccan-born member of Italy's Lower House for the leading Democratic Party, and he's preaching a gospel not commonly heard in Europe today. He's pushing through Italy's 945-person Parliament a bill that would grant citizenship to more than 1 million New Italians; today, there are some 5 million immigrants in the country. "These New Italians are the future of our country; they stand as an additional resource for the country and we should make them feel at home," says Chaouki.

The bill, currently pending in the Senate after passing the Lower House, proposes to offer an Italian passport to those born on Italian soil to parents in the country on a permanent work visa, or who have attended primary school for five years in Italy. ...

Italian society has already absorbed foreigners, Chaouki argues. Making it easier for them to stay can help with the low birth rate among Italian families, the worst in Europe, and the brain drain of workers who often head to Northern Europe and the U.K. in the face of a stagnating economy.
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Fraud and corruption – medical treatment, illegal immigration
Doctors conspire to fleece the taxpayer
Andrew Tettenborn
Conservative Woman, 24 April 2017.

If you are paid by the taxpayer and you find out that someone is out to bilk the State, what do you do? Easy: help them do it, take steps to stop the government finding out, and then claim Brownie points as a man or woman of principle.

A bad joke? I'm afraid not – at least for some right-on Guardian-reading medical professionals. Earlier this year the news broke that NHS Digital, a record-keeping arm of the NHS, had passed on to the Home Office the names and addresses of suspected illegal immigrants who had registered to receive NHS services from GPs' surgeries and other NHS organisations. Not, be it noted, any clinical information: just the names and addresses of those who for the most part had registered to receive free treatment to which they had not the slightest entitlement. Nor yet was there any attempt to deprive these people of genuine emergency treatment; under the NHS everyone, however undeserving, gets that anyway with no questions asked.

The result? Outrage. Liberty, Doctors of the World and the National Aids Trust screamed that confidentiality was being trodden under foot: that it was quite wrong to use any NHS information in connection with immigration: and it was outrageous to do this without consulting the doctors first. Indeed, they went further. They published a so-called "toolkit" and distributed it to UK doctors to enable them to prevent such information reaching the Home Office. This charming document suggested (for example) that patients should be advised to refuse to give any address, or give their address as that of the surgery. ...

One point is obvious, if painful. In so far as those responsible for these actions knew that many of the registrants they were encouraging were not in fact entitled to free treatment on the NHS, what they did comes perilously close to aiding and abetting fraud. ...

In sum, as is the way with fashionable Left-liberals, they are only doing what comes naturally to them: taking the credit for being virtuous and principled, while at the same time passing the cost on to somebody else, in this case the hard-pressed UK taxpayer. As the expression goes, that's nice work if you can get it.
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Immigration abroad – Italy
Report: Only 2.65 Percent of Immigrants into Italy Are Refugees
Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.
Breitbart, 24 April 2017.

According to official reports, during the year 2016, only 2.65 percent of those immigrating into Italy were awarded asylum as refugees, with the vast majority staying on in the country as illegal, undocumented immigrants.

According to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), a total of 181,436 migrants crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Italy during 2016, a record year in recent history. This figure does not include those who were able to enter the country undetected, but only those who were officially registered either by Italian officials or NGOs.

Of these, only 4,808 were recognized as refugees and awarded asylum in Italy, a mere 2.65 percent of the total number of those making the crossing.

A disturbing statistic that has recently come to light reveals that half of the migrants arriving in the country (90,334) never even requested asylum, but disappeared into the country as undocumented immigrants, commonly referred to by the Italians as "clandestini."

The remaining 91,902 migrants applied for asylum, and 60 percent of these (54,252) had their petitions rejected unconditionally. Another 21 percent (18,979) were awarded "humanitarian protection," allowing them a renewable yearly permission to remain in the country, and 14 percent more (12,873) were given "subsidiary protection."

The 4,808 immigrants who were awarded asylum represent 5.28 percent of the asylum seekers and therefore only 2.65 percent of the total number of immigrants entering in the country during the year.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of immigrants into Italy were denied asylum, fewer than 5,000 were deported in 2016, meaning that more than 175,000 remained in the country, most of them illegally.

Despite last year's record immigration into Italy, the first quarter of 2017 registered a 30 percent jump compared with the same period in 2016. Shortly afterward, Italy received another 8,500 migrants in a single weekend as migrants poured into the country over Easter.
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Racism – thought crime, students, education
Students who avoid making eye contact could be guilty of racism, Oxford University says
Camilla Turner
Sunday Telegraph, 23 April 2017.

Students who avoid making eye contact with their peers could be guilty of racism, according to Oxford University's latest guidance.

The university's Equality and Diversity Unit has advised students that "not speaking directly to people" could be deemed a "racial microaggression" which can lead to "mental ill-health".

Other examples of "everyday racism" include asking someone where they are "originally" from, students were told.

Oxford University's Equality and Diversity Unit explains in its Trinity term newsletter that "some people who do these things may be entirely well-meaning, and would be mortified to realise that they had caused offence.

"But this is of little consequence if a possible effect of their words or actions is to suggest to people that they may fulfil a negative stereotype, or do not belong".

Universities have been accused of pandering to the "snowflake generation" of students, who are seen as over-sensitive and quick to take offence.

Dr Joanna Williams, a lecturer in higher education the University of Kent, said the guidance was "completely ridiculous" and will make students "hyper-sensitive" about how they interact with one another.

"Essentially people are being accused of a thought crime," Dr Williams told The Telegraph. "They are being accused of thinking incorrect thoughts based on an assumption of where they may or may not be looking."

Dr Williams, who is author of Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity, said that Oxford University's guidance was "overstepping the mark" by telling students "how they should feel and think".
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Immigration abroad – Italy
Italy prosecutor says rescue boats in contact with people smugglers
Steve Scherer
Reuters, 23 April 2017.

An Italian prosecutor has evidence of phone calls between Libyan people smugglers and aid groups operating rescue boats, he told newspaper La Stampa, amid growing criticism of non-governmental groups saving refugees off the Libyan coast.

Carmelo Zuccaro, the chief prosecutor of the Sicilian port city of Catania, did not say he would open a criminal investigation, and he gave no details about the evidence.

"We don't know if we can use this information during a trial," he said. ...

Italy has become the main route for migrants seeking to reach Europe, with 181,000 arrivals last year and some 4,600 estimated deaths at sea. So far this year arrivals are up more than 40 percent on 2016, and as many as 1,000 have died, the International Organisation for Migration says. ...

NGOs, including Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms and SOS Mediterranee, have rejected the accusations, saying their only objective is to save lives.
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Multiculturalism – damage
Damage done to Britain by multiculturalism
Edward Thomas
Daily Telegraph, 22 April 2017.
[Letter to the Editor]

In praising Baroness Warsi's new book The Enemy Within: A Tale of Muslim Britain, Dr Ed Kessler (Letters, April 17) supports her defence of multiculturalism and her "rejection of any attempt to replace it with British values".

Lord Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi, would disagree. Speaking on Today in January 2015, he said: "When Jews came in sizeable numbers in the mid-19th century, from the start local rabbis were urged to emphasise at all times assimilation into the society they had come to, and to adopt British values."

Writing in The Daily Telegraph on November 11 last year, he said: "The West is still suffering from the damage done by multiculturalism."

His denunciation has been echoed in recent years by the Pakistani-born former Bishop of Rochester, the Ugandan-born Archbishop of York and the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips.

The drive to multiculturalism and its counterpart, unlimited immigration, has introduced to the country honour killings, female genital mutilation and, above all, the threat – and some successful cases – of suicide terrorist bombing.
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Multiculturalism – Sweden
The destruction of the West by globalists
Susan Stamper Brown
Albany Herald, 22 April 2017.

Ultra-liberal Sweden is becoming a shell of its former self because liberalism has turned this once peaceful country into a chaotic, multicultural cesspool of violence and unrest.

Swedes have always taken pride in their open-mindedness, believing their good intentions and big hearts would overcome a collision of cultures when it comes to immigration without assimilation. Swayed by purely emotional thinking, they assumed their kindness and generosity would be reciprocated, believing their sophistication and universal outlook would elevate them above the consequences of what happens when Third World mindsets reside at First World addresses. ...

Apparently, Prime Minister Lofven had a change of heart after the April 7 terrorist attack when an immigrant expressed his appreciation for Sweden's generosity by hijacking a beer truck and mowing down a crowd on a bustling Stockholm shopping street. ...

Lofven now promises Sweden "will never go back to the [mass immigration] we had in autumn 2015, never." According to the UK Daily Mail, 80 percent of the asylum seekers admitted in 2015 did not have identification papers, making it "impossible to find out who they were or whether they had terror links." Another 40,000 were let in without seeking asylum and "simply disappeared and have not been traced by the authorities."

Sweden may never go back to 2015 levels, but what's done is done. They flushed their safety, security and national identity down the loo and will forevermore reap the consequences of their nonsensical choices.
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Population – national identity
Demographics of a Post-Brexit Europe
The Globalist, 22 April 2017.

Under Eurostat projections, the UK's foreign-born population and their children (born after 2007) will together reach 31.2% of the overall population by 2061.

Immigrants were 11.9% of the UK population in 2011.
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Crime – Wales
FGM: 123 victims treated in Wales last year, figures show
BBC, 22 April 2017.

A case of female genital mutilation was discovered every three days, on average, by maternity staff in Wales last year.

New figures obtained by BBC Wales show 123 victims of FGM were found by midwives or maternity doctors in 2016.

A further 44 children under the age of 18 were highlighted as vulnerable to the practice. ...

Welsh Women's Aid said data on FGM in Wales was "hard to come by" but it was estimated 2,000 women in Wales are living with FGM.

"This suggests that the number of cases identified by the seven Welsh health boards are only the tip of the iceberg," the charity said in a statement. ...

It has been illegal to carry out FGM in the UK since 1985, but there has not been a single successful prosecution.
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Immigration abroad – Australia
Migrants face stern English test to become Australian
Jonathan Pearlman
Daily Telegraph, 21 April 2017.

Australia has toughened its requirements for new citizens and will insist they commit to "Australian values", including passing a test which could have questions on child marriage and female genital mutilation.

Insisting that citizenship should be "cherished", Malcolm Turnbull, Australia's prime minister, announced a range of tougher requirements for would-be citizens, including high-level English language skills and a demonstrated willingness to integrate.

Prospective citizens will be required to have been a permanent resident for four years – rather than one – and prove they have integrated by, for instance, showing that they have a job or enrolled children in a school or even joined a community organisation.

"What we are doing is strengthening our multicultural society and strengthening our values," he said. ...

The proposal comes just two days after Australia tightened the rules for skilled migrants, including reducing the intake of temporary workers.

Commentators said Mr Turnbull was adopting a harsher approach to migrants to try to reverse the ruling conservative Coalition's poor standing in opinion polls and his own falling approval ratings. The Coalition's vote has come under threat from the rise of One Nation, a far-right anti-migrant party which is receiving about 10 per cent support in recent polls.
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Immigration abroad – politics, Islam, France
Can the Muslim vote sway the French elections?
Ali Saad
Al Jazeera, 21 April 2017.

Islam in France has been persistently in the spotlight of public attention during the past few years. Yet, during the 2017 electoral season, little attention has been paid to what Muslim voters are thinking in the run-up to the presidential elections.

With only a few days left before the first round of voting, questions about a potential "Muslim vote" that could be a decisive factor in the elections are worth exploring.

Islam is the second biggest religion in France and Muslims make up about 5 percent of the French electorate, and approximately 8 percent of the overall population. ...

In 2012, a study by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) showed that 86 percent of Muslim voters had voted for Francois Hollande, who won the elections with around 51 percent of the national vote. Estimated at 5 percent of the national electorate, Muslim voters thus constituted the needed vote that tilted the balance in favour of the socialist candidate. ...

For decades, French Muslims have traditionally voted for the left (Socialist and Communist Parties), motivated by the humanistic values that the left was supposed to uphold. But in recent decades Muslim voters (now second and third generation) have matured and their political leanings have become more diverse. ...

If there is one issue that unites the Muslim vote it would be the question of Islamophobia. It is therefore the positions that each of the candidates takes on this that can tip the balance in their favour. ...

Today, practically all candidates promise to combat the social problems affecting minorities in the country, but their positions differ widely when it comes to Islam and Islamophobia.
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Extremism – terrorism, deportation
Why Do We Have To Tolerate Extremists? Kick Them Out
David Mellor
LBC, 21 April 2017.

A terrible event occurred last night in Paris's best known tourist street. The assailant, now dead, turns out to be a well known extremist. Bad enough, of course, but what would be more troubling is if he was either someone not on anybody's radar, or who had come in from nowhere.

This follows a pattern. All of the lorry/car killers, including our own Westminster Bridge one, were well known to the authorities. The authorities had merely taken the view that they were not dangerous, and had let them slip off the radar. Anyway, let's be frank, keeping tabs on several hundred known extremists isn't easy, takes a huge amount of time and manpower, and there's always the risk that the predictability assessment is wrong.

So, here's the deal. We have to expect a further attack in the UK. The chances are that attack will come from someone already known to the police or MI5.

So why not pre-empt that. If a known, potentially dangerous, radical who has entered this country either as a refugee, or has been given citizenship, or leave to remain, is engaged in radical religious/political/terrorist activities, why do we have to wait for him/her to commit a crime before we move them out?

Being given British Citizenship is a privilege not a right. Being granted asylum used to mean you could not engage in political activity. That went by the board ages ago. But maybe it should come back.

In short, what I am saying is that in order to protect the British people, we should no longer give the benefit of the doubt to extremists we have let in to what was once known as Londonistan, because there are so many of them. ...

