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Net migration falls after Brexit vote
BBC, 30 November 2017

Net migration fell by nearly a third to 230,000 in the year to June, new figures show. ...

In this 12-month period, 572,000 people arrived in the UK, and 342,000 emigrated.

Immigration specifically fell by 80,000 people over the year - and three-quarters of that drop was down to fewer EU citizens coming to live in the UK, figures showed.

The Office for National Statistics said the 106,000 fall on the previous year's net migration figure was the largest annual decrease recorded.

This was substantially down on its high of June 2016 and now at similar levels to 2014, the ONS said.

The figures show significant falls in the number of people arriving from the EU, particularly those who classed themselves as looking for work, rather than those arriving for a actual job.

The number of non-EU citizens leaving has remained stable over the past year - but the number of people leaving the UK who are EU citizens has increased by almost a third, the data showed.

Applications by EU nationals to become British citizens were also up by 80%, the ONS said.
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Home Office in the dark about the number of illegal immigrants arriving each year
Christopher Hope
Daily Telegraph, 30 November 2017

The Home Office is struggling to "get a grip" on the number of migrants entering the UK illegally every year, the immigration watchdog has said.

David Bolt, chief inspector of borders and immigration, told MPs there should be an official estimate for the figure but said it was "extremely difficult" to be precise about how many overseas nationals were in Britain unlawfully. Earlier this year, a former immigration chief claimed the figure was likely to run to more than a million.
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Electronic passport gates 'helping people smugglers get children to the UK': Borders chief says there are not enough staff to spot 'vulnerable' people arriving in the country
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 30 November 2017

Electronic passport gates at airports could be hampering the fight against people smuggling, a watchdog has warned.

David Bolt, the chief inspector of borders and immigration, said traffickers could be using self-service e-gates to smuggle children and modern slavery victims undetected into Britain. ...

And he warned that Home Office staff would have to process about 100 applications a day if they are to meet the demand from EU citizens wanting to stay in Britain after Brexit. ...

Since March last year, the Home Office has been running a scheme which allows children aged 12 to 17 from the EU to use the gates, which automatically scan passports and compares them with biometric features of the traveller's face. Previously, travellers had to be at least 18 to use the e-gates.
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Muslim population in parts of Europe could TRIPLE by 2050: New study predicts migration and birth rates will lead to dramatic rise in numbers across continent
Alexander Robertson
MailOnline, 30 November 2017

The Muslim population in parts of Europe - including Britain - could triple by 2050, researchers say.

Figures in a new report suggest a stark east-west divide, with the Muslim share of the UK's population rising from 6.3 per cent in 2016 to 16.7 per cent in one scenario.

The study by the Pew Research Centre concludes that Europe's Muslim population would continue to grow over the next several decades even if immigration to the continent were halted.

Under the 'zero migration' scenario, Muslims would make up 7.4 per cent of Europe's population by 2050 compared to the 4.9 per cent they comprised last year.

Researchers say that's mostly because the birthrate for Muslims is generally higher than for other Europeans. ...

As of 2016, the UK's share of Muslims was recorded as 6.3 per cent, around 4.1 million people. In Europe, the total was 4.9 per cent, around 24.9 million.

In the medium migration scenario - perhaps the most likely - the UK's Muslim population would rise from 6.3 per cent to 16.7 per cent - around 13 million.

The lowest estimate has the share rising to 9.7 per cent, and the highest 17.2 per cent. ...

Under the 'zero migration' scenario, an estimated 30 million Muslims would make up 7.4 per cent of Europe's population by 2050 compared to the 4.9 percent they comprised last year. ...

The study estimates 58.8 million Muslims would account for 11.2 per cent of the population in a 'medium migration' scenario that has migration maintaining a 'regular speed'. ...

In the high migration scenario, Germany and Sweden would have the biggest increases because both countries took in the most asylum-seekers during the height of the refugee crisis two years ago.

While Muslims made up six per cent of Germany's population last year, their proportion would go up to 20 percent by 2050.

Sweden's Muslims, who were at eight per cent in 2016, would account for 31 per cent of the population in that same scenario.
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EU accused of funding regime that has forced 120,000 to flee
Adrian Blomfield
Daily Telegraph, 30 November 2017

For years they have come in their thousands, fleeing a merciless despot accused of turning his country into a vast repository of slave labour. ...

No country has dominated the African Scramble for Europe as much as Eritrea, the isolated and secretive state in the continent's horn that has been ruled for all its 24-year history by one man, Isaias Afwerki.

... By some counts one in ten Eritreans has fled abroad, 120 thousand have come to Europe since 2010.

In 2015, more Eritreans reached Europe by sea than any other nationality and accounted for the largest number of asylim applications made in the UK. However, the EU ignored protests from human rights groups by offering €200 million (£176 million) in aid.

The EU has been accused of letting itself be hoodwinked into paying a regime that is tacitly encouraging its people to leave, as some diplomats privately concede. ...

Eritreans living and working in the West are estimated to send more than £500 million a year to relatives, accounting for a third of the country's economy. President Afwerki has blocked their distribution until the sender has paid a 2 per cent annual tax to the Eritrean treasury.
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Relying on migrants holds UK skills and wages back
Peter Lilley
Yorkshire Post, 30 November 2017
[Peter Lilley is a former Trade and Industry Secretary]

It has become an article of faith that all immigration, particularly skilled immigration, makes us better off. That doctrine has dominated debate because of an unholy alliance between business wanting cheap skilled labour while reluctant to undertake training, and a virtue-signalling intelligentsia who attack immigration controls as racist, reinforced by Europhiles defending freedom of movement.

In fact, letting employers import skills which British people could acquire undermines the incentive of employees to upskill, and of employers to train and invest, while reducing the stock of capital per person.

... Training time per worker halved between 1997 and 2012. And in the six years after allowing in East Europeans, business funding for training fell 15 per cent.

To reverse this trend, immigration policy must change our current priorities. Instead of the first option for businesses being to recruit from abroad and only train our own citizens if foreigners are not available, we should reverse that. We should train up British people if possible and only import skills where that is not feasible. ...

Third, we are told that British people refuse to learn the skills we need. The NHS card is invariably played – "we need foreign nurses and doctors because too few Britons are willing to do these jobs". This is untrue. Until last year, over 30,000 British applicants for nursing courses were turned away annually, according to the Nursing Labour Market Review 2016. Universities can take unlimited numbers for all courses from art to zoology – except nursing and medicine where numbers were strictly limited.

That was because bursaries came from the NHS budget, and it was cheaper to recruit from abroad (including nurses trained using our foreign aid) than train more domestic applicants. You have almost certainly never heard this from our liberal media who seem unconcerned about thousands of young Britons prevented from pursuing their vocation.

We should not blame migrants for this but those who, for profit or political correctness, ignore simple economic truths and hard economic facts.
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Government plans amnesty to get grenades off Sweden's streets
The Local [Sweden], 30 November 2017

The Swedish government wants an amnesty period where grenades can be handed in to the police without punishment in an effort to get the explosives off the country's streets, Dagens Nyheter (DN) reports.

The hope is that criminals will choose to give up some of the grenades that are in circulation during the proposed three-month amnesty between October 2018 and January 2019.

"With previous weapons amnesties some thousands of weapons have come in, but we have no experience of this kind (with grenades). This is the first time," Justice Minister Morgan Johansson told DN.

"This is linked to criminal gangs who in general have increased access to weapons which they use against one another and against the judicial system. We must get these off our streets."

According to DN there were 27 instances of grenades exploding in Sweden during 2016, compared to 10 in 2015.
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Britain has 'no way' of tracking down hundreds of thousands working here on the black market, staff chief claims
Steve Hawkes
The Sun, 29 November 2017

Britain has "no way" of ever tracking down the hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants working on the black market, a border chief has warned.

Lucy Moreton head of the Border Force trade union said drastic cuts to the immigration enforcement workforce meant the UK was now a soft touch for illegal migrants.

And she warned it would be nigh on impossible to police new rules on EU nationals that will be imposed by the Government's post-Brexit immigration strategy.

The blistering attack came just days after alarming photos showed scores of Albanians bragging about stealing their way into the country.

Ms Moreton told the Sun: "If you are here illegally you can survive very well, you access medical services your child can go to school the chances of us catching you are very, very slim.

"If you don't break the law we are not going to get you as we don't have the resources. We can't catch you."
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Independent Chief Inspector finds Home Office struggles to keep on top of asylum claims
electronic immigration network, 29 November 2017

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration yesterday released his report on the Home Office's asylum intake and casework process. ...

The Independent Chief Inspector, David Bolt, notes in the report that processing and deciding asylum claims is a large and important part of the Home Office's work, with each decision it makes being "life changing".

According to the report, the vast majority of the staff involved are committed and hard working, but the Home Office still struggles to keep on top of the volumes of claims it receives.

The number of claims for the year ending 31 March 2017 was just short of 30,000, down over 5,000 on the previous year, but the number of claims awaiting an initial decision rose during the year, as did the proportion deemed 'non-straightforward' and therefore set outside the published service standard of 6 months for a decision.
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Mixed race relationships are no longer an exotic rarity but the new normal
Sunder Katwala
Daily Telegraph, 29 November 2017

Sunder Katwala is director of the identity and integration think tank, British Future

In falling in love with Meghan Markle, an American, a divorcee, and a television actress of mixed ethnic heritage, Harry may have crossed several red lines that might have prevailed among the courtiers in the 1930s, the 1970s or even the 1990s.

But British society has changed, which explains why the Royal family is changing with it.

Prince Harry's lifetime has seen a rapid transformation in attitudes towards mixed-race relationships in Britain.

When he was born, in 1984, over half of the public expressed discomfort with mixed race relationships, according to British Social Attitudes data. As late as 1993, 44 per cent thought they would be worried if their child was to marry across ethnic lines.

Yet that anxiety has collapsed in a generation, with only 15 per cent expressing such discomfort by 2013, falling to just 5 per cent among under- 25s. ...

This Royal engagement won't transform social attitudes towards race in Britain – not least because it does not really need to do that. What the monarchy can do is to play a role in helping to ratify some of the social changes that have already happened. ...

There has been plenty of black in the Union Jack over the last couple of decades, to which our sporting teams, literature and music bear testimony. It has been suggested that those changes reaching all the way up to the Royal family would be too hard for a public "obsessed with purity" to stomach. "To bring non-white blood into the Royal family is seen as the ultimate scandal," historian Kate Williams wrote in an feature last autumn.

That scandal seemed very well disguised indeed on the newspaper front-pages celebrating the engagement yesterday morning.
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Merkel - End smuggling and slavery, allow legal migration for Africans
Reuters, 29 November 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday stressed the importance of ending smuggling and slavery while creating a legal route for Africans to come to Europe as she faces pressure at home to tackle a migrant influx.

Speaking at an EU-Africa summit in Abidjan, Merkel is seeking to show Germany can take foreign policy action despite still being under a caretaker government two months after an election. ...

Merkel, who in 2015 decided to open Germany's borders to migrants, said legal options should be created for Africans to be able to get training or study in an EU country.
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European Union Remains 'Committed' To Opening Borders to 75 Million Turkish Citizens as 'Soon as Possible'
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 29 November 2017

The European Union (EU) remains "committed to" giving, and is in the later stages of securing, Turkish citizens visa-free travel in the bloc, as well as handing an extra three billion euros to migrants in the nation by next year, a commissioner has said.

The EU's Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos explained that all elements of the migrant deal with Turkey were moving ahead, after Turkey agreed to stem the tide of Middle Eastern migrants in return for billions in aid and the opening Europe's borders to Turks.

He made the comments to Turkish paper Hurriyet ahead of a visit to the nation. ...

Since March last year, 2,032 migrants have been returned from Greece to Turkey under the deal, whilst more than 11,400 migrants have been resettled in the EU from Turkey so far, Mr. Avramopoulos also explained.

He said that many times more migrants would be brought to Europe, continuing: "On September 27th, I called on EU Member States to resettle a further 50,000 persons from Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and countries along the Central Mediterranean route over the next two years.

"I have already received more than 38,000 pledges from 18 countries and I know that more will follow soon," he stated.
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Brexit strongly linked to xenophobia, scientists conclude
Josh Gabbatiss
Independent, 28 November 2017

Fear of immigrants and foreigners is associated with support for Brexit, according to a pair of studies conducted by an international team of researchers.

Results of the two studies presented in the same paper suggest that psychological predictors of xenophobia were strongly linked with voting to leave the EU and support for the outcome of the referendum.

These findings were true regardless of voter age, gender or education. ...

In research for the paper, the team wanted to examine the extent to which prejudice was actually associated with support for the referendum's outcome. They began by identifying psychological groups associated with xenophobic views.

"There are three groups that we can differentiate that are supportive of those sorts of views," said Dr Agnieszka Golec de Zavala, a social psychologist at Goldsmiths, University of London, and the lead author of the Frontiers in Psychology paper.

Two of these personality traits are commonly used as predictors of prejudice, and have previously been implicated in voting for radical right-wing parties.

These were right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation – the idea that one's group needs to fight for superiority in the world.

The third is a particular focus of Dr Golec de Zavala's research, a trait known as "collective narcissism" – a belief in the unparalleled greatness of one's country. ...

Though xenophobia has often been cited as a key factor in the referendum result, many have emphasised the multifaceted nature of Brexit.

"It's not helpful to look for one answer for why people voted for Brexit. There are obviously lots of different reasons for why people voted remain or leave, including sovereignty, immigration, protest vote or local issues," said Dr Hannah Jones, a sociologist at the University of Warwick who was not involved in the study.

That said, Dr Jones said she was "not surprised by this finding," as "the perceived threat of immigrants is something that has been fostered by successive governments".
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Prince Harry's Engagement: It's Still Rare for a White Man to Marry a Nonwhite Woman in the U.K.
Carlos Ballesteros
Newsweek, 28 November 2017

Prince Harry's engagement to actress Meghan Markle, who is biracial, has been celebrated as a breakthrough in race relations in the United Kingdom.

Yet while interracial couples are on the rise in the U.K., British whites are much less likely to have a partner of a different race. According to the latest census data, only 4 percent of British whites have settled down with someone outside their racial background.

Roughly one in 10 cohabiting couples in England and Wales involve two people of different ethnicities. That's a 35 percent increase from the last time the British census was conducted, in 2001. The census also found that 833,000 children across the U.K. were raised by interracial couples.

"There's a normalization about mixed-race relationships now in this generation. People have stopped noticing them in cities, in a way that probably isn't quite the case in some European countries," Sunder Katwala, director of British Future, a think tank that promotes diversity and immigration in the U.K., told the Independent in 2014.

However, the U.K. census differentiates between "British whites," "Irish whites" and "other whites" (mainly referring to whites from Eastern Europe). That means the most common interethnic relationships involved white people from different countries of origin.

Across the pond, one in 10 American marriages are between two people of different races or ethnicities. But young couples in the U.S. are much more likely than their British counterparts to be in an interracial relationship: According to the Pew Research Center analysis of census data, 17 percent of all U.S. newlyweds "had a spouse of a different race or ethnicity, marking a five-fold increase since 1967."
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Think tank claims immigration will have big impact on housing demand in UK
PropertyWire, 28 November 2017

Successive Governments in the UK have misled the public over the true extent to which immigration exacerbates the demand for additional housing, a new report claims.

The Department for Communities and Local Government principal projection of future household growth estimates that over the 25 years to 2039 there will be an average increase of 210,000 households a year in England.

Of this 133,000 or 63% will be down to future household formation by the existing population and 77,000 or 37% will be down to future net migration but according to think tank Migration Watch UK this is a major underestimate.

In a new report the think tanks says that the level of immigration on which the principal projection is based is considerably lower than present level. It is based on net migration to England of 170,500 a year yet net migration to England is currently at 300,000 a year and has averaged 200,000 a year over the last 10 years.

It also says that the projections only take account of future migration, and ignore previous migration to England. 'The existing migrant population in England will also be driving future household formation, indeed, more so because of they have a much younger age profile than the UK born,' it explains, adding that this has been 'misleadingly' described as 'natural change' among the existing UK population as a whole rather than as also due to previous migration. ...

The report points out that an examination of ONS data over past years shows that, of the additional households created in England between 2005 and 2014, 90% have had a foreign born head of household.

'We have a major crisis over housing affecting huge numbers of people but especially the young who are finding it ever harder to get onto the housing ladder. Yet the focus of the debate is still entirely on supply,' said Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of Migration Watch UK.

'Nobody dares talk about demand and its principal driver – immigration. That has to stop. Our paper breaks new ground in daring to point to this central, if uncomfortable, truth,' he added.
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UK: Books in Islamic Schools Teach Marital Rape and Domestic Violence
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 28 November 2017

School inspectors are so concerned at the level of sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and anti-Western material in Britain's Islamic schools, they have compiled a dossier of examples.

The Ofsted document highlights books encouraging domestic violence, marital rape, and Islamic supremacism, as well as sexist homework assignments marked approvingly by British teachers, The Times reports.

There are 177 Muslim schools in England, with 148 being independent and 29 state-funded. ...

There were also library books in schools encouraging rape by claiming "the wife is not allowed to refuse sex to her husband" and insisting she cannot "leave the house where she lives without his permission" and that "the man by way of correction can also beat her".

Some work marked by teachers stated that women had a responsibility "only to bear children and bring them up as Muslims". Another pupil submission, said to be "covered in approving red ticks", described women as inferior to men. ...

Because of the failings of Islamic schools, Dame Louise Casey, the government's former integration tsar, has been calling for a moratorium on the opening new faith schools – including Christian ones – until problems are addressed.

"Some schools are teaching a segregated way of life and misogyny and the government isn't taking enough of a stand," she told The Times.

"The public expects them to do that. The DFE turns a blind eye and hopes that Ofsted will deal with the problem. It's all in the 'too difficult' box."
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Jean-Claude Juncker: Migrants 'need legal ways to come to Europe'
Max Hofmann
Deutsche Welle, 28 November 2017

The European Union must not remain silent in the face of slave markets in Libya, says EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker. Speaking with DW, Juncker reiterated his call for more legal migration routes to the EU. ...

Jean-Claude Juncker: Europe cannot be silent in the face of this outrageous problem, which dates back to another century. Africa is all too familiar with the issue of slavery. ...

Since 2014, and during the campaign for the European elections, and afterward, too, in my address to the European Parliament, I have always argued in favor of legal migration. I believe that if we don't offer legal ways of emigrating to Europe, and immigrating within Europe, we will be lost. If those who come – who are, generally speaking, the poor and needy – are no longer able to enter the house of Europe through the front door, they'll keep making their way in through the back windows. We need to create legal ways to come to Europe, and the Commission has already made suggestions. Europe will clearly need immigration in the coming decades, so we have to provide those who want to come, and are able to come, and whose situation makes it possible for them to come, with legal paths to get to Europe. ...

We've told the member states of their responsibility, and we will see what the member states do about it. ...

The populists themselves are dangerous, but they are far more dangerous when the traditional, classic parties adopt their harmful proposals. If the traditional parties follow the populists, they become populist themselves, which is a phenomenon we are already seeing in some EU countries. No, we should not be afraid of the populists; we should embrace those they are fighting.
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Record 71,000 foreign students are admitted to UK universities: Figures confound fears immigration policies would put potential graduates off
Eleanor Harding
Daily Mail, 27 November 2017

A record number of international students were admitted to British universities this year – despite fears of them being deterred by immigration policies.

Figures from admissions body Ucas show the number of students from abroad rose by 2 per cent to the highest ever total of 70,945.

Broken down, there was a 5 per cent increase in students from countries outside the EU, bringing them to a total of 40,245.

Students from EU countries decreased by 2 per cent to 30,700 – 650 fewer than last year.

Ucas said that while there was a slight drop in EU students, the huge increase in those from non-EU countries more than made up for it.
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Campaigners raise alarm over 'appallingly disproportionate' number of black and minority ethnic children being arrested
May Bulman
Independent, 27 November 2017

Black and minority ethnic children account for more than a quarter of all child arrests across England and Wales, new figures show, raising concerns of "appalling" disproportionality in the justice system.

Data obtained through Freedom of Information law shows 26 per cent of all child arrests are youngsters from minority ethnic backgrounds – a figure more than double the proportion of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people in the population as a whole.

Campaigners and politicians have said the findings are a cause for "great concern", and have called on the Government to take urgent action to tackle the "institutional racism" in the criminal justice system.

The findings will fuel growing concerns about the high proportion of BAME children in custody, which has risen dramatically in recent years – to 49 per cent – despite the fact that the overall number of children entering the justice system has recently fallen to a record low.

The new figures, obtained by the Howard League for Penal Reform, show 22,579 black or minority ethnic under-18s were arrested last year out of a total of 87,529. Five per cent of the total arrests were listed as "other", indicating shortfalls in recording practices by police forces.

While a lack of population data in relation to boys and girls aged 10 to 17 means it is difficult to directly assess the level of disproportionality, Home Office figures show that the BAME proportion of the overall population is 13 per cent, providing an indication that the child arrest figures are disproportionate. ...

It comes after a report by the prison watchdog last week revealed that almost half (49 per cent) of children in jails are from a black or other ethnic minority background, compared with 41 per cent the previous year and 35 per cent the year before that. In 2006, the proportion of BAME young offenders in custody was just 25 per cent.
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100,000 in U.S. Ordered Deported, but Their Countries Won't Take Them Back
Brendan Kirby
PoliZette, 27 November 2017

For context, 97,589 people from a dozen recalcitrant countries were under orders to deport, although that is down sharply from October 2016, when a report released by then-Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) showed that 242,772 people with deportation orders came from uncooperative or recalcitrant countries.

By far, the largest numbers of current undeportable immigrants are from China, with 39,552 – and Cuba, 36,204.

Many immigrants with deportation orders have committed crimes. Among Cambodian nationals, according to ICE, 1,412 of the 1,926 under deportation orders have criminal convictions. ...

Canada also has a problem with countries that do not cooperate with repatriating citizens targeted for deportation. Unlike the United States, however, the Canadian government has a strict policy against naming those recalcitrant countries.
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Ministers handed plans for 'drastic reduction' in migration to UK post-Brexit
David Hughes
Independent, 26 November 2017

Plans for a "drastic reduction" in the number of immigrants to the UK have been submitted to ministers and won backing from former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith.

The proposals for a new system after Brexit would aim to cut net migration to the levels seen in the mid-1990s, when between 55,000 and 77,000 more people came to the UK than left.

Under the plan, put forward by pro-Brexit campaigners Leave Means Leave, there would be a moratorium on migration from the European Union for low-skilled work and a work permit system for graduate-level jobs.

Tourists and students from the EU would be able to come to the UK on holiday or to study without a visa, while up to 25,000 agricultural workers would be able to apply for a six-month permit. ...

The Leave Means Leave report said: "There is no doubt that profound concern about the level of net migration to the UK and its impact on the population, housing and public services was a key driver of the vote to leave.

"If the result of the referendum is to be honoured in spirit and letter, free movement of people from the EU to the UK must come to an end." ...

The paper said ministers should put greater emphasis on training unemployed people to take up semi-skilled and trade occupations, filling roles currently taken up by EU migrants.

Former Cabinet minister Mr Duncan Smith said: "This is a sensible set of proposals for a future immigration policy that the Government should adopt.

"It would deliver on the Brexit mandate both to take back control of borders and bring down net levels of migration."

Ex-Brexit minister David Jones said: "This is a thoughtful document that offers practical solutions to a problem that has bedevilled governments for many decades.

"I urge the Home Office to give it serious consideration."
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Charity boss's links to online hate
Edward Malnick
Sunday Telegraph, 26 November 2017

A charity handing out millions of pounds to mosques and other organisations in Britain is run by a former Qatari official who founded a website that instructed Muslims to hate Jews and Christians, the Telegraph can disclose.

Yousef al-Kuwari is the chief executive of Qatar Charity UK, whose work includes the construction of a new mosque in the north of England.

He previously founded Islamweb, a website that issued edicts stating that it is "forbidden" to swear an oath to gain British citizenship. In June, it warned of Jews and Christians: "It is incumbent to hate them for the sake of Allah."

Qatar Charity UK is the British arm of Qatar Charity, a Doha charity which has been designated a proscribed organisation by neighbouring Gulf states.
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Why won't politicians admit the truth about rampant immigration?
Kathy Gyngell
Conservative Woman, 26 November 2017

There's a reason why our roads are blocked with traffic, why there's a housing shortage, why there are not enough school places, why the NHS is creaking at the seams. It's called population growth, something that the political class choose to ignore, let alone see the need to be planned for.

The expansion of our population since 2004 is unprecedented. It grew to an estimated record 65.1 million in 2015, increasing by more than half a million in just one year since 2014.

Driven by record migration levels, our population has seen its sharpest growth ever. Britain has experienced a population increase of over 5 million in a just over a decade, from 2005 to 2016. The previous 5 million took 35 years to achieve, between 1970 and 2005.

Do we hear a debate in the Chamber on this? The last time the BBC's Panorama investigated the question was in 2010, when the population was projected to reach 70 million in 20 years. Well, they can bring that figure forward now by five years.

As to the implications, politicians stay singularly silent. Both the Conservative and Labour parties appear to be in some sort of denial, their heads firmly stuck in the sand. ...

Take any debate on 'services', on pressure on infrastructure, on housing, on crime and the elephant in the room always is rapid population rise. Population expansion due to immigration is never mentioned as a factor. This is Animal Farm all over again. ...

Brexit or no Brexit, overcrowded Britain seems here to stay. But the very least that this generation of politicians owe my children's generation is some honesty. ...

Denying the scale of the problem, and the change it makes to our national life, is authoritarian and disrespectful of the British populace – of every colour and creed, newly arrived as well as longstanding.
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Former Bank governor 'encouraged eastern European immigration'
Anushka Asthana
The Guardian, 25 November 2017

Mervyn King encouraged Tony Blair to open the doors to immigration from eastern Europe without any transitional controls, according to a former senior diplomat who claims the decision partly drove the Brexit vote more than a decade later.

Sir Ivan Rogers, who went on to be David Cameron's leading adviser on Europe and then Britain's EU ambassador, called it "an under-appreciated irony" that King – who eventually became a vocal Eurosceptic – was a strong advocate of the move.

In a 12,000-word essay about the UK's relationship with the EU and how it broke down, Rogers recounts a private conversation between Blair – for whom he was private principal secretary at the time – and the then Bank of England governor.

"King pressed the case to open the labour market without transition on the grounds that it would help lower wage growth and inflation, address supply bottlenecks in a fast-growing pre-financial crisis economy, and help keep interest rates low," he said. ...

Rogers said the free movement decision was barely discussed in Downing Street before May 2004, and said internal forecasts on how many people might come were "laughably low, and were discredited within months... We should have all asked ourselves then whether they could possibly be right."
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Polish man considered 'London's most wanted burglar' returned to UK after being deported in 2015, it emerges
Daily Telegraph, 25 November 2017

A Polish man who is now considered "London's most wanted burglar" was deported in 2015 but has since returned to the UK without being detected, police officers have admitted.

Police are urging members of the public not approach Krystof Brzezinski, 31, a dangerous career criminal who has recently been linked to a series of raids.

Despite being deported two years ago, investigators have now confirmed that he has returned to Britain under European freedom of movement rules, and is now back in his former crime patch.
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Albanian minister claims Britain is ENCOURAGING her young citizens to sneak into the UK - and is being too soft on deporting her people
Tom Kelly
MailOnline, 25 November 2017

Soft-touch Britain is irresponsibly encouraging Albanian youngsters to try to sneak in to the UK, a senior Albanian minister claimed yesterday.

Rovena Voda, deputy minister of internal affairs, said Britain should act more swiftly to send home unaccompanied under-18s who have asylum claims rejected – as France and Germany do.

The failure to do so is making the UK a 'more attractive' destination to teenagers, she warned.

She suggested the money Britain would save by no longer having to provide social care for the youngsters could be invested in projects in Albania to encourage teenagers to stay.

Mrs Voda said: 'These children are not being trafficked to Britain against their will. Most are brought part of the way by their parents and relatives. They do it for economic reasons.

'It's hard. Parents believe they are doing their best for their children and giving them more chance in the future, but they are doing significant psychological damage by abandoning them.

'The children suffer from separation anxiety and there is also a problem with them being sucked into virtual slave labour or crime if they fail to get asylum.

'The reason so many go to the UK rather than Germany or France or the Netherlands is that those countries do much more to deport them earlier. In Britain this is not the case, and this makes it more attractive to them.

'If Britain did more to return them more quickly it would help.' ...

She added: 'There is also a problem with parents sending children ahead because they think it will be easier for them to get asylum and the parents will follow. It's part of a strategy.'
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Almost Half Of 'Underage' Migrants In Hamburg Are Adults
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 25 November 2017

49 per cent of the migrants who have claimed to be underage in the city of Hamburg this year are actually adults, according to a new report from the Social Security Board.

The number is up from figures from last year which showed that 47 per cent of those claiming to be underage were adults. The new 49 per cent figure covers the 482 unaccompanied asylum seekers who came to Hamburg from January to September of this year, Die Welt reports.

Across Germany this year there have been a total of 55,890 asylum seekers claiming to be under the age of 18 but according to the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, 24,116, or 43 percent, were officially adults. ...

Many asylum seekers have claimed to be underage because it is much harder for the German government to deport underage asylum seekers and many get preferential treatment.
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The Norway model: a new approach to immigration and asylum
Fraser Nelson
Spectator blog, 25 November 2017

Last week I met Sylvi Listhaug, who holds a recently-created position: Norway's Minister for Immigration & Integration. She's with the Progress Party, the junior partner in coalition. ...

... When Sweden accepted 160,000 asylum-seekers in 2015, the Norwegians took in 30,000 – and this year, so far, it's 2,000. No country has seen a sharper fall in refugees. In her interview, she outlined the following elements of the Norwegian model.

Norway starts by acknowledging that the rich world has a moral duty to help refugees, but it goes further. The tougher moral question, it says, is: how do you help them? ... She explained that the UK could help 100,000 children abroad for the cost of helping 3,000 here. ...

Norway turns away all immigrants who are not in need of protection. She says her policy is unambiguous. 'If you are an economic migrant, you are declined in Norway. We give protection for the ones that need that, that are in danger in their own country but we also spend a lot of money to return people that are declined in Norway, also by force'. /.../ 'That has also decreased the crime in Norway, that's very good'.

Norway spends a lot of money deporting failed asylum seekers. 'We send people back to Afghanistan if they are not in need of protection, we send them back to Somalia if they are not in need of protection'. I asked her if this is expensive. 'Yes, but it's well worth it'. It's about the deterring message, she says. 'So If I'm in Afghanistan and I want a better life, I should not pay a smuggler to get me to Norway because if I am not in need of protection I will be sent back.'

The dramatic fall in Norway's refugee intake has led to a dramatic rise in money spent helping refugees in camps abroad. So over the last couple of years, Norway has upped its aid budget by about 4 billion kroner (£370 million) as a direct result of the fall in the number of asylum seekers.
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Brexit Britain must accept more immigrants to sign India free trade deal, diplomat warns
Jon Rogers
Daily Express, 24 November 2017

Britain has to accept greater levels of immigration from India if it wants to sign a free trade deal with the country, a senior Indian diplomat has said.

India's High Commissioner to the UK, Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha, said "freer movement of people and professionals" had to be part of any future deal to ensure it was "mutually beneficial."

Mr Sinha, speaking to Indian business leaders in London, said he was "very confident" that once Britain leaves the European Union a "winning partnership" between the two countries could be cemented. ...

The diplomat said India wanted to expand the benefits of being a Commonwealth country, which currently included a common language, rule of law and democratic principles, to include free movement of people.
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How much is immigration to blame for the housing crisis?
Ed West
Spectator blog, 24 November 2017

And yet last year 150,000 homes were built in Britain, which on paper, for the third most densely populated non-microstate in Europe (and England is first), and for a country well below sub-replacement fertility, should be enough. But it's not, it's barely even sufficient to house the extra 246,000 people who officially arrived here from March 2016. ...

The big House of Lords report on immigration a few years back concluded that net migration of 190,000 a year increased housing costs by 13 per cent over 20 years, and it's been almost that long since Tony Blair's government deliberately increased immigration levels way beyond that. Last month a paper reiterated the fact that immigration overall increases housing costs in a city, while reducing it in those areas the immigrants move into – unless those migrants are rich.

House prices only reflect how nice an area is to live in, so poor migrants moving in reduces that overall quality of life; that's why you get secondary migration. ...

... When it comes to land you can't grow the pie indefinitely; even if you artfully densify London there is a point at which greater density reduces quality of life and increases stress; there are only a finite number of spaces in sought-after Zone 2 and 3 Victorian property in London, beyond which the strain of commuting gets serious – and commuting really does reduce quality of life. (If this sounds too London-centric, well that's where the jobs are.)
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Non-EU migrant wins right to stay in the UK every 36 seconds: More than 865,000 people were allowed to live in Britain during 2016
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 23 November 2017

Britain handed out residence permits to non-EU migrants at the rate of one every 36 seconds last year.

Officials allowed 865,894 people from outside the EU to live here – a quarter of the permits issued across Europe and the most granted by any one nation.

The figure was up 52 per cent on the 570,000 total recorded two years ago.

The figures were published by the EU's statistics arm Eurostat ahead of the release of a new set of UK migration statistics next week. ...

Alp Mehmet, of the think-tank MigrationWatch UK, said: 'Assuming a good many people stay in the country indefinitely, this is another damning indication of the levels of migration that are taking place.

'This is why we have the pressure we do on public services.

'The consequence is people will need homes, their children will need school places, and it will put more demand on public services.' ...

The UK was the main destination in Europe for non-EU citizens enrolling in education, handing out 365,455 study visas – 53 per cent of all those given in the 28-nation bloc. Another 117,076 came here for work and 89,341 for family reasons.

Residence permits allow non-EU nationals to stay in a country legally. But because Britain does not have an official residence permit system, Eurostat uses UK visas as the nearest comparison – including work, study and family visas, but excluding visitors.

Home Office officials point out that visas do not indicate an individual wishes to stay in Britain – only how long they are given.

This covers those who intend to reside for a few weeks to those arrivals coming for several years. ...

Twenty-one per cent of permits handed out by Britain were given to US citizens – 183,867 – while 122,075 went to Indian nationals and 103,248 were given to Chinese.
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Migrant influx 'to fall sharply after leaving the EU': Watchdog predicts net number of new arrivals will fall to 165,000 by 2023
Jack Doyle
Daily Mail, 23 November 2017

The number of migrants entering Britain will fall sharply after Brexit, according to the public spending watchdog.

The Office of Budget Responsibility predicts net migration – the number of new arrivals minus those who leave – will fall to 165,000 by 2023.

According to previous estimates it was expected to fall to 185,000 by 2021. ...

According to the OBR's 'Economic and Fiscal Output', ministers are expected to adopt a 'tighter migration regime following departure from the EU than that currently in place, but not sufficiently tight to reduce net inward migration to the desired 'tens of thousands'. ...

Despite the falls in migrant numbers, they predict that around three quarters of the 700,000 increase in employment will be accounted for by migrants. ...

Official figures showed that the EU workforce in the UK reached its highest-ever total of 2,378,000 in the 12 months to the end of September.
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Campaign group that is accused of bullying newspapers admits it wants to impose its own views on the media
Katherine Rushton
Daily Mail, 22 November 2017

A far-Left campaign group which has been accused of bullying advertisers to boycott newspapers including the Daily Mail has admitted that it wants to impose its views on the media.

Richard Wilson, who heads the so-called Stop Funding Hate lobby group, told BBC2's Newsnight that his campaign is trying to force newspapers to follow its editorial line on controversial issues.

In a fiery exchange with the deputy editor of The Sunday Times, Sarah Baxter, he insisted that he does not want to put newspapers on his hit list – the Mail, the Daily Express and The Sun – out of business.

But he boasted: 'The end point for us is a media that does the job we all want it to.'

Miss Baxter – whose newspaper is not one of Stop Funding Hate's targets – branded Mr Wilson 'arrogant'.

'You and your activists want to decide what people in Britain can read or not,' she told him on Newsnight. 'That's very arrogant and self-appointed and very, very wrong for democracy.'

Stop Funding Hate is a small group of hard-Left pro-Remain Corbynistas, who use social media to pressure advertisers to stop doing business with popular newspapers that do not share their political views.
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Soros-Linked NGO Demands EU Accept 540,000 Migrants From 'Poor Countries'
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 22 November 2017

European Union (EU) nations should take more than half a million refugees currently living in third world camps, according to an open borders NGO with close links to globalist billionaire George Soros.

In an interview with EUobserver on Monday, Chairman of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) David Miliband said Europe has two choices: accept massive illegal immigration, or create routes enabling the world's poorest people to migrate legally.

The former British foreign secretary announced he is pressing Brussels to resettle 540,000 refugees in Europe over five years, a number far larger than the 50,000 migrants the European Commission announced in September is to be delivered to EU nations from Africa over the next two years.
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Migrant Crisis-Hit Italy Sees Half of Citizens 'Feel Like Strangers in Their Own Country'
Jack Montgomery
Breitbart, 22 November 2017

People across the West increasingly feel like they are "strangers" in their home countries, with Italy leading the pack.

Ipsos Mori research, cited by Chatham House fellow Matthew Goodwin, notes that some 49 per cent of Italians – who have borne the brunt of the migrant crisis recently – agree with the statement: "These days I feel like a stranger in my country." ...

Research in September 2017 found that seven Italians in 10 think the country has too many migrants, while recent regional elections in Sicily saw eurosceptic-leaning, populist parties oust the establishment Democratic Party with a huge majority.

The U.S., which absorbed roughly 300,000 to 400,000 illegal migrants a year under the Barack Obama administration, according to Centre for Immigration Studies estimates, was not far behind Italy, with 45 per cent agreeing that they now feel like strangers.

Belgium, the seat of many of the European Union's major institutions and power bases, was next on the list, at 44 per cent. ...

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the countries on the bottom of Goodwin's list with the lowest number of people who feel like strangers in their homelands are Israel, on 20 per cent, and Japan, on 14 per cent.

Both maintain a robust sense of national identity, strong border controls, and are strict about who they admit and who meets their standards for naturalisation.
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Inconvenient Truths About Migration
Robert Skidelsky
Project Syndicate, 22 November 2017
[Robert Skidelsky is Professor Emeritus of Political Economy at Warwick University]

Sociology, anthropology, and history have been making large inroads into the debate on immigration. ...

Let's start, though, with the economics, using the United Kingdom – now heading out of the EU – as a case in point. Between 1991 and 2013 there was a net inflow of 4.9 million foreign-born migrants into Britain.

Standard economic theory tells us that net inward migration, like free trade, benefits the native population only after a lag. ...

A recent study by Cambridge University economist Robert Rowthorn, however, has shown that this argument is full of holes. ...

A second economic argument is that immigration will rejuvenate the labor force and stabilize public finances, because young, imported workers will generate the taxes required to support a rising number of pensioners. ...

Rowthorn dismisses this argument. "Rejuvenation through immigration is an endless treadmill," he says. "To maintain a once-and-for-all reduction in the dependency ratio requires a never-ending stream of immigrants. Once the inflow stops, the age structure will revert to its original trajectory." A lower inflow and a higher retirement age would be a much better solution to population aging.

... So the crux of the matter is really its social impact. Here, the familiar benefit of diversity confronts the downside risk of a loss of social cohesion.

David Goodhart, former editor of the journal Prospect, has argued the case for restriction from a social democratic perspective. Goodhart takes no position on whether cultural diversity is intrinsically or morally good or bad. He simply takes it for granted that most people prefer to live with their own kind, and that policymakers must attend to this preference. A laissez-faire attitude to the composition of a country's population is as untenable as indifference to its size.

For Goodhart, the taproot of liberals' hostility to migration controls is their individualist view of society. Failing to comprehend people's attachment to settled communities, they label hostility to immigration irrational or racist. ...

A too-rapid inflow of immigrants weakens bonds of solidarity, and, in the long run, erodes the affective ties required to sustain the welfare state. "People will always favor their own families and communities," Goodhart argues, and "it is the task of a realistic liberalism to strive for a definition of community that is wide enough to include people from many different backgrounds, without being so wide as to become meaningless."

Economic and political liberals are bedfellows in championing unrestricted immigration. ...

At issue is the oldest debate in the social sciences. Can communities be created by politics and markets, or do they presuppose a prior sense of belonging?

It seems to me that anyone who thinks about such matters is bound to agree with Goodhart that citizenship, for most people, is something they are born into. Values are grown from a specific history and geography. If the make-up of a community is changed too fast, it cuts people adrift from their own history, rendering them rootless. Liberals' anxiety not to appear racist hides these truths from them. An explosion of what is now called populism is the inevitable result.
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Diversity Obsession
Walter E. Williams, 22 November 2017
[Walter E. Williams is the John M. Olin distinguished professor of economics at George Mason University]

A common feature of our time is the extent to which many in our nation have become preoccupied with diversity. But true diversity obsession, almost a mania, is found at our institutions of higher learning. Rather than have a knee-jerk response for or against diversity, I think we should ask just what is diversity and whether it's a good thing. ...

Seeing as college presidents and provosts are the main diversity pushers, we might start with their vision of diversity. Ask your average college president or provost whether he even bothers promoting political diversity among faculty. I'll guarantee that if he is honest – and even bothers to answer the question – he will say no. ...

The fact is that when college presidents and their diversity coterie talk about diversity, they're talking mostly about pleasing mixtures of race. Years ago, they called their agenda affirmative action, racial preferences or racial quotas. Not only did these terms fall out of favor but also voters approved initiatives banning choosing by race. Courts found some of the choosing by race unconstitutional. That meant that the race people had to repackage their agenda. That repackaging became known as diversity. Some race people were bold enough to argue that "diversity" produces educational benefits to all students, including white students. Nobody has bothered to scientifically establish what those benefits are. ...

There is one area of college life where administrators demonstrate utter contempt for diversity, and that's in sports. It is by no means unusual to watch a Saturday afternoon college basketball game and see that the starting five on both teams are black. White players, not to mention Asian players, are underrepresented. Similar underrepresentation is practiced in college football. ...

The most important issue related to college diversity obsession is what happens to black students. Black parents should not allow their sons and daughters to fall victim to the diversity hustle, even if the diversity hustler is a black official of the college. Black parents should not allow their sons and daughters to attend a college where they would not be admitted if they were white.
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'Overpopulation will destroy Australia': Dick Smith claims skyrocketing immigration will cause mass unemployment and most of our children 'will sell coffee to each other'
Sam Duncan
Daily Mail Australia, 21 November 2017

Dick Smith has launched a new ad campaign, warning overpopulation will cause mass unemployment and poverty.

The entrepreneur's new advertisement, titled Overpopulation will Destroy Australia, will appear in six newspapers on Tuesday and Wednesday. ...

The businessman said at current growth rates Australia could be home to 100 million people by 2100, causing mass unemployment and poverty. ...

Smith said the increase in immigration to over 200,000 people per year started under John Howard is unsustainable, and is calling for a cap of 70,000. ...

Politicians are afraid to speak up about immigration and overpopulation for fear of being labelled racist by the national broadcaster, he claimed. ...

Figures released earlier this month show Australia is is growing at an annual pace of 1.6 per cent, double the average among the world's 78 richest nations.

A survey by the Australian Population Research Institute released in October found 74 per cent of Australians believe the country is 'already full'.

Of those surveyed, 54 per cent wanted a reduction in the annual migrant intake and 48 per cent backed a partial ban on Muslim immigration.
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'EU citizen application as easy as driving licence renewal'
BBC, 21 November 2017

EU nationals applying for settled status in the UK could find the process as easy as renewing a driving licence, an immigration minister has said.

Brandon Lewis said he expected cases to be dealt with within a couple of weeks.

He said 1,200 staff were being employed to deal with up to 3.5m applications over the next two and half years.

But Labour's Yvette Cooper warned that the Home Office's record of mistakes in immigration cases meant many would take little reassurance from his words. ...

He insisted the Home Office was adopting a "different cultural approach" to dealing with applications for settled status, with a presumption that applicants were likely to be allowed to stay.
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Britain to pay millions more for Calais security
Adam Sage and Richard Ford
The Times, 21 November 2017

Britain has agreed to give France more money to improve security in Calais as evidence shows a rise in the number of people being smuggled across the Channel, French officials say.

The Home Office refused to be drawn on how much money it would give the French, but it is believed to be tens of millions of pounds.

Amber Rudd, the home secretary, met Gérard Collomb, the French interior minister, in London last week. French officials said that Ms Rudd was prepared to meet their demands for more money. They said that British taxpayers had given France £124 million since 2015.
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How Britain celebrates Christmas in 2017: Armed guards, concrete barriers and metal detectors spring up around festive markets due to terror attack fears
Alex Matthews
MailOnline, 20 November 2017

Britain's Christmas markets will surrounded by a ring of a steel with armed police on patrol and metal detectors at entrances as security is raised over new terror fears.

There will be concrete barriers, stop and search checks and officers on the ground at the popular festive events in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Bath in the run up to Christmas.

The precautions are being taken after the Local Government Association warned councils to be vigilant this year with the terror threat level to the UK currently at 'severe' - meaning an incident is 'highly likely'.
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Japan's Prime Minster Shinzo Abe refuses to relax immigration rules despite shrinking population
Tom Batchelor
Independent, 20 November 2017

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has insisted his administration has "no intention" of loosening the country's strict immigration policy despite warnings about its fast shrinking – and ageing – population.

On Monday during a debate in Japan's parliament, Mr Abe suggested there was justification for accepting foreign workers "where they are truly needed" to "keep Japan's economy and infrastructure sustainable".

But he was also steadfast in his opposition to any moves to reform the country's strict border policy.

His reluctance to relax the rules for migrant workers is facing mounting criticism in Japan, where less than 2 per cent of the population are foreign born. That compares with more than 20 per cent in the UK. ...

But when it comes to refugees, Japan is even less welcoming.

In the first half of 2017 it accepted just three asylum seekers. For the previous year, just 28 settled there.

Japan's reluctance to accept foreigners mirrors a wider caution towards immigration in a nation where many pride themselves on cultural and ethnic homogeneity.
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European Multiculturalism
Joseph Puder
FrontPage Mag, 20 November 2017

Multiculturalism, the "religion" of the European Union (EU) elites, enforced by many EU states through "diversity" programs, has begun to lose its luster. ...

France and Germany, along with other Western European and Scandinavian EU members, have pushed the multiculturalist line. The pattern throughout central Europe however, is in the reverse, with the parties of the left losing ground to anti-immigration, Eurosceptic, and anti-multiculturalist parties. Poland and Hungary too, have elected parties that are vehemently opposed to immigration from Muslim countries as well as multiculturalism. ...

Dutch legal philosopher, Paul Cliteur, considered non-western cultures as anachronistic, and multiculturalism as an unacceptable ideology of cultural relativism. He argues that multiculturalism leads to the acceptance of barbaric practices (brought by Muslim immigrants to the West) including slavery, homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, female genital mutilation, etc. In "Falling Prey to Relativism," Cliteur writes, "Multiculturalism is nowadays affiliated with a postmodern outlook. The pivotal ideas of this vision of life are relativism (cultural relativism in particular), a negative attitude toward Western political tradition, the cultivation of collective guilt for the transgressions of the colonial past, and other real or presumed black pages in Western history." ...

The anti-immigrant parties in central Europe and beyond reflect a rising tide of European citizens who reject multiculturalism, and the immigration of non-Europeans. There is a feeling among these European natives that they are losing their culture and their country. It is now just a matter of time before Western European political and social elites face the rage of their people.
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Israel's ultimatum to 40,000 African asylum seekers – go to Rwanda or face jail
Vasudevan Sridharan
International Business Times, 20 November 2017

The Israeli cabinet has formally approved a plan to deport as many as 40,000 Africans, mostly from conflict-torn countries like Eritrea and Sudan, to Rwanda or face jail if they choose to remain in the country.

In what has been described as a "voluntary departure", the Israeli government also plans to shut down the Holot detention facility, which houses illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from Africa.

The country plans to pay $5,000 to the Rwandan government for every African asylum seeker it accepts, in addition to the $3,500 grant for the deportee. Their one-way air-tickets will also be paid by the Israeli government. ... ... Women, children and victims of human trafficking are to be exempted from the crackdown. Individuals waiting for a response for the approval of their asylum claims will also be excluded.
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Inside the dark underbelly of Britain's counterfeit capital where police fear trafficked immigrants are being forced to sell knock-off goods
Beth Abbit
Mirror, 20 November 2017

Along this not-so-secret mile-long stretch you can buy everything from the latest Beats headphones to brand new Adidas trainers at bargain prices.

But there's a catch - too many of the items on sale are knock off versions of the real thing - in what was last year named as Britain's counterfeit capital in a government report.

But now it's emerged there is a far darker side to this to knock-off trade strip between Cheetham Hill and Strangeways in Manchester. ...

But police and trading standards officials warn that there is a far darker underbelly, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Cash-rich criminals who control the counterfeit operations have a hand in drug-dealing, smuggling and even people trafficking.

And modern slavery is the latest shocking development which has become linked to counterfeit crime. ...

Most recently police and immigration officials have noticed an influx of workers from countries affected by conflicts, such as Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

Chinese and Indian nationals are also involved in the trade. Police say many have entered the country on a student visa and, when questioned, claim to be in Manchester visiting friends.
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Greek island on strike in protest against becoming migrant 'prison'
Reuters, 20 November 2017

Residents on the Greek island of Lesbos went on strike on Monday to protest against European policies they say have turned it into a "prison" for migrants and refugees. ...

Just a few miles from Turkey's coast, Lesbos has borne the brunt of Europe's migrant crisis. In 2015, nearly a million people - most fleeing Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan - landed on its shores before heading north, mainly to Germany.

It is now hosting some 8,500 asylum-seekers in facilities designed to hold fewer than 3,000. ...

Thousands of asylum-seekers have become stranded on Lesbos and four other islands close to Turkey since the EU agreed a deal with Ankara in March 2016 to shut down the route through Greece.

Some have been moved to camps on the mainland, but authorities say the terms of the agreement prevent asylum-seekers from traveling beyond the islands.
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Sanctuary Policies Finance Crime and Death, Here and Abroad
Andrew R. Arthur
Center for Immigration Studies, 20 November 2017

Probably the strongest argument against sanctuary cities, lax credible-fear standards for asylum, in-state tuition for illegal aliens, and paid counsel in removal proceedings is the fact that each of these programs encourages aliens (and especially women and families) to enter illegally, which usually requires that they put their lives in the hands of smugglers.

Anything that promotes recourse to smugglers is a bad thing, because smugglers are, simply put, bad people. They are really just in it for the money, and have very little concern for the lives, safety, or well-being of their "customers". As importantly, however, money paid to smugglers often makes its way to the very groups whose violent activities abroad have spurred the exodus of those aliens. That money also helps finance those groups in spreading misery and death in the United States.

A recent report underscores these facts.

The report, titled "Human smuggling equals great danger, big money", was recently issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
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Hero spy who founded Bletchley Park codebreaking unit with his own money and warned government against dangers of Hitler is 'too white' for a blue plaque
Chris Hastings and Sarah Oliver
Mail on Sunday, 19 November 2017

One of the most influential spymasters in British history has been turned down for a blue plaque – sparking claims he was deemed 'too white and too male' for the honour.

Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair, the second head of MI6, founded the wartime Bletchley Park codebreaking HQ with his own money and set up the unit that became the Special Operations Executive, responsible for a devastating campaign of sabotage in German-occupied Europe.

But English Heritage ruled that he was not 'historically significant' enough to be recognised with a blue plaque at his official London residence in Queen Anne's Gate, which was linked by a secret tunnel to MI6 headquarters.

Iraq War hero Colonel Tim Collins suggested the plaque through his military training company New Century, which now owns the building.

He accused the quango of being too politically correct, as the snub coincides with moves to boost the number of black and Asian figures recognised with blue plaques.

Calling Sir Hugh's efforts 'war-winning stuff', he said: 'I can only assume he has been turned down for an honour because he was too white, too male and too Establishment.

'What these people are doing is undermining our heritage. It's despicable and it's revisionism.'

Sir Hugh joined the Navy in 1886 aged just 13 and had a distinguished career in naval intelligence, eventually becoming head of MI6, or 'C', in 1923. In the late 1930s, he played a vital role in alerting the Government to the threat posed by Adolf Hitler when much of the Establishment was committed to appeasement.

In 1938, Sir Hugh used his own money to buy Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire and set it up as a codebreaking centre after the Government refused to fund the idea.

Experts there went on to crack the Nazis' Enigma code, which would prove vital in winning the war.
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Children are being sold for sex by their PARENTS and family members on streets of Glasgow – in Nicola Sturgeon's constituency
Laura Murray
Scottish Sun, 19 November 2017

Children as young as primary school age are being sold for sex on the streets of Glasgow, an investigation has revealed.

Community groups in Govanhill, one of Scotland's most deprived areas, say Roma children are being sold by parents and relatives – and that the practice has been going on for decades.

But authorities have failed to take action for fear of being branded racist, says the publication – Govanhill has the highest Roma population in Scotland after a dramatic increase in 2004. ...

Olive Arens, the chief executive of Up-2-Us, a government-funded charity that works with vulnerable teenagers, was told the abuse was an "urban myth" when she flagged concerns.

She said: "The sexual exploitation of Roma children in Govanhill is a longstanding issue. You could see the activity.

"It was children and adults making deals in huddles. It is very clear what was taking place but nothing ever happened to stop it."
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Report: Schools Must Teach Britain Is an 'Immigration Nation' to Fight Islamophobia
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 19 November 2017

The government should empower NGOs and race activists to police the media to ensure ethnic minorities are not portrayed in a bad light, and the school curriculum must be changed so that every child is taught Britain has no native population, according to a new report on Islamophobia.

In Islamophobia: Still a Challenge for Us All, "race relations" think tank the Runnymede Trust alleges that "anti-Muslim racism" is responsible for all inequalities between Muslims and other groups in Britain "across a range of outcomes, from health, housing and environment to education, employment and criminal justice". ...

Linking to Our Migration Story, a government-funded "educational resource" developed by the Runnymede Trust and academics to accompany a new GSCE history module offered to students since 2016, the report implies that all schools should have to teach the contents of the module which – developed by a Marxist academic – alleges Africans were in Britain before the English, and has been described as "disturbing" and "dangerous".

Our Migration Story states that the UK is a nation of constant migrations with no indigenous population, whose "wealth and power" came only as the result of "the exploitation of the world's resources and its people". ...

Antony Beevor, the military historian and author, said: "Migration is a very valid area to study, but if it's a question of rewriting history to bolster the morale of certain sections of the population, rather than a scrupulous attitude towards facts, then that is a total distortion and it's outrageous." ...

Author and Nobel Laureate V. S. Naipaul added: "This absurd supposition of Africans inhabiting Britain before the English only goes to show how our once esteemed centres of learning, Oxford and Cambridge, have been insidiously eroded by a dangerous dogma that, very like IS today, wrought misery and havoc in Russia, China and the Eastern bloc, where for all practical purposes it has failed."
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Violent burglaries linked to Sudanese youth - including children as young as 10 and Apex-linked members have 'surged 400 per cent in three years'
Stephen Johnson
Daily Mail Australia, 19 November 2017

Sudanese youth as young as 10 have committed 400 per cent more violent burglaries in just three years.

Federal Liberal MP Jason Wood, a former police detective who is heading a parliament inquiry into migration, has released terrifying crime data on Apex-linked gangs, who are known to particularly active in south-east Melbourne suburbs like Frankston and Pakenham. ...

'With South Sudanese hugely over represented in violent crimes in Victoria, the protection of all those living in Melbourne and Australia must come first,' Mr Wood told the Sunday Herald Sun. ...

Sudanese-born youths, aged between 10 and 18, are the most represented ethnic group when it comes to aggravated burglaries, car thefts and sexual offences, the newspaper report said.
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Oh please, Brexit really was not a Russian plot
Matthew Goodwin
Sunday Telegraph, 19 November 2017
[Matthew Goodwin is Professor of Politics at the University of Kent]

Public anxiety over immigration dominated the vote for Brexit. Since the referendum, a growing number of studies have shown that people who felt anxious about the impact of immigration on Britain were not only more likely to back Leave but were also more likely to play down the risk of Brexit and turn out to vote. Immigration was not the only concern that motivated Leavers, but it was by far the most powerful.

This phenomenon wasn't limited to Leavers. Almost half of those who voted Remain also felt that the number of people coming to Britain was "too high". Yet since the referendum there has been political denial of this fact. ...

British voters have consistently been misled on immigration, from dodgy estimates about how many EU nationals would arrive after 2004, to David Cameron's ill-fated promise to return net migration to the tens of thousands. This had major consequences, not only pushing many Conservative and Labour voters into the arms of Ukip, but also laying the foundation for Brexit. Such serial betrayals have also lowered trust in the political system. Can Britain afford not to meet this concern head on?

... Restoring public confidence and trust on this issue should be a priority, by coming up with a clear plan to reform policy and – at least in the short term – demonstrate a clear ability to curb numbers. Failure to do so will not only damage the Conservative Party but out democracy, too.
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Oxford college introduces compulsory classes on 'cultural appropriation' for students
Camilla Turner
Daily Telegraph, 18 November 2017

An Oxford college has become the first to introduce compulsory classes on "cultural appropriation" for students.

Magdalen College will run the mandatory workshops for freshers starting from next year, where they will be taught about racism, institutional racism, cultural appropriation and implicit bias.

The move follows a series of rows about racism and cultural appropriation at the university. ...

Students at the Magdalen College - whose alumni include the author C S Lewis and the playwright Oscar Wilde - voted in favour making the workshops compulsory for all incoming undergraduates. The classes are already run in a number of colleges on an optional basis.

They will also learn about how to "participate effectively in fighting racism for both BME [Black and Minority Ethnic] and non-BME students".

Farheen Ahmed, Oxford Student Union's Vice President for Welfare and Equal Opportunities, said she welcomed the move as "an important part of bringing the conversation about race and ethnicity into the wider consciousness".
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Number of EU nationals working in Britain reaches record level, official statistics show
Daily Telegraph, 16 November 2017

The number of EU nationals working in the UK has reached a new record level, official figures reveal.

There were an estimated 2.38 million employees from EU member states excluding the UK from July to September this year.

This was up by 112,000 on the equivalent period of 2016 and the highest number recorded since comparable records started 20 years ago.

It is the first time that year-on-year comparisons of employment levels by nationality can be made for two full quarterly periods falling after the EU referendum. ...

Much of the year-on-year increase has been driven by a rise in the number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK.

In the third quarter of this year 347,000 nationals of the two countries were employed in the UK - an increase of 90,000 compared with July-September of 2016. ...

There was also a rise in the number of employees from 14 long-term member states including Germany, Italy, Spain and France, from 942,000 to 987,000.

However, the figures show a fall in the number of nationals of eight central and eastern European countries working in the UK.

There were an estimated 1,035,000 employees from the so-called EUA8 countries which joined the union in 2004 - Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

This was down by just under 20,000 compared with the July-September period of last year.

The figures also revealed that the number of overseas nationals from outside the EU working in the UK fell by 23,000 to 1.21 million.

The ONS report said: "Since January to March 2009, the number of non-UK nationals from outside the EU working in the UK has been broadly flat but the number of non-UK nationals from EU countries working in the UK has continued to increase."
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Crime Wave Engulfs Sweden as Fraud, Sexual Offenses Reach Record
Niklas Magnusson
Bloomberg, 16 November 2017

The number of Swedes who were victims of crimes such as fraud and sexual offenses jumped to the highest level on record last year.

A survey by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention showed that 15.6 percent of people suffered one or more offences against the person (defined in the survey as assault, threats, sexual offences, robbery, fraud or harassment) last year. That's up from 13.3 percent in 2015 and the highest number recorded since the annual Swedish Crime Survey started in 2006.

... The crimes "that have had the clearest development in the past few years are harassment, fraud and sexual offences," the agency said.

Of the six types of offences against the person, five of six rose to their highest level on record last year. The number of assault cases reached its second-highest level.

The number of victims of sexual offences rose to 1.7 percent in 2015 and to 2.4 percent in 2016 from an average of 0.9 percent between 2005 and 2014.
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Migrants make up eight in ten new households over the past 15 years, new figures reveal
Steve Doughty
Daily Mail, 15 November 2017

The spiralling need for new homes is almost entirely a result of immigration, according to a report.

It says eight out of ten of all new households over the past 15 years were made up of migrant families, which is the overwhelming reason for the pressure to build millions of new homes.

The report from the Migration Watch UK think-tank accused ministers of misleading the public.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid told the Commons in February that 'two-thirds of housing demand has nothing to do with immigration' and was down to natural population growth.

Migration Watch says this is 'entirely false and misleading'.

It says that according to the Labour Force Survey by the Office for National Statistics, 1.65 million of the two million new households needing homes in England between 2000 and 2015 were headed by someone who was an immigrant.

And between 2010 and 2015, the number of households headed by someone born in Britain actually fell.

It dropped by 117,335 to 18,751,065, while the number of new households where the head was an immigrant went up by nearly half a million to 3,493,207.

Mr Javid's Department for Communities and Local Government says that in the 25 years between 2014 and 2039 there will need to be homes for 210,000 new households a year. Of these, it says 77,000, will be a result of immigration.

But Migration Watch disputes these numbers.

It says officials are using immigration figures that are far below the real levels and ignoring the effect of new families formed by young immigrants already in the UK.
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More than six in ten babies born in London over the past year were to foreign mothers
Steve Doughty
Daily Mail, 14 November 2017

More than six in ten babies born in London hospitals have foreign mothers who are either immigrants or visiting from abroad, official figures show.

The evidence of the impact of immigration on the NHS was revealed in a breakdown of hospital records for last year published by the Office for National Statistics.

It comes amid concerns about the effects of fast-rising population levels and the cost to the public of health tourism. It also comes as the Health Service faces a shortfall of 3,500 midwives.

In one London hospital nearly four out of five births were to mothers born abroad, and in two others the figure was over 70 per cent.

Across the country just over 28 per cent of babies in 2016 were born to foreign-born mothers, up from just over 11 per cent in 1990, according to the ONS. The levels are higher in London because a large proportion of migrant families settle in the capital. ...

The ONS figures do not distinguish between mothers who live in Britain and those who are visiting from abroad, who may fall into the category of health tourists. ...

Although fertility rates among foreign-born women fell in 2015, an immigrant could expect to have 2.08 children. For UK-born women, the rate was 1.76.
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Spreading housing shortage hits over 850,000 people in Germany - report
Reuters, 14 November 2017

A housing crisis is spreading in Germany, the Federal Homelessness Association said on Tuesday, forecasting that 1.2 million people could be living in shelters by 2018.

The report came amid heightened concern about Germany's rising poverty rate and ability to integrate 1.1 million migrants that have arrived over the past two years, drawn by the country's reputation for affluence, efficiency and stability.

The homelessness association said that more than 850,000 people lacked their own accommodation in 2016, up 150 percent from 2014, and half of those affected were migrants.

A total of 52,000 people were living on the streets in 2016, up a third from 2014, the group said in its report.

It added that the number of those living in shelters would likely rise by another 40 percent by 2018, driven higher by rising rents, decreasing availability of subsidised housing, and the growing numbers of refugees granted asylum status and therefore entitled to housing.

The homelessness association said immigration was a factor behind the rising rate of housing shortage, but also blamed what it called "failed" housing policies.
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Practical problems with overseas student numbers
C R Cann
Financial Times, 13 November 2017
[Letter to the Editor]

Sir, The renewed publicity about possibly not counting overseas students against UK net immigration targets does not so far seem to recognise certain practical problems. If this idea were adopted, not only would it be even more important than now to have genuinely effective controls to ensure that students did not overstay their visas, but it would also be necessary to ensure that departing students were identified and not counted as emigrants for the purposes of net immigration numbers. Failing such arrangements our net immigration statistics could become seriously misleading.

It is also worth bearing in mind that if, as the recent Home Office checks suggest, most students do return home, the effect of excluding students from both the immigration and emigration numbers should be to leave our net immigration figures little changed. Given the importance attached to reducing those net figures, giving universities as it were a free pass to the overseas talent (and income) that they wish to attract could expose those sectors that want to recruit foreign workers to more restrictive rules than they might otherwise have faced.
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City AM's Rachel Cunliffe on UK's post-Brexit immigration
BBC, 13 November 2017

Taking back control of UK borders was an argument for some who backed Brexit and wanted a cut in the number of people coming into the UK.

But in a film for the Daily Politics soapbox series, City AM's Rachel Cunliffe looks at British and Australian immigration statistics and policies, and she argues for more immigration from non-EU nations.

She said: "This is not a betrayal of the Brexit vote, it is honouring it, by building migration systems specially for the UK. So let's take back control of immigration - and increase it."
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Charles Moore
Daily Telegraph, 13 November 2017

... BBC's Question Time ...

But what is really needed on such programmes, if "balance" is ever to be achieved, is for Dimbleby to encourage people of conservative views to speak up more. And even that is not much use if there aren't many of them in the hall in the first place. Our public culture has a passionate commitment to "Diversity", with one glaring exception – diversity of opinion. Huge efforts are made to promote different races, sexes, sexualities, faiths and, to a lesser extent, ages, but the BBC fails almost every time to "look like modern Britain" in the range of views expressed on its airwaves. Have you ever seen a Question Time, for example, when the majority of the views from the studio audience were anti-mass immigration, in favour of lower taxes, and pro-Brexit? Yet these are pretty much majority opinions axross the country as a whole.
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Migrant entered UK on back of lorry - and went on to run this major Redcar drugs farm
GazetteLive [Teesside], 12 November 2017

A man who arrived in the UK in the back of a lorry was quickly offered a job and a home running a big cannabis farm on Teesside.

Albanian Mariglent Alla was expecting to work in a car wash when he found himself in Newcastle in the summer.

But the job on offer was as a gardener in charge of a commercial cannabis farm in a terraced house in Redcar. ...

Inside the house on Henry Street, in central Redcar, all seven rooms had been taken over by the 427 plants and 300 cuttings. ...

Alla fled when the police forced entry into the house, and he was found hiding in a nearby garden. ...

It was a large scale commercial drugs farm, which was hooked up to the mains power supply on the street using underground cables.
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'Prolific and violent' offender will stay in UK and recieve almost £80,000 taxpayer money
John Chapman
Daily Express, 11 November 2017

A violent migrant with 30 convictions sparked fury last night after he was awarded nearly £80,000 in damages from taxpayers while the Home Office was trying to deport him.

Somali Abdulrahman Mohammed, 39, who has embarked on a life of crime since arriving in Britain in 1996, received the money after claiming he had been illegally detained.

Despite jail sentences and a crime sheet which includes affray, knife possession, multiple assaults and robberies, he used the Human Rights Act to avoid deportation.

He was awarded £78,500 for false imprisonment totalling 445 days relating to three periods of detention pending deportation as a foreign criminal. ...

Alanna Thomas, executive director of Migration Watch UK, said: "This is a very unhappy situation and is further evidence that the system is clearly not working as it should. Had the individual been removed from the country when his leave first expired we might not be in this situation."

The High Court heard Mohammed has spent much of the last two decades in and out of custody, mainly for serious criminal offences.

His three periods of unlawful detention are believed to have come after lawful prison terms, after which the Home Office detained him while his deportation was considered.
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David Davis makes shock hint there could mean MORE migrant workers after Brexit
Laura Mowat
Daily Express, 10 November 2017

Brexit Secretary David Davis has revealed leaving the European Union will give British companies a "bigger pool to fish in" for labour.

This comment comes despite the Government vowing to reduce net migration down to the "tens of thousands". ...

At the City AM Awards last night, Mr Davis said: "While leaving the EU will allow us to bring back control of immigration, it won't mean pulling up the drawbridge."

The chief UK negotiator for Brexit, Mr Davis said the Government wants to employ EU citizens "as early as possible" after Brexit. ...

In March, Mr Davis said immigration should rise and fall depending on the UK's needs after it has left the EU.

He said: "I cannot imagine that the policy will be anything other than that which is in the national interest.

"Which means that from time to time we will need more, from time to time we will need less."
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The Tories used Priti Patel's ethnicity as a political gambit and it's going to haunt them
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
International Business Times, 10 November 2017

Women and minorities must get into institutions and gain power. But they must be prepared to be judged and criticised along the way. Loyalties have no place in public life.

I seriously disagree with almost everything the puffed up Patel believes, does and has done. ...

... She is the full hamper of right wing goodies.

But here's an aspect of this 'resignation' that few have thus far picked up. It is again about ethnicity and loyalty. In 2013, David Cameron made Priti Patel the first ever 'Indian Diaspora Champion'. He wanted a more dynamic relationship between GB and India, the economic powerhouse.

The favoured Patel was to build that big bridge and also encourage more Asians to support or join the Conservative party, which had a white image problem. In one stroke, Cameron achieved both objectives.

I know several British Indians who switched from Labour to the Tories after Patel was given this role. In India they saw this is as a proud moment and a symbol of multiracial Britain where individuals of Indian heritage were gaining real political clout. For the ruling BJP party, Patel is a Hindu heroine and their representative in our parliament. Think of this as political globalisation.

Then there is Brexit. Patel, an uncompromising leaver, has told Indians that after Britain leaves the EU, migration for them will get easier, 'curry houses will be saved' because cooks will be able to enter the UK, and both nations will boom and prosper.

Her audience loved those messages. My Indian contacts tell me business people, Indian newspapers and TV channels are now dismayed that their favourite Indo-Brit has been demoted. ...

... The Tories used her ethnicity. That tactic will now come back and bite them.
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Birmingham Muslims Claim Grooming Doesn't Happen in Pakistan, Say British Society 'Encourages' Abusers
Jack Montgomery
Breitbart, 10 November 2017

Pakistani Muslims in Birmingham have told ITV News their community is not to blame for the child sex grooming epidemic, saying the crimes are caused by conditions in British society.

"It is our responsibility? It is not!" declares one man, clearly indignant.

"The crimes are committed in this country; these grooming crimes are not committed in Pakistan. They are committed in this society, and it is the conditions of this society that are encouraging people to commit crimes like that," he asserts confidently.

While it is true that conditions in Pakistan are different to conditions in Britain – insofar as Pakistani Muslims are 98 per cent of the population in the South Asian country, rather than only a significant minority, as they are in Britain – some of the same issues can be observed with respect to the exploitation of non-Muslim girls.

For example, the National Catholic Reporter recently exposed how Pakistani Christians have been "abducted, raped, and forced to marry their rapists" before being forced to convert to Islam – making their marriages legal under Pakistani law.

Reports from earlier in 2017 have highlighted how Hindu girls have been subjected to similar ordeals, and police have "refused to intervene".

The ITV report highlights a letter written in September by leading members of the Sikh, Hindu, and Pakistani Christian diaspora in Britain in support of Sarah Champion MP, who was forced to resign from the shadow government by Jeremy Corbyn for writing that "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls".

The letter notes that the grooming of young and very often underage girls by "men of largely Pakistani Muslim heritage" has also "plagued our communities", and insists that "smearing those speaking an inconvenient truth" is unacceptable.

"[W]e cannot ignore the race of the perpetrators, neither can we ignore the fact that the victims of sexual grooming gangs are almost always non-Muslim." ...

ITV highlights statistics which show that so-called Type 1 Abusers – men who operate in groups to target vulnerable children – are 75 per cent Asian, 17 per cent white, 5 per cent black, and 3 per cent Arab.

However, the first part of the report notes that they do not target white girls exclusively, and that many South Asian girls, including a very small minority of Muslims, are among the victims.
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Dissatisfied Syrian Refugees Had 'Unrealistically High' Expectations of NHS, House Sizes in Britain
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 10 November 2017

Syrian refugees who were resettled in Britain last year are dissatisfied with the NHS, and unhappy about being placed outside of cities, according to a UN report.

More than 8,500 Syrians have been brought to Britain under a programme launched in 2015, when the Middle Eastern nation was being ravaged by civil war, which will see 20,000 brought over in total by 2020.

While the study reported that the scheme is working "relatively well", it found that some refugees arrived with "unrealistic expectations" of treatments available, and that "many are overwhelmed" by the NHS and its "complex referral rules and waiting lists".

Stressing the need for "accurate, timely and ongoing information throughout the resettlement process", the report said refugees interviewed had "unrealistically high expectations before departure relating to the speed of healthcare provision, accommodation size and location, and general living conditions in the UK". ...

According to the report, some migrants wanted to move to "places where they believed there were better employment and education prospects", while others who were interviewed "desired living closer to members of their own community".
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Immigration officials worse than useless, says Judge Nicholas Easterman
Catherine Baksi and Frances Gibb
The Times, 9 November 2017

An immigration judge has criticised the incompetence of some Home Office officials for being "worse than useless" and supported "unsustainable decisions".

Judge Nicholas Easterman, who sits at the immigration tribunal at Hatton Cross, said that some of the presenting officers who appeared for the Home Office and who were generally not lawyers were "good and fair" but that others were "worse than useless".

He criticised them for supporting "impossible" and "unsustainable" decisions (to remove, detain or refuse asylum), which judges would then overturn.

"Immigration law is a total nightmare. I don't suppose the judges know any more about it than the appellants who come before them," he told a Bar Council event on Tuesday night on "the citizen and the law".
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More than 8,000 Syrian refugees come to UK under plans to resettle 20,000 by 2020
May Bulman
Independent, 9 November 2017

More than 8,000 refugees have arrived in the UK under the Government's Syrian resettlement scheme, which has had a "truly transformative" impact on people's lives, the United Nations has said.

Refugees have said they are grateful for the "genuine welcome" they have received in the UK, and are heartened that their children have been able to attend school and catch up on lost education, according to the report from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). ...

But while the UNHCR is largely positive about the UK's resettlement scheme, it highlights a number of areas for improvement, including in English language provision, and further support for housing and finding work.
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Immigration, Brexit and the Future of Progressive Politics in the UK
Jonathan Porritt, 9 November 2017

So, earlier this year, together with my good friend Colin Hines, we started work on a paper on immigration – unapologetically advocating for 'taking back control' of immigration into and between EU countries, but from a progressive political perspective rather than through the warped mindset of, say, the Daily Mail.

That paper ('The Progressive Case for Taking Control of EU Immigration – and Avoiding Brexit in the Process') is being launched today. ...


Progressive Parties in the UK Must Now Address the Immigration Challenge Head On if Brexit is to be Avoided

Immigration was the dominant issue for voters in the 2016 Referendum demanding that UK politicians should 'take back control' of our borders from the EU.

Since then, however, Brexit discussions have focussed on the so-called 'divorce issues', with immigration apparently off the agenda. This has allowed Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens to keep their heads down on what remains the highly controversial issue of immigration. ...

Jonathon Porritt: "Progressive parties have already paid a high price, across Europe, by allowing right-wing and populist parties to manipulate citizens' concerns about high levels of immigration coming into and moving between EU countries. All EU countries are now wrestling with this ongoing dilemma, with the majority of their citizens demanding that their governments should indeed manage immigration far more rigorously – in effect, taking back more control of their borders. Progressive parties are now duty bound to develop much smarter, compassionate policies to achieve precisely that."

Colin Hines: "What is inadequately understood is that political discussions about reinterpreting 'freedom of movement' to allow nation states to manage migration is already taking place across Europe. ...

As the paper highlights, 2017 elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic have made this a pivotal issue for all centre left and Green parties, in a way that can no longer be ignored or deferred. And there are already welcome signals that both Labour and the Lib Dems are beginning to move in this direction as well, but they need to move far faster and far more proactively than is currently the case. As indeed does the Green Party." ...

And if that grabs your attention, check out the report itself.

Colin and I have written it both to address some 'taboo territory' for the progressive left – and to start to undo some of the damage caused by the 2016 Referendum.
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Slaves on our Streets: 'Honour-based' abuse and forced marriage rife in London, campaigners warn
Benedict Moore-Bridger
Independent, 9 November 2017

Victims of "honour-based" abuse in London are being forced into marriages where they face a life of modern slavery, campaigners warned today. They spoke out as a joint investigation by The Independent and the London Evening Standard found tens of thousands of girls and women in the capital are hidden victims of such abuse. Police admit they are dealing with the "tip of the iceberg" and politicians stand accused of ignoring the issue over fears of being called racist.

One of the most common examples of "honour-based" abuse (HBA) is forced marriage, with victims often suffering the conditions of slavery through domestic servitude. Other examples include female genital mutilation and "honour killings".

Police data obtained by The Independent shows that in the 12 months to June there were 495 reported victims of HBA in London. Two were aged under one, three were a year old and nine were under 10.

Jasvinder Sanghera set up Karma Nirvana, a charity for HBA victims, in 2008 after escaping a forced marriage by running away from home aged 16.

Since then it has received more than 58,000 calls. She said "thousands upon thousands" of girls in London were at risk and were being prevented from "embracing British rights, values and democracy". Women were often forced to marry to be "used as slaves" with those that had escaped describing their marriage as "a sentence". ...

"They don't want to offend communities. They don't want to rock the boat," she added. "There is no statutory duty to report HBA. There is no will to make this part of the Ofsted inspection framework despite our request and numerous representations to ministers."

A Crown Prosecution Service report last month revealed there were only 215 prosecutions for honour-based violence and forced marriage in Britain in the past year.
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Only 5% of 'honour' crimes reported to police are referred to CPS
Hannah Summers
The Guardian, 8 November 2017

The police are failing the victims of "honour" crimes, with just 5% of reported cases being referred to the Crown Prosecution Service, a leading charity has warned.

The number of cases of "honour" based violence, forced marriage and FGM reported to the police has increased by 53% since 2014, figures obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show.

However, despite the rise in reporting, the volume of cases referred to the CPS for a charging decision is the lowest it has been for five years.

"More victims of 'honour' based violence are coming forward to the police than ever before but worryingly the evidence suggests those seeking justice are being failed by the system," said Diana Nammi, the executive director of the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation.

