about immigration, population and resources, race relations and related issues

The inclusion of a publication here does not imply endorsement but only that it is in some way relevant and of use or interest.


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Steve Moxon. The great immigration scandal. Imprint Academic. 2nd edition, 2006, paperback, 283 pages. ISBN: 184540078X. £8.95. "With no strong feelings one way or the other about immigration, it was only after I was suspended [from his job as an immigration caseworker, for having blown the whistle on widespread abuse] that I looked at the research and was astounded to find there was no case at all for the unprecedented mass net inward migration Britain is now experiencing. This is the biggest scandal of all."

Daniel Stoffman. Who gets in: what's wrong with Canada's immigration program - and how to fix it. Macfarlane, Walter & Ross, 2002, hardback, 216 pages. ISBN: 9781551990958. Canada's immigration program used to be run in the national interest. Now it belongs to those who benefit from it, either politically or economically. Who Gets In shows how this came about.

Chilton Williamson. The immigration mystique: America's false conscience. Basic Books, 1996, hardback, 224 pages. ISBN: 0465032869. Williamson views immigration as a moral rather than an economic issue. He examines the potentially adverse effects of immigration on national identity, social and political order, cultural cohesion, population growth, the natural environment, and upon the immigrants themselves.

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Jerome H. Barkow [editor]. Missing the revolution: Darwinism for social scientists. Oxford University Press, 2006, hardback, 302 pages. ISBN: 9780195130027. £29.99. While this academic book is not directly relevant here, of interest are the clearly political motives of many social scientists in their approach to scientific theories.

Bruce Bawer. While Europe slept: how radical Islam is destroying the West from within. Doubleday, 2006, hardback, 256 pages. ISBN: 0385514727. $23.95. "Having recently published an indictment of Christian fundamentalist intolerance in the U.S. (Stealing Jesus), ... Bawer ... found an even more dangerous strain of religious and cultural bigotry ensnaring Western Europe. ... Worse, the Taliban-like theocracy Bawer sees looming inside backward immigrant populations resistant to integration flourishes under the protective wing of Western Europe's America-bashing, multicultural, liberal establishment."

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David Miles. The tribes of Britain. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2005, hardback, 480 pages. ISBN: 0297830864. £20. "Who are the English, the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh? - a ragbag of migrants, reflecting thousands of years of continuity and change." "Britain has been a nation of migrants for over half a million years. ... Yet amongst the apparent sea of change genetic evidence and archaeology have also revealed remarkable continuity: most Britons are descended from Ice Age hunters."

Trevor Phillips and Mike Phillips. Windrush: the irresistible rise of multi-racial Britain. HarperCollins, 1999, paperback, 464 pages. ISBN: 0006530397. £6.99. Hardback also available. Tells the story of the 500 West Indians who arrived in a merchant ship, the Empire Windrush, through the eyes of the survivors of that first voyage, their descendants, friends and colleagues.

Melanie Phillips. Londonistan: how Britain is creating a terror state within. Gibson Square Books, 2006, hardback, 304 pages. ISBN: 1903933765. £14.99. "Paralysed by minority rights and the terror of Islamist violence, the British establishment is even now failing to confront the religious fanaticism in its midst and is choosing instead to appease it. Meanwhile, the post-modernist onslaught upon the concept of truth itself has produced such confusion that, instead of standing up to the ideas that threaten democracy, many in Britain now subscribe to the false narrative of those who are laying siege to their society."

Melanie Phillips. Londonistan: how Britain is creating a terror state within. Gibson Square. 2nd edition, 2007, paperback, 384 pages. ISBN: 9781903933909. £8.99. Reprint of hardback edition with a new afterword.

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Peter Wood. Diversity: the invention of a concept. Encounter Books, 2003, hardback, viii,351 pages. ISBN: 1893554627. An imposter 'diversity', born in the 1970s, has replaced that of earlier times. 'In just a few years, diversity has become America's most visible cultural ideal. ... He describes how diversity has come to dominate politics, law, education, business, entertainment, personal aspiration, religious faith and the arts in an all-encompassing claim about personal fate and human identity.' The author is a professor of anthropology.

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