There are hundreds of people in this category who are, day in day out, violating our hospitality, polluting young minds with dangerous ideas, and doubtless hoping those people go off and do dreadful things, whilst these guys remain above and beyond the reach of the law. ...

The sooner we start chucking them out, the safer we will all be.
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Politics – Conservative Party
Immigration issue is 'not about putting number on it', says Cabinet minister
Sky News, 20 April 2017.

A cabinet ally of Theresa May has hinted that the net migration target of 100,000 may be dropped, saying immigration policy is "not about numbers".

Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary, refused to be drawn on whether the target to get numbers down to "tens of thousands" would be in the next manifesto. ...

She told Sky News: "What we need is to have the right people, to attract the brightest and best.

"It's not about putting numbers on it, it's about making sure we can deliver where industries need skills, where brightest and best want to come to Britain; we want to be an attractive place that people want to come and work and we want to be the strong economy that pays for those public services people value so much."
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Politics – Conservative Party
General Election 2017: May sticks with net migration pledge
BBC, 20 April 2017.

Theresa May has indicated she will stick with the government's long-running aim of reducing migration to below 100,000.

The target, first set by David Cameron in 2010, has never been met and net migration was 273,000 according to the latest figures.

Mrs May said she wanted "sustainable" levels of migration which she said would be in the tens of thousands.

She was speaking on a general election campaign visit to Enfield in London.
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Crime – fraud
Somali fraudster, 34, who travelled around the country sitting examinations for refugees to help get them visas or British citizenship is jailed for 32 months
Steph Cockroft
MailOnline, 19 April 2017.

A Somali fraudster who travelled around the county taking British Citizenship tests on behalf of refugees has been jailed for 32 months.

Ahmed Ali, 34, went along to four examinations at Life in the UK test centres in Liverpool, Slough, Croydon, Ilford in just one year.

He used bogus UK travel documents and a dodgy Somali passport to sit the tests for refugees seeking visas or British citizenship.

The jobless father of five, who came to the UK as a refugee in 1994, used different identities in the scam, Croydon Crown Court heard.

The convicted fraudster failed the first three tests and was arrested after authorities became suspicious.

But while on bail Ali was caught trying to take a test for a fourth person with yet another false identity document. ...

Ali, who has three previous convictions, has five children aged between one and 11 and his wife speaks very limited English, the court heard. ...

Judge Daniel Flahive praised the work of the staff at the test centres for stopping four people illegally obtain citizenship. ...

Judge Flahive said Ali was 'not the mastermind of the clearly organised action' and was taken various places and told what to do. ...

He was jailed for a total of 32 months.
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Immigration abroad – Poland
Polish Government Will Not Allow 'Bloody Harvest' of Multiculturalism
Victoria Friedman
Breitbart, 19 April 2017.

The Polish interior minister affirmed Poland will not repeat the Western European policy of multiculturalism which he said has led to the "bloody harvest" of multiple terror attacks across the continent since the start of the migrant crisis.

"The policy of multiculturalism in Western Europe is bringing about a bloody harvest in the form of terrorist attacks," Mariusz Blaszczak told Polish Radio on Tuesday.

The conservative Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc, PiS) government has refused to accept migrants from the Middle East and Africa under an EU programme to relocate across the bloc some 98,000 asylum seekers currently residing in camps in Italy and Greece. ...

He added that while PiS was in power, it would "not allow a repeat of what we are dealing with in Western Europe". ...

The Polish minister's comments come days after a poll revealed that more Poles now than ever (70 per cent) back the conservative government's stance on refusing to accept non-European migrants.
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Diversity – schools, data
NUT urges parents not to give details of children's nationality and birthplace
Richard Adams
The Guardian, 18 April 2017.

Parents are being told not to supply information on their children's nationality and birthplace being demanded by the government, amid fears that the information could be used to enforce immigration laws.

The National Union of Teachers' annual conference passed a motion condemning the Department for Education's attempts to record pupils' nationality and country of birth in the national pupil database (NPD), with delegates told that the details could be passed to the Home Office and police. ...

Since September 2016, the DfE has asked parents to supply the nationality details of individual pupils enrolled in state schools in England, as part of the termly school census. ...

The motion passed by the NUT conference in Cardiff requires the union to challenge the government's use of the data, and help schools inform parents "that they are not required to provide census information even though the schools are required to ask for it".
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Immigration abroad – Turks, integration, Germany
The Bizarre Behavior of Turkish-German Voters
Hasnain Kazim
Spiegel, 18 April 2017.

As painful as it is to write this, one cannot support an autocratic system, capital punishment, the arrest of critical journalists and the jailing of the political opposition and then turn around and complain that you are not accepted in Germany as a German. That's unacceptable. It shows that integration in Germany has failed – and that it isn't just the Germans who are to blame for that.

A clear majority of Turkish voters living in Germany cast "yes" ballots for Erdogan's autocratic presidential system. In Turkey, the result was so close that it's possible that votes from Turks living abroad may even have proven decisive. Despite living in democracies and in freedom and safety, these people have essentially voted to eliminate democracy in Turkey. ...

Instead they voted for autocracy in Turkey. Just imagine: The cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir all voted "no" on the referendum, but Berlin, Hamburg and Munich – in fact all 13 cities in Germany where Turkish-Germans eligible to vote could cast ballots – voted "yes." ...

So how can it be that, as the members of the democratic society that they wish to be part of, they can correctly criticize right-wing extremists but at the same time accommodate an Islamist autocrat and stab people in Turkey in the back given that the "yes" camp only narrowly won and with the help of a lot of money and staffing and the massive oppression of its opponents?
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Asylum – deportation
Our asylum failure: Number of rejected claimants UK kicks out hits record low as backlog nears 27,000
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 17 April 2017.

Removal of failed asylum seekers has collapsed to a record low - adding to concerns that Britain is failing to get a grip on its borders.

Latest figures show the number of unsuccessful refugees booted out of the country has plunged by two-thirds since 2010, when the Tories came to power.

The figures will be an embarrassment for Prime Minister Theresa May, who pledged during six years as Home Secretary to tackle the growing problem.

Even though there was an official backlog of more than 26,000 failed asylum seekers – deemed 'subject to removal action' – at the end of December, just over a tenth of that number were actually deported in 2016.

Critics said the damning statistics showed too many illegal immigrants were deliberately 'playing the system' to avoid being kicked out of the UK despite not having permission to be here.

Experts have also warned that the number officially awaiting removal is just the tip of the iceberg. Analysis by the Migrationwatch think-tank has estimated there are up to 1.1 million foreign people living in Britain illegally.

The Home Office figures will further erode public confidence in a failing asylum system that is supposed to take a strict stance against those caught living in the UK unlawfully. ...

Data released by the Home Office, which dates back to 2004, showed that last year only 3,446 failed asylum seekers were removed from Britain. This compared with 18,220 in 2006 when Labour were in power and 10,394 when the Tory-led Coalition came to power in 2010, itself equating to a 66 per cent drop.

Yet in 2016 alone, a total of 21,059 claims for sanctuary were refused – meaning they were eligible for being kicked out immediately.

The Government says the number who are 'subject to removal action' is 26,879. But this does not count thousands who are embroiled in appeals against rejection – some often launched as they are being put on a plane home.

Two years ago, it was claimed that a staggering half a million failed asylum seekers were in Britain indefinitely because Government cuts meant cash-strapped immigration courts could not afford to hear their appeal cases.

The number of forced removals of failed asylum seekers dropped from 10,881 in 2006, to 6,174 in 2010 and then 2,062 last year. Over the same time period, the number of voluntary removals plunged from 7,399 to 4,220 and down to 1,834. ...

... The National Audit Office looked at costs of forcibly removing failed asylum seekers in 2005 and found that the average cost was £11,000. ...

Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of think-tank Migrationwatch, which campaigns for balanced migration, said only half of the 50 per cent of people who were refused asylum were ever removed from the UK.

He said: 'Clearly there has not been enough focus on this problem and not enough resources dedicated to it. As long as anyone who claims asylum has a 75 per cent chance of staying in the UK, legally or otherwise, there will continue to be queues in Calais.

'Public confidence in the whole asylum system will be severely undermined.'
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Immigration abroad – Germany
'Germany Is a Nation of Immigrants': Employers' Unions Demand Open Borders
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 17 April 2017.

Declaring that Germany is in desperate need of migrants, the head of the umbrella group for employers' associations has demanded the nation loosen border controls and recognise itself to be an "immigration country".

"Germany is an immigration country. And Germany has to be made aware of this situation," said Ingo Kramer, president of the Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA).

According to the German Press Agency, Kramer said the nation will be 'missing' six million people of working age by the year 2030, and argued that politicians 'must quickly realise that the country needs immigration". ...

In 2015, gushing over Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to open the borders to well over a million migrants who subsequently made the trek to Europe as "a miracle", publisher of weekly Die Zeit, Josef Joffe, said: "Germany, like the countries of English settlement, is turning into an Einwanderungsland, a country of immigration, accepting different colors, faiths and origins.

"So Germany is evolving into a kind of America, where you need not be born as American, but can become one. It is a mental and emotional revolution."

A paper unveiled in November last year by Commissioner for Immigration, Refugees and Integration, Aydan Özoguz, sought to enshrine in the nation's constitution that Germany is "a diverse country of immigration".

But Historian Klaus-Rüdiger May warned that the demands of the document, which was developed by more than fifty migrant organisations, would bankrupt businesses, pensions, and the country, and would make native Germans second class citizens in their own homeland.
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Immigration – statistics, foreign students
May under new pressure from Tory MPs to EXCLUDE foreign students from migration figures
Harry Walker
Sunday Express, 16 April 2017.

Theresa May's pledge to slash net migration into Britain could be scuppered by her party after a raft of Tory MPs have threatened a revolt if she does not exclude foreign students from official figures.

Two senior Conservative figures have spoken out and called for Mrs May to reverse plans to include students in the statistics.

Former minister and Remainer Anna Soubry claimed the majority of the British public did not believe students should be included in the figures, and insisted they were a "huge benefit" to the UK. ...

The Boxtowe MP's sentiments were echoed by Tory Education Select Committee chairman Neil Carmichael, who claimed universities were concerned about possible restrictions on attracting overseas students.

He said: "The Education Select Committee, which I chair, took copious evidence from universities on this issue, and I am in no doubt of the value they place on international students coming to study here in Britain.

"Higher education is an export industry for Britain which generates great value from international students, and no Government should seek to make it harder for them to operate.

"The higher education sector has serious concerns about any possible restrictions on the ability of international students to come to the UK. I look forward to a healthy debate when this amendment comes to the House of Commons." ...

MPs will debate the issue next week over an amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill passed by the House of Lords last month. ...

Speaking on the matter earlier this month, the Prime Minister said: "Students are in the net migration figures because it is in the international definition of net migration and we abide by the same definition that is used by other countries around the world."
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Immigration abroad – European Union, Czech Republic
Czech Republic: We'd Rather Risk EU Penalties Than be Forced to Take Migrants
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 16 April 2017.

The Czech Republic is not prepared to accept any more than the 12 migrants it has already taken under the quota scheme set up by the European Union (EU) even if that means facing sanctions, the nation's interior minister has said.

"Ongoing security checks show that the country can no longer accept anyone else", said Milan Chovanec, noting that the Czech Republic has so far received 12 of the 1,600 migrants it has been ordered to take in under the terms of the EU quota deal. ...

Confirming that the country "has no further plans to adopt more migrants", Mr Chovanec raised the issue of repeated threats from Brussels to punish states which are refusing to go along with the EU's agenda to push migrants from the third world on unwilling countries.

"The Czech Republic does not plan to adopt more migrants", he said, acknowledging that this stance is likely to result in Brussels imposing sanctions against the country, "perhaps in the range of several million Euros". ...

The Czech minister's position is likely to come as a blow to Brussels, as last week the EU told Hungary and Poland they face legal action if their populist governments continue to resist orders to take in migrants from the third world.

Warsaw and Budapest have strongly opposed the scheme, which seeks to move 160,000 people from Italy and Greece into other EU nations. ...

Italy, along with Germany, Sweden, Austria, and France have been vocal in demanding the EU cut subsidies to Hungary and Poland for their refusal to welcome migrants.

But Reuters reported that, worried about rising Euroskepticism, officials in Brussels are split on whether to open legal proceedings against Hungary and Poland.
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Immigration abroad – Europe, Hungary
Orban Easter Speech: 'Battlefield Europe... Stop Mass Migration. The Future of Europe Is at Stake'
Victoria Friedman
Breitbart, 16 April 2017.

Calling international politics a "battlefield", Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told newspaper Magyar Idok that Hungary's sovereignty is under constant attack from foreign interests and the powerful left wing activist George Soros. Adding that mass migration threatens the future of Europe, he urged for the preservation of Christian civilisation.

"Today we live in a time when international politics is a battlefield," Prime Minister Orbán said on Easter Sunday. "The independence and freedom of European nations are at stake. And at the centre of the battlefield is migration."

"This is what our future stands or falls on," he said, "the fate of Europe. The question is whether the character of European nations will be determined by the same spirit, civilisation, culture and mentality as in our parents' and grandparents' time, or by something completely different."

Discussing how his government has come under criticism following the implementation of stricter border controls and asylum policies in the ongoing migrant crisis, Mr. Orbán observed that "those calling themselves liberal and left-wing – who are supported with the money, power and networks of international forces, with George Soros at the forefront – claim that taking action against migration is wrong, impractical and immoral".

Contrasting that with the wishes of the Hungarian people, Orbán said: "... we want to preserve the foundations of Europe. We do not want parallel societies, we do not want population exchanges, and we do not want to replace Christian civilisation with a different kind. Therefore we are building fences, defending ourselves, and not allowing migrants to flood us."
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Immigration abroad – Calais, France
Thought bulldozing the Jungle ended the Calais migrant crisis? Wrong - they've been lured back by charity handouts and are still hell-bent on reaching the UK
Sue Reid
Daily Mail, 15 April 2017.