The number of "honour" crimes reported to the police increased from 3,335 in 2014 to 5,595 in 2015 – a rise of 68%, according to data collected by the charity from every police force in the country. The number of reports dropped slightly to 5,105 in 2016.

However, the latest figures published by the CPS show only 256 "honour" crimes were referred to the organisation by police in 2016/17 – just 5% of the cases reported over a similar period. The 256 referrals resulted in 215 prosecutions and a subsequent 122 convictions. ...

The increase in reporting follows the criminalisation of forced marriage in June 2014, which has led to an improved awareness of "honour" crimes, but only one prosecution under the legislation.
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Migrant criminals could win right to stay after Brexit: Offenders WON'T face global police records checks
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 8 November 2017

International criminal record checks will not be carried out routinely on EU citizens hoping to stay in the UK after Brexit, the Government admitted yesterday.

Instead, their names will only be screened against UK police and security databases.

Only if there is 'good cause' to suspect a person has a hidden criminal history abroad will checks be done overseas. It raises the prospect that dangerous EU criminals, including killers, rapists and drug lords, will not be identified when they apply for the right to live here permanently – potentially putting the public at risk.

Ministers faced criticism that they had caved in after the European Parliament threatened to block Brexit talks, due to begin again tomorrow, unless 'invasive' criminal record checks were blocked.

Britain has pledged to grant 3.2 million EU citizens who have lived in the UK lawfully for at least five years 'settled status' – giving them full access to schools, hospitals, pensions and benefits. This can be transferred into citizenship at a later date.

Ministers said in June that applicants would face criminal record checks to exclude those who are 'serious or persistent criminals and those whom we consider a threat to the UK'. ...

In July, the EU warned that stringent criminal records checks would not be acceptable – claiming it would represent a widespread breach of human rights. Checks should only be carried out where there was suspicion of a criminal history – a position closer to the new one laid out by Britain.
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Leader at Finsbury Park Mosque is a ruling member of banned terrorist group Hamas's political wing
Richard Spillett
MailOnline, 8 November 2017

A trustee at one of London's best-known mosques is a senior member of 'terrorist organisation' Hamas's political wing, it was reported this morning.

Mohammed Sawalha holds the role of trustee at Finsbury Park Mosque in north London, which was formerly linked to extremism but which insists it has since undergone an 'complete overhaul'.

It emerged today that Mr Sawalha represented the militant Palestinian organisation Hamas at recent talks in Moscow.

Sawalha, who lives in London, was appointed a trustee of the mosque in 2010 and is legally responsible for overseeing the mosque's management, The Times reported today. ...

The UK only designates Hamas's military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, as a terrorist organisation, not the political wing, meaning Mr Sawalha has broken no rules. ...

The mosque has been visited many times by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was previously criticised for describing Hamas as 'friends'. He later said he regretted using the term.
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Just 200 foreign criminals have been kicked out of Britain under new EU scheme – even though there are 3,000 European prisoners in UK
Hugo Gye
The Sun, 7 November 2017

Just 200 European criminals serving time in British prisoners have been sent home under an EU scheme which was supposed to remove foreign inmates from jails.

Six years ago Britain entered a pact with other EU countries to make it easier to deport foreign criminals while they are serving their prison sentences.

Prison bosses vowed that the deal would make a "significant difference" to our ability to kick out European lags.

The Prisoner Transfer Directive is meant to be compulsory, meaning that EU states have no excuse for refusing to accept criminals who are their citizens.

But a minister has admitted that only 217 inmates were repatriated from Britain to their home country under the scheme between 2011 and now.

That leaves another 2,943 prisoners from European countries serving sentences in England or Wales, as well as 1,200 being detained in immigration centres.
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Greek police break fake ID network active throughout Europe
MailOnline / Associated Press, 7 November 2017

Greek police say they have broken a large, locally based criminal network that sold fake identities allowing illegal migrants to travel and reside freely throughout Europe.

A police statement says 20 people were arrested last week in the greater Athens area in connection with the gang, which received orders from several European countries.

It says a key part of the gang's activity was to facilitate Albanians to travel from Greece to Britain on fake documents. ...

Monday's police statement said the gang charged up to 500 euros ($580) for passports, and less for simpler forgeries.
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The Soros Project – migrants by the million
Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack
Conservative Woman, 7 November 2017

What do you give the man who has everything? The obvious answer is penicillin, but George Soros, one of the world's richest men, wants his own continent. And it's ours.

He doesn't want to own Europe, merely remake it. Soros is the Hungarian-American multi-billionaire with a penchant for using his vast wealth to further causes seeking to dismantle Western culture and the social and political structures to which it has given birth. ...

Soros does not confine his activity to the US. According to Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán, Soros's network has 'a vast sphere of influence' in the European Parliament and other EU institutions. Orbán's claim that the aim of the 'Soros network' is to create a mixed population in Europe is not too far-fetched.

As well as spending his own money in pursuit of changing Europe, Soros, who describes himself as a 'stateless statesman', is also keen on spending our money. In a plan revealed in 2015 Soros made clear how he would solve Europe's immigration crisis. Basically, it was to make it easier for immigrants to come in.

Soros reckons that for the foreseeable future the EU must accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually. Further, the EU should provide 15,000 euros per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years to help cover housing, health-care and education costs – and to make accepting refugees more appealing to member states.

We are not only to fund the immigrants pouring into Europe from the Middle East, we are to fund the propaganda which will make us welcome them. ...

Soros's plan envisages an unimpeded conveyor belt from the Middle East and Africa for 1,000,000 immigrants a year, all paid for by the European taxpayer.
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Zurich police will no longer automatically name nationality of crime suspects
The Local [Switzerland], 7 November 2017

Police in the city of Zurich will no longer name the nationality of a suspected offender in press releases, arguing that to do so is discriminatory and inappropriate.

City councillor Richard Wolff, head of the city's security department, ordered the new measure, which is backed by centre and left-wing parties.

In a statement, the department said "the regular mention of nationality in police reports is discriminatory because it suggests that the offence can be explained by the nationality of the perpetrator". ...

The security department interviewed editors of six Swiss newspapers prior to making a decision: three agreed and three disagreed with Wolff's stance.

From now on Zurich police will not automatically name the nationality of suspects in media releases – with the exception of search appeals – though that information will be given out on request.
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Sham marriage mastermind who recruited women to take part in fake weddings so immigrants could remain in the UK is jailed for seven years
Keiran Southern
MailOnline, 6 November 2017

A woman who recruited brides to take part in sham marriages so immigrants could remain in the UK has been jailed for seven years.

Justyna Sobieraj masterminded multiple fake marriage ceremonies to ensure non-EU nationals could stay after their visas had expired.

Sobieraj, 37, was responsible for recruiting brides to take part in the bogus weddings in Southampton, Hants, and Winchester. ...

She was sentenced alongside Kamila Grzymala - one of the brides whose marriage ceremonies she organised.

Grzymala, 34 and from Southampton, was sentenced to two years for conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and two years for bigamy - with both terms suspended for two years.

A third defendant Eric Asante, 47 and from London, who helped Sobieraj arrange the string of sham marriages, was sentenced to eight years in his absence when he failed to attend the hearing.
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Blasphemy Laws? – Dodgy Data Islamic Group Demands Google Censor 'Anti-Muslim' Results, Lauds Govt Monitoring of Breitbart London
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 6 November 2017

Self-proclaimed hate crime recording group Tell MAMA has demanded that Google review its algorithms to ensure that searches on topics such as grooming gangs and terrorism do not yield "anti-Muslim" results.

Tell MAMA alleged that "far right" groups have manipulated the search giant's results to stoke tensions against Muslim communities living in Britain, in the "anti-Islamophobia" organisation's annual report. ...

The document, which looked at 1,223 "anti-Muslim acts" reported to the organisation last year, claimed that any association between grooming gangs and Muslim communities is "not backed by evidence".

Pointing to alleged "bias in data collection", the report's authors described the "overrepresentation of Asian men" in child sexual exploitation grooming gang cases as only "apparent", and asserted that sample sizes in studies have been "too small to draw national conclusions".

In the event of a "terrorist attack associated with extremists from a Muslim background", the report recommends that authorities crack down on "hate".
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The Migrant Crisis Upended Europe
Giulio Meotti
Gatestone Institute, 6 November 2017

A few weeks after Germany opened its borders to over a million refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the migration crisis would "destabilize democracies". He was labelled a demagogue and a xenophobe. Two years later, Orbán has been vindicated. As Politico now explains, "[M]ost EU leaders echo the Hungarian prime minister" and the Hungarian PM can now claim that "our position is slowly becoming the majority position".

Many in Europe seem to have understood what Ivan Krastev, the Chairman of the Center for Liberal Strategies in Sofia and a member of the Institute of Humanities in Vienna, recently explained to Le Figaro:

"The migrant crisis is the 9/11 of the European Union... That day in 2001, everything changed in the US. In a minute, America discovered its vulnerability. Migrants had the same effect in Europe. It is not their number that destabilizes the continent... The migration crisis profoundly undermines the ideas of democracy, tolerance and progress as well as the liberal principles that constitute our ideological landscape. It is a turning point in the political dynamics of the European project".

Migration is having a significant impact, for instance, on Europe's public finances. Take the two countries most affected by it. Germany's federal government spent 21.7 billion euros in 2016 to deal with it. Also reported was that Germany's budget for security this year will grow by at least a third, from 6.1 billion to 8.3 billion euros.

In Italy, the Minister of Economy and Finance recently announced that the country will spend 4.2 billion in 2017 on migrants (one-seventh of Italy's entire budget for 2016).
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'Refugees' to U.K. mostly 'majority' Muslims
WND, 5 November 2017

A Christian organization is calling out both the United Nations and the United Kingdom for discriminating against persecuted Christians in their refugee programs.

According to Barnabas Aid, the U.K. government has colluded with the U.N. to use an "overwhelming majority" of the refugee slots available from the Middle East for Sunni Muslims "who are the majority in Syria." ...

Further, the organization reported that the U.K. government tried to conceal what it was doing in partnership with the U.N.

Barnabas Aid said that last week it "finally obtained figures proving that the U.N. has only recommended tiny token numbers of Syrian Christians, Yazidis and other minorities for resettlement in the U.K."

"The overwhelming majority of refugees recommended by the U.N. have been Sunni Muslims who form the majority in Syria."

The group said numbers obtained in a Freedom of Information Request to the Home Office showed in 2015 that out of 2,637 refugees pushed to the U.K. by the U.N., only 43 were Christian, just 13 were Yazidi and there was only one Shia Muslim.

"In 2016 the statistics were even worse. Out of 7,499 refugees there were only 27 Christians, five Yazidis and 13 Shia Muslims," the organization reported.

"Disturbingly, U.K. officials tried to prevent the release of this information. ..."

Similar concerns have been raised over refugees dispatched to the United States under the politicized programs of the U.N.

Vice President Mike Pence recently announced that the U.S. government would start sending aid directly to persecuted Christians in the Middle East, cutting out the United Nations as the middle man.

Pence warned of the genocide inflicted on religious minorities there, and despite the U.S. government's dispatch of about $1 billion in aid through the U.N., "Christians and persecuted peoples of the Middle East have not been getting the relief they need." ...

"Last year less than 2 percent of all Syrian refugees ... were Christians. This is despite it being widely accepted that they constituted around 10 percent of the Syrian population. It is also widely recognized that they are specifically targeted by IS and other jihadi groups."
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Astonishing map shows the movement of millions of migrants across Europe in past 15 years amid 'unprecedented' refugee crisis fuelled by terror and conflict in the Middle East
Scott Campbell
MailOnline, 5 November 2017

This astonishing map shows the movement of millions of migrants across Europe in the past 15 years - during what researchers have branded an 'unprecedented' period.

Experts at the Igarape Institute think-tank in Brazil produced the time-lapse video which reveals the extent of the refugee crisis which has gripped the continent for years. ...

It also reveals a 'tight correlation' between terrorism and refugee flows - as people escape danger by travelling to safe haven countries.

Cities are the primary reception point for new arrivals including refugees - ensuring the protection, care and eventually the integration of newcomers.

At least 80 cities of sanctuary in the UK are committed to welcoming refugees, asylum seekers and others seeking safety. ...

One of their most vocal proponents is the mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees who is seeking to build global networks of urban sanctuary.
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Romanian thief is jailed for stripping lead from the roofs of rural churches - and may face deportation
Stephen Walter
Sunday Telegraph, 5 November 2017

A Romanian thief who stripped over £100,000 of lead from the roofs of rural churches leaving one facing closure after 800 years has been jailed for five years.

A judge told Remus Tudorache, 27, that he could face deportation after admitting carrying out a string of devastating thefts in 2015, as well as being part of a gang which targeted others.

St Mary's Church in Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, which dates back to the 13th Century, was the hardest hit as Tudorache targeted it twice - leaving locals fearing for its future.

A court heard his gang ripped lead worth £100,000 from its roof after the small band of parishioners fought for two years to raise £120,000 to fund vital restoration work.
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Who scans wins: Government refuses to install £125,000 eye scanners at airports to catch terrorists identified by the SAS in Syria as they fly into UK
Mark Nicol
Mail on Sunday, 5 November 2017

A top-secret SAS operation to stop Islamic terrorists returning undetected to Britain has been thwarted by the Government's refusal to install high-tech eye scanners at airports.

Over the last three months, SAS troops in Syria have recorded the iris measurements of hundreds of jihadis captured on the battlefield, to identify them in case they try to sneak back into Britain.

But while the United States is installing £125,000 iris scanners at its airports, the Home Office is refusing to use the technology at Britain's borders, even though it is considered the most accurate method of identifying terrorists.

Last night, security experts called for eye scanners to be used.

Their warning follows MI5 chief Andrew Parker's announcement that Britain is facing an unprecedented threat from jihadis, with 850 expected to return to Britain from the warzone.

Raffaello Pantucci, of the Royal United Services Institute think-tank, said: 'Many jihadis are returning or travelling to the UK with deadly intent, while others will seek to recruit a new generation of terrorists to the cause.

'Therefore every high-tech advantage should be used to monitor their movements. Eye-scanning is by far the best method of identification as it is the most accurate and almost impossible to replicate.' ...

Eye scanners were withdrawn from several major British airports in 2012 but the cost of producing the devices has since fallen.
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Four men jailed over sexual exploitation of young girls in Newcastle
Frances Perraudin and Kevin Donald
The Guardian, 4 November 2017

Four men have been jailed for up to 12 and a half years each for their involvement in a sex grooming network in Newcastle.

The men trafficked their victims – said to be held "in thrall" by a ready supply of drugs and alcohol – around houses in Tyneside, where they were sexually assaulted. ...

The men were all asylum seekers from either Iran or Iraq, and three had been granted leave to remain in the UK. As they are not British citizens, they are likely to be deported once they have served their prison sentences. ...

The case was part of Operation Sanctuary, Northumbria police's investigation into the sexual exploitation of children and adults with vulnerabilities. Earlier this year, the operation led to the conviction and jailing of 18 people for grooming offences. At the time, police said they had identified as many as 278 potential victims as part of Operation Sanctuary.
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Political correctness is allowing Islamic terrorism to flourish, Government tsar warns
Martin Evans
Daily Telegraph, 3 November 2017

Political correctness is allowing Islamic terrorism to flourish and is fuelling the growth of the extreme right-wing, police leaders were warned last night.

Dame Louise Casey, who carried out a two year review into integration in the UK, said our desire to embrace diversity was creating division and also letting down some of the most vulnerable members of society.

Speaking at a summit of police chiefs and crime commissioners, Dame Louise said it was time to have the difficult conversations about what was going on in some of the less integrated communities in places like Bradford, Birmingham, Oldham and the East End of London.

She said while the police were not frightened to address factors such as ethnicity and religion when it came to most crimes, there was a reluctance to have similar conversations around extremism.

Dame Louise said: "Islamic extremists are often terrorists and pose the most threat, it is very difficult for us to have that conversation and to deny that seems to make it worse."

But she went on: "The far right milk it every time we are overtly politically correct and are unable to deal with Islamic extremism ... Everybody saw how Rotherham sex scandal was milked by EDL to fuel Islamophobia."

She said people often came together to oppose far right marches but failed to show the same unity when it came to addressing inequalities in the communities they were wanting to protect.

She told police chiefs: "I would like to see the same team building when we know we have Islamic extremists and people who think that wearing short skirts on a Friday night is so wrong and westernised.

"It legitimises very harmful views about young women growing up in this country. And we don't seem to be able to muster it.

"There are good reasons we don't like people being victimised but we have to have those difficult conversations."

During her integration review, Dame Louise spent time in some of the country's least integrated communities and said she had been dismayed by some of the attitudes she found.

She said: "I was very upset and saddened by the level of unequal treatment and I was struck by the lives, because of culture, we think it is acceptable for women to live in Bradford, Birmingham and the east end of London."

She explained that she had found examples of teenage girls being let out of school for prayers on a Friday and then not allowed to leave the house again until Monday.

"I don't think girls should be growing up in this country where they don't leave their houses over the weekend," she said.

"We are helping the extreme right wing if we do not take these issues on. They are nasty, horrible racist people who have no place in our society but their numbers are growing.

"I also think in our desire to embrace diversity we creating division."

Dame Louise's report was published in December, but she accused the Government of placing it in the "difficult to deal with filing cabinet" adding that they had failed to adopt any of her recommendations.
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Prince William warns that there are too many people in the world
Victoria Ward
Daily Telegraph, 3 November 2017

Rapidly growing human populations risk having a "terrible impact" on the world, the Duke of Cambridge has warned.

The Duke said that as a result, wildlife was being put under "enormous pressure" and called for the issue to be addressed with renewed vigour. ...

"In my lifetime, we have seen global wildlife populations decline by over half," he said.

"We are going to have to work much harder, and think much deeper, if we are to ensure that human beings and the other species of animal with which we share this planet can continue to co-exist.

"Africa's rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double by 2050 – a staggering increase of three and a half million people per month.

"There is no question that this increase puts wildlife and habitat under enormous pressure.

"Urbanisation, infrastructure development, cultivation – all good things in themselves, but they will have a terrible impact unless we begin to plan and to take measures now."
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Let's 'take back control' of immigration – and increase it
Rachel Cunliffe
City A.M., 3 November 2017

Does "taking back control" of our borders mean reducing immigration? ...

On the one hand, you have Brexit voters, the vast majority of whom want an end to free movement – full stop – and do not appreciate the EU's insistence that it is impossible to have free trade without it. For them, taking back control of our borders is a red line.

On the other, businesses are panicking about the dearth of both skilled and unskilled labour that reducing immigration could cause.

There are 2.4m EU citizens currently employed in the UK, and with unemployment at record lows, it is hard to see how those workers could be immediately replaced with Brits. With seven per cent of the UK labour force being EU nationals, it's clear that demand for such people remains high. ...

Do we need the numbers of foreign workers to fall in order to honour the "will of the people" who voted for Brexit?

The answer is no. Because it turns out that the psychology of immigration, and the sense of anxiety and discomfort voters feel about this hot-button issue, isn't really linked to levels at all.

If that sounds counter-intuitive, I'd invite you to look at Australia.

Australia was held up as a bastion of sound immigration policy during the referendum campaign, with its "points-based system" heralded by Leave heavyweights such as Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and even Nigel Farage.

Countless Brexit voters responded in interviews and focus groups that they thought the Australian system, where migrants are granted work visas based on whether they have the skills that the economy needs, was intrinsically fair – far superior to having unelected EU officials across the Channel dictate which people the UK has to let in.

But if you asked these voters how many immigrants Australia actually accepted, you probably wouldn't have heard any answers close to the reality: Australia has three times the net migration per capita that the UK does. That is, there are three times as many foreign-born people to every native-born Australian Down Under as there are migrants to native-born Brits in the UK.

And yet while the UK faces a political civil war over migration, Australians are decidedly relaxed. In a 2016 survey, only 34 per cent of Australians thought immigration should be reduced. ...

All the evidence suggests we should keep the numbers the same or higher. The composition might change, with more migrants coming from countries that were previously heavily restricted in a bid to tackle numbers when reducing EU levels wasn't an option – the US, Canada, India, China. ...

The UK government needs to inject an element of control into the migration system. At the same time, the economy needs immigration – as much and as diverse as is politically possible. But looking to Australia as a model, there is no reason we cannot have both.
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German authorities cover up crime at refugee shelters
Paul Bremmer
WND, 3 November 2017

Violent crimes like murder, rape and physical assault are a widespread problem in German refugee shelters, according to a leaked intelligence report.

German authorities, however, have failed to share this information, claiming it is not in the public's interest to know.

The report, leaked to the German newspaper Bild, was prepared for Markus Ulbig, interior minister of Saxony. More than 40,000 migrants are currently living in refugee shelters in Saxony, and if the data are any indication, many of them are not getting along with each other.

The report cited 10 murders or manslaughters at Saxon migrant shelters in 2016, in addition to 10 sexual assaults of children, seven rapes, 960 physical assaults, 671 cases of dangerous bodily injury and 268 cases of drug trafficking. The report also mentioned hundreds of cases of arson, brawls, attacks on police officers, coercion and theft.

And this violence continued into the following year. In the first six months of 2017, there were more than 500 physical assaults, hundreds of reported thefts and several homicides.

This crime epidemic is hardly confined to Saxony. Police in Berlin recorded more than 2,000 physical assaults at migrant shelters in 2016, as well as 86 rapes, three homicides and 800 thefts. There were 219 sexual assaults against women and children reported at migrant shelters in Hamburg during the first six months of 2017.

In fact, during the first nine months of 2016, there were almost 40,000 crimes reported in refugee shelters across all of Germany, according to a Federal Criminal Police report that leaked in February.

These crimes included 17,200 physical assaults, 6,500 thefts, 2,400 drug offenses, 510 sexual assaults and 139 homicides.

As the Gatestone Institute pointed out, the actual numbers may be much higher because observers agree most crimes at migrant shelters go unreported due to fear of revenge.
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Arab Gangs Infiltrate Berlin Police
Truth Revolt, 3 November 2017

Berlin Police are being infiltrated by criminal Arab clans, claims a whistleblower with 30 years of service in the city's police department.

Extended Arab families that control the criminal underworld in the German capital are reportedly sending their members to join the ranks of the Berlin Police. In a two-page letter obtained by the German news magazine Focus, the insider accuses the department of covering up the criminal records of trainees with links to organized Arab crime families. ...

The German media reports did not reveal the identity of the police insider, but the authenticity of the letter has reportedly been confirmed by the source within the Police Department. ...

While it is apparently easy for these Arab crime families to infiltrate the Berlin Police Department, it is next to impossible for the law enforcement to penetrate these criminal clans. It is "extremely difficult to penetrate" the Arab clans because of their "solid structures," Dirk Jacob, the head of the State Police (LKA), told German newspaper Die Welt.
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Claims of an exodus of EU NHS staff do not stand up to the NHS's own data
Mark Tinsley
Brexit Central, 3 November 2017

Prior to the Brexit vote, many Remain campaigners warned that "a vote to Leave is a vote to put our NHS in jeopardy" because it has "become increasingly reliant on EU nationals to keep it on its feet". ...

The Guardian has claimed that there is already a "haemorrhaging" of "foreign staff" and "a record number [of EU nationals] are quitting the NHS", with Vince Cable informing a nationally televised BBC Question Time audience that "10,000 [EU Nationals] have already walked away from the NHS because they don't feel they are needed or wanted anymore". ...

Relying almost solely on the NHS's own data for research, I quickly became convinced many of these claims are outright false, or at minimum very misleading. Here is what I found out:

Overall NHS staff levels have grown more than twice as fast as UK population growth

Between Dec 2013 and April 2017, total NHS England staff levels increased by 74,676 (+6.72%), taking the NHS workforce of 1.18 million. These are net figures, new starters minus leavers (roughly like the entire working-age population of Oxford putting on an NHS lanyard). During this period the UK population grew by roughly 2.4% (64.1m to 65.6m), and those aged 60+ grew 4.53% (12.06m to 12.61m) – population figures from the ONS. This is a useful context when evaluating any staff shortages.

There are more EU nationals working in the NHS than ever before

As of 30 June 2017, there are 61,891 EU nationals in the NHS, or 5.2% of the workforce. This is a huge 55.4% increase in the last 3.5 years – +22,084, up from 39,807 in Dec 2013 – and EU nationals have risen 8 times faster than other NHS staff. ...
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More than 140,000 told by UK immigration they face removal – watchdog
Alan Travis
The Guardian, 2 November 2017

More than 140,000 people, including 60,000 declared as "absconders", have been told by UK immigration authorities that they face detention and removal from Britain, an official watchdog has revealed.

Two reports from the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration give the first official indication of the number of people in Britain without legal status and who are to face action forcing them to leave.

The reports by David Bolt, which have only just been published after being delivered to the home secretary in May, deliver a severe blow to the Home Office's claims to be creating a "hostile" environment for illegal immigrants in Britain.

The inquiry by the chief inspector concludes that the practical difficulties involved in asking 80,000 people to report regularly to a Home Office centre or a police station has seriously compromised any value in trying to secure their removal from Britain.

Bolt's office clarified that the 80,000 figure represented a snapshot of the numbers required to report while the 60,000 officially declared as absconders was a cumulative total over time. Some of them may have left the country, the office added.

In the reports Bolt says there is "little evidence that effective action was being taken to locate the vast bulk of absconders". ...

"Meanwhile, the removal of foreign national offenders is regularly frustrated, often by last-minute legal challenges, and monitoring non-detained FNOs effectively is a challenge and one that raises obvious public protection concerns," he said.

Bolt added: "The system is hampered by poor communication and coordination within the Home Office. The inspection found that recording and treatment of non-compliance with reporting restrictions was inconsistent, and there was little evidence of effective action to locate absconders." ...

About 7,000 or 9% of those required to report failed to turn up and as of December 2016 there were almost 60,000 absconders.

The chief inspector says there are about 5,884 foreign national prisoners who have been released from custody but still face removal. A total of 5,180 were shown to be reporting regularly but 704 were recorded as absconders.
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Foreign aid madness: Outrage over £1m spent a DAY on asylum seekers
Giles Sheldrick
Daily Express, 2 November 2017

Britain is spending almost £1 million every day to house and feed asylum seekers and refugees with foreign aid cash, we can reveal today.

Ministers insist the UK's bloated foreign aid budget is critical because it supports infrastructure projects in developing countries.

But the "majority" of the £362 million the Home Office contributes to it each year is swallowed up by supporting migrants, the department has admitted.

It means that British taxpayers are shouldering the burden of providing bed and board for tens of thousands of newcomers, many of whom have arrived here illegally.

The outlay could have paid for almost 17,000 new staff nurses last year alone. ...

Britain spends £13.3 billion a year on official development assistance, commonly known as foreign aid.

Three-quarters comes via the Department for International Development with the remaining £3.5 billion shared across Whitehall.

The Home Office, the department responsible for securing our borders from illegal immigration, has confirmed the lion's share of its foreign aid commitment is spent on asylum support and the Syrian Vulnerable People Resettlement Scheme.

Asylum support provides generous concessions to those who want to claim asylum here.

The resettlement scheme aims to relocate 20,000 Syrian refugees from camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey by 2020.

Asylum support gives a lifeline to those fleeing persecution and in genuine need of sanctuary.

But even those who have managed to reach the UK illegally, many through the migrant flashpoint of Calais, are provided with somewhere to live, a cash allowance or both while their claims are processed. ...

Claimants also get free NHS treatment while their children are found school places and given free meals.

Independent MEP Steven Woolfe said: "It is sickening to have over 7,000 UK veterans homeless while the Government spends £1 million a day on housing for asylum seekers, including illegals, and offers council houses to IS terrorists. ..."
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Pressure mounts on Merkel over migrant policy in future coalition
Reuters, 2 November 2017

Germany has lost track of 30,000 rejected asylum seekers, Bild daily reported on Thursday, piling pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel to agree a migrant policy with potential coalition partners that ensures no repeat of a migration crisis in 2015. ...

The report, which coincided with official data showing the number of people seeking refuge in Germany more than doubled in the two years until the end of 2016 to 1.6 million, comes as migrant policy tops the agenda in coalition talks. ...

The Statistics Office said the 1.6 million people seeking refuge by the end of last year was a 113 percent jump from 2014 and equivalent to 16 percent of Germany's foreign population. ...

More than half of the 1.6 million people had by the end of 2016 been granted permission to stay in Germany while some 158,000 were rejected asylum seekers, said the Office. Some 455,000 of the total were from Syria.
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No Brexit deal could solve the UK's migrant worries, says Oxford expert
Stacey Yuen
CNBC, 2 November 2017

Immigration remains a daunting policy concern as the United Kingdom tries to envision a future outside of the European Union. But hopes that Britain and the EU can reach a deal addressing the nation's migrant population could be in vain, according to a leading academic.

For one, "no conceivable Brexit deal will involve expelling" Eastern Europeans currently residing in the U.K., said Paul Collier, professor of economics and public policy at the University of Oxford. ...

"Ten years ago, Britain made a huge mistake. It was the one country in the EU that said, 'We won't impose a seven-year transition period, we'll just open up our borders," Collier said.

The move led to a large influx of people into Britain and there is "no way on Earth that's going to reverse," he added.
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Trump reveals New York terror suspect brought in TWENTY THREE 'family members' after winning Green Card lottery as he says it's time to end 'chain migration'
Geoff Earle
Daily Mail, 2 November 2017

President Donald Trump said the suspect in the New York terror attack had been allowed to bring in 23 people as a 'primary point of contact,' as he called for changes in the U.S. immigration system just hours after the attack. ...

Trump called for a 'merit-based' system, as he called for ending the diversity-based lottery program that allowed Uzbekistan-born Sayfullo Saipov to come to the country.

'We want a merit-based program where people come into our country based on merit. And we want to get rid of chain migration,' Trump said, referencing the phenomenon where immigrants who come to the U.S. then try to bring family members here. ...

The president does not have the authority to unilaterally end the lottery program that was implemented by Congress in 1990.

He has endorsed Senate legislation that would replace it with a merit-based program, but it is not guaranteed to pass even if it comes to the floor for a vote.

The White House could order the State Department to reduce the maximum number of lottery visas awarded annually from 50,000 to as few as zero.
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UK Is Tougher On Facebook Posts Than ISIS Returnees
Scott Greer
Daily Caller, 2 November 2017

While America reels from the Islamic terror attack in Manhattan on Tuesday, the United Kingdom is planning not to prosecute hundreds of ISIS fighters arriving on its shores.


Max Hill, a top government adviser who oversees anti-terrorism laws for the British government, told BBC last week that an estimated 400 ISIS militants have already returned to the UK – and authorities have decided to not do anything about it. ...

The authorities' ideas for reintegrating these foreign jihadis include giving them free housing and other taxpayer-funded support. What a way to punish terrorism. ...

Writing for The Guardian in September, United Nations consultant Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini argued the best weapon to de-radicalize returning jihadis was with "our humanity." ...

The message here is that Britons can win over ISIS returnees with their superior values of tolerance and compassion, values that apparently didn't win over these militants when they previously dwelled in the UK. ...

It is interesting that British elites and government officials preach tolerance when it comes to members of a group that butchered, raped and enslaved thousands of people, but turn into zealous crusaders when it comes to politically incorrect Facebook posts.

As previously mentioned, Prime Minister Theresa May and her government believe the best way to tackle terror is through internet censorship. However, the usual targets for British police crackdowns on internet malfeasance are those who criticize Islam, not those who want to kill in its name.

Whenever an attack occurs, police spokesmen come out to say that mean comments about Islam will not be tolerated – in sharp contrast to the loving tolerance shown for returning soldiers of the caliphate. ...

Regardless of party, it's clear that British elites would rather infringe upon the freedoms of their own citizens than even consider limiting the inflow of "diverse" individuals from around the globe.
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On a knife edge: The rise of violence on London's streets
Ed Thomas and Noel Titheradge
BBC, 1 November 2017

Across England and Wales an incident involving a blade or sharp object takes place, on average, every 14 minutes. Of the 37,000 incidents in the past 12 months, more than 13,000 offences were committed in London. ...

The capital has seen a staggering 34% rise in knife crime over the last year. ...

The BBC has learnt that police forces across England and Wales are charging fewer people for knife crimes at the same time as offences are rising.

Freedom of Information (FOI) responses from 30 out of 43 police forces showed that the number of knife crime offences that led to offenders being charged or summoned to court had fallen by eight per cent between 2015 and 2016. ...

Perhaps the most striking feature of the increase in extreme violence is the number of young people involved.

Statistics show a third of all those accused of offences where a gun was fired (237 out of 668) in London since 2012 were aged 19 or under.

Forty-five of the offences were committed by people aged under 14.

The increase in violent crime does not only involve knives.

Gun crime offences still remain below historic highs of March 2007 - when they were 31% higher than today - but the increase over the last three years is marked.

Gun crime across England and Wales has increased by 27% over the last year and in London is 42% higher. ...

The Metropolitan Police is trying to tackle the issue using stop-and- search. In a statement the Met said it regards it as an "invaluable tool" that takes several thousand weapons off the streets each year, and has been backed by Commissioner Cressida Dick. ...

The BBC has learned that 65% of all people who face criminal proceedings for knife crime in London are from ethnic minorities, and 42% are black.
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Senior EU Minister: Countries REFUSING to 'Open the Door' to Muslim Migrants Will 'Destroy Europe' - Breitbart
Jack Montgomery
Breitbart, 1 November 2017

Countries which "do not want to open the door" to Muslim migrants and try to "protect Christianity" could "destroy Europe", claims the EU's longest-serving foreign minister.

Veteran europhile Jean Asselborn, who has been in his post since 2004, made the extraordinary remarks in an interview with the German-language Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper, which is published in Austria.

Asked for his thoughts on Central European countries fighting the EU's attempts to impose compulsory migrant quotas across the bloc, the 68-year-old declared that "countries that do not want to open the door to refugees from the south, who speak Arabic and are Muslim, ignore the values ... the EU actually represents."
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Black Girl Festival: What my identity means to me
Joice Etutu
BBC, 1 November 2017

Hundreds of women gathered at the UK's first Black Girl Festival in London to celebrate and explore what it means to be a black woman in the UK.

Founders, Paula Akpan and Nicole Krystal, crowdfunded over £7,000 to launch the event because they felt it was something that had never been done before.

There was discussion on everything from mental health and education to motherhood and the natural hair movement, as well as a market supporting black-owned businesses.

Here, some of the festival-goers explain how it feels to be a young woman of colour living in Britain.

"Being mixed race I've always felt like I've had two identities. With being black British it's kind of a similar thing as well, you've got your cultural side but you can also blend in with London because it's so multi-cultural. ..." - Chloe Smith-Mitchell ...

"I find it hard to see myself as a British person. I was born in this country but it still feels like it's not my country.

"Being a black British woman it's trying to make sure that my identities connect with each other and me not telling myself that being British and black are two different things. We're putting a new definition to Britishness."- Summer Scott
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Asylum seekers cost Germany 9 billion Euros
Larissa Krüger
Bild, 1 November 2017

In 2016, government benefits for asylum seekers rose by 73 percent compared to the previous year – even though the number of benefit recipients in Germany dropped from 974 551 to 728 289 in the same period of time.

This is announced in a report by the Federal Statistical Office for Germany on the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Law, which BILD has seen.

According to the report, the federation, counties, and communities paid a net sum of more than 9 billion Euros (9.234 billion) in 2016, in compliance with the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Law. In 2015, the number was approximately 5.2 billion. ...

Due to capacity overloads in 2015, some of that years' costs were only recorded for 2016, the Federal Statistical Office says.

The numbers now available say that, on average, 12 680 Euros were spent on each benefit recipient in 2016 – slightly more than 1000 Euros per month. ...

It remains controversial whether rejected asylum seekers who are deliberately delaying their departure should continue to receive the allowance and the standard rate.
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UN Refugee Agency Says They Want at Least 380,000 Migrants in Europe Per Year
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 1 November 2017

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has said there are at least 380,000 people that are seeking refuge in Europe every year, and the European Union should work to take in more migrants.

Currently, the EU is increasing the number of asylum seekers it takes in through legal channels at a rate of 20,000 per year, but the UNHCR said the increase is not enough. The group has called for a double-digit increase in numbers and said the new proposal to accept migrants in Africa could facilitate a growth in numbers, Austrian newspaper Kurier reports.

Ruth Schöffl, a spokesman for the UNHCR, said: "We welcome these new ideas as we expect the number of resettlements to increase."

"The possibility of resettlement is naturally linked to the fact that the illegal migration is stopped," she added. ...

Niger, according to a report from the EU border agency Frontex, is one of the main hubs of West African migration to Europe.
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'Politically Incorrect' Report on Rape-Prone Migrants Inflames Debate in Sweden
Sputnik News, 1 November 2017

As the nationality of perpetrators has long been a taboo topic in Sweden, a new private survey on this polarizing issue suggesting the staggering proportion of immigrants among rapists has triggered strong reactions in the Scandinavian country without ever making national headlines. ...

By his own admission, Patrik Jonasson surveyed 4,142 rulings regarding sex-related crimes passed by 40 Swedish courts between 2012 and 2014. The study, which took several months to compile, indicated that a whopping 95.6 percent of rapes and 90 percent of group rapes had been committed by men of foreign descent. Men from the Middle East and Africans were particularly overrepresented in various forms of sexual offences.

Additionally, two out of three rapes with aggravating circumstances were reportedly committed by asylum seekers or men who had been recently granted residence permits. ...

Last time Sweden compiled a survey on the percentage of crimes committed by the foreign-born was in 2005, more than a decade ago, and it covered the period between 1997 and 2001, that is before the mass immigration of the recent decade, which brought dramatic changes to Sweden's demographics and society. Since then, profiling by nationality has been considered unethical and offensive.
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Channel 4's Latest Rebrand Celebrates Immigration and Diversity in Brexit Britain
Alexandra Jardine
AdAge / Creativity, 31 October 2017

U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 overtly celebrates immigration in its redesigned channel idents at a time when the topic is still controversial in a Britain undergoing Brexit talks.

The new films are directed by Blink's Dougal Wilson, the director behind several much-loved John Lewis ads as well as "We're the Superhumans" for Channel 4. They include one where a giant metallic "4" carries a group of immigrants over the sea like a giant raft to the white cliffs of Dover, where they disembark. Several of the men, women and children are dressed as doctors, businesspeople and construction workers. As they wave goodbye, the "4" honks like a ship to the tune of Channel 4's original mnemonic jingle. As a pro-immigration message, it couldn't be more overt. ...

Alice Tonge, head of 4Creative, says in a statement: "Our new idents couldn't be more Channel 4 – they celebrate inclusion, diversity, youth and the channel's big noisy alternative voice."
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Report: Muslim Lobby Group Mend 'Promotes Extremism', Works with MPs and Police - Breitbart
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 31 October 2017

A Muslim lobby group, which regularly works with police, MPs, and local government, promotes "extremism", harbours anti-Semites, and gives a platform to Muslim grievance narratives and Islamist views, a report has found.

Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend) claims to help British Muslims engage in the democratic process, but its leaders are detailed as opposing democracy in favour of sharia, having legitimised the killing of British troops, and promoting conspiracy theories about Islamist terror, The Henry Jackson Society report found.

They have praised and/or partnered with other groups linked to extremism, such as iERA, the anti-Semitic Friends of Al Aqsa and, most regularly, the allegedly "pro-terrorist" group Cage.

The report also explains how Mend has consistently fought against liberal, pro-West Muslims, and sought to destroy many counter-terror laws including Prevent.

Some Tory MPs have now said they will back away from the group following the report, but Labour's Stephen Kinnock said he would still host an up-and-coming meeting with Mend.

Despite their opposition to Prevent, the Borough of Tower Hamlets once paid Mend £25,262.40 to help to evaluate their "No Place for Hate" campaign, which was part of the borough's implementation of Prevent.

One of the longest-serving and most prominent figures in Mend, Azad Ali, gives talks in schools and has had meetings with police.

Yet, in 2010, he lost a libel case against the Daily Mail, with the court finding the paper was justified in describing him as a "hardline Islamic extremist who supports the killing of British and American soldiers in Iraq," due to writings on his blog.

He has also attacked "infidels" on the blog, saying Muslims should "hate" their actions, praised the leader of the terror group Hamas, and advocated sharia law, which he said should come before respecting democracy. On Twitter, he has urged Muslim to "refuse to comply with" counter-terror laws. ...

Mend has enjoyed considerable influence over the UK's police, and Mr. Ali and others from the group have worked with numerous forces and councils, training them about Islamic doctrine, Muslim grievance narratives, and so-called "Islamophobic hate crimes".

They have a huge amount of power in Manchester, where they are one of only two Islamic groups on the 'Ending Islamophobia Action Planning Group', alongside Greater Manchester police, Manchester city council, and the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner.
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Inspectors could judge schools on how they tackle knife crime
ITV, 31 October 2017

Schools should be judged by inspectors on how effectively they are rooting out knife crime, Sadiq Khan has suggested.

London's mayor said he wanted Ofsted to include in its school safeguarding standards whether pupils were being kept safe from blades and deterred from carrying them.

London has endured a spate of knife deaths in 2017, with more than 30 of the 65 victims this year under 25.

Mr Khan labelled it an epidemic and said action was required from inspectors because many schools were reluctant to confront the issue out of fear for their reputations.
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German police arrest Syrian suspect, avert 'major terrorist attack'
Reuters, 31 October 2017

German police arrested a 19-year-old Syrian suspected of planning an Islamist-motivated bomb attack in Germany with the aim of killing as many people as possible, the federal prosecutor's office said on Tuesday.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said security officials had averted a "major terrorist attack".
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Halloween Massacre: Islamic terror strikes in New York City
Judith Miller and Seth Barron
City Journal, 31 October 2017

The Halloween assault in Lower Manhattan was straight out of the ISIS playbook. /.../ On Tuesday in New York, Sayfullo Saipov, 29, a green-card holder from Uzbekistan in Central Asia and resident of Florida, who appears to have come to the United States through the so-called "Diversity Visa" lottery, responded to the call. He drove his rented Home Depot truck from West Houston Street onto a Hudson River Park bike path, one of New York's most beloved amenities. Within ten minutes, eight people were killed and 15 were injured. A note found in the truck, law enforcement officials said, indicated that Saipov committed the attack out of devotion to ISIS.
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Poll: 71% of Americans Say Political Correctness Has Silenced Discussions Society Needs to Have, 58% Have Political Views They're Afraid to Share
Emily Ekins
Cato Institute, 31 October 2017

The Cato 2017 Free Speech and Tolerance Survey, a new national poll of 2,300 U.S. adults, finds that 71% Americans believe that political correctness has silenced important discussions our society needs to have. The consequences are personal – 58% of Americans believe the political climate prevents them from sharing their own political beliefs.

Democrats are unique, however, in that a slim majority (53%) do not feel the need to self-censor. Conversely, strong majorities of Republicans (73%) and independents (58%) say they keep some political beliefs to themselves.

It follows that a solid majority (59%) of Americans think people should be allowed to express unpopular opinions in public, even those deeply offensive to others. On the other hand, 40% think government should prevent hate speech. Despite this, the survey also found Americans willing to censor, regulate, or punish a wide variety of speech and expression they personally find offensive: ...
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Extremists and returning jihadists 'offered council house bribes to reintegrate'
Daily Telegraph, 30 October 2017

Proposals to offer extremists including returning jihadists taxpayer-funded housing and help into work are a "fundamental error" amounting to bribes to potential terrorists, it has been claimed.

The Home Office is looking at a new strategy to reintegrate extremists that could even see them propelled to the top of council house waiting lists if needed.

Under pilot schemes being looked at, police and local authorities would assess extremists formerly investigated as suspects by the security services to see what danger they pose and what it would take to help reintegrate them into society.

Extremists who had nowhere suitable to live could be put in social housing by the local council and could have their rent paid if necessary, according to reports.

They could also be given priority on waiting lists and helped into education and training or found a job with public bodies or charities.

Up to 20,000 extremists who have been previously investigated by MI5 will be targeted in the scheme called Operation Constrain, the Mail on Sunday reported.

Whitehall sources confirmed the scheme could also apply to Britons returning from Islamic State group territory in Syria.

A source said: "We are planning a number of pilots to explore the best way to diverting such people from terrorism and extremist activity."

Col Richard Kemp, a former Government counter terrorism adviser, last night questioned whether would-be terrorists were driven by deprivation. Opening the policy to people who had gone to fight in Syria would be "obscene", he said. ...

He went on: "If someone is inclined to be an extremist, you are not going to bribe them into not being a terrorist. It's not going to change them."
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Either build on fields or cut immigration
Matt Ridley
The Times, 30 October 2017

The Office for National Statistics says it expects Britain's population to grow slightly more slowly than it thought three years ago, partly because of lower immigration after Brexit and partly because of slowing increases in life expectancy. But it still forecasts the figure to pass 70 million in a little more than ten years from now. That is not necessarily a bad thing, unless we remain as reluctant to build new houses, roads, schools and hospitals as we currently are. Britain can thrive as a dense city-state, a big Singapore, but not if it hates development. Openness to immigration and antipathy to building cannot both persist.
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Calling the Cops in Europe? Don't Bother
Bruce Bawer
PJ Media, 30 October 2017

Are there no-go zones in Europe, or aren't there? ...

Even as these establishment functionaries continue to insist that no-go zones are a myth, however, news reports are indicating that in several European countries, the policing problem has advanced beyond the mere fact of no-go zones. Earlier this month, for instance, the Dutch newspaper Het Parool reported that throughout the Netherlands, police departments are now so overburdened by "radicalization, terrorism, and the influx of asylum seekers" that they simply don't have the time to investigate a large percentage of crimes. /.../ The overall national figure is 56%. ...

The same thing's happening in Britain. On October 16, the Daily Mail reported that every police force in the country was now "abandoning inquiries into thousands of 'hard to solve' low-level offences."

What kinds of offenses? The list includes "vandalism, theft, burglary and antisocial behaviour," plus minor incidents of "grievous bodily harm" and "car crime."

Of course, these are infractions that are committed, to a wildly disproportionate degree, by Muslims. ...

What are the priorities of UK police? Well, as the London Times noted on October 12, they've been pretty busy the last couple of years collaring people for making "offensive" remarks online. Last year, at least 3,395 people – the real number is probably a good deal higher – were arrested for this purported transgression. No one will be surprised to know that the remarks judged to be "offensive" enough to merit punishment tend to be remarks about Islam. If you're a Muslim who has repeatedly called for the death of infidels, don't worry: the police won't bother you. (A prominent example, cited by the Times, is terror-supporting activist Nadia Chan, who has called Jews "parasites" and white people "swine.") If you're an infidel who has merely complained about Muslims who call for the death of infidels, however, you'd better be ready for a knock at the door. ...

No one familiar with developments in Sweden will be surprised to learn that police policy in that country has also changed in the same way – and that the situation sounds, if anything, even worse than in the Netherlands and Britain. On September 12, SVT reported that the investigations of many rape cases were being put off for weeks, even months – even when the victims were children, and even when the names of the rapists were known. ...

The alleged reason for this decline? The police say that they have their hands full with murder cases. Of course, Sweden could appropriate more funds for policing; but where to find the money? The nation's treasury is already overburdened by welfare-state payouts to Muslim immigrants.
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Sweden's housing obligation to asylum seekers means other vulnerable groups go without: report
The Local [Sweden], 30 October 2017

A new report by Sweden's county administrative boards warns that vulnerable groups are struggling to find housing because homes are being allocated to asylum seekers. But the country's housing minister insists that the real problem is municipalities not building enough.

In the report, which broadcaster SVT had access to, around 60 percent of Swedish municipalities said they had experienced a 'displacement effect' – where other vulnerable groups had a difficult time finding a home because of the right to housing for asylum seekers.

"As a consequence, others who need housing go without. We are not obliged to supply housing for them," Thed Carlsson, head of social services in Hässleholm municipality, told SVT. ...

The situation may get worse, as Sweden's municipalities and county councils estimate housing will need to be provided for around 100,000 people with residence permits over the next year.
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7,000 Moldovans slip into Britain by the back door... and it's LEGAL - just like a loophole used by 28,000 Indians
Abul Taher
Mail on Sunday, 29 October 2017

Thousands of migrants from Europe's poorest country have sneaked into Britain using an immigration loophole.

According to the latest official figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday, 7,000 Moldovans have entered the country in the past two years after obtaining passports from Romania, which is a member of the European Union.

Moldovans are able to apply for Romanian documents because of close historic links between the two Eastern European countries.

The Home Office has been powerless to stop them entering Britain because Romanian passport-holders have full rights to live and work anywhere in the EU.

Moldova is not an EU member and the former Soviet state is regarded as Europe's most impoverished country. The average monthly salary is just £197.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics also show 28,000 Indians from Goa have entered Britain over the past six years using another astonishing loophole – this time by obtaining Portuguese passports.

Goa was a colony of Portugal until 1962, and under Portuguese law, anyone can obtain a passport if they can prove that they, their parents or grandparents were born in Goa before 1962.

Last year The Mail on Sunday revealed how 20,000 Indians had entered Britain – 3,000 of whom had obtained Portuguese passports by using false documents.
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Little girls should not dress up as Moana this Halloween because it is 'RACIST cultural appropriation' or Elsa from Frozen because it promotes 'white beauty', activists warn
Rod Ardehali
MailOnline, 29 October 2017

Dressing children up as Disney's Moana this Halloween is racist, according to one parenting blogger.

While parents should also think twice about letting their brood dress up as Elsa from Frozen because her character promotes 'white beauty'.

Writing in her popular blog Raising Race Conscious Children, parent blogger activist Sachi Feris urged parents not to dress their children up as characters from backgrounds different to their own as it is 'cultural appropriation.' ...

However, Feris warned parents about allowing their children to go as the South Pacific princess unless they come from the same background.

The blogger also took aim at Disney's Frozen character Elsa, another of her daughter's Halloween picks, adding: 'I feel like because Elsa is a White princess, and we see so many White princesses, her character sends the message that you have to be a certain way to be "beautiful"'. ...

One writer for the National Review hit out at the absurdity of applying cultural appropriation to Halloween, writing: 'Do you have to be Transylvanian to dress up as Dracula? Do you have to be Egyptian to be The Mummy? Do you have to be dead to be a ghost?'
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Why Does the U.S. Have Such an Outlier Child Poverty Rate? Our Immigration System Has a Lot to Do With It
Kay S. Hymowitz
Manhattan Institute, 29 October 2017

Articles about America's high levels of child poverty are a media evergreen. Here's a typical entry, courtesy of the New York Times's Eduardo Porter: "The percentage of children who are poor is more than three times as high in the United States as it is in Norway or the Netherlands. America has a larger proportion of poor children than Russia." That's right: Russia.

... Before Europe's recent migration crisis, the United States was the only developed country to routinely import millions of very poor, low-skilled families, from some of the most destitute places on Earth – especially from undeveloped areas of Latin America – into its communities, schools and hospitals. Let's just say that Russia doesn't care to do this – and, until recently, Norway and the Netherlands didn't, either.

Pundits prefer silence on the relationship between America's immigration system and poverty, and it's easy to see why. ...

... According to the Migration Policy Institute, in 1970, immigrant children were less likely to be poor than were the children of native-born Americans.

By 1980, the situation had reversed: immigrant kids were now poorer than native-born ones. Why? The 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act overturned the 1924 restrictions and made "family preference" a cornerstone of immigration policy. In consequence of that move, as well as large-scale illegal immigration, a growing number of new Americans hailed from less-developed countries. As of 1990, immigrant kids had poverty rates 50% higher than their native counterparts. ...

Perhaps the most uncomfortable truth about these statistics is that a large majority of America's poor immigrant children – and, at this point, a large fraction of all its poor children – are Latino. ...

At the same time, then, that America's War on Poverty was putting a spotlight on poor children, the immigration system was steadily making the problem worse. ...

Latino immigration is of course not the only reason that the United States has such troubling child-poverty rates. Other immigrant groups, such as North Africans and Laotians, add to the ranks of the under-18 poor. And even if we were following the immigration quotas set in 1924, the United States would be something of an outlier. Perhaps the nation's biggest embarrassment is the alarming number of black children living in impoverished homes, about 3.7 million (compared to 5.1 million poor Latino kids).
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Foreign terrorist convicted of 22 murders could win pay-out after judges rule the Government wrongly tried to kick him out of Britain
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 28 October 2017

A foreign terrorist convicted of 22 murders is in line to win compensation after judges ruled that the Government wrongly tried to boot him out of Britain.

They decided that Home Secretary Amber Rudd erred legally by attempting to deport Antonio Troitino Arranz because it breached EU rules.

The 60-year-old militant won his legal battle when a tribunal found he did not pose a serious threat to the UK – even though he blew up a bus full of police officers and committed other atrocities as part of the campaign by the Basque separatist group ETA.

He was extradited to Spain in May to face new terror charges after officials in Madrid issued a European Arrest Warrant.

But in the latest foreign criminal farce, Arranz is set to receive damages, funded by the taxpayer, over the Home Office's unsuccessful bid – in a parallel case – to throw him out of the UK.
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Tories Demand Church Make Clergy Less White and Male
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 28 October 2017

Tory MPs have urged the Church of England to "get on with" plans to drive up the percentage of ethnic minorities among its clergy members.

During questions to the church's representative in the Commons, Caroline Spelman, on Thursday, three politicians from the Conservative Party appeared to approve of and encourage Church of England efforts to build a clergy which matches national demographics, with regards to ethnicity and sex. ...

Tory MP for Brecon and Radnorshire Chris Davies described the church's progress towards meeting its gender parity target as "welcome news", but he asked what steps the church is taking "to ensure the diversity of those being considered for ordination better reflects the country as a whole?" ...

Despite having introduced a scheme to fast-track non-white clergy into senior roles in 2015, and the following year appointing a national minority ethnic officer to drive up the number of candidates for ordination, the Church of England still attracts criticism over the preponderance of white men at its highest levels.
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'Muhammad' is the Future of Europe
Giulio Meotti
Gatestone Institute, 28 October 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron this summer ended up in the middle of a political storm – with accusations of "racism" – for saying that women "with seven or eight children" are responsible for the current condition of the African continent, thus creating a challenge, according to Macron, that is "civilizational".

... According to the UN's annual demographic report, "World Population Prospects," one-sixth of the world's population currently lives in Africa. By 2050, the proportion will be one-quarter, and at the end of the century – when Africa will have four billion people – one-third.

... During the next thirty years, the population of Africa is expected to increase by one billion. It is not hard to imagine how mass illegal immigration will affect Europe through such unprecedented demographic pressure. ...

When Germany recently opened its doors to over a million people from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, supporters of open borders repeatedly said that a million migrants are nothing in a European population of 500 million people. That, however, was the wrong comparison. The right comparison is between recent arrivals and new births. In 2015 and 2016, 5.1 million children were born in Europe. In the same period, according to a Pew Research Center report, approximately 2.5 million migrants reached Europe. ...

... "Birth control" has worked most effectively in Europe, which demographically did not need it, and worst in Africa, which did.

Within Europe, there will be countries that shrink and countries that grow. The growing ones will tell us what kind of continent it will be. Europe, with the addition of demographic pressure from Africa, will be dominated by Muslim majorities.

Europe is committing social euthanasia. ...

In addition, last week a new Eurostat report related that /.../ the demographic growth in high-density Islamic areas is tremendous: ...

Last week, in the UK, the Office of National Statistics announced that this year, among newborn boys, Muhammad is one of the most popular names, and "by far the most popular if different spellings are accounted for". The same is true in the Netherlands' four biggest cities. In the capital of Norway, Oslo, Mohammed is the top name not only for newborn boys, but for men in the city overall. ...

No doubt, Africa's exploding population will try to reach the shores of a wealthy, senile Europe, which is already undergoing an internal demographic revolution. Europe, to retain its culture, will need to make hard-headed decisions, not just amuse itself to death. The question is: Will Europe protect its borders and civilization before it is submerged?
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Even the cautious ONS is now forecasting vast population growth driven by immigration
Lord Green
ConservativeHome, 27 October 2017

These Office for National Statistics (ONS) projections may seem rather technical at first glance, but they are extremely important as they shape government planning for housing, schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

The latest figures, which are revised every two years, confirm that current high levels of immigration are by far the largest factor in our population growth.

The ONS makes a central assumption, along with two other scenarios based on higher and lower assumptions about future levels of net migration. Under the principal projection the ONS finds that 77 per cent of our population growth over 25 years will be the result of overseas immigration, including the effect on the number of births.

In the past, the ONS has seriously underestimated migration levels. Indeed, MigrationWatch has been warning for a decade that our population is growing much too fast largely as a result of immigration. Arguably, the ONS has been over-cautious again. The net migration assumption underlying their principal projection (165,000 a year) is extraordinarily low compared to the actual average of 250,000 a year over the past decade.

However, they have also produced a high migration scenario which assumes net migration of 245,000 a year. This gives a UK population increase of nearly ten million by 2041. It also finds that immigration would account for an astonishing 82 per cent of population growth – that is eight million more people in the UK due to immigration.

Eight million is roughly the combined populations of Greater Manchester and the cities of Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Nottingham and Bristol.

A population increase on such a scale, in a country which is already one of the most densely populated in Europe, would have a profound impact on our society and would put housing stocks, schools and GP surgeries under even more pressure. Roads will have to be widened and new ones built to deal with the extra traffic, while overcrowding on the tube and railways will increase still further.

Indeed, if net migration to England continues at around current levels, we will have to build a new home every five minutes, night and day, to cope with additional demand. Meanwhile, ONS statistics show that just over 90 per cent of additional households in England in the period 2005-2014 had a foreign-born head.
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French jihadists regularly received welfare payments after joining Isil, police reveal
David Chazan
Daily Telegraph, 27 October 2017

More than 100 French jihadists regularly received welfare payments after joining Isil forces in Syria and Iraq, police have disclosed.

The payments came to light after the launch of an investigation into Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) funding in France and other European countries in 2015.

Their discovery highlighted intelligence failings and revealed that social security offices neglected to carry out checks.

The Criminal Brigade in Paris and other European security services unearthed fraudulent welfare payments to jihadists totalling more than €2 million (£1.8 million) from Europe between 2012 and 2016. Some €500,000 came from France.

The other European countries involved were not named. Most European Isil fighters come from France, followed by Germany and Britain.

Detectives said about a fifth of the approximately 700 French nationals they estimated left the country to join the extremists had continued to claim unemployment or housing benefits, income support or family allowances.

About 420 fraudulent welfare payments to French fighters were discovered last year. ...

The money was passed through a network of sympathisers. The investigation identified 210 Turkish and Lebanese intermediaries and 190 from France. ...

More than a third of foreign jihadists who fought in Syria or Iraq are believed to have returned to their home countries.
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Don't be too concerned by ONS over-population figures, says immigrant welfare campaigner
Luke Dolan
talkRADIO, 27 October 2017

A leading member of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has said new figures estimating the UK's population growth might not be as big a story as they would appear.

The Office of National Statistics released figures which show the total population of the UK will pass 70 million people in 2029. ...

However Satbir Singh, the JCWI's chief executive, said the figures can be difficult to predict and this figure may not actually be reached. ...

"It's also not clear if this is as big a story as we think it is because if we look at actually population projections seen over the last 20 or 30 years, population growth is actually tapering off.

"While the headline figure of 70 million by 2030 does sound enormous and does seem extraordinary, it is tapering off."
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Yale 'decolonizes' English dept. after complaints studying white authors 'actively harms' students
Aryssa Damron
The College Fix, 27 October 2017

A year and a half after a petition circulated calling for Yale to "decolonize the English department," the first students are enrolled in a new course created by the department to increase the breadth of the curriculum and combat claims of departmental racism.

What's more, new requirements are in place to ensure a more "diversified" slate of courses.

Previous requirements for the major included two courses in "Major English Poets," including Chaucer, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton and Eliot, among others. But that two-course series petitioners had deemed actively harmful due to its focus on white male poets. The series is no longer a graduation requirement for Yale's English majors.
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Hungarian PM Orbán: 'Soros Network Aims to Create a Europe of Mixed Population' - Breitbart
Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.
Breitbart, 27 October 2017

Billionaire George Soros is trying to use mass immigration to dilute European ethnic cultures into one anonymous blend, according to Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Speaking on Hungarian radio Friday morning, the redoubtable prime minister denounced the campaign of the Soros-funded "Open Society" network to aggressively drive a pro-immigration agenda as a means to eradicate the cultures and Christian identity of European states.

"The Soros network has an extensive sphere of influence within the European Parliament and other EU bodies," Orbán said, "and its aim is to build a Europe of mixed population and to condemn the Hungarian government for opposing their view on migration."

Earlier this month, George Soros transferred $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations, his tool of choice for forging a brave new world without borders and without nations. ...

The prime minister said that an evident division is opening up between the "migrant-free zone – Central Europe – and the countries that have transformed themselves into immigrant countries," which is dividing Europe into "two parts." ...

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister hosted an international conference on Christian Persecution in Budapest, in which he decried efforts to strip Europe of its Christian heritage and identity.

"A group of Europe's intellectual and political leaders want to create a mixed society that would completely change the continent's cultural and ethnic identity, and Christian nature, within just a few generations," he said. ...

Last year, the Hungarian government established a Deputy State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians, making it the only nation in the world with a department of this sort.
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Norway: 27% of Children Born to Immigrant Parents
Defend Europa, 27 October 2017

Startling statistics have been revealed this week which show that The Great Replacement is continuing unabated in Scandinavia, with Norway the centre of attention this time round. Statistics Norway published their latest figures for births by origin of the parents, showing that more than 1 in 4 newborn babies – 27% in fact – in the country have 'at least 1 foreign parent'.

As many as 20% of newborns have 2 immigrant parents, with Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq amongst the most common countries of origin of the parents. These figures demonstrate a sharp rise in the number of children born to foreigners in Norway, up from 11% in 2008 and the negligible figures of 1-2% in the 1990's. This is only set to increase further, as Statistics Norway notes, given that the fertility rate of African immigrants stands at 2.82 and the native birthrate continues to fall.
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How Long Will Italy Weather Europe's Rising Terror Threat?
Dario Cristiani
Jamestown Foundation, 27 October 2017

In recent months, Islamic State (IS) has made a number of public threats against Italy, with a number of its fighters expressing their willingness, via their Telegram channels, to target the country and claiming they will "conquer Rome" ...

Yet recent developments have meant that Italian intelligence agents and terrorism experts are now questioning not whether an attack will happen, but when and how ...

Nonetheless, since the late 1980s, and particularly in the early 1990s with the eruption of the Balkans wars, Italy has become a major immigration center in Europe, and migrants from Muslim countries have made up a large number of these new arrivals. Since then, significant Islamic communities have developed, particularly in northern Italy. In the 1990s, Milan became a fundamentalist center in the landscape of European jihadism. ...

To date, these factors have allowed Italy to remain free from Islamist terrorist attacks. However, Italian analysts and experts on counterterrorism are increasingly worried these buffers are now eroding. Second- and third-generation immigrants are set to become numerically more prominent in the coming years, complicating prevention and control efforts.
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Only 14 out of 14,000 Failed Asylum Seekers Deported
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 27 October 2017

The German government has resumed deportations to Afghanistan but according to reports, the authorities placed a mere 14 people on a 180-seat aircraft despite there being 14,263 Afghans scheduled for deportation.

Saxony Interior Minister Markus Ulbig said that not all Afghans were deported but rather the authorities prioritised known criminals and other 'troublemakers', like those who refuse to identify themselves, Tag 24 reports.

Since the bombing of the German embassy in Kabul earlier this year which killed 90 people, the government has restricted deportations primarily to criminals. ...

So far this year, Saxony has seen 1,823 people repatriated but of that only 50 Afghan failed asylum seekers left the country of their own accord.

The cost of forcibly deporting failed asylum seekers is an enormous burden for the German government. Last year, a deportation flight containing only three failed asylum seekers cost taxpayers €125,000.

The average cost of deportation in some regions like Bavaria is €55,000 per person, per flight. ...

Regional governments, like the government of Berlin, have vowed not to enforce forced deportations saying that they only support migrant voluntarily returning to their original country even if their asylum claims are not approved.
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Britain's population will hit 70 million before 2030 and more than HALF the increase in the next decade will be from immigration
Tim Sculthorpe
MailOnline, 26 October 2017

Britain's population will surge past 70 million before the end of the next decade, new forecasts reveal today with more than half the increase caused by immigration.

The number of people living in Britain will rise by 3.6 million - 5.5 per cent - in a decade and the country will be home to 70 million by mid 2029.

The new forecast from the Office for National Statistics considers immigration, fertility and life expectancy.

It concluded that over the next ten years, 46 per cent of UK population growth is projected to result from more births than deaths, with 54 per cent attributed to net international migration. ...

Overall, the population is expected to grow more slowly than at the last forecast in 2014 because of lower immigration, women having fewer children and a slow down in the growth of life expectancy.

Over the decade from mid-2016, the projections suggest that 7.7 million people will be born and 6.1 million will die, while 5.2 million people will immigrate on a long-term basis to the UK with 3.2 million emigrating from the country. ...

As well as the direct impact, international migration has an indirect effect on the population, statisticians said. ...

Once the indirect effect is taken into account, international migration accounts for more than three quarters (77 per cent) of the projected UK population growth over the 25 years from 2016, according to the ONS report.
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New Zealand's new leader promises to cut immigration
Bernard Lagan
The Times, 26 October 2017

Foreigners will be banned from buying houses in New Zealand before the end of the year, the country's incoming prime minister said today as she vowed to make tackling inequality and slash immigration her immediate priorities. ...

The Labour leader has also promised to cut New Zealand's annual immigration – now running at 70,000 – by up to 30,000.

The move to tackle soaring property prices by banning foreign buyers was agreed during lengthy negotiations between the 37-year-old and the populist powerbroker Winston Peters, leader of the anti-immigration New Zealand First Party.
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'Australia feels like a FOREIGN country': Most Australians believe the country is FULL and almost half support a ban on Muslim immigration
Daniel Peters
Daily Mail Australia, 26 October 2017

Three quarters of Australians believe the country doesn't need any more people and almost half support a ban on Muslim immigration.

A survey of more than 2000 people, by the Australian Population Research Institute, also found 54 per cent want a reduction in the annual migrant intake.

The independent organisation claims the results are driven by a rapid change in Australia's ethnic and religious make-up and concerns over quality of life.

'Australian voters' concern about immigration levels and ethnic diversity does not derive from economic adversity,' academics Katharine Betts and Bob Birrell wrote in a report based on the survey.

'Rather, it stems from the increasingly obvious impact of population growth on their quality of life and the rapid change in Australia's ethnic and religious make-up.'

Australia's population increased by 389,000 people to 24.5 million in the year to March, largely due to the arrival of new immigrants. ...

More than half of those surveyed feared Australia risked losing its culture and identity, with a similar number saying it had changed beyond recognition and sometimes 'felt like a foreign country'. ...

The survey was largely based on the views of Australian-born respondents, who were 'much more likely to take a tough line on immigration numbers and ethnic diversity than are overseas-born persons (unless they are UK-born)', the report noted.
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French police INCAPABLE of stopping Calais migrants making bid for Britain - shock report
Rebecca Perring
Daily Express, 26 October 2017

French police are incapable of getting rid of or stopping Calais migrants making a bid for Britain, a scathing report has found.

The shocking revelation comes in an official report which suggests another sprawling Jungle camp will open at the borders again. ...

However, the report found that the measures designed to prevent asylum seekers reaching Britain's shores were flawed.

It called on officials to invest in "real scanners" because the heartbeat technology used to detect migrants in lorries at ports is "not efficient". ...

Despite Mr Macron's promises to deport illegal immigrants, the shock document, commissioned by the French interior ministry, found only 1,905 of migrants were booted out of France.

Meanwhile, Calais police made 57,468 checks on migrants found to be in France illegally last year.

Illegal immigrants in France are often deported to Italy and Germany, who are notorious for releasing migrants, which means they return to Calais.
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Europe remains remarkably free of racism
David Goodhart
The Spectator, 28 October 2017

["Go Back to Where You Came From: The Backlash Against Immigration and the Fate of Western Democracy" by Sasha Polakaw-Suransky]

This book is an exercise in crying wolf that utterly fails to prove its main thesis: that Europe is abandoning its core liberal values under threat from a resurgent populist right. It is a largely fact-free polemic that passes itself off as an open-minded work of interview reportage. Yet if you can ignore the author's sly interventions on behalf of his left-liberal premises, he does introduce the reader to a fascinating cast of characters, mainly from the European populist right.

And, at least for someone (like me) who is predisposed to an interest in the subject, he also provides real insight into the internal debates about immigration and national identity, above all in France, the Netherlands and Denmark, that you could never glean from reading the newspapers in the English-speaking world.

There is also an original and unexpected chapter on a subject that seldom breaks cover: the violent hostility to mass immigration in South Africa, which in 2009 received 340,000 asylum claims, many from an imploding Zimbabwe. ...

Interview-based reportage is not an effective form when the author knows what he wants you to think. ...

But one or two characters do break free. There is Eric Zemmour, an observant French Jew who defends the Vichy regime; or Thierry Baudet, the Dutch philosopher of self-hatred, who thinks Europe will end up looking like Israel; or Julien Rochedy, a former Front National youth leader, who complains about the party's nostalgia and explains why it appeals more to the young than the old; or the CDU politician Philipp Lengsfeld discussing the German saviour complex.

With some commendable foot-in-the-door journalism, the author also tracks down the 92-year-old Jean Raspail, author of the cult racist fantasy The Camp of the Saints, about the invasion of Europe by impoverished Indians, who declares Michel Houellebecq to be his literary heir. ...

What is actually remarkable is how little the populist surge has changed politics in Europe. In the past 20 years, during which many countries have had populists in governing coalitions, there has been no erosion of minority rights, no reversal of mass immigration or European integration. The two countries that have been flirting with authoritarianism, Poland and Hungary, do not get a mention. ...

There is a missed opportunity here to delineate legitimate from illegitimate populism. The most obvious dividing line is racism. But how is that defined? Those who do not accept the non-indigenous as citizens are obviously on the wrong side of the line. But what about those who prefer to live and mix among people like themselves but feel no supremacism or racism towards others? Such people will generally oppose mass immigration and will feel discomforted by rapid ethnic change. Is that discomfort legitimate or not? Can there be cultural rather than purely economic reasons for opposing mass immigration?

The author never tells us, and instead triangulates between the racists and the extreme liberals who want open immigration. But his own often hectoring tone excludes the grey areas in which most people live. ...

In his attempt to unmask the new European populists he has instead revealed why left liberalism has been in such headlong retreat on these issues.
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A UK Police Department Propagandizes for Islam
Bruce Bawer
FrontPage Mag, 26 October 2017

Lincolnshire is a largely rural, even isolated county ...

Yet even in this quiet corner of the U.K., Islam is a headline story. ...

Now the Lincolnshire Police have produced a thirteen-minute video as part of "Hate Crime Awareness week." ...

Unsurprisingly, the video /.../ is pure propaganda. At the beginning, we see the following words onscreen: "British Muslims. How are they portrayed? Terrorists? Jihadis? Islamic State? Maybe the following people will give you a different perspective." We're then introduced to a series of people who have obviously been selected to represent the very best of the British Muslim community: /.../ and (not least) one Asim Hafiz, OBE, the first imam to serve as a Muslim chaplain in the British Armed Forces.

It's the usual drill: terrorists, we're told, "do not represent the views of normal Muslims." The doctor (a woman in hijab) asserts that it was the compassionate principles of Islam that motivated her to be a doctor. And of course somebody reminds us that "we are stronger together."

The Muslim who probably gets the most screen time is a leader of a Muslim aid organization called Al Imdaad. We hear a great deal from this fellow about how much good his group does. What he doesn't mention is something Robert Spencer pointed out the other day in response to this video: Al Imdaad, based in South Africa, has Hamas fingerprints all over it. As Samuel Westrop reported three years ago, an Al Imdaad trustee named Qari Ziyaad Patel "has written and sung a nasheed [Islamic song] in praise of the Taliban." In 2012-13, wrote Westrop, "Al-Imdaad's British branch raised over £400,000 for the IHH, a Turkish charity widely accused of funding terrorism and that publicly supports Hamas. Al-Imdaad UK has also given over £50,000 (over $80,000) to the Zamzam Foundation, a Somali charity run by the Saudi-funded Somali Muslim Brotherhood."

The Lincolnshire Police video doesn't mention any of that, naturally. In its pretty, sanitized portrait of British Islam, there are no terrorists, no friends of terrorists, no supporters of terrorists, nobody who ever so much as met a terrorist. These Muslims are all do-gooders. They would all have us believe that they love Britain with all their hearts and that they thoroughly condemn acts of terror committed in the name of their religion.

And they all have big, warm smiles. ...

It's pure, shameless, unadulterated taqiyya. Disgracefully, it uses video of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers only to deny, in repulsively soothing voice-over, any connection whatsoever between the evil events of that day and the beautiful Islamic faith.

The good news is that the residents of Lincolnshire are no fools: they gave the video major pushback. /.../ Asked about the public reactions to the video, Deputy Chief Constable Craig Naylor pronounced himself "really disappointed." He and his colleagues, he insisted, had only been trying to "tackle misconceptions and myths."

On the contrary: they had decided it was their job not to fight crime – a disproportionate amount of which, in Britain today, is committed by Muslims – but to spend precious taxpayer dollars and on-duty hours producing pro-Islamic hogwash. ...

Whatever the case, the bottom line is clear: in Lincolnshire, as elsewhere in Europe, cops are now less interested in policing Islamic crime than in policing criticism of Islam.
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Cambridge University caves in to student's campaign to replace white authors with black writers
Camilla Turner
Daily Telegraph, 25 October 2017

Cambridge University's English Literature professors will be forced to replace white authors with black writers, under new proposals put forward by academic staff following student demands to "decolonise" the curriculum.

For the first time, lecturers and tutors will have to "ensure the presence" of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) writers on their course, under plans discussed by the English Faculty's Teaching Forum.

The move follows an open letter, penned by Lola Olufemi, Cambridge University Student Union's women's officer and signed by over 100 students, titled "Decolonising the English Faculty".

"For too long, teaching English at Cambridge has encouraged a 'traditional' and 'canonical' approach that elevates white male authors at the expense of all others," the letter said.

"What we can no longer ignore, however, is the fact that the curriculum, taken as a whole, risks perpetuating institutional racism."
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'We will build a mass movement to stop racism,' vow activists at 1,300-strong conference
Socialist Worker, 25 October 2017

The Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) conference in central London last Saturday was a key event for all those wanting to build a mass movement.

There was a feeling of urgency –and a desire for unity.

The 1,300-strong conference resolved to up the fight. ...

The conference brought together activists from across Britain who've been organising against racism. ...

Some people came in delegations from trade union branches. And activists from the Trade Unionists 4 Calais group were collecting donations for a trip to Calais on Sunday.

The need for international solidarity was a key theme of the conference.

Greek anti-fascist Petros Constantinou said the rise of the racist right meant the anti-racist movement had to be international. And that means fighting against immigration controls.

He said, "There's lots of walls in Europe. There are walls from Turkey to Hungary to Germany. We have to bring down all those walls. We have to open the borders." ...

The conference saw workshops on themes including defending free movement, fighting Islamophobia and Black Lives Matter among others.

Hundreds joined a workshop about how the anti-racist movement has responded to the Grenfell Tower fire. ...

Diane Abbott, shadow home secretary, told the closing plenary that a future Labour government would fight racism.

"We cannot allow the politics of hate to prevail," she said. You can't take progress for granted and there are some who want to push the progress back.

"Fighting racism will be at the heart of my work as home secretary when Jeremy Corbyn is prime minister."
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How do you solve a problem like returning jihadis? I've got a pretty good idea
Allison Pearson
Daily Telegraph, 25 October 2017

When Max Hill QC, the independent reviewer of our terrorism laws, said that young jihadists returning to this country should be welcomed back and integrated, ... ...

Jihadists who, according to Max Hill's generous interpretation, "have travelled out of a sense of naivety, possibly with some brainwashing"? After all, we have so much money to spend on counselling wannabe suicide bombers after paying for the monitoring of 3,000 extremists already in the UK who are considered a direct threat by MI5, with 500 under constant costly surveillance.

Mr Hill's suggestion would be alarming at any time, but it came in the same week that Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, warned that Britain was facing the worst terrorist threat that he had seen in his 34-year career. /.../ Some 20 plots in the UK have been foiled over the past four years, with a record number of terrorism-related arrests: 379 in the year to June. ...

It's not just jihadists who are guilty of naivety, possibly with some brainwashing. Increasingly, it's the governing class of this country that prioritises the human rights of the few over the safety and values of the many. ...

The gulf between what the man on the street thinks and those in authority believe has never been wider.
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Health tourism is a gaping wound in our NHS. The new bid to tackle it is just a tiny plaster
J. Meirion Thomas
Daily Mail, 25 October 2017

A fellow doctor had the nerve to tell me on national radio yesterday that health tourism is an insignificant problem for the NHS.

Listeners to the Today programme on Radio 4 heard her claim that ineligible patients from overseas account for just 0.3 per cent of the health service's budget.

That's what many doctors like to believe. And even if this were the case, 0.3 per cent would amount to some £360 million, enough to pay for thousands more doctors and nurses in our overstretched health service.

But the truth is actually far worse: health tourism costs the NHS in the region of £2 billion. And it is contributing hugely to a crisis in our capacity to provide care as patients are turned away because beds are full and operating theatres are not available.

Changes were introduced yesterday by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to tackle the problem of health tourism, obliging hospitals to identify and charge up front any foreign patient not eligible for free treatment.

But as I will show, these measures go nowhere near far enough to protect the NHS against health tourists – people who fly to Britain from all over the world to take advantage of our health care system, with no intention of paying for it.

Let me be clear that I am not talking about emergency treatment. This should always be free on the NHS, to whoever needs it and wherever they come from, as well as treatment for genuine asylum seekers and certain disadvantaged groups.

