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Migration Watch UK

Numbers UK

Optimum Population Trust

Population Concern

Population Parsons

Population Policy Press


American Immigration Control Foundation

American Resistance Foundation

Americans for Immigration Control

Americans for Legal Immigration

Californians for Population Stabilization and

Carrying Capacity Network

Centre for Population and Urban Research

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIR)

Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America

European American Issues Forum

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement

Gaia Watch

Immigration Control Platform [Republic of Ireland]

Immigration Revolt Group

Immigration Watch Canada

Immigration's Human Cost

International Society of Malthus

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

Numbers USA

The Population Fix

Population Institute of Canada


Project USA

The Social Contract Press

SUSPS: Support US Population Stabilization [Sierra Club group]

Sustainable Population Australia

Team America Political Action Committee

United Patriots of America


World Population Awareness


Audubon Population and Habitat Program

Center for Immigration Studies

Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, Warwick University

Commission for Racial Equality - survey on Britishness [pdf file]

Development Gateway

Die Off

ECO: the campaign for Political Ecology

Electronic Immigration Network

European Forum for Migration Studies

European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations

The Guardian [newspaper]

Home Office immigration and nationality directorate

International Institute for Sustainable Development

International Organisation for Migration

International Union for the Scientific Study of Population

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Limits to Growth

Migration Policy Institute

Migration Research Unit, Geography Department, University College, London

National Immigration Forum [USA]

Negative Population Growth

Oxford Centre for Population Research

People and the Planet

Population Action International

Population and Sustainability

Population Geography Research Group

Professor Norman Matloff

Scientists for Population Reduction

Sovereignty: a declaration of moral principles for a sustainable immigration programme

Sovereignty: a history of immigration to Britain

Sovereignty: economic migration myths

Sprawl City

Survival International

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