Last autumn, the Calais 'Jungle' – a shanty camp built by migrants, with kebab shops, halal restaurants and even a brothel, church and mosque – was bulldozed by the French authorities, who dispatched its residents to 400 centres all over France, where they were offered tickets home or the chance to claim asylum.

Many evaded the authorities, however, and moved up the coast to another migrant camp at nearby Dunkirk.

This week a fire, caused by a turf war between Kurdish and Afghan people-smuggling gangs tore through the Dunkirk camp, which was run by the charity Doctors Without Borders. Some migrants were left with knife wounds – and 600 of them are missing. ...

The Mail has discovered that hundreds of illegals are now in Calais. Every week more arrive with hopes of getting to Britain, as they sleep rough on scrubland just a stone's throw from the former Jungle.

They are being helped to survive by myriad English and French charity workers who dole out sleeping bags, fresh clothes and free food – largesse that has sparked a political backlash in Calais.

Last month, mayor Natacha Bouchart passed a decree banning the 'regular and persistent' distribution of meals to migrants, saying it threatened the peace and security of local people.

But she was overruled by senior judges in the region's main city of Lille, who declared that under EU human rights laws it was 'inhuman and degrading' to deny migrants assistance.

It was, they decided in their wisdom, not charity handouts luring migrants to Calais but rather their desperate hope of getting to Britain.

Whatever the truth – and Mayor Bouchart may appeal against the Lille decision – Calais is returning to its old troubled self, with migrants on the seafront, the beaches, in woods and on port roads as they try to climb into the back of UK-bound lorries. ...

When the Jungle camp was at its peak, 200 migrants a week were managing to reach Britain by smuggling themselves through the port of Calais.

The UK benefits system is one of the most generous in Europe, but a flourishing jobs black market allows those arriving illegally (and refusing to claim asylum to avoid the attention of immigration authorities) to earn cash to send to their families back home. It is a constant lure to migrants. ...

Under the Lille judges' ruling, charities are meant to feed migrants in Calais only once a day. But their white vans criss-cross the town from morning till night and beyond, and they provide far more help than this.
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Immigration abroad – corruption, Mexico
Government is corrupt but so are citizens
Mexico News Daily, 15 April 2017.

Although Mexicans regard their government as "highly corrupt" they themselves accept having to pay bribes and avoid paying taxes and public transit fares, according to a study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Integrity Review of Mexico. Taking a Stronger Stance Against Corruption found that 33% of those polled had paid bribes in education, law enforcement, medical and health services, police, permits, taxes and public services sectors.

It also found that bribery is far more commonplace in Mexico than in other OECD member countries.

Ten per cent of OECD respondents had bribed police officers during the last year, but in Mexico the figure was 60%. The OECD average for bribes paid to law enforcement was 10%. In Mexico it was 55%. ...

The study remarked that "there exists a strong perception that the citizens of Mexico are apathetic with regard to corruption."
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Employment – wages
Mass immigration threatens the UK's booming economy
Stephen Pollard
Daily Express, 14 April 2017.

Unemployment is at its lowest in absolute terms for a decade.

But there are still 1.56 million working age Britons – between 16 and 64 – who are not in work.

Now consider this: the latest figures show that one in nine workers is a migrant.

Last year, 3.4 million of the 30.3 million workforce were born abroad with 2.2 million of them coming from the EU.

That is double the number from just six years ago in 2010, when 1.1 million workers came from the EU.

Back then 2.2 million of our 28.2 million employees were migrants.

And the numbers and the scale of increase are startling.

In 1997, when Tony Blair first won power, about three per cent of the workforce came from overseas.

And that was unusually high compared with previous decades.

Today, the ONS figures show that 11.2 per cent of people working in Britain are foreign nationals. ...

If wages are depressed because of politically mandated over-supply of labour, workers will struggle.

They won't then be able to spend enough to drive growth.

It is just as rational for the EU nationals who move here but who do not have a job.

The same ONS figures show that one in seven EU migrants to the UK of working age does not work.

In other words, of the 2.73 million EU nationals here aged between 16 and 64, 390,000 are what is termed "inactive".

They are eligible to apply for jobseekers' allowance, child benefit, child tax credits and sickness benefits.

The European Court of Justice has held that all they need to do is show that they are looking for work. But while it is perfectly rational for them it is anything but for us.

In other words, the unending supply of foreign labour means that employers know they can pay low wages because there will always be someone desperate enough to take the job. ...

As Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, put it last year, the level of foreign migration is dampening wages across the economy, threatening the very economic growth that has created the jobs they are taking in the first place.

The extra workers from the EU had "contained wage growth in the face of robust employment growth...

A key risk to the economy is that these subdued growth rates continue".

And so we will all suffer. (And that's without even considering the impact of large-scale immigration on public services.) ...

The key point is the damage done by unfettered immigration.
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Diversity – education, USA
Universities require scholars pledge commitment to diversity
Kate Hardiman
The College Fix, 14 April 2017.

Universities are increasingly relying on "diversity statements" for faculty hiring and promotion, according to a new report from the Oregon Association of Scholars.

These statements have strong ties to liberal ideology, such as the assumption of group victimization and claims for group-based entitlements, effectively making them "partisan litmus tests" to "weed out non-left wing scholars," the association states in its report. ...

A focus on "racial oppression, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and other commonly recognized forms of oppression" has also been outlined as good fodder for diversity statements, according to a column in Inside Higher Ed.

More than 20 colleges have a stated requirement that faculty must show their commitment to the ideals of "diversity, equity, and inclusion," reports the Oregon Association of Scholars. The actual figure is likely much higher, however. A quick google search of a school's name and "diversity statement" reveals that many institutions require such statements for entrance into PhD programs or application for faculty positions.
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Employment – EU migrants, unemployment
EU migrants without a job make up city the size of Bristol
Gordon Rayner
Daily Telegraph, 13 April 2017.

EU migrants of working age living in the UK who do not have a job account for a city the size of Bristol, new figures have revealed.

One in seven of the 2,733,000 EU migrants aged 16-64 - a total of 390,000 - are unemployed or "inactive".

A survey by the Office for National Statistics does not give a breakdown of how many claim benefits, but those who are unemployed will be eligible for jobseeker's allowance and may also claim housing benefit and child benefit. People who are "inactive" include those claiming disability benefits.

Brexit campaigners said the figures showed the need to freeze migration for unskilled workers after Britain leaves the EU. ...

The survey is the first time the ONS has compiled comprehensive figures on unemployment among migrants. ...

A total of 3.4 million people working in Britain last year were from abroad, equating to 11 per cent of the total workforce. They comprised 2.2 million EU nationals and 1.2 million non-EU nationals.
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Asylum – discrimination
UK discriminates against Christian refugees from Syria, claims former Archbishop of Canterbury
Charlotte England
Independent, 13 April 2017.

The British government is failing Christian refugees from Syria, a former Archbishop of Canterbury has claimed.

Lord George Carey alleged that "politically correct" officials were "institutionally biased" against Christian refugees, who are not being resettled in the UK at the same rate as Muslim refugees.

According to the retired Anglican bishop, minority groups find it more difficult to access UNHCR-run camps in countries bordering Syria, which means they are less likely to be included in official schemes which would bring them to the UK.

The 81-year-old said a failure to address this amounted to potentially unlawful discrimination by the British government, which would be legally obligated to act if it admitted Christians in the Middle East were facing genocide.

In a letter published in full by the Telegraph, Lord Carey said: "It is distressing beyond belief to know that the steady 'crucifixion' of Middle East Christians continues.

"In the run-up to Easter British taxpayers will be appalled by this institutional bias against Christians by politically-correct officials."

He suggested government workers have a "politically-correct phobia of avoiding any risk of being perceived as anti-Muslim".

He added: "The Muslim victims of the conflict in the Middle East deserve the same compassion as the minority victims. But at the moment they are receiving greater support than the minorities which are targeted by Muslim extremists".

Official figures show that less than 1 per cent of Syrian refugees resettled under a flagship Government scheme in the third quarter of last year were Christians – in real terms that amounted to just 13 of 1,583 refugees accepted – despite the minority group making up around 10 per cent of the Syrian population before the civil war began in 2011. ...

But Lord Carey said Muslim officials "invariably" ran UN camps, which prevented Christian refugees from seeking help there.
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Britain hit by surge in violent crime: senior officers criticised for ignoring basics as gun and knife offences soar
Gordon Rayner, Kate McCann and Martin Evans
Daily Telegraph, 13 April 2017.

Britain is in the grip of a sudden surge in violent crime, Scotland Yard warned yesterday, amid criticism of senior officers.

Following years of decline in gun and knife crime, the Metropolitan Police reported a leap in recorded offences in the capital, with gun crime rising by 42 per cent year on year and knife crime up by 24 per cent.

Sex offences, robberies and assaults also increased.

The force said the pattern was being repeated around the country and referred to "significant reductions in resources" in its official explanation of the figures. ...

Meanwhile, an official report published by HM Inspector of Constabulary yesterday said the Met's approach to dealing with serious and organised crime was "not as effective as it could be". ...

Colin Sutton, a retired detective chief inspector who solved some of the Met's most notorious cases, said a decision to reduce "stop and search", as well as mis-spent resources, was the real reason for the crime wave. He said: "The priorities seem to have gone a little bit awry in recent years. Things that do not impact the lives of the majority of people have been given too much emphasis."
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Immigration abroad – crime, Sudanese, Australia
Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun, 13 April 2017.

After years of evasions, Victoria Police reveals the full catastrophe of the Howard Government's decision to let in poorly educated Sudanese refugees from tribal war zones who'd struggle to fit in.

Sudanese make up just 0.11 per cent of Victoria's population but 4.8 per cent of aggravated burglary offenders.

That makes them 44 times more likely to break the law.

Then there are these statistics:

But Sudanese youths were vastly over-represented in the 2015 data, responsible for 7.44 per cent of home invasions, 5.65 per cent of car thefts and 13.9 per cent of aggravated robberies, despite Sudanese-born citizens making up about 0.11 per cent of Victoria's population.

Nearly 70 times more likely, then, to commit a home invasion than are Australian-born youths.

Yes, most Sudanese do not break the law. Yes, it is nice to help the victims of war. But why have we put so many Victorians in danger by letting in people who so plainly would struggle to adapt?

And why the years of falsehoods and coverup?

Remember the falsehoods once spread by then Chief Commissioner of police Christine Nixon, after Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said Sudanese crime rates were too high and he was cutting the immigration intake?: ...

Nixon claimed Andrews was wrong about Sudanese crime rates: "They're not, in a sense, represented more than the proportion of them in the population."

A police multicultural liaison officer agreed: "There's an under-representation of the Sudanese in crime stats." ...

But remember also how the multicultural lobby and media Left vilified Andrews for telling the truth and trying to stop us from importing even more danger? ...

Where are the apologies?
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Benefits and costs – housing
Every Flat in a New South London Development Has Been Sold to Foreign Investors
Andy Jones
Vice, 13 April 2017.

When Elephant and Castle's Heygate Estate was eventually torn down in 2014, many tenants were forcibly evicted from their homes, given compensation at less than 40 percent of the market value. In its place, Londoners were promised a shiny new development that would provide affordable, accessible homes for key workers desperate to get on the property ladder.

As the first properties hit the market, a report claims that 100 percent of those sold so far have gone to offshore foreign investors.

Heygate, while a home for 3,000 Londoners, also had a bad reputation. ...

Eventually, Southwark Council decided it would tear the estate down and start again. In 2002, the council – which sold the land for just £50 million, yet spent almost as much on forcing through the development itself – announced that the new site of around 2,530 homes would host 500 social housing units. Yet by the time successful bidder, Lendlease, unveiled its final plans, just 82 were put aside for the people they'd turfed out. ...

Terry Redpath, a former Southwark housing officer, lived on the estate for nearly 50 years. He told a BBC documentary at the time, "I have been forced to give up my home to accommodate the building of homes for overseas investors."

Four years on, Mr Redpath has been proven right.
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Immigration abroad – illegal immigration, USA
Why Sanctuary Cities Encourage Illegal Immigration
James W. Lucas
American Thinker, 13 April 2017.

Numerous cities have declared themselves to be "sanctuary cities," where local police are forbidden to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in enforcing our national immigration laws. Legislation is now moving through the California legislature to implement such a policy throughout that entire state. Why this energy to protect violators of our laws? Oddly, the answer goes back to the founding. ...

... As a result, the Census Bureau explicitly includes both legal non-citizen and undocumented residents in the census.

In our era of historically high immigration, this has a major impact on legislative apportionment because these immigrants are very unevenly distributed. The Census Bureau estimates that the proportion of non-citizen population in the states varies from 14% in California to less than 1% in West Virginia. This has a direct impact on the states' political power. California, on its way to becoming the first sanctuary state, has five or six more members of the House (and consequently Electoral College votes) counting its non-citizen population than if House seats and Electoral College votes were based on only citizen population. No wonder California politicians favor illegal immigration.
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Population – birth rate, house prices
Soaring house prices fuel drop in birth rate - as young renters in 20s are put off having a family
Mark Waghorn
Mirror, 12 April 2017.

Soaring house prices are fuelling the drop in England's birth rate, according to new research.

The boom in property prices mean that young renters in their 20s put off having a family.

But once a couple own their own home the rise in value gives them the confidence to start a family.

According to Land Registry data, average house prices in England have soared almost four times between 1995 and 2013, from £67,000 to £234,000, increasing more than ten times in some counties.