I am talking about people from abroad who target the NHS because they will often get better treatment than at home – and for free.

The abuse is particularly bad in maternity and cancer wards. ...

... Many young NHS doctors take the attitude that it's our responsibility to provide care for everyone, regardless of where they come from or whether they meet the criteria for free treatment – as if any other attitude was tantamount to racism.

Despite daily experience of staff shortages, bed shortages, overcrowding and endless waiting lists, they behave as if it is Britain's responsibility to extend free health care to the whole world. ...

To be fair, the policy introduced yesterday is an attempt to tackle such abuse. ...

The guidance also makes it clear that NHS staff facilitating health tourism may be committing fraud. Yet in most ways, the new policy will do next to nothing to solve the problem. When they register, patients will now be asked if they have lived in the UK for more than six months.

If they answer 'no', they will be sent to an overseas visitor manager (OVM) who will ask to see their passport or proof of address.

If they answer 'yes', they will receive treatment with no further questions asked.

To say this is open to abuse is an understatement of almost comic proportions. ...

Nor will the new rules do anything to prevent widespread identity fraud already taking place across the NHS, as health tourists from abroad turn up at hospitals with false names and addresses, often of a relative who is entitled to free NHS care.

The hospitals under most pressure from health tourists are the ones close to major airports, in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Frustratingly, these are the very hospitals least likely to be following the guidelines.
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One in five Canadians is immigrant, highest in 95 years
BBC, 25 October 2017

Canada is growing increasingly diverse and its share of immigrants is the highest in almost a century.

New census figures show over one in five Canadians report being immigrant, some with permanent residency.

Over 1.2m people settled permanently in Canada between 2011 and 2016, most coming in as skilled economic immigrants.

The proportion of visible minorities has also grown and is now over 22% of the population. ...

The country is also becoming more culturally diverse, with immigrants increasingly coming from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Statistics Canada is predicting that if population trends continue, by 2036 up to 30% of the country's population could be made up of immigrants.

The agency also predicts that within 20 years up to 35% of the population will be made up of visible minorities. ...

Toronto, Canada's biggest city, is still the primary destination for newcomers. Over 46% of the city's population are immigrants and over 51% of the city's residents identify as being a visible minority.
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'Dislike' and 'Unfriendliness' Can Be Hate Crimes, UK Police Confirm
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 25 October 2017

Official guidelines insist a hate crime must be driven by "hostility", but when contacted, many UK forces are unable to give a definition of what they mean by "hostility" in the context of hate crimes.

Breitbart London contacted dozens of forces to ask for their working definition of "hostility" and was referred on to the "dictionary definition" which includes "unfriendliness" and "dislike".

Others referred Breitbart London to national bodies, including the College of Policing (CoP) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which both admit there is an "absence of a precise legal definition of hostility", with the latter also referring individual forces onto "dictionary definitions" for the purpose of investigating hate crimes.

Dictionary definitions include a wide range of normal human behaviours and emotions, and images on social media suggest police officers are being told to look out for "unfriendliness" as a sign of a hate crime.

The CPS also mentions "ill-will, ill-feeling, spite, contempt, prejudice, unfriendliness, antagonism, resentment, and dislike" as examples of hostility that could be taken from a dictionary. ...

North Yorkshire Police simply sent Breitbart London the Citizen's Advice and Home Office definition of a hate crime, as "any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice". ...

In August, the CPS announced it would prosecute "hate crimes" committed online as vigorously as those that take place face-to-face, and in January they issued new guideline stressing that:

"In order to treat a crime as a hate crime for the purposes of investigation, there is no need for evidence to prove the aggravating element."
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Around 100 migrants still reach Britain from Calais every week despite official claims the scandal ended when the Jungle was closed last year
Joseph Curtis
MailOnline, 24 October 2017

A hundred migrants are still reaching the UK every week despite the closure of the Calais 'Jungle' camp, it has been claimed.

Charity L'Auberge des Migrants said a similar number was arriving each week in Dunkirk and Calais, sparking fears of a new crisis in the region. ...

Calais Police has confirmed the number of attempts to board vehicles at the port has increased, with around 1,600 stowaways found in August, more than double since May. ...

The Road Haulage Association told the Times it wanted French authorities to bring in the military to protect vehicles from being boarded, claiming the security at the port is 'not enough'. ...

According to the paper, there are around 700 migrants homeless in Calais at the current time and another 400 in Dunkirk.
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Fury after plans for all EU migrants to be able to come to Britain after Brexit as long as they have a job
Natasha Clark
The Sun, 24 October 2017

All EU migrants would be free to come to Britain after Brexit - as long as they have a job.

Under new plans being floated by the Home Office, as long as an EU citizen had an offer of work they would be allowed in after we leave the EU.

It could mean they would face removal if they don't find work, but there are no plans in place for a cap on numbers arriving. ...

And Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, told The Sun: "The outcome of allowing into Britain any EU citizen who had a job would mean no control whatsoever over the numbers.

"It amounts to throwing in the towel on immigration control and giving carte blanche to employers to bring in any number of low-paid workers regardless of their impact on the lives of hard-working people.

"This is exactly what many millions voted against in the referendum.

"Only by extending the existing work permit system to the EU and confining it to highly skilled jobs can we get the numbers down, probably by 100,000 a year."
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Romanian criminals allowed bail to travel to UK... and EU laws ban deporting them
Nick Parker
The Sun, 24 October 2017

Criminals are being dumped by Romanian courts on Britain – and they then use EU human rights laws to stay here.

Villains including gangsters, smugglers and cash machine crooks are given permission to travel here while on bail.

They then get legal aid to hire lawyers who block their extradition on the grounds standard two-metre square Romanian jail cells fall foul of EU human rights law.

A Sun investigation has revealed Romanian judges are allowing the travel on the flimsiest of excuses – to take a holiday, see relatives or even go to a pigeon fanciers' fair.

British authorities are powerless to deport them after a landmark European Court of Justice ruling opened the floodgates last year. ...

A Romanian legal source said: "There are scores of criminals and suspects using the loophole. Courts in Romania allow it to happen.

"Once given permission to fly to the UK, they know their lawyers will stop them being sent back."
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Overseas patients charged up to £15,000 for operations under new NHS rules
Laura Donnelly
Daily Telegraph, 24 October 2017

Overseas patients using the NHS will be charged up to £15,000 for operations under controversial new rules introduced this week. ...

Under the new laws, which came into force yesterday, it is mandatory for NHS hospitals to collect "upfront payment" from those who are not entitled to free care. ...

A tariff setting out costs which should be charged says patients outside the EU should be charged 50 per cent more than the working costs to the NHS. ...

GPs visits are excluded from the charges. But the chairman of the Royal College of GPs raised fears that practices could end up overloaded by patients because of this.
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Europe: Journalists Against Free Speech
Judith Bergman
Gatestone Institute, 24 October 2017

The European Federation of Journalists (EJF), "the largest organization of journalists in Europe, represents over 320,000 journalists in 71 journalists' organizations across 43 countries," according to its website. The EJF, a powerful player, also leads a Europe-wide campaign called "Media against Hate." ...

Gone is all pretense that journalism is about reporting the facts. These are the aims of a political actor.

A very large political actor is, in fact, involved in the "Media against Hate" campaign. The campaign is one of several media programs supported by the EU under its Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC). ...

This political player, the EU, the biggest in Europe, works openly at influencing the "free press" with its own political agendas. One of these agendas is the issue of migration into Europe from Africa and the Middle East. ...

The European Union's REC Program also recently financed the publication of a handbook with guidelines for journalists on how to write about migrants and migration. The guidelines form part of the RESPECT WORDS project – also EU-financed – which "aims to promote quality reporting on migrants and ethnic and religious minorities as an indispensable tool in the fight against hate". The new guidelines are "aimed at strengthening quality media coverage of migrants and ethnic and religious minorities". The handbook was launched on October 12 by the International Press Institute (IPI) – an association of media professionals" representing leading digital, print and broadcast news outlets in more than 120 countries. IPI boasts that it has been "defending press freedom since 1950". (Being bought and paid for by the EU apparently counts as "press freedom" these days.) Seven other European media outlets and civil society groups based in Europe participated in the project and presented it at an event at the European Parliament in Brussels attended by MEPs and civil society experts. According to the press release, the guidelines are "supplementary to standards already in place at news outlets". ...

Why do journalists, who claim to fight for the freedom of the press, now appeal to the EU to help bring an end to freedom of speech in Europe? ...

Is that why news reports always refer to perpetrators of rape or terrorism simply as "men"?

Specifically, with regard to Muslims, the guidelines recommend:

"Challenge existing anti-Muslim stereotypes that have become pervasive in public discourse... Increase the visibility of Muslim men and women in your general reporting... Take care not to further stigmatise terms such as 'Muslim' or 'Islam' by associating them with particular acts... Don't allow extremists' claims about acting 'in the name of Islam' to stand unchallenged. Highlight... the diversity of Muslim communities... where it is necessary and newsworthy to report hateful comments against Muslims, mediate the information. Challenge any false premises on which such comments rely".

Not even Orwell could have made that up.
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65.5 Million U.S. Residents Spoke a Foreign Language at Home in 2016
Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler
Center for Immigration Studies, 24 October 2017

Newly released Census Bureau data for 2016 shows that a record 65.5 million U.S. residents five years of age and older spoke a language other than English at home. The number is up six million since 2010 and has increased by nearly 34 million since 1990. As a share of the population, more than one in five U.S. residents now speaks a foreign language at home. The largest percentage increases since 2010 among languages with more than 400,000 speakers were for Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Persian, Haitian, and Gujarati. Hindi and Gujarati are spoken in India; Urdu is spoken in Pakistan.
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Calais: hundreds of migrants remain a year after razing of camp
Guardian / Press Association, 23 October 2017

Hundreds of refugees and migrants are believed to be in Calais and the surrounding area, a year after the refugee camp there was razed.

It is thought between 700 and 800 people are gathered in France's northern port town, which continues to attract those hoping to start a new life in the UK.

The number could be as high as 2,000 for northern France, Annie Gavrilescu, who works for the charity Help Refugees, said. She also said the charity was not allowed to give out any tents, in case people set up a new camp.
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UK's Hateful Hate-Crime Hub
Douglas Murray
Gatestone Institute, 23 October 2017

In May, just after the second of four Islamist terrorist attacks in the UK so far this year, British intelligence officials apparently identified 23,000 known extremists in the country. Of these, around 3,000 are believed to pose a present threat and are under investigation or active monitoring. The other 20,000 are categorised as posing a "residual risk". Due to the strain on resources, those 20,000 are not under constant observation. ...

... Last week, Britain's Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced the creation of a new national police hub to crack down on hate-crime and "trolling" online. The unit – which will apparently be run by specialist officers – will assess complaints and work out whether they amount to a crime or not. They will also recommend removing material from online platforms if they – at the official hate-crime hub – deem such material "hateful".

The initiative claims to "improve support for victims and increase prosecutions of trolls who abuse others online over their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity." ...

The problem is that "hate" is an ill-defined thing. ...

There are, quite rightly, already strong and appropriate provisions in place to prevent incitement, which is already a crime. But "hate" is different from incitement. ...

In Britain, there is an added complexity. Since 1999 and the publication of the Macpherson Report (into the racist murder of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence) in the UK, the British authorities have gone along with a definition of hate-crime which allows the victim (real or perceived) to be the arbiter of whether an offence has been committed. This privilege allows a list of people who believe they have been "trolled" or "abused" online over their "race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity" to be arbiters as well as reporters of any and all such crimes. It is worth considering where this can end up. ...

Consider furthermore what might happen if someone – anyone – were to go along with the official line that Islamism is a major problem but differed with the official view – which is that this Islamism has no connection with the peaceable and popular religion of Islam. /.../ How then will the authorities view this? Is it hate? Can things that are hateful also be true? And if so, which do we prioritise: "hateful" facts or "hate-less" lies?

Alert to such criticisms, the relevant authorities have stressed that freedom of speech will still exist within in the UK. And the National Police Chiefs' Council lead for hate crime, assistant chief constable Mark Hamilton, has said: "We recognise and will uphold the right to free speech even where it causes offence – but this does not extend to inciting hatred or threatening people."

In 2015-2016, a total of 62,518 hate crimes were recorded by forces in England and Wales. The Crown Prosecution Service says that it completed 15,442 hate crime prosecutions during that year. All of which happened at the same time as Khalid Masood, Salman Abedi and 20,000 other "known extremists" were allowed to walk free. And so the priorities of the authorities and the priorities of the public would appear to be dividing: a fact that can only have negative consequences – whether they are "hateful" or not.
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Reality Check: How much could NHS recover from foreign patients?
BBC, 23 October 2017

First published on 6 February 2017 and updated on 23 October 2017

NHS hospitals in England now have to charge patients from overseas up front for non-emergency care if they are not entitled to free treatment. ...

A report - based on 2013 figures - estimates that treating all visitors and migrants in England (not only in hospitals) costs the NHS about £2bn, although it warns there is considerable uncertainty about that figure.

That includes treating tourists who become ill while on holiday and longer-term migrants who have paid surcharges on their visas to be entitled to NHS care.

Not all of that £2bn could be recovered. Treatment in A&E, for example, is free for everyone up to the point when a patient is either admitted to hospital or given an outpatient appointment. ...

The NHS has not been particularly good at recouping the costs in the past because trusts have not been good at identifying which patients should be charged for their treatment and it is difficult to collect money from patients living outside the EEA once they have returned home.

The authorities have also not been particularly good at recouping the costs of treating people from EEA countries.
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Sunderland businessman's second wife website 'benefits women'
BBC, 23 October 2017

A man who is running a website helping men find "second wives" claims it benefits women as well.

In the UK, polygamous marriages - where a person has more than one spouse - are only recognised if they took place in countries where they are legal.

However, no UK laws stop unregistered religious ceremonies taking place.

Azad Chaiwala told BBC Inside Out: "The second wife website came about from my need, and thinking there'll be other people in my situation."

Most Muslims in the UK do not practise polygamy, but some interpretations of the Koran say that a man may marry two, three or four women, so long as he can deal justly and fairly with each of them. ...

He said 100,000 people had signed up - with men outnumbering women three to one - but denied it was something just for men.
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Prof: Algebra, geometry perpetuate white privilege
Toni Airaksinen
Campus Reform, 23 October 2017

Rochelle Gutierrez, a professor at the University of Illinois, made the claim in a new anthology for math teachers, arguing that teachers must be aware of the "politics that mathematics brings" in society.

"On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White," Gutierrez argued.

Gutierrez also worries that algebra and geometry perpetuate privilege, fretting that "curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans." ...

Further, she also worries that evaluations of math skills can perpetuate discrimination against minorities, especially if they do worse than their white counterparts. ...

Gutierrez stresses that all knowledge is "relational," asserting that "Things cannot be known objectively; they must be known subjectively."
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Deportations cut number of rough sleepers in London
Nicholas Hellen and David Collins
Sunday Times, 22 October 2017

The number of rough sleepers in London has dropped for the first time in a decade because of a controversial policy to send home Romanians and Poles.

About 1,000 have been repatriated in the past year, with about 200 going voluntarily and the rest removed by Home Office immigration enforcement officers.

Now the scheme could be halted because of a judicial review to decide whether the Home Office is correct in its view that rough sleepers who cannot support themselves lose their rights as EU citizens to freedom of movement. Liberty, the pressure group, is also preparing a complaint to the European Commission.
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Naive and disillusioned Britons returning from Syria should not be prosecuted, says terror law watchdog
Ben Farmer
Daily Telegraph, 20 October 2017

Many Britons who have returned from Islamic State territory are not being prosecuted and instead need to be reintegrated because they were simply naive, the Government's terrorism laws watchdog has said.

Hundreds of Britons who went to Syria or Iraq in the past few years are already thought to have returned, but the authorities have decided not to charge them, Max Hill QC said.

He spoke days after Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5, said the country faced an intense threat from Islamist terrorism, with plots now being hatched at a tempo he had never seen before.

Around 850 Britons are thought to have travelled to Syria since 2011. Around 120 are believed dead fighting for groups including Islamic State and around half those remaining are thought to have already returned home.

Police and security leaders have in the past warned of the prospect of battle-hardened jihadists returning to continue their struggle by carrying out attacks on the streets of Britain.

Mr Hill, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, told the BBC: "We are told we do have a significant number already back in this country who have previously gone to Iraq and Syria.

"That means that the authorities have looked at them and looked at them hard and have decided that they do not justify prosecution and really we should be looking at reintegration and moving away from any notion that we are going to lose a generation from this travel." ...

Counter terrorism sources confirmed that "not a huge proportion" of returnees had been prosecuted. They said some of the others are facing different security restrictions, such as tags, curfews and monitoring.

Mr Hill said if there was evidence those returning had committed crimes, then they should be charged.

A counter terrorism source said officers tried to prosecute whenever they could, but it was often hard to prove someone had committed a crime in a war zone.
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EU 'running out of money' to stop migrants travelling from Africa
Jennifer Rankin
The Guardian, 20 October 2017

The EU is running out of money to pay African countries to take action to stop would-be migrants travelling to Europe, diplomats have warned.

European Union leaders set up a fund in 2015 to pay for border security and other measures aimed at preventing African citizens leaving their countries of origin.

At an EU summit in Brussels this week, the European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, warned leaders of a looming €225m gap to pay for migration projects, including border-control in Libya, the departure point for most migrants who risk the perilous crossing over the central Mediterranean to Italy.

"We are reaching our limits when it comes to this emergency trust fund for Africa," Juncker told reporters after the summit. "We have to increase the financial means which we have to have at our disposal." ...

Spread between 26 countries, the EU-Africa trust fund pays for voluntary return of migrants stranded in north Africa, border security, skills and education projects.
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Police heavily criticised on social media after posting video on better understanding of British Muslims
James Peck
LincolnshireLive, 20 October 2017

A social media backlash has been launched at Lincolnshire Police after they posted a video on better understanding British Muslims.

The 12-minute long film touches on the history of Islam, its values, its followers' journey to British shores and reminded people of hate crime laws.

But a barrage of negative online comments have been posted in response, with some accusing the police of producing a "propaganda" video and telling people what to think.

The force and other social media users defended the move, saying it is an attempt to promote better understanding between communities.

Among those objecting to it were people posting on the police's facebook page.

"Are we now not allowed to think our own thoughts!?" asked one. "We don't require any indoctrination. Police should deal with law not religion."

"How do Lincolnshire Police view the ordinary, decent, Christian people of this country?" wrote another.

"The answer, most unfortunately, is all too plain. Continue to alienate the rest of us, and you'll be facing some pretty huge problems further down the line, won't you?

"NOBODY should be getting special treatment and if you're going to promote videos like this, then you need to do it for every faith and nationality in Britain. Looking forward very much to your video wishing us all a wonderful Christmas." ...

Deputy Chief Constable Craig Naylor, speaking to the BBC, said: "I'm really disappointed by some of these responses.

"I'm very committed to reducing hate crime. During National Hate Crime Awareness Week one of the things we're trying to do is show a different side to Islam and to understand that Muslims here are British and are entitled to the same respect and legislation and protection of the law that anyone else is."
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EU migrants coming to UK over next 18 months can stay for good after Brexit, officials concede
Steven Swinford
Daily Telegraph, 19 October 2017

EU migrants who arrive in the UK over the next 18 months will be entitled to stay in Britain permanently after Brexit, The Telegraph has learned.

British officials believe that the issue of citizens' rights is "done and dusted" after conceding that all migrants who arrive in the UK by March 2019 will be entitled to stay without restrictions.

The Prime Minister previously suggested that she could make the cut-off date for EU migrants March of this year, when she triggered Article 50 and formally opened Brexit negotiations. The UK has now dropped that threat.

British officials also believe that they have persuaded Brussels to give up a demand for EU citizens to be given the right to bring spouses and other relatives to the UK after Brexit.

They will instead be subject to a minimum income test, which is currently required for all British citizens who want to bring family members ...
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What's the point of these futile illegal immigrant fines when they're so often ignored?
Andrew Penman
Mirror, 19 October 2017

Here's the most brazen example yet of a boss ignoring Home Office fines for employing illegal immigrants.

I've been exposing the pointlessness of these penalties because they're routinely not paid.

Instead, the directors of the companies responsible simply dissolve the business and walk away.

The latest example is Birmingham company Recruitment Base UK Limited, and here's the timeline just revealed by the Insolvency Service.

• April 30, 2014. Home Office

Immigration Officers find one person working illegally at the company, which is issued with a penalty of £5,000.

• January 22, 2015. Far from learning its lesson, Recruitment Base carries on regardless. Six more illegal workers are found and the penalty this time is £80,000.

• March 25, 2015. Three more illegal workers are discovered, and there's a penalty of £40,000.

• June 8, 2015. Yet another illegal worker is found. The penalty this time is £15,000.

That comes to a total of £140,000 and not a penny has been paid.

The director was Shane Khattak, 30, who has just been banned from running companies for 10 years.

You might think that's a feeble penalty for repeatedly sticking

two fingers up at a Government department, but Khattak could easily have got off even lighter.

The ban was only 10 years because it included punishment for the fact that he was also acting as the director of Recruitment Base while an undischarged bankrupt.

The ban for refusing to pay these Home Office penalties is usually six years. And it's not as if Khattak could have been unaware of his obligations. He trained as a solicitor and although he never practised, he's listed as the in-house lawyer at Birmingham business Commercial & Legal Group.

Its website states that his practice areas include, would you believe, immigration and asylum. ...

I've previously revealed that penalties of more than £46 million have been issued by the Home Office for employment of illegal immigrants, of which £33.5m has not been paid.
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Hate crime is a meaningless and dangerous myth
Leo McKinstry
Daily Express, 19 October 2017

Britain is a land of remarkable tolerance but that is not how the politically correct brigade regards us. ...

There was more ammunition for such hysteria this week with the publication of the latest so-called "hate crime" figures by the Home Office. ...

According to the Government's statistics, the number of hate crimes increased by 29 per cent over the last year, from 62,518 offences in 2015-16 to 80,393 in 2016-17. ...

Inevitably the political establishment and campaigners united in manufactured outrage at these findings. ...

All this anguish could hardly be more badly misplaced. Just like Theresa May's misinterpreted race audit last week, the launch of this report was designed to whip up support for the fashionable progressive orthodoxy.

Far from revealing a dangerous new level of intolerance the study actually showed that, even using the Government's own criteria, "hate crime" is falling.

Last year the number of prosecutions for hate crimes fell significantly to 14,480, down from 15,542.

Given the zealous determination of the Crown Prosecution Service and the police to crack down on any perceived instance of prejudice the decline is astonishing.

It is another sign that the alleged "hate crime" wave is largely an invention of fevered ideologues with an agenda to portray the British population as a dangerous, reactionary mob.

What is even more surprising is that the total number of reported hate incidents is not far higher since the current definition of "hostility" is so wide as to be almost meaningless.

According to CPS guidance it includes "ill-will, spite, contempt, prejudice, unfriendliness, antagonism, resentment and dislike". Almost every negative trait of human behaviour is covered there.

In the bizarre world of the CPS it can be a crime just to "dislike" someone. The supposed victim does not even need to produce any evidence that an incident was motivated by prejudice. ...

The cynical aim is to create a climate of social division so that the state bureaucracy has an excuse for more control. The senior ranks of the CPS and the police are today less like crime fighters and more like political commissars.

Many police forces now openly state that they will give higher priority to hate crimes than to offences such as burglary and car theft. But this approach is profoundly immoral.

In a culture where every conservative value can be dressed up as hate mongering, the basis of our democratic liberties has been destroyed. ...

Just as disturbingly the traditional concept of equality before the law is undermined by the institutionalised obsession with hierarchies of victimhood.

Political dogma has replaced justice, as we saw in the Rotherham scandal, where the police failed to act for years against predatory Muslim sex gangs.

That epic failure makes a mockery of all their current talk about fighting prejudice.

The paradox is that the fixation with political correctness is creating a more fractured society, the very opposite of its stated goal.

The peddlers of bogus hate crime are the real enemies of harmony.
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Why is the left pushing this hate-crime panic?
Mick Hume
Spiked, 19 October 2017

The Home Office this week reported an unprecedented 29 per cent annual rise in hate crimes in England and Wales. A barrage of condemnations and outraged questions followed. Why, demanded Labour politicians and media pundits, were the Tory government and the police not doing more to combat the 'unacceptable', 'soaring', 'surging' and 'record' rates of hate crimes? ...

There is, however, another set of pressing questions, which few seem keen to ask. Why do so many now uncritically accept the Home Office's claims about a boom in racist and Islamophobic hate crimes? Why do the sort of radicals who rejected the British state's past exploitation of dubious crime figures now take the same state's hate-crime stats at face value?

In short: why do those who would have rubbished the Home Office/police 'black mugging panic' of recent history seem so keen to endorse the hate-crime panic today?

There should be little doubt that the talk of 'soaring' rates of hate crime is a panic, based on highly questionable evidence. ...

... First, exactly what is a 'hate crime' anyway? The emotive label conjures images of serious and violent offences. Yet most of these recorded hate crimes are not what would normally be considered crimes at all. They are alleged incidents, many of them verbal, reported to the police, often through phone, email or social-media hotlines. They are not investigated by the police, far less tried as crimes in a court of law.

Instead the police simply record every report as an official hate crime without any need to question or investigate at all. ...

So, unlike other crimes, if anybody at all says anything at all is a hate crime, the police must record it as one, no actual 'evidence of hostility' required or questions asked at all. ...

Away from the headlines about a 'surge' in recorded hate crimes, other official statistics released with rather less fanfare suggest a slightly different story. The Crown Prosecution Service's annual report for 2016/17 shows a sharp decrease in both the number of religious and racial hate incidents that were referred on to the CPS by the police, and the number taken to court. ...

... This is apparently the fourth successive year that the total of police recorded hate crimes has gone up, while police referrals to the CPS have gone down. ...

The closer you look, the more the hysteria about 'soaring' hate crimes resembles a classic, state-driven law-and-order panic, exploiting dubious crime statistics to justify more authoritarian measures. ...

Yet Labour politicians and radical commentators have enthusiastically endorsed the hate-crimes scare, only complaining that the Home Office and police need to take even firmer action. This contrasts starkly with the 1970s and 1980s, when the left mounted a powerful critique of the British state's promotion of a scare about 'black muggers'. ...

The result is that these self-styled radicals now end up on the same side as the state, demanding even more police and CPS action to curb 'hate speech', aka free speech, on everything from Islamic terrorism to immigration. ...

... the current scaremongers are effectively playing a new version of the race card.
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Obsessed by hate crime - but giving up on burglars. How I despair of our police's daft priorities
Stephen Glover
Daily Mail, 19 October 2017

Police chiefs are always belly-aching about how budgets have been cut so drastically they no longer have the resources to investigate many ordinary crimes.

Only this week, it emerged that the Metropolitan Police – the largest force in the country – has stopped looking into low-level crimes.

Officers have been issued with guidelines informing them they no longer have to investigate lesser incidents of grievous bodily harm or car crime unless a victim identifies a suspect. ...

Burglaries will have to be looked into only if the thieves used violence to gain entry or tricked their way in.

According to Ken Marsh, leader of the rank-and-file Police Federation, it is not just the Metropolitan Police who have decided these crimes – which may be 'low-level' but nonetheless matter a great deal to their victims – have dropped off their radar. He says 'it is the whole country doing this'.

How happy the criminals must be. Risk-free crime! Those who may want to diversify into growing cannabis will also be bucked to hear that many police forces are letting off growers with a mere caution. ...

The trouble is that even with their allegedly diminished resources, the boys in blue manage to find time to investigate ever more so-called hate crimes.

Yet only a small proportion of these are passed by police to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Home Office figures released this week show a record number of hate crimes were reported to police last year.

There were 80,393 incidents in England and Wales in 2016/17, an increase of 29 per cent over the previous year.

Some 78 per cent of these were classified as race hate crimes. Others related to religion, sexual orientation or disability.

But of all these reported hate crimes, only 16 per cent were passed to the Crown Prosecution Service. ...

For the truth is that the definition of a hate crime is so loosely drawn that it can be easily imagined or even invented. ...

But on the whole we should be much more exercised by real hate crime. ...

Much violent crime is driven by a form of hate but that does not make it a 'hate crime' in the fanciful sense the phrase is normally understood. ...

Of course, violent xenophobia is appalling, but how much better it would be if the police spent more time investigating more common crimes, and less time rooting around in the often subjective allegations of hate crime. ...

We shouldn't blame the police on the ground, who are only doing what they are told in wasting hours on fruitless investigations. The fault lies with politically correct police chiefs and the Home Office, anxious to indulge politically motivated groups with their knee-jerk grievances.
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White working-class Americans feel in nation's 'slow lane', new study shows, 19 October 2017

America's white working-class communities feel they are being kept in the "slow lane" of social mobility while other groups speed past, according to a year-long study by UK and US researchers into their social and political views.

Experts at Coventry University and the University of Illinois visited five cities across the US and spoke with over 400 people who identified themselves as white working-class, in an effort to understand their views on identity, race and immigration, and to delve beyond the familiar stereotypes. ...

Participants told the researchers that the 'American Dream' seems unattainable to them, and lamented negative changes they associate with increased levels of immigration and diversity, including feeling politically marginalised, culturally isolated and economically vulnerable.
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UK facing most severe terror threat ever, warns MI5 chief
Vikram Dodd
The Guardian, 18 October 2017

Britain is facing its most severe ever terrorist threat and fresh attacks in the country are inevitable, according to the head of Britain's normally secretive domestic intelligence service in a rare public speech.

Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5, said the UK had seen "a dramatic upshift in the threat" from Islamist terrorism this year, reflecting attacks that have taken place in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge.

The spy chief said: "That threat is multi-dimensional, evolving rapidly and operating at a scale and pace we've not seen before."

He added: "It's at the highest tempo I have seen in my 34-year career. Today there is more terrorist activity, coming at us more quickly, and it can be harder to detect." ...

Parker said MI5 had stopped far more terror plots than those that caused mass casualties this year. He said 20 plots had been thwarted in the last four years.

Seven plots had been stopped before jihadists could strike in the last seven months alone, Parker added.
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Home Secretary Amber Rudd admits there 'may be' a million illegal immigrants in Britain
Dan Bloom
Mirror, 18 October 2017

There "may be" a million illegal immigrants in Britain, the Home Secretary has admitted.

Amber Rudd confessed she simply didn't know how many people are in the UK against the law.

The Tory Cabinet minister was quizzed over claims by David Wood, a former head of immigration enforcement, that there are "probably over a million foreigners here illegally" and "no one could ever remove them really." ...

Asked to confirm she could not dispute the figure, because she did not know, Ms Rudd replied: "I think that's correct, yes."

Tory MP Christopher Chope fumed: "So he may well be right."

Ms Rudd shot back: "Or wrong!"

Home Office Permanent Secretary Philip Rutnam added: "It's not something we have an estimate of."

Ms Rudd insisted there was "very little overstaying" by students and emphasised enforcement action during the clash with the Commons Home Affairs Committee.

But Mr Chope complained the target of removing 35,000 people from Britain was a "drop in the ocean".
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Traffic jams on major UK roads cost economy around £9bn
Nicola Slawson
The Guardian, 18 October 2017

The government has told highway chiefs to reduce motorway closure times following accidents after new figures showed that traffic jams on the UK's major roads cost the economy £9bn a year.

Analysis by transport data company Inrix found that drivers faced 1.35m traffic jams in the past year, which is almost 3,700 per day.

The jams – mostly on roads in England, rather than Scotland or Wales – were calculated to cost £9bn in wasted time, fuel and unnecessary carbon emissions, based on assumptions about drivers commuting to work and fuel prices.
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Number of modern slavery victims identified in England and Wales rises by 300%
Lizzie Dearden
Independent, 17 October 2017

The number of modern slavery victims receiving help has risen by 300 per cent as thousands more continue to be forced into labour, prostitution and domestic servitude across the UK. ...

More than 1,500 people were referred in the past year alone, with almost half trafficked for sexual exploitation, 39 per cent for forced labour and 13 per cent for domestic servitude in England and Wales.

The victims identified in the past year came from 95 countries, with almost two thirds women, one third men and three transgender. ...

The highest number of female clients being supported are Albanian, followed by Nigerians, but the largest group of men are now from Vietnam for the first time.

A total of 183 victims from the country were referred in the past year, with the men mainly exploited in cannabis farming and women in nail bars and the sex industry. ...

Most victims are currently referred by the Home Office, followed by police, charities, immigration authorities and lawyers.
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Police in Britain ramp up slavery investigations yet victims suffer, says UK chief
Kieran Guilbert
Reuters, 17 October 2017

Police in Britain are ramping up efforts to investigate cases of modern slavery, yet the true scale of the crime is hugely underestimated, the UK's anti-slavery chief said on Monday. ...

Kevin Hyland, appointed in 2014 as part of Britain's widely hailed Modern Slavery Act, called in his second annual report for greater support for slavery victims, and urged businesses to do more to ensure their supply chains are free of forced labor.

At least 13,000 people are estimated by the government to be victims of modern slavery - from sexual exploitation to domestic servitude - but police say the figure is the tip of the iceberg.

"I deem this (the 13,000 estimate) far too modest, with the true number in the tens of thousands," Hyland said in a statement. "We must continue to prevent this abhorrent abuse." ...

"Potential victims identified in the UK in 2016 came from 108 countries; this is precisely why it is crucial to address the crime both at source and en route," Hyland said, referring to top source countries such as Vietnam, Nigeria and Romania.
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Right To Rent fuelling massive ID fraud, BBC investigation reveals
Graham Norwood
Letting Agent Today, 17 October 2017

The BBC says Right To Rent legislation is fuelling a burgeoning market in fake IDs - in some cases creating access to property to the illegal migrants that it was supposed to identify and prevent. ...

Now an undercover reporter for the BBC London programme Inside Out has found it possible to purchase counterfeit passports, as well as National Insurance cards and residence permits from illegal dealers across London. For only £500 it was possible to get a fake passport, with documents arriving as quickly as 48 hours after being 'purchased'.

The show then reveals letting agents, unwittingly being presented with the fake ID, and accepting them as proof of UK residency status. ...

Zack Adesina, the reporter on the BBC London Inside Out show, told BBC Online: "The counterfeit passports I saw and acquired from the ID fraudsters were remarkably convincing at first glance. Professionally bound and sealed, some even feature mock biometric imprints. They are made with good quality materials and they also pass the touch test, feeling like the real thing.

"But they don't withstand intense scrutiny. The photos on three appeared too small and the lettering somehow seemed dodgy but then, those selling them know they need not be perfect" he added.
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Charity convoys used to funnel cash to terrorists, Charity Commission warns
Olivia Rudgard
Daily Telegraph, 17 October 2017

Charity aid convoys are being used to funnel cash to terrorists, the Charity Commission has warned.

The regulator said that convoys could be "abused" by terror sympathisers who use them to supply money and other resources to extremist groups.

It warned British charities that the convoys are not "an effective means of delivering humanitarian aid" and added that charities which used them would be subject to "additional regulatory scrutiny".

Last December two men were convicted of funding terrorism after using charity convoys to Syria to supply thousands of pounds to jihadi organisations.
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Kuwaiti migrant raped woman on a riverbank, court hears as judge asks for pre-sentence report on his 'attitude towards women'
Daily Telegraph, 17 October 2017

A Kuwaiti migrant raped a stranger on a riverbank just weeks after being granted legal status in the UK, a court heard, as a judge asked for a pre-sentence report about his "attitude towards women".

Abdel-Aziz Al-Shamary's victim had left a pub in Darlington, County Durham, when Al-Shamary beat her and raped her on the grassy bank of the River Skerne. ...

Al-Shamary, 21, entered Britain illegally in 2015 over land.

He fought to be allowed to stay and received leave to remain as little as two weeks before the savage assault in May of this year.
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Immigration population rises to a record 60 MILLION: Report shows immigrants and their children now account for one in every five people in the US
Abigail Miller
Daily Mail, 17 October 2017

The immigration population in the United States jumped to a record 43 million people in 2016, according to a new report.

And when adding in the children of those individuals, the number jumps to over 60 million people. ...

The number of immigrants has skyrocketed in the past 16 years, the study concluded. ...

The report also found that currently the proportion of immigrants living in the United states is the highest it has been in 106 years. As recently as 1980 there were 50 percent fewer immigrants.
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'Free pass' for cannabis growers: Criminals caught producing the drug in vast quantities are now routinely let off with a police caution
Chris Greenwood
Daily Mail, 17 October 2017

Cannabis growers are routinely being let off by police, the Mail can reveal today.

Even those cultivating scores of plants, potentially worth tens of thousands of pounds, are escaping with cautions.

One police force discovered 194 cannabis farms over four years but brought charges against only 79 of the suspects.

The rest were cautioned or given warnings by Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.

Officers in West Yorkshire, Suffolk, Essex and Kent uncovered cannabis factories that had specialist heating and lighting.

But again no charges were brought, even where stolen property and a firearm were found. ...

Official figures show that between 2011 and 2014 the number taken to court for growing cannabis fell by 87 per cent.

Police seized just under 400,000 plants last year, almost half the total from 2009-10. The number of cannabis farm raids has fallen dramatically, from around 16,500 in 2011-12 to under 10,000 last year.

The number sentenced for producing class B drugs such as cannabis fell by almost a third between 2013 and 2015.

Britain is a cannabis hot-spot, with almost £1 billion worth of the drug changing hands each year, often in its most potent skunk form.

A 'problem profile' published by chief constables highlights how its production is linked to illegal immigration, people smuggling and organised crime.
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The Psychological Roots Of Nationalism vs. Globalism
Jonathan Haidt
Real Clear Politics, 17 October 2017
[From a 2016 interview about "The Rise of Populism and the Backlash Against the Elites"]

So the globalist ethos is tear down the borders, tear down the barriers, nation-states are arbitrary, why should my government privilege the people who are born here rather than people elsewhere who are much poorer? You begin to get a denial of patriotism – the claim ... of anti-Trump protesters saying that "patriotism is racism." ...

This is step two: You get wealthy, wonderful, successful societies that are so attractive to people around the world that they get a flood of immigrants, who are met by the globalists who say welcome, welcome, welcome, don't assimilate because we don't want to deny your culture. ...

In politics, always look at what each side makes sacred. And for anybody who remembers World War Two in the UK and in America – the country, the flag, and freedom, democracy, all these other virtues... and then fighting the communists. It was a good time to be a liberal, freedom meant liberty. Freedom, fighting for liberty. The older generation has those values circling around.

Then we get the New Left in the 1960s, the fall of the Berlin wall in the 1990s, and we get the rise... of a new set of sacred values around racism, sexism, oppression, and basically the sacred victim. This is part of the clash – if you have groups on the left whose religion is fighting racism, that is a very admirable thing to do, but if it becomes a religion and you become a fundamentalist, now everything that opposes or contradicts that must fall... ...

And if anybody says they are linked to terrorism, they are forcing us to change our ways, then you say they're a racist! So you have the dawn of this new religion, which is in many ways extremely illiberal.

I stopped calling myself a liberal because of we, in the American sense, butchered the word and made it mean 'Left.' I was a liberal my whole life until I realized... this new illiberal left – you can't have a functioning multi-ethnic society if you have this kind of attitude.

That is the clash we have now over immigration, it is essentially a religious battleground...

Many people on the left, because they are globalists, they don't get that the idea of the nation is something sacred. They don't get ideas of patriotism... ...

... What they're missing is you can have diversity within a shared sense of identity, and if you don't have that shared sense of identity, it is going to be very divisive.
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If the UK wants to cut immigration, it must change its model of capitalism
Alexandre Afonso and Camilla Devitt
LSE Brexit, 16 October 2017

The UK draws to a greater extent on population growth and increasing house prices. Unlike Germany, where exports of goods and services represented 46% of GDP in 2016, this share was only 28% in the UK. Another major difference is population growth: between 2006 and 2016, the British population has grown at a much higher rate than the EU average: 0.75% per year against 0.3% (0.3% for Germany). Immigration accounts for more than half of this growth, and reducing the number of people coming into the country (and consuming goods and services) will inevitably weaken what had become an important driver of growth.

This is important because apart from financial services, Britain's export performance appears to be too weak to compensate for a smaller domestic demand. While Germany still has a strong export-oriented manufacturing base, the United Kingdom relies more heavily on services, not only high-skilled (e.g finance) but also low-skilled sectors (retail, cafés, restaurants, personal and social services) and the construction sector. These sectors depend to a larger extent on migrant workers, especially in low-paid employment. For instance, 41% of packers, bottlers, canners, and fillers in the UK are EU nationals, and so are 26% of cleaners and housekeepers.

Second, because of the liberal nature of the labour market, there is a comparatively high number of low-paying jobs that natives are reluctant to take up. About 20% of jobs in Britain are low-paid (that is, they are paid less than two-thirds of gross median earnings) while this percentage is only about 10% in France and 8% in Denmark. ...

In sum, the British economy offers many low-paying jobs that natives, due to higher expectations, are reluctant to accept. This mismatch is filled by migrant workers. Catering, construction and care – all domestic services sectors which had come to depend heavily on EU workers – have now all reported difficulties in finding labour in the aftermath of Brexit.

Third, the dependence on EU migration has also been accentuated by decades of deregulation which have lowered incentives for firms to produce skills domestically. This is a classic collective action problem: in order to have an adequate supply of skills, firms need to cooperate and pool resources to train new workers. However, it may be selfishly more expedient to let other firms train workers and then "poach" them without paying for training. If everybody is rational, no workers are trained.

A case in point is the construction sector, which has come to rely heavily on EU workers to compensate for the lack of domestic skills. ...

Once again, EU workers have been used to plug the mismatch between the demand and supply of skills in the British labour market, and many British firms have been free-riding on skills produced abroad. This situation is not new. The NHS is a case in point: in 1971 already, 31% of all doctors working in the NHS in England were born and qualified overseas.
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'Not practical' for Met Police to investigate all crime
BBC, 16 October 2017

Some crimes such as shoplifting and criminal damage may not be investigated in London because it is "not practical" to do so, Scotland Yard has said.

The force said it was facing "many challenges" while having to save £400m by 2020, so work had to be prioritised.

New guidelines have been introduced to allow officers to assess what is "proportionate" to investigate.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons said officers must be "focused on serious crime". ...

Mr Simmons said the new Crime Assessment Policy was "empowering our officers" to judge whether it was proportionate to investigate some offences such as shoplifting, car crime and criminal damage.

"With the pressure on our resources it is not practical for our officers to spend a considerable amount of time looking into something where for example, the value of damage or the item stolen is under £50, or the victim is not willing to support a prosecution," he said.

"We are not talking about things like homicide, kidnap, sexual offences, hate crime or domestic violence, but the lower level, higher volume offences." ...

Meanwhile, the number of recorded offences has increased with violent crime rising by 63% since May 2013 and gun crime increasing by 54% in the past two years. ...

Ken Marsh, chairman of the Met Police Federation, said cuts and the threat of terrorism meant other areas of policing were suffering.
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From Austria to the UK, Europe is gripped by border anxiety. Conservatives must respond or perish
Daniel Johnson
Daily Telegraph, 16 October 2017

The dramatic victory of Sebastian Kurz in Sunday's Austrian election will send shock waves across Europe. ...

Exit polls say his People's Party has emerged as the clear winner and will probably form a new coalition with the populist Freedom Party and its leader Heinz-Christian Strache, whom Mr Kurz has deftly outflanked. ...

He promises to impose tough new restrictions on refugees and economic migrants to ensure that Austria is never again overwhelmed by an influx on the scale of two years ago. He is thereby breaking with the cosy liberal establishment that has dominated politics in Vienna for decades, but has also seen off the far-Right. ...

This tale from the Vienna woods is likely to be replicated across the continent. Everywhere the same pressures from uncontrolled migration are making themselves felt: on housing, on public services, on security. Such pressures will only grow as tens of millions of migrants from Africa and Asia head to Europe over the next decade.
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Campaign against anti-Muslim hate crime launched across London transport network
Safeeyah Kazi
Evening Standard, 16 October 2017

A campaign against anti-Muslim hate crime was today launched on London's buses, trains and Tubes.

Transport for London and the Met Police will hold more than 200 community events to reassure communities that London's public transport system is safe for everyone.

Officers will encourage reporting of hate crime on visits to the East London Mosque and Stratford bus station as well as on route 25 bus between Whitechapel and Stratford, in support of National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Between April and June of this year reports of hate crime increased by 25 per cent with 822 cases compared to 655 last year.
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Children must be taught benefits of immigration in school, UK anti-discrimination watchdog says
Rob Merrick
Independent, 15 October 2017

Children must be taught about Britain's rich history of immigration if Theresa May is to achieve her "mission" of tackling racial injustice, the UK's anti-discrimination watchdog says.

The Prime Minister has been urged to follow up her promise to make addressing inequalities a "personal priority" by putting immigration in the national curriculum.

Educating children on the topic of immigration would "tackle prejudiced attitudes" and build community links by helping children understand people's different backgrounds, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission said. ...

Now the issue has been given fresh impetus in the Commission's response to the "race audit" issued by the Prime Minister to highlight inequalities between different ethnic groups.

The Government's Ethnicity Facts and Figures website provided a blizzard of statistics to highlight the problem in provision and achievement – but few concrete proposals for change.

The Commission said that project had to start early, by ensuring "equality and human rights are part of the curriculum to instil shared values".

"The curriculum should also include Britain's immigration history to enable children to understand how this has shaped all aspects of our country," its response said.
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Hundreds of BRITISH people stopped in Liverpool over immigration spot checks
Tom Belger
Liverpool Echo, 15 October 2017

Hundreds of British citizens have been stopped in Liverpool over immigration offences they cannot commit, an investigation reveals.

Immigration officials have the power to stop and question people they suspect of breaching immigration law.

But figures show the group most likely to be stopped are actually British citizens - both in Liverpool and across the UK. Home Office enforcement officers have carried out spot checks on 678 British citizens in the city over the past five years.

That meant almost one in six of the 4,360 people probed between January 2012 and January 2017 was British.

Only one of the hundreds stopped in the city was even arrested, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and The Bristol Cable.

Some human rights lawyers have claimed the high number of British people stopped suggests the checks could be led by racial bias.

The Home Office does not collect data on the ethnicity of people stopped, as the police are required to do when stopping and searching suspects. ...

More than 19,000 Brits have been stopped across Britain as a whole over the past five years, out of a total of 102,552 people caught up in immigration checks.
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UKIP leader Bolton backs zero net migration to stop 'swamp' on services
Aubrey Allegretti
Sky News, 15 October 2017

UKIP's new leader has called for Britain to aim for zero net migration to stop the country being "swamped".

Henry Bolton told Sky News a drastic change was needed, but admitted it would be "very difficult" to hit such a target.

In 2015, Nigel Farage proposed stopping all low and un-skilled workers coming into the country and a cap of 50,000 on high-skilled immigrants.

Mr Bolton said the net figure should be zero to ease pressure on services and infrastructure.

He told the Sunday with Paterson show: "We are as a country being swamped by the fact we're having a net immigration that is approximately the size of Wolverhampton or Hull ever year.

"That's difficult to cope with in terms of our services and infrastructure when we're cutting police by 25%, for example, local government in some cases by 50%."

He initially rejected to say how many people should be let into the country each year, describing it as "arbitrary".

But Mr Bolton conceded: "In an ideal world, and I'm not saying this is practical, we should be aiming - certainly for the next few years - to zero net immigration.
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Osborne DEFENDS mass immigration warning that Tories risk sounding like 'old man at the park' by complaining about foreigners coming to Britain
James Tapsfield
MailOnline, 14 October 2017

George Osborne has defended mass immigration - and warned that Tories risk sounding like 'the old man at the park' if they complain about an influx of foreigners.

The former chancellor dismissed criticism that the government should have done more to rein in numbers.

Instead, he said his main regret was that ministers had been 'too intimidated' to 'make the arguments' about the benefits of people coming to the UK. ...

Addressing the question of immigration, Mr Osborne said: 'If I had a regret it's not that we didn't manage the immigration system properly, it's that we were I think too intimidated to make the arguments about the benefits of immigration and Conservatives usually win when we're positive about our country's future.

'But if Conservatives behave like the old man at the park, 'the whole country's gone to the dogs, we were much better in the past', the electorate turn around and say: 'your best days are behind you'.'
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University careers adviser accused of racism after 'stating ethnic minorities "actively disadvantage themselves" before asking two black students if they were "generally laid back"'
Scott Campbell
MailOnline, 14 October 2017

A university careers adviser who allegedly told students that black people 'actively disadvantage themselves' is thought to have been suspended over the remarks.

Former lawyer Claire Leslie is said to have told a seminar that non-white candidates hand in job applications later because they are 'generally laid back'. ...

Speaking to MailOnline, a spokesman for the university confirmed that a formal complaint had been received and an investigation had been launched.

Despite repeated questions he refused to confirm whether Ms Leslie had been officially suspended from her post.
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Warnings of a Romanian migrant surge were right
Ed West
Spectator blog, 14 October 2017

Remember when Keith Vaz got himself down to Luton Airport a few years back to greet new Romanian arrivals getting off the plane, declaring in his rather pompous way that:

'We've seen no evidence of people who have rushed out and bought tickets in order to arrive because it's the 1st of January'.

This was in January 2014, when Romanians and Bulgarians were granted free movement to Britain for the first time, and on that day there was widespread guffawing among right-thinking people about how we were going to be 'swamped'; Twitter, even more so than usual, was filled with humour that was ill-disguised class contempt and status competition. We were told by numerous publications, think-tanks and other bodies that the likes of MigrationWatch and Ukip were just scaremongering, and there would not be a huge influx of migrants from the A2 nations.

Eastern European invasion 'comes to nothing', the Independent declared. As a Guardian commentator informed us, the number of Romanians and Bulgarian will actually fall:

So MigrationWatch's prediction of 50,000 a year over the next five years actually starts looking like a potential fall in numbers. It is not likely that fewer Romanians and Bulgarians will end up here but it is a possibility and one that is as worthy of consideration as all the "invasion" predictions that have more in common with astrology than demography.'

Or, as this 2013 Open Democracy piece pointed out, notions that people will move to richer countries to earn more money are too simplistic because 'serious migration studies... are aware that the drivers of migration are much more complex and that migration systems, migration networks, migration politics, opportunity-constraints structures, social and human capital, perceptions and imaginations, individual characteristics and emotions play crucial roles.'

Migration Matters also poured cold water on claims there would be a big surge in arrivals. The organisation's director, Atul Hatwal, said:

'Our belief is that the anti-immigration lobby have cried wolf once too often. Their claim is that as many as 300,000 new migrants will arrive from Romania and Bulgaria over the course of 2014. In truth we believe that figure will probably peak at around 20,000.'

A spokesman for Migration Matters went on to say that 'if 300,000 migrants do arrive from Romania and Bulgaria then the opponents of migration will have shown to be correct'.

I guess that answers that one then, as there are now 413,000 Romanian and Bulgarians living in Britain, roughly 90,000 a year more since January 2014, compared to 6,200 Britons living in the A2 states. Ukip were shown to have been correct.

... And there are now more Turkish Cypriots in north London than in Cyprus, something which Paul Collier pointed out in Exodus to illustrate the extent to which, given the opportunity, people will migrate in very large numbers, especially if there are already bridgeheads in the receiving country.
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British Police Arrest At Least 3,395 People for 'Offensive' Online Comments in One Year
Jack Montgomery
Breitbart, 14 October 2017

British police forces arrested at least nine people a day for "offensive" online comments last year.

Figures obtained by The Times through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that 3,395 people across 29 forces were arrested last under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003, which makes it illegal to intentionally "cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another", in 2016.

The true figure is likely to be significantly higher, as thirteen police forces refused to provide the requested information and two did not provide usable data.

Around half of the investigations were abandoned before being brought to prosecution, which critics say is an indication that the authorities are being excessively strict in their interpretation of the law's restrictions on freedom of speech.

Nevertheless, many forces have massively stepped up their focus on so-called trolls, with the number of arrests by West Midlands Police having increased by an astonishing 877 per cent since 2014.

With Home Secretary Amber Rudd's announcement of a special national police hub focused on online hate last week, it is expected that these numbers will only increase.

Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said: "the problem is 'grossly offensive' is not something you should normally be prosecuted for. It's not showing harm to other people. It's not showing that somebody is being ... attacked or threatened."

The seeming inconsistency in the enforcement of free speech restrictions has also been a source of contention, with the Metropolitan Police – who detained 867 people in 2016, according to the Times figures – appearing reluctant to investigate people such as Nadia Chan, the self-described Islamist who was revealed as having made a number of deeply racist remarks about white people on social media after an appearance on public broadcaster Channel 4.

Chan branded Israeli Jews "parasites" and ranted that white people were "swine" and "pasty bland bitches [who] have NO culture, no rich history, you ain't shit, ur ancestors were cave ppl". She also openly endorsed terror attacks on Iranian state network Press TV – but the Met refused to say whether they would bring charges against her. ...

Similarly, people who reported mixed race transgender model Munroe Bergdorf for saying "the white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth" in a segment produced and aired by the publicly-funded BBC – an apparent violation of the laws against 'inciting racial hatred' – were met with official indifference.
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Union Jack is 'not a symbol of pride, but OPPRESSION', UK Professor declares on Newsnight
Joseph Carey
Daily Express, 13 October 2017

A UK professor has claimed that the Union Jack is "not a symbol of pride, but oppression", in a latest BBC Newsnight segment.

Kehinde Andrews, a professor at Birmingham City University, has declared that the British Empire "produced a toxic national identity" that needs to be acknowledged by British sports stars who should be "taking a knee" during the National Anthem.

He said: "Every inequality of housing, employment, education and wealth that plagues African Americans is strongly felt by black people in Britain.

"All of this injustice is the direct legacy of the British Empire that often made its place in the world through genocide, slavery and colonialism.

"The Empire produced a toxic national identity, yet many people are yearning to roll back the clock to when Britannia Ruled the Waves.

"So, rather than draping themselves in the flag, or tearing up during the Anthem, British sports stars should take a knee or clench a fist.

"The flag is not a symbol of pride, but oppression."
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Denmark refuses to lift EU border controls in blow to EU free movement
Mark Chandler
Daily Express, 13 October 2017

Denmark has refused to lift its border controls for another six months as it warned the EU's open borders were putting the nation at risk. ...

Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Stoejberg said: "A prerequisite for free movement is that there is control over Europe's external borders.

"And while we are currently experiencing low entry and asylum rates in Denmark, we must unfortunately note that there is still a great deal of pressure on Europe's external borders.

"At the same time, we cannot close our eyes to the serious terrorist threat against Denmark.

"The government has, therefore, considered it necessary that border controls be maintained so far." ...

And, in a letter to the commission, Ms Stoejberg argued terrorists were taking advantage of the EU's open borders.

He warned: "The many failed, foiled and completed terrorist attacks carried out in EU Member States in 2016 and 2017 have demonstrated in all their horror terrorist groups are likely to try to take advantage of deficiencies in our border controls.

"Crossing the external and internal borders of the Schengen area is part of their strategy, which often involves preparing attacks in one Member State from the territory of a neighbouring member state."
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How the Mail got it right on Romanian and Bulgarian migration and the BBC got it so wrong – and deceived Britain
Stephen Glover
Daily Mail, 12 October 2017

We all know how, in 2004, the Labour government opened the door to immigration from Poland and seven other Eastern European states, while other countries such as Germany and France imposed restrictions.

The Blair government forecast a relatively small annual influx – of between 5,000 and 13,000. Within five years, nearly a million had arrived.

Following that gigantic miscalculation, one might have expected a little more caution would be shown at the beginning of 2014 when immigration restrictions from Romania and Bulgaria were lifted by the Coalition government.

With an eye on the cock-up over Poland, prime minister Cameron refused to release official projections.

The Mail warned that history would repeat itself. So did a small number of other organisations such as Migration Watch, a think-tank run by a respected former British ambassador.

This did not prevent many – most notably the BBC – from predicting that anxieties over the number of migrants would turn out to be misplaced.

In fact, they were utterly justified. Yesterday, the Office for National Statistics estimated there are 413,000 Romanians and Bulgarians living in the United Kingdom, equivalent to the population of Bristol.

Of these, roughly 150,000 were already living in the country before 2014. But since then, more than a quarter of a million more migrants from Romania and Bulgaria have settled here. ...

But the Beeb was adamant that those expressing concern about a new wave of migration were guilty of scare tactics. ...

The dependably Leftist Channel 4 News was equally awry. In 2014, it published a 'fact check' which declared: 'Predictions of a mass influx of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania have failed to come true.'

The explanation for such superciliousness is hardly obscure. Even the BBC's former director-general, Mark Thompson, admitted in 2011 that there were 'some years' when the Corporation was 'very reticent about talking about immigration'. ...

One organisation (long shunned by the BBC and the Left-wing media) did predict what has happened.

In 2013, Migration Watch estimated that between 30,000 and 70,000 Romanians and Bulgarians a year would come to the UK. Its higher figure has proved almost exactly correct. ...

Migration Watch, whose record entitles it to be trusted on such matters, estimates that nearly half of housing demand is attributable to migrants.
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Marseilles killer Ahmed Hanachi 'should have been deported'
Adam Sage
The Times, 12 October 2017

President Macron's government was accused of "serious dysfunctions" yesterday over its failure to keep in detention an illegal immigrant who killed two women in a terrorist attack two days after he was released.

Two senior interior ministry officials have been removed for their roles in the failings that led to the release of Ahmed Hanachi, a Tunisian, who stabbed Mauranne Harel, 20, and her cousin Laura Paumier, 21, in Marseilles on October 1.

Opposition leaders said that the case highlighted wide-ranging weaknesses in France's efforts to combat illegal immigration and accused Gérard Collomb, the interior minister, of seeking to shift the blame on to civil servants.
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To allow the illegal migrant population to grow in this country would be a betrayal of the British people
Lord Green
The Sun, 12 October 2017
[Lord Green of Deddington is chairman of Migration Watch UK]

MPs were told this week there may be as many as one million illegal migrants in the UK and that it was very unlikely they would ever be removed.

But the revelation to the Home Affairs Committee by former borders chief David Wood will come as no surprise to those who have sat in government in recent years.

The reality is that this very serious problem has been developing for a long time. Fearing public uproar, successive governments have been secretive on the issue.

Only in 2005 – and under considerable pressure – did the then Labour government make an estimate of numbers.

At the time the illegal migrant population was put at 430,000. Since then, very little has been said on the matter.

But it is likely that, 12 years on, they now number upwards of a million, although we can never be certain of the exact figure.

The impact of the illegal immigrant population on this country is significant.

The cost to the taxpayer for use of the health service and schools, neither of which have robust checks on eligibility, will run into the tens of millions.

In the workplace, illegal migrants undercut the wages of British workers.

Many are also exploited by unscrupulous employers who get away with ignoring health and safety, the minimum wage and other employment legislation. This is unfair to those business owners who play by the rules.

Perhaps most worryingly, illegal migrants undermine the rule of law and further erode our collective confidence in the ability of government to control our borders. So how have we ended up in such dire straits?

Successive governments have done too little to remove those with no right to remain here and not enough to prevent the illegal migrant population growing still larger.

In the past the immigration system was so lax that anyone with a degree could come to the UK in search of work, and bogus students could sign up to a fake college and remain in Britain illegally after their visa had expired.

Some good work has been done to tighten the system up. However, serious deficiencies remain elsewhere.

More often than not, those whose claim for asylum has been refused are not sent back to their home country. ...

Meanwhile, as of last summer, our porous borders were manned by just three border patrol vessels – one for every 2,500 miles of coastline. ...

The removal of those with no right to remain has got steadily worse in recent years, and those either already here or who seek to make it to Britain know that the chances of removal are extremely small.

Enforced removals of failed asylum seekers and immigration offenders halved between 2009 and 2016 to just 5,000.

This decline is partly down to resources at the Home Office but other factors such as human rights legislation and the courts make removal more difficult.

A lack of political will to address obstacles certainly doesn't help. ...

What is needed is political determination and a substantial increase in resources. We cannot sit on our hands any longer.
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Germany extends passport controls on Austrian border, flights from Greece
Reuters, 12 October 2017

Germany has extended temporary passport controls on its border with Austria and for flights coming from Greece for six more months amid continuing concerns about attacks and illegal immigration, the Interior Ministry said on Thursday. ...

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere justified Germany's move given continued security concerns, and said a complete return to free travel within the Schengen area was contingent on an improvement in the overall situation.

Germany was hit by five Islamist attacks in 2016, including one in December on a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people. ...

Border controls also apply to flights to Germany from Greece, which was the gateway for thousands of migrants from Iraq and Syria.

Ministry data on Wednesday showed that 140,000 asylum seekers have registered in Germany since the beginning of 2017.
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Over one million illegal immigrants are in Britain: Former Home Office chief admits huge numbers live in the UK 'under the radar' and many will never be sent home
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 11 October 2017

Britain is home to more than a million illegal migrants, a former Home Office chief admitted yesterday.

After years of denial across government, a senior official finally acknowledged that huge numbers of foreigners are living here 'under the radar'.

David Wood, who was head of immigration enforcement until 2015, told MPs few of the illegals were ever likely to be sent home. They include visa overstayers, criminals who have escaped deportation, failed asylum seekers and those who have sneaked into the UK. ...

Giving evidence to the Commons home affairs committee, Mr Wood said: 'There are probably over a million foreigners here illegally at the moment. There's a large number, so no one could ever remove them really.'

He also told MPs that Brexit could result in a 'whole group of potential illegal immigrants that there wasn't before'. EU nationals overstaying visas would be targeted as easy to remove while 'more harm-based cases are left'.

Official statisticians say it is impossible to give an accurate number for people living here unlawfully. The last Home Office estimate – from as long ago as 2001 – was 430,000. ...

Christopher Chope, the Conservative committee member who drew Mr Wood into the admission, said: 'It is mind-boggling that there are so many people here who should not be here and we don't know what to do in response.

'The figures illustrate the paucity of any removals whether compulsory or voluntary and it suggests we do not have any controls over the people who are here.' ...

Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of MigrationWatch, said: 'For some years we have been pointing to the likely scale of illegal migration to the UK.

'This now seems to be confirmed by a former official who was responsible for these matters at the Home Office. It is an astonishing number of people coming below the radar to Britain. All of them, in practice, have access to the NHS and education for their children.

'There is no way the Government can remove so many people but they are right to make the environment much more difficult for people who have no right to be here.'

Despite a backlog of nearly 27,000 failed asylum seekers who were deemed 'subject to removal action', the Home Office deported fewer than 3,500 in 2016.

This is a fall of two thirds since 2010, when the Tories came to power.
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Revealed: The rising shootings, stabbings, carjackings and child rapes linked to Birmingham gangs
Jeanette Oldham
Birmingham Mail, 11 October 2017

Gangs involved in a deadly turf war in Birmingham are behind an explosion of violence including dozens of shootings, stabbings and child rapes. ...

West Midlands Police has been tackling the escalating crimewave, including bringing prominent 61 group member Marcel Mullings-Boyd to justice and arresting other suspects.

But the force REFUSED to provide any details of offences linked to the three gangs after we submitted a Freedom of Information request - claiming to do so would encourage the criminals to try to 'out-do' each other. ...

Yet the full scale of offending can be revealed today after the Birmingham Mail conducted a series of in-depth community interviews in neighbourhoods terrorised by the gangs, including in and around The Fold housing estate in Kings Norton. ...

We also told last month how crime-hit Birmingham had seen almost 100 shootings this year.
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Bring Down Leftist Foundations Like the Mafia
Daniel Greenfield
FrontPage Mag, 11 October 2017

The Department of Justice has been investigating DisruptJ20, a "resistance" group that plotted to shut down President Trump's inauguration. /.../ But the pipeline of Dj20 funding goes back to George Soros.

And not just Soros.

Money from the Global Justice Alliance went to Refuse Fascism, a group founded by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party, which staged violent protests. "Respectable" big money leftist groups like the Hill Snowdon Foundation and Ben and Jerry's Foundation fund middlemen like the Alliance. And then the Alliance funds "direct action" groups that are willing to get their hands violently dirty.

The DOJ, better than anyone, should understand this model. It's commonplace among criminals.

And when you go after criminals, you don't stop with the street thugs. Instead you go after the bosses. ...

The Center for Community Change Action, another "direct action" group, recently had its donors exposed. They included Soros' Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Approximately $7 million has gone from these big donors to the "direct action" group.

The CCCA has its own groups for which it's acting as a "fiscal sponsor". That's how it works.

The Ford Foundation has become notorious for its backing of Black Lives Matter through the Black-Led Movement Fund whose goal was to raise over $100 million for the black nationalist racist hate group.

There is big money behind the street violence tearing apart America from Ferguson to Berkeley.

And there are big foundations behind the big money. ...

Many of these foundations were born in sin. And they've only grown worse since. ...

All this is ominous enough. But the oligarchy has gone from running the country to funding street riots.

And that's not just subversion. It's political terrorism. ...

The Ford Foundation has $12 billion in assets. It distributes $500 to $600 million each year. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation boasts $8.6 billion in assets and around $300 million in annual spending. The MacArthur Foundation has $6.4 billion in assets and hands out $220 million a year. Soros' Open Society has around $5 billion in assets and passes out over $400 million a year.

That's billions of dollars being spent every year to subvert the political system and seize power.

The DOJ should deal with the individual thugs involved in violent protests. But it's even more important to address how they are being financed and organized. And to follow the money trail back to the top. ...

The foundations have gone beyond exercising great control over education and social policy. They now exercise near total control in some of these areas. They are grappling for the real levers of power from elections to street violence. They are evolving into something like a shadow government.
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Grenfell fire: One year immigration amnesty can become permanent
BBC, 11 October 2017

Grenfell Tower fire survivors whose immigration status was uncertain will have the chance to be granted permanent UK residency, the Home Office has said.

This is a change to the one-year immigration amnesty announced after the June blaze in west London. ...

Mr Lewis also announced that relatives of survivors and victims who have been allowed to come into the UK for reasons relating to the fire will have the right to stay for six months.
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Jihadi jailed for 10 years for helping 21/7 Tube bombers given top council job after bosses failed to uncover her criminal past
Chris Pollard
The Sun, 10 October 2017

A jihadi jailed for helping the 21/7 Tube bombers got a top council job ...

Mulumebet Girma rose through housing department ranks after London's Southwark Council failed to uncover her criminal past, despite her being in one of the UK's highest-profile terror trials.

The Ethiopian ex-model was even put on the cover of a council magazine to promote its apprenticeship scheme. Girma, 33, has now been sacked.

Girma got a job with Southwark Council as a trainee customer services assistant in 2013 – shortly after she was released early from a 10-year jail term.

She did not declare her criminal past and the council failed to uncover it despite her having a key role in one of Britain's highest profile terror trials.

A simple Google search would have revealed ex-model Girma had been convicted under the Terrorism Act for assisting her brother-in-law Hussein Osman, who tried to blow up a packed commuter train on 21 July 2005.
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The nationality of people stopped by immigration officers in Birmingham - and most are BRITISH
Jonny Jacobsen
Birmingham Mail, 10 October 2017

One out of every four people stopped by immigration officers in Birmingham are British nationals, a new report has revealed.

The data was obtained as part of a nationwide investigation by The Bristol Cable and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The Home Office only released the figures after a seven-month freedom of information battle.

That rate was significantly higher than the one-in-five average recorded for the 11 cities covered by the investigation.

Britons also topped the list of nationalities stopped in Birmingham, ahead of Indians and Pakistanis, who each made up 20 percent of the total.

The figures released gave a breakdown of people questioned by nationality, No details regarding the ethnic background of those stopped was released. ...

The data obtained in the investigation covered 11 cities: nine across England as well as Cardiff and Glasgow.
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Green Party members want a Bank Holiday celebrating migrant contributions to Britain
David Levesley
i News, 10 October 2017

The Green Party Autumn Conference is currently underway in Harrogate. ... But one that was passed with an overwhelming majority among party members was Windrush Day, a Bank Holiday that would recognise the contributions migrants and people of colour have made to Britain. ...

"In a political climate that has become increasingly hostile towards migrants, it is more important than ever that we speak up, cherish, and recognise the enormous contribution they have made to this country," co-leader Jonathan Bartley told i.

"Nothing can be done to completely right the historic wrongs that were inflicted on the travellers, the slaves, and the refugees who have come to Britain but we can use our influence today to make Britain a more welcoming and inclusive society tomorrow."
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Rapists and wife-beaters flocked to join ISIS because the group's systemised sexual violence appealed to them, study shows
Iain Burns
MailOnline, 10 October 2017

A new study has shown that many men with a history of sexual violence and domestic abuse joined ISIS because of the group's use of slavery and rape.

The Henry Jackson Society report claims the sanctioning of systemic sexual abuse served as a way of 'attracting, retaining, mobilising and rewarding fighters'.

It was also used as a means of delivering cruel punishment to 'kafir' -

non-Muslims - and as a form of terrorism.

With slavery and rape given Islamic justification by the depraved group's theologians, sexual exploitation was also used as a way of raising cash for the caliphate.

The study shows many ISIS fighters from the US and Europe had a background of abusing women, which implies a relationship between 'committing terrorist attacks and having a history of physical and/or sexual violence'.

One infamous jihadist described as key in the savage persecution of non-Muslims in ISIS territory is the Briton Siddhartha Dhar. ...

The group also sanctioned forced conversions and pregnancies after women were enslaved or abused as a means of adding to the ranks of the extremist cult. ...

The Henry Jackson Society also looked at the link between human trafficking and funding.

It found that groups, including Isis and Boko Haram, are turning to hostage-taking and ransom efforts as historical revenue streams such as taxation and oil sales dry up.

The study suggests kidnapping brought in around £7.6 million to £22.8 million for Isis last year.
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Theresa May vows to tackle racism after report reveals shocking extent of discrimination in UK
Lizzy Buchan
Independent, 10 October 2017

Theresa May will admit Britain has a long way to go to achieve racial equality after a major review laid bare significant divisions in the way black and ethnic minority people are treated.

The Prime Minister will also warn business leaders, government, police and other institutions that they have "nowhere to hide" and must ensure that race is never a barrier to people achieving their goals.

The data, published on Tuesday, will offer an unprecedented insight into how people from different backgrounds face a postcode lottery of outcomes, as the unemployment rate for ethnic minorities is nearly double that of white British adults, with a larger gap in the North of 13.6 per cent, compared to 9 per cent in the South.

Other findings Ms May will highlight include wide gaps over home ownership as white people, Indians and Pakistanis are more likely to own their own home than Bangladeshis and black people. ...

Following the report, which Ms May commissioned last year, ministers will target 20 "hotspots" where ethnic minority people are more likely to be unemployed, which could include mentoring, traineeships, and offering English, maths and vocational training alongside work placements.

The Ministry of Justice will adopt recommendations from the recent Lammy Review, chaired by David Lammy MP, including performance indicators for prisons to assess how prisoners of different races are treated, while encouraging recruitment of ethnic minority staff.
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Theresa May's race audit relies on misleading statistics
David Green
Spectator blog, 10 October 2017

We know from her unfortunate conference speech that it irks Mrs May to hear Labour claiming a monopoly on compassion, and this week's racial disparity audit is her latest attempt to prove that she is equally concerned about injustice.

The problem is that the disparity audit is based on a colossal intellectual blunder. Disparate outcomes may be the result of discrimination, but there are numerous other valid explanations. When comparing large groups using statistics there are many confounding factors at work. For example, the average age of ethnic minorities is younger than for the white population. This has given them less time to get promotion and increase their earnings. To assume that lower average earnings result from discrimination is a schoolboy error. A far higher proportion of people of Indian origin are doctors by comparison with the white population. Has there been discrimination in favour of Indians or against whites? Or has discrimination got nothing to do with it? And what should we make of occasions when there is a difference within one ethnic group between males and females? Black Caribbean boys, for instance, do less well in the education system than black Caribbean girls. Do our teachers discriminate against black boys but not black girls? Or is it nothing to do with discrimination? And why are there such large differences between ethnic minorities? Chinese children do exceptionally well in school, compared with black and Asian groups. ...

Mrs May has blundered into a minefield of uncertainties that call for careful, honest, and fearless study. She has declared war on civil servants and teachers, threatening that there is 'nowhere to hide' from her righteous indignation. But in truth this campaign against injustice is an onslaught on statistical variance. If you pick two groups defined by a characteristic such as race that has no direct connection with outcomes such as the attainment of educational qualifications, you will inevitably find differences. Her mistake is to assume that there is a causal connection between race and outcomes, when often there is none.

Focusing on racial disparities also ignores that fact that for many years now there has been discrimination in favour of ethnic minorities in recruitment to the civil service. The Home Office, for example, was first given a recruitment target by the Blair Government. Its first 'milestone' was for 2004, when the prison, probation, passport and immigration services all exceeded their target of 25 percent. They had achieved 38 percent from ethnic minorities. The trouble is that if one organisation takes so many ethnic minority members, then it does not leave enough for other organisations to recruit their proportionate share. And yet, if they fail to meet their target they are in danger of being condemned as discriminators who will be given 'nowhere to hide'.

Mrs May's campaign is an example of a vote-winning strategy based on 'political positioning' instead of problem solving.
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Sweden's Sexual Assault Crisis Presents a Feminist Paradox
Paulina Neuding
Quillette, 10 October 2017

Sweden prides itself on being a beacon of feminism. ...

But while Swedish women rank among the most equal in the world, they increasingly fear for their physical safety on the streets. Reported sex crimes increased by 61 percent between 2007 and 2016. Meanwhile a rise in gang violence among men – the number of victims injured by gunshots increased by 50 percent between 2004 and 2016 – indirectly affects the safety of women. Police admit that rape cases are piling up without being investigated because resources are being drained by gang violence and shootings. ...

... Torgny Söderberg, head of the investigation section at the Stockholm police, confirmed the problem on SVT, acknowledging that homicides and attempted homicides draw resources away from rape investigations. ...

... In 2016, only eleven percent of reported rapes were prosecuted, a decrease from twenty percent in 2014. ...

Previous studies (by now more than a decade old) have shown a large overrepresentation of immigrants, particularly from patriarchal societies in the Middle East and North Africa, among the suspects of sex crimes in Sweden. Overrepresentation of immigrants has been even higher when it comes to group rapes, especially with three or more assailants. ...

A similar study, conducted in 2005, showed an even higher overrepresentation of immigrants among sex crime suspects, by then up to 5.1 times as likely as Swedes to commit rape ...

... However, the exact link between sex crimes and immigration is not known, since the Swedish government will not update its statistics, and the data, which are still being collected, have not been made available to the public. ...

But open discussion of this subject is thwarted by taboos. Xenophobic movements in and outside Sweden use immigrant rapes as a political weapon to generalize about immigrants, which has made it an understandably sensitive topic. This has added to concerns that multiculturalism is tarnished and created a dilemma for Swedish politicians confronted with a choice between progressive orthodoxies about the benefits of multicultural diversity and the feminist duty to ensure female welfare and safety. ...

Meanwhile, police are busy dealing with rising gang crime. ...

A 2014 report by economist Tino Sanandaji shows that the number of areas of social exclusion grew from three in 1990, to more than 180 in 2012. Using a different measure, the Swedish police has identified 61 so-called "vulnerable areas," where crimes are significantly affecting the communities. ...

While certain types of crime, such as manslaughter and car theft, have declined over time, recent studies show that Sweden has four to five times as many fatal gun crimes as Norway and Germany. Between 2014 and 2016, police authorities handled more than 100 cases involving hand grenades, an astonishing figure that makes Sweden stand out among countries not at war.
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Number of relatives of British nationals allowed to live in UK plummets
May Bulman
Independent, 9 October 2017

The number of foreigners granted the right to live with their relatives in the UK has plummeted in the past decade, The Independent can reveal.

Analysis of immigration statistics shows the number of children, partners and dependant relatives able to remain permanently in the UK through a "grant of settlement" has declined by 73 per cent since 2006.

Family members being granted entry clearance visas, which they must obtain in order to move to Britain to apply for settlement, have also dropped – falling from 70,119 in 2006 to just 38,119 last year, marking an decrease of 46 per cent. ...

Amid the decline in family members being granted the right to live with their loved ones in the UK, the number of applications has also fallen – but not at the same rate. While applicants had an 83 per cent chance of being granted a visa in 2006, they had a 72 per cent chance last year.

Experts said the fall in applications can be explained by policies introduced by the Government to deter people from applying, in a bid to reduce immigration numbers. New measures include a rise in the income threshold for the British relative and an increase in application fees, leading to a more bureaucratic process now in place.

A policy change in 2012, which saw the period one had to live in the UK before applying for a permanent residency increase from two years to five years, will also have contributed to the steep decline in grants of settlement, which has plummeted by 77 per cent since the change took place.
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Pakistani women are living in 'entirely different society' and are 'shockingly badly integrated' in Britain says official audit
Shari Miller
MailOnline, 9 October 2017

Pakistani women living in the UK are 'shockingly badly integrated', a Cabinet Office survey is set to reveal.

The findings of the UK's first disparity audit, published in full on Tuesday, hope to shed better light on how people from different backgrounds are treated in regards to their access to healthcare, education, employment and the criminal justice system.

For women of Pakistani origin, the audit has revealed a particularly 'shocking' situation.

A source close to the Cabinet Office told The Sunday Times: 'Other communities have integrated very well, but the audit shows that Pakistani women who don't speak English or go out to work are living in an entirely different society and are shockingly badly integrated.'
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Grooming gangs 'are abusing girls across the country', victims and investigators warn
Lizzie Dearden
Independent, 9 October 2017

Grooming gangs across the country are repeating the horrific abuse exposed in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and most recently Newcastle, victims and investigators have warned.

There are mounting calls for nationwide action to combat sexual exploitation, with authorities accused of playing catch-up after ignoring victims "for decades and decades".

Sammy Woodhouse, who was abused as a teenager by the Rotherham ringleader Arshid "Mad Ash" Hussain and has waived her right to anonymity, said abuse was underway "all over the country".

"It's an issue for every town and city, more people are being failed," she told The Independent. "I'm hearing a lot of new complaints from survivors.

"Some are saying they have been to the police and didn't get taken seriously, others are getting support.

"But I think the Government is still trying to play this down and make out it's not a major issue – they are not doing enough."

Her calls for action came as figures show that in Bradford 1,153 referrals were made to its child sexual exploitation team in 2016/17 – a 62 per cent increase on the year before. ...

Authorities behind an investigation that identified more than 700 women and girls as potential victims of sexual exploitation in North East England believe the abuse is happening far beyond areas where perpetrators have been caught.

Pat Ritchie, the chief executive of Newcastle City Council, said "any area that says it does not have a problem is simply not looking for it", while chief constable Steve Ashman of Northumbria Police told The Independent: "I think there's every likelihood that this is happening in every town and city across the country."

Dame Vera Baird, victims lead for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), also fears grooming is taking place nationwide. ...

Ms Woodhouse said her abusers and all those reported to her by other victims were from Muslim backgrounds.

"Nobody is saying that all Muslims commit abuse, but by saying it's not an issue you're silencing the victims," she added. ...

Men from a wide range of nationalities, races and religions have been prosecuted as part of grooming gangs but the prevalence of abusers from Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds has been a point of controversy.

Ms Woodhouse was outraged by the sacking of Rotherham MP Sarah Champion from the Shadow Cabinet over a newspaper article in her name that claimed "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls".
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Multiculturalism Is Splintering the West
Giulio Meotti
Gatestone Institute, 9 October 2017

The European Union's official statistics on terrorism are dramatic:

"In 2016, a total of 142 failed, foiled and completed attacks were reported by eight EU Member States. More than half (76) of them were reported by the United Kingdom. France reported 23 attacks, Italy 17, Spain 10, Greece 6, Germany 5, Belgium 4 and the Netherlands 1 attack. 142 victims died in terrorist attacks, and 379 were injured in the EU. 1,002 persons were arrested for terrorist offences in 2016".

These countries all tried to integrate Muslim communities, but all came to the same dead end. "As long as that continues, the failure of integration will pose a mortal threat to Europe", the Wall Street Journal wrote after a suicide bombing that killed 22 people in Manchester. According to a new book by the French reporter Alexandre Mendel, Partition: Chronique de la sécession islamiste en France ("Partition: A Chronicle of the Islamist Secession in France"), multiculturalism is leading to the separation of European societies.

It is also leading to constant waves of terror attacks. Last August, on a single day, Islamists killed 20 Europeans in Barcelona and Finland. A month later, they slaughtered two girls in Marseille, and in Birmingham a Shiite boy was brutally wounded. That is the deadly harvest of Europe's multiculturalism. ...

There is an "increasingly permanent chain of 'suspended communities' nesting within nations throughout the West", the American historian Andrew Michta recently wrote.

"The emergence of these enclaves, reinforced by elite policies of multiculturalism, group identity politics, and the deconstruction of Western heritage, has contributed to the fracturing of Western European nations".


It is one of the great ironies of multiculturalism: five European NATO members are now fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban who enslave women, while in Europe the same thing is taking place in our own ghettos.

Under multiculturalism, polygamy has increased, along with female genital mutilation (500,000 cases across Europe). Multiculturalism is, in fact, based on the legalization of a parallel sharia society, which is founded on the rejection of Western values, above all equality and freedom.

In addition, the fear of "offending" Islamic minorities has been leading to wishful blindness. ...

Under multiculturalism, anti-Semitism has also skyrocketed, especially in France. The French weekly L'Express just devoted an entire issue to the "new malaise of the French Jews".
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The False 'Science' of Implicit Bias
Heather Mac Donald
Wall Street Journal, 9 October 2017

Few academic ideas have been as eagerly absorbed into public discourse lately as "implicit bias." Embraced by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and most of the press, implicit bias has spawned a multimillion-dollar consulting industry, along with a movement to remove the concept of individual agency from the law. Yet its scientific basis is crumbling.

Implicit-bias theory burst onto the academic scene in 1998 with the rollout of an instrument called the implicit association test, the brainchild of social psychologists Anthony Greenwald and Mahzarin Banaji. A press release trumpeted the IAT as a breakthrough in prejudice studies. ...

Not only did they confidently assert that any differences in sorting times for black and white faces flowed from unconscious prejudice, they claimed that the implicit bias allegedly measured by the IAT could predict discriminatory behavior. In the final link of their causal chain, they argued that this unconscious and pervasive predilection to discriminate is a powerful cause of racial disparities. ...

If these sweeping claims were correct, every personnel decision could be challenged as the product of implicit bias. The pressure to guarantee equality of outcome through quotas would grow stronger. ...

Mr. Greenwald and Ms. Banaji now admit that the IAT does not predict "biased behavior" in the lab. (No one has even begun to test its connection to real-world behavior.) The psychometric problems associated with the race IAT make it "problematic to use to classify persons as likely to engage in discrimination," they wrote, along with a third co-author, in 2015. ...

Nevertheless, the idea of implicit bias has marched through American institutions. This summer nearly 200 CEOs signed a pledge to pack their employees off to implicit-bias training, part of an economywide diversity initiative championed by PricewaterhouseCoopers. ...

President Obama sent federal law-enforcement personnel to implicit-bias training; many local police departments are doing the same, spending millions of dollars that could be used instead to improve officers' tactical and communication skills.

Faculty hiring committees routinely have to take the IAT to confront their hidden biases against minority and female candidates. ...

The need to plumb the unconscious to explain racial gaps arises for one reason: It is taboo to acknowledge that socioeconomic disparities might be caused by intergroup differences in cultural values, family structure, interests or abilities.
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Face scans at the border to keep track of EU migrants after Brexit
Christopher Hope
Sunday Telegraph, 8 October 2017

A controversial requirement to fingerprint EU nationals who want to work in the UK after Brexit has been dropped from a forthcoming immigration white paper.

Instead ministers will require EU visitors to the UK to their faces scanned if they want to stay and work in the UK, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

The news will ease concerns of critics that EU nationals might feel they were being criminalised if they were finger printed for trying to work legally in the UK.

An immigration white paper is due to be published in coming weeks by the Government.
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'They're HYPOCRITES' Hungarian minister BLASTS Brussels for 'failing' migrant policy
Aurora Bosotti
Sunday Express, 8 October 2017

European Union member states need to admit the obligatory migrant quota system is a failure or face dissent, Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto warned.

He told RT: "It's obvious that the migratory policy of the European Union was a failure so far. The obligatory quota system is a total dead-end street.

"At least Central Europe was honest about it but those Western European friends of ours, who praise the decision very loudly and bash us very loudly, have completed to quota up to 25 per cent. So basically no one complied with the decision of the European Commission." ...

He continued: "It's a matter of hypocrisy, of political correctness instead of being honest and straight to the problem.

"This is actually against European regulations and European laws because the decision to impose quotas takes away the right of member states to make their own decision on who to let enter their countries and who not to let in."

Hungarian President Victor Orbán accused EU Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker of trying to turn Hungary into an "immigrant country" using "violence." ...

He wrote in a letter to Mr Juncker: "Hungary... is not an immigrant country, does not want to become an immigrant country and cannot accept being forced to change this.

"The interpretation of the principle of solidarity described in your letter is, in essence, the transformation of Hungary into an immigrant country, against the will of the Hungarian citizens."
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Europe receives a wake-up call in the battle to counter extremism
Damien McElroy
The National, 8 October 2017

Europe is preoccupied with the terror hotspots where mass killings hog the headlines, but there is a broader battle with extremist ideology that stretches across the northern hemisphere.

The security forces have well-established, if imperfect, co-ordination to combat terrorism. The task of co-operating to confront radicalisation has been dangerously overlooked for decades.

A wake-up call that deserves wider notice was delivered last week in a comprehensive survey of initiatives from Tajikistan to Canada and from Norway to Spain.

The report was written for the Organisation of Security Cooperation in Europe. The organisation, better known for Cold War co-operation and Balkan peacekeeping, has struggled to rise to the challenge posed by Islamist extremism.

In commissioning Peter Neumann, the King's College London expert in radicalisation, the OSCE has opened a window of opportunity to fight the problem at a new level.

That the body has recognised it can embrace thinking trail-blazed elsewhere must be welcomed. In particular the United Arab Emirates has pioneered an approach that makes tackling violent extremism distinct from countering terrorism. ...

At a time of flux the failures in the European response to extremism are easy to find. ...

One of the worst hotspots for European terrorism has been Britain, which has been all at sea with its efforts to counter violent extremism.

For years ideologues found a haven in Britain to organise among Muslim communities. As Al Qaeda hardmen returned from Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, many openly boasted of a covenant of protection with the UK security services. In other words they were allowed to organise as long as they navigated criminal law restrictions.

Much later a pivotal opportunity was lost when the government failed to publish an investigation into the role of the Muslim Brotherhood, completed by senior officials in 2015.

Earlier this year, Theresa May promised to set up an official Commission for Countering Extremism to oversee the official response to radicalisation. It has advertised for a commissioner to lead its establishment phase. Already behind the scenes it is becoming clear the absence of guidance from the 2015 report is a founding flaw. ...

The new commission is dogged by concerns that it will be yet another fig leaf for action.
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Majority of Calais migrants seek refuge in the UK
ITV, 7 October 2017

The majority of migrants in Calais head to the French port city hoping to make it across the Channel to Britain, according to a new survey.

The survey by Auberge des Migrants, found 92.5 % of Calais migrants want to apply for asylum in the UK.

Of those who seek to come to Britain, 62% want to come because they have relatives or friends in the UK.

The charity found 15% want to come to Britain to study while a further 10% seek refuge in the UK as they believe the Dublin regulation does not apply, although UK is one of the 32 'Dublin states'.

The Dublin Regulation establishes the EU Member State responsible for an asylum application. ...

Only 6.5% those questioned said they wanted to stay in France although the majority either did not know about, or were unwilling, to seek refuge in the reception centres (CAES) around France.

The charity found many migrants were put off applying for asylum in France as they were frightened of being expelled to Italy or Greece, countries that believe can not accommodate them properly.
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Poland Catholics hold controversial prayer day on borders
BBC, 7 October 2017

Tens of thousands have taken part in a controversial prayer day in Poland.

Catholics were encouraged to go to designated points along the country's borders for a mass rosary prayer for the salvation of Poland and the world.

Church leaders say the event is purely religious, but there are concerns it could be seen as endorsing the state's refusal to let in Muslim migrants.

The feast day marks the anniversary of a Christian victory over Ottoman Turks at the sea battle of Lepanto in 1571. ...

Poland, along with Hungary and the Czech Republic, refused to take part in an EU deal in 2015 to relocate refugees from frontline states Italy and Greece.
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Border could be used as 'back door' by immigrants after Brexit, Ahern warns
Colm Kelpie
Irish Independent, 6 October 2017

The Border could become a "back door" for immigration into the UK post-Brexit which the British government will ultimately move to deal with, former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has warned.

Mr Ahern signalled London could look to harden the Border in the coming years, even after the UK's EU withdrawal is completed.

With immigration such a big issue in the Brexit campaign and referendum, Britain will, in the years to come, start to look much more closely at the Border "when they see the abuses that will be happening", he said.

"You're going to get people [coming] in here, hopefully not in huge numbers, and they will use it as a back door from other places," Mr Ahern told a conference organised by Dublin City University's Brexit Institute.

"Let's be honest about it. Wouldn't you be an awful eejit if you were trying to get into the EU and you didn't?"

He said Britain would then start to take note that there were people crossing the Border that were not British or Irish.
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Migrants find new back door to Britain: Group are pictured trying to jump aboard lorries arriving at quiet port 200 miles down the coast from Calais
Arthur Martin
Daily Mail, 6 October 2017

These are the migrants who have found a new way to get into Britain.

Two hundred miles up the coast from the towering fences and high security at Calais, they have begun to gather outside the quiet port of Ouistreham in Normandy.

And yesterday they were seen pouncing on lorries that were headed for the docks. ...

The migrants are a part of a group of about 100 young men from Sudan and Eritrea who live in a makeshift camp in woodland a mile-and-a-half from the port.
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Sex-trafficking couple used prostitution to put daughter through private school
Daily Telegraph, 6 October 2017

A former couple helped fund their child's private education by trafficking women into a "sexual conveyor belt" of prostitution.

Malaysian Hong Chin, 45, ran a pit bull dog breeding kennel on a country estate in Esher, Surrey, where his ex-partner Li Wei Gao, 44, lived in a converted barn with their daughter.

At the same time, the pair raked in more than £100,000 through the trade in trafficking women for sex work until the operation was shut down by Sussex Police. ...

The pair were helped by Chin's then-lover, Ting Li Lu, 47, who he lived with in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, jurors heard.

Following a trial at the Old Bailey, all three defendants were found guilty of conspiracy to control prostitution for gain between February 2013 and June 2015. They were also convicted of plotting to traffic for sexual exploitation into the UK between March and June 2015. ...

Chin had a fake British passport and went by various different names including Ricky, Goon Saw and Ken.

His Chinese ex-partner used a false passport in the name of Xin Pan and also was known by the alias Jassica, the court heard.
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'Forcing Migrants on Nations Will Mean the End of the EU': Polish President
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 6 October 2017

Brussels' insistence on ordering European Union (EU) nations to accept third world migrants could lead to the bloc's break-up, Poland's president Andrzej Duda has warned.

The EU principle of unity, Duda told a press conference Thursday, "must come down to the fact that we work together ... we do not try to force other states to act against their own interests and against the interests of their people."

"Therefore, we don't agree to being dictated to, with regards to the quota system and forcing migrants to move to Poland, against our people's will," he stressed, speaking after talks with Bulgarian president Rumen Radev.

Duda added that Poland and Bulgaria share the "same and unequivocal" position on how Europe should deal with the migrant crisis, stating both countries believe the bloc should protect its borders, and provide aid to refugees close to their homelands. ...

"Both for Bulgaria and ourselves, preventing illegal immigration by maintaining an efficient, tightly guarded EU border, that cannot be easily crossed is one of the most important tasks to be undertaken," he said. ...

Radio Poland has reported that, with a €50 million contribution announced last month, Warsaw is the largest donor so far to the European Investment Bank's Economic Resilience Initiative, which aids refugees living in nations including Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, Albania, and Serbia.
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Britain 'doesn't need any more low-skilled workers from Europe': Think tanks says businesses wanted free-for-all so they could continue using cheap labour
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 5 October 2017

Britain does not need more low-skilled EU migrants as there is no evidence they are leaving the country, a new report has concluded.

An analysis by a respected think-tank found claims by business that it was imperative to have a 'free-for-all' of foreign workers were 'greatly exaggerated'.

In reality, firms wanted an 'ever-growing quantity of cheap labour' so they could continue to provide 'low pay, poor conditions and little flexibility', said Migration Watch.

The study also pointed out that employers were being subsidised by taxpayers to employ EU migrants.

The working age benefit bill for workers from the 27-nation bloc was £4.4 billion in 2014-15 – or £12 million a day.

Migration Watch carried out the research using official data following claims that a significant reduction in net migration will be a 'catastrophe' for UK businesses. ...

The Office for National Statistics said that overall more than 3.4 million workers aged 16 to 64 working in Britain were foreign – 11 per cent of the workforce. Of these, 2.2 million are from the EU. ...

The report said the stock of EU workers in the UK could be maintained with zero net migration because those who leave could be replaced by others without adding to the figure.

'In effect, this would amount to one in, one out,' said the think-tank.

It said that despite record employment rates for UK-born workers, there were still more than 1.5 million unemployed and 1 million part-time staff who could not find a full-time job.

Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: 'The Government must insist that claims that we need an endless flow of workers from the EU to fill lower-skilled jobs are gone over with a fine toothcomb.

'Highly skilled workers are, of course, valuable but some employers have been making huge profits from cheap labour, leaving the rest of society to cope with the consequences for housing, public services and the cost of in-work benefits.

'Brexit must put a stop to this.'
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Bosses laughing off Home Office penalties for employing illegal workers
Andrew Penman
Mirror, 5 October 2017

Back in the summer, I told how some bosses have a simple tactic when slapped with a Home Office penalty for employing illegal immigrant workers – they just don't pay it. ...

Here's another bunch who have been at it:

*Mohammad Wasim Tayyab, 42, and Muhammad Aleem Tayyab, 44, of East London. Two Home Office raids discovered a total of eight illegal workers at their Indian restaurant company, Tayyab & Sons Ltd.

The first visit resulted in a £50,000 penalty, the second in another for £45,000, neither of which has been paid.

*Sujon Miah, 44, of Worthing, West Sussex. Never paid a £45,000 penalty after three illegal workers were discovered by Home Office immigration officers at his company, Jaipur Restaurant (Worthing) Limited.

*Murtaza Jan, 26, of Dewsbury, West Yorks. Never paid £30,000 for employing two illegal workers at Ma Hair Limited.

*Bunyamin Hurum, 29, of Uxbridge, Middlesex. Never paid £15,000 for employing one illegal worker at his business – BH Catering Limited.

*Tejsatwant Bansal, 70, of Ilford, London. Never paid £40,000 for employing four illegal workers at Imperial Windows & Doors Limited.

*Halima Ahmed, 38, of Basingstoke, Hampshire. Never paid £20,000 for employing two illegal workers at her company H&B Restaurant Limited.

All these directors have since been banned from running limited companies for six or seven years, which I suppose is some sort of sanction, but doesn't it make a mockery of the Home Office penalties if they're so routinely ignored?
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Swiss Government Admits It Does Not Know True Identities of 90 Per Cent of Asylum Seekers
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 5 October 2017

Swiss national councillor Simonetta Sommaruga has revealed that the problem of asylum seekers arriving into the country with no papers is so extensive the government does not know the true identities of nine out of 10 migrants.

According to Sommaruga, between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2016, Switzerland saw a total of 151,300 asylum seekers register in the country under false identities. The figures come after Swiss People's Party politician Barbara Steinemann made the government concede that as many as 96 per cent of underage asylum seekers had no form of identification, Basler Zeitung reports.

Sommaruga said that some of the blame falls under the fact that names in Arabic can be spelt differently making it look like there were multiple people whilst there was just one individual. Whilst she downplayed the idea of asylum seekers purposely using fake identities, there is nothing in Swiss law to prosecute or bring criminal charges against asylum seekers using fake names.

When Steinman asked how many asylum seekers with fake identities had achieved asylum, Sommaruga said that only asylum seekers with confirmed identities received full asylum – though 60,573 were given temporary permits.

In 2015, Switzerland saw 77 per cent of migrants arrive without papers and in 2016 the figure jumped to 81 per cent. When asked how many of the cases had been resolved and the migrants identified, Sommaruga said in 2015 only 4,091 were identified out of 39,523 and in 2016 only 2,706 migrants out of 27,207.

... In Germany, an estimated 80 per cent of migrants have come into the country without identification, many claiming to be underage.
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The real Theresa May: How the PM tried to introduce immigration checks in schools
Natalie Bloomer and Samir Jeraj, 5 October 2017

Since last year, new government rules have meant that schools across England have been collecting data on the country of birth and nationality of their pupils. ...

What looked at first like a badly thought-out policy soon became something more sinister. It was revealed that the Department for Education had made an agreement to pass on details of 1,500 children a month to the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

This arrangement was actually a watered-down version of a far more draconian project initiated by May when she was home secretary.

In 2015, then education secretary Nicky Morgan wrote to David Cameron to warn against Home Office plans for undocumented children. Published extracts of Morgan's letter made it clear that May wanted schools to carry out immigration checks on pupils and put the children of undocumented migrants to the back of the queue when it came to admissions. ...

While May wasn't successful in pushing through those changes, the collection of nationality data started shortly afterwards.

Thanks to pressure from campaigners like Against Borders for Children, the government confirmed earlier this year that information about nationality would no longer be passed to the Home Office and parents who previously provided the information would have the right to retract it. ...

In 2012, it was estimated that there were 120,000 undocumented children in the UK. But between 2012 and 2015 only around 15% of them were regularised or left the country.
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BLM protesters shut down ACLU free speech event
Sandor Farkas
Campus Reform, 5 October 2017

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down an American Civil Liberties Union discussion on free speech at the College of William and Mary last week before it even began.

"Students and the First Amendment," co-sponsored by William and Mary's Alma Mater Productions (AMP) and the ACLU, styled itself as "an open discussion of the rights of college students" and an opportunity to learn "more about what our individual rights and liberties are."

The September 27 event featured Claire Guthrie Gastañaga, the executive director of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU, as a guest speaker.

The ACLU states that its mission is "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States," and while it has opposed numerous Trump Administration policies, it has also drawn criticism from the left for its support of First Amendment rights for all citizens, including white nationalists.

Moments after Gastañaga began speaking, 14 members of the college's BLM chapter filed into the front of the room, some dressed in black clothes. ...

After ten minutes of continued chanting, the hosts cancelled the event. ...

The protesters continued shouting for almost an hour until all but a few attendees had left the room. After livestreaming the protest on its Facebook page, "Black Lives Matter W&M" took responsibility for disruption, writing, "Tonight, we shut down an event at William & Mary."
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French philosopher: Whether we like it or not, we're in a state of civil war
Westmonster, 5 October 2017

Damien Le Guay, a respected French philosopher, has said that by refusing to acknowledge we are in a state of civil war with radical Islam, we are aggravating the situation and slammed leaders' responses to a wave of continued terror attacks.

Writing in La Figaro, Le Guay says: "When we see that such attacks are repeated regularly in our territory and are perpetrated by nationals, are we entitled to recognise ourselves in a sort of civil war that does not mention its name? When victims are tricked at random and all murderers act in the name of Islam, are we not in a state of war on our territory?"

"Not to recognise this 'civil war' against us, between us, rather than improve the situation, aggravates it. The euphemism also kills. Our policies, by naivety, lack of courage or lack of lucidity, refuse the evidence. Consequently, in order not to take stock of the situation, they are procrastinating. Rather than healing our national fabric, they let the problems escalate. The rejection of Islam continues to increase in Europe."
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Illegal Somali immigrant is convicted of killing a man in the street before trying to activate the deportation order he had dodged four years before in the hope he would be flown home
Harvey Day
MailOnline, 4 October 2017

A Somali immigrant has been found guilty of stabbing a handyman to death then volunteering to be deported back to his home country to evade justice.

Drug dealer Mohammed Abdillahi and his friends attacked Augustus Fenton like a pack of 'wild animals' on the afternoon of March 28 as children walked home from school, the Old Bailey heard.

Following a trial, he was convicted of Mr Fenton's manslaughter and wounding his brother with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. ...

The day after the attack in Featherstone Road, Abdillahi contacted immigration authorities and asked to be flown back to Somalia, only to be arrested a week later.

Mr Glasgow told jurors that three of Abdillahi's friends had been identified as playing a part in the violence, but police had been unable to find them.

The 25-year-old defendant, who was served deportation papers in 2013, had denied murder and wounding but pleaded guilty to violent disorder.
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EU: 'Illegal Migrants in Morocco Have European Union Refugee Rights'
Victoria Friedman
Breitbart, 4 October 2017

The European Court of Human Rights has made a landmark ruling that migrants who cross border fences which are still outside European Union territory have 'rights as refugees' – meaning Spanish authorities will no longer be allowed to return illegal immigrants to Morocco who storm border fences at the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

The precedent was set following the ruling of two cases of illegal African migrants who were returned by Spanish border guards to Morocco after crossing the border fence in Melilla – despite the migrants technically still being in Moroccan territory at the time of their apprehension, reports Die Welt.

In the case of 'N.D. and N.T. vs Spain', the Strasbourg judges ruled in favour of two migrants from Mali and the Ivory Coast who were, on two occasions, directly arrested by the Spanish border police and handed over to Moroccan authorities at the Melilla border in 2014.

The judges condemned Spain for not giving the illegal immigrants access to lawyers or interpreters or allowing them to make complaints to Spain. The Court determined there was "no doubt" these actions amounted to 'prohibited illegal deportations', and both migrants were awarded €5,000. ...

This could mean that migrants will not only have EU human rights once on European soil, but in any territory where EU authorities have control in a border area.

The human rights NGO has also stated it has been taking similar litigation against what it calls "illegal push-backs" in Ceuta (another Spanish enclave bordering Morocco), Idomeni (at the Greek-Macedonian border), and reception centres in Greece.
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Crooked police officers JAILED over plot to steal and sell drugs
Jane Tyler
Birmingham Mail, 3 October 2017

Two former West Midlands Police officers have been jailed for plotting to steal and sell drugs.

Wahid Husman and Tahsib Majid, both constables, used their positions to access confidential police intelligence systems to carry out the offences. ...

Five other men; Imran Rehman, Asam Qayum, Shazad Mushtaq, Akeem Rasab and Imaan Haidri, were also jailed on Monday after they also admitted to a number of offences in connection with the investigation.
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Running sore of 'Stop Funding Hate' continues
John McCllelan
The Scotsman, 3 October 2017

The "Stop Funding Hate" campaign to drive advertising out of the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express because of their positions on Brexit and immigration might not be making much of a dent in those titles' fortunes, but it's causing problems for campaign supporters.

Last month Evans Cycles said it backed SFH and would not pay for advertising which appeared on the papers' websites, because they did not fit with their "core values". It turned out the company did not book adverts with the papers, so there was little funding to stop. Now it emerges that the affront to Evans' "core values" did not extend to their support for Sun publisher News UK's cycle to work scheme.

And last week, senior figures at Impress, the alternative press regulator funded by the family of shamed motor racing tycoon Max Mosley and supported by the Hacked Off pressure group, were criticised after a probe upheld complaints about their social media endorsements for SFH.
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New "walls" now divide Germany, president says
Hakan Erdem
Reuters, 3 October 2017

Germany's Sept. 24 national election has shown the country is divided by new, less visible "walls", President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Tuesday, the anniversary of German reunification. ...

Steinmeier said Germany needed an honest discussion about immigration - the issue that fuelled the rise of the AfD after Merkel's 2015 decision to leave German borders open to around 1 million refugees, mostly fleeing war in the Middle East.

He called for discussion about how much migration Germany wants, and needs, adding that this could mean new guidelines.

"In my view, this means not simply wishing away migration but ... defining legal admission to Germany, which regulates and controls migration by our stipulations," he said.
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Chain Migration of Potentially 19M Foreign Nationals Would Follow Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
John Binder
Breitbart, 3 October 2017

A plan to give a pathway to United States citizenship to young illegal aliens living in the U.S. would automatically come with a potentially unprecedented chain migration of upwards of 10 million foreign nationals, under current legal U.S. immigration law.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Assistant Secretary Michael Dougherty admitted in a Senate hearing that President Trump's administration supports giving amnesty to potentially 3.3 million young illegal aliens, 800,000 of whom are currently shielded by the Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. ...

The Migration Policy Institute estimates that under the DREAM Act, only 1.5 million illegal aliens of the 3.3 million eligible would be placed on a pathway to U.S. citizenship.

Under the current legal U.S. immigration system, newly naturalized U.S. citizens are able to sponsor their foreign relatives and bring them to the U.S. ...

If the number of amnestied illegal aliens who gain a pathway to citizenship under an immigration deal were to rise to the full 3.3 million who would be eligible for DREAM Act amnesty, and if each brought in three to six foreign family members, the chain migration flow could range from 9.9 million to 19.8 million foreign nationals coming to the U.S.
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Psychiatrist Warns of 'Time Bomb' in Germany: 'Today's Migrants Are Not Integrable'
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 3 October 2017

A psychiatrist has warned that Germany faces a "time bomb" as a result of the mass migration of young men who have "crazy potential for aggression".

"This is a time bomb," Christian Peter Dogs said of the decision to open Germany's borders, in an appearance on the Peter Hahne talkshow on ZDF last month, explaining that psychiatry has found people's temperament and personality are usually fixed by the age of 12.

Stating that migrants "can't just 'be taught' to understand our values", he said that classes on how to behave in Germany were unlikely to have much effect, adding: "You have to accept that."

"There are people who have crazy potential for aggression because they have grown up surrounded by war. They have learned to fight and don't even know the meaning of living harmoniously," said Dogs.

On the Peter Hahne show episode – the topic of which was "the power of fear" – the psychiatrist said the biggest mistake politicians are making now, with regards to the migrant influx, is their response to voters' concerns on the issue.

People are "neither 'far right' nor anything else", he said, noting how critics of mass migration have been pathologised as "bad" and "far right", whilst reports of problems with regards to the newcomers' behaviour have been suppressed.

Dogs, who directs the Max-Grundig psychosomatic clinic in Bühlerhöhe, said people are "genuinely afraid and feeling insecure", reporting that his clinic treats a large number of people suffering from severe anxiety disorders who feel too afraid to leave their homes since the flood of migrants.

"These people feel completely betrayed by politics," the psychiatrist said, stressing: "It is vital that politicians take citizens' fears seriously, because fear is a natural emotion that we are pre-programmed to feel, and politicians are not supposed to lead us into danger."

Since 2015, when more than a million migrants entered Germany at the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the government has embarked on a war against online "hate speech", with police conducting raids on the homes of people suspected of posting comments critical of migrants to social media.

The crackdown on free speech has not been without controversy, however, with the government receiving criticism after its partnership with former Stasi informant Anetta Kahane was revealed.

Dr. Hubertus Knabe, a Stasi expert and academic who specialises in Communist political oppression, was amongst voices who slammed the government for working with Kahane, saying she was unfit to lead any task force charged with censoring speech online.
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To BCE or not to BCE? Common era of BC and AD appears to be over
Daily Telegraph, 2 October 2017

Schools across England are swapping BC and AD with BCE and CE over fears the terms could offend Christians, it has been claimed.

A number of authorities have already adopted the policy, while several more are reported to be considering making the switch from the traditional to the more politically-correct chronological form compulsory. ...

Schools in Essex already follow a syllabus which states, "BCE and CE are now used in order to show sensitivity to those who are not Christians". ...

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey told The Mail on Sunday, 'I have never met a Muslim or Jewish leader who is offended by the Gregorian calendar' while leading Imam Ibrahim Mogra said: "I don't believe it causes Muslims offence."

Their remarks were echoed by a spokesman for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who said: "I don't think anyone would mind if in mainstream schools they use BC and AD."
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Man shot dead at Marseille train station after killing two women in 'terror' attack
David Chazan
Daily Telegraph, 2 October 2017

Terror returned to France on Sunday as a man shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest) killed two women in a frenzied knife attack at Marseille's main railway station before being shot dead by soldiers.

The two victims were aged 17 and 20, police said.

Isil claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the group's Amaq news agency.

The attacker, reportedly aged about 20, was armed with two butcher's knives, police said.

He was known to the authorities for theft, drug dealing and other crimes but had not been flagged as a potential terrorist. ...

France has been hit by a string of terrorist attacks, most of which have been claimed by the so-called Islamic State. ...

France remains under a state of emergency declared after the Paris attacks in November 2015.
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Ukip's new leader says UK being 'buried' by Islam and 'swamped' by multiculturalism
Rachel Roberts
Independent, 1 October 2017

The UK is being "buried" by Islam and "swamped" by multiculturalism, Ukip's new leader Henry Bolton has said.

The little-known one-time Liberal Democrat and army officer used his first speech as leader to claim that public services are being overwhelmed by mass immigration.

Following his surprise win over bookies' favourite and anti-Islam campaigner Anne Marie Waters, Mr Bolton took to the stage at the party conference in Torquay to say he was "proud to be British".

In a question and answer session, he said people have little say in the way in which their communities are being transformed by immigration.

"We presently have a net immigration that equates to the population of Wolverhampton or Hull every year," he said.

"Immigration is overwhelming our public services, housing and communities.

"Doctors' surgeries are being closed, police numbers are being cut, and crime is increasing, multiculturalism is swamping or displacing our own British culture.

"This does not create the optimistic, confident nation that we all wish to be." ...

But he stopped short of calling for a cap on immigration, which Ukip has previously pledged.

Instead, the party's fourth leader in the past year called for an Australian-style points based system for those wishing to come to the UK.

He said: "Immigration is overwhelming our public services, which themselves are being slashed – 25 per cent off the police for example, in some cases nearly 50 per cent off local government.

"Housing and communities are being overwhelmed, it is harming our own culture, traditions and way of life.

"We must demand that our own concerns about our own British culture are heard and that feeds into our policy on immigration."

Speaking to reporters ahead of the speech, Mr Bolton said: "Anybody who says put a figure on (immigration) is actually being entirely unrealistic and trying to paint politicians like me into a corner that gives you a nice thing to hang a comment on, but you're not going to get it from me because actually we need to be a lot more practical and operational about it."
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Three in four British jihadists have had links to non-violent Islamist groups before committing terror attacks
Sophie Inge
MailOnline, 1 October 2017

Three in four jihadists in Britain have links to non-violent Islamist groups before they go on to join terror groups, a new report has revealed.

Researchers looked at the lives of 113 men and women who had joined jihadist groups from the 1980s onwards.

Seventy-seven per cent of the jihadists were found to have had links to Islamist organisations or others with an extremist ideology, researchers at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change found.

The report, seen by The Times, calls for authorities monitor the groups more closely. And it identifies six individuals who have shaped the jihadist movement in the UK.

They include hate preachers Anjem Choudary, Abu Hamza, Abdullah el-Faisal, Hani al-Sibai, Omar Bakri Mohammed and Abu Qatada.

The research also found that men are less likely to be radicalised online than women.

'At least 44 per cent of our sample of women were partly radicalised online, for half of whom there were no known Islamist links in person,' the report read.

'In contrast, only four per cent of men in our sample had an online element noted in their radicalisation.'

Of the sample studied, 58 per cent of men spent time in prison and most had been jailed for jihadist crimes.

Seven served time in young offender institutions while at least four were radicalised while in prison.

'Many are well-educated,' the report said. 'Thirty-one per cent started a degree, and over half of these studied Stemm [Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine] subjects.'

A third of the sample studied humanities or social sciences. Just four had read Islamic Studies and five were dropouts.
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'White girls are filthy': Wives of Asian men jailed for raping vulnerable British girls reveal why they blame the victims
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
Mail on Sunday, 1 October 2017

I am meeting the wives of three men convicted of a terrible crime – of grooming and raping dozens of white girls. ...

Since reports of a gang of Pakistani-British sexual predators in Rotherham first emerged in 2011, there has been a string of horrific cases: in Rochdale, Peterborough, Bristol, Aylesbury and at least 20 other towns across the country.

Even now white girls, many from troubled homes, are being violated by men who profess to be good Muslims. Such are the explosive racial and religious implications that, to our shame, many refuse to face the problem.

Look at what happened to Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham, who was sacked from the shadow front bench for saying just this. Or take the case of Amina Lone, a Muslim councillor from Birmingham, who rightly defended Champion but was then told she cannot stand for re-election.

Yes, sexual predators come from all classes and races. However, in organised group rapes, such as those in Rotherham and Rochdale, the issues of race and ethnicity are undeniable. They must be addressed.

As a female British-Muslim writer, I am deeply troubled by the Muslim men who work in packs and entrap and ravage young white girls and teenagers. ...

Yet, painful as it is to say, it became clear, too, that the men are not alone in blaming the victims. ...

Only Nusrat and Nila were prepared to condemn the abuse without reservation. The others, it seemed, privately blamed the girls and even their parents. It became clear they had a very confused sense of morality.

Nusrat fought back, saying: 'You know our girls are raped by uncles, fathers, brothers and imams. My neighbour's daughter had a baby when she was 12. It was her uncle. They blamed her. Sent her to Pakistan. We don't see the truth.'

But later, at a separate meeting, I encountered Suju, the wife of another jailed groomer. She was afraid of him but she, too, thinks white girls are: 'Filthy. How they dress. They have no shame, no fear of Allah.' ...

Muslim activists fear talking about the abusers encourages racism. They may be right. But the grooming gangs are responsible for much greater racial hostility.
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Number of lone child refugees cared for by English councils doubles in four years amid spiralling migration crisis
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 29 September 2017

The number of lone child refugees cared for by English councils has more than doubled in four years because of the spiralling migration crisis.

There were at least 4,560 unaccompanied youngsters seeking asylum at the end of March – a rise of 134 per cent from 1,950 in 2013, said a report.

The total is still rising despite the closure of the Calais Jungle camp last year and the arrival of more than 300 child migrants in Britain.

Council chiefs have warned they are struggling to cope because of the massive influx of young refugees without parents or carers who have travelled across the Channel to the UK.

If a child claims asylum in the UK they become the legal responsibility of the local authority in which they are discovered.

One in 16 children being looked after by Town Halls are now unaccompanied asylum seekers, compared to 1 in 33 in 2013 – almost double the rate.

A report from the Department for Education (DfE) said: 'After a large rise in numbers last year, the number of looked after children who were unaccompanied asylum-seeking children continues to increase in 2017.' ...

In total, more than three quarters – 78 per cent – of youngsters seeking sanctuary were at least 16. ...

Costs to local authorities for every 100 unaccompanied children are estimated at £6.75 million a year with the Home Office providing £3.35 million – leaving a shortfall of £3.4 million, a report found last year.

Most came from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Albania, Iran, Vietnam, Iraq and Syria.
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Racism has fallen by a third in Britain in six years (but one in four people still admit they are prejudiced)
Daily Mail, 29 September 2017

Racial prejudice in Britain has fallen by nearly a third in six years, according to a report published yesterday.

However, one in four still admit they are either very or a little prejudiced against people of other races.

The overall findings indicate that levels of racial prejudice have been declining over the years.

The report, by the Government-subsidised NatCen social research group and the Runnymede Trust race policy think tank, said admission of racial prejudice fell over the decades but momentarily peaked again in 2011, when 37 per cent said they had racist views. It has fallen off sharply again since then.

It comes after an international survey found Britain has become a more tolerant country in the wake of Brexit, with fewer worries over immigration.

The latest report was based on NatCen's British Social Attitudes survey, which last spring questioned 2,220 people about their views on race.

Its findings show that the numbers of people who admit to prejudice now are far below those of past decades. The same survey carried out in 1987 found that 39 per cent of people admitted prejudice.

The survey said men were more likely than women to admit prejudice – 29 per cent against 23 per cent.

It said nearly twice as many Tories as Labour supporters admitted prejudice, 33 per cent against 18 per cent. ...

It added that 34 per cent of Leave voters said they were prejudiced, against 18 per cent of Remain voters.

The report said another research project, the European Social Survey, had found that 18 per cent think some ethnic groups are born less intelligent and 44 per cent think some are naturally harder working.
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Students invite radical Islamic speakers to over 110 events in a year despite the Government's terror crackdown
Eleanor Harding
Daily Mail, 29 September 2017

Radical Islamic speakers have been invited to more than 100 events hosted by student societies over the past year despite a government crackdown.

A new report reveals the speakers were invited to speak to undergraduates at elite institutions including Oxford, Warwick and Manchester.

In total, guests with a record of preaching extreme views were given access to students on 112 occasions – and in most cases no effort was made to provide any balance to their statements.

In one case, a preacher who had previously advocated wife-beating and claimed that 'Islam is not compatible with democracy' was allowed to speak to students of the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

In another, Oxford University students heard a speech by the director of Cage, the group which once described IS killer Jihadi John as a 'beautiful young man'.

The data, gathered by the Henry Jackson Society think tank, follows a string of terror attacks this year in Manchester, London Bridge and Parsons Green. ...

Universities whose student societies invited extreme speakers also included King's College London and Queen Mary London.

In every case, the universities themselves were not involved in the invitations as the events were organised by individual student groups – mostly the unions or the Islamic societies.

Often they were held on venues off campus, with Facebook and Twitter used to publicise them. ...

At a university level, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) played host to the most events – 14.
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EU to resettle 50,000 refugees from North Africa
James Rothwell and Peter Foster
Daily Telegraph, 28 September 2017

The European Union is planning to resettle 50,000 refugees directly from war-torn countries into Europe in its latest bid to stabilise migration to the bloc, it announced on Wednesday.

The European Commission said that it has set aside €500m (£440) to fund the resettlement of refugees from Libya, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Chad and Ethiopa in order to deter illegal migration and reduce the attraction of people- smugglers. ...

The initiative comes as Jean-Claude Junker, the European Commission president, tries to take the lead on addressing the migration crisis amid continued squabbling between EU member states over migration burden-sharing.

A compulsory quota scheme to distribute 160,000 migrants within the EU ended this week in failure and recriminations after just 29,000 migrants were relocated and the Commission promised legal action against Hungary and Poland for refusing to accept the quotas.
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Not refugees, not children
Harriet Sergeant
The Spectator, 28 September 2017

A counter-extremism expert told me: 'There is nothing in the system to stop a 26-year-old Isis fighter coming here, stating he is 17 and claiming asylum.' ...

The problem is sorting myth from fact. The first myth, emphasised over and over again, is that these are vulnerable children. ...

Only 8 per cent of unaccompanied minors who arrived in the UK in 2015 were, in fact, under 14. This is according to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. Instead, over half were aged 16-17. Nor was there a balance of boys and girls. Some 91 per cent were male. ...

Why are the majority of refugee children in fact teenage boys? Here we come up against another myth: that refugees somehow find their own way to the UK. The truth is, nobody arrives in this country without the help of a people trafficker. This means it is the people traffickers who control our immigration system – not the Home Office. It is they who dictate who comes here. Refugees who cannot afford to pay never make it. If we really want to help the vulnerable, we should be taking children directly from refugee camps. ...

As one immigration officer at a busy UK airport with 20 years' experience of dealing with refugee children explained to me: 'Ninety per cent of them are not orphans. Their coming here is very well worked out. Their families have paid the people traffickers to bring them here. The intention is for the families to follow shortly after. These are cash-rich young people.' For the most part, in his opinion, 'They are not fleeing for their lives.' In other words, they are economic migrants and therefore not entitled to asylum.

His view is backed up by the actions of the traffickers themselves. As Save the Children warns, the agent will instruct the young person to lie about their nationality and age and destroy all identity documents. ...

The third myth is that every child refugee is speaking the truth. Actually we have no way of knowing. ...

The immigration officer explained: 'For years now we have had adult Pakistani males arriving in this country maintaining they are Afghan teenagers. They tell me they are 13 or 14, but they are clearly over 20, well developed and with good facial hair.' In 2015 the second largest number of claimants came from Afghanistan.

The co-operation between traffickers and extremists is a new and alarming threat to our national security, points out Rosalind Ereira of Solidarity with Refugees. ...

The immigration officer is frustrated because he knows by sight many of the 'facilitators' or people traffickers. These are often young men on benefits who appear mysteriously able to travel ten times a year to Dubai and Africa. They charge a high price for a personalised service in which they accompany the young migrants on the plane before leaving them at the terminal. But the traffickers have British or EU passports. ...

Despite the security threat, few in authority appear willing to tackle the problem. ...

When Norway insisted on a dental examination of arriving refugee children, they discovered nine out of ten were, in fact, over 18. ...

It is time to overhaul a system that is corrupt, dangerous and fails to help the most deserving.
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Labour MP slams his OWN party for 'deafening silence' on immigration and insists Brexit only happened because they ignored the issue
Natasha Clark
The Sun, 27 September 2017

Brexit only happened because Labour ignored voters' concerns on immigration for years - a Labour MP has insisted.

Stephen Kinnock slammed his OWN party for the "deafening silence" on our "broken" immigration system at this year's party conference.

The Aberavon MP - and son of the former leader Neil Kinnock - told a fringe event that Labour's ignorance led to the rise of Ukip, and proposed a new post-Brexit immigration system.

He told the audience: "Our failure to have an honest and robust conversation about immigration, we contributed directly to the referendum result.

"It is in large parts... our fault." ...

Welsh MP Mr Kinnock said today that "years and years and years" of Government's failure to cut numbers had "massively eroded trust in the system".

He demanded that his party step up to the plate on the "vital" issue and start putting forward proposals for fixing it, rather than shying away from the issue.

Mr Kinnock told The Sun his party had produced "deafening silence" over the issue at this year's conference, and there had been a "frustrating lack of options" put forward for discussion. ...

Today Mr Kinnock put forward his own proposals about what immigration could look like after Brexit - proposing a two-tier system.

He said MPs should get to vote on setting sector-by-sector quotas for different industries after we leave the EU, allowing us to limit immigration but still allow high-skilled workers to come to Britain if we need them.
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New FAIR Study: Illegal Immigration Costs $116 Billion Annually
Federation for American Immigration Reform, 27 September 2017

Illegal immigration to the U.S. costs federal, state and local taxpayers a staggering net cost of $116 billion a year – an increase of some $16 billion compared to previous estimates – according to a new study released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The study is the most comprehensive to date on the cost to federal, state and local taxpayers of the nation's 12.5 million illegal immigrants and their 4.2 million citizen children.

The report, "The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers," examines the cost of illegal immigration through a detailed analysis of federal, state and local programs that are available to the nation's illegal immigrant population, their U.S.-born children, or accessed via fraud. The study tallies the impact on education, medical, justice/enforcement, welfare and other government programs. The report notes that the $116 billion cost of illegal immigration falls on state and local taxpayers disproportionately – by a ratio of roughly 2 to 1 – with state and local expenditures totaling $88.9 billion and Federal expenditures totaling $45.8 billion, with only approximately $19 billion recouped in taxes.
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How Europe's 'Headless Hearts' Made Refugee Crisis Worse
David Jimenez
American Conservative, 27 September 2017

Refuge: Rethinking Refugee Policy in a Changing World, Alexander Betts & Paul Collier, Oxford University Press, 288 pages.

To fully grasp the confusion gripping Europe over the refugee crisis, consider recent messages from the Catholic Church. Pope Francis repeatedly chastises the hardening European heart to refugees and migrants. Tougher enforcement, according to an August Vatican statement, should be shunned, as states must "always prioritize personal safety over national security." But progressive Cardinal Reinhard Marx called last year for "a reduction in the number of refugees," saying that Germany cannot "take all the world's needy." France's premier Catholic political philosopher, Pierre Manent, warns "we invite catastrophe when we confuse the obligation to rescue a person who is drowning with that person's right to become a citizen of our country. We invite catastrophe when, in the name of charity or mercy, we require old Christian nations to open their borders to all who wish to enter."

Similar confusion plagues all European leadership, from Angela Merkel to Sweden's political class. But can it be overcome? /.../ Two Oxford economists, Alexander Betts and the more widely known Paul Collier, have perhaps found a breakthrough in aiding the world's 21 million refugees and 65 million displaced persons. ...

Collier and Betts build a substantive framework of moral responsibility to the displaced. But their plight does not establish an inalienable right to "unrestricted global mobility or the ability to choose a destination country." Our duty is rescue from the immediate danger of violence and extreme destitution and to guarantee opportunities for work, autonomy, and community alongside the eventual hope of return. Refuge shows no patience for demands for fluid, weak borders. ...

Most delightfully, Refuge provides deliverance to readers exhausted by endless tributes to Angela Merkel as the saving rock of liberal democracy. We instead find less "an angel of mercy" than a politician acting with a "headless heart." Merkel's 2015 "welcome" to Syrians and repudiation of the Dublin Agreement sparked a "huge ensuing expansion in the people-smuggling business," leading to the deaths of thousands at sea. ...

... By absorbing "around half of all Syrians with a university education," Europe deprived Syria – and its surrounding diaspora – of pivotal human capital for rebuilding.

... As the authors never cease to point out, there is a ratio "of about $135 spent on a refugee in the developed world to every $1 spent on a refugee in the developing world." As National Review's Reihan Salam wrote in June 2016, Norway's per-capita yearly spending on one refugee – $126,000 – "could support as many as 26 Syrian refugees annually" in Jordan. Sweden manifested this paradox in 2015, when it cut foreign aid by half due to the strain of new migrants. ...

... Friends of the nation-state and opponents of mass immigration have exposed the unrealistic sophistry of much first-world humanitarianism. But the refugees trapped in the degrading camps of Dadaab and Za'atari, or the slums of Beirut and Istanbul, still cry out for justice. Responsible populists and sovereigntists can find in Refuge a reconciliation of their moral duties to the particular – defined, rooted communities and nations – and the universal, or the inescapable dignity of every human person.
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Immigration Multipliers: Trends in Chain Migration
Jessica Vaughan
Center for Immigration Studies, 27 September 2017

Every year, about one million new legal immigrants, or lawful permanent residents, are admitted to the United States. More than 10.6 million immigrants were admitted from 2007 through 2016. According to DHS statistics, in recent years about half of these immigrants have been what are sometimes called "initiating immigrants", or the first in their family to settle permanently in the United States, perhaps after attending college, finding employment, as refugees from persecution, or receiving amnesty after illegal settlement. The other half are not path-breakers, but are joining family members who arrived earlier, in the phenomenon known as chain migration.

This report examines the scale of chain migration and recent trends of family sponsorship over time and across different groups of immigrants. In addition, we examine how an amnesty for beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is likely to increase chain migration in the future, as DACA beneficiaries eventually qualify for citizenship and the opportunity to sponsor their parents and siblings, many of whom also have been residing in the United States illegally.

Key Findings:

• Over the last 35 years, chain migration has greatly exceeded new immigration. Out of 33 million immigrants admitted to the United States from 1981 to 2016, about 20 million were chain migration immigrants (61 percent).

• Judging from preliminary administrative data, approximately 1,125,000 legal immigrants were approved for admission in 2016, which is about 7 percent higher than 2015, and one of the highest numbers in the last decade.

• The largest categories of chain migration are spouses and parents of naturalized U.S. citizens because admissions in these categories are unlimited by law.

• According to the most complete contemporary academic studies on chain migration, in recent years each new immigrant sponsored an average of 3.45 additional immigrants. In the early 1980s, the chain migration multiplier was 2.59, or more than 30 percent lower.

• Of the top immigrant-sending countries, Mexico has the highest rate of chain migration. In the most recent five-year cohort of immigrants studied (1996-2000), each new Mexican immigrant sponsored 6.38 additional legal immigrants. ...

• Enacting an amnesty for roughly 700,000 DACA beneficiaries is likely to add double that number in additional immigrants because of chain migration, as the amnesty beneficiaries sponsor their parents and other family members. ...
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EU citizens will not be fingerprinted or need ID cards, say officials
Lisa O'Carroll
The Guardian, 26 September 2017

The Home Office has sought to reassure EU citizens that they will not be fingerprinted or need ID cards after Brexit just weeks after a leaked immigration document suggested new registration rules would apply.

Senior officials also told activists who head the3million campaign group that EU citizens already in the UK will not have to meet a minimum income threshold or have private health insurance to stay in the country after Brexit. ...

They were told this was the Home Office position on EU citizens already in the UK and not post-Brexit migrants. ...

The Home Office has indicated to the3million that the new registration system would result in a "digital" document and not a card to be carried around.

It has also pointed to agreement with the EU Brexit negotiators in the August round of talks that fingerprints would not be used for ID.
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Is the latest migrant wave bringing a dark cloud for Europe's Jews?
Jonathan Benedek
European Jewish Press, 26 September 2017

Following Germany's lead over the past two years, Europe has absorbed well over a million refugees and migrants, many of whom fled the bitter intrastate conflicts in war-torn countries such as Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Some argue that the chickens may be coming home to roost for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who insisted in the autumn of 2015 that "we can do it," and accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees. ...

"European Jews have already paid a major price for the unselective massive immigration of Muslims in the past decades along with Israel," said Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, an emeritus chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, to European Jewish Press. ...

According to Dr. Gerstenfeld, the problems for Europe's Jewish community have been in the making for at least several decades.

"Some of the problems however were already there irrespective of Muslim refugees," he stressed.

"We cannot isolate the latest migrant wave from the previous ones," he said, referring to Europe's decades-long absorption of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. ...

Noting that "all ideologically-motivated murders of European Jews in this century were carried out by Muslims," Dr. Gerstenfeld views the EU as having been "a massive importer of anti-Semites." ...

Dr. Gerstenfeld believes that European society at large should also be anxious.

"Essentially, Europe has also imported a radically alien culture with the many people among the immigrants who do not seek to integrate," he argued.

The importation of this "radically alien culture" initiated as a wave of cheap labor in the 1970s, according to Dr. Gerstenfeld. That was followed by a decision among European governments to allow the family members of these immigrants to join them in the countries to which they had migrated. ...

"In contrast, the neighborhoods where most Jews live police have no problem going in," he said. "The Jews wanted to integrate while keeping their religion and distinct cultural aspects as Jews."
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Far Right's humbling of Merkel is a wake-up call for a complacent EU
William Hague
Daily Telegraph / Gulf News, 26 September 2017
[William Hague is the former UK foreign secretary and a former leader of the Conservative Party]

With the nationalist Alternative for Germany party winning at least 80 seats in parliament, and the far Left also doing well, nearly a quarter of Germans voted for the political extremes. It is important not to understate the significance of this outcome. ...

There are many obvious lessons to be drawn. ...

... And fourth, that immigration is the single most crucial issue of the coming years.

Merkel has already promised not to repeat her opening up of German borders to a million migrants and refugees, but the next 30 years will bring more than a billion extra people in Africa and the Middle East. European countries need much stronger control of their borders, a full network of agreements to control migration with all the countries to their south, and a huge effort to encourage development and stability in many places with booming populations. Yet no leader has set out an overall plan to do this despite the prospect that this issue alone could overwhelm EU unity and shatter its centrist political leadership. ...

Against that background of mounting dangers and clear rebellion by voters, Europe's leaders are underestimating the scale of the challenges they face, as the shock of the German elections has shown.
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Italian TV Broadcasts Alleged Footage of 'Save the Children' Working with People Smugglers
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 26 September 2017

Italian television programme Matrix has shown footage of what they claim is of members of the pro-migrant rescue NGO Save the Children cooperating with people traffickers.

The television programme, which is hosted on Italian network Canale 5, released the footage which shows what they claim are people smugglers helping a large wooden boat of migrants get to the ship chartered by Save the Children, the Vos Hestia, off the coast of Libya. ...

The footage is similar to a case brought against the German NGO Jugend Rettet by the Italian government who are investigating the group for alleged connections to people traffickers. The Italians confiscated their vessel, the Iuventa, in August.

The Italian authorities later released pictures which they claimed was evidence of the NGO workers working with the people smugglers.

The Trapani prosecutor's office has confirmed it is investigating Marco Amato, commander of the Vos Hestia, for people smuggling, according to Italian newspaper Giornale Di Sicilia.
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Dozens of children of ISIS jihadists to be resettled in Australia
Yahoo7, 26 September 2017

Some 70 children of ISIS terrorists are to be resettled in Australia following an assessment on any potential security risks.

The Australian government said it plans to bring back children who were either taken with their parents to the conflict in Syria and Iraq or who were born to Australian parents while out there.

The country's justice minister Michael Keenan said that each child would be vetted for any potential risks before being given new homes, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. ...

Security agencies estimate that there are around 110 Australians still fighting with terror groups in Iraq and Syria.
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New World Order: Muslims to be majority in Europe within two generations
Rowan Scarborough
Washington Times, 26 September 2017

Within 40 years, given current demographic trends, the white population in France and the rest of old Europe will recede, creating a Muslim majority, a French researcher says.

Charles Gave, an economist, fund manager and political commentator, published his conclusions this month on the webpage of his think tank, Institute des Libertes. ...

... He assesses France's white, or native, birthrate at 1.4 children per woman, compared with a Muslim rate of 3.4 to 4 children. France's population today is 67 million. ...

France's official birthrate is 1.9 per woman, but Mr. Gave's calculations put the native rate at 1.4. Overall, the European birthrate is a low 1.6 per woman.

Mr. Gave extrapolates those numbers, a declining white population and a growing Muslim population, and concludes that France will have a Muslim majority by 2057.

"And so, within 40 years at the latest, it is almost certain that the majority of the population will be Muslim in Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Holland," he writes. "Again, these are not predictions but calculations, and I do not even call for new immigrants."

The pace could be accelerated given continuing Muslim migration into France and other Western European states, either through regular legal processes or through refugees escaping conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa. ...

"The immense news of the next 30 or 40 years will thus be the disappearance of the European populations, whose ancestors have created the modern world. And with these populations will disappear the diverse and complementary European nations that have made an immense success of the old continent for at least five centuries."

Mr. Gave takes an agnostic view on what an Islamic Europe would mean for liberal democracy and free speech.

"I do not say it will be wrong, or it will be good," he writes. "I am simply saying that this will be very different and that this will necessarily have an influence on the political system."

The Gatestone Institute, a conservative foreign policy think tank, analyzed Mr. Gave's paper and did not agree with all of it. Analyst Drieu Godefridi forecasts that the native French population will not disappear or lose its prominence in the space of four decades. ...

Another problem with Mr. Gave's projections is uncertainty: What Islam in Europe will look like in 40 years is difficult to predict. ...

Mr. Gave's numbers also conflict with Pew Research polling in 2010. It put the Muslim birthrate at 2.8 children per woman, not 3.4 to 4 children, and did not project an increase.
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Survey reveals scale of hostility towards Arabs in Britain
Patrick Wintour
The Guardian, 25 September 2017

The scale of hostility in Britain towards Islam and Arabs is revealed in a YouGov survey showing most UK voters believe Arabs have failed to integrate themselves into British society, and their presence has not been beneficial.

The survey also shows that most voters back security policing based on assumptions about the likelihood of races to commit crimes – so-called racial profiling.

Only 28% believe migration from the Arab world has been beneficial to the UK, and 64% believe Arabs have failed to integrate.

The survey also shows most voters believe the number of refugees entering the UK from war-torn Syria and Iraq has been too high.

The three characteristics most closely associated with the Arab world by British people are gender segregation, wealth and Islam, with extremism and a rich history the next two identified characteristics. The degree of association with innovation or forward thinking is miniscule.

The poll, commissioned by the Council for Arab-British Understanding and the Arab News newspaper, ...

... The published results exclude "don't knows".

... A total of 55% of voters regard it as right for the police to use racial profiling against Arabs or Muslims for security reasons. Only 24% disagree. Racial profiling allows the security services to police on the basis of working assumptions about the likelihood of ethnic, religious or national groups to commit offences in the UK. Support for racial profiling among Conservative voters reaches 72%. ...

Asked if migration from the Arab world has been beneficial to the UK, only 23% agree, 41% say it has not been beneficial and 32% say it has been neutral.
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Sharp rise in the number of foreigners arrested in Britain with child-sex convictions
Giles Sheldrick
Daily Express, 25 September 2017

The number of foreigners arrested in Britain and found to have child-sex convictions has increased almost four-fold in two years.

Chilling data from the UK's criminal records office Acro shows the figure rose from 34 in 2014 to 164 in 2016.

Meanwhile, the number with murder or manslaughter convictions in their native countries trebled in the same period.

Statistics show 298 non-British killers were arrested in the UK in 2016 – up from 91 two years earlier.

And the number of foreign rapists caught jumped from 133 in 2014 to 237 last year.

Most of the convicted killers came to the UK from other EU nations.

They were able to slip in unchallenged with their murky past only coming to light when they were caught breaking the law here. ...

The Acro statistics also reveal the nationalities of foreign criminals arrested in Britain.

In the past three years 175 Romanian, 64 Polish and 55 Lithuanian killers have been arrested here.

During the same period 181 Romanian, 153 Polish 53 Lithuanian rapists were held by British police for other offences.
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Number of migrants trying to sneak in on ferries from Spain soars: More than 1,250 have been caught so far in 2017
Daily Mail, 25 September 2017

Officials said 1,251 had been caught trying to board ferries from Bilbao in northern Spain to Portsmouth in the first eight months of this year.

That compares to 436 in the whole of 2016.

Brittany Ferries, which runs the ferry route, has called on port security in Spain to be tightened to stop offenders repeatedly trying to board ships.

A company spokesman said most of those involved are young, male Albanians who are 'well-organised' and repeatedly target the port's perimeter in Bilbao. ...

Portsmouth City Council is looking after more than 40 asylum-seeking teenage boys who arrived unaccompanied. ...

Portsmouth City Council leader Councillor Donna Jones said: ...

'The council has the responsibility to look after unaccompanied asylum-seeking children so any entering the country illegally, without a genuine need for asylum, place an additional burden on our already limited financial resource.'
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Nearly half of Islamic schools in England require girls to wear hijabs, says report
Harvey Gavin
Daily Express, 25 September 2017

Education chiefs have been urged to allow Muslim girls "free choice" after it emerged that pupils at dozens of Islamic schools are being forced to wear hijabs.

Research by the National Secular Society (NSS) found that out of 142 Islamic schools which accept girls, 41 per cent have uniform codes that suggest a form of the religious headscarf is compulsory.

Of the 142 schools, 11 receive state funding and 27 are primary schools. ...

The group's research says that some schools explicitly state a hijab is compulsory. ...

At 18 of the 142 schools included in the study, 18 clearly state that wearing a hijab is optional. Thirteen of these are state funded.
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Hard Data, Hollow Protests
Heather Mac Donald
City Journal, 25 September 2017

The FBI released its official crime tally for 2016 today, and the data flies in the face of the rhetoric that professional athletes rehearsed in revived Black Lives Matter protests over the weekend. Nearly 900 additional blacks were killed in 2016 compared with 2015, bringing the black homicide-victim total to 7,881. Those 7,881 "black bodies," in the parlance of Ta-Nehisi Coates, are 1,305 more than the number of white victims (which in this case includes most Hispanics) for the same period, though blacks are only 13 percent of the nation's population. The increase in black homicide deaths last year comes on top of a previous 900-victim increase between 2014 and 2015.

Who is killing these black victims? Not whites, and not the police, but other blacks. In 2016, the police fatally shot 233 blacks, the vast majority armed and dangerous, according to the Washington Post. The Post categorized only 16 black male victims of police shootings as "unarmed." That classification masks assaults against officers and violent resistance to arrest. Contrary to the Black Lives Matter narrative, the police have much more to fear from black males than black males have to fear from the police. In 2015, a police officer was 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male was to be killed by a police officer. Black males have made up 42 percent of all cop-killers over the last decade, though they are only 6 percent of the population. That 18.5 ratio undoubtedly worsened in 2016, in light of the 53 percent increase in gun murders of officers – committed vastly and disproportionately by black males. Among all homicide suspects whose race was known, white killers of blacks numbered only 243.

Violent crime has now risen by a significant amount for two consecutive years. The total number of violent crimes rose 4.1 percent in 2016, and estimated homicides rose 8.6 percent. In 2015, violent crime rose by nearly 4 percent and estimated homicides by nearly 11 percent. /.../ Seventy-two percent of the nation's officers say that they and their colleagues are now less willing to stop and question suspicious persons, according to a Pew Research poll released in January. The reason is the persistent anti-cop climate.

Four studies came out in 2016 alone rebutting the charge that police shootings are racially biased. If there is a bias in police shootings, it works in favor of blacks and against whites. That truth has not stopped the ongoing demonization of the police – including, now, by many of the country's ignorant professional athletes. The toll will be felt, as always, in the inner city, by the thousands of law-abiding people there who desperately want more police protection.
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UNC Charlotte Offers 345 Diversity and Social Justice Courses
Tom Ciccotta
Breitbart, 25 September 2017

The University of North Carolina, Charlotte, offers a staggering 345 courses on the topic of diversity and social justice.

The University of North Carolina, Charlotte released a list of their "Diversity Courses" that spans 21 pages and covers academic disciplines such as Religious Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Languages and Culture Studies, and Africana Studies.
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Nurses who failed English test aimed at curbing immigration set for a reprieve
James Tapper
The Observer, 24 September 2017

Language rules introduced to curb immigration are set to be relaxed after they prevented native English-speaking nurses from working in the NHS.

The NHS has a shortage of 40,000 nurses and recruiters and NHS employers have been lobbying for looser language requirements so that thousands of nurses from countries such as Australia, India and the Philippines can work in Britain.

In June, the Observer uncovered evidence that Australians and other native English-speaking nurses were being turned down because they could not pass the International English Language Testing System test. Now the Nursing and Midwifery Council will consider a measure on Wednesday to allow other measures such as the Occupational English Test.

Nurses with a recent qualification that was taught in English and nurses who have worked for two years in a country where English is the native language would also qualify. If patient organisations and NHS bodies also agree to the proposals, the changes could be introduced next month.
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Illegal immigrant seeking asylum in UK was crack and heroin dealer
Mike Lockley
Birmingham Mail, 24 September 2017

The son of a murdered Afghan policeman, who was smuggled out of the country when he was just nine, has been jailed for drug dealing.

Ali Nadiri was caught dealing crack cocaine in Marc, and then dealing from his home in Leamington four months later, Warwick Crown Court heard. ...

Rashad Mohammed, defending, said his client was a user of class A drugs, and was buying them to use and to sell to fund his own addiction.
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Angela Merkel embroiled in refugee scandal in huge blow days before German election
Allan Hall
Daily Express, 23 September 2017

A leaked internal German government report appears to condemn Chancellor Angel Merkel for opening the country's borders to refugees without first gaining parliamentary approval. ...

The report by the Bundestag Scientific Office - a team of non party political legal experts - stated it is the role of the Bundestag to decide on all "matters of essential relevance to the state".

Experts said the opaque diplomatic language used in it signals parliament should have had the final say on the matter "as the decision led to a change in the proportion of non-Germans to Germans in the country".

Influential news magazine Der Spiegel said: "Bundestag lawyers clearly see an unclear legal situation for the border opening.

"This is an explosive opinion on the refugee crisis shortly before the election."

The story was broken by the Die Welt newspaper.

Merkel opened up the borders in September 2015 after discussing the issue with her cabinet. ...

The internal report says German law states that refugees do not have a right to apply for asylum in Germany if they entered the it through another signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention.

They said, according to German law, asylum seekers should have been turned away at the Austrian border.
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Statistically speaking, black people in Germany don't exist
Aamna Mohdin
Quartz, 23 September 2017

Immigration is the top issue for Germans voting in the federal race on Sept. 24. Germany's interior minister has a 10-point proposal for defining national identity, including that "we don't do burqa." ...

But mysteriously absent from this debate is the voice of racial minorities. "Black people in Germany are mostly invisible," says Daniel Gyamerah of Diversity in Leadership, a German advocacy group for people of color that advocates for equality of data.

Germany doesn't see race – or at least it pretends not to. Racial categories that are commonplace in the US and UK – such as white, black, and Asian – don't exist in Germany. /.../ Everyone is German, the thinking goes, and should be treated the same across the board.

To some, these are lofty principles aimed at boosting equality. ...

Germany doesn't collect racial statistics (i.e., black, white, Asian). So while the US knows its black population makes up roughly 13% of its population, and the UK's black population amounts to roughly 3%, Germany is clueless. A UN team that recently examined racism in Germany estimated there to be many as one million people with "African roots" in Germany, more than 1% of the population. But such estimates are unreliable, partly because it's unclear how many black people would identify as having "African roots."

What Germany does document is the country of origin of recent immigrants. According to official statistics, one in five German residents are now first or second-generation immigrants, meaning either they were born in another country or have one parent born in another country. /.../ The country's largest immigrant block (amounting to just over half of its immigrant voters) is made up of ethnic Germans from largely former Soviet countries (largely known as Spätaussiedler) and Turkish Germans.

Beyond that, the demographic data is extremely hazy. All ethnic minority Germans who aren't first or second-generation immigrants are just labeled "German." ...

By contrast, ethnic minorities in the UK and US are now a formidable political force. In 1965, there were just six black Americans in the House of Representatives. By 2015, that figure jumped to 44. This year, the UK elected its most diverse parliament to date (jumping from three ethnic minority MPs in 1987 to 52).

Black Americans played a crucial role in electing Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. In the 2016 presidential election, low voter turnout among blacks was considered a major reason for why Hillary Clinton lost. In the UK, ethnic minorities helped the Labour Party gain enough ground to deny prime minister Theresa May a governing majority in parliament.

Politicians in these countries outwardly court ethnic minorities. In a nod to black culture, Clinton famously told a radio host she keeps "hot sauce" in her bag, while UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn courted grime artists to mobilize black and ethnic minority voters.
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When the facts came out, the killing of a Polish man had nothing to do with anti-immigrant feeling
Ross Clark
The Spectator, 23 September 2017

Nothing spoke of the fractious atmosphere in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum more than the death of 40-year-old Arek Jozwik in a shopping centre in Harlow, Essex in August 2016. What might, on any other weekend, have been passed over as just another grubby Saturday-night incident on Britain's drunken high streets became elevated into a symptom of Brexit-induced racial hatred. /.../ This was the premise of almost all reporting on the story: a man seemed to have been murdered for being Polish.

Viewers of BBC1's News at Six were told, 'the fear is that this was a frenzied racist attack triggered by the Brexit referendum'. /.../ In Harlow, residents held a candlelit vigil to protest against what was explained to them as a wave of hate. ...

The idea of anti-Polish murder in post-Brexit Britain was understandably shocking. But what was the evidence for it? Crimes take time to investigate, the truth takes months to come out. When the answer came in Chelmsford crown court last week, there was far less media interest. Given the prominence of the story, it's worth setting the record straight.

The killer, a 16-year-old, was sentenced to three years' detention for manslaughter. /.../ It emerged from the case that there was a racial element to the incident – although the racism was not aimed at Mr Jozwik. On the contrary, the court heard it was Mr Jozwik and his friends who made racist comments against the then 15-year-old and those he was with. ...

The tragic death of Mr Jozwik brings shame on Britain for conditions in town centres late at night. But what evidence of a link to Brexit? None at all. Drunkenness and violence have been a problem for decades. ...

Mr Jozwik's death was not the only reported post-Brexit 'hate crime' which turned out to be nothing of the sort. Among other high-profile incidents, the window of a Spanish restaurant was broken in Lewisham – recorded on that trusty record of crime, Facebook, as a result of Brexit-induced hate but later treated by police as a burglary. ...

The Jozwik case provides a salutary lesson for anyone who is tempted to jump to conclusions about crimes before the full facts are known. Such reactions are themselves a form of prejudice, which in this case has been committed by people who considered themselves to be standing up against prejudice.
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Britain's '1985' police forces are unable to cope with this year's dramatic rise in terror attacks
Robert Mendick
Daily Telegraph, 22 September 2017

Britain's police forces are stuck with '1985 levels of staffing', making them unable to cope with this year's dramatic rise in terror attacks, one of country's most senior officers warns today [Friday].

In a desperate plea for funding, Sara Thornton, the head of the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC), says the "flat cash" agreement announced by ministers two years ago is no longer enough.

Hundreds of specialist counter-terrorism officers have been assigned to massive inquiries launched in the wake of each of the five attacks to hit the UK this year.

In an assessment published six months after the Westminster Bridge atrocity, Ms Thornton complains that the attacks have had a terrible knock-on effect on ordinary policing.

Ms Thornton says: "Every time there's a terror attack, we mobilise specialist officers and staff to respond, but the majority of the officers and staff responding come from mainstream policing. This puts extra strain on an already-stretched service.

"In the response to the Manchester attack, three quarters of the resources deployed came from mainstream policing.

"This disrupts the daily work of policing on which the public rely, it creates backlogs of incidents in our control rooms and results in a slower response to the public.

"With officer numbers at 1985 levels, crime up 10% in the last year and police work becoming ever more complex, this additional pressure is not sustainable.

"The current flat cash settlement for forces announced in 2015 is no longer enough."

The Government is boosting its total spending on counter-terrorism by 30%, from £11.7 billion to £15.1 billion.

But Ms Thornton argues that the amount allocated from that budget to policing, which currently totals around £700 million a year, is set to be cut by 7.2% in the next three years.

"When the volume and nature of threat is growing alarmingly, that is a real concern," she says.
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Danish Prime Minister Warns of the Emergence of Muslim Parallel Societies, No-Go Zones
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 22 September 2017

Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has warned that his country may be seeing a rise of Muslim "parallel societies" and no-go zones and has promised to take steps against them.

The Danish prime minister said that the problem has become so prevalent in Denmark that he is considering state intervention in some areas. ...

The move is doubly unusual for Europe, where the normal approach of establishment politicians is to deny the existence of no-go zones altogether. ...

"It's a matter of being realistic about the situation," Rasmussen said, "and there are areas where there is already a different set of rules. Where the gangs are in control and the police can not work. I can not sit and passively let it happen."

"We have tried everything possible, but we just could not solve the problem," Rasmussen said and called on the Danish parliament to "engage us in a different and more robust way".

Rasmussen has called on three ministers in his cabinet to brainstorm ideas on how to better integrate Muslim pupils in schools or solve complex issues in housing estates to prevent the emergence of parallel societies.
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Why German parties are flyering and advertizing in languages from Russian to English
Nicholas Thomas
The Local [Germany], 22 September 2017

With so many voters apparently still undecided about who to pick on Sunday, parties have taken to advertizing in several languages, desperate for every vote they can get. ...

In a move that is virtually unheard of in the UK and many other European countries, Germany's major political parties are printing adverts, flyers and posters in the languages spoken by the country's immigrants.

It isn't just Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) that is employing this tactic. ...

Other major parties are also taking the multilingual route. The Social Democrats (SPD), led at this election by Chancellor-candidate Martin Schulz, have printed election flyers in seven languages (excluding German).

The Free Democratic Party (FDP) has published its manifesto online in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, and Russian. For them, the decision was about inclusiveness.
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Asian sex gang victim says she was raped by THOUSANDS of men in terrifying ordeal that started when she was 14
Emily Retter
Mirror, 21 September 2017

Over 15 years, from the age of 14, Caitlin Spencer was raped by thousands of men. ...

Now, she is bravely telling her horrific story for the first time. Hers is undoubtedly one of the very worst cases of UK child trafficking at the hands of a predominantly Asian sex gang heard to date. And, shockingly, Caitlin – whose real name we are protecting for her safety – says the vast gang, which includes a local politician, is still at large.

She wants to name names to protect other potential victims, but legally she can't. Although she found the courage to make an official police report two years ago, her case was dropped.

Predominantly Asian sex gangs are no strangers to the headlines now. Three weeks ago, an 18-strong group was convicted in Newcastle of grooming and raping girls as young as 13. Police said there were 278 victims.

The case – which included men of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish backgrounds – followed similar convictions in Rochdale, Oxford, Bristol, Aylesbury and Peterborough. But Caitlin says this barely scrapes the surface of the network of abusers she believes exist. ...

Referring to the Newcastle case, she says: "There is no way the gangs are that small, I can guarantee that. I would be taken to places across the country. I cannot count how many men raped me, but I believe it runs into thousands." ...

By September 2014, the then National Crime Agency's Human Trafficking Centre officially deemed Caitlin a victim of trafficking. It warns that the problem is on the rise, and underestimated.

Will Kerr, the NCA's Director of Vulnerabilities, said: "Modern slavery has rightly been made a priority across law enforcement, but it is a hidden crime so the onus is on us to seek it out.

"The more that we look for modern slavery, the more we find the evidence of widespread abuse of the vulnerable."

He adds: "The growing body of evidence we are collecting points to the scale being far larger than anyone had previously thought. The intelligence we are gaining is showing that there are likely to be far more victims out there, and the numbers of victims in the UK has been underestimated."
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Millennials spend three times more of income on housing than grandparents
Robert Booth
The Guardian, 20 September 2017

Millennials are spending three times more of their income on housing than their grandparents yet are often living in worse accommodation, says a study launched by former Conservative minister David Willetts that warns of a "housing catastrophe".

The generation currently aged 18-36 are typically spending over a third of their post-tax income on rent or about 12% on mortgages, compared with 5%-10% of income spent by their grandparents in the 1960s and 1970s. Despite spending more, young people today are more likely to live in overcrowded and smaller spaces, and face longer journeys to work – commuting for the equivalent of three days a year more than their parents.

The research by Willetts' intergenerational commission at the Resolution Foundation thinktank also reveals that today's 30-year-olds are only half as likely to own their own home as their baby boomer parents. ...

The report's authors argue that the housing crisis is a huge part of public anxiety about the country's direction, a factor in the result of the EU referendum last year and in the general election in June.

A young family today has to save for 19 years on average to afford a typical deposit compared with three years for the previous generation, the report states. ...

By highlighting intergenerational inequality, Willetts hopes to break down public opposition to mass housebuilding – not least from parents who despair at the difficulty their children face in finding good housing.
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Viktor Orbán: Christianity and identity versus western liberalism
Visegrad Post, 20 September 2017

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reiterated strong remarks for the start of the parliamentary year and nailed his strategy for the final months of his current mandate.

Mid-September, Viktor Orbán held two keynote speeches for parliamentary opening after the summer recess. The first speech took place in front of an audience of Christian intellectuals invited to the parliament, among them the Cardinal of Hungary Péter Erdo, who shares the views of the government on migration.

During his speech, Mr Orbán considered that the adoption by Hungary and Central Europe of "western liberalism would mean spiritual suicide for the central Europeans". According to the strong man of Budapest, this would mean for Central Europe to "become mixed societies in our lifetime, thus irreversibly sweeping away our national and Christian identities." ...

A few days later, Viktor Orbán held his second speech for the opening of the parliamentary year, this time in front of the members of parliament. ...

Regarding the migratory waves seen so far, it was only "a warm-up". According to Viktor Orbán, the information provided by NATO indicates that 60 million people in Africa will set out by 2020 to Europe. He therefore accuses Brussels' migration policy of being thus responsible for "terrorist acts that have become weekly, the dramatic fall of public security, and the change visible with naked eye of the demographic, religious and cultural face of Europe".

"This is from what we want to preserve Hungary, Central Europe and, if that is still possible, the entire European Union," said Viktor Orbán. According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, migration policy currently determines two camps within the European Union.

On the one hand, the countries which "invite or even organize the arrival [...] of invasive peoples", became "mixed countries". ...

On the other, countries opposed to immigration, such as Hungary, who are committed to "keep their security, their way of life, their national and religious identities", adding that "we want a Hungarian Hungary, and I add wistfully, that we would also like a European Europe".
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Britain has large audience for online jihadist propaganda, report says
Alan Travis
The Guardian, 19 September 2017

Online jihadist propaganda attracts more clicks in Britain than in any other European country and the main internet companies are failing to curb it, a centre-right thinktank has said.