The inevitable effects on households' wealth and disposable income suggest a "plausible link" with having children, said economist Cevat Aksoy.

He worked out a 10 percent increase in house prices leads to 2.8 per cent more births among home owners - but 4.9 percent fewer among renters.

Mr Akjsoy said combining these calculations leads to a 1.3% fall in the overall English birth rate.

This may be because the increased wealth of home owners allows them to start a family, while private renters put off having kids until they are on the property ladder.

Mr Aksoy, of the London School of Economics, also showed the phenomenon among renters is mainly driven by those aged 20 to 29. ...

The birth rate in England is now more than a fifth below the peak seen during the 1960s baby boom.
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Multiculturalism – education, history, national identity
The history curriculum has a Western bias – that needs to change
Sameena Choudry
Schools Week, 12 April 2017.
[Additional material from Robin Whitburn and Malachi McIntosh]

One of the striking omissions when I studied A-level history was the lack of opportunity to study anything of my own heritage or of other non-western civilisations. And in the few opportunities that there were, the story was always told from a western perspective.

This bias in history and across the curriculum has a profound effect on not only what you learn, but the lack of value you feel about yourself and the community you come from. ...

The teaching of migration has been, at most, an intermittent feature in British schools. From the 1980s onwards it found a more solid place on the curriculum. But still, when it has appeared, it has done so mostly as an under-integrated topic often connected to Black History Month and leaving out centuries of events and large chunks of the globe. ...

Local, independent initiatives – not least through weekend supplementary schools and the heritage sector – have long been strong, but it wasn't until the 2014 history curriculum that the potential emerged to cover this material in a sustained way. Even this was far from smooth, with a large group of vocal and committed historians uniting to oppose Michael Gove's draft curriculum, which explicitly aimed to promote national identity through focus on events that happened on "our island".

As part of the new GCSE history syllabus introduced in 2016 by OCR and AQA, there are now modules on migration in Britain. This gives teachers the chance to sensitively explore that migration to Britain is not new, but the norm over centuries – largely because of the desire of humans to have a better life for themselves or, in many cases, to seek refuge from war or hostile situations.

The common experience of migration – the African presence of the 13th century; the Romani Gypsies in the 16th century; Eastern Europeans in 2004 – provides an opportunity for pupils to gain an insight to the human condition. ...

What is needed at this time in our history (or her story) is for all pupils to understand the many reasons for migration over the centuries, so they gain a long view of history. As such they will be better equipped to navigate the future with compassion and mutual respect, rather than be divided along the lines of difference and separation.
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Terrorism – extremism, tolerance, Islam, Islamophobia
Please, no more vigils – now it's time to get angry
Allison Pearson
Daily Telegraph, 12 April 2017.

I'm sorry if I sound bitter, but it becomes harder and harder to ward off cynicism when each terrorist attack in Western Europe meets with the same dishonest and evasive response.

The first thing that happens just after a massacre (a word that is never, ever used, please note) is the gore and brutality are played down. We are allowed to look upon gassed twins in Syria, their lovely faces growing pinched and waxen in their father's arms, but a curtain must be drawn over the maimed bodies of our own victims. As swiftly as is feasible, once they have removed the corpses and power-hosed the blood, attention turns to feel-good stories of heroism and survival. The passive tense is adopted in news reports. French teenagers deliberately mown down by a car travelling at 76mph on the pavement of Westminster Bridge are "caught up in the violence". Exactly like that 11-year-old girl in Stockholm on Friday.

Except she wasn't "caught up in the violence", was she? The poor child was murdered in broad daylight on a main street of the capital city of a country that has done more than any other to welcome Muslim asylum seekers by a failed Muslim asylum seeker. ...

... But please, don't concern yourselves. The attacker is a "lone wolf". Invariably, he has "mental health issues", and his behaviour is not linked to a particular religion or ideology.

Quite soon after, it emerges that the wolf may not have been so lonesome after all. At the weekend, for example, we found out that Westminster attacker Masood worked as a volunteer at a mosque in Luton. On Channel 4 News, Haras Rafiq, head of the Quilliam Foundation, coldly discounted the mosque's protestations, saying: "The problem is that the very creed, what the people at the Luton mosque believe in, is extreme, is fundamental and will drive people to radicalisation." ...

No worries. Please be calm. Forget the extremist imams who keep their followers in a resentful, kuffar-hating ghetto and prevent integration. Forget the 400 jihadists returned from Syria to the UK and only 54 of them prosecuted (where are the other 346?). Forget our brilliant security services struggling to keep tabs on all the people who hate us. /.../ What matters, what really matters at this juncture, is "a worrying increase in hate crime".

Step forward one of the usual suspects – Chuka Umunna, Shami Chakrabarti, take your pick – to warn us that the British people are guilty of Islamophobia. In vain do you shout at the television that the British people are the victims of hate crime, not its perpetrators. Even the most tactful attempt to express legitimate concerns is deemed to stigmatise all Muslims, so people stop trying. ...

I wonder, how much longer do you reckon the British people will allow themselves to be sedated? ...

Liberal societies find themselves in the most damnable bind imaginable, their finest instincts twisted against them. The great philosopher Karl Popper put it unimprovably: "If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them."
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Immigration – statistics
Immigration could be even higher than official figures show – because migrants arriving at night aren't being counted
Steve Hawkes
The Sun, 11 April 2017.

Immigration may be even higher than figures show because penpushers aren't picking up all migrants arriving at night – it has emerged.

The Office for National Statistics revealed plans to launch new checks on night-time flights in and out of the UK.

Currently, official migration statistics are based on random samples of passengers arriving into Britain between 6am and 10pm.

This sample is then 'weighted' to try and give a representative figure for the entire day. ...

But Heathrow has 16 flights arriving every day between 4.30am and 6am – largely from south-east Asia. ...

The ONS insisted the numbers "missed" during the night would not change overall migration figures because of the accuracy of its modelling.

But separate figures suggested as many as 40,000 foreign students who arrived in 2015 are 'unaccounted for'. ...

Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics at King's College, London told the Sun the new ONS checks could even show net migration is LOWER than believed – by discovering more students are leaving the country than are currently picked up in the official figures. ...

Migration Watch argues that as many as a half of non-EU students overstay their visas OR end up living in Britain after coming to study – figures fiercely denied by higher education sector.

The ONS said that of the 112,000 non-EU students who came to Britain to study in 2015 – at least 11,000 were granted valid leave to remain or were granted asylum.

It added that some may have left the via "un-sampled ports" via the soft border in Ireland or on "out of hour flights".
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Immigration abroad – extremists, deportation, Sweden
Sweden's police chief calls for Islamic extremists to be deported after attack 'by failed asylum seeker'... then is warned HE faces investigation
Jake Wallis Simons
MailOnline, 11 April 2017.

A Swedish police chief is being hauled in front of the country's Attorney General for daring to suggest that Islamic extremists should be deported.

Erik Nord, chief of Gothenburg police, said in a tweet: 'Not that it would have stopped Friday night's attack, but shouldn't we be able to withdraw visas from those who support violent extremism?' ...

Speaking to the Expressen newspaper, the police chief explained that he did not oppose Muslims in general but believed that those who supported terror should not be given a taxpayer-funded home in Sweden. ...

As many as 12,000 migrants have been issued with expulsion orders but have simply vanished within the large migrant population.
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Immigration abroad – asylum, cost, Italy
Italy approves measures to accelerate asylum procedures
Reuters, 11 April 2017.

Italy's parliament approved on Tuesday measures to accelerate asylum procedures, cutting the number of possible appeals and speeding up deportations of rejected migrants.

Since 2014 the number of migrants reaching Italy's shores has surged, with half a million arriving in the country, and under European Union law Italy has to set up so-called "hotspots" where migrants with the right of asylum are set apart from those without.

As a result, Italy's asylum applications have jumped, burdening the national civil courts and with procedures further delayed by appeals that can take years.

Under the new rules the asylum ruling can be appealed only once, instead of twice, and the request has to be submitted within a month. ...

Italy has estimated that it will spend about 3.9 billion euros ($4.1 billion) this year on managing immigration, almost three times as much as in 2013. The annual bill could rise to 4.3 billion euros if arrivals increase, the equivalent to a quarter of the country's annual spending on defence.
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Immigration – Scotland, EU migrants, public opinion
New poll reveals Scottish voters take hard line on immigrants despite SNP claim
Ben Borland
Daily Express, 10 April 2017.

Most Scots think jobless EU migrants should be sent back to their home country after Brexit, according to a shock new opinion poll. ...

A survey funded by Brexit campaigner Mev Brown found 45 per cent of voters agreed that EU citizens out of work for six months or more should have to return to their country of origin.

A further 30 per cent think the long term unemployed should have to apply for a visa while 25 per cent think they should be allowed to remain indefinitely.

The BMG poll of 1,041 Scots voters carried out last week also found that 46 per cent believe homeless EU migrants or those living in temporary accommodation should be sent packing after Brexit.

A further 28 per cent think they should have to apply for a visa while 27 per cent think they should be given the right to remain.

When it comes to convicted criminals from the EU, an overwhelming 81 per cent of Scots believe they should have to return to their country of origin.

Only seven per cent believe convicted criminals should be allowed to stay without question, while 13 per cent think they should have to apply for a visa.

EU citizens in full or part time work and claiming in-work benefits should be given the right to remain indefinitely, according to 46 per cent of Scots.

However, 42 per cent believe they should have to apply for a visa in order to stay after Brexit and 12 per cent believe they should return home.

The biggest vote of confidence was for EU migrants in full or part time work who are not claiming any benefits, with 71 per cent backing them to stay.

A further 26 per cent believe this group should have to apply for a visa, while only two per cent think they should be asked to leave Scotland.
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Immigration abroad – Sweden
Sweden will 'never go back' to the days of mass immigration after failed asylum seeker launched Friday's truck attack in Stockholm, says the country's shell-shocked PM
Arthur Martin and Mario Ledwith
Daily Mail, 10 April 2017.

The Prime Minister of Sweden has vowed his country will 'never go back' to recent levels of mass immigration after it emerged the terrorist who killed four people in a truck attack was a failed asylum seeker.

Stefan Löfven pledged to change his country's liberal attitude, insisting the massive influx allowed during the 2015 migrant crisis would never happen again.

Rakhmat Akilov, from Uzbekistan, hijacked the lorry and deliberately drove into pedestrians on central Stockholm's main shopping street on Friday afternoon. ...

But it emerged yesterday Swedish authorities had given Akilov four weeks to leave Sweden after his final asylum appeal failed in December.

He was being sought by police and immigration officials for deportation – but evaded them simply by giving a false address. ...

There are more than 3,000 migrants living unlawfully in Stockholm alone, police said.
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Multiculturalism – mass immigration, Europe
Red Bull Boss Slams Mass Migration, Forced Multiculturalism in Europe
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 10 April 2017.

In a rare interview, Red Bull boss and Austria's richest man Dietrich Mateschitz has slammed mass migration and political correctness, warning they threaten to destroy Europe's true cultural diversity.

Speaking to Kleine Zeitung, the Formula 1 investor called the decision of key politicians to open the borders – which resulted in Europe's migration crisis – "unpardonable", noting that "if a company were to make mistakes on the same scale, it would have gone broke".

Highlighting the "hypocrisies" of what he called the "refugees welcome brigade" with regards to migration, Mateschitz said: "I am talking about the fact that none of the people shouting 'refugees welcome' or [Chancellor Angela Merkel's famous phrase] 'we can do it' were preparing their own guest rooms or tents in their gardens to accommodate half a dozen migrants.

"Even then it was clear to everyone that most of the people [arriving in the continent] did not correspond to the definition of the refugee. ...

"I hope I'm not the only one who's worried that one of the highest officials in Brussels said that countries which aren't multicultural should be wiped off the map", Mateschitz told the newspaper, possibly alluding to comments made by European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans in 2015.

"Any society, anywhere in the world, will be diverse in the future – that's the future of the world," Timmermans said, demanding that Eastern and Central EU nations undergo similar demographic transitions to Western Europe.
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Racism – India
'Indians perceive themselves as being the perfect shade of white': How India invented a democratic racism that targets whites and blacks equally
Palash Krishna Mehrotra
MailOnline, 10 April 2017.

The attacks on Africans in Greater Noida again remind us of the racism latent in Indian society.

To understand Indian racism, we need to understand two aspects of it: our notions of whiteness, and our obsession with an abstract notion found on matrimonial websites: 'moderate template'.

Besides these, perhaps it's not surprising that a society, which already has hierarchical prejudice built into its core - caste - will also practice other forms of discrimination.

To a Caucasian, Indian racism is laughable because we are dark-skinned ourselves. It's a case of the kettle calling the pot black.

But the self-image that Indians have of themselves is something else. We perceive ourselves as being the perfect shade of white - the most perfect shade ever invented by god. ...

To make sense of Indian racism, how about this: We are racist towards whites too.

This is because the Indian thinks that his complexion is the right shade of white. ...

Caucasians are pink and that is not kosher white as far as Indians are concerned.

We Indians have invented the most democratic racism in the world, which targets whites and blacks equally. Indian brownness, aided by fairness creams, is the just-right amount of whiteness.
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Terrorism – Islam
Westminster Terrorist Linked to Salafi Luton Imam Paid by Taxpayers to Fight Extremism
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 10 April 2017.

The Westminster terrorist has been linked to the "Salafi" Luton Islamic Centre, which published extremist material whilst its leaders received £75,000 of public money, including sums for "preventing violent radicalisation".

Khalid Masood was listed as a contact for the recently deleted website of the hard-line mosque. ...