Policy Exchange analysts have said that Islamic State is still producing, at a conservative estimate, about 100 items of new content each week, including execution videos and bomb-making instructions, despite big military defeats in Iraq and Syria.

The report, the NewNetwar, says the jihadist online "ecosystem", the core of which is rooted in the Telegram app, has tentacles across hundreds of different domains. It is resilient and reaches an audience of, at minimum, tens of thousands, including large numbers of users in the UK.

The report is published ahead of a meeting between Theresa May and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, to discuss possible new measures to tackle online extremism, including fines for web companies that fail to take down extremist content.

It includes a foreword by Gen David Petraeus, the former US commander in Iraq and CIA director, who says that the attempted tube bombing at Parsons Green last Friday, using a device that could be built from instructions found online, underscored once again the ever-present nature of the threat.

"Jihadists have shown particular facility in exploiting ungoverned or even inadequately governed spaces in the Islamic world," said Petraeus. "This new Policy Exchange report shows they are also exploiting the vast, largely ungoverned spaces in cyberspace, demonstrating increasing technical expertise, sophistication in media production, and agility in the face of various efforts to limit its access.

"It is clear that our counter-extremism efforts and other initiatives to combat extremism online have, until now, been inadequate. There is no doubting the urgency of this matter. The status quo clearly is unacceptable."
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Mayor of Lampedusa says the Italian island is 'collapsing' because of violence and crime committed by large numbers of migrants
Iain Burns
MailOnline, 19 September 2017

The mayor of Lampedusa has that warned his Italian island is 'collapsing' after 'threats, harassments and thefts' caused by migrants from North Africa.

The tiny island in the Mediterranean has for years been a reception centre for hundreds of thousands of migrants heading into Europe.

It became world famous for its 'welcome culture' as the several thousand locals helped Africans who landed on the island's shore after making the voyage from Libya and Tunisia.

But new mayor Salvatore Martello, who was re-elected in June, has said that Lampedusa 'has to change' its welcoming ways, according to Ansa news agency.

In an open letter, Martello said: 'Threats, harassments, thefts, Lampedusa is about to collapse.'

He said police are 'powerless' and demanded the closure of the island's 'useless' migrant centre.

The mayor also said that - 'unfortunately' - 'asking migrants to respect the same rules that apply to Lampedusans and other Italian citizens, according to some people, means being "racist".'
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Multiculturalism is Europe's new faith
Ed West
Spectator blog, 19 September 2017

We're always told these things won't divide us, when in fact they clearly do; not just between Muslims and the majority, but between white liberals and white conservatives. For many of the former, the events of the past few months have hugely strengthened their faith in diversity and multiculturalism, a paradox, but an understandable one. They view Islamic terrorism as attacks on culturally and racially diverse liberal societies; conservatives view them as the inevitable consequence of them.

But then multiculturalism is a faith, and many of its believers seem quite prepared to die for their religion. Quite literally, if the alternative is to embrace racism in any form. It could be argued that it is the third great universalist faith to take hold among Europe's intellectuals, after Christianity and Communism, although the former – by far the most logical of the three – at least promises paradise only in the afterlife and accepts that humans are flawed.

Among the sacred ideas of the multicultural faith is the idea of jus soli, that people born within a territorial jurisdiction must by definition belong to that piece of land. This is why our national broadcaster refers to black-clad Islamic fundamentalists shouting incomprehensible Arabic slogans as being 'British', while the group in charge of eastern Syria is the 'so-called' Islamic State. You may refer to these men as British if you like, but you should accept that in doing so you are robbing that word of any real meaning. Never mind the solid literature showing that groups tend to retain their characteristics long after moving from one country to the next, the Manchester Arena bomber was UK-born and so somehow more British than Cliff Richard, Joanna Lumley or Richard Dawkins.

The available evidence suggests that, barring some miracle, these terror attacks are going to escalate into a sort of European Intifada. And as a result, western Europe's transition into a place more like Israel will become more and more rapid. We will see increased security everywhere and there will be an eternal sense of danger in public places.

Realistically there are only two options open to us to fight this. Either, a significant expansion in the state's surveillance powers, including the right to censor the internet and access our personal data, as well as an increased and more heavily-armed police presence. Or, we violate the sanctity of jus soli by deporting jihadis, even native-born ones, something Germany has already begun doing. ...

Of course unlike France, which traditionally follows jus soli, Germany has a tradition of jus sanguinis, nationality being defined by ancestry; Britain has never really followed either concept, or we've never had to articulate either way because historically immigration to this island has been so small. And because, quite rightfully, nationality is a mixture of both.
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The billionaires investing in Cyprus in exchange for EU passports
Sara Farolfi, David Pegg and Stelios Orphanides
The Guardian, 18 September 2017

A leaked list of names of those who have benefited from Cyprus's citizenship-by-investment programmes represents a detailed insight into the panoply of clients behind schemes providing passports to the super rich.

It also reveals the extent to which interest from the Russian and Ukrainian elite has driven the programme which, according to the Cypriot government, has generated more than €4bn in investment since 2013. There is no suggestion of wrongdoing on the part of beneficiaries.

Prior to 2013, Cypriot citizenship was granted on a discretionary basis by ministers, in a less formal version of the current arrangement.

"Golden visa" schemes, whereby countries sell passports or citizenship in exchange for investment, are almost universally carried out in complete secrecy. Only Malta has ever published the names of its applicants. ...

Leonid Lebedev, a former member of the Russian parliament and the sole owner of the Sintez Group, is one of hundreds of Russian nationals named as having acquired Cypriot citizenship.
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Reliance on cheap foreign labour 'damages economy': Experts warn Britain's unskilled workers are being neglected in trend which damages productivity
Claire Ellicott
Daily Mail, 18 September 2017

Neglecting Britain's unskilled workers and relying on cheap labour from abroad have damaged productivity, a report warns today.

The country's sluggish rate of growth is due to a lack of training of the bottom 20 per cent of unskilled workers, the Centre for Social Justice says.

Report author Iain Duncan Smith warned that the UK's reluctance to invest in training a generation of British workers had led to an over-reliance on cheap labour.

The former work and pensions secretary called on the Government to invest in training or face no rise in living standards. ...

The report by Mr Duncan Smith, economist Gerard Lyons and several top business leaders, found the bottom 20 per cent of the workforce had suffered most. It said a lack of investment by business and poor education had prevented British workers, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, making the most of their natural abilities.

Mr Duncan Smith warned that while many unskilled workers still had jobs, wages had barely increased in the past ten years.
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Are refugees welcome to plant bombs on our trains?
Douglas Murray
Spectator blog, 18 September 2017

It's all a long time ago now isn't it? All of three days since someone put a bomb on a London Underground train and then stepped out of the carriage. Thankfully the detonator went off without managing to trigger the main bomb, which isn't a mistake we can hope for every time. ...

It remains strange how fast we pass over all of this. ...

What we fail to recall is that while 'Keep calm and carry on' was fine advice for the citizenry of London during the nightly destruction of the Blitz, Britain didn't win World War II simply by the daily expression of taciturn stoicism.
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Police Violence against Black Men Is Rare
Philippe Lemoine
National Review, 18 September 2017

According to this narrative, black men are constantly harassed by the police and routinely brutalized with impunity, even when they have done nothing wrong, and there is an "epidemic of police shootings of unarmed black men." ...

This narrative is false. In reality, a randomly selected black man is overwhelmingly unlikely to be victim of police violence – and though white men experience such violence even less often, the disparity is consistent with the racial gap in violent crime, suggesting that the role of racial bias is small. The media's acceptance of the false narrative poisons the relations between law enforcement and black communities throughout the country and results in violent protests that destroy property and sometimes even claim lives. Perhaps even more importantly, the narrative distracts from far more serious problems that black Americans face. ...

First, despite what the narrative claims, it's not true that black men are constantly stopped by the police for no reason. Indeed, black men are less likely than white men to have contact with the police in any given year, though this includes situations where the respondent called the cops himself: 17.5 percent versus 20.7 percent. Similarly, a black man has on average only 0.32 contacts with the police in any given year, compared with 0.35 contacts for a white man. ...

If we look at how often the police use physical force against men of different races, we find that there is indeed a racial disparity, but that this experience is rare across the board. Only 0.6 percent of black men experience physical force by the police in any given year, while approximately 0.2 percent of white men do. ...

Further, physical force as defined by the PPCS includes relatively mild forms of violence such as pushing and grabbing. Actual injuries by the police are so rare that one cannot estimate them very precisely even in a survey as big as the PPCS, but the available data suggest that only 0.08 percent of black men are injured by the police each year, approximately the same rate as for white men. /.../ Moreover, keep in mind that these tallies of police violence include violence that is legally justified.

Now, it's true that there are significant differences in the rates at which men of different races experience police violence – 0.6 percent is triple 0.2 percent. However, although people often equate racial disparities with bias, this inference is fallacious, as can be seen through an analogy with gender: Men are vastly more likely to experience police violence than women are, but while bias may explain part of this disparity, nobody doubts that most of it has to do with the fact that men are on average far more violent than women. Similarly, if black men commit violent crimes at much higher rates than white men, that might have a lot to do with the disparity in the use of force by the police.
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Brussels to end mandatory refugee relocation (for now)
Jacopo Barigazzi
Politico, 17 September 2017

The EU's controversial refugee relocation scheme won't be renewed when it runs out at the end of this month – but Brussels will keep on helping member countries that take in refugees, according to senior diplomats.

On September 26, the scheme, which aimed to take 160,000 refugees who had arrived in Italy and Greece and move them across the bloc, will come to an end. However, the scheme fell well short of expectations. As of September 4, just 27,695 refugees had been relocated and some EU members, notably Hungary and Poland, refused to take part even though participation was supposed to be mandatory. ...

The problem for the Commission is how to deal with the refugees who arrive after September 26. A new, permanent mechanism for relocating refugees is being discussed as part of an update to the Dublin rules – which state that the EU country in which asylum seekers first set foot must deal with their applications. But those talks are stalled and the Commission must figure out how to fill the gap.

The plan is to keep on supporting member countries that are willing to relocate but without launching a new relocation scheme. ...

Warsaw is studying every move Brussels makes on migration and seems likely to challenge in court any measure that would extend relocation or make Poland take in refugees, said one of the diplomats.
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In a society too short of common goals, identity politics are an imperfect answer
Kenan Malik
The Guardian, 17 September 2017

Last November, Columbia University historian Mark Lilla published a comment piece in the New York Times, entitled The End of Identity Liberalism. Numbed by Trump's election victory, Lilla placed the blame largely at the door of "identity politics", which, he argued, had atomised American politics, undermined civic culture and destroyed the Democrats' electoral chances. Liberalism, he wrote, "has slipped into a kind of moral panic about racial, gender and sexual identity that has distorted liberalism's message and prevented it from becoming a unifying force capable of governing". ...

It's a debate equally significant for politics on this side of the Atlantic. Here, too, the left has considerably weakened, society has become more fragmented and there has developed an equally fraught debate about the politics of identity.

Now Lilla's op-ed has become a book, The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics. Its publication has reignited the debate over the politics of identity. /.../ To regain power, Lilla argues, the liberal left needs to rediscover that notion of the common good by adopting a pragmatic form of politics. He is particularly caustic about protest movements such as Black Lives Matter. "We need no more marchers," he writes. "We need more mayors."

Between them, Lilla and his critics sum up well the impasse of contemporary politics on the left. Many of his critics cannot see that the politics of identity, far from defending the marginalised and the powerless, fragments the possibilities of meaningful social change. Lilla cannot see that the self-proclaimed "liberal centrist" politics he espouses has helped create the fragmentation of which he despairs. In Europe, too, debates about immigration and multiculturalism, about nationalism and federalism, expose a similar kind of deadlock. ...

"As identity consciousness has increased among liberals," Lilla has observed, "political consciousness has decreased." That is to look at the issue back to front. It is not so much that identity consciousness has diminished political consciousness, but rather that the diminishment of ideological politics has allowed the politics of identity to flourish. ...

... One of the consequences of the mainstreaming of identity politics is that, on both sides of the Atlantic, racism is becoming rebranded as white identity politics.

What Lilla fails to recognise is that the demand for "mayors not marchers" – for pragmatic politics over social movements – is a change that has already happened; and the consequence has been the kind of identity politics he rightly despises. The problem is not that there are marchers rather than mayors. It is, rather, that both marchers and mayors, both activists and politicians, operate in world in which broader visions of social change have faded. How to restore a sense of solidarity based on broader politics rather than narrow identities – that's the real challenge we face.
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Not one of the 400 Brits who fought alongside ISIS charged with war crimes or deported
Nigel Nelson
Mirroe, 17 September 2017

None of the 400 citizens returning here after fighting for Islamic State in Syria and Iraq have been charged with war crimes.

Yet the Council of Europe's legal affairs committee recently ruled membership of the terror group, also known as Daesh, is enough for prosecution at the Hague's International Criminal Court.

Labour Shadow Minister Liam Byrne, representing Britain, backed the decision.

He said: "We know British citizens were soldiers and commanders in Daesh's army of evil. Yet not a single soldier captured on their return has been charged with war crimes or genocide."

MI5 estimates that 850 Brits have slipped into Iraq and Syria to fight for IS – half of whom have returned.

They were outside the jurisdiction of the ICC while there but could have been deported to the Hague upon their return.

Mr Byrne added: "This cannot possibly be justice. The Government must look again at throwing the full weight of international law at those who took part in crimes against humanity." ...

Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt said we are a strong supporter of the ICC but added: "To date, no British citizens have been charged in the UK with war crimes in relation to Daesh activities."
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Germany and France want to 'suspend' open border-rule amid growing terror concerns
Macer Hall
Daily Express, 16 September 2017

German and French officials are pressing for the right to suspend passport-free border rules for up to four years amid growing concern about terrorism and illegal immigration, leaked documents revealed today.

They want to be able to suspend the Schengen rules in "exceptional circumstances" to allow the reintroduction of full checks on travellers crossing borders in mainland Europe.

The demand, from the governments of two of the founding member nations of the European Union, is seen as an indication of growing dissatisfaction with unrestricted free movement in Europe.

It is also a blow to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Earlier this week he called for the Schengen Zone to be extended to include Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia. ...

Twenty-six European nations, including 22 of the 28 EU member states, are signed up to the Schengen Agreement. ...

A confidential diplomatic paper today revealed the demand for the right for nations to temporarily suspend Schengen rules for up to four years.

Austria, Denmark and Norway have joined France and Germany in backing the idea. ...

Earlier this week Mr Juncker denied claims that passport-free travel was "an invitation to terrorists".
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Chilean crime gang who travelled to Britain to steal £60,000 in jewellery and cash in a series of raids on country homes are jailed for a total of 21 years
Nick Enoch
MailOnline, 16 September 2017

A Chilean crime gang has been jailed for a total of 21 years after travelling to Britain to target large country homes - stealing more than £60,000 in jewellery and cash in the process. ...

Luis Rojas, 35, Francisco Montecinos, 32, and Julio Galdamez-Rodriguez, 20, made off with tens of thousands of pounds in cash, expensive jewellery, iPad tablet computers, passports, driving licences, clothes, and caused thousands in damage by smashing their way inside.

Rojas had previously been deported from the EU in 2005 for theft while he lived in Spain, Cardiff Crown Court was told.

But he was allowed to come to London in January this year where he teamed up with his countrymen - and restarted his crimes.
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We've got too many migrants: survey
Kalina Oroschakoff
Politico, 16 September 2017

Migration has grown at a worrying level, according to a global survey, with citizens of Turkey, Italy, Sweden and Germany the most concerned about rising levels.

Three-quarters of those who took part in the Ipsos Institute poll said the number of migrants in their country had grown too much over the past five years. ...

Turkey topped the list of countries with concerns about migration, with 78 percent of respondents saying the increase was too large, followed by Italy (74 percent), Sweden (66 percent) and Germany (65 percent). In France, 58 percent said they felt immigration had increased significantly.

According to the findings, an overall 21 percent of people consider immigration to have had a positive impact on their country. However, that figure was just 14 percent in France (a slight increase on the 2016 figure of 11 percent) and 18 percent in Germany, which goes to the polls on September 24.

The British have a more upbeat view of immigration, according to the poll, with 40 percent seeing the positive side. Canada and the U.S. had similar results, with 38 percent and 35 percent saying migration had benefits.

People in most countries still "strongly agree" or "somewhat agree" with the suggestion that there are terrorists in their country who claim to be refugees, according to Le Figaro.

The survey was carried out among 18,000 people in 25 countries.
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90 Per Cent Of Asylum Seekers In Austria End Up On Welfare
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 16 September 2017

Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka is resisting EU efforts to increase his country's migrant quota, claiming that 90 per cent of asylum seekers in Austria end up on welfare benefits and strain the system.

The Austrian Interior Minister once again railed at attempts by the European Union to send more migrants to Austria, saying that the vast majority end up claiming benefits, Kronen Zeitung reports.

Sobotka says "Austria has borne the main load from 2014 to 2017," and "Our system is simply overwhelmed". ...

It was also revealed this week that foreign-born mothers are drastically overrepresented among those who claim child care allowance in Austria, with one-third of all claimants coming from foreign backgrounds.

In the capital of Vienna, foreign-background families account for 55 per cent of claimants, costing taxpayers millions of euros.
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Theresa May's phoney race war is dangerous and divisive
Munira Mirza
The Spectator, 16 September 2017
[Munira Mirza was deputy mayor for education and culture under Boris Johnson]

Next month, Theresa May is expected to launch her long-awaited audit into racial disparities in public services. /.../ All this suggests the scene is being set for another bout of political self-flagellation regarding the subject of race in Britain, in which half-truths are peddled by lobbyists and swallowed wholesale by officialdom.

Several studies have already shown that some ethnic groups experience different outcomes in policing, health, employment and education. There are many causes behind these disparities but the evidence will be carefully selected to suit a predetermined agenda. Everyone is gearing up for the report to be a 'game-changer', because ultimately that is what everyone wants. The Prime Minister is desperate for a dramatic announcement to tick her 'burning injustices' box and reset her administration (for 'nasty party' read 'nasty country'). When she announced the audit last August, Mrs May dropped any pretence that she would wait to see the actual evidence by promising that it would 'reveal difficult truths'. Her political advisers fondly imagine the audit will somehow improve the Conservative party's relationship with BAME communities. A panoply of anti-racism lobby groups is excited at the prospect of a new Macpherson or Scarman moment that will pave the way for fresh laws and more public funding for them. And the Labour party sees this as home turf; the more everyone obsesses about race, they believe, the more they stand to gain.

Everyone, including ethnic minorities, should be worried about the way in which anti-racism is becoming weaponised across the political spectrum. What passes for policy discussion in this area is now so heavily divorced from the facts and driven by ideology that there is barely any intelligent debate. Astonishingly, it seems that a lot of people in politics think it's a good idea to exaggerate the problem of racism. ...

The logical fallacies about race have been taken to ludicrous extremes in the area of mental health. In 2004, John Blofeld, a former high court judge no less, published an investigation into the death of the black schizophrenic patient David Bennett at the Norvic clinic in 1998 which concluded that the mental health services were 'a festering abscess' of institutional racism. In 2005, the government produced a new action plan for the sector to reduce 'disproportionate' admissions of black patients to psychiatric wards, a policy which has been continued by successive governments, including the present one.

But the reality is that incidence of mental illness is objectively much higher in the BAME population. Professor Swaran Singh, a social and community psychiatrist with more than 30 years of clinical experience, has argued for over a decade that institutional racism in his profession is not the cause of this. Academic studies show that BAME and migrant groups are more exposed to mental health risk factors, including family breakdown, substance abuse, poverty, living in areas with low social cohesion and, of course, the personal experience of migration and prior instances of racial prejudice. Afro-Caribbean people are more likely than whites to be diagnosed with mental illness, sectioned, forcibly restrained and placed in seclusion. They also make up a third of inpatients on medium-secure psychiatric wards.
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New threat to Britain's green belt: Tens of thousands more homes will be built in leafy areas to tackle the housing crisis
Jason Groves
Daily Mail, 15 September 2017

Well-off parts of the country are facing the construction of tens of thousands of new homes under a controversial Government plan to tackle the housing crisis.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid last night told councils they have to increase housebuilding by up to 40 per cent over the next decade.

It came as ministers said the country needed 266,000 homes a year over the next decade – a huge increase on previous estimates of 200,000.

Mr Javid said many communities would have to accept a number 'well beyond' what councils had previously agreed to meet the shortage. But the move triggered immediate warnings that huge swathes of the country's precious green belt land will be bulldozed. ...

Mr Javid said increases in housing targets would be capped at 40 per cent to ensure they were 'deliverable'. But this still means many local authorities will be asked to approve thousands more homes than they were planning to over the next decade. ...

The Department for Communities and Local Government yesterday published its own assessment of housing needs. Across the country, it suggests 266,000 homes a year will be needed over the next decade – well above the current target of 200,000.
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Nigerian drug dealer leaves taxpayers with £100,000 legal bill after battling deportation
Daily Express, 15 September 2017

A Nigerian criminal has left taxpayers with a six-figure bill after battling against deportation.

Drug dealer Ifeanyi Chukwu Ndidi, 30, launched a six-year series of appeals – funded by legal aid – to attempt to remain in the UK.

Ndidi's lawyers had argued that sending him back to the country of his birth would violate his "right to respect for private and family life".

When his appeals failed they took his case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Finally today the court ruled that his rights had in fact not been violated and he will now be kicked out of the country.

Last night critics hit out at the bill for case – at least £100,000. ...

Ndidi was brought to Britain by his mother when he was two years old.
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Focusing on Diversity Will Destroy America
Daniel Lattier
Intellectual Takeout, 15 September 2017

The common wisdom today in most of America's governmental, corporate, and educational institutions is that we should focus on diversity.

It's believed that an emphasis on multiculturalism is the only way to unify Americans of different backgrounds and prevent the evil of racism from spreading. Assimilation is now considered a form of violence. It is best, so the thinking goes, to simply celebrate ethnic differences among Americans and avoid any sort of push for ideological or cultural conformity.

But if history is a reliable witness, a focus on diversity will ultimately be the downfall of America.

After all, it was for the Roman Empire, which is arguably the best historical parallel to contemporary America.

In an article last year, Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson argued that "emphasizing diversity has been the pitfall, not the strength, of nations throughout history," and used Rome as his chief example: ...

According to former Harvard professor Christopher Dawson, Rome's supposed unity was always tenuous, and fell apart when it could no longer maintain it through administrative prowess and force: ...

Dawson's less sanguine opinion of Rome is shared by University of Washington professor Rodney Stark:

"Chief among these miseries [in the Roman Empire] was the cultural chaos produced by the crazy quilt of ethnic diversity and the blazing hatreds entailed thereby. In uniting its empire, Rome created economic and political unity at the cost of cultural chaos... People of many cultures, speaking many languages, worshipping all manner of gods, had been dumped together helter-skelter."

Genuine, deep unity among diverse peoples is based upon their sharing in a coherent narrative that colors how they view the world and how they operate in their daily lives. It's interesting to ask whether America ever had this kind of unity. In other words, was there ever a coherent narrative that was capable of creating true unity among its diverse citizens, or was America always a mere "artificial union" that has been held together through war, a centralized bureaucracy, material self-interest, and now, propaganda spread through modern technology?

I don't know the answer to that question. But one thing I am certain of is this: an America that focuses on diversity is laying the groundwork for its own destruction.
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Terrorism linked to migration: Polish president
Radio Poland, 15 September 2017

Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Friday he has no doubts that terrorism is linked to migration.

Duda was speaking in Malta during a meeting of the so-called Arraiolos Group, which brings together presidents from EU member states.

Duda said: "There is no doubt that the growing wave of terrorism is linked to migration." ...

Duda said in the Maltese capital, Valletta: "If the EU is to employ – in its internal and external relations – far-reaching political correctness, which I would rather call a kind of naivety, then we will not solve this problem."
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New global study reveals unease about immigration around the world
Bobby Duffy
Ipsos MORI, 14 September 2017

The survey, conducted among online adults aged under 65 in 25 countries world-wide, finds that at least half of people in each country believe that the number of immigrants coming into their country has increased in the last five years. ...

• One in five (21%) on average say that immigration has had a positive effect on their country compared with two in five (42%) who say it has had a negative impact. Saudi Arabia, India, and Britain are the most positive countries where two in five or more say immigration has had a positive impact. Turkey, Italy, Hungary and Serbia are most negative with at least three in five (58%) saying it has had a negative impact.

• Britain and the United States are the two countries which have had the largest positive change since 2011. In Britain, two in five (40%) now say immigration has had a positive impact (up from 19% in 2011) while 35% in the US say the same (up from 18% in 2011). Sweden has seen the largest movement of people becoming more negative, with a quarter (25%) now saying immigration has been positive compared with 37% in 2011.

• Half (48%) on average think that there are too many immigrants in their country. Turkey has the highest number of people thinking this (83%), followed by Italy (66%), South Africa (62%), and Russia (62%).

• Just under half (44%), on average, say that immigration is causing their country to change in ways that they do not like. Again, those in Italy and Turkey were most likely to say this (77% and 63% respectively) while people in Brazil and South Korea were the least likely (23% and 24% respectively).

Most countries are concerned about immigration placing pressure on public services. ...

• On average half (49%) think that immigration has placed too much pressure on public services in their country, while just one in five (19%) disagree. Britain and Australia have seen the biggest decrease in the proportion of people agreeing to this since 2011 – down 20 points in Britain (now at 58%) and down 13 points in Australia (now at 51%). The largest increase is seen in Turkey – now at 73% (up from 45% in 2011), and in Sweden – at 56% (up from 40%).

• When considering the economy 28% overall agree that immigration has had a positive impact (no change from 2016 or 2011). People in Saudi Arabia (50%), Britain (47%), and New Zealand (47%) tend to be most positive, while those in Serbia (8%), Russia (9%), and Hungary (9%) are least positive. Turkey (78%), Russia (64%), and South Africa (58%) are most likely to agree that immigrants have made it more difficult for people their country to find jobs, with those in Sweden (21%), Serbia (21%), and Japan (26%) the least likely to agree to this. Overall two in five (40%) say they agree priority should be given to immigrants with higher education and qualifications (no change from 2016). People in New Zealand (58%), Saudi Arabia (56%), and Britain (55%) are most likely to want to prioritise educated immigrants.

• Only three in ten (31%) globally believe immigrants make their country a more interesting place to live, with the highest scores seen in Britain and New Zealand (both 49%). Britain has seen a significant change since 2011 (up 16 points), becoming much more positive. Serbia (8%), Russia (10%), and Hungary (10%) are the countries with the fewest people showing positive attitudes towards immigration's cultural impact.
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Terror Arrests in Britain Surge 68 Per Cent in 2017 to Record High
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 14 September 2017

The number of terrorism-related arrests in Britain has surged almost 70 per cent to a new record high, as the country's security services grapple an unprecedented threat.

The Home Office announced that 379 people were arrested in the 12 months to June – the highest number of arrests since collection of data began in 2001 – as the UK suffered an intense period of deadly attacks carried out by Islamists.

Revealing that suspects were being detained at a rate of more than one a day, the figures included 12 arrests in connection with the Westminster attack in March, 23 linked to the Manchester Arena terror bombing in May, 21 in relation to the London Bridge attack in June, and one arrest following the van attack at Finsbury Park.

According to the Home Office quarterly bulletin on the police's use of counter-terrorism powers, 123 of the suspects arrested were charged – 105 with terrorism offences – while 189 were released.

Of the 379 people arrested on suspicion of terror offences, 70 per cent said they considered themselves to be British. The proportion of women arrested (14 per cent) was the largest on record.

Prisons saw the number of terrorist inmates rise by 35 per cent this year to 204, continuing an upward trend since statistics were first collected in 2001.

The majority of terrorist prisoners (91 per cent) held Islamist views, while five per cent held far right views and the other four per cent followed ideologies classified as 'other', according to official data. ...

European Union Counter-Terrorism Co-ordinator Gilles de Kerchove estimates that "more than 50,000 radicals have been identified throughout the continent – but notes that many more are going unnoticed due to Islamists' "increasing use of taqiyya" – a form of religiously sanctioned deception – to conceal their beliefs.
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Betrayal of child-sex gang victims goes on
Allison Pearson
Daily Telegraph, 13 September 2017

While survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster are rightly offered healing holidays in Cornwall, what becomes of the thousands of survivors of the UK's child-sex grooming gangs? One, Sammy Woodhouse, has just revealed that, despite being terrorised and raped since the age of 14, she was told by a government body she was not entitled to compensation because she had "willingly" gone along with the abuse.

We may be horrified, but let's not claim we're surprised. Poor white girls like Sammy being pimped and raped by men of mainly Pakistani origin is not something people in power wish to dwell on. In the cockeyed equalities universe in which we now live, it seems only brown people are allowed to be "vulnerable" or discriminated against. The child sex-abuse girls are, quite frankly, a social embarrassment, and so many of them, too!

No one has expressed this sentiment quite so well as Labour's Naz Shah. On Twitter recently, the MP for Bradford West liked and retweeted this despicable statement: "Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity."

Ms Shah claimed she made a mistake. Really? ...

Institutional collusion in the sexual abuse of thousands of white girls by men of Pakistani origin, in order to avoid allegations of racism, is the biggest scandal of my lifetime.
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Tory MP Ken Clarke says Britain's success relies on multiculturalism
AOL, 13 September 2017

Former chancellor and Tory veteran Ken Clarke has warned anti-immigrant Brexit supporters that Britain must embrace a "multiracial, multicultural" society if the UK hopes to thrive in the 21st century.

The 77-year old said that the majority of voters in his generation had reacted to an influx of foreign nationals with an irrational fear that it had resulted in "too much" change for Britain.

"The pressures that (mass immigration) produces are what are causing the distortion of politics, the rejection of traditional parties, the breakdown in respect for authority, the establishment and we've got to find a way of getting rid of that.

"If you're going to be a successful state in the future world in the 21st century, when you live in a big prosperous city that's thriving, you'd better get used to a multiracial , multicultural, multinational society and join people like me in rather enjoying it."
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In praise of borders
Peter Hitchens
First Things, October 2017

Borders are a substitute used by less fortunate lands for the sea and the mountains behind which happier countries shelter. No great civilization has grown and endured except behind the shield of ocean, mountain, or desert. ...

If a country has no sea, it must come up with a substitute. And that substitute is the guarded border. ...

Why, then, do so many speak darkly of borders as unnecessary and undesirable? Enthusiasts for "free movement of peoples," the type who can be found in revolutionary Marxist sects and in the offices of liberal capitalist organs such as The Economist, claim to believe that the absolute equality of all humans is violated by the idea of frontiers. The Bolsheviks believed that humanity is infinitely malleable and that class and education determine changeable human nature. The economic liberals simply think that open borders bring greater general prosperity by keeping labor costs down. In most cases, such people live remotely from the areas most directly affected by the large-scale migration they say they support.

In practice, they will take a slightly different view if too many people act according to their vision. ...

Even on those who in general accept their usefulness, borders have a paradoxical effect. Precisely because they guard us from straying into a different culture, we long to do so. ...

Even if we could somehow construct a world where borders were not necessary for peace and security, could we really be happy without them? There is a joy in crossing from one place into another that we are robbed of by any effort to make all places one. ...

... A world without differences would be a world without any true character or any true freedom, since the planet is far too big a community for people to be effectively unselfish in it. Without borders, we would dwell in a global parking lot. A reasonable love of where you live, its customs, landscape, language, and humor, is the basis for all other communal loves.

.. How can the U.S. reasonably ask people such as me, from law-governed, civilized nations, who have no plans to stay, to submit to fingerprint checks and intrusive questioning at airports, if it simultaneously allows countless persons from who-knows-where to walk straight into the country, vanish for years – and then apply for and be granted citizenship on the grounds that it is too much trouble to do anything else? If you want to have a country, you have to decide who can come into it. If you don't, won't, or can't, it's not a proper country.
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Why The Free Speech Fight Is Really About Smearing The Right As Racists
John Daniel Davidson
The Federalist, 13 September 2017

In the era of Trump, efforts to shut down free speech by force have come almost exclusively from the Left, and are part of a larger project to redefine the boundaries of political discourse in America. Anyone who espouses conservative views or support for the president (or even insufficient opposition to him) can now expect to be labeled a racist, fascist, or white supremacist.

That might sound outrageous to the average American, but it's commonplace in academia.
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Fifty Albanian thugs are being arrested every week in Britain following a surge in drug-related gang warfare
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 12 September 2017

Police are facing an Albanian crime wave with 50 thugs arrested each week amid a surge in drug-related gang warfare.

New figures revealed thousands of people from the tiny Balkan state are being detained in the UK for murder, sex offences, drug dealing, money laundering, people smuggling and death threats. ...

Police chiefs said organised crime groups from the former Communist country now have huge influence on supplying cocaine around the country – and were willing to inflict serious violence to protect their lucrative illegal market.

In total last year, police arrested Albanian crime suspects 2,781 times – up 8 per cent on the 2,578 held in 2015. ...

But thousands of Albanians allowed into the UK are suspected of adopting bogus identities from neighbouring Kosovo, claiming persecution during the regional conflict 18 years ago.

Imposters are now fronting a drugs and prostitution scandal on Britain's streets. ...

The damning figures were uncovered in answers from 37 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales.

There were 649 Albanian inmates in jails at the end of June, making them the third largest foreign group.
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YouTube pulls down 'immigration and Islam' video featuring Nigel Farage amid growing censorship row
Jasper Hamill
The Sun, 12 September 2017

YouTube has once again been accused of censorship after allegedly pulling down a video featuring Nigel Farage talking about "Islam and immigration".

The controversial film ... features excerpts from the UKIP founder's speeches along with nostalgic views of British castles, landscapes and cultural icons.

It also features details of the growing number of Muslims living in the UK as well as shocking newspaper headlines about terrorism and images depicting the migrant crisis.

In the film, Farage is quoted from speeches in which he talks about polls which indicate the British public's disquiet with the level of immigration over the past decades.

He also slams Merkel's migrant policy and discusses sharia courts in Britain.

It was made by a UKIP supporter and Farage is not believed to have been involved in it. ...

"Immigration and Islam are still quite taboo subjects - the blanket term of 'hate speech' is cleverly used to silence dissent," he told The Sun Online. ...

The video is now available on alternative video sharing sites including BitChute. ...

YouTube has been accused of censorship after introducing a controversial new policy designed to reduce the audience for videos deemed to be "inappropriate or offensive to some audiences".
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Indiscriminate on discrimation. Two recent reports that must not lead Ministers astray.
David Goodhart and Richard Norrie
ConservativeHome, 12 September 2017

Last week saw the publication of two Government-commissioned reviews, both related to the life chances of minorities. The Lammy Review, published on Friday and led by David Lammy, investigated the treatment of and outcomes for ethnic minorities in the criminal justice system (CJS). The second, published by the Social Mobility Commission (SMC), looked at the economic chances of young Muslims.

What unites both reports is the assumption that any departure from proportional minority representation – either for bad (numbers in prison) or for good (numbers in top jobs) – must be overwhelmingly the result of discrimination by the majority society. But the evidence for this is weak, which creates a double negative effect: it means the recommendations risk being ineffective, even counterproductive, while the narrative and media coverage of the reports will reinforce the very minority disaffection that they are seeking to allay. It is to be hoped that the Government's race disparity unit, due to be launched next month, does not reinforce this tendency.

Lammy is not looking at differences in levels of recorded crime, but rather at what happens after people are arrested in terms of convictions, sentencing levels and custodial sentences. And there are certain headline figures that do suggest a problem: the non-white minority population is 14 per cent, but makes up 25 per cent of the prison population, and the black population of three per cent makes up 12 per cent of the prison population.

There is certainly a perception among many black British people that the system is rigged against them. Lammy seems to agree with them. He concludes that "BAME individuals still face bias, including overt discrimination, in parts of the justice system."

However, Lammy does little to prove the existence of bias, particularly in the court system. ...

... the Social Mobility Commission ... its latest report, titled The Social Mobility Challenges Faced by Young Muslims. ...

Like the Lammy Review, the focus is firmly on discrimination – yet the evidence is even weaker. ...

Lammy's report is a more serious piece of work than the SMC's, and he makes some reasonable suggestions, including ideas about changing the regime on non-disclosure of criminal records. Indeed, there is a decent report struggling to emerge from beneath the tendentious rhetoric and selective statistics.

Between the lines he is forced to admit that the CJS is not doing a bad job on race and his conclusion and recommendations are correspondingly mild: essentially, please try a bit harder and publish some more data. ...

Moreover, the biased way in which he has written about his own report – generating a Guardian article headlined "The racial bias in our justice system is creating a social time bomb" – is contributing to the very disaffection that he claims to be combatting.
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All British people should be equal before the law
Leo McKinstry
Daily Express, 11 September 2017

Today, when new judges take their oath of office, they swear to "do right to all manner of people" without "fear or favour". Yet that noble ideal is now being eroded by the poisonous creed of political correctness.

The state has become obsessed with pandering to minorities. Instead of upholding the law impartially, too many institutions indulge in special treatment of groups that have been awarded victim status. And so, in the name of fighting discrimination, our ruling elite promotes rank injustice against the British public. ...

Nowhere is the flight from fairness more marked than in the field of race relations. Terrified of accusations of bigotry, the state machine is desperate to parade its hyper sensitivity towards ethnic minorities and migrant groups.

That was the impulse that lay behind the Government's sponsorship of the inquiry headed by Labour MP David Lammy into supposed racial prejudice in the criminal justice system. Lammy's report, published last week, wailed about "overt discrimination" and called for a range of measures such as more race awareness bureaucracy and more ethnic data monitoring.

... Yet Lammy could produce nothing concrete to support his lurid claims of judicial racism. In reality the evidence points in the opposite direction.

One study of crown court verdicts found that ethnic minority men were nine per cent more likely to be acquitted than white men in similar cases. But Lammy's argument really falls apart if we consider some of the most high-profile hate crimes in modern Britain, namely the sexual abuse conducted by predatory Muslim grooming gangs in places such as Rochdale and Rotherham.

Shamefully the neurotic obsession with "Islamophobia" inhibited the police and social services from doing their duty. Twisted dogma triumphed over both compassion and the law so that the authorities protected macho rapists instead of vulnerable girls. If gangs of white skinheads had been systematically assaulting teenage Muslims the state would have bristled with justifiable resolution and ruthlessness. There would have been no cover-up.

Yet, even after the grooming scandals, the cultural cringing goes on as shown in the disgraceful failure to tackle the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation or the casual acceptance of alien sharia law.

Incredibly the Department of Work and Pensions even pays out welfare benefits to multiple wives in polygamous marriages even though such unions are against the law. The same institutionalised pusillanimity is why Islamic jihadism has flourished in Britain to a greater extent than in any other European country, with an estimated 30,000 dangerous extremists in our midst. Genuine equality has been superseded by social engineering.

Contrary to Lammy's blatherings the fixation with diversity is now carried to a grotesque conclusion of open bias and exclusion against the indigenous population. ...

Similarly, a host of public sector training schemes are reserved for ethnic minority candidates, such as at the BBC. Due to mass immigration, running at almost 600,000 arrivals a year, this collapse of justice will only accelerate. Our society is gripped by permanent revolution, where prejudice by the state is dressed up as virtue.
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Deportation backlog rises by thousands
Richard Ford
The Times, 11 September 2017

The backlog of asylum seekers awaiting removal from Britain has risen by more than 5,000 in a year.

More than 32,000 were "subject to removal" at the end of June, according to Home Office figures. The number sent home fell just under a quarter, from 5,433 to 4,118.

Keith Vaz, chairman of the all-party group on immigration and visas, said: "These numbers are unacceptable and an embarrassment to the Home Office. Nothing undermines confidence in the immigration system more than failure to remove once a decision has been made. It gives rise to false hopes and generates further baseless appeals. The Home Office should get a grip of the situation."
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Lammy review: the myth of institutional racism
Munira Mirza
Spiked, 11 September 2017

According to David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham in London, the report of emerging findings for his review into the criminal justice system that was published last week 'clearly shows BAME [black, Asian and minority ethnic] individuals still face bias – including overt discrimination – in parts of the justice system'. He points to the worrying statistic that BAME men make up 14 per cent of the population but 25 per cent of all prisoners. BAME male prisoners are also more likely to be kept in high-security prisons and the odds of a BAME offender receiving a prison sentence for drug offences is higher than for white offenders. Black men are more than three times as likely to be arrested as white men. A disproportionate number of children in custody in England and Wales are black.

All this proves, he argues, that as the prime minister said last year, 'If you're black, you're treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you're white'.

However, this is not what the statistics in his report reveal at all. In fact, the findings showed that overall, Crown Prosecution Service decision-making was broadly proportionate. ...

In fact, the report admits there are many reasons beyond the criminal justice system for why there are ethnic disparities. Black children are far more likely to grow up in a lone-parent family and black and ethnic mixed boys are more likely to be permanently excluded from school. BAME groups also have much higher incidence of mental illness. All of these are linked to higher rates of offending. ...

But the reality is that incidence of mental illness is objectively much higher in the BAME population and especially among Afro-Caribbean men. Professor Swaran Singh, a social and community psychiatrist with over 30 years of clinical experience, has argued for over a decade that institutional racism in his profession is not the cause of this. ...

Unfortunately, framing this review publicly in terms of institutional racism and racial bias within the criminal-justice system only clouds the reality of what is happening and in the end could lead to worse outcomes for ethnic minorities.
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Punish Muslims for 'Hate Speech' Against 'Infidels', Says Merkel Ally
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 11 September 2017

A member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party has demanded 'hate speech' laws are deployed against Muslims who attack "infidels" in mosques, as well as those who criticise Islam.

Jens Spahn, 37, is a gay Catholic seen as a rising star on the political right of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), who has even been tipped as a possible future chancellor. ...

Germany has some of the western world's harshest hate speech laws that were designed after World War II to prevent the vilification of certain identity groups.

They are frequently used against people who criticise mass immigration and say provocative things about Islam.

In August of this year, a court found a farmer guilty of hate speech after he described migrants as "filthy people" online after some recent arrivals stole his property. Parts of the Quran, routinely read out in mosques, describe non-Muslims as stupid and "cattle".
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Tony Blair defends call for EU migration curbs
BBC, 10 September 2017

Tony Blair has defended his call for new controls on EU migration as a cabinet minister accused him of a belated "epiphany" on the issue.

The ex-PM said the UK could stay in the EU after all with new curbs in place.

He claimed this would address people's "grievances" without the "sledgehammer" of Brexit. ...

"It's a bit late now, this epiphany", Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon told the BBC's Andrew Marr show.
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Tony Blair: get tough on immigration to stop Brexit
The Guardian, 10 September 2017

Tony Blair has called for tough new immigration rules which would allow Britain to exercise more control over who comes into the country without leaving the EU.

The former prime minister said the open borders he presided over were no longer appropriate and put his name to a report calling for tighter domestic controls and the negotiation of modified free movement rules with the EU.

This would fulfil the will of the people expressed in last year's Brexit vote while allowing Britain to stay in the EU, and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour should back the approach, he said. ...

In an article for the Sunday Times website, Blair said: "There is no diversion possible from Brexit without addressing the grievances which gave rise to it.

"Paradoxically, we have to respect the referendum vote to change it."

He added: "We can curtail the things that people feel are damaging about European immigration, both by domestic policy change and by agreeing change within Europe.

"This is precisely the territory the Labour party should camp upon." ...

Brexit voters' concerns about "pressure on services", "downward pressure on wages" and "cultural integration" now "cannot be ignored", he said.

According to the newspaper, a report from the Tony Blair Institute, authored by former Downing Street policy expert Harvey Redgrave, urged the government to:

• Force EU immigrants to register on arriving in the UK so authorities can check whether they go on to work or study, a measure already in place in Belgium.

• Make EU nationals show evidence of a job offer that is confirmed by their employer before they enter Britain.

• Ban those without permission from renting a home, opening a bank account, or accessing benefits.

• Introduce "discriminatory" controls restricting EU immigrants' access to free NHS care if they are "economically inactive".

• Let universities charge EU nationals higher tuition fees than British students.

• Try and negotiate a change in free movement rules to introduce an "emergency brake" on people coming into Britain when public services are overstretched, which David Cameron attempted but failed to secure when renegotiating the UK's EU membership ahead of the referendum.
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The big Brexit immigration myth... and a monumental deception of British voters: Former deputy Prime Minister LORD HESELTINE on the nasty business of severing ties with the EU
Lord Heseltine
Mail on Sunday, 10 September 2017

There have to be controls on immigration across Europe. Free movement is under question and we should join a discussion that could follow on from the German elections. ...

Last year, a quarter of a million Europeans came here while only 117,000 left – a net inward immigration of 133,000. However, 264,000 non-Europeans came while 88,000 left, resulting in a net immigration of 176,000. No one is better acquainted with the problems this entails than the Prime Minister, who had the responsibility to control our borders for six years as Home Secretary. No European law or court can interfere with our sovereign right to control our borders to non-EU nationals. So why has so little been done over the years?

The answer, of course, is that the consequences are of such damage to our economy and social services that it is better to gain electoral advantage from the promise rather than risk the inevitable backlash when it is put into effect.
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Albanian mafia's new way to smuggle migrants into Britain - and under Spanish law they're not committing any offence
Patrick Hill
Mirror, 10 September 2017

The Albanian mafia have opened up a new route to smuggle migrants into Britain through a busy Spanish port, a Sunday People investigation has found.

Gangsters charging up to £2,500 per person are successfully trafficking those desperate for a new life – including refugees from the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria – aboard ferries from Bilbao.

Police in the northern Spanish city are struggling to cope with the surge in migrants in the last three months.

In two years there has been a tenfold increase in people caught trying to get into lorries or containers at the port.

But under Spanish law they are committing only a civil offence – so police can only take their details and free them.

Hundreds more camping out waiting to seize their chance can also not be touched – as they carry tourist visas.

Our probe found that after handing the huge fee to Mafia bosses, migrants are given a phone, along with £700 in cash to smuggle to fixers in Britain.

Lured with the promise of illegal jobs in car washes and on building sites in London, they are unaware they will finish up at the mercy of callous gang masters.

Arriving in Bilbao, our investigators found more than 100 people in tents and under motorway bridges at the port perimeter. ...

In 2015, police made 119 stops of migrants trying to sneak through Bilbao's port. In 2016, that figure rose to 380. This year, it is already at a record 1,200.

Those caught included 60 Iraqis, 45 Afghans and 25 Pakistanis. By far the most – 950 of them – came from Albania. ...

... The UK, with 20,000 Albanians legally living here, is their most popular destination.
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Canada deported hundreds to war-torn countries - government data
Anna Mehler Paperny
Reuters, 10 September 2017

Canada has deported hundreds of people to countries designated too dangerous for civilians, with more than half of those people being sent back to Iraq, according to government data obtained by Reuters.

The spike in deportations comes as Canada faces a record number of migrants and is on track to have the most refugee claims in more than a decade. That has left the country scrambling to cope with the influx of asylum seekers, many crossing the U.S. border illegally.

Between January 2014 and Sept. 6, 2017, Canada sent 249 people to 11 countries for which the government had suspended or deferred deportations because of dangers to civilians.

That includes 134 people to Iraq, 62 to the Democratic Republic of Congo and 43 to Afghanistan, the data shows. ...

The federal government has suspension or deferral designations for countries or regions deemed dangerous but may still deport people to them because of criminality, security risks or human rights violations.
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The Strange Death of Western Europe and why is Eastern Europe different?
PVEWOOD, 10 September 2017

I am currently reading, am deeply depressed and alarmed by and am lost in wonder at Douglas Murray's new book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam. ...

The opening sentence is:

Europe is committing suicide.

and he continues

By the end of the lifespans of most people currently alive, Europe will not be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place we had to call home.


In his last chapter Douglas Murray concludes

By the middle of this century, while China will probably still look like China, India will probably still look like India, Russia like Russia, and Eastern Europe like Eastern Europe, Western Europe will at best resemble a large-scale version of the United Nations. ... This place where international cities develop into something resembling international countries will be many things. But it will not be Europe anymore.

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German aid to migrants creating 'pull effect': minister
The Local [Germany], 10 September 2017

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere warned Saturday that Berlin's generous offer of benefits for asylum seekers was a siren call for migrants.

"The benefits for refugees in Germany are quite high compared to other EU countries. This is part of the pull effect towards Germany," de Maiziere, a close ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, said in an interview with the Rheinische Post regional daily.

Under Merkel's impetus, Germany welcomed more than a million asylum seekers in 2015 and 2016, all of them ushered in by Maiziere's interior ministry. ...

An asylum seeker arriving in Germany has the right to housing and up to €390 euros per month to cover food, clothing and other expenses.
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British Red Cross 'Too White', Chief Exec Calls Words 'British' and 'Cross' a 'Challenge'
Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 10 September 2017

British Red Cross chief Mike Adamson has claimed the charity struggled to deal with the Grenfell disaster because staff and volunteers are too white.

"There is a risk that in a very diverse community like Grenfell, an organisation with the words 'British' and 'Cross' in its title is confused with a Christian establishment organisation," he wrote, in a blog for the New Philanthropy Capital think tank.

Though stating that the charity is "completely impartial" in its work, Adamson added: "There is no escaping the fact that with shining exceptions, such as our refugee services, we are nowhere near as diverse as we need to be in our volunteer base, our staffing or our leadership."

Announcing that he is "personally leading" the charity's "inclusion and diversity strategy", Adamson said the British Red Cross is "changing massively to be relevant to the world of today and tomorrow."
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Oslo Police Declare "We Have Lost the City"... Islam Has Taken Over
Alex Leroux
Occupy Deplorables, 10 September 2017

Grønland, a district in the city of Oslo that is said to have "apocalyptic level of culturally-enriched violence." It is only two subway stops from the Parliament, one stop from the Central Station, and fairly close to the government offices that were bombed by Breivik.

No Norwegian has committed a rape in Grønland where the victim and the rapist did not know each other before hand.

The Grønland district of Oslo looks like Karachi, Basra, and Mogadishu all rolled into one. People sell drugs openly next to the Grønland subway station, violence is epidemic, and the police have largely given up. It's not Norway or Europe anymore, except when there is welfare money to be collected.

The police are powerless. Five years ago, Aftenposten, a pro-Islamic leaning publication that is the largest newspaper in the Oslo, stated that there are sharia patrols in this area, and gay couples are assaulted and chased away. "Immigrant Fatima Tetouani says that 'Grønland is more Muslim than Morocco.'" ...

In just the past ten years more than 4,000 people have been robbed in the town center and the area of the Grønland police station [an immigrant ghetto]. Most of them are young men. Sturla Nøstvik was robbery-victim 351 from Grønland just from this year, the same period in which around fifty assault-rapes have been reported in Oslo.
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Brussels finally gets tough on migrants - but only because hundreds set up camp near EU HQ: Officials clampdown on asylum seekers, saying: 'We don't want the Calais Jungle here'
Charlie Faulkner and Julian Robinson
MailOnline, 9 September 2017

Brussels has begun to ramp up its efforts to combat the escalating number of migrants entering the area, after fears the EU capital could become the new 'Jungle'.

Around 50 people were arrested during the Belgian police's first wave of checks carried out on the hundreds of refugees setting up camp in Maximilian Park in Brussels this week. ...

Hundreds of young, mostly Sudanese and Eritreans, migrants have been sleeping in Maximilian Park, near the Gare du Nord station where trains depart for Belgium's North Sea coast.
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Behind the mad rush of young Nigerian men for older foreign women
Hannah Ojo
The Nation [Nigeria], 9 September 2017

Has Nigeria become the target of old European, American and Asian women in need of toy boys? The question is provoked by the increasing number of online pictures of young Nigerian men being joined in matrimony with older foreign women, some with an age difference as wide as 50 years. ...

This year alone, there have been more than 10 leaked photographs of younger Nigerian men who got married to older foreign women at the Ikoyi Registry in Lagos. A trader at the registry, who pleaded anonymity, said the trend has become rampant in recent times, ...
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'British jobs for British workers' is back, a fascist incursion into mainstream politics
Rachel Shabi
The Guardian, 9 September 2017

Thanks to leaked proposals we now know that the guiding principle of the government's post-Brexit immigration plan is to put British workers first. This much is clear in the statement that: "Wherever possible, UK employers should look to meet their labour needs from resident labour." ...

Post-referendum, our discussions over immigration are often wrapped in verbal cotton wool, for fear of upsetting anyone by suggesting that we have veered into ethno-nationalism and racism – apparently a greater misdeed than any actual racism. So it is that the shocking terminology running through this government's leaked plans has not met with enough scrutiny. ...

Labour MP Owen Smith appeared on the Daily Politics show to pronounce he had "no problem with British jobs for British workers as an aspiration". Time and again this phrase reappeared, permeating our national conversation rather than being challenged for what it is: a xenophobic slogan with fascist roots.

Gordon Brown, appallingly, used the term while Labour prime minister in 2007 but he did not invent it. As was highlighted in parliament by the then Conservative leader David Cameron, such slogans could be found in leaflets from the National Front and the British National party. ...

In any case, as journalist and author Daniel Trilling notes, what counts as a British worker or, in a globalised economy, a British job?

Who gets to define "British" here and on what basis: birthplace, citizenship, residence, skin tone? Stripped of absolute meaning, it is clear that this slogan has no purpose but to serve as xenophobic signalling.
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We need a long-term strategic approach to population growth
Robin Hodgson
ConservativeHome, 9 September 2017
[Lord Hodgson is a Conservative peer and author of the new Civitas paper, 'Britain's Demographic Challenge']

In 2016 Britain's population increased by 1,475 per day. This means that we are putting a small town with 10,000 inhabitants onto the map of Britain every week.

There are many resulting consequences. For example, we currently live with an average of 2.3 people per dwelling. So to house these new people to the same standard – and I assume we all agree we should not treat them any worse – we need 642 dwellings per day.

If you choose to work through the mathematics this means a new dwelling every two minutes, night and day. And this is before allowing for any improvement to our existing housing stock.

As for the future, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has a mid-projection for the population of Britain in 2039 which shows an increase of 9.7 million people. This means we need over four million dwellings over the next 22 years – one every three minutes! – which represents three cities the size of Manchester.

Of course it is not just housing that will be needed. We shall need schools, hospitals, shops, offices, factories, playing fields, police stations etc. etc. Can we expect to see such a dramatic set of changes without some risk to our social cohesion?

Too often discussion of population growth are seen only through an economic prism. Even more bizarre is the statement that more people will mean a larger economy – it would indeed be counter-intuitive if you had a larger population and a smaller economy. ...

Demographic policies take a long time to have any effect – certainly it can be 15 and in many cases 25 years before their full impact is felt. This, together with the sensitive nature of the whole topic, explains why successive governments have been reluctant to face up to the challenges.
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Migration is complicated. Don't pretend it's not
Rory Sutherland
The Spectator, 9 September 2017

Goods are not like people. Goods only move wherever they are needed. They don't come laden with an attachment to a homeland or a social network. ...

So, looked at dispassionately, the principle that the free movement of goods is somehow linked with the free movement of people is quite an odd idea. Goods don't mind emigrating; people often do. ...

Yes, people value freedom of movement, but they value the freedom of non-movement too. ...

'Free movement of labour' rests on the normative economic assumption that people, just like goods, should be happy to move countries on the basis of economic expediency alone. But if you assume this, you end up extending privileges towards the few (mostly young) people who can and will emigrate – at the expense of the majority who can't or won't. Migration is a highly uneven way of spreading wealth.

Unfortunately, the rootless 'Anywheres' of David Goodhart's new 'Anywhere-Somewhere' tribal divide do not understand attachment to place at all. ...

The only strong opinion you can sensibly hold on migration is 'it's complicated'. ...

So allow me to propose a useful experiment. A natty trick to play when a debate has become morally charged is to ask a parallel question which has many of the same features of the other debate, but which has acquired none of the same shibboleths or signalling baggage. At your next dinner party, for instance, try asking this closely related but morally neutral question: 'Do you think that, with 500 million people set to join the global travel market in the next decade, some cities will have to impose limits on tourism?' The very same people who would start frothing or sobbing in any debate on migration will give thoughtful, nuanced and intelligent answers. I wonder why this is.
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Big business shouldn't complain. They brought Brexit upon themselves with their use of cheap foreign labour
Jeremy Warner
Daily Telegraph, 8 September 2017

Had no-one at Number 10 noticed that global business was vehemently opposed to Brexit, and indeed continues to regard it as an historic mistake, for which Britain will pay a high economic cost? ...

They might nevertheless try a little self reflection. In no small measure, it was their own behaviour which led directly to today's state of affairs.

I say this as someone who is both generally sympathetic to the interests of business and the City, and who supported Remain. If the vote for Brexit was, at least in part, a backlash against globalisation and mass immigration, then these lobbies have much to answer for.

Companies have been only too happy to avail themselves of the benefits of cheap foreign labour and goods. In so doing, many of them have shamefully neglected their wider social responsibilities. Why recruit and train locally when it is possible to hire the necessary skills at a fraction of the cost from overseas? ...

The effect has been distinctly unhealthy. For almost a decade now, growth per capita has been at a virtual standstill. Real wage growth has been similarly non-existent.

As I say, this cannot all be blamed on immigration. ...

But business leaders would not be facing the challenge of Brexit had they been a little more responsive to the socially unsettling downsides of globalisation and mass migration. ...

One of the first rules of business is that you try not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. By embracing free movement and borderless trade so enthusiastically, many firms have done precisely that, and thereby brought Brexit on themselves.
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Hungarian PM Orban says will fight after EU ruling on migrant quota
Krisztina Than
Reuters, 8 September 2017

Hungary will not change its anti-immigration stance after the European Union's top court dismissed a challenge against migrant quotas, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

The EU's highest court ruled on Wednesday that member states must take in a share of refugees who reach Europe, dismissing the challenge by Slovakia and Hungary and re-igniting an east-west row that has shaken EU cohesion. ...

Now that the legal challenge has failed, Orban said he would pursue a political fight to force the EU to change its mandatory migrant quotas.

"The whole issue raises a very serious question of principles: whether we are an alliance of European free nations with the Commission representing our joint interests, or a European empire which has its centre in Brussels and which can issue orders," Orban said.

He said EU countries which let in migrants, unlike Hungary, decided to do so of their own will and now they cannot ask Hungary to take a part in correcting their mistake.

"It is not us Hungarians who question the rules of the club, but the Commission had changed the rules and this is unacceptable," Orban added.
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The economic incongruity of unlimited immigration
Yugo Kovach
Financial Times, 8 September 2017
[Letter to the Editor]

Sir, The government proposes to limit the annual inflow of unskilled EU migrants /.../ and there is an immediate outcry. Are the protesters in favour of a living wage? If so, how do they propose squaring the circle? They could try abolishing the law of supply and demand.
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Albanian drug gang are jailed for 17 years after being caught with blocks of cocaine and £178,000 in cash
Thomas Burrows
MailOnline, 8 September 2017

Albanian gangsters who conspired to flood the streets of London with Class A drugs have been jailed for a total of 17 years.

Algert Lami, 23, Roland Vasija, 20, and 22-year-old Orjon Uku were held when police raided their den in Stratford, east London, and found blocks of cocaine and wads of cash.

Earlier this year police chiefs warned gangs of Albanian drug dealers are now 'a significant threat' on Britain's streets.
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The Lammy report on race and crime is a backwards step in the struggle for a just society
David Green
Spectator blog, 8 September 2017

For centuries, liberals have fought to be judged by the personal qualities they can change, not by the characteristics that none of us can alter – most obviously, our race. But today's Lammy Review into how people from ethnic minorities are treated by the criminal justice system insists on treating race as the most important thing about each of us. It operates on the assumption that, if there are disparities in economic and social outcomes, then this must be the result of discrimination.

The report admits that there are other reasons for disparate outcomes – such as lone parenthood. But instead of accepting that its claim of discrimination has been contradicted, it puts out a press release asserting that ethnic minorities face bias, including overt discrimination. BBC Radio 4 loyally reported Mr Lammy had found 'evidence' of overt discrimination. Really? The section of the report in which the accusation is made says only this:

'My conclusion is that BAME [black, Asian and minority ethnic] individuals still face bias, including overt discrimination, in parts of the justice system. Prejudice has declined but still exists in wider society – it would be a surprise if it was entirely absent from criminal justice settings.' (p. 69.)

His reasoning seems to be that overt discrimination must be there because it still exists elsewhere. Well, it may. But the point of an official investigation is to find out whether or not there is any objective evidence of discrimination. He did not find any – and should have said so.

He did find some racial disparities. His favourite example is that members of ethnic minorities are more likely to plead not guilty. This leads to jury trials, which can result in longer sentences in the event of a guilty verdict. Their decision to plead not guilty (and thus go without the one-third reduction in sentence that is given for pleading guilty) is blamed on the criminal justice system: ... ...

The system is fair, and yet Mr Lammy asserts that trust is low not just among defendants and offenders, but among the ethnic minority population as a whole. ...

A large majority think that the system is fair, and confidence among non-whites is higher than among whites. Does this not call for an explanation? Not in Mr Lammy's view. His selective use of statistics suggests that he was determined to find discrimination whether it was there or not. ...

... Promoting our heritage of justice is what the government should focus on, and recruiting people who believe in justice and objectivity should be the public-policy target, not racial quotas.
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Political intolerance is again becoming normal in Europe
Douglas Murray
Spectator blog, 8 September 2017

Anyway, I pointed out back in 2013 that the left appeared to be priming itself to extend their definitions of 'fascism' because they hope to be able to win a political battle and recognise that attacking everyone they disagree with as 'fascist' might bring some short-term political gain. ... Political intolerance is once again becoming normal in European politics. Of course political violence and extremism can come from almost any political direction. But only the actions of self-described 'anti-fascists' continue to be treated with a kind of leniency if not approval by large swathes of the media and political establishment in Europe. Until that changes, and chunks of the 'anti-fascist' left are recognised for what they truly are, then all of this will get a lot worse.
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Average driving speeds in London could slide below 6mph amid increasing congestion
ITV, 8 September 2017

The average driving speeds in London could slide to less than 6mph as congestion in cities triples over the next three decades, according to new research.

Engineering firm Bosch warned that gridlock in the capital will force typical speeds down from 17.4mph today to 5.8mph in 2050.

The situation is expected to be even worse in central London where drivers could be left crawling at just 2.6mph, which is below the average human walking speed of around 3mph.

Bosch claimed the increase in the population of the world's largest cities to six billion by 2050 will have a "severe effect on our transport systems", leaving streets "almost at a standstill".
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British passports sold to migrants for just £500: Undercover investigation reveals how the cost has plunged - sparking fears ISIS jihadis could find it even easier to reach UK
Arthur Martin
Daily Mail, 7 September 2017

Criminal gangs are selling genuine British passports for less than £500 to migrants in Europe, it can be revealed today.

The price of a stolen passport has dropped dramatically from £2,000 a year ago, after more than 20,000 identity documents flooded on to the black market.

It raises fears that Islamic State fanatics intent on committing terror attacks in the UK are finding it easier than ever to reach our shores.

A senior police chief described the illicit trade as 'one of the fastest growing problems' in Europe.

Rob Wainwright, the director of Europol, raised deep concerns that current border controls are unable to cope with 'sophisticated counterfeit criminal syndicates'.

He said terrorists were 'exploiting' the surge of migrants into Europe to move about undetected.

Meanwhile, two current UK Border Force officials warned that thousands of black market passports may have been used to enter Britain in the past year.

The whistleblowers expressed grave concerns about our national security and suggested that 'border security is non-existent'.

And the Border Force admitted it had seized more than 6,500 illegal documents at passport control in the past three years. That figure is double the 3,000 passports seized during the three previous years. ...

Concerns over the supply of fake documents were laid bare by the EU's border agency earlier this year.

It said there were 11,000 migrants living in Europe with forged documents – a figure than has almost doubled in six months.
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Islamophobia holding back UK Muslims in workplace, study finds
Anushka Asthana
The Guardian, 7 September 2017

Muslim men and women are being held back in the workplace by widespread Islamophobia, racism and discrimination, according to a study which finds that Muslim adults are far less likely to be in full-time work.

Research for the government's social mobility watchdog, shared exclusively with the Guardian, found a strong work ethic and high resilience among Muslims that resulted in impressive results in education.

However, that was not translated into the workplace, with only 6% of Muslims breaking through into professional jobs, compared with 10% of the overall population in England and Wales.

The study found 19.8% of Muslims aged 16-to-74 were in full-time employment, compared with 34.9% of the overall population. ...

Alan Milburn, the former cabinet minister who now heads the government-sponsored Social Mobility Commission, said the research painted a disturbing picture. ...

Calling for action by the government, communities, educators and employers, Milburn said: "Young Muslims themselves identify cultural barriers in their communities and discrimination in the education system and labour market as some of the principal obstacles that stand in their way. Young Muslim women face a specific challenge to maintain their identity while seeking to succeed in modern Britain."
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Italian island of Sardinia alarmed by increase in number of migrants arriving on its shores
Nick Squires
Daily Telegraph, 7 September 2017

The Italian holiday island of Sardinia has raised the alarm over the increasing number of migrants arriving on its shores from Algeria, in what could be a new route opening up across the Mediterranean. ...

With the right weather conditions, Algerians can reach the southern coast of Sardinia in an overnight crossing. ...

For months, small boatloads of Algerians have been landing on the coastline of Sardinia, but the pace appears to have picked up recently.

So far this year, more than 800 Algerians have crossed in smugglers' boats, compared to 1,100 who arrived in the whole of 2016. ...

But Sardinia says its migrant reception centres are full and it is struggling to cope with the influx.
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Why is Bulgaria's population falling off a cliff?
Ruth Alexander
BBC, 7 September 2017

Bulgaria is projected to have the fastest-shrinking population in the world. It's already lost a fifth of its population since the 1990s. But what does this mean for those who remain? ...

In 1989, almost nine million people lived in Bulgaria. Now, it is a little over seven million. By 2050, that number is projected to be less than 5.5 million. By the end of the century, it could be close to half what it is now.

This exodus contributes to another factor in Bulgaria's dwindling population numbers - in part because a lot of young adults have left the country, the birth rate is low. ...

The government is introducing a number of measures to try to tackle depopulation by increasing the birth rate: offering help with the costs of fertility treatment, giving childcare, and mortgage support.

It is also encouraging ethnic Bulgarians who live abroad to return to the country, but no-one else.

"Bulgaria doesn't need uneducated refugees," says Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov, a leader of the United Patriots, an anti-immigrant grouping forming part of the coalition government.

Nor would Bulgarian society accept educated and skilled migrants, Mr Simeonov says.

"They have a different culture, different religion, even different daily habits," he says. "And thank God Bulgaria so far is one of the most-well defended countries from Europe's immigrant influx." ...

According to figures from the European Commission, Bulgaria had taken in only about 50 of the migrants who arrived in Europe from North Africa and the Middle East between 2015 and July 2017.

It is clear that the Bulgarian government does not see immigration as a possible solution to the country's dwindling population.
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Do we really want restriction on German immigration?
Ed West
Spectator blog, 7 September 2017

A generation who will probably never know what it's like to visit a museum without having their bags searched or enjoy a major city space without anti-vehicle barriers, or be able to travel on public transport without the fear in the back of their minds that someone is intent on murdering them – a terror threat that is almost never going away, and indeed will mostly likely get worse. A generation who will just accept that this is part of life – perhaps it has always been like this – because that's what they have been taught.

For which a great deal of thanks must go to Tony Blair's government, and all those who played a role in its immigration policy. ...

Nineteen winters later and that policy to radically alter the make-up of British society most certainly played a big part in the country's dramatic decision to leave the EU, a victory that would not have been possible without the issue of migration (whatever Leave campaigners might say or wish). And yet the paradox is that the British public came to vote on the least disruptive and contentious of migration flows – that of other Europeans – partly because of taboo. Now, if a leaked document to the Guardian is to be believed, the government is going to 'deter' EU immigrants from settling after Brexit, confident in the belief that this is what the public desires. ...

Yet the fact that European migration is seen as the issue reflects the fact that the taboo is still strong. Average outcomes between immigrant groups vary hugely, and the social cost of migration from neighbouring countries is far lower than those with hugely different cultures.

Indeed, since one of the major predictors of anti-immigration sentiment is anxiety about crime, crime rates among different nationalities vary to a great deal and – contrary to the idea that the public are woefully misinformed on the subject – this correlates with opposition to immigration from those countries.

That's why a numbers target makes no sense, and a far more logical solution would be to have a three or four-tier system, with free movement from other rich countries, some restrictions on developing and middle tier nations (which would include a few EU countries, such as Romania and Bulgaria, but probably no longer Poland) and strict rules regarding poorer states, from where the vast bulk of the economic and social costs of migration arises.

This is politically difficult because we have to pretend that race, religion and culture are not relevant factors, that it is simply about numbers, so that migration from Poland or Hungary is no different to that from Pakistan or Somalia, with all the same consequences, the same divisions and upheavals, the same crime and poverty rates.
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Tough plan to cut migration is just what Britain needs
Leo McKinstry
Daily Express, 7 September 2017

The intellectual dishonesty of the liberal elite would be laughable were it not so damaging to our country.

In their mix of preening superiority and ideological delusion these self-appointed champions of progress continually prattle about the need for mass immigration yet they blindly refuse to face up to the disastrous consequences of the revolution that they so eagerly support. ...

By coincidence, just as the IPPR Commission was issuing its woolly report yesterday, a far more sensible document had been made public.

This was a leaked copy of a draft strategy paper from the Home Office which set out a potential approach to post-Brexit immigration controls. ...

The Home Office plan is exactly what the majority of the country wants. ...

The chief concern is that the scheme will be drastically watered down by the soft political establishment.

In reality the Government should move in precisely the opposite direction by applying these provisions to the entire immigration process, including those from beyond Europe. After all, out of the 588,000 migrants who arrived in Britain last year the majority were from outside the EU.

This is the pattern that has been followed for years, storing up enormous difficulties for the economy and social fabric of our nation.

For a start the overall welfare costs are phenomenal, since 22 per cent of all the unemployed in Britain are migrants and just 46 per cent of new arrivals come here looking for work.

In their politically correct cowardice the progressives avoid such facts. They like to pretend that the unceasing tidal wave represents an unalloyed gain for our society.

Their enthusiasm for free movement has been twisted into a form of loathing for the British people, as typified by a disgraceful remark from the diplomat Lord Kerr when he said last November that "immigration is the thing that keeps this country running. We native Brits are so bloody stupid that we need an injection of intelligent people".
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Britain can control immigration. What drives this debate is nasty politics
Simon Jenkins
The Guardian, 7 September 2017

In politics, optics trump metrics. Tuesday's leak of a Home Office draft on post-EU migration policy indicates the hardest face of Brexit. Its language is Home Office repressive. ...

The document is economically illiterate. This may be because a report on Brexit's costs by home secretary Amber Rudd's migration advisory committee will not appear until next year. The proposed bureaucracy, the burrowing down into the records of every employer and every landlord, is gargantuan. It recalls the regulatory chaos of state incomes control in the 1970s. It would need an inspector in every building.

The labour costs the policy would impose on one of Britain's largest industries, leisure and tourism, on the health and welfare state and on the construction industry are incalculable. ...

To be generous, departments are entitled to prepare private options for ministers to consider – though it would be reassuring if they embraced alternatives. The proposals do not alter safeguards for EU nationals currently working in Britain. They suggest a continuance of visa-free access for a transitional period, with possible residency afterwards. This is similar to worker regulations in other EU countries.

The proposals also reflect existing controls on non-EU citizens, though these are starkly ineffective. Non-EU migrants actually outnumber EU migrants by some 250,000 a year. In a London cafe you are as likely to be served by a Canadian, a Colombian or an Eritrean as by a Pole or a Portuguese. It is therefore unlikely that "taking back control", in the manner proposed, would make much difference. May must know this. She glaringly failed to curb non-EU migration when at the Home Office.

Indeed Britain's border controls are so permeable as to be more a nudge than a curb. ...

If the metrics are mad, what about the optics? Here we go carefully. The deafness of the British establishment to the cries of non-metropolitan England over immigration is what got us to the present pass. This is best shown in the agonies of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party since Brexit. ...

... An "emergency brake" on immigrants is already allowed under EU single market regulations. That should cover any immigration crisis that may erupt in the future. The rest is just politics, nasty politics.
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It's time Europe got serious about Islamic supremacists
Gavin Mortimer
Spectator blog, 7 September 2017

In January this year, Germany's vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel gave an uncharacteristically candid interview for a European politician. 'Salafist mosques must be banned, communities dissolved, and the preachers should be expelled as soon as possible', he told Der Spiegel. 'If we are serious about the fight against Islamism and terrorism, then it must also be a cultural fight.' ...

One wonders what, if anything, will spur the West into confronting Salafism, because to Berlin, Manchester, Borough Market and Barcelona one can also add Madrid (2004), Toulouse (2012), Paris (2015) and Brussels (2016). That's an awful lot of dead at the hands of one ideology. ...

Salafism has inspired the global jihad that has killed tens of thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims this century; it was espoused by Osama Bin Laden, who was schooled in its ideology by Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current leader of Al-Qaeda.

Many Salafists are neither violent nor political and live their lives as if they were companions of the Prophet Mohammed in the Seventh Century. Known as Quietests, they denounce Islamist attacks in Europe ...

... But what the literature doesn't mention is that Salafism seeks to purify Islam of Western influence. Europeans are regarded as heathens and Muslims who don't subscribe to their ancient interpretation of Islam are deviants. ...

Quietests are Salafism's missionaries and their puritanical proselytising in Europe is poisoning thousands of impressionable young Muslims. Gilles Kepel, an Islamic scholar in France, first identified the emergence of Salafism in Europe 20 years ago and in his 2004 book, The War for Muslim Minds, he described what happened when a non-violent Salafist Imam arrived in a French inner-city mosque. ...

The problem has worsened in recent years and a book published last month in France showed the extent of the Islamification within some French schools. In Principal or Imam, a former headmaster in Marseille describes how swimming lessons, dress codes, the theory of evolution and school dinners have all become contentious issues since the turn of the century. ...

But the greatest menace to be found in European mosques are the 'Jihadists', the new breed of Salafist whose prominence within the movement has grown on the back of Al-Qaeda's exploits. ...

Also at danger from the Jihadists are other Muslims because Salafists are in effect Islamic Supremacists; those who interpret their religion differently are regarded as heretics, like the Shiite imam in Brussels, killed by a Salafist in 2012, or the elderly imam in Rochdale who was bludgeoned to death in 2016 by two British Salafists for being 'a magician'. ...

Its surge in popularity in recent years is staggering. There are now 120 Salafist mosques in France, 79 in Catalonia and well over 100 in Britain ...

Sigmar Gabriel's warning about Salafism has so far gone unheeded, partly because secular Europe can't fathom religious fanaticism in the 21st century. Instead, the continent closes its eyes and covers its ears and hopes that an ideology antithetical to everything it stands for will eventually reform.

It won't. So before long Europe will have a choice to make: either get serious with the Islamic supremacists or submit to them.
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Southern Poverty Law Center Gets Creative to Label 'Hate Groups'
Megan McArdle
Bloomberg, 7 September 2017

In 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center designated the Family Research Council a "hate group" because of its orthodox position on homosexuality, and its occasionally incendiary defenses of that position. ...

Some of the groups named are what anyone would think of as a hate group, like, you know, the Ku Klux Klan. But other entries are a festival of guilt-by-association innuendo about people with at best a tangential relationship to the target institution, and whose statements fall well short of blanket group-calumny or calls for violence. Or the center offers bizarrely shifting rationales that suggest that the staff started with the target they wanted to deem hateful, and worked backward to the analysis. ...

Unfortunately the center's hate group designation remains extremely influential. ...

Well, yes, indeed, the SPLC has a perfect right to decide what they mean by "hate group."

Unfortunately, it also has an incentive to apply this term broadly. When people see that the SPLC lists over 900 hate groups – 900! – this seems like good reason to panic. And maybe write a check to the SPLC.

Even fairly large institutions that theoretically have ample resources to investigate the SPLC's list often rely on it, to their detriment. CNN published the list under the headline "Here Are All the Hate Groups Active in Your Area," then had to alter the story upon realizing that this was effectively joining the SPLC in branding local churches and conservative nonprofits as "hate groups." /.../ Given the increasing tendency of powerful tech companies to flex their muscle against hate groups, we may see more and more institutions unwittingly turned into critics or censors, not just of Nazi propaganda, but also of fairly mainstream ideas. ...

... But even a handful of hate group members is too many, and it would be useful to have data on their numbers. Instead, we're getting data that tells us little about the problem of hate groups, and a whole lot about the SPLC's agenda and fundraising.
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Leaked document reveals UK Brexit plan to deter EU immigrants
Nick Hopkins and Alan Travis
The Guardian, 6 September 2017

Britain will end the free movement of labour immediately after Brexit and introduce restrictions to deter all but highly-skilled EU workers under detailed proposals set out in a Home Office document leaked to the Guardian.

The 82-page paper, marked as extremely sensitive and dated August 2017, sets out for the first time how Britain intends to approach the politically charged issue of immigration, dramatically refocusing policy to put British workers first. ...

It proposes measures to drive down the number of lower-skilled EU migrants – offering them residency for a maximum of only two years, in a document likely to cheer hardliners in the Tory party. Those in "high-skilled occupations" will be granted permits to work for a longer period of three to five years.

The document also describes a phased introduction to a new immigration system that ends the right to settle in Britain for most European migrants – and places tough new restrictions on their rights to bring in family members. Potentially, this could lead to thousands of families being split up.

Showing a passport will be mandatory for all EU nationals wanting to enter Britain – and the paper proposes introducing a system of temporary biometric residence permits for all EU nationals coming into the UK after Brexit for more than a few months. ...

The Home Office paper, entitled the Border, Immigration and Citizenship System After the UK Leaves the European Union, makes clear the proposals within it have yet to be endorsed by ministers, and are "subject to negotiations with EU". ...

It is understood the document, which has been circulated around senior officials and ministers, has already provoked rows between cabinet ministers, who are trying to balance the demands of British businesses wanting to retain free movement, and the views of hardline Brexiters.
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Newcastle grooming gang 'did not target white girls because of their race', judge rules
Lizzie Dearden
Independent, 6 September 2017

A grooming gang that preyed on vulnerable girls and young women in Newcastle did not target their victims by race or religion, a judge has ruled.

The former director of public prosecutions, Lord McDonald, claimed the abuse of white women by predominantly Asian men was a "profoundly racist" crime after the scandal was revealed last month.

But while sentencing members of the gang at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Penny Moreland said they picked out their victims "not because of their race, but because they were young, impressionable, naive and vulnerable".

She added: "This is extremely serious offending against vulnerable members of society and that is the basis on which I intend to sentence."
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Manfred Weber urges EU to support Hungary to block millions of migrants
Belinda Robinson
Daily Express, 6 September 2017

A senior European politician has urged the European Commission to support Hungary to secure its borders against a deluge of millions of refugees.

Germany's Manfred Weber, the leader of the Centre-right European People's Party group, wants Hungary to receive financial support to help battle the crisis. ...

Hungary fortified its borders with Serbia and EU state Croatia with a fence, police and troops, and says it is protecting the rest of EU from illegal migration. ...

However, he said that Mr Orban would have to play his part by working with other EU states. ...

The refusal by Hungary, as well as its ally Poland, to take in a single asylum-seeker under a 2015 EU scheme has infuriated Brussels, Berlin and Paris, and many other EU states, triggering a broader debate in the bloc about key values.
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Why immigration debate is far from over
Laura Kuenssberg
BBC, 6 September 2017

For Theresa May, the referendum result was a clear instruction from the British people that they wanted to reduce the levels of immigration. Politically, therefore, she believes it's a demand she has to meet.

And as home secretary for six years, when the government continually flunked its own immigration target, the new system that will control immigration is finally, perhaps, a chance to meet her own long-missed goal.

So Wednesday's mega-leak from the Home Office of the potential design of the post Brexit system is significant.

Many of the proposals in it are not a surprise - the requirement for EU citizens who want to move to the UK long term after Brexit to register with the authorities, for example. ...

But it's far from the final version. ...

Couple those mixed signals with the leak of this document, and it points to a very live debate taking place right now in government. ...

In fact, since the draft was written, only last month, there have been six new versions of the proposals, none of which has yet been to cabinet, with the final version due in a White Paper later this autumn.

One source involved in the discussions said: "I'm not going to pretend it's an easy job," and in reality much of the detail is a long, long way off.

That's partly because the longer term plans will be informed by a big study looking at what the economy needs, which the government has only recently commissioned, and, inevitably, much of the policy that will cover the period immediately after Brexit will be subject to the negotiations between the UK and the EU.

It is also because even this big detailed document doesn't even really begin to fill in the blanks for phase three, the years that will follow the transition period, the eventual destination.
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Rotherham child sexual abuse: 'No-one's fault at council'
BBC, 6 September 2017

No legal or disciplinary proceedings should be brought against any current or former senior officers at Rotherham Council over its handling of child sexual exploitation, a report has said.

The failure to tackle the problem was "not the fault of any one person" but was the result of "multiple and systemic failures", the report found.

Its author Mark Greenburgh said it was "more cock-up than conspiracy".

More than 1,400 children were sexually abused in the town from 1997 to 2013.

Six reports have been published by the council in response to the Jay Report's findings.

The independent investigations, carried out by solicitors Gowling WLG, covered areas including the performance of senior employees, taxi licensing in the town and reviews of how individual cases were handled. ...

Regarding ex-officers, including former chief executive Martin Kimber and former head of children's services Joyce Thacker, the report said it had found "no culpable behaviour" to justify any legal action or regulatory involvement.

On current employees it said: "We have not identified that disciplinary and/or capability proceedings are warranted in respect of any senior manager currently in post at the council."
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Swedish journalist inquires into rape of 12 y/o girl. Police: 'We can no longer cope with scale of sexual violence'
Vincent van den Born
The Old Continent, 6 September 2017

Joakim Magnus Lamotte is a Swedish journalist and columnist, ...

We link to his story, about a 12-year-old girl who was dragged into a restroom in the centre of Stenungsund, Sweden. The girl was threatened, beaten and raped. She and her mother reported the rape to the police, telling them exactly who the man was. Two months later, the police had still not interviewed the suspect, even though they were told his name and even where he lives.

... Lamotte decided to call the police. He made a video of the call, asking if the police had already interviewed the suspect. ...

"The answer that I got to my question shocked me. It was a cry for help by police investigators, who told me that they don't even have the time to research the rape of 3-year-old children. Watch and listen and share this as much as you can. Make sure every politician in Sweden sees this clip. People have to see with their own eyes, the way the rule of law in our country is dying!"
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Poland's stance on migrants unchanged despite EU court ruling: PM
Reuters, 6 September 2017

Poland will continue to refuse to accept migrants under a European Union relocation scheme despite a ruling by EU's highest court that Brussels had the right to force member states to take in asylum seekers, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said on Wednesday.

"I was convinced that such a decision would be made (by the court), but this absolutely does not change the stance of the Polish government with respect to migration policy," Szydlo told reporters on the sidelines of a business conference.

Earlier on Wednesday, the European Union's highest court dismissed complaints by Slovakia and Hungary about EU migration policy.
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As German police attempt to deport refugees, hundreds of churches are trying to shelter them
Alice Su
Washington Post, 6 September 2017

At the peak of the crisis two years ago, this Lutheran church was holding mass baptisms of more than 200 people at a time, said the pastor, Gottfried Martens. "This church went from just a few hundred members to more than 1,300 Iranians and Afghans," Martens said. "All converts."

When Germany opened its doors to refugees in 2015, churches and church-affiliated organizations played a critical role in the response. ...

... Karimi came in through Italy, so Germany could send him back there under the Dublin Regulation, as it tried to do with 29,507 asylum seekers in the first half of 2017. Yet, only 3,085 of those people were actually deported. One way to avoid deportation is through church asylum, in which people like Karimi live in churches for six months, after which German law allows asylum seekers to process their requests in Germany instead.

There are 351 church asylum locations in Germany, according to Asyl in der Kirche, a network of German parishes offering safe houses. ...

Conversion is both a side effect of church relief and a potential advantage for rejected asylum seekers, who can claim deeper need for asylum if they are at risk of religious persecution in their home country. What's tricky for both authorities and church leaders is determining whether a convert's faith is real.
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The Vatican Attacks Trump Supporters
Danusha V. Goska
FrontPage Mag, 6 September 2017

In July, 2017, La Civilta Cattolica published an article entitled "Evangelical Fundamentalism and Catholic Integralism: A Surprising Ecumenism," a.k.a. "An Ecumenism of Hate." La Civilta Cattolica is Italian for Catholic Civilization. This publication is prestigious and long-lived. It was founded in 1850 and it is vetted by the Vatican. ...

"An Ecumenism of Hate" identifies Trump voters, Protestant and Catholic, as in need of correction, as they diverge from true Christian faith, and pose a threat to American democracy and world peace. These Trump voters are wrong about, or are handling in an incorrect way, the following: abortion, same-sex marriage, the environment, education, welfare, immigration, the current influx of migrants into Europe, and Islam. ...

I am a proud and lifelong Catholic, author of a book defending my faith. I am not a Trump supporter. Reading Spadaro and Figueroa's reflection of my pope's thinking about my country and my fellow citizens enrages and disgusts me, and tempts me to despair. The article epitomizes the ignorant, arrogant liberal stance that got Trump elected in the first place. Spadaro and Figueroa, and, by extension, Pope Francis, have, in this article, not only failed to meet the challenge presented by the Trump phenomenon, they have taken giant steps in the wrong direction.

"The Ecumenism of Hate" exhibits the intellectual level of a gaggle of scruffy, slightly tipsy graduate students randomly spinning the Google wheel in a futile attempt to support their wobbly positions. Spadaro and Figueroa make sweeping generalizations about what Americans think and how Americans behave, and they cite not one single peer-reviewed social science article or respectable poll. ...

The authors have the audacity and the utter lack of self-awareness to state, "The pope does not want to say who is right or who is wrong for he knows that at the root of conflicts there is always a fight for power. So, there is no need to imagine a taking of sides for moral reasons, much worse for spiritual ones." The hypocrisy here could burn through lead.
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Edinburgh University law student, 21, who mocked ISIS on Facebook is probed by college bosses over it being a HATE crime that 'puts minority students at risk'
Amie Gordon
MailOnline, 5 September 2017

A law student is under investigation by his university after allegedly mocking ISIS on social media and 'putting minority students at risk and in a state of panic'.

Robbie Travers is being probed by Edinburgh University amid claims he committed a 'hate crime', despite no criminal investigation by the police.

The 21-year-old third-year student wrote a Facebook post after the US Air Force bombed an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan in April.

However his comments sparked a complaint from fellow student Esme Allman, who accused him of 'blatant Islamaphobia'.
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Half a million Pakistanis deported since 2012
Irfan Ghauri
Tribune [Pakistan], 5 September 2017

Name a country, any country, and it will probably have deported Pakistanis.

More than half a million Pakistanis have been deported from 134 countries around the world since January 2012, according to statistics submitted to parliament. ...

In response to a question put forward by Senator Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini, the interior ministry placed before the Senate a list of countries from which Pakistanis have been deported and their annual breakdown from January 2012 till June 30, 2017.

Of the 544,105 Pakistanis deported, 71,723 were expelled in 2012; 79,539 in 2013; 78,409 in 2014; 116,185 in 2015; 111,084 in 2016; and 87,165 in just the first six months of 2017.

Saudi Arabia topped the overall list, followed by the UAE, Oman, Malaysia, the UK, Turkey, and Greece.
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EU court says Eastern states cannot refuse to take refugees
Michele Sinner
Reuters, 5 September 2017

The European Union's highest court dismissed complaints on Wednesday by Slovakia and Hungary about EU migration policy, upholding Brussels' right to force member states to take in asylum seekers.

In the latest twist to a dispute that broke out two years ago when more than one million migrants poured across the Mediterranean, the European Court of Justice found that the EU was entitled to order national governments to take in quotas of mainly Syrian refugees relocated from Italy and Greece. ...

It is unclear how far Brussels many try to force eastern states to take refugees, many of whom themselves are reluctant to settle in the poorer, ex-Soviet bloc. ...

"The quota system does not work, so the court decision is, perhaps, irrelevant at the moment," Slovakia's Economy Minister Peter Ziga told reporters.
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Dutch mosques receive millions from Kuwait: report
Janene Pieters
NLTimes, 5 September 2017

Over the past years charities from Kuwait donated some 10 million euros to Islamic institutions in the Netherlands, NRC reports based on a confidential overview of Kuwaiti gifts that the Gulf State provided to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The gifts went to about 18 Islamic organizations in the Netherlands, including the controversial Al Fitrah mosque in Utrecht. Last year this mosque told the authorities that it has no financial ties with terrorist organizations in Kuwait. But the overview showed that in 2012 a new Al Fitrah mosque was funded by the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society, a Kuwait organization that is on the United States' terrorist list, according to the newspaper.
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German Freiburg murder: Migrant posed as 16 in asylum bid
BBC, 5 September 2017

An asylum seeker accused of raping and murdering a student in Germany has told a court he posed as a minor to improve his immigration chances in 2015.

Hussein K says he is from Afghanistan - but has no ID to prove it. For privacy reasons his full name was not given.

Maria L was 19 when she was raped and murdered last October in Freiburg, south-west Germany. Her body was found in a river; she had been strangled.

The case fuelled heated opposition to Germany's welcome for asylum seekers.

Hussein K revealed on Tuesday that he was 18 on arrival in Germany in late 2015 - not 16 as he had claimed at the time. He thought that posing as a minor would get him better treatment in the asylum system.

There was particular anger that he had been jailed for attempted murder in Greece before making his way to Germany.

He had been let free after little more than a year in a Greek jail, under an amnesty.
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The Islamic Future of Europe
Guy Millière
Gatestone Institute, 5 September 2017
[The author is a professor at the University of Paris]

The terrorist attack in Barcelona received the same reaction as all the large-scale terrorist attacks in Europe: tears, prayers, flowers, candles, teddy bears, and protestations that "Islam means peace". ...

Mainstream European newspapers describing the horror once again sought explanations to what they kept calling "inexplicable". The leading Spanish daily newspaper, El Pais, wrote in an editorial that "radicalization" is the bitter fruit of the "exclusion" of certain "communities," and added that the answer was more "social justice". In France, Le Monde suggested that terrorists want to "incite hatred", and stressed that Europeans must avoid "prejudice". ...

Anti-terrorism specialists, interviewed on television, said that the attacks, carried out across the continent at an ever-faster pace, will become deadlier. /.../ They did not offer any solutions. Once again, many said that terrorists are not really Muslims – and that the attacks "had nothing to do with Islam".

Many leaders of Western European countries treat Islamic terrorism as a fact of life that Europeans must get used to – as some kind of aberration unrelated to Islam. They often avoid speaking of "terrorism" at all. ...

Throughout Europe, expressions of anger are conscientiously marginalized. Calls for mobilization, or any serious change in immigration policy, come only from politicians scornfully described as "populist." ...

Submission reigns. The discourse everywhere is that despite increasing threats, Europeans must live their lives as normally as possible. ...

European leaders gave up defending their own civilization. ...

School curricula were altered. Children were taught that Europe and the West had plundered the Muslim world – not that the Muslims had, in fact, invaded and conquered the Christian Byzantine Empire, North Africa and the Middle East, most of Eastern Europe, Greece, Northern Cyprus, and Spain. ...

Crime took root. Muslim neighborhoods became high-crime neighborhoods.

Extremist Muslim preachers arrived; they reinforced a hatred of Europe. They said that Muslims must remember who they are; that Islam must take its revenge. They explained to young, imprisoned Muslim criminals that violence could be used for a noble cause: jihad.

Police were ordered not to intervene lest they aggravate the tension. High-crime areas became no-go zones, breeding grounds for the recruitment of Islamic terrorists.

European leaders accepted the transformation of parts of their countries into enemy territories.

Riots took place; leaders made even more concessions. They passed laws restricting freedom of speech.

When Islamic terrorism first hit Europe, its leaders did not know what to do. They still do not know what to do. ...

Europe's leaders seem to have neither the will nor the means to oppose the incoming waves of millions of Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East. They know that terrorists are hiding among the migrants, but still do not vet them. ...

European leaders can see that a demographic disaster is taking place. They know that in two or three decades, Europe will be ruled by Islam.
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With 220 languages spoken in California, courts face an interpreter shortage
Maura Dolan
Los Angeles Times, 5 September 2017

Federal law enforcement began investigating California's courts seven years ago after receiving complaints that two Korean-speaking women in Los Angeles had been denied court interpreters.

Courts in other states also were examined and faulted. Along with California, they began working to comply with U.S civil rights law, which bars discrimination based on national origin. Failure to act meant the possible loss of federal money.

But nowhere has the task been so challenging as in California, the most linguistically diverse state in the nation.

At least 220 languages are spoken in California, and 44% of residents speak a language other than English at home. Seven million Californians say they cannot speak English well. ...

Just finding enough trained interpreters has proved daunting. The state's courts handle as many as eight million cases a year.

Now two years into its enforcement phase, California's "language access plan" is pushing courts to provide interpreters for all non-English speakers in all cases. ...

"The goal is to get interpreters available in all case types," said 1st District Court of Appeal Justice Terence L. Bruiniers.

"But the reality is we are never going to have enough qualified interpreters in enough languages for every courtroom that needs them at the time they need them," he said. "That is just not going to be possible."

California has long provided interpreters for criminal and juvenile cases. The law now says they must offer them also in civil courtrooms. ...

But the Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown have been sympathetic to the language campaign and provided $7 million during the past fiscal year. ...

The languages for which interpreters are needed are Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, American Sign, Mandarin, Farsi, Cantonese, Russian, Tagalog, Arabic and Punjabi.

But depending on the location of the court, that list expands. It includes Cambodian/Khmer, Japanese, Malayalam, Hmong, Lao and even dialects of the Aleutian Islands. ...

California now has about 2,000 qualified court interpreters but still too few to handle the demand. ...

Interpreters also are only part of the solution.

Court signs must be posted in multiple languages, legal documents translated and court-ordered services, such as a program on alcohol abuse, must be offered in the languages of the participants, judges said.
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Scots and English hold similar views on immigration - poll
Tom Peterkin
The Scotsman, 4 September 2017

Scottish and English people have broadly similar attitudes to immigration, according to a new poll conducted for a report suggesting Scotland adapt to a UK-wide approach to immigration.

The ICM poll for independent think-tank British Future surveyed 3,657 adults across the UK including a sample of 1,052 from Scotland.

The results will be published this week in a report "Time to get it right: Finding consensus on Britain's future immigration policy". The vast majority (87 per cent) of Scots would like the number of skilled EU migrants coming to the UK to either increase or stay the same – similar to the English figure of 86 per cent.

Seventy-eight per cent of Scots would also prefer the amount of student migration to remain the same or increase. Their English counterparts recorded 76 per cent when it came to those in favour of student migration to remain the same or increase.

In Scotland, 63 per cent would like low-skilled EU migration to be reduced, rising to 69 per cent for low-skilled immigration from outside the EU. Those figures are very similar to the English "reduce low-skilled migration" findings of 64 per cent (EU) and 67 per cent (non-EU).
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Italy's alarm at 'second-chance' migrants
Bethany Bell
BBC, 4 September 2017

Four mayors in the northern Italian province of Friuli-Venezia Giulia have appealed for help in dealing with an influx of migrants who have been rejected for asylum in northern Europe.

Usually, the majority of migrants coming to Italy arrive in Sicily, in the country's south. Many then try to make their way north to countries such as Germany or Sweden.

But in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, near the border with Austria and Slovenia, the flow is in the opposite direction.

In a cross-party move, the mayor of Gorizia, Trieste, Udine and Pordenone have joined together to write to Italy's interior minister and express their deep concern. ...

Several thousand of them have come to Friuli-Venezia Giulia this year alone. ...

Adalberto Chimera, who works for Caritas in Gorizia, says most of the migrants are young men from Pakistan and Afghanistan. He says Italy's rules make it easier for them to get documents to stay in Europe.
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Britain has never been a 'nation of immigrants'. To protect everyone's freedom, we must slow down
Juliet Samuel
Daily Telegraph, 4 September 2017

The proportion of non-native English speakers in classrooms has jumped, in the space of a decade, from 14 to 21 per cent. For many people, the data will stoke anxiety that immigration is rapidly changing the face of Britain. ...

Big changes of this kind can, though, create tensions. Population growth can impose unexpected pressure on school places or housing that governments have failed to anticipate. The concentration of immigrant groups in places like London can open a huge gulf between the country's global metropolis and its regions, where people suddenly find their country's economic and cultural centre has become unfamiliar and treats them as deplorable or irrelevant.

And Britain is not, despite some claims, a "nation of immigrants". By historic standards, this island is notable for the astonishing geographic stability of its population. As a 2015 Oxford study found, much of Britain's present-day genetic variation maps on to the Anglo-Saxon populations who lived here 1,300 years ago; there is even a distinct difference between people who live on either side of the modern Cornwall-Devon border, corresponding to the same split present thousands of years ago.

Recent decades have, by contrast, seen modern Britian become a melting pot of peoples on a mass scale for the first time. On the whole, we have coped well. ...

But a resilient civilisation needs its own, strong identity. We are struggling to pass on some of the values and customs that have kept British democratic institutions going. ...

Immigration places additional strain on this intangible cultural capital not because immigrants are somehow lesser people, but because these values depend on a sense of trust, familiarity and shared history. ...

Continuing with the current pace of change and ignoring the need to consolidate, as if Britain is a blank slate or an untroubled cultural melting pot, will only store up trouble.
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Ex-Muslim: Welfare contributes to Islamism
WND, 4 September 2017

A former Muslim who is warning America that Islamists are establishing "no-go zones," neighborhoods run by Islamic Shariah law, says social-welfare programs contribute to the problem.

Such "help" facilitates a "huge swathe of people not doing anything," he explained in an interview with Greg Corombos of Radio America.

"All day every day [there are] men hanging on street corners, in the cafes, outside smoking, drinking tea, chatting, going back and forth between the mosque and the café," said author Raheem Kassam, who has just released "No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You."

He explains such no-go zones already are a problem across Europe, and he sees the beginnings of the same troubles in America. ...

As part of his research, he visited many existing no-go zones across Europe. ...

There, almost daily reports of attacks by Muslim immigrants, often with knives or vehicles, are reported.

The book is based on Kassam's travels to 14 cities with notorious no-go zones. They include the Molenbeek area of Brussels and the Rosengard section in Malmo, Sweden, where outsiders, including police, dare not tread.
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Number of children with English not their first language soars by two-thirds in decade
Steven Swinford
Sunday Telegraph, 3 September 2017

The number of school children who do not speak English as their first language has soared by two-thirds in the past decade to nearly 1.3 million amid fresh concerns about the strain immigration is placing on schools.

Latest figures show that English is no longer the first language for the majority of pupils in more than 2,000 primary and secondary schools, equivalent to one in nine. In more than 200 schools it is not the native tongue for nine in 10 pupils.

In some parts of London, including Newham and Tower Hamlets, the proportion of children who speak English as a second language now makes up as much as three-quarters of the school roll. In towns such as Slough, Luton and Leicester the figure is 50 per cent. ...

The proportion of primary school-children who do not speak English as their first language has risen from 13.5 per cent in 2007 to 20.6 per cent in 2017. In secondary schools it rose from 10.5 per cent in 2007 to 16.2 per cent this year. The overall number of children in schools who speak a first language other than English rose from 789,720 in 2007 to nearly 1.3 million.
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Britain secretly ditches plans to send 40 terror suspects back to their homelands
Matt Wilkinson
The Sun, 3 September 2017

Britain has secretly dropped plans to send 40 terror suspects back to their homelands.

A scheme to expel jihadis to Libya, Algeria, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Morocco and Jordan has been ditched.

The DWA agreement guaranteed they would not be tortured despite poor human rights records at home and was praised by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary.

But since 2004 only 11 suspects have been deported.

Many cases collapsed or were still rejected on human rights grounds.

Now there are no plans to expel another 40 suspects, including 20 terrorists who served jail time here.

In a report on the scheme, Prof Clive Walker said: "There are currently no live cases."

Britain has suspended its accords with Libya, Algeria and Ethiopia because changes in government brought new concerns about torture.

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former top Whitehall terror advisor, said: "Human rights of terrorists are being placed above the human rights of men, women and children on the streets."

France has expelled 126 jihadis since 2004, most to Algeria.
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Special agents posted at international airports are stopping hundreds of terror suspects and organised crime figures entering Australia
Sam Duncan
Daily Mail Australia, 3 September 2017

Special agents deployed at airports around the world are preventing hundreds of dangerous individuals from entering the country.

Working for the Australian Border Force, Airline Liaison Officers are fighting to identify and stop terror suspects, criminals, extremists and illegal immigrants.

Between July 1 and August 30 this year alone, ALOs mainly stationed in Asian and Middle Eastern air hubs barred 153 dangerous passengers from boarding flights. ...

Since 2013 ALOs have blocked 1043 passengers from boarding overseas flights to Australia.
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Polish PM rejects 'blackmail' on EU migrant quotas
France24, 3 September 2017

Poland's rightwing premier said Sunday that her country would not be "blackmailed" by its "largest" EU partners into accepting thousands of asylum seekers under a quota system for spreading them throughout the bloc.

"We cannot be blackmailed by the threat that part of our EU funds will be cut off as punishment, because we don't agree to the forced relocation of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East," Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said ...

EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said in July that Brussels was taking legal steps against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland "for failing to meet their legal obligations on relocation" under the quota program.
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Sarah Champion: The left are failing to confront the truth of sex crimes
Jessica Wilkins
PoliticsHome, 2 September 2017

Sarah Champion was fired from Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet after she wrote an article in the Sun claiming Britain had "a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls".

Mr Cobyn responded by claiming the paper was stoking Islamophobia and stigmatising "entire communities".

In an interview with the Times, Ms Champion blamed a liberal fear of being accused of racism for Labour's inability to tackle the problem.

"If I'm on the floppy left, to be accused of racism is probably the worst thing you can call me. That fear will motivate me to step away from a lot of topics I'd maybe tackle head on if I didn't have that phobia."

Ms Champion said that many Labour members and politicians based in London had "never been challenged by a reality that's different" from their largely "tolerant, multicultural world". ...

Successful prosecutions have been brought against gangs in Rotherham, Oxford, Rochdale, and most recently Newcastle Upon Tyne.

No similar prosecution has occurred in London. Ms Champion said that the "multicultural policies that I, through my working career, grew up with, and which Jeremy Corbyn grew up with, need a translation to come outside London". ...

"If, 15 years ago, we'd acknowledged there was a particular issue among a criminal subsection of men in the Pakistani community we could have addressed it, carried out the research and gained the understanding to challenge it, tackle it and eradicate it."
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Threat from homegrown jihadis 'reaches unprecedented levels' as terror chiefs warn ISIS is changing its tactics by ordering extremists to carry out deadly attacks in British streets
Kate Ferguson
MailOnline, 2 September 2017

The threat from homegrown jihadis has reached unprecedented levels after ISIS ordered their followers to carry out deadly attacks in Britain rather than Syria, it was claimed today.

The terror group 'very cleverly switched tactics' by winding down efforts to lure British extremists to the fight on the frontline, Security Minister Ben Wallace said.

Instead they are throwing their efforts at radicalising people through the internet and ordering them to slaughter fellow Brits in truck attacks at home.

The stark warning comes after dozens of people were murdered and many more injured after four terror attacks in just three months in London and Manchester. ...

Sky News said the threat from homegrown jihadis has reached unprecedented levels.
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Britain is 'home to 35,000 Islamist fanatics', more than any other country in Europe, top official warns
Daily Telegraph, 1 September 2017

Britain is home to 35,000 Islamist fanatics, more than any other country in Europe, the EU anti-terror chief has said.

Gilles de Kerchove warned that of those, 3,000 were "worrying" for MI5.

He also warned Islamic State will attempt a cyber-attack on nuclear power stations or air traffic control systems within five years, potentially by paying paying Russian hackers to break into vital computer systems.

Mr de Kerchove told Spain's El Mundo newspaper: "The United Kingdom has identified 20,000 to 35,000 radicals.

"Of these, 3,000 are worrying for MI5, and of those 500 are under constant and special attention.

"France has 17,000. Spain many less, but more than 5,000 I suppose. In Belgium almost 500 have been to Syria and there are around 2,000 radicals or more.

"I wouldn't like to put a concrete figure on it, but (in Europe) tens of thousands, more than 50,000.

"We must select those who are really worrying and the most dangerous, and they should be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week."
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Statistics chief criticises leak of Home Office student migration report
Alan Travis
The Guardian, 1 September 2017

The Home Office has launched a leak inquiry into how a "seriously misleading" account of an official report into student migration appeared in the press on the morning of the report's publication.

The UK Statistics Authority chair has written to the home secretary, Amber Rudd, voicing strong concerns over the partial leak of the report to the Daily Telegraph last week, pressing her to ban the release of their official statistics to ministers and officials in advance of publication.

Sir David Norgrove told Rudd that the Telegraph report, which claimed 97% of international students left the UK after their studies and that there were tens of thousands fewer immigrants in the country than previously thought, was seriously misleading.

"The main leak was to the Daily Telegraph. Whoever spoke to the journalist seems only to have half understood the data or inadequately communicated them. The result was seriously misleading, creating confusion where clarity was important," he said.

"But a more accurate leak would still have been misleading, because it would have been partial (in all senses), and left the journalist and the public lacking context. The leak was the more damaging in view of the sensitivity of migration data."
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England is now more pro-immigrant – but it's more Islamophobic too
Phil McDuff
The Guardian, 1 September 2017

Reading through Hope Not Hate's latest report on their surveys of English attitudes towards race and immigration, one comes away with a mix of optimism and pessimism. Those of us who are what the organisation describes as "confident multiculturals" – or what the tabloids would describe as out-of-touch liberal elitists – can be heartened by what seem to be an increase in our ranks. We now make up 22% of the sample, up from 8% in the first survey in 2011. The two most pro-immigrant groups now make up 39% of the overall total.

At the other end of the spectrum, those who are "hostile" to immigration have remained consistent, but with a shift from those who are most fiercely opposed – down from 13% to 5% since 2011 – to the group described as "latently hostile," up to 17% from 10% in the same period. This indicates that even those people harbouring anti-immigrant views are more likely to engage with the political process than to resort to direct violence themselves or support it in others.

However, the report also details a significant rise in anti-Muslim sentiment. 42% of people said that the recent terrorist attacks have increased their suspicion of Muslims in Britain, including many of those in the more liberal groups. Around 50% of people would be willing to see relaxation of human rights protections to "help fight terrorism," and a similar proportion see Islam itself as "a threat to the west".

Only 10% of the population see themselves as being "similar" to Muslims. This baseline perception of fundamental difference seems to reinforce the stereotype that immigrants fail to integrate and also, ironically, opposition to wanting them to do so.
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Immigration was a 'legitimate concern' in Brexit vote, leading UK economist says
Silvia Amaro and Steve Sedgwick
CNBC, 1 September 2017

A prominent U.K. economist and former chairman of the country's financial regulator has split with his contemporaries by declaring that immigration was a "legitimate concern" in the Brexit vote last year, which he believes is now being overlooked in the current negotiations with the EU.

"I think that the most fundamental reason why the Brexit referendum passed was immigration. And I think that was a legitimate concern and in that sense I break away from many of my metropolitan, liberal friends in believing that there was a real issue there," Adair Turner, former Financial Services Authority chairman, told CNBC on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti Forum in Italy.

He added that the disappointing progress in Brexit talks was due to a lack of focus on this particular issue. ...

"There's a lack of focus on what really matters."
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Tower Hamlets is the bleak end-point of diversity
Douglas Murray
Spectator blog, 1 September 2017

Anyhow, the attack I forgot to mention was the one in Turku, Finland, the other week, when a man, who witnesses claimed was shouting 'Allahu Akbar' (which translates as 'Nothing to see here'), started attacking women in the street with a knife. The attacker managed to kill two women and severely injure eight others.

Before we go any further it is worth asking if anyone remembers the vitriol expressed in recent years towards anyone expressing any worry about the fact that we didn't seem to know where the migrants who entered Europe in recent years were from? Or who they were? And does anyone remember that incredible fury unleashed against anyone (like the British MP for Monmouth, David Davies) who publicly wondered whether we were absolutely sure that everyone who claimed to be a child migrant was, in fact, a child?

Anyway, back to the terrorist. It turns out that the attacker in Turku came from the largest contingent of recent migrants, in that he was the sort of migrant who had absolutely no right whatsoever to be in Europe. /.../ When he arrived in Finland last year, the perpetrator of the Turku attack lied about his identity.

... And he claimed to be a child refugee; in fact, he is 22. So, a non-child from a non war-zone lied to the authorities in the country he was in, and nobody took the slightest notice until he went full 'Allahu Akbar'. At which point nobody cared very much more.

There are those who intermittently point out to me that the people with the knives, and machetes, and swords, and vans and suicide vests aren't the people our societies should be most worried about. I have some sympathy for this view. /.../ But perhaps it is those who hate our society without ever being spurred into violence who are – in the long run – the greater threat?

This brings me to Channel 4. Last week, its flagship news programme ran a piece on the relationship between the UK government and Britain's 'Muslim community'. It was presented by one Assed Baig. Now even for a news programme hosted by Jon Snow, /.../ Baig ought to have been seen as a step too far. He has a history of issuing slurs at Muslims whom he believes to be too integrated into British society, so it isn't exactly surprising that he would present a news report so extreme and embarrassing in its content that Channel 4 has voluntarily removed all reference to it from its website and Twitter feed. ...

Which brings me to my third point for pessimism. /.../ What did people think would happen in Tower Hamlets once it reached the demographic situation it's now in? Tower Hamlets is the end-point of diversity, where you have a different mono-culture asserting itself in the way it knows how.
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L'Oreal's first transgender model is SACKED by the cosmetics giant after claiming 'ALL white people' are racist in extraordinary Facebook rant
Clemmie Moodie and Rory Tingle
Daily Mail, 1 September 2017

With a dizzying fanfare, she was brought in as the 'face of modern diversity'.

But days after she was announced as L'Oreal's first transgender model, Munroe Bergdorf launched an extraordinary rant declaring all white people racist.

And today L'Oreal confirmed the 29-year-old British star, who appeared in its recent '#allworthit' campaign with Cheryl Cole and Katie Piper, has been dropped from her lucrative new role.

In a lengthy Facebook rant, she wrote: 'Honestly I don't have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people. ...

'Come see me when you realise that racism isn't learned, it's inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege.

'Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth... then we can talk. ...'

L'Oreal said: 'We support diversity and tolerance towards all people irrespective of their race, background, gender and religion. ...

'L'Oréal remains committed to celebrating diversity and breaking down barriers in beauty.'
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New Strategy Briefing – Economic and Business Effects of Ethnic Diversity in Western European Cities
Iryna Sychyk
Euromonitor International, 1 September 2017

Throughout the last decade, migration has been growing in Western Europe. Foreigners have been flocking mainly to major cities of key economies in the region and thus shaping both their demographic composition and consumer markets. The New Strategy Briefing published by Passport Cities provides an overview of cities which were impacted the most by international immigration and what role it had in city growth. ...

Additionally, we have identified key major patterns how migration is impacting metropolises in Western Europe. These include:

International migration has been boosting Western European cities' population: During 2006-2016, 20 out of 32 leading metropolises in Western Europe were growing population-wise predominantly due to net migration. Furthermore, an influx of foreign citizens has been especially high in 11 out of those 20 cities.

The number of foreign citizens is up across the region's key metropolises: The number of foreign citizens in Western Europe's 33 major cities rose from 10 in 2006 to 14 million in 2016. In the majority of the metropolises foreign citizens make up less than 15% of the local population as of 2016.

Foreigners as consumers present worthwhile business opportunities: Migration, in addition to its impact on overall city affluence, has direct business implications. The case study showcases specific examples of how companies in London, Vienna and Barcelona took advantage of market opportunities created by the presence of foreign nationals.
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Islamist Preacher Who Called for Destruction of Britain Coming to Parliament
Guido Fawkes, 1 September 2017

Heads up Special Branch – a notorious Islamist hate preacher who called for Britain to be "destroyed" is due to meet MPs in parliament this month. Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, a former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and current Imam of the city's Al-Aqsa Mosque, will visit Britain as part of a delegation organised by pro-Palestinian group EuroPal. Provided he isn't stopped at Heathrow...

Sabri stated in a 2001 radio sermon: "Allah, destroy the U.S., its helpers and its agents. Allah, destroy Britain, its helpers and its agents. Allah, prepare those who will unite the Muslims and march in the steps of Saladin." Furthermore, Sabri:

. Denied the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust, telling Italian newspaper La Repubblica in 2000: "Six million Jews dead? No way, they were much fewer. Let's stop with this fairytale exploited by Israel to capture international solidarity."

. Praised child martyrdom, saying in a 2001 sermon: "The younger the martyr – the greater and the more I respect him... They [mothers of martyrs] willingly sacrifice their offspring for the sake of freedom."

. Was removed by from office by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas because of his extremist views

. Was banned from entering France by the French government in 2012

. Said in a New York Times Magazine interview: "If the Jews want peace, they will stay away from Al Aksa... This is a decree from Allah. The Haram al-Sharif belongs to the Muslim. But we know the Jew is planning on destroying the Haram. The Jew will get the Christian to do his work for him. This is the way of the Jews. This is the way Satan manifests himself. The majority of the Jews want to destroy the mosque. They are preparing this as we speak."

An email sent to MPs announced the details of Sabri's visit and offered meetings in parliament with the EuroPal delegation between Monday 11th and Friday 15th September.
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FBI, Homeland Security warn of more 'antifa' attacks
Josh Meyer
Politico, 1 September 2017

Federal authorities have been warning state and local officials since early 2016 that leftist extremists known as "antifa" had become increasingly confrontational and dangerous, so much so that the Department of Homeland Security formally classified their activities as "domestic terrorist violence," according to interviews and confidential law enforcement documents obtained by POLITICO.

Since well before the Aug. 12 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned deadly, DHS has been issuing warnings about the growing likelihood of lethal violence between the left-wing anarchists and right-wing white supremacist and nationalist groups.

Previously unreported documents disclose that by April 2016, authorities believed that "anarchist extremists" were the primary instigators of violence at public rallies against a range of targets. They were blamed by authorities for attacks on the police, government and political institutions, along with symbols of "the capitalist system," racism, social injustice and fascism, according to a confidential 2016 joint intelligence assessment by DHS and the FBI. ...

In interviews, law enforcement authorities made clear that Trump's inflammatory rhetoric and policies – first as a candidate and then as president – helped to create a situation that has escalated so quickly and extensively that they do not have a handle on it.

"It was in that period [as the Trump campaign emerged] that we really became aware of them," said one senior law enforcement official tracking domestic extremists in a state that has become a front line in clashes between the groups. "These antifa guys were showing up with weapons, shields and bike helmets and just beating the shit out of people. ... They're using Molotov cocktails, they're starting fires, they're throwing bombs and smashing windows."

Almost immediately, the right-wing targets of the antifa attacks began fighting back, bringing more and larger weapons and launching unprovoked attacks of their own, the documents and interviews show. ...

Dozens of armed anti-fascist groups have emerged, including Redneck Revolt and the Red Guards, according to the reports and interviews. ...

In their April 2016 assessment, the DHS and FBI said the anarchist groups would likely become more lethal if "fascist, nationalist, racist or anti-immigrant parties obtain greater prominence or local political power in the United States, leading to anti-racist violent backlash from anarchist extremists." ...

In another assessment this past August, DHS warned about the potential for unprecedented violence at Charlottesville.
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Four out of five Britons demand action as a million illegal immigrants 'go missing'
Giles Sheldrick
Daily Express, 1 September 2017

Britain is probably home to more than one million illegal immigrants who may never be found, experts warned last night.

The number includes those who were smuggled into the UK or entered on false papers, those overstaying their visas and failed asylum seekers who disappear.

Eight in 10 people believe the Government should take stronger measures over illegal migration, according to a British Social Attitudes poll.

Alp Mehmet, of Migration Watch UK, said: "We have long pointed to the likelihood of something in excess of a million illegal immigrants here. We have no reason to change that view.

"Indeed, it is a figure that has been supported by a former head of the UK Border Agency as well as the former head of Home Office enforcement."

Until 2005 the Government insisted no estimate was possible.

But a year later a Home Office report estimated there were 430,000 in the UK.

In 2009 the London School of Economics suggested it totalled 618,000.
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Five foreign criminals a day are freed on to UK streets: Killers and rapists are then living here for years instead of being booted out
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 31 August 2017

Five foreign criminals a day are being freed on to Britain's streets instead of being booted out of the country, figures reveal.

Some 1,885 offenders – including sex attackers, killers, robbers and drug dealers – were released in the year to June after finishing their sentences. ...

Guidelines say that criminals who have completed their sentences should be detained only if deporting them is a realistic prospect.

In reality thousands are released to be 'managed in the community' – and are then at risk of absconding and potentially putting the public in danger.

In total, 5,728 foreign-born criminals due to be deported are living in Britain. Nearly a third – 1,870 – have been loose for more than five years. A further 2,246 have dodged being booted out for more than 12 months but have yet to reach the five-year mark.

Of the 484 offenders freed between April and June alone, only two were deported. Another eight were given permission to stay.

The rest were challenging their deportation orders, many using controversial human rights or asylum laws, while others did not have travel documents and could not be removed immediately. ...

David Spencer, research director of the Centre for Crime Prevention think-tank, said: 'There is simply no excuse for putting the British public at risk like this. Until they can be deported, foreign nationals who have committed criminal offences must be locked up, either in prison or an immigration centre.

'It would be interesting to see how many of those set loose have gone on to commit further offences. This is something the Government urgently needs to get to grips with and hopefully Brexit will finally afford them the powers to do so.' ...

The Home Office said that in 2016-17 it removed more than 6,340 foreign national offenders - the highest number ever. More than 37,000 have been removed since 2010.
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Trying to block migrants won't work. Europe needs a realistic plan
Sophie in 't Veld
The Guardian, 31 August 2017
[Sophie in 't Veld is a Dutch member of the European parliament]

Instead of trying to buy their way out of a migration "crisis", EU governments should start implementing the framework for asylum and migration we have already, and actually donate the funds they have pledged. In addition, we should focus all our efforts on legal avenues for labour migration, such as the EU blue card, so people who want to work in Europe will no longer have to use the asylum procedure.

Individual EU countries cannot cope with migration flows by themselves, but Europe can. Angela Merkel is right: we can manage and regulate the migration flow very well, if we do it at a European level. The European parliament is working hard to update and upgrade the asylum and migration package – including the "Dublin" allocation mechanism for asylum seekers, and the reception conditions directive.

Migration will not go away, but we can be certain that a Fortress Europe approach will not work. It is a charade, meant to reassure a concerned electorate, not solve problems. Europe is a shrinking and ageing continent. We need migration.
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Thousands Of People Are Backing A Call For An Inquiry Into Press Racism
Aisha Gani
BuzzFeed News, 31 August 2017

The press watchdog is facing growing public pressure to launch an immediate inquiry into "press racism", with campaigners saying British newspapers are contributing to a "climate of hostility" towards migrants, refugees, and Muslims.

Almost 4,000 people have signed an online petition calling on the Independent Press Standards Organisation to look into allegations of discriminatory reporting practices.

"Something is clearly going very wrong when newspapers can demonise entire cross sections of society without worrying about any consequences," campaign group Global Justice Now, which launched the petition, wrote on its website.

The petition follows widespread condemnation of a recent column on Brexit and grooming gangs by The Sun's former political editor Trevor Kavanagh that referred to "The Muslim Problem". ...

Earlier this month, the National Union of Journalists called on IPSO to investigate "the prevalence of Islamophobia, racism and hatred espoused in the British press".
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Our arrogant, self-consciously meritocratic elite isn't as good as it thinks it is
Allister Heath
Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2017

Mass migration, in part caused by the problems of the Middle East, is another challenge which our policy-makers have no clue how to handle. Tens of millions will want to move over the next few years, with many landing in the European Union, a dysfunctional technocracy if ever there was one. There are many reasons why I doubt the EU will survive for more than another decade, and this is certainly one.
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Notting Hill Carnival should be banned for police officer safety, suggests Met Police Federation
Samuel Osborne
Independent, 30 August 2017

Notting Hill Carnival should be banned after the "disgrace" of police officers being attacked with blood and bottles, the chair of the Metropolitan Police Federation has suggested.

Ken Marsh, who leads the rank-and-file group, asked: "What other event would be allowed to carry on regardless with so many police colleagues under attack?"

The Bank Holiday weekend event in west London saw 28 police officers injured, with bottles and other objects thrown at them, blood spat at them and a potentially acidic substance thrown at them.

Mr Marsh said he suspected the true figure of officers injured on duty during the two-day carnival will end up being more than 28 - the number released by the Metropolitan Police on Monday night. ...

Some 313 arrests were carried out as of 10pm on Monday, the Metropolitan Police said, many relating to drugs and offensive weapons.

More than a third of the arrests - 112 - were for drugs offences, while there were 58 arrests for possession of an offensive weapon or knife/blade, 37 public order arrests and 17 common assault arrests.

Some 14 arrests for sexual offences were also carried out, while 17 arrests were made for assaults on police officers.
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Immigrants boost America's birth rate
The Economist, 30 August 2017

Politics and sheer hatred aside, there is no shortage of blind spots in the rationale behind America's mounting restrictions on immigration. Immigrants are a boon to America in many ways. For one, they do plenty of jobs that native-born Americans shun – including what most parents would agree is the ultimate labour of love: having babies.

For decades America's birth rate has been stuck below the level at which a given generation replaces itself. This means that without a steady influx of young migrants down the line there will be fewer working-age people supporting a greater number of retirees. But according to analysis published earlier this week by the Pew Research Centre in Washington, DC, things would have been worse if it weren't for immigrants. They make up 13% of the population but nearly a quarter of births in 2015 were to immigrant women.
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390,000 Syrians Eligible To Bring Their Families to Germany in 2018
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 30 August 2017

The German government expects that by 2018 there will be around 390,000 Syrians with approved refugee status making them eligible to make advantage of family reunification rules.

Currently, there are around 267,500 Syrians with approved asylum status who are candidates for the family reunification scheme but the number could rise to as many as 390,000 by next year Focus Online reports.

If each person eligible were to bring only three other family members each, the number of migrants coming to Germany could increase by well over a million in the span of a year.

From January 2015 to June 2017 the German government granted 230,000 family reunion visas, with Syrians and Iraqis making up 103,000 of the approved requests.
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Britain can only deport foreign terrorists to two countries at a time, report says
Hayley Dixon
Daily Telegraph, 29 August 2017

Britain can only deport foreign terrorists hiding behind human rights laws to two countries at a time because the process is too expensive, a long-awaited review has revealed.

Dangerous jihadists who pose a threat to national security cannot be sent back to a long list of countries including Libya, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen and Russia even if a guarantee of fair treatment is obtained, according to the report ordered by Theresa May.

Where assurances can be sought - as they were in the case of Abu Qatada - the process is so complicated and costly the Home Office has admitted that it can only manage negotiations with two nations at a time.

Professor Clive Walker, an international law expert who co-authored the report with David Anderson QC, the then independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, estimates that the number of foreign jihadists who could avoid deportation "probably exceeded 40". His analysis goes on to warn that with increasing travel to Syria and Iraq and restrictions on leave to remain conditions that number could "now markedly increase".

The review of Deportation with Assurances (DWA) - which was ordered by Mrs May when she was Home Secretary in 2013 but only published quietly last month - concludes that it remains an important tool. ...

The scheme in theory allows the UK to expel suspects with guarantees they will not be mistreated or tortured in their home country, but in the last 13 years it has only led to the deportation of 11 people - nine to Algeria and two to Jordan.

In contrast, France has deported around 120 suspected terrorists. ...

Only six countries have entered into arrangement for DWA from the UK - Libya, Ethiopia, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco and Jordan - of which the first three have since been ruled out because of political instability and risk of mistreatment.
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EU leaders offer support to Libyan coastguards, Chad and Niger to stem migrant flow at Paris summit
Henry Samuel
Daily Telegraph, 29 August 2017

France, Germany, Italy and Spain have offered to support Libyan coastguards and help Chad and Niger with border control to stem migration to Europe at a summit in Paris.

They also agreed on a new policy to grant asylum to vulnerable migrants who apply for protection while in Africa instead of their destination countries. ...

Thy acknowledged a need for initiating in Chad and Niger the process of resettling in Europe "particularly vulnerable migrants", and announced they plan to carry out "protection missions" in the African nations in cooperation with the United Nations' refugee and migration agencies.

The process would allow migrants to immigrate legally to Europe if they are on an eligibility list provided by the UN refugee agency and registered with authorities in Niger and Chad.
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The Guardian view on migration to Europe: changing routes, unchanged principles
The Guardian, 29 August 2017
[Leading article]

Migration remains at the heart of Europe's political and social crisis. Instability in Africa and elsewhere, wars, persecution, poverty, demographic trends and the ancient human urge to seek a better life in safer, more prosperous regions, all mean that this reality is not about to change. Two years after more than a million people made their way to Europe in the largest arrival of migrants from outside the continent in its history, European institutions and governments still struggle to find solutions. Even when sound policies are crafted, such as relocation sharing, to alleviate the pressure on "frontline" states, implementation lags far behind. ...

The only genuinely sustainable and humane solution would be to create safe, legal pathways for asylum seekers, but this has been largely shunned by nervous politicians, as is happening in Italy. Helping to stabilise and develop countries that are haemorrhaging their youth for lack of economic opportunity or basic security unquestionably requires a long-term effort. But stemming the movement of people by trying to build more barriers means that Europe's policies are failing to match its stated values.
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Norwegian Immigration Minister: ECHR makes it difficult to defend citizens
Westmonster, 29 August 2017

Norway's Immigration Minister has hit out at the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), saying it forces them to put the rights of migrants ahead of the safety of their own citizens.

Sylvi Listhaug, who has been Norway's Immigration Minister since 2015, said the ECHR makes it difficult to remove failed asylum seekers, making it even more difficult to defend their citizens.

Speaking to NRK, she said: "We should challenge these conventions. First and foremost, the European Convention on Human Rights is challenging for the possible legitimacy of a single country to defend its citizens.

"Since January 2015, 564 people have been killed by terror attacks in Europe. The majority of attacks are made by ISIS supporters," she added. ...

Listhaug's party, which is seeking re-election next month, has put forward proposals to prevent Norway becoming like Sweden. They include abolishing legal aid for asylum seekers, scrapping permanent residence for asylum seekers and removing welfare payments to anyone the security services believes is at risk of committing terrorist acts.
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Families of disabled British Pakistanis are importing wives from abroad, says Labour MP
Josh Robbins
International Business Times, 28 August 2017

A Labour MP has criticised some British Pakistani families for 'importing' wives from abroad for their disabled sons. Jess Phillips said the practice, described as a "hidden problem" by researchers, was symptomatic of the community's wider disregard for women's rights.

The Birmingham Yardley MP said she was aware of "a lot of cases" in the British Pakistani and Bangladeshi community where the parents of men with learning disabilities were "going and getting a wife from abroad". ...

Research by UCL published in 2014 found that arranged and forced marriages involving people with intellectual disabilities were most prevalent in the Pakistani community.

Disabled charities point out that the practice is also an affront to the rights of the men involved, who may not have the capacity to resist the wishes of their parents. ...

Phillips made the comments with reference to the wider problem of attitudes towards women in certain south Asian communities in Britain. ...

The issue of arranged marriages involving disabled people also exposes a loophole in British immigration law.

Most British citizens who want to bring a foreign spouse into the UK must have a minimum annual income of £18,600, according to legislation passed in 2012.

However, that requirement does not apply to cases where the Briton is disabled. This caveat can be exploited by people wishing to game the immigration system.

The Home Office has vowed to review the exemption.
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Europe's Asylum Disgrace
Bruce Bawer
FrontPage Mag, 28 August 2017

Three years ago, Aideen Strandsson, an Iranian actress who had converted from Islam to Christianity applied for asylum in Sweden on the grounds that apostasy is a capital offense in her home country. /.../ This summer, Swedish authorities turned her down. They were fully prepared to send her back to Iran – and to her death – when the Hungarian government stepped in and agreed to take her. ...

Sweden, of course, is one of those Western European countries that have eagerly granted asylum to armies of Muslims who pose as refugees from persecution but who are, in fact, economic migrants, eager to climb onto the welfare-state gravy train. Hungary, meanwhile, is one of those Eastern European countries that refuse to take in Muslims but are willing to accept Christians.

The logic, in both cases, is clear. Western European politicians and bureaucrats tend to be postmodern multiculturalists – in Sweden, fanatically so. They feel a contempt for their own civilization and they regard this contempt as a mark of sophistication and virtue. They have made a fetish of unqualified respect for other cultures, however objectively undeserving those cultures may be of any decent person's regard. They are especially fond of cultures that share their own contempt for the West, and hence there is no culture for which they show more deference than that of Islam, which since its founding has been at war with what used to be called the Christian world.

The postmodernists live, of course, in countries that are – or were, until they started ruining it all – free, prosperous, and safe, and they feel an obligation to share their good fortune with as many Muslims as possible, even if it means, in the long run, destroying that freedom, prosperity, and safety. In the case of Sweden, this self-destructive impulse is so strong that the country has actually opened its arms to returning ISIS terrorists – and given them all kinds of freebies to make them happy. ...

Strandsson's story is far from unique. Last September it was reported that Sarmad Ozan, an Iraqi engineer and Christian deacon whose home city of Mosul had been overrun by ISIS and cleansed of Christians, had requested asylum in Britain, where he was studying. But the Home Office denied his request, ordering him to return home. Since Ozan is a Christian and his former neighbors in Mosul have all become ISIS supporters, the Home Office's decision amounted to a death sentence. ...

... In 2016, according to a Pew report, "about 99 percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. were Muslim, while less than 1 percent were Christian."

When Donald Trump announced shortly after his inauguration that he would be reversing this disgraceful policy – giving priority to Christian refugees from Muslim persecution and instituting "extreme vetting" for possible jihadists – all sane, decent Americans should have applauded. Instead, millions reacted in outrage at what their brainwashing by multicultural-minded news media, teachers, and professors led them to see as an expression of bigotry – confirming yet again that if Islam is the number-one enemy of Western freedom today, multicultural indoctrination in our own ranks is Islam's most potent ally.
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Travellers called a race
Nikolai Tolstoy
Daily Telegraph, 28 August 2017
[Letter to the Editor]

Colin Webb ... suggests that nothing will be done to curb lawlessness among "travellers" until they are classified as a social rather than an ethnic group.

Sadly, this is unlikely to happen, since both Conservative and Labour governments are united in arbitrarily decreeing them to be a race – one, incidentally, wholly unknown to geneticists, ethnologists and historians.

They are for the most part ordinary Irishmen and women, who operate in this country under the lawlessness tacitly encouraged by British governments and rogorously denied them by the government of Ireland.
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At least 200 illegal migrants sneak their way into Britain every day, official figures reveal
David Wooding
The Sun, 27 August 2017

Illegal immigrants are making a mockery of Britain's border controls, it was claimed last night.

At least 200 people are entering the country unlawfully every day, according to shock new figures.

And the government admits that most of those caught are allowed to stay – because it's too much trouble to boot them out.

Home Office stats show illegal immigration has risen every year since 2012 and is on course for a further rise.

More than 74,300 enforcement papers were issued against migrants in 2015 – up from 48,727 in 2012.

But these are only the illegal entrants the authorities were able to track down and the real figure will be much higher.

The number of illegals caught sneaking into Britain through ferry ports hit 1,868 last year – a 50 per cent rise on the previous year.

And nearly 50,000 non-EU visitors failed to leave the country after their visas expired last year. ...

In its response, the Home Office said: "On conclusion of their case they may be granted permission to stay or be detained... for removal.

"There is a presumption in favour of release and individuals are encouraged throughout the process to depart voluntarily from the United Kingdom when they no longer have permission to remain or if their circumstances change such that they cannot adhere to any conditions attached to the leave they hold.

"Detention for removal is used as a last resort and can only be authorised if there is a belief that the person may be liable for removal and that removal can be achieved within a reasonable time frame."
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Today's morally righteous elites are paying the price for their open hatred of ordinary people
Janet Daley
Sunday Telegraph, 27 August 2017

What is being blared out shamelessly from a good many media outlets now is beyond arrogant disdain: it is full-on loathing. I have never known a time when public intellectuals – commentators and academics – have stated, without equivocation, that they were waiting eagerly for those swathes of the population that hold unacceptable views (on Brexit, say, or immigration) to go away and die. One speaker at a recent conference stated that progressive ideas would have to be installed in society "one funeral at a time". This is not argument. It does not attempt to convert or persuade or to enlighten the supposedly benighted. It is a vendetta: a bald, unambiguous assertion that people with whom you disagree barely have a right to live, let alone to be heard.

On the receiving end of this palpable disgust are people who still disconcertingly have a voice and a vote – both of which they are using in what should have been seen as predictably defiant ways. They may have grown used to being ignored but they were not accustomed to being deliberately insulted. What made it more provoking was that they were under attack for what they consider to be virtues: patriotism, community loyalty and local tradition. In a US newspaper article last week, an apologist for the new metropolitan consensus described the acceptable world view as "internationalist, secular, cosmopolitan, multicultural liberalism". This seems to make it explicitly opposed to national pride, religious faith, cultural identity, communal cohesion and any form of social conservatism.
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Big brands shun straight, white Britain in their adverts
Andrew Ellson, Neil Johnston and Sophia Siddiqui
Sunday Times, 27 August 2017

Advertisers are so worried about being accused of racism or homophobia they are shying away from using images of white people and straight couples.

Marketing departments are even putting diversity above relevance to their target audience to avoid accusations of bigotry, a survey of 500 companies has found.

A third of advertisers questioned said they had used fewer white models and heterosexual couples over the past year. More than a third of these said they were taking this approach to "prevent perceived discrimination".

The findings are likely to trigger accusations of political correctness but show a marked change in attitudes in the advertising industry, which has until recently had a reputation for under-representing ethnic minorities.
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An Argument Against Open Borders and Liberal Hubris
Ben Sixsmith
Quillette, 27 August 2017

No one except a militant nativist would deny that some level of immigration is beneficial and should be accepted. After that, we face a question of scale. There are those, however, on the opposite end of the spectrum, who believe that no level of immigration should ever be denied. These are advocates of "open borders"; an idea as strange as that of the nativist – yet more dangerous for being considered respectable.

The liberal Economist magazine contains an essay promoting open borders. It imagines a world in which people are free to live and work wherever they please. It is an astonishingly biased and unreflective piece, which illuminates dangerous extremes of progressive utopianism: ...

But what of proposed merits of open borders? A consistent failure of the Economist's article is a reluctance to distinguish between different migrants. ...

The author keeps on his rose-tinted spectacles as he considers negative effects of immigration. "A study of migration flows among 145 countries between 1970 and 2000," we are told, "Found that migration was more likely to reduce terrorism than increase it." The year before 2001 is a strange time to stop considering data on terrorism, and besides, the actual study found that terrorism was reduced only where they migrated from, not where they migrated to.
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How the new definition of online hate crime marks a slippery slope to totalitarianism
William Collins
The Backbencher, 27 August 2017

Want to impose totalitarian control on a nation? No problem. Here's how you do it. ...

First of all you need to sever the ties which anchor a culture to its moral values. Hence you need to undermine religion, make a mockery of traditional values, deny valid authority any recognition, and demean your cultural heritage. ...

That achieved, you have successfully removed society's anchor, leaving it morally adrift. ...

There will be some inertia to be overcome. People do have an irritating sense of fairness, and they do value their liberty. These tendencies must be subverted. The basic strategy is the oldest one of all: divide and conquer. The trick is to repackage this as "identity and protection". ...

The best means of turning the chosen identity group into Bad People is by concerted denigration. This should focus on their being the undeserving recipients of privilege. By this means the people's fairness instinct is turned from a liability into an asset. Moreover, if this undeserved privilege can be presented as having been won by oppression of the other identity groups, you can simultaneously excite the care-and-protection response. ...

The more the "deserving" groups are pushed forward as deserving of greater care and consideration, the more the Bad People are, by their exclusion, presented as undeserving. ...

So powerful is this manipulated moral outlook that even the ruling faction of the Bad People will be frightened to speak against it. By this time, dissent will be met with shaming and sacking. ...

What more direct evidence could there be of adherence to this programme of collectivist totalitarianism than the invention of 'hate crimes'. These are, explicitly, part of the 'protection' being offered to the identity groups. But they also provide 'proof' of the threat to these groups, and hence the need for protection. ...

This brings me, finally, to the reason why I am regaling you with this bit of political analysis. It is because Alison Saunders, our much revered Director of Public Prosecutions, has decided to create another hate crime. We have already had the speaking-to-women-without-being-spoken-to-first hate crime declared in Nottinghamshire and North Yorkshire. This time the move is to treat online 'hate crimes' as seriously as offences carried out face-to-face. The CPS will be seeking stiffer penalties. ...

The police and the CPS have agreed the following definition for identifying and flagging hate crimes:

"Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice, based on a person's disability or perceived disability; race or perceived race; or religion or perceived religion; or sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation or a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender.

There is no legal definition of hostility so we use the everyday understanding of the word which includes ill-will, spite, contempt, prejudice, unfriendliness, antagonism, resentment and dislike.
" ...

In 2015/16 there were 62,518 hate crimes recorded by the police, about 15,000 hate crime prosecutions with a conviction rate of about 85%. Those are huge number. /.../ There is ample evidence that the 'hate crime' label is thrown at incidents without any real reason.
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Non-English speaking victims of crime to be given priority, police chief suggests
Danny Boyle
Daily Telegraph, 26 August 2017

Victims of crime who do not speak English could be given priority by the Metropolitan Police, a senior officer has suggested.

Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey said that callers might be denied a personal visit from police unless they are deemed to be sufficiently "vulnerable".

He said it is "absolutely feasible" that "face-to-face" visits by officers could be reserved for the "vulnerable" - giving examples as those for whom English is not a first language, the elderly and people with learning difficulties.

Mr Mackey said that crimes such as vehicle thefts are the types of offences that officers might not be sent to in person unless the victim was assessed to require one under a new triage system.
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Migration may be down but it is still unsustainable
Stephen Pollard
Daily Express, 26 August 2017

Because more people also left the UK than ever before, the overall figure for net migration fell to 246,000 – the lowest level in three years.

You might well think the fact that we increased our population by the equivalent of a city the size of Southampton would be something worthy of comment.

And it has indeed been widely commented on since the figures were published on Thursday.

But not, as you might expect, because there is consensus among commentators that such a level of migration remains unsustainable – even if it is a smaller increase than we have been used to in recent years. Oh no.

According to one columnist, any suggestion that there might be an issue with such levels of immigration and that we need to control it in some way, "is not simply to promote economic quackery, but to insult human dignity".

So my apologies but I am now going to insult your dignity – unashamedly.

It's just a statement that we cannot carry on having in effect to build a city the size of Southampton every year, simply to cater for those who choose to come and live in the UK.

Which is why we should not overreact too positively to this week's figures. ...

Because no matter how often the advocates of uncontrolled immigration say otherwise and how sneering they may be when they dismiss any opposing view, uncontrolled immigration at the levels to which we have become used is unsustainable.

This is not a criticism of immigrants. It is not an attack on their dignity.

In many ways those who come here are thoroughly admirable, simply taking advantage of an opportunity to better their lot.

It's not even a judgment on the merits or otherwise of a relatively flexible immigration policy.

But the trend in recent years has been very much towards high and increasing immigration and one should be wary of reading too much into just one period.

And the level of immigration remains unsustainable.
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Oxford professor: Leap in citizenship applications shows different post-Brexit attitudes
Michael Race
The Oxford Times, 26 August 2017

An Oxford Academic has said EU citizens have responded in different ways to the Brexit vote.

It comes as official statistics revealed the number of European nationals applying for British citizenship nearly doubled since the poll in June 2016.

There were 28,502 applications for citizenship from EU nationals in the year ending in June 2017 - up from 15,871 in the previous 12 months.

The rise is in contrast to a general downward trend in the overall numbers seeking citizenship, with total applications falling by eight per cent to 135,912. ...

Madeleine Sumption, director of the Migration Observatory at Oxford University, said: "Faced with the uncertainty of Brexit, it appears that EU citizens have responded in different ways - some have been trying to solidify their rights to remain in the UK, while others have been voting with their feet and leaving."

Those seeking British citizenship by naturalisation are generally required to have lived in the UK for at least five years.
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We're losing this cat-and-mouse terror game
Rod Liddle
The Spectator, 26 August 2017

You may have missed the attacks in Turku and Hamburg – they didn't get much coverage in the press. /.../ And you may catch a BBC news report, buried well down the running order unless scores of people have been murdered, in which the murderers are described as 'terrorists'. That derogation will not be expanded upon. They are just terrorists and it all has nothing to do with Islam. ...

There have been no violent demonstrations by lefties against the murders in Spain, Finland or Germany, nor will there be. A poisonous ideology was responsible for the horrible attack which left one person dead in Charlottesville and that ideology was quickly and correctly identified by the liberals who then went on the rampage, denouncing it. A poisonous ideology was also responsible for the far worse attacks on the continent, but there is only a deafening silence from the left and, indeed, from our leaders. We are being groomed to accept these outrages and to believe that nobody is really to blame. Just people who have been 'radicalised' through some mysterious process, as if they were every bit as much victims as the people they killed. ...

... The grooming has been occasioned because we made this mess for ourselves and have neither the political inclination nor the will to call a halt. And because our politicians are terrified they might be called 'racist' if they grasp the nettle. And so we live in a bizarre state of denial.
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Record number of UK births by foreign mothers, figures show
Sarah O'Grady
Daily Express, 25 August 2017

A record number of births in England and Wales last year were to foreign mothers, figures have revealed.

Almost one in three children born in 2016 have mothers from outside the UK – the highest level since records began in 1969.

This is up from 27.5 per cent the year before, with figures increasing every year since 1990, when it was just 11.6 per cent.

Researchers from the Office for National Statistics said the rise was partly due to higher fertility rates among foreign-born women. ...

The non-UK population rose from 8.6 million in 2015 to 9.2 million in 2016.

Poland is the most common country of birth for mothers born outside the UK, while Pakistan came out on top for foreign fathers.
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Illegal immigrant murdered man in Hyde Park after Home Office repeatedly failed to deport him
Daily Telegraph, 25 August 2017

An illegal immigrant who murdered a carer in London's Hyde Park had been released on bail six times because he could not be deported, a court heard.

Hani Khalaf, 22, battered 62-year-old Jairo Medina to death before trawling through his belongings and stealing his mobile phone in August last year.

Khalaf was sentenced to a minimum of 26 years in jail as a judge suggested his case should prompt a review of the law.

A retrial at the Old Bailey heard the Egyptian national had sneaked into the country posing as a Syrian refugee and been repeatedly picked up by the authorities during two years sleeping rough and stealing.

Yet he was repeatedly bailed by immigration authorities because of the difficulties in deporting him.

Judge Wendy Joseph QC said Khalaf was sent back into the community time and again and Mr Medina paid for it "with his life". ...

The court heard Khalaf is likely to be deported to serve his sentence in Egypt once he is no longer a category A prisoner.
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How many non-EU students are staying in the UK illegally?
Joseph O'Leary
Full Fact, 25 August 2017

For the first time this week, the Home Office also published data on exit checks – gathering information on people as they leave the UK. That data has told us a lot we didn't previously know about how long people stay in the UK before leaving. In turn, the ONS has published a detailed analysis of what this and other new data can tell us about non-EU student migration.

Non-EU nationals are thought to make up about 70% of student immigration to the UK, and they're subject to immigration controls. Students from EU countries don't currently need a visa to come to the UK, so we have less data about what happens to them.

Even so, before this week we didn't actually know how many international students returned home after studying in the UK. The available evidence was contradictory.

On the one hand, ONS figures were telling us that relatively few former student immigrants actually seemed to be emigrating abroad after finishing their study. On the other, Home Office visa data indicated that most were likely to be leaving.

This week's exit checks figures firmly took the Home Office's side. The vast majority of students here on a visa seem to be returning home.

That, in turn, has raised new questions about how useful the ONS estimates are, and how they can be improved in future.

In the last year, most international students have been leaving the UK once their visas have expired. In other words, non-EU students usually comply with the terms of their visas.

69% of students who previously came to the UK on a long-term visa left once that visa expired in 2016/17. Another 26% extended their visas to remain in the UK, and the rest either fell off the radar or appeared to leave after their visa had expired.

Not all of those people will have left permanently. Data from the previous year – 2015/16 – shows that 21% of those departing the UK returned next year on a short or long-term visa. Most, however, had not returned to the UK.
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'Answers may not be right' Migration figures could be SKEWED by fake data, expert warns
Joe Barnes
Daily Express, 25 August 2017

An expert has challenged the immigration figures, suggesting the data could be skewered by people deliberately giving false information to those carrying out surveys.

Jonathan Portes, a public policy and economics expert, suggested the International Passenger Survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics was not a reliable method for calculating net migration.

On Thursday, it was announced net migration had dropped by a quarter, according to figures released by ONS.

The figures are 81,000 lower than the 327,000 recorded in March 2016, which Professor Portes claimed was because the UK is "less attractive" to European Union citizens.

However, speaking to BBC Newsnight, the professor of economics at King's College warned the methods for data collection could be easily skewed by its participants.

He said: "The reliability of the International Passenger Survey depends crucially on whether people answer accurately to questions on 'why you are coming here?' and 'Do you intend to stay for longer than a year?'

"For many people, especially students, those answers may not be correct or, indeed, known to the person at the time they are asked the question."

The Home Office has ordered an official review of the figures released on Thursday, challenging the method of data collection.
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Immigration into Britain hasn't fallen much at all. It still endangers our security, culture and well-being
Douglas Murray
UnHerd, 25 August 2017

In Britain, like every other Western country, immigration is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – concern of the general public. Like publics across Europe, poll after poll shows that the British public want immigration to be reduced. And yet in recent years the government has either been unwilling or unable to satisfy that desire of the people. Of all the issues that have caused a breakdown in trust between the public and the politicians, the political inability to get more control of immigration is the most fundamental. ...

In recent years, while travelling across Europe to study migration and its effects, I have come across the same story in each Western European country. In every one there is an apparently unbridgeable divide. On the one hand there is the popular cry that 'we aren't allowed to debate immigration'. On the other there is the almost equally common reply, 'what are you talking about? We are forever talking about immigration'. Through my travels and conversations with publics and policymakers I stumbled on the reason why these two apparently irreconcilable arguments co-exist.

The simple fact is: we do not have the immigration debate that people want. ...

For the general public the concerns over immigration start with the realisation that the external borders of Europe are so porous that boatloads of people from sub-Saharan Africa can just land on a crowded beach in southern Europe /.../ and walk right in.

It extends after that to the knowledge that there are immediate security risks caused by such laxity, a risk that in the last year has seen recent migrants carry out suicide attacks across the continent in Ansbach, Wurzburg and Stockholm, to name just three cases.

It then leads to the knowledge that people like the Barcelona cell – who managed to kill 13 people in a single day last week and had plans to kill many more, as well as destroy major monuments of European civilisations – are in our continent for no good reason.

From there the concerns spill outwards. They are cultural – the feeling that Europeans are losing their place in the world and that in an era in which the world is being invited to join us, the peoples of Europe are being edged out. And from these existential questions it circles around once again to the mundane and the everyday.

For instance, in Britain there is a serious and growing problem of house prices – a problem which is seeing the younger generation edged out of any realistic hope of ever having a place on the property ladder. Politicians are keen to talk about all sorts of aspects of this problem other than the most obvious one – which is that the number of houses which need to be built each year in the UK corresponds almost exactly to the number of people who are added to the country by net migration.

It gets worse. Whenever somebody does make this connection (as the former Conservative MP Julian Brazier recently did on Channel 4 News) they are treated with incredulity. ...

... Even if recent migration to the UK was halved to around 155,000 a year it would /.../ still mean importing a population larger than that of Slough each year. Are the benefits of immigration at the current rate so clear that the British public would support their countryside having a brace of Sloughs added to it every twelve months?

This is the immigration debate that people want to have.
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Trudeau forced to backtrack on open invitation to refugees
Ashifa Kassam
The Guardian, 25 August 2017

Justin Trudeau has sought to temper the notion that Canada is a guaranteed safe haven for those fleeing the threat of deportation in the United States, as his government faces criticism that its refugee-friendly messaging has given "false hope" to the thousands of asylum seekers streaming into Canada from the US.

Since the start of the year, more than 11,300 people have crossed into Canada by foot from the US. The pace has picked up in recent weeks, with as many as 250 people a day – many of them driven by fears of Donald Trump's crackdown on immigrants – entering the country at remote, unguarded locations. Doing so allows them to skirt a longstanding pact that bars most refugee claimants in the US from applying for asylum in Canada.

As Canadians officials scramble to process and house the new arrivals – turning Montreal's Olympic stadium into a temporary welcome centre, deploying the military to set up a 500-person camp at the border and setting up a temporary tent city in a small Ontario city – Trudeau has set out to tone down the welcoming image his government has cultivated since taking power. ...

While he highlighted that Canada remains an open and welcoming society, his message to those crossing into Canada at unmarked locations along the border was pointed: "You will not be at an advantage if you choose to enter Canada irregularly. You must follow the rules and there are many."
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Church Minister Wants to Settle Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants in the Scottish Highlands
Jack Montgomery
Breitbart, 25 August 2017

An eminent Church of Scotland minister has added his voice to the Kirk's campaign to open Scotland's borders to "refugees" with a proposal to build two new migrant towns in the Highlands.

Rev. Dr Rory MacLeod ministers in the Isle of Skye – which has a population of only a little over 10,000 itself – and made the proposal in a letter to Church of Scotland magazine Life and Work, reported by The Scotsman. ...

Like politicians arguing for Wales to be turned into the world's first "nation of sanctuary" for migrants, Rev. MacLeod believes that a massive influx of foreign nationals would be an economic boon.
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Facebook Hosts People Smuggling Ads and Illegal Migration Groups
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 25 August 2017

Facebook is hosting people smuggling advertisements, with gangs offering to take migrants to Europe and America, make them fake passports, and traffic them across the European Union (EU).

A large number of public posts exist on the platform, often in Arabic, offering to take migrants across the Mediterranean by boat for up to $5,000 per person. Documents and passports go for around $1,000 and flights and road trips can be arranged for just a few hundred dollars.

People smugglers administer entire pages and groups, often disguised as "travel agencies", to update potential migrants of trips and share videos of those making the crossing.

Breitbart London was easily able to find the pages and posts by searching relevant words and phrases in Arabic on Facebook. Conversations where potential migrants negotiate with people smugglers were clearly visible.
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Border police foil 56,000 migration attempts to Kent
BBC, 24 August 2017

Border Forces foiled an average of 153 attempts by migrants trying to get to the UK from France every day last year.

More than 56,000 attempts were made by people trying to get into Kent from French ports and terminals in 2016.

The government figures, released under freedom of information, are the second highest in seven years, despite dropping by 25,000 compared to 2015. ...

The statistics include people stowing away in vehicles at Calais and Dunkirk ports as well as Eurotunnel and Eurostar terminals.

They also showed the number of illegal immigrants who were found in UK ferry ports increased last year. There were 1,868 detected in 2016, compared with 1,305 in 2015. ...

The Home Office said the number of attempts included instances where the same migrants had repeatedly tried to gain entry on different days. ...

The Road Haulage Association said violence at French points of entry has increased in recent weeks and drivers were refusing to make the trip.

Spokesman Rod McKenzie said: "Our members are terrified and angry. Gangs of marauding migrants, often armed with iron bars are attacking their vehicles.

"The police are heavily outnumbered and it's clear that they can no longer cope with the ever increasing numbers trying to make the crossing to the UK.

"We hear of drivers refusing to make the journey between Dover and Calais while many hauliers are rerouting their vehicles around the Port at a cost of many thousands of pounds."
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Net migration to UK drops to lowest level for three years
Jamie Grierson
The Guardian, 24 August 2017

Net migration to the UK has fallen to its lowest level in three years, as significantly more EU citizens left the country in the wake of the Brexit vote, official statistics have shown. ...

The headline net migration figure of 246,000, which is the difference between immigration and emigration, was 81,000 lower than the 327,000 recorded in the March 2016 according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The change was driven by a marked fall in net migration of EU citizens to the UK, as more left the country and fewer arrived in the months after the country voted to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016, statisticians said.

However, two complementary reports released at the same time by the ONS and Home Office have cast doubt over previous estimates of international students who remain in the UK once their studies are completed, contrary to previous suggestions that tens of thousands were illegally remaining.

The Home Office paper on "exit checks" data – a proper count of all people who are actually known to have left the UK – found 176,317 – 97.4% – of 181, 024 international students from outside the EEA left on time.

Meanwhile, the ONS found "strong evidence" that the current methodology used is likely to "underestimate student emigration" and therefore figures on the contribution that students make to net migration is likely to be an overestimate.
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Britain to study effect of foreign students on economy
Britain commissioned a report on Thursday on the economic impact of foreign
Reuters, 24 August 2017

students, part of an increasingly heated debate over whether they should be included in the government's target of reducing migration to the tens of thousands. ...

"There is no limit to the number of genuine international students who can come to the UK to study, and the fact that we remain the second most popular global destination for those seeking higher education is something to be proud of," interior minister Amber Rudd said in a statement.

"We understand how important students from around the world are to our higher education sector, which is a key export for our country, and that's why we want to have a robust and independent evidence base of their value and the impact they have." ...

International students make up around a quarter of total immigration, according to official figures.
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Economic migrants have 73% chance of staying in EU even if asylum claim is rejected
Westmonster, 24 August 2017

The EU's failure to return migrants to their home country once they've been refused asylum is fuelling the migrant crisis, senior Brussels diplomats believe.

Figures seen by The Times show an economic migrant has a 73% chance of remaining in the EU even if they've been served with an order to leave.

One EU diplomat working on migration said: "The inability of EU governments to enforce deportations is the biggest pull factor. If people know that as illegal immigrants they have a 70 per cent-plus chance of being able to stay, even if ordered to leave, then it is hardly surprising people get into the boats."

David Wood, former director-general of immigration enforcement at the Home Office, said: "In reality the vast majority stay here, regardless of the merits of their application."
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'I told you TWO YEARS AGO' Farage fury as EU warned terrorists could come in migrant boats
Vickiie Oliphant
Daily Express, 24 August 2017

Nigel Farage warned terrorists could try to travel to Europe on migrant boats in a speech two years ago - and is furious Eurocrats failed to heed his advice.

The former UKIP leader erupted after Libyan prime minister Faiez Sarraj warned Brussels migrant terrorists travelling from Libya could cause devastation and "affect all of the EU" due to free movement. ...

Mr Farage, who gave the very same warning in a speech in Brussels in 2015, tweeted: "I warned Europe in 2015 that boats arriving from war-torn regions posed a huge threat. We are now paying the price."
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World's most and least welcoming countries for migrants
Samuel Osborne
Independent, 24 August 2017

Iceland and New Zealand are the most accepting countries for migrants in the world, according to a Gallup poll.