The mosque's website had uploaded sermons attacking Christians and Jews for their "greed, jealousy and fornication", as well as urging followers to "make ready... steeds of war to threaten the enemy of Allah", The Sunday Times reports.

A journalist from the paper found Mr. Masood's phone number and name on leaflets in the mosque promoting the website. The mosque claimed they were planted but did not deny Mr. Masood worshipped there. ...

Despite the mosque's record, Mr. Baksh was able to secure huge sums of money for his "community work" including allegedly fighting extremism.

The radical imam and another director of the mosque ran an English language school described as a "branch of" a charity called the Ethnic Minority Training Project that has received at least £75,000 of public money.

Mr. Masood was a teacher at the school before becoming a terrorist.
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Asylum – housing
Our treatment of asylum seekers isn't a scandal – it's sensible
Tim Worstall
CapX, 10 April 2017.
[Tim Worstall is senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute]

The latest thing we have to abnegate ourselves over is this idea that asylum seekers are only being offered the cheap seats in British society. According to the usual sources this is a matter of shame. So I hope we all do feel suitably ill at ease with ourselves?

The actual complaint is, according to an investigation by The Guardian, that five times as many asylum seekers live in the poorest third of the country as in the richest third. This is something which seems terribly sensible to me, but for The Guardian it is front-page news which MPs have denounced as "a deeply unfair shambles".

Just so that everyone's clear what an asylum seeker is, it is someone who has a well-founded fear of death, mutilation or oppression if they stay at home. At least that's what a successful asylum seeker will be, once we've weeded out those who are just economic migrants. ...

But do note what our duty is. It is to take in and care for asylum seekers. All of this happens at our expense. We can, as we do, decide upon status at some point after the initial claim is made and it is certainly possible that we could be a bit more efficient at that. For, once their claim of asylum is accepted, people can go out to work in the normal economy and provide for themselves. But until then bed and board is, as it should be, on our tab.

At which point why they're in the cheap areas of the country rather than the expensive should be obvious. We're not going to put them up in Eaton Square, are we? ...

So, yes, of course people are going to be shunted off into those cheap seats. Why would we even dream of paying for rent in London when we could house 10 times the number of asylum seekers in Rochdale for the same sum?
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Immigration abroad – crime, arrests, USA
Foreigners Now Account for 61% of Federal Arrests
Ian Mason
Breitbart, 10 April 2017.

The Pew Research Center released an analysis of Justice Department numbers Monday showing a massive increase in the prominence of immigration-related offenses in federal law enforcement.

Pew cited a report released last month by the Bureau of Justice Statistics to show that immigration offenses accounted for fully half of federal arrests in 2014, up from only 28% a decade earlier. Consequently, the Department of Homeland Security, which includes Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), now makes more arrests than the FBI, DEA, BATFE, U.S. Marshal's Service, and all other branches of the Justice Department combined. ...

Driven by this massive increase in immigration arrests, a staggering 61% of federal arrests are now of non-U.S. citizens. These arrests, mostly for immigration offenses, but including thousands for other crimes, do not include the hundreds of thousands of non-criminal apprehensions of illegal aliens each year.

Illegal aliens made up an equally shocking 37% of all criminal defendants in federal district courts in 2014. ...

Pew notes that, by their estimates, federal arrests make up only a little more than one percent of the total arrests in the United States each year, local and state law enforcement being responsible for the vast majority of arrests.

While the numbers in the BJS report accurately reflect the federal criminal justice system, wider estimates of the proportions of crime committed by illegal aliens are hard to come by. Reporting across the nation's hundreds of law enforcement agencies is inconsistent and incomplete. So-called "sanctuary" jurisdictions also refuse to report on their arrestees' immigration status as a matter of policy, hindering federal efforts to collect statistics and enforce immigration laws.
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Immigration – public opinion
Tory voters' hard line on immigration gives Theresa May a Brexit headache
Charlie Cooper
Politico, 9 April 2017.

Theresa May risks being held hostage by her own voters in Brexit negotiations, according to new polling data that shows Conservative supporters oppose any immigration system that does not lead to a sustained fall in the number of migrants coming to the U.K. ...

However, new polling data from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQRR), shared exclusively with POLITICO, reveals that a majority of Conservative voters want to see migration fall rather than fluctuate regardless of any mitigating factors – such as a guarantee that migrants have a job in Britain before they arrive – that might form part of a post-Brexit visa arrangement for EU citizens. ...

... Overall, 58 percent of the people surveyed agreed it is "essential" for the immigration system to bring down the number of migrants, against only 18 percent who disagreed. Among Conservative voters, 76 percent said immigration levels must fall. ...

Among Conservative voters, 55 percent want to see immigration levels continue to fall rather than fluctuate, even if migrants have a job or skills, and 62 percent want to see levels continue to fall even if migrants don't receive benefits for several years. ...

Labour voters take a softer stance on immigration, according to the poll.

While 48 percent think it is "essential" that migrant numbers fall from current levels, a majority – 51 percent – would be content to see immigration levels fluctuate if migrants had a job to come to or skills Britain needs.

A majority of Labour voters – 53 percent – would also support immigration continuing to rise and fall, so long as employers were not allowed to undercut the wages of British workers; a policy goal that has been prioritized by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
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Immigration – proposed reduction
Unskilled workers should be banned from entering UK for FIVE YEARS say top Brexit think-tank
David Wooding
The Sun, 9 April 2017.

Unskilled migrants would be banned from entering Britain for five years, under a Brexit blueprint to be unveiled this week.

It would help the government finally to hit its 2010 election pledge by cutting the annual number of arrivals to 50,000.

The new "fair, flexible and forward-thinking" immigration policy would guarantee all migrants the same rights as Brits after five years.

But they would only be allowed in if they have passed an English language test and have the offer of a job with a salary of at least £35,000.

And they would have to take out a five-year private health insurance policy to prevent dependency on the NHS until they are qualified settlers.

The plan, drawn up by the Brexit think tank Leave Means Leave, has received the backing of several high-profile Tories. ...

MEP Steven Woolfe drew up the proposals in his first major intervention since quitting Ukip. ...

Former Tory Cabinet minister Owen Paterson said: "The overwhelming majority of Britons feel absolutely no resentment towards workers or students from overseas.

"But mass migration at its current level has fostered resentment, depressed wages and place an excessive burden on our public services.

"We have to do more to address the uncontrolled flow of unskilled labour and, in doing so, win back the trust of the British people."
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Immigration abroad – public opinion, Germany
Majority of Germans feel they cannot take in any more refugees, survey finds
James Rothwell
Daily Telegraph, 8 April 2017.

A majority of Germans have for the first time said the country cannot take in any more refugees, according to a recent survey.

A study by the Bertelsmann Foundation found that a vast majority of Germans still say immigrants and refugees are "very welcome, or quite welcome."

But the number of people who felt Germany had reached the point where it could no longer take in refugees had risen to 54 per cent, up from just 40 per cent in 2015.

"Many feel that the maximum limit has been reached," said the report, "The readiness to take in more refugees has significantly fallen." ...

The study was released shortly after an interview Mrs Merkel gave to a Syrian journalist in which she said refugees must respect tolerance, openness and freedom of religion.

"We expect the people who come to us to stick to our law," she said.
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Employment – National Health Service, English language
It's not racist to want NHS nurses to speak English
Dr Max Pemberton
Daily Mail, 8 April 2017.

There's no doubt that without foreign workers the NHS would collapse. ...

In fact, just over 25 per cent of the NHS medical workforce is from outside the EU – countries such as India – compared with the 10 per cent from the EU.

But why is the UK so reliant on staff from overseas in the first place? What happened? ...

The current situation in which the NHS needs to recruit staff from all over the world, while celebrated by some of the liberal elite as evidence of how 'inclusive' and 'tolerant' we are as a nation, makes me profoundly uncomfortable.

Why is it celebrated that we effectively steal the best medical staff from impoverished, struggling countries? Why is it that we have to import staff – who may not fully understand the language, culture or practices of our country – as a matter of routine?

A House of Lords committee has now waded into the issue, saying that the NHS is 'too reliant' on foreign staff and blamed successive governments for failing to plan. It argues that our reliance on foreign workers is the biggest threat to the NHS.

I completely agree. I've seen this myself in psychiatry. In some areas of the country, nearly half of posts are unfilled simply because there aren't the staff for them. This means trusts increasingly have to recruit from abroad.

Things are so dire that they will employ people who, frankly, I wouldn't trust to look after my goldfish. ...

In one hospital where I worked, they recruited health care assistants (HCAs) from outside the EU. The interview was conducted in local dialect by a local recruiter, and one of the HCAs arrived not being able to speak a word of English. Not a word. ...

How could she be expected to take blood pressure readings, record the results and then tell me if there was a problem? How could she reassure anxious patients if she could not even speak to them?

Recently, a wholly unhelpful sensitivity has sprung up around talking about this, yet it has to be said: many of these recruits struggle with English, have limited written communication skills and are from different cultures with different attitudes and beliefs. Why is it considered racist to be concerned that patients can't understand the nurse trying to explain something to them? ...

Rather than giving ourselves a self-satisfied pat on the back that we employ staff from all over the world, we should acknowledge that the reason we do this is because of our own ineptitude at workforce planning and hang our heads in shame.
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Benefits and costs – housing
Now foreigners buy up the North: They nab 94% of new Manchester tower block where 282 flats were supposed to help locals get onto housing ladder
James Tozer and Charlie Moore
Daily Mail, 8 April 2017.

With 282 flats, Manchester's 'landmark' tower was supposed to help locals taking their first step onto the housing ladder.

But with all but 11 of the flats sold, 93.9 per cent of buyers at the 29-storey One Cambridge Street development are from overseas.

In an extraordinary United Nations of ownership, they come from 18 countries including Slovenia, Zimbabwe, Bahrain and Malaysia.

And while some flats are rented out, many are thought to be lying empty as investments that buyers hope will enable them to cash in on the UK property market.

Critics say the block is just one dramatic example of how foreigners are increasingly pricing locals out of the property market, a trend which they warn will eventually turn Britain into 'a nation of tenants'. ...

Now campaigners are calling on ministers to place restrictions on foreign investors buying UK property, following the example of countries including Australia, Italy and Singapore. ...

Research in 2014 found that 51 per cent of prime Central London property had been sold to overseas buyers over the past 12 months, rising to 80 per cent for prime new-build properties in the capital.
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Terrorism – prisons, Islam, political correctness, racism
The next terror attack in a jail is waiting to happen
Ian Acheson
The Spectator, 8 April 2017.
[Ian Acheson is a former prison governor and senior Home Office official]

In response to the Westminster attack, a 100-strong new counter-extremism taskforce has been announced to deal with the terrorist threat in prisons. I'm taking some credit for this badly needed focus. ...

Gathering information was a complex task for a small team. We quizzed officials, made dozens of prison visits, analysed intelligence provided by the prison service and other agencies, and surveyed the 40,000 people who work inside the criminal justice sprawl. We were looking for the gap between capability and need; what we found was a chasm.

Prison is an ideal environment for the death-cult ideology of Islamist extremism to flourish. If you confine violent, credulous and impulsive young men hunting for power and meaning with charismatic and psychologically manipulative extremists, you have the right ingredients. Add in the grievance narrative that is the IS trademark, a dash of conspiracy theory, and lace with the glamour of extreme violence and you have the perfect recipe for Islamism.

We saw it taking hold in several prisons. We had corroborating evidence from hundreds of staff who felt unsupported and lacked the skills to cope with this new challenge. Worse still, we were told on countless occasions that prison officers did not confront hateful ideas on the landings for fear of being accused of being racist by Muslim prisoners. Without any credible counter-narrative or effective staff training, the infection of Islamist extremism was – is – spreading through the system unchecked. ...

At the prison service headquarters, we encountered a lethal combination of arrogance, defensiveness and ineptitude. There was no coherent strategy to deal with extremism and risk-assessment processes all seemed to focus on the 'vulnerability' of prisoners to radicalisation, and not on the actual harm Islamists could do. We often received lawyerly evasive verbiage in response to straight questions. The usual approach was insouciance and denial. 'Institutional timidity', I called it. Dame Louise Casey has highlighted this phenomenon across public services, a prioritising of political correctness and cultural relativism above the need to take decisive action to keep people safe.
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Multiculturalism – integration, public opinion
Shocking lack of integration in Britain revealed as report claims HALF of UK's black population live in just 19 boroughs
Steve Hawkes
The Sun, 7 April 2017.

Britain is so divided one in four white Brits barely even see a black or Asian person in their neighbourhood, a report today claims.

The Opinium research group said the country was riven by "clusters" – with half of Britain's black population living in just 19 English boroughs.

And it said polling showed white Britons and ethnic minorities blame each other for the lack of integration in society.

Some 52 per cent of white Brits feel ethnic minorities aren't trying to join in – while a third of minorities believe the biggest barrier to integration is because they will never be accepted by whites.

The think tank added that nearly four in ten of ethnic minority Brits believe the country's integration crisis is being caused by – large numbers of ethnic minorities eroding British culture.
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Crime – violence, forced marriage, London
Revealed: girl aged six among victims of 'honour crime' in London
David Churchill
Evening Standard (London), 7 April 2017.

Children younger than 10 are among hundreds of suspected forced marriage and "honour" crime victims in London.

The tally, in police statistics obtained by the Standard, paints a detailed picture of the scale of so-called "honour" crimes in the capital, the range of violence inflicted and the backgrounds of victims and their abusers.

It can be revealed that reports of "honour" violence soared more than 40 per cent over the past five years, with 1,081 made to Scotland Yard. Those relating to forced marriages doubled in the same period, with 367 in total.

Women and girls overwhelmingly form the majority of reported victims, with more than half coming from Asian backgrounds. ...