The least accepting countries are Macedonia, Montenegro and Hungary. ...

The index grades countries based on whether survey respondents said it was a good or bad thing for immigrants to live in the country, become their neighbour or marry one of their close relatives.

The UK came in at 38th on the list of 138 countries.

Of the 10 countries scoring the lowest, nine were formerly part of the Soviet bloc, and most are located along the Balkan route once travelled by asylum seekers from Greece to Germany.

A majority of people, 54 per cent, said immigrants living in their country was a good while, while half said an immigrant being their neighbour is a good thing, and 44 per cent said an immigrant marrying a close relative is a good thing.
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The debate on immigration in Britain puts GDP ahead of people
Nick Timothy
Daily Telegraph, 24 August 2017

When I arrived in the Home Office with Theresa May as her adviser in 2010, we discovered that official impact assessments – the Government's process of weighing up the pros and cons of policy – had long been skewed in favour of higher immigration. Because a larger population meant a larger economy, and the assessments assumed that was what Britain needed, they failed to consider the economic effects of immigration on a per-person basis. And they excluded costs like the impact on existing workers' wages, infrastructure, and public services.

When we commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee to review these assessments, their findings surprised even us. Examining non-European immigration between 1995 and 2010, they found that for every 100 foreign-born workers employed, 23 British workers had been displaced from the labour market. ...

After reading numerous academic analyses, my conclusion is that mass immigration makes little economic difference overall. ...

In truth, the research confirms what most of us feel intuitively about mass immigration. Those of us earning high salaries benefit – in the form of cheaper plumbers and waiters in nice restaurants – but our fellow citizens with lower wages can lose out.

This is not an argument for zero immigration. /.../ The diversity of our cities, especially London, is an intangible benefit that contributes to their dynamism and appeal.

But immigration needs to be controlled, because when it is not it can cause problames. /.../ But immigration is behind more than a third of new demand for for housing in England, making homes harder to come by and increasing housing costs.

Immigration and high birth rates among migrant mothers are also driving the soaring demand for school places. ...

As any young family knows, these costs are real. Yet they are never factored into the Government's impact assessments. Neither are the social reasons for controlling immigration taken into account. Perhaps this is because the very topic turns many politicians squeamish, but most members of the public see no reason for embarrassment.

This is because people value the communities they live in, and they do not want them to change rapidly, if indeed they want them to change at all. And they value the solidarity made possible by by national identity and common norms.

There is nothing shameful about this. It is innate to human nature that we will do things for our compatriots that we would not do for foreigners, just as we will do things for relatives that we would not do for strangers. This solidarity is what causes us to risk our lives for one another during wartime, or pay taxes to fund services for others at times of peace.

In Britain, national identity and citizenship are civic, not ethnic.
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Non-British Population of UK Surges 8 Per Cent in a Year, One in Seven Now Born Abroad
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 24 August 2017

Despite a post-Brexit vote fall in net-immigration, the foreign born and non-British population of the UK has continued to surge.

The non-UK born population of the nation is now 9.2 million, almost twice the population of Ireland, shooting up by seven per cent, from 8.6 million, between 2015 and 2016.

This means that around one in seven (14 per cent) of the usual resident population in the UK was born abroad, new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.

The number of those living in the UK who are not citizens is also on the rise, with one in 11 (9 per cent) having non-British nationality in 2016.

The non-British population surged from 5.6 million to 6.0 million (up 8 per cent) in just the 12 months between 2015 and 2016. ...

"The population of the UK continued to increase between 2015 and 2016, driven by overall significant increases in both the non-UK born and non-British national population of the UK."

Of the 5.6 million UK residents in 2016 that were born outside of the EU, 3.1 million (55 per cent) held British nationality, 290,000 (5 per cent) held EU nationality, and 2.3 million (40 per cent) held non-EU nationality.

Of the 3.5 million born within the EU (not including UK-born), 525,000 (15 per cent) held British nationality, 3.0 million (84 per cent) held EU nationality, and 25,000 (1 per cent) held non-EU nationality.
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EU Admits Failure to Deport Fake Asylum Seekers 'Pull Factor' for Illegal Migrants
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 24 August 2017

The European Union's (EU) failure to deport the vast majority of illegal migrants arriving by boat is a "pull factor", encouraging the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean, a Brussels official has conceded. ...

Since the beginning of the migrant crisis, there has been a surge of migrants from relatively safe nations, overtaking those from war-torn nations such as Syria, who were initially encouraged to come by the EU.

"The inability of EU governments to enforce deportations is the biggest pull factor," a Brussels diplomat working on migration blasted. Speaking to The Times, he added:

"If people know that as illegal immigrants they have a 70 per cent-plus chance of being able to stay, even if ordered to leave, then it is hardly surprising people get into the boats."

The European Commission records a "rate of effective return" to non-EU countries of just 36.4 per cent, which falls to 27 per cent when returns to the western Balkans are taken out.
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Should crimes involving racism carry stiffer penalties?
The Economist, 24 August 2017

The relationship between justice and race is fraught. On August 11th Robert Buckland, the solicitor-general, was quoted in the Daily Telegraph newspaper as saying that those convicted in Newcastle earlier this month of abusing women and girls, plying them with alcohol and drugs before forcing them to have sex, should face stiffer penalties because the gang of mostly Asian men had targeted white victims. During the trial in Newcastle, the jury heard that one member of the gang had referred to women as "white trash" who were "only good for one thing". Where evidence of "racial hostility of motivation" is apparent, sentences should be longer, argued Mr Buckland.

The case illustrates the complexity of taking into account the role that racism and other forms of prejudice play in crime. The law in England and Wales does, in fact, allow for harsher penalties if certain types of prejudice are deemed to have been an aggravating factor in a crime. ...

On this basis, whereas those found guilty of common assault can face up to six months in prison, those convicted of racially aggravated assault can end up inside for two years. Shout a racial slur while inflicting grievous bodily harm and your prison sentence could be seven years; if you merely grunt while pummelling your victim, five years is the maximum. ...

The formal system of aggravated offences sends a strong message denouncing racism, argues Mark Walters, a criminologist at the University of Sussex who specialises in hate crimes. The stigma of being labelled racist is such that he reckons defendants will admit to violence more readily than any kind of racial intolerance. ...

Many legal systems around the world now classify hate crimes in some form. But according to Mr Walters, since Britain permits the prosecution of offences where racism has merely been demonstrated, rather than demanding proof that it motivated the crime, many more cases go to court. Rooting out such prejudice is harder.
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Non-EU migrants 'will stay at 155,000 a year': Report says immigration is 'unlikely to fall significantly' unless ministers introduce tougher measures
Ian Drury
Daily Mail, 23 August 2017

Mass immigration from outside Europe is 'unlikely to fall significantly' unless ministers introduce tough new measures, a report warns today.

The scope to tackle migration from non-EU nationals will be limited unless the Government takes 'further and determined action', according to a respected think-tank.

MigrationWatch said net migration from outside the Brussels bloc - those people arriving minus those leaving – was likely to run at 155,000 a year until 2021.

That would be the equivalent of more than the population of Slough – 146,000 – arriving from the rest of the world every 12 months for the next five years. ...

Until Britain finally quits the EU, controversial freedom of movement rules mean it is a requirement to let in the European citizens.

However, the Home Office does have the power to control the numbers coming from the rest of the world. ...

But an analysis by MigrationWatch, which campaigns for controlled borders, predicted that between 2016 and 2021 net migration from non-EU citizens would average 155,000 annually. ...

Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of MigrationWatch, said: 'Migration Watch UK has a remarkable record in estimating future migration.

'We now say that, unless determined action is taken, it is extremely unlikely that non-EU migration will fall significantly in the next five years.

'This should be a wake-up call for the government to take further action if overall net migration - after subtracting British emigration - is to be brought down to sustainable levels. Brexit should help considerably but further action on non-EU migration is essential.'
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Libyan PM warns terrorists could be entering Europe posing as refugees
Andy Wells
Yahoo News, 23 August 2017

Terrorists could be entering Europe on boats posing as refugees, the prime minister of Libya has warned.

Falez Serrai, who is head of the UN-backed unity government in the country's capital Tripoli, told The Times that potential attackers may be among thousands of migrants able to cross the Mediterreanean. And he warned that this could have dire consequences for Europe.

He said: "When migrants reach Europe, they will move freely.

"If, God forbid, there are terrorist elements among the migrants, a result of any incident will affect all of the EU." ...

Nearly 100,000 migrants have made the crossing from Libya to Italy so far this year, with at 700,000 migrants still estimated to be in the country.
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'Europe must WAKE UP' Polish MPs launch blistering tirade on EU after Barcelona attack
Nicole Stinson
Daily Express, 23 August 2017

Senior Polish ministers have lashed out at the European Union (EU), claiming its leaders "should wake" on mass migration to the continent following the devastating terror attack in Barcelona.

Poland's interior minister Mariusz Blaszczak said the terrorist attacks on Barcelona and Cambrils, which killed 15 people, showed the EU's system of migrant relocation was wrong.

He added: "It is dangerous. Europe should wake up. We are dealing here with a clash of civilisations." ...

Polish Deputy Minister of Defence Michal Dworczyk echoed Mr Blaszczak's comments, as he said the attack on the Catalonian capital was "another proof that migration policy and security policy must be conducted in a very thoughtful and responsible way".

And he urged EU leaders to "review their ideas on migration policy" in light of the attack. ...

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo controversially claimed that the migration policies of Europe's leaders – especially German chancellor Angela Merkel – "have benefited those who are now sowing death".

Ms Szydlo, who has repeatedly clashed with Brussels over immigration and the rule of law, said EU chiefs "must not be afraid to talk about terrorism" and should "finally replace political correctness with common sense".
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Huge brawls see hundreds of migrants fighting in Calais
Harley Tamplin
Metro, 23 August 2017

As many as 200 people using sticks and iron bars as weapons have been involved in mass brawls in the French city of Calais.

The fighting left 21 migrants and six riot police officers injured, though none were seriously hurt.

Authorities said the five brawls mainly pitted Afghan migrants against men from Eritrea, with 150 people being involved in the last fight alone.
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Crooked police officers plotted to steal drugs from dealer to sell to organised crime gang
Amardeep Bassey
Birmingham Mail, 23 August 2017

Two crooked West Midlands Police officers plotted to use a marked police car to stop a drug courier and rob him of his consignment of thousands of pounds worth of contraband.

Constable Wahid Husman, 48, and his award-winning colleague Tahsib Majid, 36, intended to sell the drugs they stole to an organised crime network to distribute to its street dealers.

Both men, who were based at Perry Barr police station, were today convicted of conspiracy to possess drugs with intent to supply, misconduct in public office and conspiracy to steal. ...

Majid was also convicted of unlawfully disclosing personal information while Husman admitted a series of conspiracies to commit misconduct in public office by accessing secure police systems for the benefit of drug dealers.

Five other men, who are not police officers, admitted offences including possession of drugs, conspiracy to supply drugs and conspiring with Husman to benefit from his access to sensitive police information. ...

Akeesh Rasab, 28, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office and possession of a Class B drug with intent to supply.

Imaan Haidri, 26, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office.

Imran Rehman, 42, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office, conspiracy to steal (x2), conspiracy to possess a Class B drug with intent to supply and conspiracy to possess a Class A drug with intent to supply.

Aasam Qayum, 29, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office, conspiracy to steal (x2), conspiracy to possess a Class B drug with intent to supply and conspiracy to possess a Class A drug with intent to supply.

Shahzad Mushtaq, 42, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office and possession of a Class A drug with intent to supply (x2).
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Canada frets over possible huge surge in asylum-seekers: sources
David Ljunggren
Reuters, 23 August 2017

Canada fears a huge surge in asylum seekers crossing the border from the United States, putting political pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ahead of a 2019 election, sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

The number of migrants illegally entering Canada more than tripled in July and August, hitting nearly 7,000. Haitians, who face looming deportation from the United States when their temporary protected status expires in January 2018, accounted for much of the inflow.

Two sources familiar with Canadian government thinking said citizens from El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, who are slated to lose their U.S. protected status in early 2018, may also head north.

"There is concern we'll see a huge increase, mostly from Central America," said one source. ...

"The government is in a real quandary over this," said a third source familiar with official thinking. ...

A Reuters poll in March found nearly half of Canadians want to deport people who are illegally crossing from the United States.
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Imam behind Barcelona terror attacks used human rights to fight deportation from Spain
Martin Evans
Daily Telegraph, 23 August 2017

The imam accused of masterminding the Barcelona terrorist attacks should have been deported at the end of his prison sentence for drug smuggling, but overturned the ruling by arguing it would breach his human rights, it has emerged.

Islamic preacher Abdelbaki Es Satty was told he must comply with an expulsion order when he left jail in April 2014, according to the Spanish daily, El Mundo.

But the 42-year-old Moroccan won an appeal against the decision after arguing his case in front of a judge.

The judge who made the decision is said to have accepted Es Satty's claims his forced removal would be a breach of his international rights.

The preacher followed up his court win by seeking asylum through lawyers in an application filed on November 29 2014, according to El Mundo.

The decision meant that he was able to move freely among the 26 EU countries that form part of the Schengen area.
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Islamic State send murderers to us so easily - they must be laughing
Peter Hill
Daily Express, 22 August 2017

As with many similar attacks, it is emerging that some of those involved in the Barcelona atrocity were "on the radar" but perhaps not making enough noise to warrant arrest. Our extremely liberal regimes mean that terrorists have to make a very big noise before police feel able to intervene.

But we do not help ourselves. Quite the opposite. Men with North African connections have been involved in most of the massacres, precisely the migrants for whom European nations including Britain have set up a free ferry service to facilitate their journey here. We are making it so easy for Islamic State to send murderers into our midst. They must be laughing at us.

Politicians will say these monsters will never win, that we have faced and overcome much worse threats, but these are excuses for not tackling the enemy head-on because to do so would be to point the finger at specific ethnic groups. Our leaders appear to fear accusations of racism far more than they value the lives of their citizens.
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Police make 300 arrests during raids ahead of Europe's biggest street festival Notting Hill Carnival
Hatty Collier
Evening Standard, 22 August 2017

Police made more than 300 arrests in a proactive operation ahead of the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe's biggest street festival.

Scotland Yard said officers had made 316 arrests for a range of offences and recovered 190 knives and 18 firearms in the last 12 days.

Two million people from around the world are expected to attend the festival which takes places over the August Bank Holiday weekend. ...

Officers executed 29 warrants and arrested 26 people during the intelligence-led operations that began at about 4am. ...

The majority of offences involved gang crime, drug supply and weapons, Scotland Yard said. ...

There were more than 450 arrests at last year's carnival, the highest number since 2010. The policing operation cost £8 million. ...

Four people were stabbed so seriously at the festival in 2016 that they almost died.
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Hammer attacker Jamshid Piruz wins appeal against sentence
BBC, 22 August 2017

A police federation has criticised the judiciary after a murderer who launched a hammer attack on officers won an appeal against his sentence.

Jamshid Piruz lashed out at constables Jessica Chick and Stuart Young with a claw hammer during a West Sussex break-in on 7 January 2016.

He was jailed for life with a minimum of five years, but at an appeal hearing this was reduced to three years. ...

He previously served six years in the Netherlands for locking his female tenant in a room and then slitting her throat. ...

Henry Smith, MP for Crawley, said: "I'm appalled the court of appeal has reduced the sentence. He's an Afghan national with Dutch residency who had been in the country just days and had already assaulted check-in staff at Gatwick airport.

"Regardless of how long he serves, once released he needs to be immediately deported from this country."
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We are importing huge numbers of welfare claimants
Leo McKinstry
Daily Express, 21 August 2017

According to the fashionable Left-wing propaganda, mass immigration is a vast engine of prosperity.

The cheerleaders for open borders continually tell us that without a colossal influx of new arrivals every year our economy would collapse.

In this narrative of migrant success, newcomers are lavished with praise for their skills, diligence and self sacrifice while Britons are denigrated for supposed idleness and ignorance.

Typical of this mentality was the repugnant sneer from the liberal commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, where she lambasted working-class Britons for being "too lazy" and "too expensive".

Continuing her attack, she declared that "tax-paying immigrants past and present keep indolent British scroungers on their couches drinking beer and watching TV".

In the same vein, Henrietta Moore of the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College, London, condescendingly wrote that "Britain needs immigrants to do the jobs we don't want to" – words that have become conventional wisdom among metropolitan elitists.

But such claims have always been a myth designed to prop up the globalist ideology.

The truth is that non-European immigrants are much more likely to be workless and welfare dependent than Britons.

Now this reality has been confirmed by a new analysis from the Office for National Statistics, which reveals that more than one in five unemployed is an immigrant. ...

"They come here to work" is one of the favourite mantras of the free movement brigade yet that is patently untrue.

The Government's latest official immigration report, published in May, shows that of the 588,000 migrants who arrived here last year, just 47 per cent of them – less than half – came to work. Incredibly, just 180,000, barely 30 per cent, had a definite job offer.

It is the economics of the madhouse for Britain to be importing unemployment on such a scale.

The last thing this country needs is a growing army of foreign welfare claimants who have never paid any taxes here but are all too eager to exploit our benefits system. ...

The generosity of the system is also one of the prime reasons why so many young African, Middle Eastern and Asian men gather on the northern coast of France, determined to reach our shores. ...

Then there are the tremendous costs from worsening social dislocation caused by the import of alien cultures. Whether it be intelligence to counter jihadism, police work to tackle sex gangs, or educational initiatives to promote de-radicalisation, all this takes time and money which would not have to be spent if Britain were a more cohesive society.

Just as damaging has been the fall in living standards caused by competition from cheap imported labour. ...

The idea that we cannot survive without dependency on foreigners is an indicator of institutionalised self-loathing.

It has to stop if we are to regain control of our national destiny.
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The economic and moral case for global open borders
George Eaton
New Statesman, 21 August 2017

Even Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has followed the rightward drift. Its general election manifesto promised to end free movement, and Corbyn recently complained of the "wholesale importation of underpaid workers from central Europe".

Among economists, however, a diametrically opposed conversation prevails. They argue that rather than limiting free movement, leaders should expand it: from Europe to the world. Michael Clemens, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, likens the present system to leaving "trillion-dollar bills on the sidewalk".

Economists estimate that allowing migrants to move to any country they choose would increase global GDP by between 67 and 147 per cent. A doubling of GDP (a $78trn increase) would correspond to 23 years of growth at 3 per cent. By contrast, the International Monetary Fund estimates that permitting the entirely free movement of capital would add a mere $65bn.

The moral case for open borders is similarly persuasive. As the Dutch historian Rutger Bregman writes in his recent book Utopia for Realists: "Borders are the single biggest cause of discrimination in all of world history. Inequality gaps between people living in the same country are nothing in comparison to those between separated global citizenries." An unskilled Mexican worker who migrates to the US would raise their pay by around 150 per cent; an unskilled Nigerian by more than 1,000 per cent. ...

But research shows that host countries gain, rather than lose, from immigration. Migrants are usually younger and healthier than their domestic counterparts and contribute far more in tax revenue than they claim in benefits. ...

In a world of open borders, the right to move need not be an unqualified one (the pollster Gallup found that 630 million people – 13 per cent of the global population – would migrate permanently). Under the EU's free movement system, migrants must prove after three months that they are working (employed or self-employed), a registered student, or have "sufficient resources" (savings or a pension) to support themselves and not be "a burden on the benefits system" – conditions that the UK, ironically, has never applied. ...

At present, in a supposed era of opportunity, only 3 per cent of the global population live outside the country of their birth. As politicians contrive to ensure even fewer are able to do so, the case for free movement must be made anew.
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Hundreds of languages are spoken in the UK, but this isn't always reflected in the classroom
Elizabeth Bailey and Emma Marsden
The Conversation, 21 August 2017
[The authors are a PhD student and a senior lecturer, University of York]

More than 300 different languages are now spoken in British schools. And in England, over 20% of primary school children use English as an additional language.

This equates to over 900,000 children for whom English is not their first language. These children might have been born in another country, their parents might speak another language to them at home, or they might just know a few words of another language because their grandparents immigrated to England a long time ago. ...

In the 2011 British Census, for example, 4.2m people reported having a main language other than English.
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Why Barcelona, a tourist paradise, is a 'Salafist city'
Marc Daou
France24, 21 August 2017

Barcelona, a world-renowned tourist destination, has also been an attraction for jihadists on a trail linking European countries such as France and Belgium to Moroccan criminal networks. ...

"It is not surprising to see Spain and Catalonia targeted by terrorism, because this has been a relatively well-known terrain for years, for Islamist networks and jihadist activists," said Jean-Louis Bruguière, France's former top anti-terrorism judge.

"It was to be expected, Barcelona is a city that has long sheltered a form of radicalisation, which for a time embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, Tabligh [a movement advocating a rigorous and literal interpretation of Islam] and then the Salafists," explained Pierre Conesa, a former senior French Defence Ministry official and author of several books on political Islam.

"There is a kind of radical immersion in Catalonia. If London had long been the home of Londonistan [a term coined by French intelligence services for the 1990s Islamist networks in the British capital] Barcelona is a Salafist city, where a nucleus [of Salafist radicalisation] has been formed over time in the image of Molenbeek in Belgium, or Trappes in France," explained Conesa, referring to the infamous district in the Belgian capital that was home to several suspects in the Paris and Brussels attacks and the restive Parisian suburb of Trappes. ...

In recent years, Spanish security services have arrested dozens of individuals suspected of jihadist links, particularly in the Barcelona area. Between 2012 and October 2016, 186 people were arrested in connection to Islamist terrorism, including 63 in Catalonia and 50 in the province of Barcelona, according to the Spanish Interior Ministry.

Several dozen individuals have also been arrested since early 2017.
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Christopher Columbus monument in Baltimore smashed to combat 'white supremacy'
Douglas Ernst
Washington Times, 21 August 2017

A monument to Christopher Columbus that was over 200 years old was smashed with a sledgehammer Monday morning to combat a "culture of white supremacy."

A YouTube channel titled "Popular Resistance" posted footage of men in hoodies destroying a monument to Columbus and his famous voyage in 1492. The individuals carried signs that read "Racism: Tear it down," and "The future is racial and economic justice."
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Isis uses companies in Wales to finance terrorist attacks against the West
Dipesh Gadher
The Sunday Times, 20 August 2017

Isis used a network of companies operating out of an office in Cardiff to ship military-grade equipment to Spain and to finance terror plots against the West, FBI documents seen by The Sunday Times disclose.

The surveillance technology dispatched to Spain – where 14 people were killed last week in the latest Isis-inspired atrocities – is understood to be linked to the development by the terrorist group of weaponised drones. The FBI says it was capable of identifying "target locations".

An affiliated firm was used to transfer thousands of pounds in cash to an American extremist in Maryland who later told how he dreamt of carrying out a gun massacre in a church.
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We've lost our way in the fight against terrorism and are failing to distinguish friends from foes
Stephen Pollard
Sunday Telegraph, 20 August 2017

Now we have to add Barcelona to the list. This year alone, Europe has seen Islamist terror attacks in London, Manchester, Stockholm and Paris. I doubt anyone will be surprised if, over the final four months of 2017, more cities join the sad ranks of those afflicted by such outrages.

After every incident, we hear the same ritualised condemnations of the barbarians responsible, the mantra that they will never win and praise for the authorities who do such a good job protecting us most of the time. All of which is true and all of which gets us precisely nowhere in any serious analysis of what is happening and why.

Most obviously, there is a cancer in parts of the Islamic world – which must include swathes of Britain. It is a cancer that takes young men and women and turns them into jihadists prepared to kill and sacrifice themselves while doing so. ...

More interesting is the reaction such a statement always brings: the accusation of Islamophobia. This is interesting not because it has any merit, but because those who make it tell us a lot about how we have got here, and why we are incapable of having a serious discussion about the real world or how to confront the ideological threats facing the West.

More often than not, those who cry Islamophobia are not Muslim themselves but the fellow travellers of Islamists. ...

Mr Corbyn exemplifies the so-called red-green alliance, the perverse phenomenon by which supposedly progressive Leftists ally with and support Islamist groups who would like to live in a caliphate in which women who dare to read a book are blinded. The Stop the War Coalition, which praises Britain's enemies, shows the cosy unity of purpose between the white far-Left and the Islamist far-Right. /.../ Until he bacame Labour leader, Mr Corbyn would take time from the schedule to address the annual Al-Quds Day march at which there is, every year, open support for Hizbollah, whose military wing is a proscribed organisation in the UK. ...

The fundamental issue is that the Left has so lost its anchoring that Hizbollah, Al-Qaradawi and such like are seen as more sympathetic ideological allies than Tony Blair. How are we to confront the evils of Islamist extremism if one side of the political spectrum cannot distinguish the West's friends from its enemies?
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Special forces will protect UK's bank holiday revellers: Elite troops will patrol in armoured vehicles to protect Britons from ISIS attacks
Mark Nicol
Mail on Sunday, 20 August 2017

Heavily-armed Special Forces soldiers driving specially adapted and armoured civilian vehicles will patrol Britain's streets in a bid to thwart an Islamic State atrocity over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Security sources disclosed last night that elite troops will mingle with revellers and tourists at sites considered most at risk of a terrorist attack. But the male and female personnel will remain incognito unless called upon to intercept any jihadis.
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Cultural Assimilation Ought To Be an Imperative, Not Elective, In Immigration
Saurabh Malkar
Modern Diplomacy, 20 August 2017

The other issue is that of a subliminal sort; one that can't be easily measured or monitored and the effects of which take a long time to manifest. A country is a sum total of its cultural values and principles that it holds dear. Other attributes like quality of life, standard of living, wealth, opportunities, political stability, and economic growth all flow from culture.

Immigration affects not only the economy, but also the culture. The degree of and type of effect depends upon the extent of assimilation, which in turn boils down to the native culture of the immigrants. ...

It is very plain that people sharing common cultural threads like social mores, dietary practices, religion, folklore, and heritage will find it easy to socialize with one another and enter the melting pot. Asian, African, and Middle Eastern immigrants on the whole, have radically different cultures, histories and heritage, dietary practices, and religious affiliations – all of which raises deep concerns about assimilation. ...

The past few decades have seen the mushrooming of ethnic enclaves across European and North American nations, where immigrants, older and recent arrivals, huddle together to create societies that resemble the ones they left behind. The UK is a great example of 'enclavi-fication,' where Muslims immigrants, predominantly, from Pakistan and Bangladesh have turned, what used to be quaint English towns, into mini-South Asia.

These self-styled Islamic settlements that dot the landscape of many western countries, are not only cosmetically abstracted from the host norms, but they also function differently from host societies. ...

Some immigrants and second-generation native-born individuals from these radically different cultures seem unfit to live in western societies, where values like free speech, religious tolerance, separation of church and state, and equality are the norm. ...

Immigration is a very decisive and game changing tool in the culture, politics, and economy of a country. A prudent immigration policy will make sure that the host country benefits economically from immigration, without undermining its cultural and social values and norms. A need to integrate and assimilate should not be a preferable outcome, but an imperative of the immigration process.
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Shocking moment two hundred illegal migrants are arrested in a crackdown on houses packed with foreign workers by dodgy landlords
John Stevens
Daily Mail, 19 August 2017

Two hundred illegal migrants have been arrested in a crackdown on houses packed with foreign workers by dodgy landlords.

More than 250 properties were raided during the blitz on the often squalid accommodation used by migrants who do not have permission to be in Britain.

Many of those arrested were Indian nationals, but there were also workers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Albania.

They were offered support if they chose to leave the country voluntarily, or told they faced deportation if they refused.

Some 24 landlords caught in the six-month operation were fined up to £3,000 for every illegal worker found living in their houses. ...

In the series of swoops, codenamed Operation Magnify, officers raided 253 properties across the country between January and June. ...

Of the 200 people arrested, most had overstayed their visas but some had also entered the UK illegally.
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Bavaria refuses to bow down to EU rules as German state demands border checks remain
Vickiie Oliphant
Daily Express, 19 August 2017

Bavaria has refused to listen to European Union demands to withdraw border controversial border checks.

The border controls on the German state's border with Austria were introduced in September 2015 at the height of the refugee crisis.

And the Bavarian government claims the reintroduction has been highly successful in stopping criminals and illegal immigration.

But the European Commission claims there is no longer a threat to the state, and is pushing Bavaria to cease controls from November. ...

According to the police, around 2,100 illegal migrants were found at three motorway border crossings alone between Austria and Bavaria between January and July.

And during that time police also caught 6,200 wanted individuals.
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Enough of blaming the West. The terror will continue until Muslims reject the need for a caliphate
Ed Husain
Daily Telegraph, 19 August 2017

What did Spain do wrong? Why did Muslim radicals attack so many innocents? Those are the questions being asked across the West following Barcelona.

Many will resort to the self-flagellation of "change our foreign policy" or "we are to blame because of colonialism". I wish it were so simple. I know the mindset of militant Muslims seeking to kill disbelievers in the name of a caliphate, because I called for the creation of such a caliphate for five years of my life. I recognise the ideology, theology and strategy behind the violence. There is no appeasing the fanatics.

Consider the facts on Spain: on March 11 2004, al-Qaeda terrorists killed 192 and injured 2,000 on trains in Madrid. Spain had 1,300 troops in Iraq at the time (America had 135,000 and Britain 8,700). Three days after the bombing, José Maria Aznar lost the general election to a Left-wing party committed to ending Spain's involvement in Iraq. On April 18 2004, the new prime minister ordered the voluntary withdrawal of Spain's troops. Scarred by the Madrid bombing, fearful of reprisals after the terrorist attacks in France, in November 2015 the Spanish government refused to join a global coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil). So what did Spain do wrong?

We are asking the wrong questions. Spain's foreign policy shows that we cannot stop terrorism by changing our behaviour. In the mind of the Muslim extremists, Spain is not Spain, but al-Andalus, part of a Muslim empire that lasted in Spain for 700 years. Today's "Spain" is considered to be "occupied land" that must be liberated. /.../ Spain must return to their version of Islam, for in that literalist reading of religious scripture, the world is divided into two realms: Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, the Abode of Islam and the Abode of War. And once a land is controlled by Dar al-Islam it must forever belong to that sphere. ...

... But Spain is not the only target. India was also part of their interpretation of Dar al-Islam because it was under the Moghuls until 1857 and must therefore return to the domain of the caliphate. Israel must be destroyed as the caliph must reclaim Jerusalem. Turkey's Muslim reformer, Kemal Ataturk, ended the caliphate in 1924 and a secular Turkey must return to the fold. ...

The attack in Barcelona and the calls by Isil to attack beaches weren't random: they hate the freedom of women to dress in bikinis. They attacked the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in May because the despise men and women dancing freely to music. They attacked Charlie Hebdo because they refuse to allow for blasphemy. They target synagogues and kosher grocery stores across Europe because, like their neo-Nazi counterparts, they hate Jews. ...

... Enough of blaming the West. Isil has attacked 30 different countries, and the vast majority of its victims in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere are Muslims. Isil and other extremists thrive on the justification that it is religiously obligatory to create a caliphate. Jihadists commit mass murder in the pursuit of, or defence of, this belief in a caliphate.
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Terror is a problem political leaders imported into Europe
Douglas Murray
The Australian, 19 August 2017

Of course, any connection between the mass influx of people into Europe and the terrorism and other societal problems to which the continent is waking up every day is still frowned upon.

... Yet the link is obvious. For sure there are those who over-egg the point. The Stockholm attacker from April was a recent arrival in that country. As were the axe-wielding train attacker last northern summer in Wurzburg, Germany, and the suicide bomber in Ansbach, Germany, that same month.

But then the Paris attackers from November 2015 included people born and brought up in France and Belgium.

So while some of the terrorists may have just arrived, others were born in Europe.

This fact is not quite as soothing as the proponents of weak borders and mass immigration would like it to be. For if Europe is doing such a bad job of integrating people who are already here, then who but a madman would seek to propel immigration from Muslim countries to such a historic high? The question goes unanswered because in Europe's immigration debate it is still very rarely asked.

Of course, there is a noble aim in some of this avoidance, such as ensuring that Europeans – as the terror attacks grow – do not seek to blame any and all immigrants for the terror. That would be a mistake for a whole variety of tactical as well as factual reasons. Most of the people who arrive in Europe from the Middle East and Africa come to try to improve their lot in life, not to plough trucks into pedestrians. ...

... But the European publics are right to look at their leaders from recent decades and now the dead and maimed regularly on our streets and recognise that this is a problem our politicians imported: a problem they gave us that we did not ask for.
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Of course race matters in the Rotherham sex abuse scandal. Until we admit that, we can't tackle the problem
Muna Adil
Daily Telegraph, 19 August 2017
[Muna Adil is a researcher at Quilliam International]

Labour MP Sarah Champion has been forced to step down after speaking out about the growing epidemic of sexual grooming in this country. Champion was the MP for Rotherham, a constituency that, between 1995 and 2013, saw 1,400 children raped, abused, trafficked and tortured by gangs of South Asian men. Champion's crime was to simply state the facts as they are: "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls."

Critics, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and fellow colleague Naz Shah, claimed that Champion's article in The Sun included "statements that incite Islamophobia and stigmatise entire communities."

While the Left's desire to gloss over hard evidence and facts where minorities are involved is, by now, expected, what is incredibly disturbing is a new debate that seems to be emerging from the ranks. One particularly disturbing line of argument taken by Sean O'Grady in his Independent article titled "Let's not feel sorry for Sarah Champion – she knew exactly what she was doing", seems to openly dismiss the importance of empirical evidence and scientific, academic research. In his article, O'Grady makes several statements, including:

• "The real point though is this. Even if you agree that there is a problem with some Pakistani men, what are supposed to do with this insight?"

• "Saying that there is a problem with some men of Pakistani origin doesn't actually get us anywhere with these crimes, or force a single arrest or rescue a single girl."

• "We don't actually need a racially focused debate about this any more than we need one about shoplifting or corporate corruption, because it misses the point."

Not only is this line of argument ridiculous, it is factually incorrect. If a certain crime file indicates that one sub-section of society is over-represented in the offender profile, it is our academic inclination, human interest, and most importantly our moral duty to investigate the common denominator, whatever it may be.

And in fact, our research at Quilliam has shown the exact opposite of O'Grady's argument: race is a central factor in this crime profile, not only when it comes to the offenders but also as it relates to the victims who largely belong to the same demographic of young, white and female. ...

An upcoming Quilliam report will look to shed more light on the issue, but here a glimpse of what we have found so far: Asians or British Asians make up 6.9 per cent of the UK population, yet they're found responsible for almost half, 46 per cent of child sexual exploitation (CSE) crimes.

Yet a Home Affairs Select Committee report into localised grooming claimed that "the vast majority of convicted child-sex offenders in the UK are single white men." ...

Over 60 per cent of the British Pakistani population is from the Mirpur District of Kashmir, a largely rural area of Pakistan where regressive attitudes towards women, sex, and relationships still persist today. ...

The phenomenon of "gangs" further confirms that these offenders gravitate towards each other based on a shared ideology, separate from their collective criminal leanings.
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WATCH: EU Propaganda Video Says Europe 'Needs' Migrants Released on Day of Terror Attacks
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 19 August 2017

The European Parliament has produced a slick propaganda video claiming Europe "need[s] people to come here... to maintain the level of our welfare systems".

The video, put out on Twitter, features liberal and socialist members of the European Parliament (MEPs), who concede migrants often come from a "totally different culture", but say it is the European people's "responsibility" to "foster an atmosphere of integration".

EuroparlTV released the short film on the 17th of August, just hours before terrorists of North African Muslim background murdered 14 people in Spain in an Islamist attack claimed by Islamic State. ...

"The refugees that arrived here in Germany have to adapt. They come from a totally different culture, and they don't know how things are here," says Maryam Salehi of Cologne, Germany. ...

Cecilia Wikström, a liberal MEP from Sweden, adds: "They are here to give their contribution to growth and prosperity for Europe, and that's why it's so essentially important that we open up every possibility for them to integrate into our societies."
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Ukip politicians condemn leadership candidate's '£9,000 to leave UK' idea
Jessica Elgot
The Guardian, 19 August 2017

John Rees-Evans, a controversial Ukip activist who is currently the fourth favourite for the party leadership, suggested a scheme to persuade dual-nationals to leave Britain would help him reach a goal of reducing net migration to minus 1 million a year and could also boost international trade ties.

Peter Whittle, Ukip deputy leader and leadership frontrunner, called the suggestion "utterly and entirely wrong", while party leadership rival Jane Collins MEP told the Mirror the policy was similar to the BNP's 2010 manifesto.

Addressing a meeting in Leigh, Greater Manchester, Rees-Evans suggested the foreign aid budget should be cut from more than £13bn a year to £1bn, with £12.3bn then spent on incentivising British citizens with dual citizenship to leave the country, citing British Indians and Tanzanians, whom he said could set up their own businesses. ...

However, he said citizens could be persuaded to leave with "£6,000 upfront and £3,000 once the programme is complete, for every man, woman and child, with benefits and healthcare".
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Beyond the pale: China's cheerful racists
Carola Binney
The Spectator, 19 August 2017

Setting off to spend a year teaching English in Zhejiang province in south-eastern China, I expected plenty of surprises. But what struck me most was something they tend not to tell you about in the guidebooks: the racism.

... I apparently erred when, teaching the word for wife, I showed my students a picture of Michelle Obama. The image of the then First Lady was greeted with exaggerated sounds of repulsion: 'So ugly!' they said. 'So black!'

Such comments would have been treated harshly in a British classroom a quarter-century ago, let alone today. But my own protestations were met with confused faces – crestfallen that they'd disappointed their teacher, but clueless as to the nature of their mistake. And this stretches far beyond the classroom. To many Chinese, ideas about racial hierarchies are not outdated anathema but unquestioned belief. ...

The Chinese don't make a big deal about their racism: it's so commonplace it can seem almost cheerful. ...

The racism begins with the assumption that all westerners are white. ...

... When I showed my class my own school photograph, I expected them to remark on how terrible my hair looked. Instead, their first response was 'Why are there those black girls in England?'

... China has almost no citizens of non-Chinese descent: it is extremely difficult for expats to secure Chinese citizenship, so most are forced to leave as soon as their employment visas expire.
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'They have caused this' Nigel Farage blasts European leaders after fatal Barcelona attack
Vincent Wood
Daily Express, 18 August 2017

Nigel Farage has hit out at leaders across Europe for their response to the Barcelona attack which killed 13 people and left more than 100 people wounded.

The Brexit mastermind accused politicians on the continent of being the "cause" of terror attacks which have rocked nation after nation. ...

Farage said: "What happens is they all stand up and they say 'We stand in solidarity with Barcelona, or Brussels, or Stockholm, or Paris, or London or wherever it may be, and this is really truly awful'.

"There is no understanding of why this is going on and not once, not once, do we ever hear a single leader in Europe offer any policy solution whatsoever.

"They are still in denial, and my only guess is that they are so embarrassed by the fact that they have caused this." ...

"But for the moment one of the problems is that many of the parties around Europe that stand up against Islamic extremism, themselves appear to the electorate at times to be a bit extreme themselves."
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From Charlottesville to Barcelona
Brendan O'Neill
Spiked, 18 August 2017

Rarely has the hypocrisy of the West's ostensible liberals and leftists been as violently exposed as it has been this week. Between Charlottesville and Barcelona, between their fury over the former and their embarrassment at the latter, we have gained a glimpse into today's extraordinary double standards over extremists who loathe liberty, democracy and swathes of mankind. If the extremists are white and fond of the swastika, they'll be roundly condemned, organised against, transformed into a focal point for the activities of a flagging left. But if they're Muslims, if it's a misogynistic, homophobic caliphate they want to build, if their targets are 'kuffars' rather than pinkos or black people, they will be frowned upon, of course, but never raged against. ...

Even before the barbarism in Barcelona, even before that Islamist terrorist mowed down scores of people, killing 13, the discussion about Charlottesville had become unhinged. What was in truth a nasty but small demonstration by white-power losers was transformed into the second coming of the Third Reich. Where most leftists and liberal commentators respond to Islamist barbarism with a sad emoji or a national flag on their Facebook page, they responded to Charlottesville with historic hyperbole. ...

But if the treatment of Charlottesville and its vile car attack as a return of Nazism looked questionable before Barcelona, it looks mad after it. /.../ A suspected hard-right fanatic killed one person at Charlottesville, in a foul assault on life and liberty; Islamists, if we add Barcelona, have killed more than 460 people in Europe in the past three years. Four-hundred-and-sixty. Let that sink in.

And yet after Barcelona, as is the case after every Islamist attack, there has been an awkward, shuffling silence in left and liberal circles. /.../ But politics? Anger? A demand that we recognise the gravity of the threat posed by Islamists and get together to do something about it? Calls for confrontation with Islamist movements, demands that we 'Punch an Islamist', in the same way American leftists have promoted 'Punch a Nazi'? No.

On the contrary, we are encouraged to be sad about Islamist attacks but never active in relation to them. ...

... This urge to moralise small neo-Nazi protests in the US while de-moralising, depoliticising and fundamentally defusing the problem of Islamist extremism, even though this extremism is a far more destabilising force, has to be explained. What drives this alarming double standard?

It's fear. Cultural fear. Fear of us, the masses, and what we will get up to if society green-lights an honest discussion about the Islamist problem. And fear for Muslims, whom too many on the left infantilise and treat as incapable of hearing robust discussion about problems in their communities. ...

... They have declared a ridiculous, self-flattering war on neo-Nazism precisely as a distraction from the real problems facing Western society today, to which they have no answers, and are uncomfortable even with the questions.
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Europe faces 'clash of civilizations', says Polish minister after Barcelona attack
Radio Poland, 18 August 2017

Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told state broadcaster TVP Info that Poland is a safe country, adding: "In Poland we do not have Muslim communities which are enclaves... which are a natural support base for Islamic terrorists."

"Europe should wake up," he added.

Blaszczak said that resettling migrants encourages millions of people to come to Europe. "This ends tragically. We are dealing with a clash of civilizations. This must be said outright and it is a problem for the whole of Europe," he added.

Poland has refused to take part in an EU plan to resettle African and Middle Eastern migrants from camps in Italy and Greece, arguing that the programme did not solve the problem at its origin, and was a threat to security.

Blaszczak said on Thursday: "We will not succumb to this pressure [from the European Commission] , because this is about the security of Poland and Poles."
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UK position paper on Irish border 'throws up even more questions'
Henry Mance and John Murray Brown
Financial Times, 17 August 2017

The UK reiterated its commitment to an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic on Wednesday, as it softened its position on a range of Brexit-related issues. ...

The border is one of the toughest puzzles for Britain to solve in its negotiations with Brussels. UK prime minister Theresa May is trying to reconcile conflicting priorities – asserting Britain's sovereignty while not disturbing the fragile peace settlement in Northern Ireland.

Her government has made a commitment to controlling immigration after Brexit, but ruled out introducing any physical infrastructure, including passports checks and cameras, at the 310-mile Irish land border. ...

This would effectively allow people to cross into the UK illegally – something Open Britain, a think-tank campaigning for a "soft" Brexit, says "fundamentally undermin[es] the argument that leaving the EU would involve taking back control of immigration".

But the position paper says immigration could be regulated by "controlling access to the labour market and social security" and that the "no-checks" proposal should be seen in the context of "wider plans for the future immigration system in the autumn".
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Spanish coastguard rescues 600 migrants in 24 hours, amid surge in arrivals via Morocco
Hannah Strange
Daily Telegraph, 17 August 2017

Some 600 migrants attempting to cross from Morocco to Spain have been rescued in just 24 hours, amid a surge in arrivals on what has become the fastest growing sea route to Europe.

The Spanish coastguard said that 593 people had been pulled from 15 rafts on Wednesday, 424 of them in the Gibraltar Strait and 169 near Alborán, an island outpost midway between Spain and Morocco.

A further two rafts - one of them containing six children - were picked up in the Gibraltar Strait in the early hours of Thursday morning. ...

Since the start of 2017, more than 8,000 migrants have used the so-called Western Mediterranean Route from Morocco into Spain, compared to 2,500 during the same period last year.
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Spain lacks capacity to handle migration surge, says UN refugee agency
Sam Jones and Jennifer Rankin
The Guardian, 17 August 2017

Spain lacks the resources and capacity to protect the rising number of refugees and migrants reaching it by sea, the UN refugee agency has said.

The warning from UNHCR comes as the Spanish coastguard said it rescued 593 people in a day from 15 small paddle boats, including 35 children and a baby, after they attempted to cross the seven-mile Strait of Gibraltar. ...

About 9,300 migrants have arrived in Spain by sea so far this year, while a further 3,500 have made it to two Spanish enclaves in north Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, the EU's only land borders with Africa.

María Jesús Vega, a spokeswoman for UNHCR Spain, said police were badly under-resourced and there was a lack of interpreters and a shortage of accommodation for the new arrivals. ...

UNHCR figures show that most of those arriving in Spain by sea set out from Morocco, although some also embark from Algeria. The majority of the migrants are from Cameroon, Guinea and the Gambia.
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Cambridgeshire residents blame immigrants for housing crisis, reveals survey
Olivia Bell
Cambridge News, 17 August 2017

Residents of both Cambridge and the Fens nearby blame housing shortages on immigration, a new report reveals.

But it's a case of town versus country, as the city-dwellers were also found to have a far more positive attitude in general to immigration than their rural neighbours.

Housing shortages caused by immigration were raised as a key issue by research groups in two very different parts of Cambridgeshire – Cambridge and March – according to a report released today from the National Conversation on Immigration, the biggest-ever public consultation on the issue. ...

In March, poorly regulated private rental accommodation is a major issue, with the large number of rental properties under multiple occupancy, mainly to migrant workers, affecting the desirability of neighbourhoods.

"You've got one house or a flat, but with ten times the rubbish outside and six times the number of cars," said one stakeholder panel member in March.
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Douglas Murray attacks 'hypocrites' Lily Allen and Nicola Sturgeon over migrant crisis
Luke Dolan
TalkRadio, 17 August 2017

Controversial author Douglas Murray has blasted "hypocrites" such as Lily Allen and Nicola Sturgeon in an extraordinary interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer.

With new figures from the United Nations suggesting the migrant crisis has reached a new pitch, Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, also says we need to get a grip on the situation and stop letting migrants into our continent until we know who they are. ...

Murray said that, while most ordinary people in Britain and elsewhere in Europe are sick of the situation, high-profile people in politics and the media are exploiting the situation for their own personal profile.

"This has provided a magnificent opportunity for pseuds and hypocrites and grandstanders to have their moment," he told Julia.

"The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said she would even take in some migrants. That was two years ago and she doesn't seem to have her family of migrants.

"Labour MPs - Yvette Cooper said she'd take in a family of migrants. Endless people... none of them have got them. Lily Allen has still not got her group of young men from sub-Saharan Africa living in their spare room.

"These people are grandstanding on a massive scale about a continent-wade catastrophe and they should feel enormous shame if they could.

"We have to look at the whole problem in its totality. The point is 'can we take in all of the world who wants to come to our continent. If you ask a grandstander like Lily Allen or Nicola Sturgeon or Yvette Cooper, they will not, when put on the spot, say 'keep anyone out.' They can't.

"In reality, if we followed the advice of these people, we'd destroy our entire society. [Unlike the majority of people] the people who have a voice in the media and our politicians who are insane."

Murray also said most of the current influx of migrants are actually sub-Sarahan African men, rather than refugees from war-torn areas like Syria, and "they haven't been rescued. they've been picked up by our own continent's vessels, by organised vessels paid for by taxpayers across our continent, and by NGO vessels.

"They are complicit with the traffickers, they are paying the traffickers, they are involved in an illegal business. they are paying to illegally enter our continent, to break outr own rules.

"We do actually have rules on how you claim asylum and it doesn't involve paying a criminal gang to enter Europe."

"we are lifting people from Africa and bringing them into Europe with no idea of who they are or whether they have any legitimate claim to be in Europe."
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I was treading on eggshells as I described the very specific problem of 'some' Muslim men and their attitude to white Western women
Trevor Kavanagh
The Sun, 17 August 2017

Some Sun readers may have missed the concocted explosion of Labour and Islamic hysteria over a column I wrote on Monday about Muslim sex gangs. ...

My offence was to write about the attitude of predatory Muslim men towards white women – what I called "the Muslim Problem".

I was instantly denounced for fomenting a Nazi-style "Final Solution" comparable only with the Jewish Holocaust. It was a ludicrous, offensive and perverse distortion of the truth.

A letter calling for my dismissal signed by 105 cross-party MPs was led by Labour's Naz Shah, the Bradford MP suspended last year for anti-Semitism. ...

So, as ever when writing about Islam this week, I was treading on eggshells as I described the very specific problem of "some" Muslim men and their attitude to white Western women.

The article followed the trial and imprisonment of 17 mainly British-born men from the Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities who groomed, raped and abused scores of vulnerable young, mainly white, girls over many years.

They were among many gangs operating in Britain but police and local authorities turned a deliberate blind eye. It was left to the courage and tenacity of Times reporter Andrew Norfolk to bring them to book.

I cited Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Champion who bravely broke ranks and identified the problem everyone else on the Left had shied away from. ...

Presumably got at by Corbynistas, she has subsequently sought to distance herself from her own article and has now resigned for her "poor choice of words".

On Monday, I paid tribute to Sarah's courage, saying: "Thanks to ex-Equalities chief Trevor Phillips and Labour MPs like Rotherham's Sarah Champion, it is acceptable to say Muslims are a specific rather than cultural problem." ...

The abuse of women by Muslims, says Trevor Phillips, is "on an industrial scale".

"What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising. It is not Islamophobic to point this out."

My mistake, apparently, was to describe this as "the Muslim Problem". ...

This fake outrage is more than simply a personal attack on me or upon the Sun newspaper. It is a pernicious attempt to stifle and smother free speech.

The letter from the MPs fails to pinpoint a single mistake or error of fact in my article. It even concedes there are no grounds at all for referring this to Ipso for adjudication. It infringes none of the Editors' Rules of Conduct.

The letter is nothing less than an attempt to gag not just me but anyone else who dares to venture an opinion which contradicts their narrow point of view.
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Champion's ousting shows Labour has learned nothing from gang rape scandals
Paul T Horgan
Conservative Woman, 17 August 2017

Why did Sarah Champion quit her shadow frontbench post? She says it was because of her 'poor choice of words' in an article she wrote for The Sun on the organised rape gangs in her constituency and elsewhere. What words did she use that were such a 'poor choice'?

'Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.'

"For too long we have ignored the race of these abusers and, worse, tried to cover it up. No more. These people are predators and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage."

"The irony of all of this is that, by not dealing with the ethnicity of the abusers as a fact, political correctness has actually made the situation about race."

"It was shocking. Mainly white pubescent girls were being sexually groomed and exploited by gangs of mainly British Pakistani men."

... This Labour MP and, at the time, shadow minister, was trying to hold the Government to account in a public forum for the noble purpose of protecting the daughters of her constituents from gang rape. ...

But is what she wrote such a poor choice of words? Not quite. It is actually a tame version of official reports:

Here is what the Jay Report said on the topic. The report was commissioned by the Labour-controlled council in Rotherham.

'In Rotherham, the majority of known perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage including the five men convicted in 2010."

'Agencies should acknowledge the suspected model of localised grooming of young white girls by men of Pakistani heritage, instead of being inhibited by the fear of affecting community relations.'

'By far the majority of perpetrators were described as 'Asian' by victims, yet throughout the entire period, councillors did not engage directly with the Pakistani-heritage community to discuss how best they could jointly address the issue. [...] Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so."

And here is what the Casey Report, commissioned by the Government, had to say:

Terrible things happened in Rotherham and on a significant scale. Children were sexually exploited by men who came largely from the Pakistani Heritage Community. Not enough was done to acknowledge this, to stop it happening, to protect children, to support victims and to apprehend perpetrators.'

'I found a Council in denial.

Sarah Champion said no more than what is already in the public domain in official reports that are uncontested by any MP or mainstream party in any public communication. For this she has quit her shadow post, or, more likely, has had to quit.

It seems Labour has not learned anything about these gang rape scandals and is still trying to shut down debate on the issue. After all that has gone on, Labour is still turning a blind eye to child sex exploitation on Labour's watch, in Labour's heartlands.
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The 'community leaders' doing nothing to solve the grooming scandal
Douglas Murray
Spectator blog, 17 August 2017

On Monday, after the prosecution of another group of rapists in Newcastle, the Sun published a column by Trevor Kavanagh. It followed a column on a similar theme by Labour MP Sarah Champion. Kavanagh's column dared to mention that the grooming gang in Newcastle (see also Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxfordshire etc) did not consist of 'Asian' men but specifically men of Muslim origin. He was right. Most newspapers don't like to mention this, ...

If this is undeniably perilous territory to write in, it is also ground-hog day. After the prosecutions in Newcastle last week, the BBC's Newsnight ran a lamentable discussion with four young Muslims chaired by Evan Davis; the panel decided within minutes that the case had nothing to do with religion.

Perhaps readers will forgive me if I sigh about all this. I just checked the first Newsnight discussion I did on this issue and somewhere on the internet found my younger self discussing whether we could talk about Muslim grooming gangs, the whole question of political correctness and the shutting down of debate. That was a decade ago.

Demonstrating that nothing is getting better in this regard, there has been the usual predictable, organised, backlash against Kavanagh and Champion for telling the truth. It has been led by the Muslim Council of Britain and Labour MP Naz Shah (who readers will remember faced her own anti-Semitism scandal last year). Yesterday, Champion was forced to quit her place in Labour's shadow cabinet. ...

It is all part of a much bigger pattern. /.../ You have to stand back to recognise the full consequence of such societal sickness. Imagine if Shah, Corbyn and their eggers-on among the Twittering classes were able to summon up even a quarter of the rage they reserved for Kavanagh and Champion, and saved it instead for the rapists who brand their initials on girls they regard as 'chattel'.

... In his piece, Trevor Kavanagh ended with a reference to Britain's 'Muslim problem'. Now that is not a phrase I would use myself, and I imagine that in retrospect Kavanagh wouldn't feel that happy about the shorthand. But so what? It's a free country and people are allowed to avail themselves of their opinions in a robust fashion. Or they used to be, before a self-appointed group of self-appointed leaders took it upon themselves to police the language for us. ...

And it's not just that they do so little to solve any problem. As their ongoing efforts to silence anyone speaking about grooming gangs proves, there is no problem – even child rape – that community leadership groups cannot in fact make worse.
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One in five unemployed people in the UK are migrants, official figures reveal for the first time
Steven Swinford
Daily Telegraph, 16 August 2017

One in five unemployed people in the UK are migrants, official figures have revealed for the first time.

The figures show that 317,000 migrants are unemployed, including 98,000 who were born in the EU and 219,000 born outside the EU.

The proportion of EU migrants who are unemployed is 4 per cent, while the proportion of migrants from outside the EU who are unemployed is 6.2 per cent. The overall unemployment rate of migrants is 5.3 per cent.

The number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK has risen by a third over the past year to a record 362,000 in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union. ...

The figures show that arrival of Romanian and Bulgarian workers pushed up the overall level of EU migrants from 2.33 million to 2.37 million.

However the number of migrants coming the 14 earlier members of the EU including France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, has fallen slightly from 995,000 between April and June of last year to 972,000.

The number from the eastern European nations which joined the EU in 2014, including Poland, has also fallen from 995,000 to 972,000.
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Here's Why Europe Really Needs More Immigrants
Kenneth Rapoza
Forbes, 16 August 2017

If Western Europe wants to keep its social benefits, the countries of the E.U. are going to need more workers. No place in the world has an older population that's not into baby making than Europe. No wonder policy planners are doing what they can to encourage immigration.

Even Eastern Europe is getting old, and surely older than the U.S., which has a median age of around 37. The U.K.'s median age is approaching a mid-life crisis, currently at 40.5. With fertility rates expected to hit zero in Europe in the next decade, the only way the European Union can keep fight elderly poverty and maintain its expensive entitlement programs is to increase immigration. Another option is to provide incentives to convince 20 and 30-something-year-olds to have more than one baby. ...

This puts Europe in a pickle. The idea of opening its borders to eastern Europe was a way to expand European capital and labor markets. They increased the labor pool, driving down wages in working class manufacturing towns to come on par with that of Poland and the Czech Republic. They also got an educated workforce who had a long history of European customs. The one thing they did not get from the old Warsaw Pact nations was youth.

Poland's median age is 40.3. Czech Republic is 41.7. New euro zone member Lithuania in the Baltics is even older: 43.4, according to the CIA World Factbook. ...

Today's migrants into Europe are coming from countries where Europeans spent most of the last two generations... destroying. /.../ The median age in Iraq is 19. In Libya, 24. The average European country is importing their future children.
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Hard-Left 'Trying To Brand Labour Centrists As Racist Sympathisers'
Kate Forrester
The Huffington Post, 16 August 2017

The hard-left is on a new mission to paint UK centrists as terrorist sympathisers in the wake of the Charlottesville violence, according to a senior Labour campaigner.

Blogging for HuffPost UK, Richard Angell, director of Progress - a group on the New Labour wing of the Labour Party - said "a concerted effort" is underway to discredit the centre ground of British politics.

He was responding to claims by writer Laurie Penny that those responsible for unrest in the USA, which left three people dead, are the same people who "centrists" say have legitimate concerns around immigration.

"Penny is wrong to argue that those of us she calls centrists, who know there are legitimate concerns about immigration and think if you sort them out it is the best way to help cohesion and reduce racism, are the what gives an open door to the populist- and racist-right," Angell said.

"Pressures on public services, wage pressures and the impacts of changing communities can all be managed, supported and put right through politics. If we play into some right-wing argument that we are too 'politically correct' to talk about immigration, it is that what leaves the space open for the far right." ...

Angell, who was caught up in the recent London Bridge terror attack, said by ignoring the impact of change in society, left-leaning movements risk shutting down debate. ...

"When there is a real right-wing to attack in politics these days, let us not use the label on our own side. Bunching together the centre-ground and 'the right' to discredit politics that is in touch with the public is precisely the sort of strategy that will have the real right-wingers rubbing their hands with glee - from their offices in government."
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Study: 70 Per Cent of Germans Would Send Mediterranean Migrants Back
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 16 August 2017

A new study has revealed that the vast majority of Germans do not see the migrants coming across the Mediterranean as legitimate refugees and want to see them deported back to North Africa.

The study, conducted by research institute Civey shows that 69.8 per cent of Germans do not regard the migrants rescued and transported by NGOs in the Mediterranean as legitimate refugees despite claims from the NGOs themselves. ...

Along political lines, a majority of members of all parties support the deportation of Mediterranean migrants except for the left-wing Green party with only 34.7 per cent approving of the idea and 48.8 per cent rejecting the idea.
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Corbyn's immigration tightrope
Chaminda Jayanetti, 15 August 2017

Labour's chasm over free movement of people is so vast it is a wonder that either side can even see the other. Just take the following two quotes:

"For years, the elite ignored public disquiet over immigration. It was sidelined because of the net benefit to the economy from EU immigration. Well, the public told the elite where they could stick their 'net benefit'."

"A system of free movement is the best way to protect and advance the interests of all workers, by giving everyone the right to work legally, join a union and stand up to their boss without fear of deportation or destitution."

The first, from former shadow cabinet minister Caroline Flint, was part of a speech last month ...

The second is from an open letter /.../ signed by Labour MPs Clive Lewis, David Lammy and Geraint Davies.

Trying to find a position that unifies these two camps - each representing different worldview, different economic analyses, and different geographies - is now Corbyn's job, whether he wants it or not.

Labour's 'constructive amibiguity' - or rather, dishonestly facing both ways - during the general election temporarily neutered the Brexit issue, but Corbyn's recent incautiously worded attack on employers exploiting migrant workers has brought an end to the phony peace. ...

But the launch early this month of the Labour Campaign for Free Movement is hard to separate from the Labour leader's very different appearance on the Andrew Marr Show in July, where he attacked the exploitation of EU migrants to "destroy conditions" for British workers. High profile supporters reacted with alarm.

It's not that Corbyn's core supporters are enthusiastic Remainers - many regard the EU as a neoliberal project, and most despised its actions during the Eurozone crisis - but the issue they hold dearest is migrant rights. Not just EU migrants, but all migrants - it is common in these circles to regard national borders as a racist concept. Their preferred migration policy would be unfettered global free movement. But EU free movement is a decent place to start. ...

But in her speech last month, Caroline Flint said the "emotional drive for control" in the EU referendum "was almost totally immigration". How can the Labour leadership square off support for free movement with Flint and other like-minded Northern and Midlands Labour MPs and - critically - branches?
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Merkel acknowledges Europe's disastrous migrant policy: '2015 must not be repeated'
Rebecca Flood
Daily Express, 15 August 2017

Angela Merkel has rejected the idea of linking European Union funds to receiving migrants - a policy championed by her rival Martin Schulz. ...

The measure was put forward by her challenger Mr Schulz, former president of the European Parliament, as he also eyes the top job. ...

But the idea was slapped down by Angela Merkel, who rejected EU nations being able to buy themselves out of their obligations.

She said: "That's not how it is.

"This is not the European solidarity that I am imagining." ...

Italy's foreign minister, Angelino Alfano, praised Mrs Merkel's 'open door' policy - widely thought to have been a catalyst for many making the perilous trip to Europe - but said the south European country was at breaking point.
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Rochdale child abuse cop says PC posturing protected sophisticated network of Asian abuse
James Fielding
Daily Express, 14 August 2017

The former detective who helped expose the Rochdale child abuse scandal has accused the Government of doing "too little, too late" and of allowing Asian grooming gangs to "evolve" over the past 15 years.

Maggie Oliver said a sophisticated network of abusers from predominantly Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds had grown unchallenged because the authorities feared being labelled racist.

Her comments follow the conviction last week of an 18-strong gang in Newcastle upon Tyne who sexually abused girls as young as 13. ...

Home Secretary Amber Rudd waded into the row and said that "political and cultural sensitivities" should not deter work aimed at uncovering child abuse.

However, former detective constable Ms Oliver said the Home Office had been aware of the issue since 2004 during a probe into grooming gangs in Manchester.

The former Greater Manchester Police officer said the Home Office was in contact almost daily during Operation Span, the investigation into Rochdale six years later, and was fearful of the racial connotations.

She said: "Amber Rudd's words are too little too late. She is jumping on the bandwagon and playing to public outrage at what has been allowed to evolve over 15 years."
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Court finds defrauding Islamic State is a crime in Germany
Reuters, 14 August 2017

A German court has found a Syrian refugee guilty of attempting to defraud Islamic State, a court spokeswoman said on Monday, granting legal protection to a group viewed as terrorists by the European Union.

A judge in the district court in the southwestern city of Saarbruecken sentenced the 39-year old hairdresser from Damascus to two years in prison for trying to get Islamic State operatives to transfer him up to 180,000 euros (163,674 pounds).

The judge ruled that the man used the false pretence that he would carry out attacks in Germany for Islamic State using explosives. The money was never transferred to the man.

The court rejected the prosecution's argument that the man was guilty of the more serious crime of planning to carry out attacks on behalf of the militant organisation.

Both parties have appealed the ruling to the Federal Supreme Court, the court spokeswoman said. The Syrian refugee was named only as Hasan A. due to German privacy laws.
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Stemming economic migration
Times of Malta, 13 August 2017

For the last three years, Italy has borne the brunt of the migration crisis as the central Mediterranean route into Europe has become the chief entry path into the EU. ...

Helpfully, Libya's Prime Minister, who is the head of the UN-backed unity government, has asked Italy to send its navy to help the Libyan coastguard pick up migrants within Libya's 12-mile territorial waters and take them back to shore. ...

Before Italy's recent agreement with Libya, the majority of migrants would sail from Libyan ports into international waters to be rescued by charity boats or the Italian coastguard. Critics have accused the rescue NGOs of operating a "taxi service" for migrants.

The people-traffickers' ploy had been to deliver migrants not to Italy, but just outside the boundary of Libya's territorial waters so they could be rescued by NGO charity boats beyond. Though there can be absolutely no doubt that the charities were – and are – motivated by noble intentions, they were in effect inadvertently aiding the traffickers. ...

As Bill Gates – definitely not a hard-liner on migration – has said: "Europe must make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent [of Europe] via the current transit routes." The top three countries of origin of those arriving in Italy in the first quarter of this year were Nigeria, Bangladesh and Guinea.
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More NGOs follow MSF in suspending Mediterranean migrant rescues
Reuters, 13 August 2017

Two more aid groups have suspended migrant rescues in the Mediterranean, joining Doctors Without Borders, because they felt threatened by the Libyan coastguard.

Save the Children and Germany's Sea Eye said on Sunday their crews could no longer work safely because of the hostile stance of the Libyan authorities. Doctors Without Borders - or Medecins sans Frontieres - cited the same concern when it said on Saturday it would halt Mediterranean operations. ...

Libyan coastguard boats have repeatedly clashed with NGO vessels on the edge of Libyan waters, sometimes opening fire. ...

"In general, we do not reject (NGO) presence, but we demand from them more cooperation with the state of Libya ... they should show more respect to the Libyan sovereignty," coastguard spokesman Ayoub Qassem told Reuters on Sunday.

Tension has also been growing for weeks between aid groups and the Italian government, which has suggested some NGOs are facilitating people smuggling, while Italy is trying to enhance the role of the Libyan coastguard in blocking migrant departures. ...

Immigration is dominating Italy's political agenda before elections early next year, with public opinion increasingly hostile to migrants. Almost 600,000 migrants have arrived in Italy over the past four years.
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Merkel to UN: 'European Union Can Take 40,000 More Migrants'
Victoria Friedman
Breitbart, 13 August 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed UN plans to send more Middle Eastern and African migrants to the European Union, saying the bloc could "cope with" 40,000 more asylum seekers.

Echoing her "wir schaffen das" ["we can do this"] mantra from the beginning of the migrant crisis, where the German premier suspended the Dublin Convention and invited an unlimited number of migrants to northern Europe, she told UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi that Germany was "ready to take its share". ...

The UN high commissioner disclosed the plans in Berlin on Friday which would see the expansion of a two-year scheme for resettling 22,000 Syrian asylum seekers (currently in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan) nearly double to 40,000 relocated annually from 2018.

The plans would also expand the countries from which asylum seekers would be accepted.
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Even Remainers now back a 'hard' Brexit: Most Brits want to regain full control of our borders and to become free of meddling EU judges, survey reveals
Claire Ellicott and Kate Ferguson
Daily Mail, 12 August 2017

Most Remain voters now back a Brexit that gives Britain a clean break from the EU and control back of our borders, a major study has found. ...

The survey of 3,293 people by the London School of Economics (LSE) and Oxford University found that when questioned in detail about their views, many favoured the elements of a so-called 'hard Brexit'. ...

The issue of EU citizens' rights after Brexit was found to be the most divisive in the poll, with Remain voters strongly supporting those already in the UK staying indefinitely - something Leavers strongly oppose.

On immigration, neither group supports continuing free movement, although Remain voters feel less strongly about the issue than Leavers.

The most popular scenarios for both voters give the UK full control over its borders, with Remainers supporting immigration but Leavers favouring few to no arrivals.
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Jihadists are trying to destroy French soldiers' nerves via string of attacks, expert says
Romina McGuinness
Daily Express, 12 August 2017

A security expert said France-based jihadists had launched a war of attrition against the country's security forces in an attempt to fray soldiers' nerves and wear down the armed forces.

Thibault de Montbrial, the former head of France's Centre for Analysis, Planning and Strategy (CAPS), told the French daily Le Figaro, said: "All terrorist attacks that have taken place since January have been against soldiers or police officers.

"It's not a coincidence. Jihadists are simply trying to wear down security forces via a string of small-scale, random attacks that are almost impossible to prevent."

"Terror tactics have become more rudimentary and an attack could occur anywhere and at anytime, meaning that police and intelligence and security services are "always on the alert," Mr de Montbrial added. ...

The Islamist terrorist threat to the West, Mr de Montbrial continued, will endure for years to come.

"The terror threat is here to stay. French ISIS fighters will return home from Syria or Iraq, and one battle-hardened jihadist alone can radicalise dozens of people," he warned, adding that France was "teeming with radicalised Muslims" and should therefore brace itself for another Paris-style attack.
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Study abroad: Why Indians prefer to go overseas to pursue UG courses
Indian Express, 12 August 2017

Studying abroad is a common dream among many Indian students such that the number of students applying for universities in other countries has been on the rise with every passing year. This hype can be observed with reports like the 2016 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange which has pointed out that international students at US colleges have surpasses one million in the academic year of 2015-16.

... Meanwhile the Indian Students Mobility report, 2016 noted that about 85 per cent of Indian students looking for colleges abroad tend to head towards USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. ...

The second reason why students want to go abroad is because they think that their future is outside India. They believe that by pursuing an undergraduate degree in a foreign country they can get a job there and eventually land the country's citizenship. Settling down in USA, UK, Australia and some other such countries is attractive to many.
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Racist rapists handed lower sentences because their victims were WHITE
Zoie O'Brien
Daily Express, 12 August 2017

Asian rape gangs who target white teenagers are not handed longer jail sentences because of political correctness and fear among the judiciary, the Government's senior legal advisor has said.

Young, white girls have been brutally raped and sexually abused by extensive gangs of Asian men in towns and cities across Britain - yet when it comes to sentencing - the race aspect has been largely ignored, he claimed.

Now legal experts are calling for British judges to properly defend the girls who are targeted because of their skin colour. ...

Robert Buckland Solicitor General has said racism should always be considered in the type of organised sex attacks which have blighted Britain.

Mr Buckland said sex attacks based on race "cuts all ways" and that the race of those involved should be "front and centre" when it is clear a certain race has been actively targeted - whatever that race may be. ...

Mr Buckland blamed the PC brigade for putting political correctness and fear of being labelled racist over the rights for sex victims.

He said there was "institutional reticence" when it comes to Asian men abusing white girls.
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UK could face Islamist threat for decades, former MI5 chief warns
BBC, 11 August 2017

The UK may continue to face the threat of Islamist terrorism for another "20 to 30 years", the former head of MI5 has said.

Lord Evans told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the issue was a "generational problem" and that the UK needed to "persevere" with efforts to defeat it. ...

Lord Evans stepped down as the director general of the security service MI5 in 2013 at a time when it seemed that the terrorism threat from al-Qaeda might be subsiding.

But now, with the rise of the so-called Islamic State militant group, he said the threat was unlikely to end soon. ...

"Since 2013 there have been 19 attempted attacks that have been disrupted and even since the attack at Westminster we are told there have been six disruptions, so this is a permanent state of preparedness."

He added: "We're at least 20 years into this. My guess is that we will still be dealing with the long tail in over 20 years' time. ...

Speaking on Radio 4's Today, the head of national counter-terrorism policing called the current Islamist threat a "cultish movement" compared to al-Qaeda and the IRA who were "a very tight network of wicked individuals".

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said: "You've got that range of people who have picked up that ideology and come up with their own plan based on the encouragement of the propaganda all the way through to the more organised directed attacks." ...

He added the change in tempo of the threat was "quite dramatic" considering in four years 13 terror plots were foiled compared to six in the last few months.
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'Racist' Asian sex gangs: MPs demand tougher sentences for grooming young white girls
Martin Evans and Steven Swinford
Daily Telegraph, 11 August 2017

Britain's courts should treat Asian Muslim grooming gangs behind the abuse of hundreds of white teenage girls as racially aggravated criminals, leading MPs and campaigners have demanded.

The demand was issued as senior politicians and prosecutors admitted that political correctness may have stopped the gangs being properly pursued and punished after another ring of Asian mainly Muslim sex offenders was convicted in Newcastle.

The Attorney General was facing calls to review the sentences of several members of the 18-strong Newcastle gang after it emerged the apparently racially-aggravated nature of their crimes was not reflected in their punishment.

The men, mostly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin were convicted of plying vulnerable and underage white girls with drink and drugs before sexually abusing and raping them. ...

Under sentencing guidelines, crimes that include race or religion are considered more serious and the court has a duty to take it into account when sentencing.

But nowhere in the judge's sentencing remarks has the race of the victims been raised as an aggravating factor. ...

Lord MacDonald, the former director of public prosecutions, said it was clear these were "profoundly racist crimes" and said the issue needed to be confronted head on. ...

In another twist it emerged that some of the victims of Asian grooming gangs have been arrested for using racist language against their abusers. Det Constable Maggie Oliver, who helped expose the Rochdale grooming scandal, told BBC's Radio 4's PM programme: "I can give you numerous examples of victims abused as children who have been charged with racially aggravated public order offences for shouting names that have a racial element to their abusers. Why is there no parity?"
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On abuse it's time to call a spade a spade
Trevor Phillips
Daily Telegraph, 11 August 2017

It's official. The BBC has finally given itself permission to acknowledge – in passing – that the spate of gang-related child abuse scandals scarring English towns and cities is being carried out predominantly by men of "Asian" origin. Even so, the most important aspect of the story was deemed to be the fact that Northumbria Police had paid an informer, himself a convicted abuser, to help crack the case. No doubt desperate to avoid being accused of stigmatising a community, the BBC did its best to turn this utterly routine practice into a matter of controversy.

But even its own journalists were embarrassed by the ploy. Mark Easton, the Corporation's redoubtable home affairs editor, broke the long taboo on the Ten O'Clock News, speaking passionately of the dozens of cases in which gangs of "predominantly Asian men [are] sexually exploiting predominantly young white women and girls". Labour, hitherto lamentably limp on the issue in deference to its dependence on minority voters, spoke up, too. Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, abandoned the weaselly standby that "abusers come from all communities" to call this crime what it is: an organised assault on white children by people from a specific minority group. ...

And the scale of their crimes is industrial. In Rotherham over 1,400 children were gang-raped, forced to watch sexual assault on other children, drugged and trafficked. /.../ Dame Louise Casey's unflinching report last year laid the horror bare; and spoke of the political corruption that allowed it to go unchecked. To Ms Champion's credit, she dismissed criticism from what she called "the floppy Left", saying that the authorities had consistently ignored these crimes because "people are more afraid to be called racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse". ...

But as the impressive Chief Constable of Northumbria, Steve Ashman, told the media, these crimes will never be prevented unless and until we can speak openly about what is taking place. Unfortunately, we still have some way to go. For example, while most of the perpetrators are indeed Asian they are not all Pakistani; and Mr Ashman said yesterday that his force had arrested Iraqis, Afghans, Turks and people from other nationalities. ...

What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising. ...

If we are going to call a spade a spade, then we should do so without embarrassment. But our elites have replaced their old fear of being called racist with a new bogey. It comes to something then the BBC prefers to risk being condemned for racism than expose itself to the charge of Islamophobia.
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Cultural terrorism is as dangerous as bombs and bullets
Leo McKinstry
Daily Express, 11 August 2017

George Orwell wrote in 1941 that "the gentleness of English civilisation is its most marked characteristic". How poignant those words now sound today as our society is plagued by alien barbarism and cruel exploitation.

The apostles of political correctness talk of the joys of diversity but mass immigration has led to the wholesale import of primitive, misogynistic, often brutal values that are utterly inimical to those of traditional, well-ordered Britain.

The widespread incidence of abuse inflicted on vulnerable white girls by predatory Asian, overwhelmingly Muslim, sex gangs is a prime illustration of this social breakdown. ...

A 13-year-old described how she was drugged then driven to a flat, where she was repeatedly gang-raped under a Kurdish flag. There could be no greater symbol of the moral degradation that multiculturalism has inflicted on modern Britain.

In recent decades we have been forced to live in the shadow of violent Islamic extremism. But the rapacious Muslim sex gangs demonstrate that we should be equally concerned about cultural terrorism. Fear, intimidation and savagery come not just from the threat of bombs and knives. They also come from brutish practices that should have no place in Britain. ...

In an act of wilful folly our politicians decided to turn many of our urban neighbourhoods into outposts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with all their attendant sexual violence and intimidation. Nor is the cultural terrorism confined to the predatory gangs. It can also be found in the growing catalogue of acid attacks, the institutionalised acceptance of Sharia courts, the spread of misogynistic dress codes such as the burka and the prevalence of female genital mutilation, all developments that would have been completely unthinkable in Britain before the era of mass immigration.

Other disturbing features of this moral decline are reflected in human trafficking, organised welfare abuses, ballot box fraud, exploitative labour on poverty pay, overcrowded housing and the erosion of free speech in the face of Islamist grievance. ...

The authorities like the police, town halls and social services, who should have been upholding decent values, instead allowed cultural terrorism to flourish in our midst because of craven anxieties about accusations of Islamophobia and racism.

Too many officials, keen to uphold the flawed creed of multiculturalism, swallowed the fashionable propaganda that ethnic minorities are always the victims and white people always the oppressors. So they ended up colluding with pitiless racist, misogynistic criminals to deny justice to abused, under-age girls.

Despite the welcome verdicts this week in Newcastle it will take far more than one case to save our civilisation after years of this cowardly institutionalised paralysis.
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The reality of Europe's migrant crisis
Douglas Murray
Spectator blog, 11 August 2017

So here's an interesting thing. Footage so striking that even the BBC has run with it. This is the film of a migrant boat landing on a beach in the south of Spain. In recent years for a whole variety of reasons, Spain has avoided the worst of the migrant crisis. Perhaps that's why these images have broken through where the daily images from Italy this summer have not.

Anyway, it's hard to think of a more vivid encapsulation of the ongoing suicide of our continent than this one. ...

... These young men from a range of sub-Saharan African countries have come to Europe for a hundred different reasons and they will stay in Europe. Most will try to move northwards. And along the way the only employment most of them will find will be working with illegal gangs made up of people from their countries of origin.
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Spain could top Greece for 2017 migrant sea arrivals, as video emerges of beach being 'stormed'
Hannah Strange and Nick Squires
Daily Telegraph, 11 August 2017

Spain could surpass Greece this year as a gateway for migrants entering Europe by sea, international monitors warned on Thursday, as the number of arrivals swells to treble that of 2016.

Amid a crackdown on migration through Libya, more than 8,000 people have turned to the so-called Western Mediterranean Route from Morocco into Spain this year, compared to 2,500 during the same period in 2016.

On Wednesday, sunbathers on a beach near Cadiz were shocked to see a black rubber dinghy loaded with migrants landing on the shore, its occupants quickly leaping from the vessel and running away.

Jose Maraver, head of the Maritime Rescue centre in nearby Tarifa, told the Telegraph that a second boat had landed on another beach in the area on Thursday while two vessels had to be rescued. This was now a regular occurrence along that stretch of coast, he said. ...

Penny Lawrence, deputy chief executive of Oxfam GB, said that safe routes to Europe must be provided. "Outsourcing the policing of our borders to Libya isn't the solution," she added.
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Dutch port cities increasingly struggle with Albanian stowaways: report
Janene Pieters
NL Times, 11 August 2017

Dutch harbors with ferries to England are increasingly faced with Albanians trying to secretly cross to the United Kingdom, according to the Volkskrant. Over the past few months, hundreds of Albanian stowaways were caught in IJmuiden, Hoek van Holland, Europoort and Vlissingen. ...

... The stowaways from Albania are trying to reach England because they have a better there to be granted asylum or to find work as an undocumented migrant.
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Germany under 'great illusion' it can deport failed asylum seekers – senior official
RT, 11 August 2017

A "great illusion" prevails in Germany over the deportation of failed asylum applicants, Bavarian premier Horst Seehofer argued, adding it is unrealistic to expel all migrants once they are in the country.

It is much more humane for European countries to protect common borders and decide on the spot whom to allow in than to accept migrants en masse and struggle to deport failed applicants, said Seehofer.

The politician, who also leads the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party to Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), told Focus magazine on Friday it was "almost impossible to send back migrants once they are in the country."

"I say this having a nine-year experience as [Bavaria's] prime minister," Seehofer told German magazine Focus. "A great illusion prevails in Germany when it comes to the issue of deportations," the politician said.
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UK: Still Welcoming Jihadis
Douglas Murray
Gatestone Institute, 11 August 2017

The British Prime Minister's June declaration, that when it came to terrorism in the UK, "enough is enough", already looks like little more than rhetoric. ...

At almost precisely this time last year, two clerics from Pakistan toured the UK. Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman and Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman are well-known clerics in their native country. Not the least of the reasons for their fame – or notoriety – is that they took a particularly strong line on the issue of Mumtaz Qadri. /.../ In January 2011, Qadri murdered the man he was employed to look after.

Qadri's action were hugely divisive both in Pakistan and in the global Pakistani diaspora. After a trial that same year, Qadri was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to death – a sentence that was carried out in February 2016.

That event brings us back to the two clerics, Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman and Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman. After Qadri's conviction, on at least one occasion Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman delivered a hysterical speech supporting the murder of Taseer, while his fellow cleric, Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman, looked on approvingly from the platform. The video of this occasion has now been removed from YouTube, where it had previously been hosted. ...

... Nevertheless, on their visit to the UK last summer, the two clerics were allowed to talk at mosques up and down the UK, including in Prime Minister Theresa May's own constituency. By way of explanation, as the imam of the Madina Mosque and Islamic Centre in Oldham, Zahoor Chishti, said of the two clerics, "They have got hundreds of thousands of followers in the UK." ...

On that occasion it was perhaps possible to claim that the UK government were ignorant about whom they were allowing into the UK. ...

What excuse is there in a country which has now seen and suffered the effects of Islamist terror so many times, a country that the Prime Minister has claimed has had "enough" of this terror, for precisely the same two clerics to return to the UK for another tour? /.../ another tour of the UK and Europe – this one lasting up until August 27.

Last year, members of the British government could have claimed to have been ignorant of the views of these two clerics. They could have pretended that they did not know that they were allowing into the UK two men principally known for encouraging the murder of apostates. They could have pretended to have been ignorant of the beliefs of two men who like to whip up crowds to praise murderers. They could have been unaware that such people were going to speak to thousands of UK Muslims. But they cannot be unaware this year. So what are the excuses for letting them in? Are there any?
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Diversity is Becoming a Form of Worship
Jon Miltimore
Intellectual Takeout, 11 August 2017

Diversity is a good thing. We have to say that today, but the truth is I actually believe it. My personal experiences confirm the cliché. ...

I genuinely believe the friendships I made and the perspective I received offered me a richer, fuller picture of the human experience. That said, I believe our culture's obsession with diversity is getting a little out of hand.

From Google's cult-like worship of the Idea to the ridicule heaped on Christopher Nolan's film Dunkirk (too white!) to the purging of intellectuals who do not embrace the dogmas, it seems like our culture is getting a tad carried away.

A recent local example: A Minneapolis writing conference was canceled because of the lack of diversity of the presenters. Via the Star Tribune:

The lineup of speakers for the Loft Literary Center's conference on writing for children and young adults was stellar. /.../

Other than Alexander, who is Cuban-American, every writer who agreed to speak was white. And so, just days after announcing it, the Loft in Minneapolis canceled the Oct. 20-21 conference. ...

... An almost all-white lineup in Minneapolis? Then I read a little further. ...

The venue had invited "more than 10" non-white writers to attend but the writers, for whatever reason, had declined. So the event had to be canceled. ...

The Loft, of course, has the right to do whatever it wishes. But I find our culture's hyper-focus on diversity a little troubling – and, quite frankly, a bit weird. ...

It seems to me that, for many in our culture, diversity is not just a virtue to be sought but a tenet of faith, one that must be observed at all times and cannot be questioned.
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Some communities are not doing enough to tackle Asian grooming gangs, warns Chief Constable
Daily Telegraph, 10 August 2017

There is not enough shame and stigma attached to child sexual exploitation in some communities, a senior police chief has said, as an Asian grooming gang was found guilty of drugging and abusing vulnerable girls in Newcastle upon Tyne.

As the final five members of an 18 strong gang were convicted of a string of appalling abuse against white girls, Chief Constable Steve Ashman, of Northumbria Police, described tackling such exploitation as the "challenge of our generation".

He said until such behaviour was considered socially unacceptable in all communities, the problem would never be completely eradicated.

Newcastle is the latest city in which the activities of an Asian grooming gang has been exposed, following on from Rochdale, Oxford, Rotherham and Derby.

During a series of trials, which can only now be fully reported, it emerged that the gang, which was made up of men from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Turkey, abused girls after luring them to parties where they were plied with drink and drugs, ...

The gang operated in the west end of Newcastle, ferrying the same group of at least 22 victims between addresses where they were barricaded in rooms with furniture and subjected to degrading ordeals.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how many of the gang members had "contempt" for white women, illustrated when one of the men launched a tirade against a female ticket inspector on the Tyne and Wear Metro system. ...

Speaking after the final guilty verdicts were delivered, Mr Ashman said: "We have thrown the kitchen sink at this - a team of 50 officers have worked on this inquiry for almost three and a half years and continue to do so.

"There has been no political correctness here. These are criminals and there has been no hesitation in arresting them and targeting them using all the means at our disposal."

But he said while many of the communities across the city had been appalled by the offending and had helped the police, it was clear there was still a problem in getting some to take it seriously.

He said: "The sexual exploitation of vulnerable people is in my opinion the challenge of our generation. It is a huge task that we are faced with."

He went on: "Given the number of men that we have arrested, 461 in total, clearly somewhere along the line something has gone wrong if it has become acceptable to entice, through alcohol, drugs or just through bullying and violence, vulnerable people into sex.

"This behaviour can never be tolerated... It has to become socially unacceptable in every community to behave in this way."
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Migrant crisis triggers heightened risk of slavery in EU supply chains, say analysts
Karen McVeigh
The Guardian, 10 August 2017

The migrant crisis has increased the risk of slavery and forced labour tainting supply chains in three-quarters of EU countries over the past year, researchers have found.

Romania, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria – all key entry points into Europe for migrants vulnerable to exploitation – were identified by risk analysts as particularly vulnerable to slavery and forced labour. ...

Countries outside Europe, such as North Korea and South Sudan, were judged to be at the greatest risk of modern slavery, but the researchers said the EU showed the largest increase in risk of any region over the past year. ...

It found that even the EU's largest economies were not immune. The UK, which introduced the Modern Slavery Act in 2016, has experienced a slight negative shift in its scores, moving from low risk to medium.
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'It isn't achievable!' Expert bashes Theresa May over pledge to clamp down on immigration
Ajay Nair
Daily Express, 10 August 2017

A former Home Office speechwriter has hit out at Theresa May over her pledge to slash net migration in the UK to under 100,000 a year, insisting it "isn't achievable".

Alasdair Palmer said the Prime Minister was wrong to keep the Tory pledge and said Britain did not have the "immigration infrastructure" to clamp down on people entering the country.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live's Emma Barnett, he said ultimately it would be up to those from other countries to decide they did not want to live in the UK.

He said: "I think she probably was [wrong], realistically it isn't achievable unless there is some major change in terms of the desire of immigrants from poor countries to come to the northern Europe in order to better their lives, you can't blame them for that.

"But we simply don't have the immigration infrastructure, the capacity really, to prevent people from coming who want to come."

Mr Palmer slammed the Government, which he said "doesn't talk about" illegal immigration and how to reduce it.

He said: "There's also illegal immigration which may be what people are most worried about.

"According to polls, it is what people are most worried about but the Government doesn't talk about it at all.

"But the Home Office certainly knows about it, it produces its own estimate... they felt that it was running between 150,000 and 250,000 every year.

"The Government doesn't talk about it because the Government doesn't know what to do about it."
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Revealed: How Vietnamese gangs are using UK nail bars to traffic women
Paul Gallagher
i News, 10 August 2017

Avon and Somerset police would not reveal any details of the nationalities of those arrested, but Southmead is the same area where, in November 2013, police tracked down a 16 year old Vietnamese girl brutalised and trafficked into sex work. ...

That case was one of many that persuaded the then Home Secretary, Theresa May, to announce plans for a Modern Slavery Bill, which became law on 26 March 2015. ...

However, the Government's subsequent approach to modern slavery has left many people scratching their heads.

Last December, 97 women working in nail salons were arrested for immigration offences. The majority were Vietnamese nationals, but the number also included suspected immigration offenders from Mongolia, Ghana, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and India. ...

In its 2014 report, Trafficking for Forced Criminal Exploitation in Europe, researchers led by Anti-Slavery International showed that Vietnam is the single largest source country for child victims of trafficking, mainly for cannabis cultivation. Profits can be worth millions, and are often laundered through other businesses owned by the criminal organisation, such as nail bars, before being physically moved as cash back to Vietnam. ...

The true scale of MSHT within the UK is unknown. In 2014, the Home Office estimated that there were between 10–13,000 victims of human trafficking in the UK – a range the NCA says remains the most robust quantitative assessment available.
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Mosques taking over churches in France
Michael F. Haverluck
OneNewsNow, 10 August 2017

The mosque invasion of churches in France has been going on for decades, but with the recent election of pro-Islam French President Emmanuel Macron and the attitude of entitlement of new Muslim immigrants, the tide is surging like never before. ...

In fact, Il Folgio Cultural Editor Giuliu Meotti stressed that mosques are going up in record numbers while Christian churches are being bulldozed to the ground on a regular basis. ...

While churches are being leveled, mosques are being built with virtually no restrictions – with many being subsidized by the French government. ...

"Germany and France have the largest Muslim populations among European Union member countries," Pew Research reported. "As of 2010, there were 4.8 million Muslims in Germany (5.8 percent of the country's population) and 4.7 million Muslims in France (7.5 percent). In Europe overall, however, Russia's population of 14 million Muslims (10 percent) is the largest on the continent."

It was also noted that the number of Muslims will swell to become 10.3 percent of France's population by 2030, with Great Britain's increasing to 8.2 percent at that time. ...

The leaps and bounds the Muslim population is making in France over native Europeans was emphasized by the statistic that every week, nearly two new mosques are erected.

"Nearly 2,400 mosques today, compared to 1,500 in 2003, is the most visible sign of the rapid growth of Islam in France – a consequence of a population of immigrant origin and the process of strong re-Islamization," the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles reported in a piece alerting the French about the Islamic "invasion."
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Met police chief says more stop and search may help reduce knife crime
Matthew Weaver
The Guardian, 9 August 2017

The Metropolitan police commissioner has defended the use of stop and search in tackling rising knife crime and spoken of her determination to fight the perception that it is disproportionately used against black and Asian communities.

Speaking to BBC Asian Network, Cressida Dick said many frontline officers believed a decrease in stop and search was a contributory factor behind the recent rise in knife crime.

In answer to a caller from the West Midlands, where there has been a spate of fatal stabbings, Dick said: "We have probably had a 20% increase [in knife crime in London] in the last year and that is not acceptable to me, so I am encouraging my officers to do stop and search as one of many things that will help to bring this number down." ...

Figures show black people are still four times more likely than white people to be stopped. Race relations experts warned Dick that any increase in stop and search would further alienate communities.

But Dick insisted that police were using the tactic fairly, saying: "In London about one in three stop and searches result in something being found. That shows we not just doing random work."

Asked about concerns that people are being searched because of the colour of their skin, Dick said: "We need to fight that perception; we are absolutely not doing that. It has no place in modern policing. Our outcome rate, one in three positive, is the same whether you are black or white, or whoever you are.

"The perception might be that we stop lots of, for example, young black men and we don't find anything. We do. I'm sorry to say we find the same rate among people of colour and the people not of colour that we stop. That is not disproportionate, that shows fairness in terms of our activity."
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Migrants make 30,000 illegal bids to get into the UK from Calais this year despite costly security measures around the port and Channel Tunnel
Mario Ledwith and Peter Allen
Daily Mail, 9 August 2017

Migrants have made 30,000 attempts to reach Britain from Calais this year despite costly security measures.

The French interior ministry logged 17,867 efforts to break into the fortified zone around the port and Channel Tunnel.

Asylum seekers also tried 12,349 times to stow away on UK-bound lorries. ...

A direct comparison with figures from last year is not available. But previous estimates from the French authorities suggested there were between 25,000 and 28,000 attempts to breach border security around Calais from January to August 2016.

All the statistics relate to individual attempts to find a way into Britain and may represent multiple efforts by the same people. It remains unclear how many migrants have sneaked into Britain this year through Calais.
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New alarm as 115,000 more boat migrants reach Europe
Giles Sheldrick
Daily Express, 9 August 2017

Europe is in the grip of a new migrant onslaught with more than 115,000 reaching the mainland by sea this year, figures show.

Some 95,215 new arrivals made it to Italy after crossing the Mediterranean from north Africa, with the remainder pouring in through Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

EU officials claimed the bloc had "redoubled its efforts" to stop the flood but last night German intelligence warned that tens of thousands more migrants could arrive via the Balkans. ...

The UN migration agency yesterday said 115,109 made it to Europe between January 1 and August 2.
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Landing cards are an essential tool for controlling our borders
Stephen Pollard
Daily Express, 9 August 2017

Anyone who arrives in the UK is given a landing card if they're not from the EU. They have to fill out their name, date of birth and address in the UK, as well as how long they plan to stay. ...

So it's sensible and appropriate for the Government to be planning to move to a digital system that would be easily scannable and easily referenced by the authorities. But when it comes to governments and computer software nothing is ever straightforward. ...

This time round the problem isn't useless software: it's that we haven't even got to the stage of having any software up and running. Because although the Government is consulting on a new digital system nothing is ready. Yet it has already announced that it is planning to scrap landing cards and will do so more or less now. ...

The Home Office, which administers landing cards, says it will save just £3.6 million a year. ...

But as Tim Loughton, the former acting chairman of the Home Affairs select committee puts it:

"It defies logic at a time when so much effort is being put into improving border security to remove a longstanding tool like this without a proper replacement and for what is a relatively small saving." Yes we need a new and better system than landing cards but scrapping them until we have that system is simply mad.
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Seeking balance: Ipswich National Conversation on immigration
British Future, 9 August 2017

Most people in Ipswich take a 'balanced' view on immigration, according to the first-ever detailed research on public attitudes in the town on this issue. Majorities in three research groups said that migrants made a contribution to the economy but voiced concerns about numbers and the pace of change in parts of Ipswich, as well as the draw of benefits and pressures on public services.

Ipswich is one of 24 towns and cities across the UK that has so far been part of the National Conversation on Immigration, the biggest-ever public consultation on the issue, which will visit a total of 60 locations by spring next year. People in the area are invited to have their say in an online survey at and national opinion polling will also form part of a final report to the Home Affairs Committee in 2018.

The findings of the National Conversation feed into the Immigration Inquiry run by the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, providing an opportunity for members of the public to have their say on immigration policy after Brexit in a way that will be heard by decision-makers. Two citizens' panels were held in Ipswich as part of the survey – one male, one female – as well as a stakeholders meeting including representatives from local businesses, universities and civil society organisations. ...

Made possible by funds raised by the public in memory of Jo Cox MP after her tragic murder last year, the National Conversation on Immigration is coordinated by British Future and anti-prejudice campaigners HOPE Not Hate and takes place in a different town each week, in every region and nation of the UK. As well as the citizens' panel, the organisers meet local organisations, councillors and business leaders in each location to hear their views.
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Barnardo's under fire for using photo of a white girl in campaign against female genital mutilation
Paddy Dinham
MailOnline, 9 August 2017

Children's charity Barnado's has come under fire for using a photo of a white girl to publicise a campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM).

An estimated 20,000 girls suffer in the UK a year at the hands of FGM, but a disproportionate amount of these are from African or Middle Eastern families.

The group tweeted: 'FGM is particularly prevalent during school holidays. Here are some signs a girl may be at risk' and linked to an article about the horrifying subject.'

However, the group was forced to backtrack into an apology after it chose to use a picture of a causasian girl to accompany it. ...

Five days after the original tweet, after some of the criticism had begun to attract attention, Barnardo's tweeted an apology, but also warned it is also an issue for white girls.
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House of Commons Library publishes briefing on the migrant population of the UK
Electronic Immigration Network, 8 August 2017

The House of Commons Library last week published a usefully concise and factual look at the migrant population of the UK over the last decade. ...

In the 24-page briefing paper, the House of Commons Library examines the trends in the EU and non-EU migrant populations living in the UK since 2007, and it provides an overview of the characteristics of migrants living in the UK, including ethnicity, religion, age structure and employment. ...

The briefing paper distinguishes between the 'foreign born' and 'foreign national' population, though the House of Commons Library notes that both definitions have limitations as measures of the migrant population.

Some of the key points from the briefing are:

• The number of foreign born people living in the UK increased from around 6.3 million in Q1 2007 to 9.3 million in Q4 2016. The proportion of the population born abroad grew from 10.4% to 14.3%.

• The number of foreign nationals increased from 3.8 million (6.4%) to 6.0 million (9.3%). The difference between the two groups largely reflects the number of foreign born people who have obtained British citizenship over time.

• EU and non-EU migrants display different patterns of change over the period. The number of non-EU born people (5.7 million in 2016) has remained higher than the number of EU-born migrants (3.5 million in 2016).

• In contrast, the number of non-EU nationals increased from 2.3 million in 2007 to 2.5 million in 2016, compared with EU nationals who more than doubled over the period (from 1.5 million to 3.5 million). ...

• The migrant population is not distributed equally across the countries and regions of the UK. London is the region with the highest proportion of migrants: foreign born people comprised 38% of all residents, while foreign nationals made up 23%.

• A higher proportion of people born in non-EU countries live in London, relative to EU-born residents. ...

• A larger proportion of migrants are of working-age (16-64), compared with the UK population as whole. In Q4 2016, 81% of foreign born people were of working-age, compared with 63% of all people living in the UK.

• In Q4 2016 around 50% of the foreign born population was White, compared with 86% of the UK population as a whole. ...

• In Q4 2016 there were around 5.6 million foreign born people in employment (18% of the total). As a whole, foreign born people were less likely to be in work than UK-born people. Employment rates for migrants, however, vary considerably among country groupings. The employment rate for EU-born people aged 16-64 (80%) was higher than for UK-born people (75%). Among non-EU countries, migrants born in countries in Oceania had the highest employment rate (87%) and migrants born in the Middle East and Central Asia the lowest (46%).

• A smaller share of EU-born migrant were employed in high skilled occupation than non-EU migrants. 21% of EU migrants were employed in elementary occupations, compared with 8% of non-EU migrants.
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Plans to scrap landing cards for millions of non EU travellers 'threaten to undermine border security', Government is warned
Jack Doyle
Daily Mail, 8 August 2017

Plans to scrap landing cards for travellers arriving from non-EU countries threaten to undermine border security, a former immigration official warned last night.

David Wood, former director general of immigration at the Home Office, said the cards were a 'useful intelligence tool'.

He told the Times: 'It seems the most incredible haste to abandon the system of landing cards. We could access them to find out where someone was staying or where they had stayed if we were carrying out an investigation.'

About 16 million visitors and migrants fill in landing cards when they arrive at ports and airports across the UK.

But the cards are set to be scrapped later this year, to save millions of pounds a year and speed travellers through passport control.

At the weekend ministers said the system of cards - which was introduced in 1971 was outdated and would go from October to be replaced by a digital system.

However, a consultation document yesterday suggested the new digital system might not be up and running until the end of the year.
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Ready on Day One to take back control of immigration
Charlie Elphicke
ConservativeHome, 8 August 2017
[Charlie Elphicke is MP for Dover and Deal]

Post Brexit, free movement will end. This means we will need to extend our full border control systems from the current 12.5 million to a further 25.5 million visitors to the United Kingdom. Until now, travellers from the EU have been subject to the same border checks as UK citizens. Post Brexit, this will change. ...

So how can we be ready on day one to take back control of our borders? As things stand, we are behind the times in gaining valuable information and raising the money to pay for it. /.../ Charging visitors £10 a time would raise a lot of cash. For example, 25.5 million EU visitors a year paying £10 would provide about £255 million. Given the Borders budget is currently some £550 million, moving into line with what other nations are doing would fund a 50 per cent increase in the Borders budget.

Along with money, a visa waiver system provides a wealth of information. Information we could use to strengthen our wider security and intelligence effort. ...

Ending uncontrolled EU immigration will allow us to take back control of our jobs market too. /.../ We should not be afraid to challenge big business to invest more in people.
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Prevent critics 'have failed to understand its fantastic results'
Martin Bentham
Evening Standard, 8 August 2017

One of Scotland Yard's most senior counter-terrorism officers says critics of the Government's anti-radicalisation strategy Prevent have failed to understand the "fantastic" results it has achieved in protecting the public.

Commander Dean Haydon said the programme – where those vulnerable to radicalisation are referred to the authorities – was about keeping people safe, not spying, as opponents allege.

Mr Haydon, head of the Met's counter-terrorism command, added that it had stopped some people from being radicalised and others from travelling abroad to join other extremists.

He also said the programme applied to all forms of extremism and a third of cases involved people suspected of far-Right activity or sympathies.

"Some of the criticisms come from sections of the community that just don't want Prevent to work in the first place," said Mr Haydon in an interview on the BBC's Asian Network.
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How many international students leave after studying in the UK?
Joseph O'Leary
Full Fact, 8 August 2017

"Most students return home after study."

Diane Abbott, 12 December 2016

We don't know how many students return home after studying here, so there's no clear evidence for this claim. In the words of the Office for National Statistics (ONS): "There are no official figures that show how many students do not emigrate and remain in the UK after their studies."

At the moment, the available evidence is contradictory. Most student immigrants come from outside the EU on a temporary visa, and a minority still have the right to remain after a few years. Diane Abbott's office pointed us to figures showing this via a Universities UK report, as well as a Times article showing that a small minority of students overstay their visas.

At the same time, figures showing how many former international students emigrate are much lower than the figures for students immigrating to the UK. If accurate, that indicates many more students are remaining in the UK than the visa figures would suggest. ...

Even though we can't be sure of all the figures, we do know that student immigration is adding to the UK population overall. Not all students who come to the UK return home. The challenge is measuring how many do so, and explaining what's happening to those who don't.

We don't have precise answers to either question. ...

In 2016, an estimated 588,000 people immigrated to the UK – that is, they intended to stay here for at least a year. Of those, 136,000 said the main reason they came was to study. At the same time, about 63,000 former student immigrants left the UK.

We can't just compare 136,000 to 63,000 here. They're actually from slightly different sets of data, but more significantly they're not the same people: those 63,000 people will have been immigrants from previous years.

But that gap has been fairly consistent over the past few years. In every year since 2012 around 100,000 more student immigrants have arrived than former student emigrants have left. And each year the emigration of former students has accounted for less than half of student immigration.
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Exclusive: NHS to recruit an army of British nurses after Brexit instead of paying expensive agency staff
Christopher Hope
Daily Telegraph, 7 August 2017

The NHS will recruit an army of British nurses after Brexit instead of paying expensive agency staff under plans being considered by ministers.

Officials in the Department of Health are drawing up a new workforce plan to create thousands of posts for home-grown nurses amid concerns that fewer medical professionals will come to the UK after Brexit.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, wants to slash the £3 billion bill for agency staff on the NHS amid concerns that some hospitals are paying locum nurses £2,000 for a single shift.
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Refugees welcome' New Calais migrant camp built NINE MONTHS after Jungle demolished
Matt Drake
Daily Express, 7 August 2017

A new Calais migrant camp is being built just 800 yards from the original site – with a new sign declaring 'refugees welcome'.

The migrants – believed to be mostly Ethiopians, Iraqis and Afghanis – have set up shelters while others are sleeping rough in nearby woodland.

France's highest court has ordered the government to fit sanitation and water points to improve the conditions for migrants.

Yet Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart has so refused to implement the orders, saying it puts locals "under the threat of the creation of another jungle". ...

Last Monday, Mr Collomb announced two new reception centres opening in the Calais region. He did not condemn Calais' mayor during the interview, saying: "You have to put yourself in the position of local people."
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Emmanuel Macron's plan to tackle migrant crisis crushed by his OWN government
Zoie O'Brien
Daily Express, 7 August 2017

Emmanuel Macron's meddling in the Mediterranean migrant crisis has landed him in hot water all over again - this time with his own Government.

European Union leaders were left reeling when the French president unveiled designs to have France solve the mass migration issue between Libya and Italy.

Without consultation with Italy – the main destination for African migrants – Mr Macron announced he would open refugee camps in migrant hotspots in Africa to try and allocate genuine refugees before they make the deadly journey across the Mediterranean.

He wanted to set up clean and safe camps abroad to end the burden on the EU as thousands arrive every week. ...

French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said such plans are extremely far off.

He said: "That type of initiative cannot be currently considered in Libya, due to the country's situation." ...

Immigration laws are under review in France as Mr Collomb said those fleeing "war and persecution" are welcome in France, but it was time to shut down economic migration.
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Benefits cheat carried out six-year £100,000 scam to pay for daughters to go to posh private school
Dan Sales
The Sun, 7 August 2017

A benefits cheat scammed £102,000 over six years to pay for her daughters to go to a private school.

Somali-born Shukri Yusuf, 45, posed as a struggling single mum to claim income support, housing benefit and council tax cash.

But investigators found she was married to bus driver Omar Tarab.

Yusuf arrived in Britain in 1999.

She carried out her con in Southall, West London, from June 2008 to April 2014 and used some of the cash to buy a car. ...

Judge Jonathan Perkins jailed her for six months, suspended for two years, and ordered her to complete 175 hours of community work.
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Isis unit in Syria 'training British jihadis' to launch wave of attacks on UK targets
Fiona Keating
Independent, 7 August 2017

A secretive Isis division has been teaching UK fighters to launch attacks on British soil, according to a fighter reportedly captured by Kurdish troops in Syria.

The militant described how the unit trained those involved in the Paris and Brussels attacks. ...

British fighters are said to take part in a rigorous training regime before flying home to carry out attacks. ...

Giving detailed information, the Isis fighter said that about 50 people went through the programme from countries including the UK, Belgium, France and Germany.

... All recruits had to be willing to give up their lives for the Isis cause, the militant said. ...

Gilles de Kerchove, the EU Counterterrorism Coordinator said that one-third of an estimated 5,000 European jihadis who were trained in Syria and Iraq have returned to their home countries, many undetected by authorities.
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Germany to resume sending migrants back to Greece
BBC, 7 August 2017

Germany is set to send asylum seekers back to Greece, although reception centres there are overcrowded and there is a huge backlog in processing claims.

Germany had halted such returns under a 2011 ruling by its Constitutional Court. But it can send migrants back under the EU's Dublin Convention.

That convention says an asylum claim should be processed in the country where a migrant first entered the EU. ...

According to the report, the transfers to Greece will only affect migrants who arrived in Germany from mid-March 2017.
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Refugee housing contractor call
Rhiannon Bury
Sunday Telegraph, 6 August 2017

The Government has begun the search for a private contractor to take on the next £600m phase of its beleaguered asylum seeker housing contract, after previous providers G4S, Serco and Clearsprings were hit by spiralling costs. ...

The contract has proven extremely problematic, particularly for G4S and Serco. The number of asylum seekers who needed to be housed jumped dramatically from 25,200 people when the contract began, to 39,389 at the end of 2016.
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Inside Paris' growing migrant problem and the people no-one wants to take in
Ellen Whinnett
Herald Sun, 6 August 2017

Twenty minutes' drive from the chic cafes and boutiques that line the Champs Elysees is another Paris, one that reeks of urine and rubbish, where police with machine guns stand guard and hundreds of lethargic young men slump on cardboard beds under a rail bridge.

This intersection in the Porte de la Chapelle district is home to Paris' growing migrant population, drawn from the hundreds of thousands of mainly African and Afghan asylum-seekers trying to find a new home in Europe. ...

These are the people no-one wants. Not France, which routinely sends the police to break up their camps. Not Germany, which is suffering a political backlash after terror attacks were carried out by a handful of failed asylum seekers who came with a million migrants at the height of the Syrian war. ...

This is a familiar story – many migrants are aiming for the UK, where they have relatives, and the welfare system is more generous. ...

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a plan to turn 62 cheap hotels into migrant hostels, as he vowed to clear migrants off the streets by the end of the year, saying their situation was "desperate'' and the Government would help.

But like all governments in Europe, Macron will not go too far in improving circumstances for migrants for fear of creating a "pull factor''. Right now, it suits him just fine that Germany has received 598,515 bids for asylum in a single year, compared to France's 87,550.
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Canada opens Montreal Olympic Stadium to house vast numbers of Haitians fleeing US on foot
David Sim
International Business Times, 5 August 2017

Many Haitians living in the US are so afraid they're about to be deported that they are fleeing on foot across the border into Canada. In fact, so many Haitian asylum seekers have arrived Quebec that Montreal has opened up its cavernous Olympic Stadium to house and process them.

In the past week alone, about 400 to 500 Haitians – fearing deportation by US President Donald Trump – walked into the province of Quebec, said Marjorie Villefranche, director of the Maison d'Haiti, a community group in Montreal that is helping to settle the newcomers.

More than 50,000 victims of Haiti's 2010 earthquake have been living in the US under a programme that granted them "temporary protected status". Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security extended their status through January 2018, but officials said in May that individuals covered under that status should begin acquiring travel documents to return to Haiti. As many as 60,000 Haitians in the United States could be sent back to their homeland. ...

Montreal has a large Haitian community. Mayor Denis Coderre, an outspoken critic of Trump's immigration policies, greeted new arrivals at the Olympic Stadium and went onto Twitter to welcome Haitian arrivals and tell them they can count on the city.
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Britain is HELPLESS to stop migrants sneaking in – and we need 3,000 more guards to secure our borders properly
Steve Hawkes
The Sun, 4 August 2017

Britain is helpless to stop migrants sneaking into the UK – and needs 3,000 more Border Force guards for Brexit, it was claimed last night. ...

Lucy Moreton, general secretary of the Borders, Immigration and Customs Union, said London City Airport was the only entry point in the UK with no Border Force vacancies.

And she warned there were nowhere near enough staff to respond to DAILY reports of lorry drops – where immigrants are spotted jumping out of a truck or van on the roadside.

She said a big investment programme was necessary if Britain was to be ready for extra demands of Brexit in 18 months' time. ...

She said: "We don't have enough staff to respond to all the small vessels spotted. We don't have enough cutters to intercept small vessels at sea.

"We don't have enough people to response when there are lorry drops. More often than not we can't get there."
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Calais migrants try to enter Britain 18,000 times this year
Vickiie Oliphant
Daily Express, 4 August 2017

Calais migrants tried to cross the Channel and enter Britain almost 18,000 times this year alone despite the Jungle camp being cleared.

The former French president Francois Hollande demanded the shanty town be torn down in October last year - with around 8,000 migrants from countries including Eritrea, Sudan, Syria and Iraq being dispersed around France.

However within weeks of the demolition, many gradually returned to the site.

And now around 1,000 migrants are believed to be sleeping rough in the area a year on.

An estimated 600 people, mainly from sub-Saharan Africa and Afghanistan, have returned to Calais but a further 400, mostly from Iraqi Kurdistan, are sleeping in woods in Grande-Synthe - 25 miles to the east.

So far this year, the groups have made 17,867 attempts to get into the ferry port at Calais or into Eurotunnel's site, according to French police.
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New campaign urges Labour to back free movement
BBC, 4 August 2017

Three Labour MPs have backed a campaign for the party to champion continued freedom of movement after Brexit.

Clive Lewis, David Lammy and Geraint Davies have supported the new Labour Campaign for Free Movement - as have two MEPs and some union leaders.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has said freedom of movement "ends when we leave the European Union" and should be replaced by "fair" managed migration.

However the campaign says ending free movement would be "counterproductive".

Its founding statement says it is committed to "defending and extending" free movement of people "in the context of the debate around Brexit". ...

Among others signing up to the pro-free movement Labour campaign are the general secretaries of the TSSA, UCU, and BFAWU trade unions; the MEPs Julie Ward and Lucy Anderson; the chairman of the left-wing think tank Compass; and various people from the national coordinating group of Momentum - formed after Mr Corbyn's successful 2015 leadership campaign.
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Study: Radical Islamists Actually Have Extensive Knowledge of Islam
Chris Tomlinson
Breitbart, 4 August 2017

An Islamic theologian at the University of Vienna has conducted a study of radical Islamists proving that many have an extensive knowledge of Islam despite mainstream claims that radical Islamists have little understanding of their own religion.

In his new 310-page study of 29 radical Islamists, Islamic theologian Ednan Aslan claims religion plays a far larger role in the actions of jihadists than economic factors and frustration with society, Die Welt reports. ...

The study, which was financed by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also warns of the effect of radical Islamist Salafist groups which it says provide support and logistics for jihadists. "Persons with a higher theological knowledge function as authorities and play a central role in the spread of ideology," according to the study. ...

"The radical groups and individuals see themselves as the only true Muslims," the report states. The Salafists see Western civilisation as the enemy of the Muslim world and regard it as a decaying society.

A similar German study recently came to a different conclusion saying that many Islamists did not know much about Islam and that their radicalisation had more to do with traumatic events in their life like deaths in the family or drug use. The study, done by the University of Bielefeld, examined the WhatsApp chats of known Salafists to come to their conclusions.
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The charity boat 'taking deliveries' of migrants from people traffickers: Undercover officers capture criminals 'escorting' vessels to aid ships bound for Italy
Mario Ledwith
Daily Mail, 4 August 2017

A charity boat operating in the Mediterranean allegedly colluded with people smugglers to accept multiple 'deliveries' of migrants, investigators have revealed.

Photographs captured by undercover officers show the criminals 'escorting' vessels packed with asylum seekers before being transferred to aid boats bound for Italy.

The images emerged after Italian authorities carried out their first seizure of a rescue boat on suspicion of aiding illegal immigration.

One photograph appears to show a smuggler waving off a boatload of migrants after travelling alongside them to within the reach of rescuers.

German charity Jugend Rettet is also accused of towing boats used to ferry migrants back towards Libya, where most migrants hoping to reach Europe depart, to be reused by smugglers.

The revelations emerged after investigators took the unprecedented move of impounding the aid organisation's vessel, Iuventa, at Lampedusa on Wednesday.

Details about the alleged collusion were contained in documents outlining the case prepared by prosecutors in Sicily following months of accusations about charities co-operating with smugglers. ...

Prosecutors are said to have gathered evidence from an undercover police officer working on another boat, along with evidence from workers on Save the Children's Vos Hestia vessel.
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Spain police bust huge Iran-UK immigration ring
BBC, 3 August 2017

Police in Spain say they have broken up a large immigration ring that smuggled Iranians as young as five into the UK.

The gang allegedly supplied fake Spanish passports to Iranian nationals so they could fly into the UK.

More than 100 people were arrested across Europe, including the suspected ringleader, who was apprehended at London's Heathrow airport.

The operation involved Spain's federal police, London's Metropolitan Police, and European crime agency Europol.

Europol said the group, operating from Malaga in the south of Spain, charged the migrants about €25,000 (£22,500) each for fake Spanish passports, travel documents, transfers and accommodation. ...

Dozens of Iranian nationals were also arrested at European airports, after being found carrying the forged passports.
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Hundreds of Albanians who pretended to be from Kosovo to win asylum in Britain may escape deportation following landmark legal test case
Chris Greenwood and Tom Kelly
Daily Mail, 3 August 2017

Hundreds of Albanians who lied to win asylum in Britain could escape deportation.

In a landmark legal test case, a violent criminal and two other men are claiming that the Home Secretary was wrong to remove their citizenship.

If the Supreme Court allows their costly appeal, it will mean up to 300 Albanians who gained entry to Britain by pretending to be Kosovan cannot be kicked out.

Dinjan Hysaj, 40, obtained asylum in July 1998 by falsely claiming to be a child refugee from war-torn Kosovo.

In 2011 he was jailed for five years after he glassed a man in a pub in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Agron Bakijasi, 44, was exposed in 2007 when his partner returned to Albania in an attempt to apply for legal immigration status.

Luan Kaziu, 35, arrived in the UK in 1998 but his claims were exposed as a sham nine years later, when his wife applied to stay.

Details of the legal fight came as it was revealed that the Government allowed one Albanian, Ermal Alijaj, to stay after he lost an asylum bid using fake Kosovan ID but reapplied under his real name years later. ...

A Home Office investigation into their cases – and hundreds more similar bogus applications – was started in 2007.

But even since their lies were exposed, they have remained in the UK and fought an extended court battle, funded by legal aid, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In the meantime, the Home Office has suspended other hearings to strip citizenship from those who exploited the same ruse to claim asylum in the 1990s.

In the case of Alijaj, 37, officials decided that the nine years he spent illegally in the UK bolstered his case because of the roots he put down.
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Majority of British public support free movement of citizens anywhere in the EU, new survey suggests
Ashley Cowburn
Independent, 3 August 2017

A majority of the British public support the free movement of citizens to live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU, according to a new survey mapping public opinion across Europe. ...

But the barometer of public opinion – commissioned by the EU Commission – appears to contradict the commonly held view that British people are not in favour of free movement.

The survey suggests that up to 70 per cent of those interviewed in the UK said they were for the statement: "The free movement of EU citizens who can live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU". Just 9 per cent replied "don't know" while 21 per cent disagreed. ...

While Italian participants viewed free movement the least favourably out of all the member states a majority, 69 per cent, were still for it.

The major survey by the EU Commission was conducted through face-to-face interviews in May 2017 and a total of 33,180 people participated across the member states. ...

Just 4 per cent cited immigration as an issue facing them personally.
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Report: Half of Terror Plots in Germany by 'Refugees', Nation Targeted After Migrant Crisis
Liam Deacon
Breitbart, 3 August 2017

More than half (54 per cent) of terror plots in Germany have involved asylum seekers and refugees since 2014 and the onset of the migrant crisis.

The report, by the Heritage Foundation think tank, found that attacks across Europe by foreign trained militants increased dramatically in 2016, following the height of the migrant influx, with Germany becoming a much more popular target.

"The increase in the threat to Germany is especially stark," the report's authors write. "There were no plots in Germany in 2014, and only two in 2015. In 2016, this increased eightfold.

"There is a straightforward reason for this: In 2015, Germany took in over 1 million refugees and 2016 saw a surge in plots involving refugees." ...

In total, 142 Islamism plots claimed 300 lives and more than 1,000 casualties, in 15 European nations, over the 29-month period studied by the think tank.

Across the continent, around 15 per cent of the plots (142) featured refugees and asylum seekers, implicated in either planning the attacks alone or as part of a larger cell.
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Illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $750 billion over lifetime: Report
Stephen Dinan
Washington Times, 3 August 2017

Deporting the country's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants would cost nearly $125 billion, but allowing them to remain in the U.S. could cost taxpayers far more, according to a new report being released Thursday by a think tank that wants to see stricter immigration limits.

Steven A. Camarota, research director at the Center for Immigration Studies, crunched the numbers and found that the current population of illegal immigrants will drain nearly $750 billion from taxpayers over their lifetimes – amounting to six times the deportation costs.

"Sometimes people say look, we couldn't deport everybody because it's prohibitively expensive," Mr. Camarota said. "But if your only concern is fiscal cost, it's pretty clear that letting them stay is a hell of a lot more expensive." ...

The crux of Mr. Camarota's analysis is the nature of illegal immigrants, who are far more likely to be low-skilled, less-educated workers than the native-born population. Though they also don't have access to some services and benefits reserved for citizens and legal residents, they do get other benefits, such as education.

A report last year by the National Academy of Sciences helped put a dollar figure on the lifetime costs and benefits of immigrants, based on levels of education.
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'Three musketeers' gang might have met Anjem Choudary before Lee Rigby-style terror plot
Daily Telegraph, 2 August 2017

Members of a terrorist cell who dubbed themselves the "Three Musketeers" are facing years behind bars for plotting a Lee Rigby-style attack after a partly secret trial plagued by accusations of police corruption.

Two members of the gang, from the West Midlands, sought out infamous Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant supporter Anjem Choudary before they prepared to strike police and military targets on British soil, it can now be reported. ...

Convicted terrorists Ali, 29, Khobaib Hussain, 25, and Mohibur Rahman, 33, denied preparing an attack and claimed the incriminating evidence was planted by undercover police officer Vincent, the boss of a fake firm called Hero Couriers. ...

Jurors agreed with him and, after deliberating for more than 22 hours, unanimously convicted the men of preparing terrorist acts, along with fourth defendant Tahir Aziz, 38.
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Italy seizes NGO rescue boat for allegedly aiding illegal migration
Wladimiro Pantaleone
Reuters, 2 August 2017

Italian coastguards seized a migrant rescue boat operated by a German aid group in the Mediterranean suspected of aiding illegal immigration from Libya, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Video showed the Iuventa, which is run by Jugend Rettet, arriving at the island of Lampedusa surrounded by several coastguard vessels after it was stopped at sea before dawn. ...

It was the first time Italian police have seized a humanitarian boat. The move came amidst growing suspicion over the role non-governmental organisations are playing in picking up migrants off the Libya coast and bringing them to Italian ports.
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The Department of Justice wants to end race-conscious university admissions
The Economist, 2 August 2017

The mission of the Department of Justice (DoJ) is "to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans". /.../ On August 1st, another priority was uncovered by the New York Times via a DoJ staffing memo: a programme coming soon to its civil-rights division to police colleges and universities for "intentional race-based discrimination" in their admissions offices.

The worry is not about bias against blacks and Hispanics, a perennial concern of the DoJ. Quite the opposite: the "investigations and possible litigation" will scrutinise universities that promote campus diversity by giving an edge to racial minorities over whites. Opposition to affirmative action in education is nothing new. Eight states, including California and Michigan, ban racial preferences. Private lawsuits are pending against Harvard and the University of North Carolina. ...

The DoJ will be constrained, for now, by the Supreme Court's consistent, if narrow, endorsement of race-aware admissions policies.
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Aid groups snub Italian code of conduct on Mediterranean rescues
The Guardian / Reuters, 1 August 2017

Five aid groups that operate migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean have refused to sign up to the Italian government's code of conduct, the Interior Ministry said, but three others backed the new rules.

Charity boats have become increasingly important in rescue operations, picking up more than a third of all migrants brought ashore so far this year against less than one percent in 2014, according to the Italian coastguard.

Italy, fearing that the groups were facilitating people smuggling from North Africa and encouraging migrants to make the perilous passage to Europe, proposed a code containing around a dozen points for the charities.
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Immigrant population hits new high in Germany
Reuters, 1 August 2017

The number of people with an immigrant background in Germany rose 8.5 percent to a record 18.6 million in 2016, largely due to an increase in refugees, the Federal Statistics Office said on Tuesday.

Just over a fifth of the population - 22.5 percent - were first or second generation immigrants with at least one parent born without German citizenship, the office said. ...

Around 2.3 million people in Germany have family links to the Middle East, a rise of almost 51 percent since 2011, and around 740,000 people have African origins, an increase of 46 percent since 2011, the figures showed.

The vast majority of the immigrant population, though, had links to other European countries.
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Police drop probe into Cambridge University student over tweets claiming 'all white people are racist'
Hatty Collier
Evening Standard, 1 August 2017

Police have dropped an investigation into the head of a Cambridge University equality group after a post on his Twitter claiming "all white people are racist."

Jason Osamede Okundaye, who runs the Black and Minority Ethnic society, shared messages on social media on Friday night after a protest over the death of Rashan Charles in Dalston turned violent.

Tweets sent from the 20-year-old student's Twitter account said "all white people are racist" and that they had "colonised Dalston."

At the weekend, Cambridgeshire Police said it was investigating complaints that the tweets incited hatred and violence.

But on Monday, the force told the Standard the probe had been dropped as there was "no realistic proposition of a conviction for any offence." ...

Senior Tory MP Bob Blackman said: "This is stirring up racial hatred unnecessarily - and completely without justification."
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With friends like these ... Left-wing extremist group DEFENDS halal boss' claims Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them - calling critics 'racist'
Stephen Johnson
Daily Mail Australia, 1 August 2017

A violent, left-wing extremist group has defended a leading Islamic businessman's claim Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them, calling his critics 'bigots' and 'racists'.

Halal Certification Authority president Mohamed Elmouelhy told his Facebook followers Australia's white race would die out within 40 years.

He added that with Australian men a 'dying breed', local women needed Muslim men to 'fertilise them' and 'keep them surrounded by Muslim babies'.

Despite the outcry on social media last week, left-wing extremist group Antifa has described Mr Elmouelhy's critics as 'bigots', even though he had called for 'bigots' to commit suicide. ...

Mr Elmouelhy /.../ said Australia's white race 'will be extinct in another 40 years' if the country is 'left to bigots'.

The Muslim businessman called on these 'bigots' to kill themselves or plan to die, before a public outcry led to him making his Facebook page private as critics flooded his social media account.

'Because you are declining, better go choose a plot for yourself at your local cemetery,' he said.

'If you can't afford it, commit suicide. It is a cheaper alternative for bigots.' ...

The 2016 Census revealed that Muslims made up 2.6 per cent of the Australian population, up from 2.2 per cent in 2011.
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The Labour Party's free movement dilemma
Owen Parker
SPERI: Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, 31 July 2017
[The author is Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Sheffield]

In its 2017 manifesto the Labour Party is unequivocal: 'freedom of movement will end when we leave the European Union'. But this apparently clear position on free movement is not a longstanding one in a Labour Party that has, since the mid-2000s at least, been conducting a running debate on immigration in general and free movement in particular. /.../ And as recently as 2016, in the aftermath of the referendum on EU membership, it was notable that Jeremy Corbyn was still asserting his support for free movement; a position he has subsequently reversed in the face of internal opposition. ...

The dilemma suggests that there is a trade-off between, on the one hand, permissive immigration regimes and the high levels of diversity that they deliver and, on the other hand, labour and welfare rights that require trust and solidarity that can only be achieved in a delimited and cohesive (usually national) community. ...

Party strategists would undoubtedly respond that on this issue pragmatism must trump principle; that the party has to be seen to respond to the widespread hostility to free movement (whether it is justified or not); and that the success of this strategy was borne out in the Leave support that Labour successfully captured in 2017 (without apparent cost in terms of its support from Remain voters). The spectre of a stirring Nigel Farage is certainly a legitimate worry for any Labour strategist. ...

Given its success in the recent election it is understandable that Labour is maintaining for now its position of 'strategic ambiguity' on Brexit: a position that incoherently encompasses a hard line on free movement, a soft rhetoric on migrants and high aspirations on single market access. But this position will not be sustainable if it takes office – now a very real possibility. At that point in time, if not before, the ambiguity will have to end. The party could and should – for pragmatic and principled reasons – reverse its position on the free movement of EU citizens.
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Conservatives are fighting the wrong battles on immigration
Gabriel Gavin
ConservativeHome, 31 July 2017

In 1997, only three per cent of the British public said migration was their biggest concern – now almost half do. Around three quarters of voters favour lower levels of immigration, with more than half wanting it to be 'reduced a lot'. On the doorstep, anywhere you go, people's worries about jobs, about schools, about the NHS go hand in hand with their concerns about the scale of immigration.

Despite that, no mainstream political party has really engaged with the frustration people have over years of seemingly unrestricted migration. For most politicians the arguments in its favour are all too clear. ...

The question for progressive Conservatives, more than ever after the referendum, has to be how we harness the benefits of migration whilst understanding and responding to people's legitimate concerns around its social consequences. ...

Whilst it makes sense for our party to commit to lowering net migration levels 'to the tens of thousands', our ultimate goal must be to replace the obsession over the numbers of immigrants with something more meaningful. ...

As a country, we are strengthened by the diversity of our citizens. Respecting the religions, cultures, cuisines and customs of those who come here to join us is one of the great achievements of the British people. ...

The danger for our party is that we see Brexit as a way to refresh our credibility with groups who are against immigration, plain and simple. ...

What is needed now more than ever is a radical vision for how immigrants to Britain can take on a stake in our society, start to share our values and become truly British themselves. ...

But nowhere is the integration agenda more important than in education. ...

It falls to progressive Conservatives to redefine the debate around immigration as not simply an argument over numbers, but as how to ensure people born both here and overseas come to see themselves as part of a multicultural, tolerant, open society that we can all be a part of.
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Britain doesn't need to 'take back control' of immigration. We already have it
Karan Bilimoria
The Guardian, 31 July 2017
[Karan Bilimoria is a crossbench peer]

Concern over immigration was one of the most important factors for those who voted for Brexit, yet we already have the power to take back control of the free movement of EU citizens to the UK – we just aren't using it. Both major political parties' front benches, and even cabinet members, are divided when it comes to whether Britain should remain in the single market, which entails allowing free movement of people within the EU. But the reality of immigration in Britain today is a far cry from the public's perception.

We lost control over our borders almost two decades ago. In 1998, Tony Blair removed exit checks. Nobody checks your passport once you have gone through security at an airport, as they do in virtually every other country in the world. As a result, we have no robust way of knowing exactly who has left this country. The government cannot even provide figures for illegal immigrants in the UK who are not detained to the nearest quarter of a million. ...

The government reintroduced exit checks in 2015 – but these fall well short of the physical, visible checks after security, which are airport-enforced. And the government refuses to release any statistics from these checks for one reason: they would demolish the anti-immigration stance taken by this government, the prime minister and the home secretary. ...

The "tens of thousands" figure itself was plucked out of thin air with no regard for what the country actually requires. We have virtually the lowest level of unemployment – 4.5% – and the highest level of employment on record. Without the immigration that we have, we would have a labour shortage, both skilled and unskilled.

There is a perception that immigrants are mostly taking unskilled jobs and lowering wages for the domestic population, but the evidence points firmly in the other direction. At Russell Group universities, up to 39% of academic staff are foreign; over 26% of our NHS doctors are non-British; and the heads of many of our leading companies are immigrants, including the chief executives of Jaguar Land Rover (Ralf Speth) and Reckitt Benckiser (Rakesh Kapoor).

But the biggest deception is this: we could easily have taken back control of our borders already under European Parliament and Council Directive 2004/38/EC, which allows EU member states to repatriate EU nationals after three months if they have not found a job or do not have the means to support themselves. In this month's debate on the House of Lords EU subcommittee report on EU migration, I challenged the government on why we were not availing ourselves of this directive – and I got no response.

Other countries, such as Belgium, regularly repatriate thousands of individuals based on this directive.
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Britain's border controls in crisis 'because of seasonal workers'
Michael Knowles
Daily Express, 31 July 2017

Britain's border controls are slipping into a crisis because budget cuts are forcing bosses to rely on seasonal workers to carry out passport checks, experts fear.

Despite demands for greater control over UK borders being a key factor behind the Brexit vote, fears are growing criminals, terrorists and illegal immigrants will find it easier to sneak into the country because the immigration service is overstretched, it was claimed.

The Home Office was last night accused of "papering over cracks" with temporary staff manning passport control desks to meet key performance targets and keep queues down in UK airports.

The Border Force's budget has dropped to £558.1 million in 2016/17 from £617 million in 2012/13 and staffing levels last year hit a five year low.

This is despite passenger numbers at UK airports rising to 251.5 million in 2014 from 220.6 million in 2012.
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EU migrants make up over 20% of labour force in 18 British industries
Jamie Doward and Harry Robertson
The Observer, 30 July 2017

A unique and detailed analysis has revealed which sectors of the economy would suffer most from a radical reduction in EU migration to Britain.

According to a study by the Office for National Statistics, in at least 18 specialist industries EU workers constitute more than 20% of the labour force. And many others would be left almost as bereft if their number declined. ...

It shows that nearly half – 47.6% – of employees in the fruit and vegetable "processing and preserving sector" are from EU countries. A similar proportion – 44.4% – are involved in meat processing. More than a third – 37.6% – of those processing fish, crustaceans and molluscs are EU migrants.

In agriculture, just under 35% of workers employed in what the ONS describes as the "growing of nonperennial crops" are EU citizens, along with more than a quarter of workers involved in the manufacture of prepared animal feed. And just under a quarter involved in the "manufacture of bakery & farinaceous [starch] products" are EU workers.

Many specialist sectors heavily reliant on people from other EU countries employ only a few thousand workers. Just over 1,000 EU nationals are employed in "the cutting, shaping and finishing stone industries". But they constitute 22% of the workforce.

... They make up almost 230,000 of the 1.7 million people working in the hotel and catering industry – 13.5% of the total. ...

EU nationals comprise almost a third – 32% – of the 24,000 people employed in translation services.
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'All white people are racist': Cambridge University probes head of equality group for saying white men, women and children 'can all get it' as he heaps praise on London rioters in shocking Twitter outburst
Scott Campbell, Jonathan Petre and Charlotte Wace
Mail on Sunday, 30 July 2017

The student head of Cambridge's equality group has claimed that 'all white people are racist' after praising rioters in Dalston who lit bonfires and hurled petrol bombs at police.

Jason Osamede Okundaye, who runs the Black and Minority Ethnic society at the elite institution, posted the shocking tweets amid violent protests in east London last night over the death of Rashan Charles.

He said that white people had 'colonised' Dalston and ordered them to 'go back' to areas such as Exeter and 'Solihurst' (sic).

Okundaye, 20, wrote to his thousands of Twitter followers: 'ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit.'

The student at Cambridge's Pembroke College - who previously attended a £36,000-a-year public school - also claimed it was 'absolutely delicious' to watch 'middle-class white people despair over black people protesting in their colonised Dalston'. ...

Mr Okundaye, who has been involved in a series of anti-racism initiatives, was born in South London and says he is a member of the Edo tribe in Nigeria.
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It's PC madness! Chief Constable of VERY white Cheshire force says he wants to break the law to raise the number of black officers
Luke Barnes
MailOnline, 30 July 2017

The chief constable for Cheshire police considered breaking the law in order to hire more officers from ethnic minorities.

Simon Byrne wants new legislation introduced to allow his police force to hire one black officer from every white one.

The chief constable's force was one of four criticised by Home Secretary Theresa May in 2015 for having no black officers.

Three years and an outreach programme later, it now employs three. ...

According to the UK Census approximately 3,264 'black or black British' people live in Cheshire, out of a total population of 1,027,709.
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Europa, Eurabia and the Last man
Ted Malloch
Breitbart, 30 July 2017

Trends in immigration suggest what can only be termed, a self-imposed European death wish.

Look at any demographic map, preferably an interactive one.

Of the 7.5 billion people presently on this earth, the vast majority, mostly in the Southern hemisphere, and who are generally poor and backward, are trying to get to the Northern hemisphere, where there are greater opportunities and overly generous welfare states. In recent polls 7 out 10 people from these lands say, given the chance, they want to flee their plight. ...

Human trafficking is big business. ...

The numbers are astounding and only increasing. Some 5,000 new migrants arrive on the shores of Italy alone every day. ...

Europe will change. This will happen... is happening, in our lifetimes, with globalist elites endorsing it as benign or even laudatory. ...

If present trends continue, and every evidence – from Merkel to Macron, from Sweden to Canada suggests it will (Trump excluded) – the migrants will not abate. ...

Make no mistake this is nothing less than the utter and complete transformation of Europe into Eurabia, a cultural and political appendage of the Arab and Afro/Muslim world. This Eurabia is fundamentally anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-American, and anti-Semitic.
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EU nations where migrants may have to ditch citizenship to stay in UK after Brexit
Rebecca Perring
Daily Express, 29 July 2017

Thousands of Europeans could be forced to ditch their nationality to stay in Britain for good after the UK unshackles itself from the European Union (EU).

EU nationals are faced with the prospect of losing their original identity to instead apply for a British passport because their countries have banned dual citizenship.

This means people from Austria, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Norway, Estonia, Poland and Slovakia living in the UK would be forced to renounce their original citizenship. ...

Earlier this year, the prime minister said she would let 3.2 million EU citizens stay in Britain after Brexit. The deal allows EU nationals who have lived in Britain for five years to apply for 'settled status'.

However, despite a lengthy process, a number of Europeans living in the UK are considering applying for British nationality to secure their future after March 2019.

It comes after the Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned people that taking a British passport meant they would give up their Dutch passport, with the Government launching a campaign to explain the risk to citizens living abroad.
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Gardaí want a more diverse force
Cormac O'Keeffe
Irish Examiner, 29 July 2017

Frontline gardaí have said the lack of members from ethnic minorities was a "pressing problem" for the organisation, and action was needed to address it.

The Garda Representative Association, which has around 10,500 members, said there was not a single person of African or Caribbean origin in the force.

The editorial in the Garda Review, the GRA's official journal, suggested it was an issue the new Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland should examine. ...

The 2016 Census shows 17% of the population was born outside Ireland, rising to around 22% in the 25-34 age group.

There are 58,000 Black Irish or Black African people in Ireland and more than 19,000 Chinese (up 95% on 2011) and almost 80,000 other Asian (up 19%). There are more than 30,000 Travellers and there are more than 63,000 Muslims (up 29%).
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Amber Rudd vows no post-Brexit 'cliff edge' on migration
Nicholas Mairs
PoliticsHome, 28 July 2017

Amber Rudd has assured migrants and businesses there will be no "cliff edge" on the UK's immigration system on the day it quits the EU.

The Home Secretary made the comments after her junior Brandon Lewis made the surprise announcement that free movement would officially end on the day the UK quits the EU in March 2019.

She said EU nationals will instead go through a "registration and documentation" process if they want to come to the UK under its transitional post-Brexit immigration arrangements.

Mr Lewis told the Today programme that an entirely new system would be in place by the time Britain is due to withdraw fully from the bloc, despite previous assertions from cabinet colleagues that free movement would continue until 2022. ...

Ms Rudd insisted yesterday that an "implementation phase" would be in place and that the "full, new EU immigration policy" would only come into force after a transitional period.
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France plans migrant processing centres in Libya
David Chazan
Daily Telegraph, 28 July 2017

France will vet asylum-seekers in Libya before they embark on the perilous Mediterranean crossing to Europe, President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday, but his own officials dismissed the plan as impractical.

Mr Macron said France would open centres in Libya before the end of the summer to process asylum applications. ...

He said the centres would help to stem the massive influx of migrants into Italy and elsewhere in Europe. However, the president's own officials immediately cast doubt on whether the plan could be implemented at present, pointing out that security was not yet good enough in Libya. ...

Other EU countries are reluctant to back Mr Macron's plan to deal with asylum seekers in Libya, but he said France was prepared to go it alone. ...

Mr Macron also said he wanted to take all migrants off the streets of France by the end of this year, promising that "dignified" accommodation would be found thousands now sleeping rough.

He warned that those fleeing poverty, rather than war or persecution, were unlikely to be accepted for resettlement in France. "No country can take all the economic migrants," he said.
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Philly Archbishop: Europe's Future Has the Face of 'Young Muslim Immigrants'
Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.
Breitbart, 28 July 2017

"If you want to see the face of Europe in 100 years, barring a miracle, look to the faces of young Muslim immigrants," Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput told a group of Catholics Thursday.

Speaking at an annual conference of the Napa Institute in California, Chaput tied the future of civilization to a willingness to have children – an area where Muslims lead every other group.

"Islam has a future because Islam believes in children," Chaput said. ...

"Christian" Europe, on the other hand, languishes under a loss of hope in the future, illustrated by a birthrate well below replacement levels, which is offset only by its uncontrolled mass immigration.
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The knives are out for Christian faith schools
Damian Thompson
Spectator blog, 28 July 2017

As The Sunday Times reported:

Ministers are expected to drop plans to allow Christian, Jewish and Muslim state schools to admit all their pupils from one faith after warnings that the move could heighten community divisions in Britain.

A U-turn would jeopardise dozens of new free schools planned by faith groups, some to cope with the influx of Catholic families from Poland and other east European countries.

Catholics said this weekend they would not open new state schools if they had to reserve half their places for children of other faiths, raising new school funding problems for the government.

Amanda Spielman, the chief inspector of schools, told The Sunday Times that she was "uncomfortable" about allowing more single-faith schools and hinted that manifesto proposals – due to be confirmed this summer – would be dropped.

"Admission 100% on faith leads to increased levels of segregation within communities," she said. "I am uncomfortable with anything that leads to increased segregation."

Increased segregation – in Catholics schools? No, I don't think that's what Ms Spielman had in mind. But she's not allowed to say, even if she wanted to, that damaging segregation is primarily a Muslim problem.

Most faith schools in England are Catholic or Church of England. This U-turn would mean that the Prime Minister was breaking her promise to them.
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Amber Rudd asks for analysis of EU migration – a year after referendum
Jessica Elgot
The Guardian, 27 July 2017

The government is to launch its first major investigation into migration from the EU in order to lay the foundations for a new immigration system, though critics have questioned why the work has begun more than a year after the EU referendum.

The home secretary, Amber Rudd, is to commission the independent Migration Advisory Committee to carry out a detailed analysis of the economic and social contributions and costs of EU citizens in Britain.

Announcing the study, Rudd also said the government would seek a transitional arrangement, likely to involve the continuation of free movement, to ensure there would be no "cliff edge" for employers or EU nationals in the country.

However, the study will not report back until September 2018 – seven months before Britain is set to formally exit the EU in March 2019. ...

The MAC's chairman, Prof Alan Manning, has been asked to produce interim reports to guide Home Office officials attempting to draw up a post-Brexit immigration regime that will bring an end to free movement but will not cause economic damage or vital skills shortages. ...

Official statistics show net long-term immigration by EU citizens – the balance between arrivals and departures – was running at an estimated 133,000 last year, a fall of more than a quarter on 2015.
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How the Migrant Crisis is Pushing Italy Away from Europe
Alessandro Franzi
LSE Euro Crisis in the Press, 27 July 2017

Immigration is going to be the political battleground of the next Italian general elections due in 2018. Virtually all major political leaders have hardened their position on borders protection following the new migration crisis in the Mediterranean. ...

A recent SWG survey indicates that the majority of Italians (54 per cent) is in favor of a total ban on new arrivals. ...

The Democratic Party seems to be paying the higher political price for this emergency approach that has exasperated Italian public opinion. When Mr. Renzi served as Italian prime minister up to last December, he used to say only "beasts" want to block immigrants who risk their life crossing the Mediterranean. He changed tone after June council elections by arguing that "too much" of them have been going on national shores these years. ...

... In the past six years Italian politics has been ideologically divided into two factions. The one on the left side supporting extreme hospitality as a duty, the other on the right side accused of xenophobia. ...

Underestimating the immigration consequences has strengthened all opposition forces in Italy and weakened citizens' confidence in the EU. Virtually all politicians publicly blame the European institutions for allowing what they call the "invasion" of Italy.
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The confusion over immigration shows the government is being pulled in three directions
Katy Balls
Spectator blog, 27 July 2017

Another day, another mixed message from the government over its position on Brexit. This time it's immigration that has become the source of confusion after the Home Secretary and her minister appeared to come up with conflicting lines this morning.

In an article for the Financial Times, Amber Rudd said she wanted to reassure businesses and EU nationals that 'we will ensure there is no "cliff edge" once we leave the bloc'. To do this, she said the flow of EU workers would continue for an 'implementation period' after Britain's exit. However, speaking on the Today programme, Brandon Lewis – the Home Office minister – appeared to take a more hardline approach. He said freedom of movement from the EU would end in Spring 2019.

Now it may be a question of semantics – 'freedom of movement' as mandated by the EU will technically end once Britain leaves the EU, even if a near identical system replaces it in the implementation period. But at a time when the UK government should be offering clarity, this is not a good look.

Rather than pure incompetence, another factor could explain the mixed messages. When it comes to the negotiations, the government is being pulled in three directions. They are trying to offer certainty to business, reassure voters they will get the Brexit they voted for and – finally – not spoil negotiations with the EU.

But the most notable part of today's media was not what was said but what was missing. At no point in Rudd's op-ed did she bring up Theresa May's target to cut net migration to the tens of thousands.
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UK's student migration data 'potentially misleading'
Simon Baker
Times Higher Education, 27 July 2017

Estimates of the number of overseas students who leave the UK after studying are painting a "potentially misleading" picture of net migration and should be treated with caution, the country's statistics watchdog has warned.

In a report published on 27 July, the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) warns that the estimates – based on a survey of people entering and leaving the country – need to carry a warning due to the potential for error.

The data, published each quarter by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), have consistently suggested that far fewer overseas students are leaving the UK than arriving, leading to speculation that a major factor was students overstaying their visas. ...

But in a letter accompanying the new report, the director-general of the OSR, Ed Humpherson, says that the "former-student emigration estimate does not bear the weight that is put on it in public debate".
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Nearly 1 Million Illegal Aliens Now Have Driver's Licenses in California
John Binder
Breitbart, 27 July 2017

The State of California is on track to issue a total of one million driver's licenses to illegal aliens by the end of 2017.

In 2013, California lawmakers passed legislation that allowed illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses if they can prove to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) their identity and state residency. The plan was one of the largest victories to date by the open borders lobby.

Years later, an estimated 905,000 illegal aliens have driver's licenses in California, according to the Sacramento Bee, despite issuances beginning in 2015. ...

In the first half of 2017 alone, more than 83,000 illegal aliens received driver's licenses in California.
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EU tightens grip on disobedient states over migration
Daniela Vincenti
Euractiv, 27 July 2017

The European Commission on Wednesday (26 July) stepped up its legal case against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland over their reluctance to take in migrants from other EU countries, after an adviser to the EU's top court dismissed a challenge brought by Slovakia and Hungary. ...

In so-called "reasoned opinions", the Commission has now sent a formal request to these countries to apply EU rules, to which they have one month to respond. Should the Commission not find the answers satisfactory, it can take the countries to court.

On Wednesday, the EU court's adviser also dismissed a challenge brought by Slovakia and Hungary against the controversial obligatory relocation of refugees across the bloc. ...

The European Commission has also promised to offer Italy another €100 million to help the country manage migration flows from the Central Mediterranean. ...

The extra €100 million, on top of nearly €800 million already pledged, is provided to help Italy host the migrants and manage asylum applications without delays. The EU has also offered extra help in managing the return of those migrants unable to apply.
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Brexit: Eight out of 10 Britons want full control of Britain's borders, says survey
Giles Sheldrick
Daily Express, 26 July 2017

Eight out of 10 Britons want to take back full control of immigration, a new survey reveals.

Research carried out by respected pollsters Ipsos Mori showed 81 per cent said it was "essential, very or fairly important" to gain control during ongoing Brexit talks. ...

Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics said the direct effect of net migration had grown the population by more than 251,000 people on average every year between 2004 and last year, up from 240,000 a year between 2004 and 2014.
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The great Brexit betrayal has begun. The Tories have sold out the British people - now even Jeremy Corbyn has a tougher stance
Nigel Farage
Daily Telegraph, 26 July 2017

When I heard that the government minister Lord Prior had told a meeting of tech and insurance leaders last week that they shouldn't worry about barriers to entry for future employees from the EU, I thought he'd gone too far. How could a Brexit administration elected on a promise of reducing net migration to the tens of thousands tolerate such behaviour? Surely Lord Prior would be sacked?

Instead, it got worse. A new Cabinet consensus around transitional arrangements has been unveiled. Under it, open borders will be maintained for a minimum of two years after we finally leave the EU in 2019. Britain will have to wait until at least 2021 – five years after the Brexit referendum – to take back control. Millions who voted Leave will feel cheated, and rightly so: it's clear the great Brexit betrayal has begun.

Although the modern Tory party has a dreadful track record when it comes to immigration, last summer things looked brighter. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove even advocated an Australian-style points system. That message undoubtedly helped to secure Brexit.

Things have now changed. ...

The old alliance of big business and a Tory government is booming again. Meanwhile Tory supporters, who have voted loyally in successive elections for manifestos that promise to drastically cut numbers, have been sold out. ...

Apart from a few delusional Westminster MPs, everyone knows that the issue which won Brexit was open-door immigration. ...

The irony is that the Government's decision to keep the borders open comes as the migrant crisis in Italy is intensifying.

Even the most optimistic measure of the "new consensus" will mean that, one year on from the historic vote, all of the problems caused by the UK's rising population – which is set to hit 77 million by 2050 – will continue to worsen.

Every week Britain's national debate focuses on the lack of available school places, shortfalls in NHS funding, overcrowding on our railways, or on the housing crisis. But rarely, if ever, does any member of the political class dare to voice the undeniable truth that immigration lies at the root of these difficulties. The talk is always of the economic benefits, never the capital costs of the infrastructure required. ...

It is strange to think that Jeremy Corbyn is now offering a tougher line than the Government when he says he would ban the wholesale importation of low-skilled EU workers. ...

Even the shadow trade secretary and staunch Remainer, Barry Gardiner, acknowledges that a "key objective" of Brexit was to "have control over our borders". He says that unless this objective, and others, are met, "we will find it difficult to justify the final result to the 52 per cent who voted Leave". Mr Gardiner is absolutely right.

My hopes that this Government had learnt the lessons of the referendum, and understood that open-door immigration and its effects matter more to voters than any other issue, have for now evaporated. The "new consensus" must be broken.
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Why supporting free trade and controlled migration is not a contradiction in terms
Alex Morton
ConservativeHome, 26 July 2017

Britain will face colossal pressure to accommodate tens of millions of people during the next few decades. A handful of free marketers argue that backing free movement of goods and services also means backing free movement of people. A key assumption of those proposing open borders is that people have a right to enter the UK; that to treat people in other countries differently to those here is racist and nativist, and that to protect our borders is no better than other protectionist measures.

This is quite wrong. Trade is inanimate objects and people are people. The impact of a cheaper furniture piece and a newly arrived migrant are obviously distinct. ...

The first key point is that people do not have the right to enter the UK. You are born into a nation, just as you are born into a family. /.../ You have no more right to walk into another country and demand residence than you do in the UK to walk into a richer person's home and demand to live in it.

Like a family, you should be free to leave at any time once you are an adult. But other countries, no more than other families, are not required to take you in. /.../ We may choose to let people in, but this is a privilege, not a right. ...

If migrants have no right to enter the UK, who we accept becomes a question of economics and culture. In terms of the economics, the evidence is clear – what might be termed the economics of agglomeration and addition. Agglomeration is the very clear evidence that high skilled workers benefit from the presence of other high skill workers, and if this generates an overall increase in wealth large enough it increases average incomes. /.../ Addition, meanwhile, what happens when you simply add workers of average to low skills to an existing labour pool. In this case, it is a simple case of supply and demand – more workers means lower wages (though employment is not impacted). ...

When migrants enter the UK, they rarely discard their cultural worldview. There is not only a purely economic cost, but a cultural cost to migration. The very institutions and culture that have generated the wealth and freedom in our society, or any society, do not exist in some vacuum or textbook. ...

So in general, we should welcome high skilled, culturally similar migrants, and few low skilled, culturally distinct migrants. And we should not be embarrassed about making the case for doing so.
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EU migrant crisis: Austria can deport asylum seekers, court says
Bethany Bell
BBC, 26 July 2017

The EU's top court has ruled that a law requiring refugees to seek asylum in the first country they reach applies even in exceptional circumstances.

The case, brought by Austria and Slovenia, could affect the future of several hundred people who arrived during the migrant crisis of 2015-16.

The ruling concerns two Afghan families and a Syrian who applied for asylum after leaving Croatia.

The court says it is Croatia's responsibility to decide their cases. ...

Under the so-called Dublin regulation, refugees typically have to seek asylum in the first EU state they reach. But Germany suspended the Dublin regulation for Syrian refugees, halting deportations to the countries they arrived in.

From August 2015, hundreds - and sometimes thousands - arrived in Austria every day, initially via Hungary and later through Slovenia.

Many wanted to travel on to Germany, but around 90,000 applied for asylum in Austria, equivalent to about 1% of its population. ...

The Jafari sisters' case was taken to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), along with a similar incident in Slovenia involving a Syrian national.

On Wednesday the ECJ ruled that their crossing of the Croatian border had to be considered irregular under the Dublin rule. Just because one EU country allows a non-EU citizen to enter its territory on humanitarian grounds, that authorisation is not valid in other EU countries.

Austrian lawyer Clemens Lahner said that hundreds of asylum seekers would be affected by the ECJ's decision. ...

In its ruling the ECJ stressed that EU countries could show a "spirit of solidarity" under a sovereignty clause that allows member states to examine asylum applications even if they do not have to.
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'Everyone is eating more halal': Certifier brags opponents of Muslim food categorisation are actually HELPING his business as controversy raises awareness
Stephen Johnson
Daily Mail Australia, 26 July 2017

An Islamic businessman who makes money certifying that food is fit for Muslims predicts all non-Muslims in Australia will be eating more halal than ever.

Halal Certification Authority president Mohamed Elmouelhy says the third-party certification industry will keep booming. ...

Chocolate brand Cadbury, Bega cheese, Vegemite and Sara Lee desserts pay third-party certifiers an undisclosed fee to declare their foods are halal, an Arabic term for permissible.
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Czechs, Hungarians, and Poles have one month to start taking migrants
Peter Teffer
EUObserver, 26 July 2017

The European Commission has given the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland one month to change their minds on participating in the EU's migrant relocation scheme.

"There is still time to change everything and come back to normality," said EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos on Wednesday (26 July).

He announced that the commission had taken the next step in a legal procedure against the three central and eastern EU countries, for their unwillingness to take any migrants from Italy or Greece through a mandatory quota plan. ...

The infringement procedure against the three EU member states can end in the Court of Justice, which could hand out fines. However, it is unlikely that the procedure will be finished before the relocation scheme ends – two months from now.
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As EU tells UK NOT to run criminal checks on 3m migrants seeking citizenship we examine 10 horrifying cases that show how dangerous this could be
Richard Wheatstone
The Sun, 25 July 2017

EU officials want to stop the UK running criminal checks on 3 million Europeans hoping to stay in Britain after Brexit.

Britain wants to vet EU citizens before allowing them residency once Brexit is finalised in early 2019.

But Brussels chiefs claim "systematic" checks breach EU laws and have warned Britain it will move to stop such background searches against EU citizens as part of any agreement.

EU rules say previous criminal convictions cannot 'in themselves' be a barrier to free movement and citizens are not subject to background checks like non-EU nationals.

The rules are likely to change in Brexit Britain but the EU's demands would stop retrospective background checks.

This is despite a number of recent examples of migrants with a history of violent offences entering the UK and going on to commit sickening crimes.
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On immigration, we need no implementation, no transition post-Brexit. Just an immediate start in cutting numbers
Christopher Howarth
ConservativeHome, 25 July 2017
[Christopher Howarth is a senior researcher working in the House of Commons]

The UK has, by accident or design, followed a policy of economic growth driven by migration-fuelled population growth. EU free movement supplemented by a taxpayer subsidy for employers to take on low paid workers – in-work benefits – has been a dominant feature of our economy for the last 15 years.

So all established companies that have a secure market benefit from a growing economy, while those who find it easier to import skills rather than invest in domestic skills or automation get a double benefit. Whether individual domestic workers and taxpayers have benefited is another question.

It should therefore be no surprise that organisations who represent these companies – the CBI, the IoD and so on – are now in panic mode at the prospect of the withdrawal of their cheap labour drug. These addicts are playing for time, clinging to an EU free movement "transition" as a heroin addict clings to methadone. But their shrill cravings should be resisted. ...

You may ask why the Cabinet is discussing a "transition" before it has agreed what we are transitioning to? ...

This leads to the conclusion that what is being discussed internally is simply keeping our present immigration policy after we leave the EU. ...

What the Government needs to do now is give a clear sense of direction. There is cross-party agreement that free movement within the context of EU membership should end. /.../ Michael Forsyth, who chairs a Lords Committee looking into this issue, has summed the situation up well:

"Some firms will need to raise wages to attract domestic workers. In other sectors, where migrant workers may not easily be replaced by domestic workers, firms will need to change their business models or increase capital investment in automated processes." ...

... Business and government should not waste time asking for extensions and complaining the task is too big for them – but get on with it now.
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European and African ministers discuss plan to tackle flow of refugees
Patrick Wintour
The Guardian, 24 July 2017

European and African ministers are to meet in Tunis on Monday to discuss a plan to try to regularise the flow of refugees from Africa to Europe to about 20,000, coupled with a much tougher strategy to deport illegal migrants from Italy and break up smuggling rings.

The plan to regularise the migrant flow is being pushed by the UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, which warns that EU e