Politicians and charity leaders today called the findings "troubling", "shocking" and "abhorrent". ...

Detective chief inspector Sam Faulkner, of the Met's Community Safety Unit, said the crimes stem from communities using "cultural and/or religious justifications for male violence against women and girls and other people", often based on traditions whereby "an individual, family and community's honour is weighted on women and girls". ...

The majority of victims were aged between 10 and 40, but 17 were under 10.
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Racism – terrorism, Islam
'Racism' is no excuse for Islamist terrorism
Ken MacIntosh
Conservative Woman, 7 April 2017.

Following the naming of Akbarzhon Jalilov, a 22-year-old man from Kyrgyzstan, as being responsible for the bombing of the St Petersburg Metro on Monday, the Guardian has suggested that "racism", as experienced by the bomber, may be in part responsible for his actions. It states: "there have been reports of many [Muslims from Central Asia] becoming radicalised after moving to Russia, due to a combination of difficult living conditions and everyday racism".

Similar stories appeared after the attack perpetrated by Khalid Masood in Westminster last month. ...

In the cases of Jalilov and Masood, as with others before, we see the initiation of a narrative whereby attempts are made subtly to mitigate the actions of a very specific kind of mass murderer. Strangely, however, no mitigation is ever made for the supposed racists who provoke these highly sensitive individuals into committing this slaughter. ...

My point is not, of course, that white racist thugs should be excused because the things that Islamists do are worse. It's just that, as white racists are regarded as having sufficient agency to be fully responsible for their own actions, surely the same should apply (at the very least) to infinitely more dangerous Jihadists.

As I have previously written for TCW, the language used in sections of the liberal press to describe the process of Islamist radicalisation suggests that it is a passive act. Certain young Western Muslims "fall" into extremism. They are sucked into it, as though subject to some inexorable physical force over which they have no control. We are supposed to feel a certain pity for them. ...

Of course, when people cite "racism" as being a factor behind such atrocities, what they are really alluding to is culpability. Our culpability. That, somehow, it's our fault. We, be it Britain or Russia or whoever in Christendom, had it coming, kind of. The irony is that racism, or rather, 'culturalism', is a powerful factor behind such heinous terrorist acts. But it is the Islamists themselves who harbour the extremes of animus. Liberals need to attack Islamic bigotry (which has profound depths) with the same unconditional loathing they currently reserve for white/Western bigotry.
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Terrorism – blind hope
Berlin, Westminster, now Stockholm. On and on it goes
Douglas Murray
Spectator blog, 7 April 2017.

So this time it is Stockholm. ...

If there is nothing new to say it is because nobody has anything new to learn. On Wednesday of this week, two weeks to the day after Khalid Masood ploughed a car into the crowds on Westminster Bridge and stabbed PC Keith Palmer to death inside the gates of the Houses of Parliament, what was billed as a 'Service of Hope' took place in Westminster Abbey. One hopes that it consoled those injured and mourning. But the tone of the sermon by the Dean of Westminster suggested that the word 'blind' should perhaps have been put in before 'hope'.

In the sermon at the inter-faith service the Very Reverend John Hall said that Khalid Masood's attack had left the nation 'bewildered'. He went on to ask:

'What could possibly motivate a man to hire a car and take it from Birmingham to Brighton to London, and then drive it fast at people he had never met, couldn't possibly know, against whom he had no personal grudge, no reason to hate them and then run at the gates of the Palace of Westminster to cause another death? It seems likely that we shall never know.'
Indeed. 'Bewildered and hopeful' is as good an epitaph as anyone has come up with for this age.
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Racism – discrimination, employment tests
Immigration officers who claim promotion tests are discriminatory set to sue Home Office
Olivia Rudgard
Daily Telegraph, 6 April 2017.

Black immigration officers struggled to pass promotion exams because the tests were racist, a court has heard.

A group of 49 Home Office employees is now set to sue the Government over claims that the exams are discriminatory.

They have all failed the Core Skills Assessment test, which according to a report by a firm of occupational psychologists is significantly harder to pass if you are non-white or aged over 35.

According to their analysis the pass rate for non-white employees is just 40.3 per cent of that of white candidates. ...

Firms have examined the test, which employees needed to pass to be promoted to the Civil Service role of Executive Officer, but none have been able to work out why non-white and older people fail it more often.

The group will now sue the Government for compensation in the Employment Tribunal.

The Home Office argued that the employees needed to show why the test was discriminatory, but in a unanimous Supreme Court decision read by deputy president Lady Hale this was overruled. ...

Lawyers said the case meant employees could more easily bring a discrimination case under human rights law if they failed a test, as long as they could show that members of the same "protected" group were more likely to fail.
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Politics – Conservative Party
Drop the Target: Theresa May accused of 'sabotaging' Government plan to explain benefits of immigration
Andrew Grice
Independent, 6 April 2017.

A leaked document has exposed how Theresa May "sabotaged" a Government-wide plan to explain the benefits of immigration to the British public.

The Cabinet Office paper seen by The Independent suggests Ms May used her political clout to prevent the bid to explain the "positive impacts" immigrants bring the economy and NHS. ...

The Cabinet Office document leaked to The Independent reveals that the Home Office, then run by Ms May, refused to back a cross-departmental drive during the EU referendum about "the positive impacts that migration can have on the economy as a whole and on individual public services."

The aim was to "more effectively counteract the arguments of those advocating Leave." ...

Her allies insisted that David Cameron and George Osborne, not Ms May, decided not to return the Leave camp's fire on immigration. They believed it would dilute their message on the economy and merely draw more attention to immigration. ...

In 2015, Ms May said the evidence showed that while selective and controlled immigration had benefits, "at best the net economic and fiscal effect of high immigration is close to zero." She argued that there was "no case, in the national interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade." She added: "When immigration is too high, when the pace of change is too fast, it's impossible to build a cohesive society."
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Multiculturalism – births, Islam, Christianity
Islam set to become world's largest religion by 2075, study suggests
Harriet Sherwood
The Guardian, 6 April 2017.

The number of babies born to Muslims is expected to overtake those born to Christians within two decades, making Islam the world's largest religion by 2075, according to new analysis of data by the Pew Research Center. ...

Between 2010 and 2015, an estimated 31% of babies born in the world were to Muslim parents, far exceeding the 24% share of the world's population held by Muslims. In the same period, 33% of the world's babies were born to Christians, only slightly higher than their 31% share of the global population.

That is set to change, owing to the relatively young age profile of Muslims and their higher fertility rates. Between 2030 and 2035, slightly more babies (225 million) will be born to Muslims than to Christians (224 million). Between 2055 and 2060, the gap is expected to widen to 6 million – 232m births to Muslims, and 226m to Christians.

Meanwhile, deaths among Christians in Europe are far outstripping births. In Germany, between 2010 and 2015, there were an estimated 1.4m more deaths than births among Christians. Pew said the pattern was expected to continue across much of Europe in the decades ahead.
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Immigration abroad – politics, Germany
Germany anti-immigrant party sees itself as a guarantor of Jewish life
Michelle Martin
MailOnline / Reuters, 6 April 2017.

The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) is a guarantor of Jewish life in Germany because it opposes immigration from largely Muslim migrants, the co-leader of the far-right party told a German newspaper on Thursday.

More than a million newcomers, many of them Muslims, have arrived in Germany in the last two years, and the AfD has capitalised on concerns about the influx and integration. ...

Responding to criticism from Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, who last week called the AfD a "disgrace for Germany", Frauke Petry told Die Welt newspaper the AfD had been democratically elected to 11 of Germany's 16 regional parliaments and Lauder should recognise that.

"And as a Jewish representative he should also realise that the AfD is one of the few political guarantors of Jewish life, including in times of illegal anti-Semitic migration to Germany," Petry said.
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Extremism – free speech, universities
Free speech on campus? Only for extremists: Top academic says demand for 'safe spaces' is leading to double standards
Eleanor Harding
Daily Mail, 6 April 2017.

Students are allowing extremists on to campus while denying free speech to moderate speakers, a leading academic says.

Professor Anthony Glees said undergraduates were happy to demand 'safe spaces' to avoid old-fashioned thinking while giving free rein to hardliners.

He said the phenomenon represented a double standard whereby free speech is afforded to only some groups in today's universities. ...

His comments follow incidents in which students have sought to ban individuals or events they disagree with. ...

Professor Glees said: 'Student views as reflected in the news and the social media show they are deeply and horrifyingly confused when it comes to the concept of free speech.

'On the one hand they don't want to hear from anyone who might challenge what they see as their libertarian and relativist values. ...

'Yet when it comes to the fundamental values of liberal democracy and its survival at a time of extremism and terrorism, all of a sudden the boot is on the other foot.'

He pointed out that a former Guantanamo inmate who has refused to condemn the stoning to death of adulterous women has spoken to 13 universities.
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Politics – Conservative Party
UK could allow EU freedom of movement after Brexit, Boris Johnson says
Reuters, 6 April 2017.

Britain could allow free movement of people from the European Union during an implementation phase after Brexit to allow the economy to attract talented people, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Thursday.

When asked by Reuters TV if Britain would accept full free movement of people during an implementation phase, Johnson said this was possible, and could be agreed before Britain left the EU in two years' time.

"Ideally I think it could be done, what with goodwill and imagination it could be done as fast as – I think it can be done in two years," Johnson told reporters in Athens. "In the last 10 years I have been one of the few British politicians to speak up on the benefits of immigration," he said.
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Illegal immigration – USA
The Hidden Costs the Rest of Us Pay for Illegal Immigration
Victor Davis Hanson
Yahoo! News, 6 April 2017.

The arguments for ignoring illegal immigration are as well-known as the self-interested motives that drive it. ...

More concretely, an array of vested interests sees advantage in dismantling the border: employers in hospitality, construction, food processing and agriculture prefer hard-working low-wage immigrants, whose social needs are often subsidized by the government and who are reluctant to organize for higher wages.

The Democratic Party welcomes in impoverished immigrants from Latin America and Mexico. It hopes to provide generous social welfare assistance and thereby shepherd new arrivals and their offspring into the salad bowl of victimization and identity politics – and thereby change the electoral map of key states from red to blue.

La Raza activists see unchecked illegal immigration as useful in maintaining a large pool of unassimilated and poor foreign nationals who look to group leaders, thereby ensuring the continuance of what has become an industry of ethnic activism and careerism. ...

Yet lost in this conundrum are the pernicious effects of illegal immigration on the idea of citizenship in a consensual society. In the Western constitutional tradition, citizenship was based upon shared assumptions that were often codified in foundational constitutional documents.

The first pillar of citizenship is the idea that the nation-state has the sole right to create and control its own borders. ...

Borders are not normally artificial or post-colonial constructs, but natural boundaries that usually arise to reflect common bonds of language, culture, habit and tradition. These ties are sometimes fragile and limited, and cannot operate on universal terms; indeed, they become attenuated when borders disappear and residents not only have little in common, but lack the mechanisms or even the desire to assimilate and integrate their migrant populations.

When borders are fluid and unenforced, it inevitably follows that assimilation and integration also become lax, as society loses a sense of who, or even where, their residents are. ...

In sum, there are several reasons to put a stop to illegal immigration. But among the most important and forgotten is the insidious destruction of what it means to be a citizen.
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Employment – National Health Service
Our reliance on foreign nurses is the biggest threat to the NHS, say peers: Committee says ministers have no strategy for ensuring there are enough workers in the future
Daniel Martin
Daily Mail, 5 April 2017.

The NHS is 'too reliant' on foreign staff and has failed to train enough British doctors and nurses, peers warned last night.

Ministers have no strategy to ensure the health service will have the workers it needs over the coming decades, a Lords committee said.

They say this failure is the 'biggest internal threat to the sustainability of the NHS'.

Peers said Britain could not continue to rely on overseas health and social care workers after it leaves the EU, when tougher immigration controls are expected to be put in place. ...

The report went on: 'Workforce strategy has been poor with too much reliance on overseas recruitment. Our conclusion could not be clearer. Is it sustainable as it is today? No, it is not. Things need to change.'

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt admitted: 'I would say that workforce planning is an area where we have failed, and successive Governments have failed, to get this right. Brexit will be a catalyst to get this right, because we are going to be standing on our own two feet and we will have to start thinking much harder without the automatic access to the European labour pool that we have taken for granted for many years. That is an area where we need to be much more strategic than we have been.'
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Immigration – pro-immigration campaign
Pro-EU MPs urge UK government to scrap 'unachievable' flagship immigration pledge
Ian Silvera
International Business Times, 5 April 2017.

A cross-party group of pro-EU MPs are making a concerted push to get the UK government to drop its controversial and "unachievable" immigration pledge.

Conservative Anna Soubry, Labour's Pat McFadden, and Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb wrote to ministers on Tuesday (4 March) about the "tens of thousands" net migration target.

The Open Britain supporters warned that the UK could be denied skills, talent and labour if the Conservative general election manifesto pledge is met.

"In today's world, immigration is a fact of life. Thousands of people from inside and outside the EU make a positive contribution to the UK, just as thousands of British people do all over the world," the MPs wrote. ...

This campaign is backed by the Migration Matters Trust, the Royal College of Midwives and HR body the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).
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Multiculturalism – religious freedom, Muslims, Christians
Muslims Have Greater Religious Freedom than Christians in Europe, Says Anti-Discrimination Chief
Nick Hallett
Breitbart, 5 April 2017.

In Europe, Muslims have greater freedom to follow their faith than Christians do, the head of an anti-discrimination group has said.

Martin Kugler, Austrian historian and founder of the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, said Christians were being marginalised on the continent while Muslims are treated much more carefully.

Speaking to ACI Prensa, the Spanish edition of the Catholic News Agency, Mr. Kugler accused Europe's elites of pressuring Christians into hiding their faith while permitting Muslims to display theirs.

Europe has witnessed a secularist offensive, he added, but politicians have different criteria in dealing with Christians and Muslims, permitting the Islamic veil while trying to removing crosses from public places.
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Immigration abroad – Germany
Around 270,000 Syrians have right to bring families to Germany: report
Michelle Martin
Reuters, 5 April 2017.

Around 270,000 Syrians in Germany have the right to bring in their family members, a newspaper said on Wednesday - a statistic that could fuel the debate about migration less than six months before a national election.

Mass-selling tabloid Bild cited a government paper as showing a total of 431,376 Syrians applied for asylum in Germany in 2015 and 2016 and said that of those 267,500 would be entitled to family reunifications in Germany.
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Diversity – democracy, authoritarianism
In Search of a Good Emperor
Ross Douthat
New York Times, 5 April 2017.

One of the hard truths of human affairs is that diversity and democracy do not go easily together. In the Middle East today as in Europe's not-so-distant past, the transition from authoritarianism to popular sovereignty seems to run through ethnic or religious purges. Worldwide, many of the models of successful democratic government are effectively ethno-states, built on past cleansings or partitions or splendid isolation. And in the West in recent years, both mass immigration and cultural fragmentation have brought authoritarian temptations back to life.

This pattern runs deep in our species's history. A new paper from the economists Oded Galor and Marc Klemp finds a strong correlation between diversity and autocracy in pre-colonial societies, with a legacy that extends to today's institutions as well. The authors suggest that authoritarianism emerges from both bottom-up and top-down pressures: A diverse society seeks strong central institutions for the sake of cohesion and productivity, and internal division, stratification and mistrust increase "the scope for domination" by powerful elites.

Here in the United States we like to think of ourselves as exceptions to this rule – and, notwithstanding the fate of the Indian tribes and the legacy of chattel slavery, we have been more successful at combining republican self-government with racial and religious diversity.

But at the same time we aren't exactly governing ourselves via New England town meeting anymore. As America has become larger, more diverse and lately more fragmented, power has grown ever more centralized in Washington, and the face of that central government, the presidency, has accrued more and more authority. ...

This means that in understanding the challenge facing Western leadership, it's worth pondering the ways in which the world's authoritarian regimes interact with ethnic and religious diversity – exploiting it, managing it, or both. ...

If we're going to have an imperial presidency, we should want a president who thinks less like a party leader and more like a good emperor – who doesn't just divide and conquer, but who tries to make all his empire's many peoples feel like they're safe and recognized and home.
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Immigration abroad – child marriages, Germany
Germany Moves To Ban Child Marriages After Finding 1500 Cases Among Refugees
Jacob Bojesson
Daily Caller, 5 April 2017.

The German government agreed on a proposal Wednesday to outlaw child marriages after finding more than 1,500 cases of immigrant minors having adult spouses.

The Central Register of Foreign Nationals has documented a surge in child marriages in recent years. As of July 2016, 1,500 minors of non-German background were registered as married, including 361 under the age of 14.

The largest group of child brides, 664 minors, come from Syria followed by Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Children do not belong at the wedding altar, they belong in school," Justice Minister Heiko Maas said Wednesday. "We cannot tolerate any marriages that might harm the natural development of minors." ...

The current age of consent for all marriages is 16 in Germany. Since the country doesn't recognize "religious marriages," authorities can't do anything to stop the practice from taking place in many cases.
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Immigration abroad – Calais, France
Police issue warning as around 1,500 UK-bound migrants return to Calais
Giles Sheldrick
Daily Express, 4 April 2017.

Around 1,500 UK-bound migrants are back in Calais as police warn of a new "summer of hell" at the border.

The fresh flood into northern France has raised the prospect of new "Jungle" style camps and more chaos for British tourists and truckers. ...

French authorities are officially enforcing a "zero tolerance" policy to asylum seekers yet police say 1,500 migrants are still found every month.

Five months ago the sprawling "Jungle" shanty town was flattened and 10,000 migrants evicted under the watch of armed police. ...

However, the senior police source said: "Up to 50 migrants are arriving every day in Calais. We're overworked as it is. Locating and arresting the new arrivals is a full-time job. Once they've been processed and released, many simply come back again.

"If politicians want zero tolerance then they need to send a lot more police officers here."
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Immigration – public opinion, happiness
People who oppose UK immigration are less happy than those who support it, research shows
May Bulman
Independent, 4 April 2017.

British people who oppose further immigration to the UK are less happy than those who welcome it, and politicians are part of the reason for this, research shows.

Those who say they would allow "many" immigrants to enter are around eight per cent happier than those who want none to enter, according to a study, prompting researchers to conclude that anti-immigrant discourse in politics is "contributing to undermining the subjective well-being of the natives themselves".

Dr David Bartram, lecturer at the University of Leicester who carried out the research, drew on an analysis of data from the European Social Survey on 5,995 people in the UK to correlate their opinion on immigration with how happy they described themselves on a scale of 0-10.

People who wanted no more immigrants to enter scored an average of 7.16, and those who would allow "many" scored 7.91, signalling an eight per cent difference, the findings showed.

The survey found that six per cent would allow "many" immigrants to enter the UK, 34 per cent would allow "some", 35 per cent would allow "a few" and 25 per cent would allow "none". ...

When people considered immigration from people of the same ethnic group, these percentages changed, with 10 per cent saying they would allow many immigrants to enter the UK, while 48 per cent would allow some, 30 per cent would allow a few and 12 per cent would allow none.
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Immigration – numbers, students
Cut students from migrant total to hit goal, Cabinet tells May: PM facing revolt over refusal to accept change that would slash figures by a third
Jason Groves
Daily Mail, 4 April 2017.

The Tory pledge to cut net immigration to the 'tens of thousands' will never be met unless foreign students are removed from the numbers, a string of Cabinet Ministers have warned Theresa May.

The Prime Minister is facing a Cabinet revolt over her refusal to countenance the change, which could slash headline immigration figures by more than a third.

At least six Cabinet Ministers are believed to have told Mrs May that Brexit offers a chance to recast the whole immigration debate, including removing students from the figures.

The revelation came as Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon refused to rule out the UK remaining part of the EU's free movement rules for several years in order to provide a 'transition period' to help firms smooth the path to Brexit.

Sir Michael said it was 'clear' that Brexit would involve the UK leaving the EU's free movement regime. ...

He said ministers were contemplating a transitional deal that could last for several years in order to avoid a 'cliff edge' and to 'give business the certainty it needs'. ...

Around 200,000 visas a year are granted to students from outside the EU, with about 130,000 students also arriving from EU countries.
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Immigration abroad – national quotas, European Union
EU ULTIMATUM: Brussels tells Poland & Hungary to 'accept more migrants or LEAVE the bloc'
Will Kirby
Daily Express, 4 April 2017.

A host of EU countries are set to demand Poland and Hungary accept their quota of migrants or they will face being booted out of the crumbling bloc.

Both countries have ignored EU proposals to relocate 160,000 migrants and the rest of the bloc is set to take action to ensure they share the burden. ...

The two countries will now have to decide if they are willing to maintain their anti-migrant rhetoric if it puts their EU membership under threat, a diplomatic source told the Times. ...

Germany, France and Italy have called for a permanent system of quotas to replace the emergency measures currently in place, which would include fines and penalties for failing to comply.
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Politics – Liberal Democrats
Top REMAINER Vince Cable: 'Necessary & RIGHT' to control immigration from Eastern Europe
Greg Heffer
Daily Express, 4 April 2017.

LEADING Remainer Sir Vince Cable has doubled down on his opposition to current EU free movement rules by insisting the UK is "right" to seek new immigration controls after Brexit.

The former business secretary this morning increased his criticism of uncontrolled EU immigration in the wake of the Leave result.

Speaking at a conference hosted by the UK in a Changing Europe thinktank in Westminster, the ex-Liberal Democrat minister said: "My views are a bit out of line with a lot of the other Remainers because I have almost taken the view that politically there is no alternative but to try and reassure the public that immigration is being managed.

"You can't sustain the present system where migration from outside the EU is quite tightly controlled - often harshly controlled - and you have completely unrestricted migration from Poland and Romania.

"I just don't see politically how you can possibly sustain that." ...

But Sir Vince suggested managed EU migration could be achieved "in a way which is broadly compatible with the principle of free movement of labour" by insisting migrants already have a job lined up before arriving in the UK.
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Politics – Conservative Party
Brexit doesn't mean tight immigration, minister tells scientists
Reuters, 4 April 2017.

Britain's decision to quit the European Union and reassert control over its borders does not mean the country will tighten immigration for the world's best brains, junior business minister David Prior said on Tuesday.

"Be in no doubt, whatever you might have heard or read in the papers, that Brexit should not be considered synonymous with a tight immigration policy," he told an audience of scientists at a synthetic biology conference at Imperial College London.
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Immigration abroad – Hungary
Orban: 'Hypocrisy' Prevents Europe from Admitting Gratitude to Hungary for Halting Migrant Influx
Jack Montgomery
Breitbart, 4 April 2017.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claims European politicians are thanking his government "behind closed doors" for its robust action on illegal migration, alleviating pressure on countries such as Germany – but "political double-dealing" and a "culture of hypocrisy" prevent them from doing it in public.

"Hungary is situated on Europe's external border. So if Hungary's external border is endangered, then Europe's external border is endangered. Hungary is simultaneously protecting its own external borders and Europe's external borders," the Fidesz leader explained in an interview with Kossuth Rádió.

"And if we weren't protecting Europe's external borders, the Austrians and the Germans would be in big trouble, [as] at that time Hungary was unable to protect Europe's external borders and millions of migrants marched through Hungary towards Austria and Germany." ...

"We put an end to this, and everyone in Austria and Germany is happy about that – although political double-dealing doesn't allow them to say so, or write about it," Orbán said.
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Extremism – Islam, Islamophobia
People who read the news more likely to be Islamophobic, study finds
May Bulman
Independent, 4 April 2017.

People who read the news are more likely to feel angry towards Muslims, a new study has found.

Whether liberal or conservative, researchers found more avid news consumers showed both increased anger and reduced warmth towards members of the Islamic faith.

The findings, based on responses from 16,584 New Zealanders from the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study (NZAVS), were published in leading international science journal PLOS ONE. ...

The fact that the study was was based on New Zealanders, who are generally "highly tolerant", made it particularly poignant, the authors said. ...

The reports co-author, Professor Joseph Bulbulia of Victoria University of Wellington, added: "Sadly, there may be real-world consequences for Muslims in this country, people who encounter prejudice across their daily routines, at the workplace, and in their children's schools.

"Though un-making prejudice is difficult, we hope these results challenge the media to present fairer representations of Muslims."
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Crime – bias, USA
Crime Is the New Black Entitlement [part 1]
Colin Flaherty
American Thinker, 4 April 2017.

Crime is the new black entitlement.

As long as black people are permanent victims of relentless white racism, cops should not chase them, juries should not convict them, judges should not sentence them, schools should not punish them, and white victims should not complain about the black crime and violence so wildly out of proportion.

This is what a growing number of lawmakers, professors and, of course, reporters are prescribing as a way to "improve the way our system serves justice."

The latest came on NPR a few days ago when Georgetown Law professor and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler broke it down for the racially unenlightened:

"If you go to criminal court in D.C., you would think that white people don't commit crimes," Butler said. "White people don't use drugs, they don't get into fights, they don't steal, because all you see are African American people." ...

And yes, professor, black criminality is just as wildly out of proportion in Washington as it is in the rest of country. Even more so.

Butler says there are two justice systems in America, one for white people and one for black. ...

To make his case, Butler trotted out some information from the National Institute of Health which he says proves that black people and white people use drugs in the same amount, but black people are arrested and convicted many times more than their drug-using white counterparts.

QED: Courtroom racism is rampant and if you do not see that, well, you know what that makes you.

That is part of the greatest lie of our generation and here is why.

The National Institute of Health – and everyone else who repeats that bogus claim – are using info gathered from the Census Bureau: Instead of filling out a questionnaire, sometimes the Census Bureau will go into a home and ask the occupants a series of other questions, including if they use illegal drugs.

When they do, black and white people basically give the same answers in the same amounts.

That is called self-reporting and it boils down to this: can we depend on drug users to tell the truth about their drug use? Short answer: No. Long answer, when you actually test people, doctors find there are two determinants of whether the person was actually telling the truth about their drug use: One, were they recently released from prison?

Two, are they black?

Yes, they actually say that. ...

This is hardly new: ask a cop what happens when they pull over a black person for anything from a routine traffic stop to investigating a murder. '99 percent tell us we are only doing that because they are black,' said dozens and dozens of active and retired cops to me over the last five years.

What Butler wants, many cities already have: they are called Bronx juries – where black people tend not to convict black defendants. ...
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Crime – bias, USA
Crime Is the New Black Entitlement [part 2]
Colin Flaherty
American Thinker, 4 April 2017.

The over-policing thing was a hot topic on the Democrat presidential campaign trail last year. Berry and Hillary each tried to outdo the other with the sympathy for the plight of the black criminal: Hillary talked about why more black people are in prison than white people "for no good reason." And Bernie loved talking about the racist over-policing of black people as well. ...

Let's head over to Philadelphia to hear from Judge Wayne Bennett, who writes a blog called the "Field Negro." Bennett had just read one of the columns from the Great Thomas Sowell where he talked about the modest contributions of your humble correspondent to the field of black criminality and journalistic denial.

Sowell wanted to know how crime as the new black entitlement could happen. Bennett supplied a popular rationale: White people deserve it.

"No matter how violent young black punks are towards white people, it will never make up for all the violence against people of color throughout this nation's history."
This judge could have been channeling the former President of the United States and thousands of those who worked for him and made black on white racial hostility mainstream.

One of the most active fronts in this fight for crime as the new black entitlement are the schools. For eight years, the Obama administration warned school officials throughout the country that there is no reason to believe there is any difference between white and black children when it comes to behavior and grades.

So any difference in discipline and academic performance can be the result of one cause only: White racism.

That caused schools around the country to stop calling police for criminal offenses such as drug use and assault. And replace it with "restorative justice," which involves lots of talking and lots of promises to never do it again. ...

The reason is known to every teacher and administrator in America: Black students are victims of white racism in the classroom that causes teachers to pick on them for no reason whatsoever. Thus resulting in lower grades and more suspensions.

No more.

The list of public officials calling to make crime the new black entitlement is long and growing. Out in Kansas City, they liked their mayor Emmanual Cleaver so much they named a freeway after him.

Now he's a congressman where he serves as an enthusiastic member of the Black Caucus: every member of that caucus at one time or another has agreed: Black people and white people commit the same amount of crime, but the only reason black people are arrested more often is because of too many police in black neighborhoods.

'Take the police out of black neighborhoods and put them in white neighborhoods and you would have the same amount of crime,' they say, over and over and over.
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Population – Europe
Is Europe Choosing to Disappear?
Giulio Meotti
Gatestone Institute, 4 April 2017.
[Giulio Meotti, Cultural Editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author]

The new data released by Italy's National Institute for Statistics for 2016 sounds again like a death knell. There has been a new negative record of births: 474,000 compared to 486,000 for 2015, which had already fallen to historic lows. There were 608,000 deaths in 2016. In one year, Italy lost 134,000 people – the equivalent of a city of the size of Ferrara or Salerno.

The demographic "illusion" is kept only by the influx of immigration (135,000). ...

A report by the National Statistical Institute of Spain explained how the Iberian peninsula has become the sick man of Europe: Spain loses 72 inhabitants every day; 20% fewer children are born there than two decades ago. /.../ Even the newspaper El Pais asked, "Are the Spanish people in danger of extinction?". ...

The Islamic world has launched a demographic challenge to a sterile Europe. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently exhorted Muslims in Europe to have five children, "because you are the future of Europe". It echoes what the President of Algeria, Houari Boumedienne, said in 1974: "The wombs of our women will give us victory". They dream of conquering Europe through demography instead of terror – and it seems they are succeeding. ...

A clear-eyed U.S. Congressman, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), correctly said recently that, "You cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody else's babies." He instantly drew that white-hot fire reserved for people who tell truths that threaten treasured fantasies (think Giordano Bruno or Galileo).

Decline is a choice, not a destiny. There is still time, but not much, for Europeans to choose not to disappear.
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Population pressure
Chris Packham: Britain is too full. We need to educate women to stop having children
Craig McLean
Daily Telegraph, 3 April 2017.

At home on the edge of the New Forest, the crusading environmentalist and TV presenter Chris Packham is eloquently and forcefully fulminating on a range of subjects he holds passionately dear. ...

For his part, Packham has no regrets about not having biological children. Overpopulation is something he finds seriously vexatious.

"Overcrowding in the UK will have a profound impact on the economics of this country. And this is not anti-immigration," he clarifies, "this is just an observation about the number of human organisms in a confined space."

He'd touched on this point, and a quick-fix, when we spoke last year. "One thing we're absolutely assured of is that if we could emancipate all the women in the world like that," he said with a snap of his fingers, "the birth rate would drop considerably. Because educated women have fewer kids, for obvious reasons: they have a greater scope to enjoy a richer life. We know that for a fact."
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Immigration abroad – European Union
Migrants rescue operation is more about an EU cultural dream
Leo McKinstry
Daily Express, 3 April 2017.

The European Union likes to trumpet its commitment to peace and prosperity but in truth it is a vast engine of destruction.

Its ideological obsession with open borders, free movement and cultural diversity is tearing apart the very fabric of European civilisation.

Now a new crisis is developing over the influx of illegal immigrants who have come from North Africa via the central Mediterranean.

Last year, no fewer than 181,436 people reached Italy along the sea routes from the Libyan Coast and the Italian Interior Ministry expects the number to rise to at least 250,000 this year. ...

Gaddafi's gruesome exit has been the cue for anarchy in his country and a surge of foreigners across the seas to Europe. By far the most disturbing aspect of this new invasion is how it has been actively facilitated by the EU and assorted aid agencies under the guise of running so-called "rescue" operations.

Far from protecting Europe's borders or deterring the relentless stream of migrant boats, the EU authorities and the pressure groups do all they can to encourage the traffic across the Mediterranean.

In effect, by pretending to offer a "humanitarian response" to this problem they are operating a gigantic ferry service for Africans to exploit soft-touch Europe.

The entire saga is a fiasco built on dogma, cowardice, self-loathing and deceit. ...

A key element of this racket are the activities of the aid agencies, which now maintain a flotilla off the Libya coast ready to pick up the immigrants from their makeshift craft and take them in safety on the 300-mile journey to Italy. ...

The EU's feeble border agency Frontex bleats that the aid groups are in practice offering "a taxi service". But the EU and the navies of its member states are equally to blame.

If they had any political will, they would crack down on this epic farce. Instead, they collude in its expansion. ...

Furthermore, the goal of the EU is to smash the very concept of nationhood in order to create a new multi-cultural, federal superstate where traditional allegiances and identities have been dissolved.

Much of that agenda is shared by the politically-correct agencies. They want to use the burgeoning African migration crisis as a vehicle to abolish any meaningful border controls and accelerate the demographic revolution in Europe.
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Politics – Conservative Party
Cabinet Minister: 'We'll never cut immigration, UK is addicted to the cheap labour'
Camilla Tominey and Caroline Wheeler
Sunday Express, 2 April 2017.

The Government's manifesto pledge to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands is unachievable because Britain is "addicted to the drug of cheap imported labour", a Cabinet Minister has admitted.

In a move likely to enrage Brexiteers, he said the debate was now less about the numbers and more about the skills of those coming in post-Brexit.

The admission came as senior Government sources said the ambition of reducing immigration below 100,000 is all but dead because voters are content Britain will regain control over its borders once we leave the EU. ...

The revelation comes after another Cabinet Minister was quoted as saying "no one" in Government was talking about immigration in the tens of thousands any more.

"There's no way 100,000 will be in the Immigration Bill," added the source. "I can't see it being in the next election manifesto."
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Multiculturalism – Islam
Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches
Giulio Meotti
Gatestone Institute, 2 April 2017.

"London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together", according to Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi, one of the Islamic preachers who now lead "Londonistan", as the journalist Melanie Phillips has called the English capital. No, Rizvi is not a right-wing extremist. Wole Soyinka, a Nobel Laureate for Literature, was less generous; he called the UK "a cesspit for Islamists". ...

... Above all, Londonistan, with its new 423 mosques, is built on the sad ruins of English Christianity.

The Hyatt United Church was bought by the Egyptian community to be converted to a mosque. St Peter's Church has been converted into the Madina Mosque. The Brick Lane Mosque was built on a former Methodist church. Not only buildings are converted, but also people. The number of converts to Islam has doubled; often they embrace radical Islam, as with Khalid Masood, the terrorist who struck Westminster. ...

By 2020, estimates are that the number of Muslims attending prayers will reach at least 683,000, while the number of Christians attending weekly Mass will drop to 679,000. ...

Since 2001, 500 London churches of all denominations have been turned into private homes. During the same period, British mosques have been proliferating. Between 2012 and 2014, the proportion of Britons who identify themselves as Anglicans fell from 21% to 17%, a decrease of 1.7 million people, while, according to a survey conducted by the respected NatCen Social Research Institute, the number of Muslims has grown by almost a million. Churchgoers are declining at a rate that within a generation, their number will be three times lower than that of Muslims who go regularly to mosque on Friday.

Demographically, Britain has been acquiring an increasingly Islamic face, in places such as Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets. ...

Most important cities have huge Muslim populations: Manchester (15.8%), Birmingham (21.8%) and Bradford (24.7%). In Birmingham, the police just dismantled a terrorist cell; there is also a greater probability that a child will be born into a Muslim family than into a Christian one. In Bradford and Leicester, half the children are Muslim. ...

According to Innes Bowen, writing in The Spectator, only two of the 1,700 mosques in Britain today follow the modernist interpretation of Islam, compared with 56% in the United States. The Wahhabis control six percent of mosques in the UK, while the fundamentalist Deobandi control up to 45%.
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Immigration abroad – Islam, Germany
Undercover Reporter Finds Subversive Sermons in 'Normal' Mosques Across Germany
Thomas Frey
Sputnik, 2 April 2017.

Experts agree that the majority of German mosques are home to imams who urge followers to reject German values, Sputnik Deutschland reported.

A new account of life inside mosques has caused alarm in Germany, revealing that ordinary places of worship are home to imams who preach the rejection of German society and its values.

The book is called "Inside Islam – Was in Deutschlands Moscheen gepredigt wird" (Inside Islam – What is being preached in Germany's mosques), and warns that most mosques are fostering parallel societies within Germany. ...

On Tuesday, German TV journalist and expert on Islam Constantin Schreiber presented his book, which details his experience visiting Arabic- and Turkish-speaking mosques in six cities across Germany over an eight-month period.
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Diversity – fiction, comics
Marvel executive claims comic readers 'don't want diversity'
Rhian Daly
NME, 2 April 2017.

An executive for Marvel has claimed that its readers "don't want diversity" in the range of characters included in the stories.

Over recent years, the publisher has made an effort to expand the type of role included in its comic books, including a female Thor, Pakistani-American superhero Kamala Khan and more featuring on covers.

According to the company, sales have declined since taking these actions and David Gabriel, vice president of sales at Marvel, is now saying the two are linked. "What we heard was that people didn't want any more diversity," AV Club reports he said. ...

Gabriel later clarified those comments, pointing out that non-white, non-male characters are still some of the brand's most popular and promised they wouldn't stop using those figures in the near future.
[Site link]

Terrorism – Islam
Scotland Yard should accept the Islamic impulse of the Westminster killer
Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack
Conservative Woman, 2 April 2017.

Scotland Yard is flummoxed. The Metropolitan Police, despite vast resources and some of the world's best detectives are completely stumped. They have been forced to admit that they 'may never know what motivated' Khalid Masood to murder four people and attack Parliament.

If only there were clues as to why a Muslim convert who had lived in Saudia Arabia, stronghold of violently extremist Wahhabi Islamic teaching, who became radicalised in prison, and who copied Islamic terrorist methods used in continental Europe, would murder infidels and attack the seat of democracy. It's a mystery.

Fortunately, as TV has taught us, there are gifted amateurs who can help the police. These armchair detectives have pursued a previously untapped new line of enquiry - the Christian Connection.

Massoud Shadjareh, chair of Islamic Human Rights Commission, and Miss Marple fantasist, argues that Adrian Elms was a violent Christian before he became a Muslim terrorist. This cry was taken up by other part-time detectives like one time Conservative MP Louise Mensch, one of Dave's Dollies.

The evidence for his Christian commitment seems incontrovertible: his Mum went to church, his name was Adrian and that's a saint's name. Case closed, this has nothing to do with Islam. ...

A 2010 German study involving 45,000 youngsters found that while increasing faith made Christian youth less violent, increasing religious fervour made Muslim youth more violent. Adrian Elms was a violent man with a Christian other. But it was Muslim convert Khalid Masood who murdered four people and attacked Parliament in a manner unhappily common for Muslim terrorists.
[Site link]

Racism – diversity, multiracial societies
Diversity doesn't make racism magically disappear
Daniel José Camacho
The Guardian, 1 April 2017.

Many think mixed-race babies and browner demographics will automatically usher in a post-racial world. They interpret the projections of a "majority-minority" shift in our nation – now set to take place in 2044 – as a sign of guaranteed progress. Changing faces in the US are seen as anti-racist destiny. But don't overestimate the power of this post-racial cocktail. ...

The perspective that multiracial demographics naturally erode bias and inequality tends to lack historical and global perspective. Consider Brazil. There, white people are a minority – but are still dominant. Despite being outnumbered, their incomes are more than double than that of Afro-descendants; white men are also vastly over-represented in Brazil's new government.

If more mixed people guarantee greater tolerance, then Brazil – and most of Latin America – should be a racial paradise. Although a great degree of 'mestizaje' or racial mixing has taken place since the time of conquest, Indigenous and Afro-descendent people in Latin America remain disproportionately poor, discriminated against, and locked out from opportunity.

Sociologist Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, in his book Racism without Racists, has speculated whether the racial order in the US might eventually resemble that of Latin American and Caribbean nations. In this case, white supremacy and racial stratification will continue to operate in the US even as it becomes a "majority-minority" nation.

Even the idea of a "majority-minority" shift obscures the fact that the US will be better described as a racial plurality. It's not as if non-whites constitute one homogenous group.

The legacy of blanqueamiento ("whitening") in Latin America demonstrates that ideals of multiraciality can run alongside white supremacy. This theory, widely adopted and practiced by Latin American nations at the turn into the 20th century, encouraged racial mixing for the sake of moving entire populations towards whiteness. This is a reminder that desires for a mixed future can be, and have sometimes been, grounded in anti-blackness.

To be sure, all of this does not discredit the importance of diversity and the unique perspectives that people of multi-ethnic/racial backgrounds possess because of their social location. ...

People with mixed backgrounds can disrupt notions of purity that undergird race and synthesize vast cultural traditions. People with mixed backgrounds can also internalize and carry out racism. ...

Demographics are not destiny. Having a multiracial background may no longer be necessarily tragic but it is not automatically heroic.
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